Top 50 Wedding Stylists in Melbourne Victoria (2024)

Wedding stylists are the creative geniuses behind the scenes who make sure your wedding day is perfect. They help you plan what to wear, how to do your hair and makeup, set up floral arrangements, find a venue for the ceremony and reception, select music for entrances and exits, choose lighting that sets a romantic mood in every room of the venue. 

You can hire them independently or as part of a package with other vendors like a photographer or caterer. With so many details to take care of, it's hard to know where to start when planning your wedding but don't worry - we're here to help!

To help you get started on your wedding stylist hunt, we've rounded up our favourite wedding stylist from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

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    Ultimate List Wedding Stylists in Melbourne Victoria

    JCAU Events - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    jcau events

    0401 486 815


    From event design, floral styling, decor hire, ceremony setups, receptions, personalised signs & stationery, we're the one-stop shop to craft the look of your wedding. Our staff will work with you to create the ideal day you have always imagined by inspiring, energizing, and motivating you. From logistical management to full installation setup and teardown, our services ensure that you will be able to relax, have fun during the planning process and, most importantly, fully enjoy your big day. You celebrate what we produce.


    Anyone who meets Caroline will say that she is a creatively gifted individual. Award-winning artist Caroline is. Her areas of expertise include fine arts, floristry, and creating couture bridal gowns. Event styling has been her passion because it allows her to utilize all of her varied artistic abilities. The shared love of art brought John and Caroline together. They made their captivating wedding day and knew they wanted to do this. They dedicate their talents to uniting people and celebrating joyous occasions in life.

    Weddings of Distinction - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    weddings of distinction

    +613 9699 3331

    We love to help you celebrate

    We understand that planning a wedding takes up a lot of a couple's limited free time. Our advisers may sit down with you and assist you in planning your wedding, which will help to reduce the stress related to the preparations. In addition, we can help you plan the ideal Bar or Bat Mitzvah, kitchen tea or shower for the wedding, baby shower, housewarming party, corporate event, and many other events and special occasions.

    Give us your vision for your wedding or other event, and we'll make it happen. We can help you with the organization and planning of your wedding as well as other services like the choice of the site for the ceremony and reception as well as the choice of wedding automobiles, florists, photographers, and celebrants.

    Amethyst Wedding & Event Decor - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    amethyst wedding & event decor


    We provide DIY options on furniture and smaller props for those on a tighter budget. From 47 Timor Circuit, Keysborough, VIC 3173, local pick-up is appreciated. For your convenience, all DIY hires are good for three days. We may deliver and set up for an additional cost if you don't have the time or would rather use our professional service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Your wedding is a celebration of your love and commitment to each other and is a truly magical time in your lives. Unfortunately, although planning your wedding can be super fun, most weddings also take a lot of organisation that eats into your time, which can sometimes equal a few months before the big day. Aahhh!     

    One way to relieve some pressure is to hire a professional wedding stylist who will not only create a memorable experience for you and your partner but who will also ensure that your vision comes to life.

    It's essential to hire a wedding stylist with experience in design to understand what it takes to execute the concept. Then, the stylist will choose the right vendors who will achieve the requested design and understand the vision and process to guarantee you the perfect overall look. From flowers to cake, from stationery to venue decoration – you'll get all that and even more from a single source – your wedding stylist!

    Make sure to research your wedding stylist thoroughly, asking for recommendations from friends or other vendors and then meeting with the stylist in person. You want to look for someone you feel connected to! It is crucial that you are on the same page and feel comfortable working and spending time together while planning.

    Wedding stylists are often confused with wedding planners or event managers. Although there is some overlap, and many of our stylists are experienced in all of the above, Divine Events specialises exclusively in event styling.

    The easiest way to think of event styling is as interior design for events. I love styling most because it can be more fanciful than functional as you style for a night rather than for a permanent residence. Event styling is the creative ribbon that runs through all the elegant decors that make your big day special and unique.

    A wedding stylist is there to help a couple coordinate all of the flowers, decor and decorative elements of their wedding day from the ceremony through to the reception.

    A stylist can help with very simple elements, such as suggesting the best chair style for a reception or colour palette based on your venue or as in-depth as helping you pick the best flowers for your bouquets and buttonholes.

