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35+ Best Wedding Video Production Companies in Melbourne [2022]

If you're planning a wedding, then you know how important it is to capture all the memories of that day. But who should you choose to produce your wedding video? Here is a list of the best wedding video production companies in Melbourne. These companies have a proven track record of producing beautiful and timeless videos that will be cherished for years to come. 

Look no further! In this blog post, we'll share some of the top wedding video production companies in Melbourne so you can find the right one for your big day. Keep reading to learn more!

Ultimate List of the Best Wedding Video Production Companies in Melbourne

Wild Romantic Photography - Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

wild romantic photography wedding video production company melbourne

0434 484 811

Our Story

A group of enthusiastic photographers and motivated doers formed Wild Romantic Photography in 2016. We are committed to sharing love stories through photography that catches genuine moments of connection and delight.

From Australia, we can appreciate beauty both abroad and in our own backyard. We have filmed in remote gardens and old farms as well as on windswept beaches and metropolitan rooftops.

We work closely with our clients to guide them through their special day because we understand how vital it is to enjoy yourself and the moment as much as it is to capture it on camera.

Our photos are expertly and carefully taken, and they are created to be cherished for a lifetime.

Our Founder

Elle Alihos was raised in rural Victoria's migrant farming communities. Her upbringing instilled in her a love of nature, expansive skies, and the virtues of the Mediterranean way of life, including family, food, history, generosity, and gathering with others to celebrate life.

She approaches her work at Wild Romantic with a passion for art, photography, and film in addition to these sources of inspiration. Elle has photographed over 100 weddings for 100 content couples and holds a BA in Commercial Photography.

Marriage celebrations in her family and community have long been a significant cultural anchor. Elle freely admits to having a wedding obsession and is constantly looking for heartfelt ways to capture the moment of saying "I do."

Our Pricing & Packages

We take great satisfaction in offering completely transparent pricing. Our wedding photography packages are therefore very customizable and reasonably priced. Additionally, you are invited to customize your bundle by including other services based on your unique requirements and spending limit.

From Australia, we can appreciate beauty both abroad and in our own backyard. We have filmed on rocky beaches, roofs, in secluded gardens, and on old farms. Melbourne and Sydney, Australia's cultural centers, are where our offices are situated. Our service charge pays for transportation between these locations, so our customers only pay for travel within the relevant regions.

Whether you are organizing your ideal wedding, expecting a baby, throwing a child's birthday party, or just looking to add family photographs to your album, we would love to be of help to you. You can rely on us. To understand more, only get in contact right away.

Icon Photography Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

icon photography wedding video production company melbourne

0424 858 279

Icon Photography & Videography

We at ICON PHOTOGRAPHY MELBOURNE are a family-run company. From the initial contact until your special day and album creation, Con (master photographer) and his wife Rebecca (studio manager) assist you with every step of the wedding planning process. Con is really committed to providing you with timeless, exquisite photographs that you will enjoy forever.

To make sure your day is carefree and pleasurable, our complete crew will always go above and above. We produce images that will impress your family and make your friends jealous. The majority of our packages include two weeks of turnaround time, a full day of coverage, and no cap on the number of photographs we shoot. We want you to have enduring memories of your special day.

Wedding Movies Video Production Company Melbourne

wedding movies video production company melbourne

1300 325 723

Wedding Videographer In Melbourne

Every marriage-related film is as distinctive as the couple getting married. Why not allow us to tell your tale today? We adore capturing and retelling the heart and spirit of your story. Undoubtedly, one of the life's landmark occasions that you look forward to the most is your wedding. Since this is likely the most significant day of your personal life, you want to remember it forever.

recording a special or amusing moment with your significant other before the wedding so you can show it to your friends and family. We recognize that you may occasionally need a little extra time with us during the course of your day. Therefore, we will increase our package length by however many hours you require. We enjoy using drones to photograph the breathtaking locations you have selected.

