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Top 35 Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane [2022]

When it comes to your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect. You've spent months planning every last detail and now it's time to think about the entertainment. Hiring a great band or singer can really make your reception extra special. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right one?

Luckily, we've put together a list of the best wedding singers and bands in Brisbane, so you can pick the perfect performer for your big day! Whether you're looking for something classic or contemporary, we've got you covered. So take a look and start planning your dream wedding today!

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    Ultimate List Of Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    Melbourne Entertainment Company - Wedding Singer & Band

    melbourne entertainment co wedding singers djs

    1300 858 981


    Melbourne Entertainment Company has the most accomplished musicians and the widest range of options when looking for an Acoustic Duo or the best wedding singer. Hire a highly excellent guitarist or duo for your event or wedding who will blow you away. These acoustic soloists and duos can serenade you as you walk down the aisle or create the ideal mellow atmosphere for your cocktail party. Vocal masters can employ loop pedals, guitar, piano, or other instruments to create multi-instrumental soundtracks live in front of your eyes. You'll have a hard time selecting your favorite soloist from the wide range of available acoustic talent. Check out our incredible full soloists who can check both boxes for you if you're not sure whether or not to book a DJ or an acoustic musician and don't have the cash for both.


    Nothing compares to the show and audience participation that a fantastic live band can offer. Right in front of your eyes, the music is truly being created, produced, and distributed! It is enveloping, energizing, and all-pervasive.

    At your hangover brunch the following day, your guests will be raving about the mood they experienced thanks to the most skilled professional event and wedding bands Melbourne has to offer. How amazing was that singer from the cover band? The drummer was really attractive. What about that jazz band solo on the sax?

    It's our responsibility to make enduring memories. It is our responsibility to ensure that everyone is dancing to your favorite requests and dance-floor songs when you hire a band. This includes your grandmother, your bridal party, and your nieces and nephews.

    melbourne entertainment co wedding bands


    A complete wedding and event entertainment provider is The Melbourne Entertainment Company. For every occasion, we offer each client a unique, refreshing service. We were very busy in the Melbourne wedding and event sector last year, hosting over 700 events. With more than a decade of experience, we understand the need for a bespoke, memorable and premium service.

    Elite DJs, DJ-Sax, Acoustic Solos, Duos, Trios, Bands, Singers, Guitarists, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Photographers, and Roving Performers are available. MEC is your go-to source for flawless corporate, wedding, and function entertainment. They are amiable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable.

    Bradley Button Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    bradley button

    02 23 878 254

    My favorite creative expression has always been music because there aren't really any restrictions on what you can create, and I think that's fantastic. I've experienced my fair share of gloomy days throughout the years (as do we all), and at these times I looked to my guitar for direction. I've written a lot of songs, and I've already released my album "Half Done" and two singles.

    I'd like to thank you for your time and ask that you appreciate my tunes.

    Nik Conomos Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    nik conomos

    0408 704 123

    Live Acoustic Looping

    Live acoustic looping for three hours with one setup, all-star audio equipment, one hour of travel time, and wireless microphones for speaking. Boost by $300 an hour. For journey times more than one hour, add $150. For additional setup, such as cocktails or canapés, add $100.

    Acoustic Looping + DJ

    Live Acoustic Looping + Pro DJ with up to 200 people of quality sound equipment, up to one hour of travel time, and wireless microphones for speeches are included. Boost by $300 an hour. Over 1-hour travel, add $150.

    All Day Package

    MOST COMMON. The best all-inclusive package for the entire day! For individuals who want greater entertainment requirements. You can pretty much think of anything, and this covers it!

    FAQs Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    This one’s all about trust. Will the band play what you ask them to, or just play their normal set? There’s only one way to find out: talk to them! Ask to see their setlist, choose your favourites, and send them a list of your favourites (but not too many). But, ultimately, you need to trust them and leave it up to them to read the crowd and play the right songs. 

    In our experience, all weddings are different: some will start more relaxed, whereas at others the guests want to get up and dance straight away. It’s important that your wedding band can read the room and adjust their settings accordingly. A good band will keep the energy levels up, get all the guests involved and make sure everyone is having a good time – but also play your favourite songs.

    Most professional musicians will take song requests – if provided in advance – to try and learn before the wedding day. At one wedding, Squid Lips were asked to play techno music by a couple who had met at a rave. So they played their version of a popular track, using their instruments: Injecting the band’s personality into a favourite song can create something more unique and special than simply playing the original – and it’s more meaningful because of the time they’ve invested in learning it.