    With abundant knowledge and experience, a stylist can help you create your dream design while keeping your budget in mind and offers ideas and suggestions if you don't know where to start or how to tie all of your favourite elements together.

    No. While it's true that there may be some crossover between tasks that a wedding stylist performs and those that a wedding planner would do, they are fundamentally different roles. A wedding planner is typically in charge of the overall organisation of a wedding, from the arrival of the cake to the ferrying of the guests from hither to yon and everything in-between.

    Not unlike a professional stylist to the stars, a wedding stylist has a focused scope; they are responsible for the aesthetics of a wedding. This can encompass anything that has to do with the overall appearance of a wedding, from choosing the colours of the decorations and assisting in selecting bridal party looks to help find the perfect backdrops for ceremonies and photographs.


    Find someone that is professional, fun and relatable. It is easier to talk to someone who you get along with and gets your wedding style. You'll be speaking to this person from anywhere from 6 to 12 months in the lead up to your wedding, so it is best to make it a fun experience along the way.


    Every wedding styling company has its style to find a company with photos and products that compliment your wedding style. Whether traditional or boho, it is always essential to do a bit of research to get a sense of what styles they do best.


    Wedding Stylists should know the current and emerging wedding trends. Whether it be a particular centrepiece or colour palette, ask your stylist what is on trend or if they have any unique styles up their sleeves. Wedding Stylists are eagerly waiting for a bride to ask them for a unique look so they can let their creativity run wild!

    Knowing How to Work with a Budget 

    A good Wedding Stylist will ask you if you have a budget you are working towards. It is essential to disclose your budget to your Wedding Stylist as it will serve as a guide for the Stylist to choose the centrepieces, florals, etc., that fit within your budget and assist in getting the most value for money. The Wedding Stylist's primary goal is to work with you.

    Of course, a Wedding Stylist is not a Fairy God Mother and sometimes won't fit everything in the budget. In this case, the Stylist will suggest alternatives that will be better suited to work towards your budget. It is essential to let the Wedding Stylist know what is "a must-have" vs "a nice to have."

    Problem Solver

    In the world of events, the unknown will happen. Wedding Stylists are well aware of this and have been through it all. Should anything happen not according to plan, it is crucial to allow the Wedding Stylist to make executive decisions on the day. Your Wedding Stylist has your best interests in mind and treats each wedding like it was their own. It is essential to have someone who can think on their feet and is solution-driven.

    Take a Look at Their Previous Work

    When it comes to wedding stylists, the truth is in the pudding. First, you need to look at photos of all the previous work the wedding stylist you are considering hiring has done. This will help you visualise how they approach different clients and whether or not they will be able to give you exactly what you want.

    Know What You Want

    Having a solid idea of what you want and what you do not want when it comes to your décor will help you choose a wedding stylist. Different stylists specialise in different aesthetics when it comes to their designs. There is no point in hiring a stylist that specialises in rustic weddings when that is not what you want. This will cause clashes later on.

    Set a Budget

    Before you start shopping around for wedding stylists, you need to have a budget in mind. This will help you eliminate some stylists that may be out of budget for you. If you are set on a particular wedding stylist, but they are out of your budget range, check and see if they offer any special discounts. This may make it possible for you to work with that particular wedding stylist for your big day.

    Wedding Hire Melbourne & Events - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    wedding hire melbourne & events

    +61 404 046 834

    Wedding Hire Melbourne & Events

    Many things are significant on your wedding day. You make the commitment to spend the rest of your life with the one person you have decided to cherish forever on this day. Second, it is a day to celebrate your dedication and love with the people who matter the most to you. An event becomes a fairytale, a bride is changed, and a groom is created.

    A spectacular wedding is not created by accident; rather, it is the result of the bride and groom knowing how they want their personalities to be reflected and working with vendors who respect their preferences and individual style.

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    Wedding Hire Melbourne provides equipment hire for these events and many more…

    Wedding Hire Melbourne offers a variety of things for rent, whether you need them for a wedding, a birthday party, or a corporate event. Both a full setup and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) solutions are available.

    You have the option of renting certain goods or looking at one of our packages. Alternately, we can have a conversation with you about your alternatives and work with you to design a tailored plan that satisfies your requirements. We can provide anything from arches and tables to centerpieces and signs, so the options are plentiful and diverse.