Would you like to impress your guests by playing a video of what happened that day? Then, in time for you to show it at your reception, we will produce a stunning video. Cinematic camera movements that are fluid give any wedding a "wow" appeal. We capture the meaningful messages from your friends and family on film so you will always remember them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Video

However, the average wedding video length is somewhere between three to five minutes for a highlights version or short film, or up to 30 minutes or longer for a documentary or cinematic style. You can always opt for both, depending on what you'd like to use it for and what kind of wedding video packages are offered.

While shooting a wedding video, you should at least have two cameras. Three is the best option, which gives you two to shoot with and a backup.

If you're looking for a longer film 2 videographers is needed. If you're okay with a short film, one videographer may be okay for you. If you want a longer cinematic film, two videographers is probably the way to go. This comes back to getting creative or focusing on safe shots.

Once the filming is finished, some videographers will send you the raw footage (untouched, unedited) to preview before editing begins so you can note scenes you definitely want to keep or cut, like when your groom's voice cracked while reading his vows.

It's shot on a digital video camera with small, attached lights and lavaliere microphones, and is controlled by one videographer, who mingles seamlessly among guests, lowering the camera when it is inappropriate to be shooting.

Film My Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

film my wedding video production companies in melbourne

03 9653 7478

Melbourne's Premier Videography Team

Melbourne's top videography team, Film My Wedding, was founded there and was motivated by the need to preserve timeless human passion. We firmly believe that in order to prevent the wedding video from seeming dated over time, moments must be caught candidly.

A candid and human-focused approach to videography is how we capture these moments, ensuring that you can watch every second of your lovely wedding film years from now. On your actual wedding day, everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

A Timeless, And Truly Candid Wedding Videography Approach.

All of our clients speak about our seamless approach and how this contributes to the great vibes of the day. Please read the more than 100 reviews we have on Google and Facebook, which speak to the quality of our work.

C2 Films Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

c2 films wedding video production company melbourne

0421 533 872

Beautifully-Crafted Wedding Videography And Photography In Melbourne

We create the most exquisite, distinctive, and high-end cinematic wedding films and photos in Melbourne and Sydney. There are no do-overs on your wedding day, so you need someone you can rely on to record all the crucial moments without fail.

Our wedding films and photography, which have been featured in Elle and Vogue, are extraordinary because we actually take the time to understand what's essential to you. We're on top of it, whether it's precious video of you dancing with your grandmother, a partner inside joke, a meaningful piece of jewelry, or a significant cultural practice.

We will develop a narrative for your cinematic movies and images that captures everything, leaving you speechless each time you see it. Simply simply, we produce stunning wedding films and photos that your loved ones will want to watch again and over.

Artistic Films Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

artistic films wedding video production company melbourne

0498 477 417

Wedding Videos With Heart And Soul

Elegantly designed imagery is what makes us stand out! Our wedding videos are incredibly intimate, real, and filled with a lot of passion. The term WOW has been used to describe our wedding films the most, which perfectly describes who we are. See why we have grown to be Australia's and the world's most in-demand wedding videography company by scrolling down below.

Who You're Getting

Hello, my name is Alper Kasap, and I have spent my entire life capturing moving pictures, including nearly 500 weddings. There is no better story to document and create than a wedding day, something I take great satisfaction in doing. Because it is more than just a "day," it is the entire journey that has brought us to this point and the containment of all the feelings and emotions that are waiting to explode on any given day. A wedding day is filled with everything; the trick is to capture its essence, its journey, and the priceless moments that appear in an instant before combining them into something truly wonderful that will tug at your heart.

How It's Getting Captured

Your nuptials are recorded in 4K. I have several cameras that can take pictures that are four times as good as high definition. The equipment is critical. I stay current and only use the best equipment to capture gorgeous photographs that are made even more mesmerizing by their clarity and detail. the area that is typically ignored. When you can't hear a ceremony, what good is it? Yikes! I can set up up to four discrete audio devices, depending on the setting, to ensure that nothing is missed and that there are backups available just in case.

