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Top 30 Wedding Reception Venues In Yarra Valley, Victoria (2024)

Melbourne is full to the brim with interesting, quirky, and Unique Wedding Venues to appeal to every design sensibility under the sun. But, unfortunately, our city is kind of like an egg – ask five people for their favourite way to consume it, and you'll get four different answers (and one who'd prefer a nut-based alternative).

So if anywhere is going to cater to a wide range of vibes within a small radius, it's Melbourne.

What weddings are going to look like in Victoria is a little different in short to mid-term, so this is a list for folks with alternative and unique sensibilities (head this way if you're specifically looking for small wedding venues, also included are some more brilliant art deco reception venues).

There's plenty of lists on regular wedding venues out there, but these are the best wedding venues in Melbourne that have a little bit of sass and quirk to them and cover a range of wedding venue styles, from an industrial warehouse to art deco: these are wedding venues for large weddings, small weddings, and everything in between.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The key to a wedding day timeline that runs smoothly is planning. Breaking down your entire wedding day into an organised timeline helps to keep everything on track when the big day finally arrives.

    The more detailed you can make the plan, the better. As a rule of thumb, wedding ceremonies typically last 30 minutes to an hour—although short and sweet wedding programs are okay, too—and most wedding receptions typically last four to five hours.

    Melbourne wedding venue hire fees can cost as much as $4000, but you can find some spaces for as little as $1500. Of course, you also have to factor in catering, décor, planning, coordination, linens, beverages, cocktails, and so on.

    The average cost of a wedding venue in Melbourne is $15,500. This average cost has been calculated by averaging the amount that couples paid to over 100 different venues in Melbourne in the last 18 months (i.e. January 2018 to July 2019).

    With an average of about $158 per head, Melbourne, Victoria, is on top of the list of the most expensive places to get married in Australia.

    The most popular wedding venues in Melbourne and the surrounding areas are hotels, waterfront venues, golf clubs, and private country estates (including vineyards).

    You name it, and you can find it—everything from modern, city class and elegance to simple, laidback, and country vibes. There's something for everyone!

    Whether you're searching for intimate Melbourne wedding venues, large wedding venues, trendy wedding venues, beachfront wedding venues in Melbourne, we've got you covered. Our Venue Finders have done the hard work to bring you easy-to-find wedding venues throughout the city.


    Every wedding venue has its own pricing structures. Melbourne restaurants that do weddings typically work by setting a minimum food and beverage spend for your wedding.

    This way, they can guarantee that they'll make enough sales to justify being closed to the public.

    Many Melbourne ceremony sites like parks and beaches will charge a flat one-time use fee for space, which can be as low as $50 or a suggested donation.

    Melbourne warehouse wedding venues and reception halls are more likely to charge a fee for the room rental plus a food and beverage minimum or per person cost if they offer in-house catering.


    Here's how it works:

    1. Select your dream venue (or a few)
    2. Reach out to us and let us know what you fancy
    3. We'll send you a quote
    4. You sign a contract with your dream wedding venue!

    Ultimate List Of Wedding Reception Venues in Yarra Valley

    Vines Of The Yarra Valley Wedding Reception Venues

    vines of the yarra valley

    (03) 9739 0222

    The magnificent wedding venue known as Vines of the Yarra Valley is only 45 minutes from Melbourne CBD. This unique location is ideal for couples who want to marry in a beautiful natural setting. Vines of the Yarra Valley is a stunning boutique reception and event space tucked away at the gateway of the Yarra Ranges, surrounded by 150 acres of vines and offering some of the area's most amazing vistas.

    Weddings at Vines feature a "choose your adventure" format, allowing the bride and groom to design the wedding of their dreams from start. We will help you with every part of the planning to ensure a smooth process.

    Vogue Ballroom - Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley

    vogue ballroom

    (03) 9802 2477

    Weddings in the Vogue Ballroom are as Individual as the Couples Wed Any industry can tell when the leaders possess a certain attribute, namely passion. No detail is neglected when a team has the enthusiasm of George and Angela, and when it comes to weddings, the details are what make a wedding extraordinary and unforgettable.