    Hire one of our enormous Love Letters for maximum impact—they make for incredible photo ops and captivate visitors. Whatever your taste, Wedding Hire Melbourne has a solution that will satisfy your needs and help you make your own special brand of wedding enchantment.

    KW Weddings and Flowers - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    kw weddings & flowers

    0404 716 887

    About Karen Wang Weddings & Flowers

    Due to the depth of Karen's experience, she and her team have access to a wide range of experts and vendors in the field of wedding planning and coordination. The Australian Concert Tour of French pianist Richard Clayderman, which took place in three locations between February and June 2017, was organized and managed by Karen. Karen again organized and oversaw the Animenz Australia Tour that year, which was hosted at Melbourne Recital Centre between July and October. While servicing hundreds of couples and collaborating with a renowned industry pioneer at Ardeur Weddings & Events from 2013 through 2017, Karen worked there concurrently as a wedding planner.

    Ruffles & Bells - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    ruffles & bells


    My friend's wedding was the very first event I ever styled, and I still vividly recall every detail of it. I'll never forget the exhilaration I experienced. I enjoy the rush of turning an idea into a vision that ties the love story of the couple to a whole day of romance.

    This is why I refer to what we do as "event storytelling." Ruffles and Bells was born out of my love for small details, but even as a child, I was drawn to colors, textures, and the enchanted ways they could be used to tell stories. I'm speaking to you now, eleven years later.

    Décor It Events - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    décor it events

    1300 300 371


    Innovating the newest décor trends and providing individualized care at every event we style, Décor It Events produces industry-leading events that provide you the ideal backdrop for all of life's important moments.

    Since our company's founding in 2000, we have styled thousands of events, specializing in table linen, flower styling, and centerpieces. Wedding receptions, wedding ceremonies, corporate events, birthdays, gala events, christenings, engagements, and bar and bat mitzvahs are just a few of the occasions we have expertise with. We have also designed for several award shows, TV shows, movies, and sporting events.

    In order to stay creative and in front of trends both locally and globally, our team draws inspiration from travel, fashion, food, and cultures. We also attend conferences and events hosted by cutting-edge industries abroad. We are constantly searching for innovative and fun ways to improve the services we provide to customers.

    PS Weddings - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    ps weddings

    +61 411 493 279


    Register to schedule your free consultation for wedding planning. We enjoy discussing all things wedding-related and are happy to offer insider information and advice. Register now as sessions are limited.


    Everything you want for a pleasant wedding planning experience is included in our full-service wedding planning package. We collaborate with you to make the wedding planning process organized, stress-free, and straightforward. We'll be there for you every step of the way to keep you on schedule, within your budget, motivated, and enthusiastic.

    Styling & Design

    We can style and create your event, including all of the visual components that are specifically you (florals, stationery, décor, one-of-a-kind touches, and personal details). Our goal is to provide a spectacular occasion that captures your own personal preferences, sense of style, and overall wedding vision.


    We flawlessly carry out every aspect of your wedding idea. Let us handle every aspect of your event to reduce the stress on your big day. Enjoy your wedding day and let us organize your vendors and make everything come together on the big day.

    My Event Decor - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    my event decor

    +61 1300 378 689

    From your invitations, venue, and décor to the food and music, interesting decor gives your visitors a fascinating tale about your business or your relationship. It also has a central color, finish, or theme.

    My Wedding Decor launched in April 2015, but I quickly found that the vast majority of my enquiries for product launches, store openings, brand activations, charity galas, open days, expos, festivals, and corporate dinners were from corporate event planners. As a result, My Event Decor debuted in January 2017.

    In April 2018, I merged My Wedding Decor with My Event Decor to deliver themed event decor products to consumers like you.

    Lily Infusion Weddings & Events - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    lily infusion weddings & events

    03 9890 0689

    Lily Infusion Weddings and Events, started in 2010, was one of the first wedding planners and stylists in Melbourne with an Asian or Chinese cultural heritage. We go to great lengths to ensure that your day is perfect! The group is brimming with creative ideas and sources of inspiration. We can assist in organizing your thoughts and incorporating a polished, high standard touch. We design individualized, intimate, and meticulously planned events that leave you and your guests with priceless memories to cherish. To discuss your dream event's vision, please get in touch. Our helpful staff members are always happy to help you with any special occasions!