Warren Photography - Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

warren photography wedding video production company melbourne

0417 393 524

About John Warren

John Warren has over a thousand weddings under his belt and over 15 years of expertise, making him one of Melbourne's most in-demand wedding photographers.

Numerous of Melbourne's top wedding locations, including Stones of the Yarra Valley, Encore, Zonzo, Quat Quetta, Carousel, and more, have chosen to work with me as their preferred wedding photographer. John is well-known in the wedding industry and contributes to numerous wedding blogs and magazines.

Crystal D Studio Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

crystal d studio wedding video production company melbourne

04 2456 7756

Emotions And Magical Moments Carefully Crafted.

Your marriage is an expression of who you are as a pair. When creating memories for our brides, the same facts are our top priority. Instead of attempting to mold your priceless day into ours, we adapt to it.

Who Are We?

We are a small group of skilled photographers and videographers who consistently produce high-quality work to document your special day. Our passion is wedding photography and filmmaking. Our crew is committed to weddings and makes an effort to attempt something new at each one because we really think that every love story is unique.

Why Use Experienced Photographers And Cinematographers?

To capture your wedding, you need skilled photographers and filmmakers who can work under pressure and in various lighting conditions. We can handle any situation, work under pressure, and capture your day as naturally as possible. Once you make a reservation with us, you can relax knowing that your special day will be beautifully preserved because it cannot be recreated. We also offer advice and assistance in timing your wedding so that everything goes well. By doing this, you can look more relaxed without having to worry about numerous details.

ATEIA Photography - Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

ateia photography wedding video production company melbourne

1300 558 474

Melbourne's Most Trusted Wedding Photographers

By addressing each couple's unique wishes and needs, our skilled team of professional Melbourne wedding photographers and videographers adds a degree of artistic innovation to storytelling. You'll quickly see why we're at the top of the Melbourne wedding photography market with our 500+ excellent web reviews. We are designated as the recommended provider for the majority of Melbourne's finest wedding reception venues because we provide exceptional photography at competitive costs. We also provide a "Book Now & Pay Later" option on our website, where all of our prices are disclosed in full.

Best Wedding Photographers In Melbourne

At your Melbourne wedding celebration, let the ATEIA Pictures & Video team use stylish and elegant photography to express your love story. Our team of wedding photographers will lead you through your big day while fusing classic aspects with unique flair. The greatest wedding photographers in Melbourne can be found at ATEIA Photography & Video. They have a knack for knowing where to be and when.

With more than ten years of experience in the wedding business, we concentrate on capturing the most heartfelt exchanges amongst family members to make sure couples get the wedding they've always wanted. Choose the company that recognizes the beauty in every wedding, regardless of its culture, background, size, or location—urban, rural, or rustic—for the best wedding photography in Melbourne. We'd adore to document your wedding.

DUÜET Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

duüet wedding video production company melbourne

0457 499 378

Capture the Real Beauty and Emotion of Your Life!!

Greetings from DUÜET. We are a wedding photography and videography firm situated in Melbourne. Your big day will be enhanced and captured using a distinctive documentary style by our talented team of photographers, videographers, and artists.

Our skilled teams for candid wedding photography and videography take pride in their knowledge and discretion, and they specialize in ambient, photo-journalistic, and natural keepsakes.

The union of the customer and the artist serves as the inspiration for our brand. Your collaboration during the photoshoot, along with the creative direction of our team, will produce both stunning photographs and a truly unforgettable experience.

Video Boutique Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

video boutique wedding video production company melbourne

03 9044 6547

Wedding films by Videoboutique are unique, cinematic, and passionate. While we concentrate on getting the gold, you can go about enjoying your day thanks to our unobtrusive method. We then weave it all together to produce an unforgettable and beloved memory of your wedding day, capturing the small gestures you miss and the significant moments you don't want to forget.

We're Here To Help

A wedding is the only event that truly brings together family and friends. But organizing a special wedding is a lot of work. You'll require foresight, organization, and endurance. In the run-up to your wedding, we can provide you with any advice you require. Please let us know if you need assistance with vendor selection, planning, suggestions, or anything else. We're prepared to assist.

