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Top 30 Wedding Videographers in Melbourne, Victoria (2022)

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, and it should be captured to last for generations. A wedding videographer will capture your memories on film so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect. But, it's not easy finding the right vendors that will make your big day come true. So, if you're looking for the best wedding videographers in Melbourne, then this post is for you.

We've curated a list of some of the Best Wedding Videographers in Melbourne, Victoria - all at various price points - so that you don't have to do any digging yourself!

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    Ultimate List Of Wedding Videographers In Melbourne, Victoria 

    Wild Romantic Photography

    wild romantic photography

     +61 434 484 811

    Our Story

    Founded in 2016, Wild Romantic Photography is a collective of passionate image-makers and energetic doers. We are dedicated to telling love stories with photography that captures authentic moments of joy and connection.

    Based in Australia, we can find beauty in locations across the world and those closer to home. We've shot on windswept beaches and city rooftops, in secret gardens and historic homesteads.

    We partner with our clients to help them navigate their big day, and we know it's just as important to have fun and be in the moment as it is to document the event.

    Our photographs are taken with care and skill and made to be treasured for a lifetime.

    Our Founder

    Elle Alihos grew up in the migrant farming communities of rural Victoria. Her childhood taught her to love nature and big skies, and the values of Mediterranean culture: family, food, history, generosity and coming together to celebrate life.

    She brings these inspirations together with a passion for art, photography and film to her work at Wild Romantic. Holding a BA in Commercial Photography, Elle has photographed more than 100 weddings for 100 happy couples.

    Celebrating marriages in her family and community has always been an important way of connecting to culture. Elle admits to being obsessed with weddings and is always searching for meaningful ways to document 'I do'.

    Our Pricing & Packages

    We pride ourselves on total transparency with our pricing. As a result, our wedding photography packages are highly flexible and affordable. You are also encouraged to create your package by adding additional services depending on your specific needs and budget.

    Based in Australia, we can find beauty in locations across the world and those closer to home. We've shot on windswept beaches, city rooftops, in secret gardens and historic homesteads. Our offices are located in cultural capitals Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Our service charge covers the cost of travel between these sites, so our customers are only charged for travel within the respective areas.

    We would love to be of service to you whether you are planning your dream wedding, expecting a baby, hosting a kid's birthday party or just looking to add family portraits to your album. We can help you. Simply get in touch today to learn more.

    Mighty Vision - Melbourne Wedding Photography & Video

    mighty vision

    03 9191 1312

    Melbourne Wedding Photography & Videography

    Mighty Vision is an award-winning international studio based in Melbourne. We authentically capture emotion-filled moments to create your unique story portrayed in both wedding photos and video so you can happily reminisce for years to come. It will be an unforgettable and joyous experience.

    Choosing your wedding photographer and videographer is a massive decision, and you don't want to regret it later. Mighty Vision provides top-quality wedding photography and videography services. We're a passionate & energetic team of wedding photographers who love offering distinctive images and videos to clients using new & creative storytelling techniques.

    Who We Are

    Located in the lively Melbourne suburb of Ashwood, Mighty Vision is an award-winning international studio with more than ten years of experience in photography and videography. Our innovative team offers creative, contemporary and natural wedding photography & video and will professionally capture all unforgettable moments with your personalities and the spirit of your celebration. All photos are delivered in high-quality images and conducted most professionally. So on your special day, treat yourself to our excellent photography & video experience. You deserve it!

    What Makes Us So Passionate In Wedding Photography & Videography 

    Whether we're taking pictures or crafting memorable wedding films, we feel fortunate to be able to do this as a profession. Our studio was established in 2010; we've been a part of numerous unique weddings, making memories for our valued clients. As a team of the most reliable wedding photographers and videographers in Melbourne, we've got the chance to meet many lovely couples and film in beautiful locations, and we genuinely love what we do. We believe in keeping things very straightforward for our clients to ensure their special day runs as smoothly as possible. We are passionate about capturing the heart and essence of your wedding day story beautifully and creating the photos & videos that you love to look back and cherish throughout your life.

    capture all the fantastic little details of your big day

    We love capturing gorgeous moments of your special day with no fuss. Wedding photography is all about re-living the love, excitement and joy that happens all through your big day. Our wedding photographers and videographers have been part of so many weddings and know how to capture all the laughter & tears with absolute precision. Check out our portfolio to find out some of the most beautiful wedding events we have enjoyed photographing.

    Wedding Photography & Videography Packages  

    Our wedding services include one-on-one consultation, wedding photography coverage, wedding video coverage, online private gallery, pre-wedding shoot, and much more. We can customise a package to the point exactly how you wish it to be or just leave it as it is for an incredible collection of nuptial images and video. All our wedding photography & video packages are designed to deliver those special moments to you in ways you can best savour them. So before selecting your wedding photography package with us, let us know what you are looking for & tell us about your wedding.

    Icon Photography

    icon photography

    0424 858 279

    Icon Photography & Videography

    At ICON PHOTOGRAPHY MELBOURNE, we are a family-owned and run business. Con (master photographer) and his wife Rebecca (Studio manager) help you throughout the wedding process, from the first contact to your special day and album design.

    Con is genuinely devoted to bringing you iconic, beautiful photos that you will adore forever.

    Our entire team will always go above and beyond to ensure your day is relaxed, enjoyable. We create photos that will make your friends envious and your family proud. Most of our packages include a full day's coverage and no limit on the number of photos we take; all turned around in two weeks.