    Wedding Services in Melbourne

    For the majority of us, the process of planning a wedding—from selecting the flowers and favors to the wedding dress and decorations—can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. There are many important decisions to be made, not to mention choose the best wedding service provider. Melbourne is a hub of activity and offers a large selection of conference locations and function room amenities for holding business events as well as social gatherings like weddings.

    Brighton Savoy - Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley


    brighton savoy

    03 9592 8237

    Brighton Savoy, which is situated behind the well-known, bright Beach Boxes on the energetic Brighton seaside, may be transformed into the wedding destination of your dreams. Four adaptable places, stylish guest rooms, and a lot of photo opportunities are all features of the opulent 4-star hotel. A must-see is this all-inclusive, family-run Melbourne wedding venue.

    Brighton's bright beach cottages stand out, while the exquisite Brighton Savoy is only a few meters away. This 4-star hotel, which is located 12 miles from the CBD, has four gorgeous reception rooms and can accommodate 220 guests. There is lodging on-site, making it the perfect setting for couples to prepare before the wedding and stay the night following.

    Vue de Monde Rialto - Weddings Reception Venues Yarra Valley

    vue de monde rialto

    (03) 9691 3882

    You can't go wrong with Vue de monde if you're looking for wedding locations that will wow. Vue de monde, an award-winning restaurant with breathtaking views of the Melbourne city skyline, is located inside the famed Rialto. You can choose to rent out a single room or the entire facility, which includes a rooftop terrace where guests can get a bird's eye view of the busy CBD.

    Park Hyatt Melbourne - Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley

    park hyatt melbourne


    The Park Hyatt Melbourne, next to Parliament House, is the ideal location for a lavish wedding. This location is one of Melbourne's most adaptable venues because to its outstanding seven diverse function areas. Additionally, they provide special packages to accommodate every need and budget.

    Crown Melbourne - Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley

    crown melbourne

    61 3 9292 6230

    To assist you make the most of the numerous available wedding settings located around the facility, the staff at Crown offers their wedding planners. It's undoubtedly one of the most daring places available when combined with their top-notch chefs on staff. In order to help you plan the ideal wedding, we provide a personalized wedding coordination service. With years of experience in the wedding business, our wedding planners will be by your side at every stage to make sure your wedding is perfect.

    Jardin Tan - Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley

    jardin tan



    Jardin Tan is a modern inner-city venue with three adaptable event rooms within Melbourne's renowned Royal Botanic Gardens. Jardin Tan, a Melbourne restaurant popular with food-loving couples, serves seasonally changing sharing-style dishes with delectable, colorful Southeast Asian flavors.

    Ballara Receptions And Wedding Venues Yarra Valley

    ballara receptions

    03 9431 1500

    Jardin Tan, a modern inner-city venue with three adaptable event rooms, is located within Melbourne's renowned Royal Botanic Gardens. Jardin Tan in Melbourne is a favorite among food-loving couples for its seasonally changing sharing-style dishes made with delectable, colorful Southeast Asian flavors. We have put together an incredible winter package to provide couples with a one-of-a-kind package for holding their wedding between June, July, and August 2021. Prices for adults begin at $135 in 2021!

    Tatra Receptions And Wedding Venues Yarra Valley

    tatra receptions

    (03) 9751 1064

    Nothing completely conveys the limitless possibilities that marriage brings to two in love couples than being married in wide, open fields. Tatra Receptions is situated in this instance on a ten-acre estate with lovely views of the Dandenong Ranges and well-kept gardens.

    In addition to the stunning setting, Tetra offers a fantastic personnel and plenty of guest rooms. Therefore, it is not surprising that the area is so well-liked. One of Melbourne's top locations for wedding receptions is Tatra Receptions. We are in the Dandenong Ranges, just a short drive from the city center of Melbourne. Tatra Receptions is the ideal wedding venue, with ten acres of developed grounds and breathtaking views of the Dandenong Ranges forest.

    Rupert On Rupert – Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley

    rupert on rupert


    Rupert is similar to the Tesla that is traveling through space while carrying an astronaut and blasting David Bowie from the stereo as it heads towards Jupiter: it definitely shouldn't exist at all, much less where it does, yet it does.