    When you’re planning your wedding, you want all the elements to look coherent and to fit your theme – and this should include the band!

    If you can’t judge their style from their website or social media, talk to the band to find out what they plan to wear on the day. In many cases, this will depend on the bride and groom's wishes.

    During our conversation, they are kitted out in waistcoats and ski boots, which is a look they would rock at a wedding if the couple requested it. They’ll happily wear whatever the couple asks them to, whether it’s a hula theme or toga party. By getting involved in the theme of the day, they can help add to the atmosphere.

    Ideally, the band you choose will work with your other suppliers to handle any technical aspects and logistics, so you don’t have to. This includes working out an itinerary for setting up that works for everyone. The band will set up their instruments and sound system before the guests arrive if time and the venue allows. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible, so a speedier setup can be done if needed. Whatever the case, your band should make sure the setup is as stress-free and unobtrusive for you as possible.

    Your wedding band won’t be playing non-stop from start to finish, so it’s worth considering what will happen before and after their set, as well as during any breaks. Ask the band what music they plan to provide during these breaks. A good wedding band will make sure that the music starts the minute their set ends. Everything should run seamlessly so that your guests aren’t aware of what’s happening in the background. The music they play also needs to be appropriate for the mood. If people are already up and dancing, the music should keep them dancing!

    Emma Dean Music Wedding Singers In Brisbane

    emma dean music

    0423 879 278

    Emma Dean is a singer, songwriter, arranger, choir mom, show creator, and creative coach who lives in Brisbane. Along with playing the lead roles in theater productions like Cabaret and The Tempest, she has shared the stage with musicians including Kate Miller-Heidke, Katie Noonan, Placebo, Macy Grey, Jinkx Monsoon (RuPaul's Drag Race), Amanda Palmer, and The Dresden Dolls. She has also created the soundtrack for the Emmy Award-winning children's television program Bluey.

    Broken Romantics: A Unicorn's Quest For Love, Emma's production, toured Australia from 2017 to 2019 and won numerous awards at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018. In the midst of a pandemic last year, she debuted a brand-new play with playwright Katherine Lyall-Watson called Hot Mess Mama, which was motivated by the present environmental disaster. The Brisbane Festival's first-ever international premiere.

    ​In November 2021, Emma was thrilled to be launching her much anticipated new album titled Shape Of A Girl, a very special collaboration with her producer and brother, Tony Dean. Her journey with infertility, IVF, and loss is explored throughout the album. It is a motivating celebration of the unorthodox, brave, and inspirational people who are carving out a special place for themselves in the world.

    Franky Smart Wedding Singers In Brisbane

    franky smart

    0763 879 254

    A multifaceted performer, FRANKY SMART (real name Claire Walters) has appeared locally, nationally, and worldwide in musical and cabaret shows, opulent corporate events, festivals, and local pubs and clubs. She also enjoys a good wedding. The best performers in Australia, including Bert and Patti Newton, Nikki Webster, Doug Parkinson, Rhonda Burchmore, Robert Mills, and Dale Pengelly, have collaborated with her.

    Claire holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music with a jazz studies concentration, and she placed in the top three for the James Morrison Vocal Scholarship. From the time she was a toddler until she was an adult, she learned every type of dance, and her passion for both dance and music inspired her to add singing to her skill set. She has not turned around and adores engaging with her audience. To the amusing dismay of her devoted and stalwart bandmates, Franky will frequently "take a crack" at most songs that are requested of her on the night.

    Thanks to Troy Armstrong Entertainment, she was honored to have the opportunity to showcase her talent at the 2018 Brisbane Festival with entertainment icons Rhonda Burchmore and Robert Mills in the original cabaret production of "Bang Bang." In 2019, she had a blast every evening interacting and entertaining Divine Bar patrons. She returned in 2020 for the Covid Safe Brisbane Festival, bringing her Oscar Theatre Production troupe and their Street Serenades performance.

    Something Borrowed​ Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    something borrowed​

    0424 517 494

    Hello, guys Adam is the proprietor and spokesperson for Something Borrowed QLD. Something Borrowed originally consisted of two music-loving best friends who played a lot of weddings and had a blast while entertaining couples on their big day. In Victoria, that was 12 years ago. Since that time, we've performed at more than 700 weddings, had two more incredible duos in the Victorian SB family, and have won best wedding band four years in a row.