    Feel Good Events - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    feel good events

    +61 1300 134 494

    About Feel Good Events

    The Feel Good Events crew can best be summed up in one word: Passion! Every day of the week, our crew is either organizing parties, planning parties, or discussing how to improve parties, morning, noon, and night.

    Feel Good Events was founded in 2008 with the goal of improving party experiences for our clients and ultimately making them feel good. We wanted our clients to be able to tell better party stories after their event by utilizing our Partyology philosophy, which is based on many years of tried and true ideas. In a nutshell, Feel Good Events decorates and organizes parties, weddings, and other events, but it means much more to us. What distinguishes us from other Melbourne event companies is that we consider every issue that could impact your event..

    The Style Co. - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    the style co.

    +61 3 9425 9798

    What it's truly like to be an event stylist is a question we frequently get. With 5 a.m. starts and 5 a.m. endings, there are days upon days of sleep deprivation. There are no nicer folks you could hope to meet. It functions properly under all weather conditions, even 40 degree heat and pouring rain.

    It involves strenuous lifting, scratches, bruises, and sunburn. It involves climbing ladders, steps, and trees. Playing with flowers, fabrics, wood, and paint are included. Working with other creatives and individuals who "get" us is important. It involves infusing a design with our enthusiasm, creativity, emotion, and soul.

    It is straining the limits. With us, it has the best team. Only hours and minutes are needed to build and pull down after months of planning. It's getting to know our customers, making friends with them, and making something truly extraordinary for them. It's the expression on their faces when they enter.

    S&S Event Specialists - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    s&s event specialists

    +61 466 097 827


    In order to make your dream event a reality, S&S Event Specialists was founded for my daughter's first birthday because we were unable to find a reasonably priced and competent event planner. Today, we specialize in weddings, receptions, engagement parties, birthdays, outdoor decorations, and traditional decorations throughout Victoria.

    Finding distinctive, imaginative, enjoyable, and inventive design solutions to make your events stand out is our area of expertise. We visit the venues that the client has selected and make recommendations for how to best utilize the available space as well as other decorations that will highlight the location and its aesthetic. Additionally, we often provide, erect, and take down decorations. (Same Day Services), which enables our client to effortlessly host their ideal event.

    Valure Events - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    valure events

    0438 502 320

    Melbourne Wedding & Event Management

    Lovelies, congratulations on being engaged! Although it's a really exciting moment, it can also be very overwhelming. We understand it! There are so many alternatives and choices to choose, including where to start, what to book, who to book, and how far in advance. It's entirely acceptable, and that's where Valure Events come in to put an end to everything. We have organized several weddings and events and are professionals in the wedding sector. Call or schedule a zoom meeting with us today, and let's talk. Why not now?

    Did you know that planning a wedding can take up to 250 hours? Have you imagined the big day itself and considered who would help with supplier coordination, table setups, music cueing at the appropriate times, and even the bridal party? Valure Events can support you. In fact, our "Big Day" package is what our couples most frequently ask for.

    Flowers by Varu - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    flowers by varu

    +61 473 452 201

    Beautiful & Bespoke Melbourne Wedding Styling

    On your wedding day, we are aware that you want to feel stunning, self-assured, and at ease. We are also aware of the burden wedding planning can cause. However, Styled By Varu, skilled creative event stylists, will assist you in realizing your ideal wedding (with your sanity firmly intact).

    We'll handle all of your wedding styling needs, resulting in a brilliantly styled celebration that reflects your narrative and personality as a couple and one your guests will talk about for years. Because of our friendly, flexible, and personalized approach, acute attention to detail, and exceptional planning abilities, you'll have less to worry about before your wedding and more time to enjoy it on the day.

    Evviva Events - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    evviva events

    +61 409 208 581


    A full-service event management business, Evviva Events is situated in Melbourne. We handle everything, from intimate gatherings to grandiose events. We aim for excellence and are quite pleased of the results. We have a strong enthusiasm for making things that are beautiful, having fun, and most of all, entertaining people. We'll make sure that every little detail is handled so you can enjoy your day without worrying about whether everything will go according to plan.