Our Story

The origin of Videoboutique can be traced back to a friend of our founder, Anthony, who requested he film his wedding more than ten years ago. Anthony underwent a seismic change as a result of the experience, and he abruptly left his beloved job as a multimedia instructor to pursue wedding film creation full-time. Anthony's diary began to fill up as soon as word got out, and the Videoboutique team began to develop into the prosperous and well-known production company it is today.

Lensure Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

lensure wedding video production company melbourne

0447 344 279

About Us

Filming weddings Melbourne, The most significant day in a person's life is their wedding day. LENSURE offers professional filming and editing services for your big day.

A wedding film is not a simple chronological document; it is supposed to capture the emotions of laughter, tears and beautiful memories. We respect you as a couple and recognize how significant a wedding is to you, and we would want to document your unique love story.

We Believe That "Real Stories Create The Soul"

The most significant day in a person's life is their wedding day. LENSURE offers professional filming and editing services for your big day. We think that filming a wedding is more than just capturing the event; it also entails creating a very artistic and lovely memory of the occasion.

Directors Edge Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

directors edge wedding video production company melbourne

0421 985 064

About Directors Edge

Not everything about your wedding day can be summed up by what happens at the altar. Your wedding movie, in our opinion, should be as vibrant as your life: full of joy, pride, and hope as well as secret kisses and crazy dancing steps.

Meet Your Filmmaker

I'm Glen (with a N), and I put my all into everything—my business, my relationships with clients, and even my dance routines (and I have a couple of testimonials to prove it). It's crucial that we get to know one another because we'll be spending a lot of time together on your wedding day; no weird vibes allowed. I enjoy having hot chocolate with too many marshmallows when I meet with clients, and just so you know, I'll probably request an additional bread roll from your establishment since, after all, bread rolls are life.

And a resounding "yes" to traveling. While I currently reside in the Yarra Valley, I have had the good fortune to cover stories locally in Victoria (Echuca/Moama, Bendigo, Mornington, Geelong, and Phillip Island) as well as internationally (including Portland, Oregon, Colorado, and Las Vegas). As a result, I am familiar with how to pack efficiently and pass through customs without incident.

Mighty Vision Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

mighty vision wedding video production company melbourne

03 9191 1312

Melbourne Wedding Photography & Videography

Melbourne-based Mighty Vision is a multi-award-winning multinational studio. We accurately record emotionally charged moments to build your individual tale, which is depicted in both wedding images and videos, so you can blissfully reflect back on the day for years to come. It will be a happy and wonderful experience.

Making the decision to hire a wedding photographer and videographer is important, and you don't want to look back and regret it. High-end wedding photography and videography services are offered by Mighty Vision. We are a driven and enthusiastic group of wedding photographers who enjoy employing fresh and imaginative storytelling techniques to provide clients with unique photos and movies.

Who We Are

Located in the lively Melbourne suburb of Ashwood, Mighty Vision is an award-winning international studio with more than ten years of experience in photography and videography. Our creative team provides modern, organic, and creative wedding photography and videography and will expertly record all priceless moments with your personalities and the mood of your celebration. All deliveries of photos are made in high-quality formats and with the utmost professionalism. Treat yourself to our superb photographic and video experience on your big day. You merit it.

The Digital Poets Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

the digital poets wedding video production company melbourne a

0401 675 299

15 Years Experience

I'm Luke, and I've spent the last 15 years perfecting the craft of filmmaking. After recording a few weddings, I realized I had a passion for writing poetry on digital film. It all began as a hobby and a way to express myself creatively. The Digital Poets was founded in late 2016.

Storytelling Is Our Speciality

We carefully research what makes your relationship distinct in order to design an emotionally compelling film that is compatible with your distinct personality. a classic object to be treasured forever. Please compare our films to others and let us know what you think. Wishing you a speedy response!

Your Story Is Special

We carefully research what makes your relationship distinct in order to design an emotionally compelling film that is compatible with your distinct personality.