    As your guests arrive at the ceremony, we welcome them with a selection of lovely acoustic melodies. However, now is the time... For the most incredible walk of your life, we play "THAT" song. While you sign the marriage license and as you return down the aisle as newlyweds, we play the songs of your choice.

    We arrive one and a half hours early and set up the lighting and PA. The Reception Only option includes a five-hour reception and either four 45-minute sets or six 30-minute sets (3 hours live). Typically, we begin acoustically and turn the volume up as soon as everyone is ready to get the party started. If chosen, this can begin with the first 30-minute set being played during the canapé hour. We can take care of the music between sets, or if you want to feel involved, prepare some setlists in advance.

    RJ Unplugged Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    rj unplugged

    0433 082 777

    Live music excites RJ because of its capacity to foster good feelings and unite people. When a performer can bring together strong voice with a vibrant, upbeat, and rhythmic sound, the mood and atmosphere are improved. Additionally, RJ thinks it's crucial to have just the right amount of presence to draw the audience's attention without being too overbearing and hindering their ability to mingle and connect.

    RJ grew up in a musical environment where he would listen to LPs and sing along to some of the greatest songs by musicians like Fleetwood Mac, Neil Diamond, Cat Stevens, Elton John, The Pretenders, Cold Chisel, and Billy Joel. This early exposure to music led to a desire for singing and for studying the guitar. But after seeing Johnny Diesel perform alone in 2002, RJ developed something of a fixation with the idea of creating his own "unplugged acoustic" sound.

    RJ Unplugged Weddings

    Weddings are the grandest occasion and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone. RJ Unplugged will create a music package that fits your special day in order to guarantee that you and your guests have happy and lasting memories of your wedding.

    Rick Barron Wedding Singers In Brisbane

    rick barron

    0458 694 088

    Finding an initial interest in singing through my primary school days, I went on to develop my early years as a performer with great persuasion from my music teacher through high school musicals and productions. I knew I would never be able to shake the addictive adrenaline high I got from performing back then.

    Since 2009, I've worked as a full-time musician, performing at over 2000 shows and collaborating with both venues and agents. So from now on, you can typically catch me performing anywhere, Thursday through Sunday, whether it's quiet or extremely busy! I've done it all, including corporate and private events, cocktail parties, weddings, bars, and clubs. I may rock it out loud and showmanlike if you choose, or you can request a casual, mellow background set.

    A live wall of sound is constructed with a little assistance from some technology to give you a fantastic interpretation of your favorite modern and vintage songs. No band is required! I enjoy what I do, which you will notice in real life and remember! Hats off to my lovely wife, stepfather, two brothers, sister, and niece who have all provided me with incredibly helpful support over the years, allowing me to grow into a proud musician with my own and distinct sound that comes out in every breath and strum...

    Red Tie Entertainment Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    red tie entertainment


    We are a leading provider of wedding entertainment in Pennsylvania, covering the areas of Hershey, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and more. We have been in business since 2016 and are the top entertainment provider in the region. We specialize in providing wedding services that combine expert DJs, lighting, picture booths, and much more to create an environment where you can dance the night away without any concerns. Red Tie Entertainment has always vowed to give its clients the most pleasurable and unforgettable experience. We pledge to never compromise on quality and to permanently transform the way wedding entertainment is offered.


    Everyone may purchase excellent equipment, but what really makes us stand out is our service. The satisfaction of our customers comes first. We comprehend your requirement for assistance in planning your ideal wedding day.

    Wedding Packages

    The attraction's success or failure depends on the DJ and the package you select. Our offerings span the fundamentals to club influence. Weddings with high-end production, event-style lighting, multimedia, effects, DJ/MC, and space design are something we can handle. We support couples who wish to add an experience to the festivities on their wedding day. Let's create a classy atmosphere during the day and pull out the party accessories at night. Why not go all out for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration?

    Janda Events Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    janda events

    0425 721 8398

    The wedding celebrants at Janda Events are skilled, knowledgeable, approachable, and entertaining. The "janda Fem" is a fantastic group of wedding musicians who perform at weddings on the Gold Coast, in Byron Bay, on the Tweed Coast, in Brisbane, and elsewhere.