    And we are grateful that it does. King Rupert on Rupert takes the crown for authentic modern New York bar vibes in Melbourne. It's divided into three sections: the Main Dining Hall, the Conservatory, and the Cocktail Lounge. Naturally, it wouldn't look out of place in any of inner Brooklyn's more recent gentrified neighborhoods, which is also code for gorgeously designed, thoughtfully laid out, and with a level of subtle considered genius by a design team that makes the space grow on you like the third album from that previously favorite artist of yours.

    When you visit the distinctive Rupert on Rupert on the weekend, you'll find it crowded with people who realize it's one of the most distinctive locations Melbourne has to offer with its amazing food and eccentric interiors in a smart casual environment.

    ZINC at Federation Square- Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley

    zinc at federation square


    ZINC at Federation Square is the place for you if you're looking for a contemporary inner-city Melbourne wedding venue with an open-plan vibe and adaptable decor. ZINC is ideally situated next to the Yarra River in Melbourne's Fed Square and features two sizable waterfront terraces, panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows, and breathtaking city views.

    Quat Quatta- Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley


    quat quatta wedding venue melbourne

    03 9528 6488

    Quat Quatta, a magnificent Victorian palace recognized by the National Trust, is as steeped in warmth and elegance as it is in history. It just underwent substantial renovations, and the end effect is a gorgeously romantic blend of magnificent old-world architecture and charm with a stunning contemporary atmosphere. Quat Quatta will make sure that all of your wedding requirements are met, whether you're looking for a location for a little wedding with 60 people or a larger event with 150.

    St Andrews Conservatory- Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley



    st andrews conservatory

    03 9417 2819

    The St Andrews Conservatory in Melbourne is a seated wedding reception venue with an exceptional, private, and modern design that has won awards. With a dance floor, we can comfortably accommodate up to 120 people. As part of our seated wedding packages, our executive chef will prepare flawlessly prepared, restaurant-quality meals for you. To avoid the problems associated with plate switching, have your guests order each meal separately.

    Our skilled crew will take care of your guests' specific needs as they choose from the three entrées, three main courses, and two desserts you have chosen from our menu. The ideal setting to enjoy your special day is a seated wedding reception in the St Andrews Conservatory.

    The Park - Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley

    the park

    (03) 8563 0092

    Be greeted by flair and elegance at every turn; this boutique space is a blank canvas just waiting for you to create something spectacular that is completely yours. It features opulent chandeliers, elegant tiled walls, and a modern, mirrored statement bar.

    The Park at Albert Park provides standing room for up to 1,000 guests and can handle receptions for 50 to 500 guests. The room's movable walls make it simple to set up for smaller wedding parties.

    The ideal setting for a romantic ceremony or cocktails and canapés upon arrival is a covered outdoor balcony. Don't forget to ask for their "little black book" of preferred vendors. The events team at The Park will take care of every last detail for your special day, including thorough event consultation in the lead-up, right through to the seamless execution of your special day.

    State Library Victoria- Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley

    state library victoria

    (03) 8664 7009

    The State Library offers a number of alternative locations for holding the event, whether you want to host a modest, private ceremony or the wedding of the year. The Isabella Fraser Room, The Ian Potter Queen's Hall, La Trobe Reading Room, North Rotunda, and Cowen Gallery are the five rooms available.

    To assist you make the most of the numerous available wedding settings located around the facility, the staff at Crown offers their wedding planners. It's undoubtedly one of the most daring places available when combined with their top-notch chefs on staff.

    The Hotel Windsor- Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley

    the hotel windsor

    (03) 9633 6007

    Three rooms in the Hotel Windsor are suitable for weddings of any size. The Grand Ballroom is even on the list of historic places. Over the course of its 138-year history, our majestic hotel has hosted innumerable weddings, enticing couples with its timeless grandeur and old-world romanticism. Our Windsor wedding planners are looking forward to celebrating your special day with you and making it an unforgettable one, from your red carpet entrance to your honeymoon departure.

    Nudo-The Wool Mill- Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley

    nudo the wool mill

    (03) 9384 5279

    The name of this place, Nudo, which means bare or naked in Italian, testifies to its character and attitude. Yes, you were correct to guess! But in this instance, Nudo is a reference to the venue's and its staff's conviction that each couple deserves to have a special wedding. You aren't forced into a pre-designed wedding template by them. No! Because they continuously fulfill the wedding fantasies of several couples, nudo has grown to be well-liked. Try them!