    We want all of your memories from your special day to last forever.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You may think that having both wedding photos and a video is overkill or may not want to prioritise videography in your budget, but trust us—you'll want to hire a wedding videographer. For one, the day flies by, and there are things you'll miss that your videographer will capture beautifully, like seeing your grandmother's emotional reaction as you say your vows. Also, you have to think of the sounds that can't be captured in a photo, like your "I dos," the reception music and meaningful toasts. But don't just take our word for it—listen to feedback from these real brides from our message boards.

    You may regret not getting a videographer. You may think pictures would be enough, and most people don't watch their videos anyway, but your wedding goes by so fast, and you miss many things. Plus, you feel like you'll be in a blissful daze for a lot of it and would love to have the important things captured in the video. But, unfortunately, pictures don't catch everything.

    In short—it's a must. You may think that having both wedding photos and a video is overkill or may not want to prioritise videography in your budget, but trust us—you'll want to hire a wedding videographer.

    Distinguishing between these two terms has many buyers understandably confused and frustrated. There's a discrepancy between the actual definitions of the terms and how they're being re-defined in the marketing of video companies and freelancers. The unfortunate truth for customers is, depending on how each company or video freelancer uses the terms, there may or may not be a difference. So we will outline exactly what defines a videographer versus a cinematographer and what these terms should mean to you as a buyer of videography services — along with their historical context.

    Professionals differentiate themselves by using DSLR videography to create a false hierarchy between a videographer and a cinematographer. As just explained, when a video professional defines themselves as a cinematographer or their work as cinematography, it more than likely means they're using a DSLR, nothing more. They'll tell you that a cinematographer creates art while a videographer simply records an event. They'll let you know that a cinematographer captures a feeling, not just a moment, or that videography isn't creative and doesn't involve storytelling technique. This is all nonsense.

    A videographer is just as focused on all the qualities that make a compelling video. Having a camcorder vs. a DLSR doesn't make one a lesser professional. Sure, DSLRs have made way for more cinematic imagery, but the qualities that make a great videographer have little to do with equipment. So when shopping for video professionals, don't let cinematography weigh heavily on your decision. More than anything else, the cinematography is simply a marketing term.

    Planning a wedding can be a costly event. Most couples are footing the bill themselves, with little to no help from relatives. However, when you're spending so much money on all of the details of your big party, it's essential to consider the long term–what precautions are you taking so you will remember this important–and expensive–day? You're so busy on the day of, it may fly by without you even getting the chance to look at the centrepieces that you spent $3000 on! You can also rent from a reputable rental business. This way you can save money.

    Many couples look to wedding videography to resolve that worry. Wedding cinematography not only lets you revisit the crucial details that made your day yours, but it also lets you listen to your vows being spoken at the altar, hears the sweet speeches from your friends and family and sway to the beat of the music as you watch your first dance as a married couple.

    While videography costs may seem like a large portion of your wedding budget, consider the value of the service and product you're receiving. The cost of editing alone is more than what you're spending!

    One Person Cannot Be in 2 Places At Once

    When you have two photographers, the timeline will be set up so that both preps are happening simultaneously, bridal party photos are at the same time, and other events from the day are at the same time. That's a good thing. If you have one videographer and this is the way the timeline is set up, you'll have to sacrifice specific memories. One person cannot be in 2 places at the same time. 

    Creativity Or Safety?

    When deciding if you need 1 or 2 videographers, the other question to ask is, how creative do you want your film to be. When you have one videographer, they have to focus on 1 or 2 safe shots during the most critical parts of your day. This is also why you usually can't get the same amount of films with a solo package as you would with a multiple videographer package. But, on the other hand, when you have two videographers, you can get way more creative since you know someone has that safe shot already. 

    Film Length

    This is not going to be universally true, but it is with a lot of studios. If you're looking for a longer film, two videographers are needed. If you're okay with a short film, one videographer may be okay for you. If you want a longer cinematic film, two videographers are probably the way to go. This comes back to getting creative or focusing on safe shots. Wedding days are often jam-packed, and everything runs late. This means with one videographer, and you may have to sacrifice certain things due to time constraints. For example, when a video team arrives at your venue during cocktail hour, they have to set up their audio, lighting, film the detail shots, film shots of the venue, maybe fly a drone, maybe cover a photo session that is happening during this time. This is sometimes difficult to pull off, even with a team of videographers. So if you go with one videographer, just remember they will have to prioritise certain parts of the day over others. This plays directly into how long your wedding film can be. Or should we say… how long your wedding film can be and still be amazing.


    Wedding videographers know that their clients have different budgets and preferences. Most professionals have multiple packages for potential clients to choose from.

    So, do your research in advance. Always check out at least a couple of videography studio websites and compare the offers side by side.

    Affordable wedding videography could be missing some of the added features available under more expensive packages. Still, you will be getting a professional clip that captures all of the critical wedding moments.

    If you don't really understand what each package entails, get in touch with the respective videographer to inquire. When you do, you could also talk about possible additional discounts.

    Book Early

    The closer the booking date is to your wedding, the more money you'll have to spend on a wedding videographer.

    Good videographers tend to get booked in advance.

    Waiting until the last minute means you may be incapable of working with the professional that you're interested in. Even if they're available for booking, the chances are that you'll have to spend more on their services than you would have to in the event of booking a few months in advance.

    It's a good idea to begin researching affordable wedding videography options when you get an idea about the wedding date.