    Dani McEwin founded Evviva events after deciding to pursue her love of entertaining and planning lovely events. Dani has a high level of competence and will personally oversee your event to ensure everything is carried out flawlessly. She has a background in corporate event planning, project management, and supplier management. Dani has built solid professional ties over the years, so we can offer you the greatest items and services for your special day.

    Pop Up With Style - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    pop up with style

    +61 414 524 365

    Finding the ideal location can be so difficult that it may be enough to put a complete stop to wedding arrangements. Although there are countless possibilities, they are not all readily available. Making any kind of decision about your wedding, whether it be regarding styling, vendors, the dress, or the guest list (let's not even talk about the guest list yet), may be quite difficult in the wedding world of Instagram + Pinterest.

    You're looking at vendors that you haven't met and don't know if they'll be of high quality or even show up on the scheduled date. These are the causes of why individuals are finding wedding planning to be rather tedious. There is too much stress and strain, not to mention the fact that you are attempting to balance family and friends while working a full-time job.

    Ivory Heart - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    ivory heart

    03 9583 2250

    About Us

    Ivory Heart Events was founded in January 2018 by Hollie (that's me!) and my dedicated husband, Nathan. I became aware of the need for economically priced products that didn't compromise on elegance or quality after planning my own wedding in 2017.Although I work as a psychologist in a clinical setting, I have a creative streak, so I felt I had to seize the chance to develop it and create something useful for all upcoming brides and grooms.

    Our LUXE line of custom-built and meticulously crafted centerpiece stands served as the foundation of our company's growth. After advertising this selection, we observed a steadily rising demand for other wedding décor items, which we subsequently included to our hiring selection. Ivory Heart Events was founded on these few items and a lot of love, blood, sweat, and tears!

    A Day to Remember - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    a day to remember

    +61 405 094 303

    About Us

    Melbourne Event Rental for a Memorable Day Jill and Emma, a mother-daughter duo from Melbourne, have both worked in retail and customer service. It was just a matter of time until they combined their passions for event organizing, furniture restoration, and collecting lovely vintage items to start a company they could be proud of.

    For your next event, whether it's a wedding, engagement party, birthday celebration, baby shower, or corporate gathering, "A Day to Remember Event Hire" specializes in renting out antique, rustic, and boho props, furniture, and decor.

    After organizing numerous special events, we recognize that there is a market for lovely vintage and rustic items, some unique to others, that might be rented out at a reasonable price.

    Bow Creative - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    bow creative

    +61 411 724 853

    All wrapped in a neat little bow…

    a company that is dedicated to realizing your vision and fulfilling your heart's dreams. In addition to going above and above for our clients, Bow Creative strives to provide simplicity and convenience on their wedding day. In addition to all of this, we make sure that our customers enjoy themselves—the most crucial part of this adventure.

    When it comes to arranging your big day, Bow Creative distinguishes itself by having the ability to combine on-trend classics with distinctive nuances, making it distinctly yours. When feasible, we also try to give sustainable methods priority.

    Elegant Occasions - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    elegant occasions


    About Elegant Occasions

    Yelka Jurinovic, the general manager of Elegant Occasions and creative guru, was thrown into the deep end and forced to plan her first event for her family one tragic day in the 1980s. To select the ideal decor for her event, she spent days traveling throughout Victoria. She finally passed out from exhaustion and was unable to face the thought of attending her own function the following day.

    Elegant Occasions was born out of this, and Yelka has since traveled a path of learning and self-discovery to make it one of Melbourne's top event management and planning firms.

    Melbourne Wedding Designers - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    melbourne wedding designers

    0432 324 486

    Melbourne Wedding Designers take great satisfaction in creating and embellishing absolutely gorgeous weddings and events. Their talented team of designers are there to help you design and create your perfect wedding using colours, themes and ideas to suit your style and budget. They have an extensive range of products in stock, but if you don't see what you are looking for, please ask! They welcome recommendations and, where practical, are willing to modify products or expand their inventory.

    Their services include delivery, set up and pack down, leaving you to enjoy the day completely, knowing everything is taken care of. They will work hard to plan and execute the wedding of your dreams for you. Your dreams truly do come true when you work with Melbourne Wedding Designers.