    Avalon Castle- Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley

    avalon castle

    (03) 5968 8395

    Both your wedding ceremony and reception should be held in our historic Melbourne wedding venue. Because we are aware of how hectic life can be, we now provide all-inclusive wedding packages, giving you the luxury of extra time to organize the more intimate aspects of your wedding.

    It's doubly essential to us if it's important to you since everything you do here reflects on our team. Under the Blyth Family's leadership, Avalon Castle underwent a transformation in 2010, but the property's personality and Australian charm were preserved.

    All Smiles Sorrento Ocean Beach- Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley


    all smiles melbourne waterfront wedding venue

    (04) 59 178 787

    What emotion does the ocean elicit in you? It offers countless possibilities to me. Whatever the case, at least concede that getting married close to the water has a special quality. You get the chance to accomplish that at All Smiles Sorrento Ocean Beach. This immaculate setting is ideal for wedding parties of a mid to large size. For additional information, get in touch with us using the details below.

    Commitment to Service

    Food variety and quantity are of utmost importance, along with a lively but welcoming atmosphere that can accommodate everyone in attendance. You may create an unrivaled cocktail wedding reception, corporate party, or event celebration by combining the greatest people and service in the industry.

    Encore St. Kilda Beach- Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley


    encore st. kilda beach

    (03) 9593 9034

    the harmony of timeless splendor and tasteful modernity. Designed by Dana Hutchins, Encore St Kilda echoes the purity, sense of relaxation and weightlessness that St Kilda embraces through natural light, occasional contemporary furnishings, and sweeping views across Port Phillip Bay.

    Your journey from the inside to the expansive oceanfront is effortless thanks to the bespoke design of each room. Encore St. Kilda, with seating for 300 people sitting or 700 for events in the cocktail style, is perfect for both small-scale gatherings and big parties.

    You and your visitors will see Port Phillip Bay, the renowned St. Kilda Pier, and the Marina when looking out from Encore St. Kilda. With the Melbourne CBD nearby, nearby public transportation, and a variety of hotels all within walking distance, convenience is assured.

    Little Henri- Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley

    little henri

    (03) 9484 8852

    Little Henri's flexible venues can be used for a variety of events, from formal sit-down dinners to informal contemporary standing gatherings. Little Henri offers the venue, the know-how, and the desire to make your event something to remember and be proud of, whether it is for a wedding, an anniversary, a milestone birthday, or a distinctive corporate event to impress your client and thank your team.

    The space can hold up to 150 people standing up or up to 70 people for a formal sit-down event. The main internal dining room, the covered courtyard, and/or the top open courtyard are all available for events. Making the most of every space is a wonderful and excellent alternative. You may start your celebration with canapés and champagne in the courtyard, followed by a selection of entrées, main courses, and desserts in the dining room, and close the night with supper dishes at the bar.


    Amberlee Receptions And Wedding Venues Yarra Valley

    amberlee receptions

    (03) 5996 8021

    It's encouraging to have a choice with spacious halls for the reception and a lovely garden for the ceremony and photography because garden weddings have grown in popularity over the past ten years. You can look over Amberlee's available packages on their website. Below is a link to it.

    Poet's Lane Receptions And Wedding Venues Yarra Valley

    poet's lane receptions

    (03) 9755 2040

    Even though it's only a short drive from the city, you need that. You deserve a setting that feels exceptional on this one day. Poet's Lane even has a chapel, which distinguishes it from all the other leafy places we've showed thus far. It checks every box. You can get in touch with the group in charge of this magnificent place using the contact details provided to you below to learn more or to ask any questions.


    You and your spouse-to-be will have sole use of all of Poet's Lane's amenities on the day of your wedding because you will be the only couple using the space. Our elegant dining room can accommodate between 80 and 170 guests, and it has a view of the lovely grounds and a waterfall with a decorative bridge. The space is classic and elegant thanks to the warm colors, stunning lady lights, grand piano, and strategically positioned mirrors.

    Meadowbank Estate Wedding & Event Venue Yarra Valley

    meadowbank estate

    (03) 9359 3335

    Discover the romance of hosting your upcoming event at Meadowbank's charming and immaculate garden estate, which is ideally situated on the crossroads of Eldon Street and Fashion Parade in Campbellfield. With our attention to each and every detail, the most significant day of your life becomes the most memorable. The heritage-listed trees, colorful, fragrant gardens, beautiful pond, and historical route provide the ideal environment for you and your guests.