    Gold Coast Weddings

    A fantastic man celebrant who is not of the same old breed as everyone else, or a gifted and natural female celebrant you want to be friends with. Jake and Lei from Janda Events are shown there. Make your wedding feel epic. Your best day ever will look, sound, and feel rad with a wedding celebrant, soloist, duo, DJ, or band from Janda Events! This is a family-owned company run by a group of decent people who also happen to be quite competent at what they do. (That is, it makes your day happier!) Let's talk!

    Rush Entertainment Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    rush entertainment

    03 9097 9999

    With a global presence and a boutique philosophy, RUSH is dedicated to inspiring people through top-notch events. RUSH has proudly worked with clients around the globe and has strong professional affiliations within and beyond Australia, including London, USA, Paris, Italy, Greece, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and New Zealand.

    The Rush Group Presents is a group of seasoned and committed experts in local and international entertainment production, management, artist booking, and design.


    THEATER SOLUTIONS THAT ARE CREATIVE, UNIQUE, AND ELEGANT. RUSH is aware of the strain, time, and effort required to arrange a wedding, not to mention the tremendous planning that goes into it. As a result, we collaborate closely with you to establish the perfect setting and add particular touches that will make the day memorable. We exclusively collaborate with the best performers of the greatest caliber, from that delicate moment as the bride walks down the aisle through an ambient canapé setting to a packed dance floor at the end of the evening. They are experts at establishing a loving mood and throwing a memorable celebration.

    Resignation Band Wedding In Brisbane

    resignation band

    0466 879 2444

    The boys are sure to get the dance floor thumping as they cover songs from the 1970s to the present day, covering artists as diverse as Pearl Jam, Fleetwood Mac, Metallica, and the Doors. Resignation is the ideal act for any venue, wedding, or private party because they have more than 20 years of expertise in the business.

    Graham Hobson Entertainment Wedding Singers In Brisbane

    graham hobson entertainment

    0404 878 001

    Brisbane, Australia-based Graham Hobson Entertainment is a small live music venue. Your unique occasion will be elevated by our Grammy-winning singers, musicians, and DJs.


    For your ideal wedding, we want to provide a special entertainment experience that you and your guests will remember for years to come. Since THE musicians are all incredibly skilled and have at least ten years of wedding performance experience, they are aware of what is necessary to create the ideal ambiance for both your exquisite dinner and your dancing party.

    Additionally, our distinguished, welcoming customer service will do everything in its power to make your planning experience enjoyable and simple. One of the things that makes us unique is that Graham is a part of every act, so the person who collaborates with you to prepare the music for your wedding will also be present on the big day to make it happen.

    Trace Music Wedding Bands In Brisbane

    trace music

    0423 879 223

    Trace provides a professional live music entertainment service for any size and type of corporate or private event, including weddings, and consists of a lovely female vocalist together with a tight lineup of highly experienced quality musicians. We have been in business for about 20 years, serving the majority of South East Queensland, including locations near Northern NSW, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast. Our band lineup is the best option for higher octane dance and party music, while our duo excels at light entertainment and more. Depending on your budget and the venue's space availability, our trio is a fantastic middle option.


    Our band provides a high-energy, lively party environment; we play a wide variety of music genres, all Top40 tunes, from vintage favorites to current chart smashes. Everyone will be able to dance with one of the songs in our repertoire. ideal for corporate events or weddings.

    As a four-piece band, the lead female vocalist is accompanied by an electric bass, drums, and an electric guitar. If you want something extra special, we can turn it into a five-piece band by adding a saxophone. This will give the music a completely new depth and add some visual flair to the performance. Simply said, the incredible solos and contagious sax riffs provide an extraordinary touch of quality to your event. Before the celebration starts, this selection can also provide mellow, easy listening dining music if necessary.

    Radio Club Band Wedding Bands In Brisbane

    radio club band

    0402 405 220

    The best way to understand what we can do for you, to experience our vibe and professionalism, and to witness for yourself the level of excellence you can anticipate at your event is to come see us live. Additionally, it will assist in determining the optimal band size for you.

    In-House Events Management Included

    Planning a holiday party, an awards ceremony, a product fair, or a mixer? Ask us how we can save you a ton on AV and we'll offer all your options. We'll also work with you to make sure the sound, lighting, and music are all correct.