    Kelly Ann Events - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    kelly ann events

    1300 863 960

    Wedding & Event Hire in Melbourne

    providing warm customer service to make sure you get the outcome you want with the least amount of hassle. Life is thrilling and memorable when important occasions are celebrated! Kelly Ann Events specializes in offering for rent rustic-themed accessories and furnishings at reasonable prices to help you realize your event vision.

    We believe that the key to creating unforgettable events is to surprise and excite your visitors. We will work with you to achieve this by adding a creative touch to the styling and décor choices, which will produce a wonderful atmosphere and elevate your event.

    Farfalla Designs - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    farfalla designs

    0426 242 732

    A wedding and event design company is called Farfalla Party & Wedding Design. It was established 17 years ago in Melbourne. We have worked at a variety of locations and halls throughout Melbourne and Victoria over the years, including some of the most well-known ones like Crown, Grand Hyatt, and many others (please refer to the list of venues below).

    Farfalla is more than just a party rental business. We are qualified interior decorators, stylists, and designers. Because of this, each of our products is special. We never substitute low-quality materials for high-quality ones while making our decorations.

    One Day Your Way - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    one day, your way

    0468 374 561

    Our Focus

    To ensure that each couple's wedding day is as distinctive as they are. We offer innovative and attractive designs that will make your day classy and lovely. You can rely on us to create timeless solutions that will exceed your expectations as a team in the months leading up to and on the day of your wedding.


    You can obtain the assistance you require when you need it most thanks to our planning services. Our partial service will allow couples to get the help when they need it most, and our full planning service will allow you to relax and leave the hard work to us.


    We will work with you to design your ideal wedding look with each of our styling packages. You can rely on us to design for you a style that is both timeless and elegant because we enjoy the chance to deal with blank canvases as well as venues that only require one or two finishing touches to tie everything together.

    Personal Assistant

    For couples that want to organize and plan their own wedding but also want to unwind and take it all in on the big day. Additionally, they do not want to put obligations on family and friends.

    Dream Catcher Weddings - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    dream catcher weddings

    0430 399 872


    Dream Catcher Weddings wants your wedding to be enjoyable, special, and different. We are a one-stop shop for all of your planning, styling, and coordination requirements, and we have a genuine enthusiasm for designing lovely and distinctive weddings, from the conception of your initial idea to the execution on the big day. We support the flexibility to have whatever you want at your wedding and work to make the day reflect the two of you.

    We can handle all the planning, styling, and coordinating aspects, saving you time, money, and stress because we have such close personal ties to talented, local vendors and gorgeous locations on the Mornington Peninsula.

    To Embellish Flowers - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    to embellish flowers

    For beautiful wedding and special event flowers, turn to Embellish. Since 2007, To Embellish has been credited with producing some of Melbourne's most elegant and stunning weddings, business events, and social gatherings. Since taking the reins in 2012, Lauren has added flowers to round out To Embellish's full event service and is known for beautiful arrangements made with love.

    Some of our most recent weddings are showcased in our gallery. We have collaborated with some of Melbourne's most gorgeous venues to create special days for our couples. We take pride in picking exceptional collaborators that share our goals and enthusiasm for providing original and imaginative design solutions.

    The Small Things Co - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    the small things co

    +61 466 471 782


    The Small Things Co. enjoys creating new things. Any modernist and creative couple can find a styling package that suits their demands from our selection. Up to a year before their big day, our team of stylists works with our couples to make sure every last detail is taken care of.

    We will start by having a consultation in our studio to discuss your own style and all of the little things that make your day uniquely you. From site visits to supplier recommendations and coordination. We create your styling concept and take care of all the minute things that are important to you.

    The Hire Co. - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    the hire co.

    +61 432 575 644

    The Hire Co Story

    When I was seeking for some distinctive items to fulfill my concept for an engagement celebration in 2015, The Hire Co. was born. I soon came to the conclusion that there wasn't much out there for creatives who wanted to style their own event.

    The Hire Co. was established by Laura, a young woman with a vision, as a wedding and event decor rental business in Melbourne. A little about myself Having studied the Diploma of Textiles, Clothing and Footwear at RMIT and working within the fashion industry for 7 years, I have always had a great love and appreciation for beautiful fabrics, colours and silhouettes.