Black Avenue Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

black avenue wedding video production company melbourne

0411 155 496

About Us

A group of enthusiastic wedding photographers and wedding videographers who are hopelessly romantic and sincerely care about telling love tales for couples in love make up Black Avenue Productions. We are a small group of pals with similar interests who are employed by a company that specializes in imaginative storytelling.

We want you to be at ease, look your best, and enjoy your wedding day while putting your faith in us to expertly plan the private moments of your special day that are tailored to your preferences. We will design and produce the perfect wedding albums and videos that are truly YOU. We will hold your luggage, tie your dress, and laugh a lot.

Our Mission: Your Story

We have been able to let the beauty of the day develop gradually thanks to our approachable demeanor and natural storytelling style. We focus on creating artistic heirlooms by capturing raw emotion and honest moments with a mixture of portraiture and photojournalism that is modern yet timeless. We want the images from your wedding to still seem elegant and timeless thirty years from now.

Pixelife Studio Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

pixelife studio wedding video production company melbourne

0402 851 997

About The Photographer/Videographer

Evan Sycamnias

Evan Sycamnias was only eight years old when he first learned about photography. By the age of nine, he had built his own camera and set up a tiny makeshift studio to develop black and white photographs. He was thrilled when, at the age of 13, the family's Agfa Isola I, a medium format film camera (120mm) built in Germany (below), which he still owns today, was given to him.

For Evan, photography (and later videography) was a chance to record unforgettable moments and portray them in a way that would endure, letting others experience things as if they had been there.

Evan spent more than ten years working in the thrilling realm of high-speed off-road racing, managing the 15-person creative team known as "Team MudRhino," which produced more than 45 full-length DVDs. These works were distributed internationally and won the company numerous honors, including the coveted CCDA "Media of the Year Award" in 2008.

Cutting Edge Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

cutting edge wedding video production company melbourne

0403 899 774

Wedding Videography Melbourne

Through a professionally produced wedding film, Cutting Edge Video will turn your unique moments into an enduring and priceless memory. We will make sure that your wedding movie is a stylish, enjoyable, and distinctive expression of your special day by carefully listening to your wishes. As a seasoned Melbourne wedding videographer, we record all the special moments of your big day and produce an enchanting HD wedding film that you may enjoy for the duration of your blissful marriage.

Cinematography For Weddings, Debutante Balls, Corporate Functions And Other Special Occasions

We will give you something you will enjoy watching for a very long time, perhaps with your children and grandkids. We have years of experience and have photographed and produced weddings from all over the world.

From classy cocktail weddings to traditional Macedonian weddings, Greek, Italian, Lebanese, and Jewish weddings, to name a few, we, videographers in Melbourne, love to create, film, and edit whimsical and lovely footage that tells a story. When we photograph a wedding, we travel to an unfamiliar setting with new people, intriguing challenges, and a couple on their happiest day ever.

Desiren Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

desiren wedding video production company melbourne

0425 724 386

Melbourne's Wedding Photography & Videography

Epic romance and a deeply ingrained family custom are combined. We are Desiren, a group of picture and video professionals serving Melbourne, Victoria, and available across all of Australia. The "Start of Something Beautiful" is being celebrated, and we are honored to contribute to what will end up being "the most important day of your lives." We take a casual, natural approach. This lets you be who you are throughout the day, with guidance from us at key points. The rest of the time, we blend in some epic-styled images with candid shots of you guys having a good time.

It's incredible that you've finally discovered the right person! And now, with your sweetheart, set out on the extraordinary voyage of a lifetime! So that you can appreciate the love for the rest of your life, let Desiren be the ones to capture such moments. Please don't be afraid to share any suggestions you may have with our photographers and videographers. We are here to make sure you get to experience the enchantment of love at your fairy-tale wedding.

A Combination Of Epic Romance With Family & Rich Tradition.

We take a casual, natural approach. With some guidance at key moments, such as family photos, that one timeless photograph for mom's wall, cutting the cake, etc., this allows you to be yourself throughout the entire day. The rest of the time, we alternate between epic styled photos and natural shots of you guys having a good time.