    In The Mood Four Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    in the mood four

    0418 781 2222

    Weddings, galas, Christmas festivities, and other events, as well as social gatherings, wouldn't be complete without entertainment. You must make the occasion more entertaining and lively for your attendees. The use of professional vocalists is a fantastic method for doing this.

    In the Mood Four can give a proper respect to our tunes in order to make the event unique and memorable. Whatever the event, we can offer the music to enhance the festivities.

    Manū Music Wedding Singers In Brisbane

    manū music

    0433 346 336

    The musical pairing of Jade and Lima Man is perfect. Not only are their on-stage harmonies and chemistry enjoyable to listen to, but they are also fun to see. Jade Louise enjoys singing the songs that are most popular with the audience because they have everyone tapping their feet and singing along, while Lima displays his expertise by using a loop station, creating various degrees of live music on the spot, and creating mash-ups of different songs.

    R&B, Top 40, Dance, Reggae, Pop, Rock, Contemporary, as well as all of your favorite classics from the 1960s through today's charts, are all included in their collective repertoire. Lima's lovely guitar playing and their sweet vocals will not let you down if you need soothing, acoustic dinner music. Or they will always provide if you want tunes to energize the crowd and start the party. They are aware of the significance of music for your wedding as a married couple. There is no denying their love for music and one another.

    Kris Wason Flipside Wedding Singers In Brisbane

    kris wason flipside

    0412 504 449

    The Flipside Band is an organic group of musicians, each of whom is a multi-talented individual, who frequently play at corporate events, weddings, and other locations who value the enhancement of atmosphere and experience that live music provides. Kris Wason has been performing professionally full-time for many years. He also manages the band. FLIPSIDE deliver high-quality performance and outstanding entertainment, whether with a 3 or 9 piece band playing all the hits from the 1950s to the present.

    Acoustic Fever Wedding Bands In Brisbane

    acoustic fever

    07 3350 50008

    The newest and most exciting live act right now is Acoustic Fever. Acoustic Fever, created by some of South-East Queensland's most experienced pros, blends years of touring expertise with a rekindled passion and vigor for live performance.

    Beginning as a pair and completely expandable to the trio, quartet, and full live big band spectacular, "dinner-to-dance," Top 40's to Jazz, R'n'B to Rock, or even a musical theater showstopper.

    The broad repertoire of Acoustic Fever is quickly earning a reputation as one of the most flexible, enabling seamless adaptation during your event to guide it in the appropriate direction. Every Acoustic Fever performance is intense and thrilling, leaving audiences with no choice but to have a great time. This is made possible by top-notch musicianship, first-rate sound, impeccable song selection, and the finest professionalism.

    Danny Dyson Wedding Singers & Bands In Brisbane

    danny dyson

    0401 960 4886

    A wedding's musical journey is very amazing. We enjoy being a part of everything, even the acoustic looping vibrations that we produce. But at the same time, guests arrive at the ceremony to the personal ceremony songs we learn for each couple, to the laid-back acoustic dinner vibes, the upbeat acoustic vibes of the after-dinner dance, and to the DJ dance party vibes, where we occasionally cut the music and allow everyone to sing loudly. Making their day a memorable one for them is so much pleasure.

    ​One Fun Band Wedding In Brisbane

    ​one fun band

    0402 405 944

    I'm Quinn, one fun band's artist manager. I'd be happy to check my schedule for your event and can typically respond within an hour. Simply fill out the contact form with your information to receive a timely email response. If you'd prefer to chat on the phone, don't hesitate to call. ​

    Make Your Party A Hit With 5 Star Entertainment From $1100

    You don't want to spend a fortune hiring a band for your wedding, party, or corporate event, so what are some terrific entertainment options? Within the price range of a DJ, One Fun Band provides superb live musicians to captivate your audience and rock your party all night long! Our soloist package will get all of your guests up dancing for just $1100 including GST for 5 hours - all lighting & PA included! Band choices are also available; get in touch with us right away for a quote!

    How It Works

    We are a small group that provides a completely managed service along with a fantastic live music experience. We take the uncertainty out of booking live music for your party, wedding, or business event with top-notch, enjoyable live musicians and excellent customer service. Therefore, avoid hiring a performer who will remain unnoticed since we will get the party started right away with our experience, live energy, and crowd participation. You're in good hands if there are over 100 5-star ratings from satisfied customers. Use the form below to get in touch with us and get a detailed estimate and availability check. Please tell us more about your ideas and how we can support the success of your event!

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