    Since I can remember, I have had a sharp eye for detail and have always been an absolute perfectionist, and within the fashion industry, product sourcing and development has always brought me so much joy! Along with this, styling—whether it be for people or events—has always piqued my curiosity. The Hire Co. is the result of combining my love and passion for gorgeous things with my skills in finding and styling.

    Circle of Love - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    circle of love

    0413 135 313

    About Us

    The objective of Circle of Love is perfection in design, sophistication, and elegance. On your big day, we want to create a one-of-a-kind celebration that reflects who you are as a couple. We are dedicated about offering outstanding service for significant occasions in your life. Our aim is to design a singular, stylish, understatedly exquisite event specifically for you. We take the time to hear what you want, make suggestions, and plan to make it happen.

    We take great delight in producing lavish, contemporary, imaginative, one-of-a-kind, gorgeous, glamorous, and meticulously planned weddings and events around Australia. We are one of Australia's top wedding and event planners as well as stylists.

    Your Event Essentials - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    your event essentials

    0403 047 730


    Make your wedding as lovely as the love you two have for one another. Regardless of your taste, Your Event Essentials has the wedding ceremony decor packages you require to give any indoor or outdoor ceremony a unique touch. With the aid of our broad collection, create a magnificent, stunning space for you two to begin your life together.

    Your Event Essentials can provide you with the service and selection required to make your ceremony unbelievably stunning, whether you're having a wedding for 20 guests or 800. We recognize that weddings come in all different sizes and forms, therefore we take pleasure in our adaptability, crafting décor packages to meet every requirement and every budget. Browse our portfolio for more inspiration, then get started on organizing your ideal wedding right away.

    Styling By Bree - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    styling by bree

    +61 458 480 092

    About Bree

    I am an enthusiastic Melbourne stylist that delights in creating settings that make you feel wonderful to be in. Since every design is specifically created for each customer, I take great delight in bringing uniqueness to each of my projects. Everybody's sense of style, in my opinion, is a reflection of their personality. I love the stinging heat of the sun on my skin, going to the beach with my two golden retrievers, and I've always been fascinated by the Mediterranean culture and earthy tones, so my style might be described as a blend of Mediterranean meets Byron Bay.

    I take great satisfaction in making my clients feel at ease and confident in my creativity because I'm a highly effervescent and laid-back gal. So, don't be afraid. Please get in touch with me because I would love to learn more about you, your needs, and your vision for bringing it to reality. Follow my socials to stay updated on my styling adventure.

    The Super Styler. - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    the super styler.

    0421 567 573


    Innovative event planning and styling company The Super Styler brings festivities to life. Nadia Rados-Christo, a passionate Melburnian, founded The Super Styler in 2013, which provides innovative and entertaining event decorating solutions.

    The journey started in 2013... Nadia planned and executed her first wedding on her own, giving it her all, and she enjoyed every second of it! After seeing her vision come to life and, more significantly, seeing her clients' enjoyment on their special day, she realized she wanted to take the next step and convert her love into a job. She would need a lot of hard work and moral support from her husband and family to do this. When The Super Styler was created, her wishes came true, and she has already styled over 100 events!

    Made By Jade. Co - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    made by jade .co

    As a Melbourne-based wedding styling business, we use the process of design and concept building to convey a love story. We work closely with you on your vision pulling together our knowledge to come up with some extra special ideas.

    We must admit that we love, just as much as you delight in being in love. Our greatest joy is watching you tie the knot and make your special day a reality. In order to communicate your special love story, it is crucial to us that we spend a lot of time getting to know you and your spouse.

    We will be there to bring everything we have worked on to life once the design work is complete, including handling your run sheets, logistical setups, receiving deliveries, and checking in with vendors. sure that every last detail is perfectly completed while packing up at the end of the night.

    Vanessa Rossini - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    vanessa rossini

    +61 413 992 571


    For more than 15 years, Vanessa Rossini has been a significant figure in Melbourne's catering and events industries. Vanessa's clientele would put any pretend socialite to shame, straight off the red carpet. Her experience is broad, occasionally wild, but immaculate in execution—it ranges from working for foreign advertising firms to throwing spectacular Christmas parties to hosting afterparties for the Logies.