Nova Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

nova wedding video production company melbourne

431 195 941

Melbourne's Leading Wedding Photographers And Videographers

We are a group of experts in documenting your special day and the days leading up to it. We can give you a complete package or wedding photography and videography services in Melbourne. This includes capturing the lead up events, the day's preparations, even creating a romantic video of the betrothed in the form of a lovers' romantic video.

Our Photographers And Videographers Do More Than Just Melbourne Weddings

As the go-to wedding photographers in Melbourne, we also own a plane ticket that will take us wherever in Australia. We recently flew in to perform an island shoot in Queensland and multiple weddings along the NSW/Victoria boundary. We can offer suggestions for picture shoot venues, rain backup plans, printing schedules, etc. Our goal in life is to capture your special day in all its grandeur; this is not a side business for us.

About Us & Services

Family-run Nova Photography provides exceptional studio professionalism without exorbitant studio costs. We offer professional service with a customized approach. Our staff will collaborate with you to develop a unique package that meets all of your requirements and stays within your price range. We will be by your side the entire time to document every moment of the day, which will pass by so swiftly. We will capture those fleeting moments of beauty that you missed in the frenzy of this magical day, and those you wished could last forever.

ProEye Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

proeye video

0410 441 823

There are so many wonderful moments as you start your new journey together that it is difficult to remember them all. Your wedding film can fill in the blanks in this situation. The blurry moments that you want to recall after the event are recorded so you can experience them time and time again.

We at ProEye Video are skilled at capturing your special day. Of course, you'll have a record of show-stopping moments such as exchanging vows, your first kiss, and your first dance. However, we also record the smaller details, such as family ties or the moment the flower girl's basket fell over.

At ProEye, we adopted a novel strategy. With the press of a button, you can select one of our ready-made bundles with optional extras. We want to make sure that your wedding day is as stress-free as possible and that your wedding film captures the depth of your love for one another.

Immerse Photography - Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

immerse photography wedding video production company melbourne

0488 562 547

Immerse Photography

Hello there. Genelle, the founder, director, and photographer of Immerse Photography, is on the line now. I appreciate you taking the time to visit my website and look at some of my spectacular weddings. Knowing that so many people adore what I do and invite me to take part in their incredible wedding days is quite remarkable. Every day I feel privileged to work at a profession I love, run a company I started, and interact with so many fantastic individuals.

Well, if you've enjoyed the aesthetics of my images and website so far, I'd say you're almost certain to enjoy my company, as I work hard to infuse my personality into everything I produce. My unwavering enthusiasm for the aesthetic has given me a keen photographic eye, and I never settle for anything short than perfection.

Additionally, I carry this with me in my private life. My house has been tastefully decorated to be the perfect fusion of rustic and elegant elements. I love fashion as well as interior design, and I shop a lot in my spare time. Even so, I continue to be thankful for the little things, like my daily cup of coffee or taking my dogs for a stroll. I try to bring simplicity and splendor to every aspect of my life, and I hope to do the same for your wedding.

True Story Wedding Films - Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

true story wedding films wedding video production company melbourne

0421 888 479

Hey There, Lovebirds!

Tearlach here. It's one of those strange ones; don't even try to sound it out. For simplicity, let's use tea (tree), as in cup-of. First of all, I want to say how much I appreciate you looking at my work. It's absurd to consider the possibility that I would attend your wedding.

I don't want to bore you with a long explanation; I want my movies to speak for themselves. If you haven't already, I'd want to invite you to take a moment to enjoy a glimpse into the life and wedding of someone else. They were kind enough to share their days with me and to give me the opportunity to share that pleasure with you. Watch with love and joy in your heart.

Having said that, I honestly find inspiration in you & your love. After I got married, I realised what a special day a wedding is, that those few hours we get to celebrate our love with family & friends are so precious. To assist you in remembering and reliving those hours is a honor and an incredibly deserving endeavor. I want to demonstrate what love looks like for you. Because it appears ideal from here.