    Nothing is more significant to Meadowbank than bringing people together for your wedding in an amazing way. Your wedding day will be a dream come true thanks to the expert planning skills of our wedding organizers. Whether it's a small intimate gathering or a lavish affair, you'll feel more than welcome with our stunning facilities and idyllic setting.

    Red Scooter Unique Events Venue Yarra Valley

    red scooter unique events venue melbourne

    (03) 9088 0753

    At Melbourne's most unique venue, you can surprise your guests, share the excitement, and bring your events to life. incorporating a diverse design with touches of New York style and a desire to provide our guests with the best possible experience... Red Scooter sends his greetings.

    We thrive off the positive comments we get from our visitors and live to entertain. Give us a description of what you have in mind, and we'll add our imagination and expertise to make it precisely what you want! Whatever the event, we will attend and assist you in making the most of it. You'll be in good company if you decide on Red Scooter. Our environmental measures have earned us the title of "Best Function Venue" from Restaurant and Catering Victoria and the EPA's Victorian Sustainable Business Award.

    Mawarra Functions- Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley

    mawarra functions

    (04) 49 189 098

    Locations for weddings don't have to be very formal. Really. Your visitors would appreciate a welcoming atmosphere following the event. And so will you. Customers also laud their cooking, therefore great cuisine is to be expected!

    Small Wedding Venue Melbourne

    It may be difficult to find a modest wedding venue in Melbourne because so many places cater to larger crowds. Mawarra is ideal for small wedding celebrations with 60 to 130 guests. Please contact us if you would like a copy of our wedding packages. If you are looking for a small wedding venue in Melbourne, you have come to the right place. Mawarra Functions is a gorgeously renovated bluestone venue located just 25 kilometers north of Melbourne's CBD.

    White Night Receptions And Wedding Venues Yarra Valley

    white night receptions

    (03) 9318 6679

    You have a clean slate to deal with in this place. Its staff will collaborate with you to plan a reception that is either straightforward or opulent as you like. To find out more about the programs and prices offered by White Nights Receptions, get in touch with them. Use the details below to get in touch.

    In Western Melbourne, we provide catering for family reunions, christenings, baby showers, school formals, and more. Our skilled events staff will be able to plan a celebration that consistently exceeds your expectations thanks to the variety of distinctive facilities we have available. We'll set up a stage if live music is what you're after. If you want to impress, host your party in our gallery room, which has an elegant entrance with a grand piano and French provincial fireplace. If you adore the outdoors, celebrate in our garden room.

    Bramleigh Estate- Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley

    bramleigh estate

    (03) 9844 3011

    This award-winning venue has long been on the list of the best wedding venues in Melbourne. Bramleigh, a ten-acre estate, is located there. Because it is built in the Hamptons style, expect elegance. It can accommodate up to 400 visitors. Consider having your wedding there!

    On 10 acres of undeveloped bushland, we have a gorgeous wedding reception site decorated in the Hamptons style. We're also located in the lovely Melbourne suburb of Warrandyte, just a short distance from the meandering Yarra River. Bramleigh Estate, one of Melbourne's premier wedding reception locations, combines modern and rustic design at the confluence of the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges.

    The Manor On High- Wedding Reception Venues Yarra Valley


    the manor on high wedding venue melbourne

    (03) 9401 3110

    The Manor on High in Epping is a popular wedding reception venue. We are the ideal choice for any small or large wedding venue needs due to our opulent accommodations, delectable dining options, and opulent outdoor settings.

    Manor on High's modern styling embraces and accentuates the highest standards of event excellence. Because of our dedication to satisfying individual tastes, we have a reputation for high quality that exceeds expectations.

    The Manor has established a reputation as one of Melbourne's premier wedding reception venues, hosting over 300 wedding events each year. We warmly invite you to explore our facilities, services, and accommodations. Bridal suites, a cigar bar, and private courtyards for each room are available. Manor on High thus provides options to meet your event needs, whether you're looking for a small, exclusive wedding venue or a large event space.

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