    The result of Vanessa Rossini's (VR Events) experience working closely in VIP services in the private realm of celebrity hosting can be found in the catering, events, and wedding industries. Words like "magical," "timeless," "elegant," "classic," "unique," and "immaculate" are frequently used to describe the weddings and events that Vanessa Rossini arranges.

    Table Art - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    table art

    03 9813 2852

    The beauty, sophistication, and grandeur that table linens can add to your event is something that we at Table Art are passionate about. We're confident you don't want attendees leaving your next event with that impression of an event that lacks décor, vitality, color, or any sense of flair!

    About Table Art

    We have worked on events for 2 people to 2000 people under the direction of event stylist Allie Hammet and her team of table styling professionals! Table Art was founded in 2006 in Allie's lounge but quickly exceeded the space and relocated to a charming shop in Melbourne's Auburn Village.

    Our linens have graced tables across the nation for more than ten years, from lavish weddings to exquisite dinners for Oprah and the Queen, from the bottom of Tasmania to the top of sunny Queensland.

    Weddings by E - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    weddings by e

    +61 421 757 050

    Being based in Melbourne, I am familiar with the ins and outs of some of the most distinctive and remarkable locations in Victoria, eliminating any uncertainty about how to plan the ideal day for you and your partner. With over 7 years of event management experience, a keen eye for the finer details, and a passion for celebrating all types of love, you are in the safest of hands.

    I am the planner you need, whether you need someone to handle everything from beginning to end and everything in between, a helping hand to put the finishing touches on things, or someone on the big day to make sure nothing goes wrong. I am aware that every relationship is different, and I will completely tailor my services to meet your needs.

    Good Day Club - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    good day club

    03 7018 8500

    Melbourne's go-to place for cool, one-of-a-kind antique and retro furniture rental, event styling, and graphic design, headshots, and merchandise is Good Day Club. We support those who are cool, who prefer to do things their way, and who want to plan an occasion or wedding that is truly unique.

    We will style and design your wedding in Melbourne using our distinctive approach, keeping in mind how you and your guests will feel, what they'll see, experience, and touch. The focus is more on making this the best wedding ever than on "let's get some festoons." The day itself won't compare to your recollections, BOOM!

    I DO Wedding Planning - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    i do wedding planning

    61-04 33040092

    Welcome to Wedding Planning Melbourne

    You may get wedding event in Melbourne from one of the biggest wedding planning companies, I DO Wedding Planning. Our one-stop shop for wedding services makes us the only wedding vendor in existence. In addition to wedding planning, bridal gowns, wedding photography, and wedding cinematic HD film, I DO Wedding Planning offers a wide range of services.

    Classique Event - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria

    classique event

    +61 422369361

    Australian Weddings Managed to Perfection

    For more than 12 years, we have been designing, styling, and managing weddings in Australia. With almost 300 Weddings to our name from every culture, custom and community, we can say that our clients are now part of our Classique Family.

    To be really honest, we adore all weddings and adore couples in love! Weddings are our passion, and we handle them flawlessly to keep our clients calm and organized. ​We will only utilize excellent Suppliers who will look out for your best interests and deliver what you want at a reasonable price - not the inflated and under-delivered "Wedding Price."

    However, we will outline all the breakdowns of each item in a proposal and offer you a realistic pricing for your ideal wedding, allowing you to change your budget or your expectations. Your proposal will be customized to fit all of your demands.

    Lenzo - Wedding Stylists Melbourne Victoria


    +61 3 9981 3580

    Leading stylists in the field and imaginative brand strategists from Lenzo will impart their wealth of knowledge to you. Regardless of the size of your upcoming event, our skilled Lenzo Personal Party Stylists are here to transform your idea into a single, unforgettable moment. We will provide you a carefully crafted party package appropriate for the scope of your event if you provide us with a location of your choosing (or we can assist you in venue scouting), an approximate guest count, and an estimated price. It's your party, with bespoke styling, cuisine, backdrops, signs, and more. Let's start it now!

    Lenzo is always one step ahead of the latest fashions, party themes, and party supplies as the indisputable expert in all things party. For the most stylish wedding and party products chosen by our Lenzo style team, shop our brand-new online or stop by our concept store in Malvern.

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