Westward Films Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

westward films wedding video production company melbourne

0437 078 371

Westward Films - Erik Weisstein, Director

In 2012, I started Westward Films with the firm conviction that only film could really convey the spirit and soul of those being filmed. The most important aspect of art is storytelling, which is also the aspect of my job that I enjoy the most.

My full-time job is running Westward Films, but I also have a lot of other interests. I am still in charge of a heart attack and stroke research program at Monash University despite having a PhD in biomedical science. When I'm not in the lab or recording weddings, I enjoy spending time with my four children, riding my motorcycle, or flying a plane over the Yarra Valley.

Wedding Videography

If you are thinking about hiring a wedding videographer, contact us right away. Unfortunately, due to COVID, all existing weddings are postponed to later this season, so important dates are filling up faster than usual.

Studio Edge Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

studio edge wedding video production company melbourne

03 8712 0173

About Us

Welcome to Melbourne's Studio Edge Photography and Video. Our tiny crew, which was founded in 2000, takes pleasure in being one of Australia's most seasoned, dependable, and skilled wedding photography videography teams. As a result, for more than 20 years, we have flawlessly merged wedding photography and filming. We provide a wide range of styles that meet the highest standards for weddings and occasions. offering direction and mood lighting where necessary, yet maintaining a natural, candid manner with natural light pictures to produce some lovely and romantic images.

I can guarantee that you will receive the individualized level of attention you deserve because we only schedule 35 weddings a year. Additionally, I edit every wedding film and photo in-house. And as a consequence, every single one of your wedding's photos and videos is simply stunning.

Our wedding photographers and videographers at Studio Edge offer the ideal platform to ensure that your wedding day is captured naturally, tastefully, and in the highest quality so that you can cherish it for generations to come. We have over 20 years of experience, professionalism, flexibility, passion, and eye for detail.

Fine Art Media Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

fine art media wedding video production company melbourne

0402 447 621

Melbourne Wedding Videography & Photography

Leading Melbourne-based Nuanced Art Media is a well-known photography and video production firm with a solid reputation in the wedding and corporate photography sectors. We provide exceptional services and have over 30 years of experience in both commercial and bridal photography.

The studio, which is owned and run by prominent figure in the video business Arthur Paraskevopoulos, has become well-known in the Melbourne photographic community for its extraordinary originality and aesthetic ability.

For more than three decades, Nuanced Art Media has been on the cutting edge of producing amazing works of art and will continue to be a leader in the photography industry.

Pixray Photography Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

pixray photography wedding video production company melbourne

04 2541 1674


At PiXRay Photography, we would be honored to record the special moments in your life, adding our originality while assisting you in preserving your raw feelings and precious memories. And we work ardently at it.

Our Approach -- Creating Memories With The Quality And The Artistic Vision

We constantly place a high importance on image quality. To ensure picture quality at an affordable price, we have devised a streamlined, effective approach from gear preparation to final export of your improved shots.

That's exactly what gives us the advantage over others in this highly competitive digital age. We constantly strive to be creative and continually looking for new concepts, innovative methods, and best practices to capture your special day in the most artistic way possible.

Phenomena Photography & Cinematic - Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

phenomena photography & cinematic wedding video production company melbourne

03 9867 2214

Phenomena Photography Melbourne

With the founding of the top wedding photography business, Phenomena Photography & Cinematic, what was once a dream has become a reality. Brides have been waiting patiently for a boutique wedding business with a Melbourne basis that provides individualized services, eye-catching imagery, and stunning end products at an affordable price. Our wedding photographers and cinematographers at Phenomena Photography & Cinematic are the pinnacle of a highly stylized approach to wedding photography & wedding videography, with over ten years of combined experience.

Our primary goal is to truthfully document the significant moments of one of the most important days of your life. Phenomena Wedding Photography & Cinematic is at the forefront of distinctive photography and unmatched high definition videos by utilizing only cutting-edge equipment and techniques. Phenomena Photography & Cinematic is perfectly situated to provide for weddings around metropolitan Melbourne, Greater Victoria, and South Australia because to its location in the posh neighborhood of South Yarra. Consultations in our hip studio can be planned for the evenings or on the weekends and are free.