    Some videographers could give you an early bird discount. In addition, booking a few months in advance could help you avoid an eventual price hike as the respective professional build their reputation and becomes in demand or the busy season starts.

    Having the same studio handling your wedding photos and videos can help you save some money on both of these.

    It's a good idea to seek a studio that offers both. Combined packages tend to be more affordable, and you'll also benefit from the added convenience of having to deal with just one team.

    Many videographers also offer photography services and vice versa. When checking out package deals, always compare those to the cost of individual services. In some instances, a package could prove to be more expensive, which is why you should be prepared.

    Also, make sure that the terms of the package deal are good enough. For example, you should know exactly how many pictures you're going to get and in what format. You should also be provided with detailed information about the wedding video (how long, what file format, what medium it will be provided on, etc.).

    Some studios could charge extra for additional services like photo prints, which will make the package deal less affordable than what you're looking for.

    Hire a Younger Videographer

    It's always easier if you're working with a professional who is still attempting to establish their position, but you get what you pay for.

    Experienced videographers who have tens of satisfied clients are the ones who will charge the most.

    This is nothing but natural. These people have invested in their qualifications, their equipment and their experience. When you work with someone who has been in the business for decades, you get somewhat of a quality guarantee.

    Young videographers, however, tend to compensate for the lack of experience with enthusiasm and a ton of creativity.

    As a result, the outcome can be pretty impressive, and it's not going to cost you a ton of money.

    Don't underestimate the potential of young videographers. Choosing that professional for the job is one of the easiest ways to save money and to get a beautiful result at the same time.


    Wedding Movies - Videographer Melbourne

    wedding movies

    1300 325 723

    Wedding Videographer In Melbourne

    Every Wedding Movie is as unique as the couple getting married.

    We love capturing and telling the heart and essence of your story, so why not let us tell yours today?

    Your wedding is undeniably one of those iconic events that you most look forward to in life. After all, this is perhaps the most important day of your personal life, one that you never want to forget.

    At Wedding Movies, we just want to play our part in making sure that your memory of this defining day is just as perfect as the wedding itself.

    The Packages

    The Highlights 

    • 8 hours of coverage
    • HD cameras & professional sound equipment
    • 7-10 minute highlight video
    • A meeting with the creative team who will be involved on your special day 
    • An approval version for you to say "yes" to
    • One beautiful USB to take home with you

    The Memories

    • 10 hours of coverage
    • HD cameras & professional sound equipment
    • Teaser video within a few days of your wedding 
    • 7-10 minute highlight video
    • Formalities video
    • A meeting with the creative team who will be involved on your special day 
    • An approval version for you to say "yes" to
    • One beautiful USB to take home with you

    The Cinematic

    • 12 hours of coverage
    • HD cameras & professional sound equipment
    • A second videographer for 8 hours
    • A Steadicam unit
    • Teaser video within a few days of your wedding 
    • 7-10 minute highlight video
    • A documentary edit
    • A meeting with the creative team who will be involved on your special day 
    • An approval version for you to say "yes" to
    • Two beautiful USBs to take home with you

    The Heart & Essence

    • 14 hours of coverage
    • HD cameras & professional sound equipment
    • A second videographer for 10 hours
    • A Steadicam unit
    • Aerial Drone camera footage
    • SAME DAY edit that plays at your reception
    • Teaser video within a few days of your wedding 
    • 7-10 minute highlight video 
    • Full-length movie edit 
    • A meeting with the creative team who will be involved on your special day 
    • An approval version for you to say "yes" to
    • 2 beautiful USBs to take home with you
    • All your RAW footage on a hard drive

    Custom Add-Ons

    Pre-wedding Shoot

    Filming a unique/fun moment between you and your partner before the wedding day so that you can share it with your friends and family.

    Extra Coverage

    We understand that sometimes you need just a little more time with us on your day. Therefore, we will add as many additional hours to our packages as you need.

    Aerial Footage

    We love to use Drones to capture the spectacular venues you have chosen.

    Same Day Edit

    Would you love to wow your guests by showing them a video of events that took place that very day? Then, we will create a spectacular video in time for you to display at your reception.

    Steadicam Unit

    Smooth cinematic camera motions add the "wow" factor to any wedding.

    Video Messages

    We film your friends and families heartfelt messages, so you can remember them for years to come.

    Warren Photography


    0417 393 524

    About John Warren

    With over 15 years of experience and more than 1000 weddings in the bag, John Warren has become one of Melbourne's most sought after wedding photographers.

    Preferred wedding photographer at many of Melbourne's premium wedding venues including, Stones of the Yarra Valley, Encore, Zonzo, Quat Quetta, Carousel, and more

    John is a contributor to many wedding blogs and wedding magazines and is renowned throughout the wedding industry.

    Film My Wedding - Melbourne Videographer

    film my wedding

    03 9653 7478

    Melbourne's Premier Videography Team

    Established in Melbourne and inspired by the need to capture timeless human emotion, Film My Wedding has grown to become Melbourne's premier videography team. Our firm belief is that moments must be captured naturally to ensure that the Wedding Video doesn't age with time. 

    We capture these moments by utilising a candid and human-focused videography approach, which ensures that you can enjoy every moment of your beautiful wedding film years down the track while things are moving seamlessly behind the scenes on your actual wedding day. 

    A Timeless, And Truly Candid Wedding Videography Approach. 

    All of our clients speak about our seamless approach and how this contributes to the great vibes of the day. Feel free to read our more than 100 reviews on Google and Facebook that will attest to our way of work.

    Dreamlife Wedding Photography & Video (Melbourne)


    03 9663 1841

    Moving And Magnificent Wedding Photography In Melbourne

    Wedding days are full of precious and memorable moments; intimate glances, happy laughter, tears of joy, moving speeches, daring dance moves and the emotional exchange of vows.  

    Our Melbourne wedding photographers can visually capture all those special moments of your special day with a level of flair and creativity that perfectly embodies your unique story.  

    By creating a subtle blend of natural, posed, and candid opportunities, your wedding photos will beautifully showcase the story of your love and your personalities whilst also reflecting the delight, pride and happiness of those who help you celebrate your union.  

    Avail of our professional and quality wedding photography services, which include stylish wedding photos that visually tell a tale of love and unity against the backdrop of your carefully chosen venue and hand-picked wedding guests.  

    Dreamlife offers a wide selection of wedding photography, cinematic and combo packages. Each package comes standard with a second consultation meeting before your wedding day, so you can be sure you'll get the wedding photos of your dreams.  

    Feel free to browse our packages and get in touch today to get further details or chat about a tailored package for bespoke coverage.

    C2 Films Wedding Videography Photography Melbourne

    c2 films

    0421 533 872

    Beautifully-Crafted Wedding Videography And Photography In Melbourne

    Welcome to C2, Australia's highest-rated, most reviewed luxury wedding storytellers  

    We create the most beautiful, unique, and premium cinematic wedding films and photography in Melbourne and Sydney.

    There are no retakes on the wedding day, so you need someone you trust to capture all the crucial moments without fail. 

    Featured in Elle and Vogue, our wedding films and photography are unforgettable because we genuinely take the time to understand what's important to you. So whether it's priceless footage of you dancing with your grandmother, an inside joke with your partner, or maybe a piece of sentimental jewellery or an important cultural tradition, we're on top of it. 

    We will create a story plan for your cinematic film and photos that encapsulates it all, so you're blown away every time you view it. Simply put, we create beautiful wedding films and images that your friends and family will want to watch again and again.

    Why Choose C2?

    Since 2003, we've led the space of wedding videography in Melbourne and Sydney. We know how much work it is to plan your wedding, and we're here now and on your big day to make everything just that bit more magical. 

    We aim to delight and thrill from start to finish, and our hundreds of incredible clients and all five-star reviews tell us we are right on track as the very best in the industry.

    Our passion is delivering a flawless and artful cinematic film experience that brings you right back to your wedding day, and we take it as the highest compliment when you choose C2 to create those memories.

    Beautifully Edited, Cinematic Style

    Just as with any feature film, the real magic of wedding videography happens in post-production, and we create some of the most stunning wedding films in Australia.   

    We know how to artfully combine every piece of footage into a single perfect narrative that tells the story of your ideal wedding day, capturing the emotion and transporting you back to that moment every time you view it.

    No Regrets, Only Perfect Memories

    One of the most regretful aspects of a wedding is not investing in a professional wedding videographer. You only get one chance to create the perfect wedding film that will be a treasure for years and generations to come. 

    Done correctly, a wedding should be an epic production itself, and there is no reason why the video of your wedding should be anything less.

    Our Story

    On the most important day of your life, you want to be surrounded by people who care about you.

    At C2, we believe in building relationships. So more than just incredible visual storytellers, we are here to support you on your big day.

    • Wedding videographer helping guest
    • Wedding videographer at the reception
    • Wedding videographer in a crowd
    • Wedding videographer helping bride
    • Wedding videographer with a vacume
    • Wedding videographer with a camera

    From the moment we arrive, we contribute to your experience, not take away from it.

    We know when to make ourselves scarce, but we also know how to fix your dress if it's crooked in the back and make you smile if you're nervous, hold your hand if you need it, and wipe away tears when a family member cries. 

    At the start of the day, we meet as strangers. In the end, we say goodbye as friends.

    C2 Founder With His Bride

    Our founder's own cinematic love story

    You could say C2 was founded on a story of romance. As an eight-year-old boy, I would run too fast, fall over too quickly and constantly misplace my affections for girls. There was rarely a still moment. There was, however, a single place where the world seemed to stop spinning, a place that, for no explanation, I was drawn to. I would stare up at this sizeable white mansion that demanded mindfulness. Who lived there? What were their lives like? With every opportunity, I would go there to stand in front of it and wonder. Years passed. I was 31 and working for another wedding videography company based in Melbourne. At the 11th hour, the bride was told that she must have Marcus shoot the wedding, so with only a moment's notice, my boss called me up, and I swapped places with the original videographer. When I arrived at the location, it was that same house from my childhood.

    Inside that house was the bride's sister, the woman I would marry. 

    Within a week of meeting her, I knew I was going to marry her. I needed to take control of my future; thus, C2Films was born. The rest is history: a business I am passionate about, three adoring children, many sleepless nights and more love than I ever knew was possible.

    We are ready to help you create the perfect forever memories of your own beautiful love story.

    Cinematic Wedding Films As Individual As You

    Your choice to have as little or as much involvement in the Look, Feel and Sound of your film.  

    From slow and cinematic to uplifting and light or a happy and fun style, we ensure each film reflects our couples' beauty, energy, and style.

    How We Work With You To Achieve Perfection

    We are determined to give you nothing less than the very best, and no effort is spared in achieving that goal. 

    We know there's just one chance to create perfection, so we focus all our energy on doing just that.

    Your wedding and vision are unique. 