Phenomena Wedding Photography Melbourne

At Phenomena, we take on the challenge of making your wedding photos look as dreamy as they are. We blend in perfectly with your family. It seems as though we never even arrived. To capture the moments you spend with the people that matter, you need the ideal combination of life and energy that we deliver. While we capture candid photos and fleeting moments of you and your guests enjoying every second of your special day, we leave you to enjoy the day.

Lightbox Media Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

lightbox media wedding video production company melbourne

0418 990 378

We Are Lightbox Media -- Wedding Film Makers

Timeless - Creative - Crafted

After a few years, Pat quickly realized that he needed to launch our company and embark on some new adventures. Undoubtedly, there have been a lot of changes over time. Our passion for what we do, however, has remained the same. We constantly search for that unfiltered moment to share from our couple's wedding day in order to capture the feelings that can only be artfully portrayed on video.

As our couples take in and enjoy the day, we will take pictures of the surroundings, particulars, and components that make it special. We like to document your day as it happens in order to create a film that really represents you.

We have a talented small crew of filmmakers, which is great. We only accept a select amount of weddings because we are a boutique studio. This guarantees that we don't skimp on the standard of our devotion to our work! Lightbox Media is situated in Melbourne, but we are willing to go almost anywhere to share in your special day! then let's talk! We'd be delighted to speak with you and learn more about your ambitious objectives.

Twenty One Studio Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

twenty one studio wedding video production company melbourne

0432 329 065

Twenty One Studio

We are a group of wedding photographers who are passionate about capturing your narrative in an artful and enduring way so that you can appreciate the images for years to come. In Melbourne and everywhere in Australia, we capture weddings, engagement photos, and same-sex unions.

Melbourne Wedding Photographer

The Twenty One Wedding & Portrait Studio appreciates your visit. We are the most popular wedding photographers in Melbourne, and we have a lot of personality. But more significantly, we adore weddings and think photographs of them should depict sincere and real interactions between the couple and their closest friends and family, including the dog.

There isn't another take. The beautiful memory that we can capture with all of our heart and emotion from your once-in-a-lifetime wedding will be all that you have left from the special day. Anything less simply won't do for you because you deserve the finest.

Annette And Dani Films - Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

annette and dani films wedding video production company melbourn

04 5897 5744

Annette + Dani Film Melbourne's Most Stylish Weddings.

They are among the most in-demand wedding videographers in the business thanks to their effortless and romantic style. With Annette & Dani guiding you through your special day, you'll be in good hands with their combined ten years of experience in the field.

We are Annette and Dani, and we make wedding videos that are timeless, lovely, and romantic. We used to be a part of Burgess Video, one of the very few all-female teams in Melbourne. Since we were young children, artists and creatives have been striving to capture the enchantment of the world via the lens.

You can save your memories in your heart forever by watching our unfiltered, documentary-style films. Our aesthetic is organic, carefree, and romantic. With more than ten years of expertise in the field, we have documented over 700 of Melbourne's most elegant weddings, gathering knowledge of numerous cultures and traditions.

Allure Productions- Wedding Video Production Company Melbourne

allure productions wedding video production company melbourne

1300 698 414

Your Films

With your peculiar smile, tender eyes, and amusing actions. That is the depth at which we operate. We photograph you as a person, not as an event. Not running time, but actual moments. Sincere emotions, not a function. ever be your day. Do it your way.

Short Story

Because every great love begins with a great tale, we film from our hearts to yours in an honest, open, and sincere manner, giving you a tale that is entirely your own. The audio from your day serves as the plot of your four-minute movie. When you simply want to forget yourself once again, it is ideal for sharing and clandestine peeks.

Feature Film

The private exchanges and touching remarks form the narrative of your entire life. For those instances where a short film simply isn't sufficient, you can create a 10- to 15-minute feature.

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