    Weddings cannot be defined by one style, so we offer a mix of distinct genres to reflect your individuality. 

    We believe your wedding should be emotional, beautiful and personal, so our films are a reflection of you and your partner: crazy, gorgeous and perfectly imperfect.

    Crystal D Studio - Melbourne Videographer

    04 2456 7756

    Emotions And Magical Moments Carefully Crafted.

    Your wedding is who you are and your reflection as a couple. The same facts are our priorities when making memories for our brides. We don't try to mould your precious day into ours; instead, we adjust to yours.

    Why Choose Us

    Who We Are

    We are a small team of well-experienced Photographers and Cinematographers, maintaining the quality of work consistently when capturing your magical day.

    Wedding Photography and Cinematography is our passion. Our team is dedicated to weddings, trying to do something new in each wedding, as we highly believe that each love story is different…

    Why Use Experienced Photographers And Cinematographers

    You must experience photographers and cinematographers to capture your wedding who will work under pressure and with different lighting situations.

    We are trusted to work under pressure and adjust to any situation and capture your day in the most natural way. Once you book us, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your precious day will be well captured as the day cannot be repeated. We also guide and help you in planning your wedding (timing) to have a smooth day. This will help you to look more natural without worrying about too many things.

    Why Us

    Your wedding is who you are and your reflection as a couple. The same facts are our priorities when making memories for our brides. We don't try to mould your precious day into ours; instead, we adjust to yours.

    We carefully pick the filming and editing style to reflect your vision and personality of the couple. Attention to detail and listening to our client's needs is our priority. Using high-end professional equipment and being updated with the latest technology also provides quality and timeless final video to cherish a lifetime.

    ATEIA Photography - Melbourne Wedding Photographers And Videographers


    1300 558 474

    Melbourne's Most Trusted Wedding Photographers

    Our talented team of professional Melbourne wedding photographers and videographers bring a level of artistic creativity to storytelling by catering to every couple's individual wants and needs. With 500+ great reviews online, you'll soon discover why we're at the forefront of the Melbourne wedding photography industry. Offering premium photography at affordable prices, we're listed as the recommended supplier for the majority of Melbourne's finest wedding reception venues. We also provide a 'Book Now & Pay Later' service, listing our prices clearly on our website without hidden costs.

    Best Wedding Photographers In Melbourne

    Allow the ATEIA Photography & Video team to tell your love story through stylistic and elegant photography at your Melbourne wedding celebration. Combining elements of creative flair with a classic style, our team of wedding photographers will guide you through your special day. ATEIA Photography & Video comprises a talented group of Melbourne's best wedding photographers, who know exactly where to be at just the right time.

    With over ten years of experience in the wedding industry, we focus on capturing the most memorable interactions between loved ones, ensuring that couples get what they've always dreamed of. For the best wedding photography in Melbourne, choose the team that sees the beauty in every wedding, from different cultures, backgrounds and sizes or different locales from urban to the country or rustic. We would love to capture your wedding.

    Candid Photography That Tells Story

    At ATEIA, our wedding photographers like to tell your unique story using a candid, natural approach. We believe this is the best way to capture all those intimate and emotional moments that simply can't be replicated. But, most importantly, these naturally posed moments create poignant and visually appealing images that you can look back on for years to come.

    Motivated by excellent lighting, beautiful scenery, and the perfect subjects, our candid wedding photographers in Melbourne will also gently direct you in a range of embraces and stances that will look and feel natural. So relive your wedding day again and again with our candid photography that captures moments rather than structures them.

    Professional Wedding Photography And Videography Packages In Melbourne

    In addition to our flexible wedding photography packages, we also offer wedding videography packages. Please browse our list and select the perfect box for your special day. Our friendly and professional team will interact with you and your guests throughout the wedding day with charm and ease. We're proud of the stunning Melbourne wedding photos that we produce at each wedding, which is why so many couples put their faith in ATEIA and trust that we'll go above and beyond in every way.

    DUÜET - Wedding Photographer In South Melbourne, Australia


    0457 499 378

     Capture the Real Beauty and Emotion of Your Life!!

    Welcome to DUÜET. We are a Melbourne based Wedding photography and videography studio. Our expert team of photographers, videographers and artists take a unique documentary approach to enhancing and capturing your special day.

    Our professional candid wedding photography and videography teams pride themselves on their experience and discretion, specialising in natural, photo-journalistic and ambient keepsakes.

    Our brand is inspired by the coupling of the client and the artist. Your collaboration during the photo shoot, along with the creative direction of our team, will produce both stunning photographs and a truly unforgettable experience.

    The presentation of a DUÜET Wedding Package leads the way in style using state of the art technology.


    The Classic

    • Six (6) hours of professional documentary style wedding photography coverage
    • A flexible schedule uniquely tailored to capture your day as it unfolds.
    • All wedding photos provided to you in high resolution printable digital files
    • Every single photograph that's provided to you has had undergone a process of editing.
    • A Pre Wedding consultation with our wedding photographers team

    The Mini

    • Four (4) hours of professional documentary style wedding photography coverage
    • A flexible schedule uniquely tailored to capture your day as it unfolds.
    • All wedding photos provided to you in high resolution printable digital files
    • Every single photograph that's provided to you has had undergone a process of editing.
    • A Pre Wedding consultation with our wedding photographers team

    The Artistic

    • Ten (10) hours of professional documentary style wedding photography coverage
    • A flexible schedule uniquely tailored to capture your day as it unfolds.
    • All wedding photos provided to you in high resolution printable digital files
    • Every single photograph that's provided to you has had undergone a process of editing.
    • A Pre Wedding consultation with our wedding photographers team

    The Polished

    • Fourteen (14) hours of professional documentary style wedding photography coverage
    • A flexible schedule uniquely tailored to capture your day as it unfolds.
    • All wedding photos provided to you in high resolution printable digital files
    • Every single photograph that's provided to you has had undergone a process of editing.
    • A Pre Wedding consultation with our wedding photographers team

    Classic Memories

    • Six (6) hours of cinematic style, HD filming at multiple locations using professional quality, film industry-standard cameras and audio equipment
    • A flexible schedule uniquely tailored to capture your day as it unfolds.
    • A team of two qualified and experienced Wedding Videographers with multi-cameras to ensure comprehensive film coverage.
    • A professionally edited Cinematic Wedding Video Trailer, tailored with your chosen Wedding Video music
    • A copy of your Trailer online via our hosting link for 12 months
    • Professionally edited copy of the entire film coverage from your Special Day

    Artistic Memories

    • Ten (10) hours of cinematic style HD filming at multiple locations using professional quality, film industry-standard cameras and audio equipment
    • A flexible schedule uniquely tailored to capture your day as it unfolds.
    • A team of two qualified and experienced Wedding Videographers with multi-cameras to ensure comprehensive film coverage.
    • A professionally edited Cinematic Wedding Video Trailer, tailored with your chosen Wedding Video music
    • A copy of your Trailer online via our hosting link for 12 months
    • Professionally edited copy of the whole film coverage from your Special Day

    Polished Memories

    • Fourteen (14) hours of cinematic style HD filming at multiple locations using professional A flexible schedule uniquely tailored to capture your day as it unfolds
    • A team of two qualified and experienced Wedding Videographers with multi-cameras to ensure comprehensive Wedding film coverage.
    • A professionally edited Cinematic Wedding Video Trailer, tailored with your chosen Wedding Video music
    • A copy of your Trailer online via our hosting link for 12 months
    • Professionally edited copy of the whole film coverage from your Special Day

    We work alongside the best boutique leather album creators to produce fine art handcrafted wedding photography albums. 

    The expert craftsmanship of genuine leather and fine art paper combines for the highest quality printing and wedding photograph display.

    Using your choice of photographs, we will custom design your album. You have opportunities to get involved with album design!

    The album has 11 pages (22 sides), and the leather and canvas cover is embossed with your ID.

    Extra pages are available to purchase upon request. In addition, a discount is available if you book our Wedding photography package!

    VideoBoutique - Soulful Wedding Videography, Melbourne

    video boutique

    (03) 9044 6547


    Anthony Spiteri - Founder

    Videoboutique makes original, cinematic soulful wedding films. Our non-intrusive approach lets you get on with enjoying your day while we work on getting the gold. Capturing the tiny gestures you miss and the big moments you don't want to forget, we then weave it all together to create an unforgettable and cherished record of your wedding day.

    We're Here To Help

    There is no other celebration that brings family and friends together quite as a wedding does. But it takes a lot of work to plan a memorable wedding. You'll need vision, organisation and stamina!

    We can advise you on anything you need in the lead-up to your wedding. If you need help choosing vendors, planning, recommendations, anything at all, let us know. We're here to help.

    Our Story

    A Friend's Wedding!

    The Videoboutique story started over ten years ago when a friend of our founder, Anthony, insisted he shoots his wedding.

    The experience created a seismic shift in Anthony that he leapt from his much-loved position as a multimedia teacher into full-time wedding film production. Word quickly spread, Anthony's diary filled up, and the Videoboutique team started to grow into the successful and much-respected production studio it is today.

    Our Approach

    Each member of the Videoboutique team has been carefully selected for their expertise, attitude, and dedication to their craft, and we pride ourselves on our professionalism and level of service.

    Your wedding day is not a film shoot and shouldn't feel like one. We aim for 'stealth mode' but will always offer direction when needed. While our job is to capture every moment as it unfolds, we're always on-hand for support too.

    Videoboutique enjoys working with all couples regardless of gender identity, sexuality, culture, religion or physical ability.

    Our Tribe

    Over the years, we have met some pretty excellent wedding suppliers. They have inspired us to produce better work, provide exceptional service to our couples, and have more fun doing it.

    These people have become a part of our tribe, all like-minded creatives who excel in their profession and embed humanity into the work they produce.

    If you need to connect with any of the below suppliers, please reach out to them. They're nice. We promise!

    Lensure Weddings


    0447 344 279

    About Us 

    Wedding Videography Melbourne, The wedding day is the most important day of one's life. At LENSURE, we provide actual filming and editing of your special day.

    A wedding film is not a simple chronological document; it is supposed to capture the emotions of laughter, tears and beautiful memories. We value and understand the importance of a wedding to you as a couple, and we would love to capture your individual story.

    We Believe That "real Stories Create The Soul"... 

    The wedding day is the most important day of ones' life. At LENSURE, we provide actual filming and editing of your special day. We believe that the filming of a wedding is not just the simple recording process but the creation of a truly artistic and beautiful snapshot of the day.

    Directors Edge - Wedding Videographer

    directors edge

    0421 985 064

    About Directors Edge

    Your wedding day isn't only summed up by what happens at the end of the aisle.

    We think that your wedding film should be as dynamic as your life: filled with laughter, pride, hope, covert kisses and wild dance moves.

    Meet Your Filmmaker

    I'm Glen (with one N), and I throw myself into things with gusto, including my work, my friendships with my clients, and my dance moves (and I have a couple of testimonials to prove it).

    We spend a lot of time together on your wedding day, so it's pretty important we get to know each other - no awkward vibes here. I love meeting my clients for a hot choccie (with too many marshmallows), and - just to let you know in advance: I will most likely ask your venue for an extra bread roll because #breadrollsarelife.

    And it's a big 'yes' to travel. While I call the Yarra Valley home, I've been fortunate to capture stories near and far across regional Victoria (Echuca/Moama, Bendigo, Mornington, Geelong, Phillip Island) and overseas (including Portland OR, Colorado + Las Vegas), so I know how to pack well and clear customs without any issues.

    I can't wait to meet you!

    Our Wedding Videography Pricing

    Investment Guide

    Wedding Films That Hit You Right In The Feels

    The best moments are unplanned and spontaneous. Simply put, we are with you from preparations through to reception formalities (think: speeches/cake/first dance), never leaving before capturing some kicker dance moves.

    Eloping? Having a wedding day that is unlike any other? We've got you covered - and are more than happy to tailor a collection to suit your celebration.

    We craft films that feel magical, moving and relevant right now and into the future because they're not based on fads. They're based on you and your narrative.

    Investment Packages

    We're not in the business to make things complicated. Our offerings are simple, straightforward, and a perfect platform to build on even after your wedding day. So select a collection or build your own.

    Additional Filmmaker

    Adding filmmaker to your wedding coverage will ensure all the important aspects are covered in greater detail. With two filmmakers, we can also guarantee the reaction shots during your ceremony + reception formalities - as well as a focus on guest coverage during those candid moments whilst you're having your portraits after the ceremony.

    yarra valley most popular wedding venue (10)

    'till The End Coverage

    Having a sparkler sent off or leaving your reception via jet boat? Did you want all those crazy dance floors to move, captured for eternity as you and your closest friends party well into the night? Our' Till the end coverage will ensure we are there till stumps, never missing a moment at your reception.

    Documentary Film

    Relive your day as it happened in this traditional style long-form film. Commencing with your preparations, including all the formalities captured on your day (in chronological order) - the Documentary Film is the perfect addition to relive all those in-between moments you may have missed.

    Loved Up Films

    Perfect to showcase your love before your wedding day, our Loved Up Films focus on your energy as a couple and the excitement before the big day. This may include pre-interviews, one of your outings as a couple, engagement celebrations or something more adventurous... The sky's the limit.

    Premiere Screening

    Your story was made for the big screen, so why settle on viewing your wedding film on a mobile device or small computer for the first time?

    We are stoked to now offer our film premieres at our exclusive partners (Yarra Valley + Echuca) for couples wanting to relive the best day of their lives in the best way possible.

    The Digital Poets - Wedding Videography

    the digital poets

    +61 401 675 299

    15 Years Experience

    Hi, I'm Luke, and I've been mastering the art of videography for 15 years. It started as a hobby, a means of creative expression, but after filming a couple of weddings, I discovered a love for creating poetry through the medium of digital film. So late 2016, The Digital Poets was born.

    Storytelling Is Our Speciality

    We take our time to discover what makes your relationship unique and handcraft an emotionally engaging film that matches your unique personality! A timeless piece that can be treasured forever. We'd love for you to compare our movies with others and let us know your thoughts. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Your Story Is Special

    We take our time to discover what makes your relationship unique and handcraft an emotionally engaging film that matches your unique personality!

    Black Avenue Productions

    black avenue

    +61 411 155 496

    About Us

    Black Avenue Productions are a team of passionate Wedding Photographers and Wedding Videographers who are hopelessly romantic and genuinely care about creating love stories for couples in love.

    We're a small team of like-minded friends working within a professional collective dedicated to creative storytelling.

    We want you to relax, look your best and enjoy your wedding day and trust us to professionally craft the intimate moments of your special day customised to your desires.

    We will tie your dress, hold your bags, laugh together (a lot), and plan and create the ultimate wedding albums and videos that are genuinely YOU.

    This is our passion; this is our craft.

    We put our heart and soul into everything we deliver.

    Our Mission: Your Story

    Our friendly approach and natural storytelling style have led us to allow the beauty of the day to unfold naturally.

    We focus on creating artistic heirlooms by capturing raw emotion and honest moments with a mixture of portraiture and photojournalism that is modern yet timeless. We want your wedding photos to feel still classic and beautiful 30 years later.

    Cinematic And Creative Storytelling

    Our images are raw, romantic, have a soft focus and are always from an artistic point of view. We look for the intimacy in the 'in-between moments, searching for natural light and beauty in unusual places, rather than traditionally posed photos.

    We believe that the results should represent the real and honest story of your day.

    We aim to capture the most authentic moments of you, your families and your guests;

    an accurate representation of you, a newly married couple.

    When you look at your wedding album, we want you to be able to relive the moments that made the day special, as well as those 'must-have' wedding shots that tell the love story.

    Our professional team of photographers and videographers will effortlessly and sensitively cover all the angles of your day as it unfolds and leave you with your very own story told with warmth, heart and love.

    We Love Weddings

    Black Avenue Productions is a team of Melbourne wedding photographers and Melbourne wedding videographers, a group of like-minded artists passionate about delivering an intimate, friendly, professional and fun wedding photography/videography experience to couples in love.

    Our Style

    Our artistic and moody colour tone is inspired by our journey of working with different couples.

    Our clients have a desire for beautiful imagery, precision, and artistic authenticity. We shoot, edit and create a cohesive look throughout an entire event – no matter the shooting conditions.

    Black Avenue Productions team specialises in multi-day destination events and work with couples from start to finish to create a timeless product they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

    Who Are We?

    We enjoy getting to know our couples and what they want.

    We like providing a friendly, efficient and flexible approach to capturing your natural emotions in a discreet manner.

    As boutique photographers, we limit our number to 28 – 35 weddings per year, depending on the number of destination weddings and multi-day coverage events per year.

    It's imperative for us to focus on each couple. We value quality over quantity.

    We love giving back. Each year we select local Melbourne-based charities to donate a small portion of our profits to.

    Professional Melbourne Photography

    One of the biggest compliments we receive is that our Melbourne wedding videography team makes people very comfortable in front of the camera.

    We love allowing for genuine and spontaneous moments to be captured, alongside planning for the ultimate 'must-haves shots' to create your wedding story like a movie.

    Our videography team are like ninjas, our friendly and natural approach to document your big day and handcrafted your love story. 

    Desiren Wedding - Wedding Videographers Melbourne


    0425 724 386

    Melbourne's Wedding Photography & Videography

    Since 2004 we've had the honour of meeting and capturing over 3000 couples in love.

    A combination of epic romance with a family rich tradition. We are Desiren, a collective of photographers and videographers servicing Melbourne, Victoria, and available Australia-wide. It's the celebration of the "Start of Something Beautiful" it is, and we're thrilled to play our part in what will become 'The most important day of your lives. Our approach is natural and relaxed. This enables you to be yourselves throughout the day with some direction by us at crucial moments. We mix up candid photos of you guys having fun with some epic styled photos the rest of the time.

    It's so amazing that you've finally found the one! And now to go on the incredible journey of a lifetime with your beloved! Let us at Desiren be the ones to capture those moments so that you can cherish the love over a lifetime. Any ideas that you have don't hesitate to let our photographers and videographers know. This is your fairy-tale wedding, and we are here to ensure that you get to experience the magic of love.

    A Combination Of Epic Romance With Family & Rich Tradition.

    Our approach is natural and relaxed. This enables you to be yourselves throughout the day with some direction at crucial moments, e.g. family pics, that one classic portrait for mums wall, cutting the cake, etc. We mix up candid pics of you guys having fun with some epic styled portraits the rest of the time.

    Why Choose Our Wedding Photographer, Videographer && Cinematographer In Melbourne??

    With so many options out there, choosing one, it's a tough challenge. Nobody wants their big day to be messed up. We understand.

    We have some of the most talented team of wedding photographers and videographers in Melbourne to help you relax and enjoy your big day and craft the perfect wedding photographs as well as your wedding cinematography and wedding films to relive the experience in real-time.

    At Desiren, we believe in quality over quantity. Being a small team of wedding photographers and videographers, we take up a limited number of events to give those couples their very own magical wedding day that they dreamed of. We're passionate about our craft and hence have given our absolute best to all the teams.

    So far, we've created the dream wedding experience for over 3000 brides via our wedding photography and wedding videography.

    The culture you grew up in adds colour and love to your life, and this joyous celebration with your family deserves to be remembered in the most authentic yet magical way possible. Though we are mainly based in Melbourne, our passion for capturing wedding joys has taken us over Australia. So, no matter where you are in Australia, give us a call and let us take care of the planning.

    How Does It All Work?

    Initial inquiry (Wedding Photography, Wedding videography/cinematography/films or both Wedding Photography & Videography)

    Having a chat; We love chatting about your Wedding Day and how we can help. Shoot us an email or schedule a phone/zoom call.

    Booking. You love our work and love our vibe. Excellent, the next step is to secure the date with a deposit. $850 to book wedding photography. $850 to book wedding videography. $1700 to book both wedding photography and videography.

    Upon receiving your deposit, we will email you some more info.

    Stay in touch. We are here for you. Contact us so we can discuss any questions you may have and bounce off ideas.

    Pre-wedding meeting. Approx 3 - 4 weeks before the wedding, we'll get in touch to finalise all times and locations for your big day.

    Wedding day! This is it. All your hard work and effort in planning is about to pay off, so breathe! Have fun, and most importantly, enjoy and soak it in. The day will fly by so quickly, but if you make a conscious effort to take everything in from time to time and be in the moment, you'll remember it better.

    Post Wedding. We know you'll be dying to see your wedding video and wedding photos from the day, so we aim to post a few wedding photos as soon as possible, followed by your wedding video and online photo gallery approximately 3 - 4 weeks later.

    Online gallery. The beauty of our online gallery is that you can download your Hi-Res printable Images and start sharing them with family and friends.

    Video. Your final wedding video will be ready within 3 - 6 weeks from the wedding day.

    Albums. You can create your album via the online gallery, or we can custom design one for you.

    Delivery. Any printed inclusions and Albums, along with your custom USB high-resolution images, can be picked up in person or shipped to you. In addition, your Wedding video USB will be sent to your address with your short highlights film, which is also available to download.

    A Truly Cinematic Video Service

    Hi, my name is Nick and along with my small team of Professional Wedding Cinematographers, capture all your precious moments at the wedding so that you can experience the same emotions whenever you view your Wedding Films. The look on your and your loved ones' faces, the feelings you experienced, the tears and the laughter all captured and meticulously crafted into a memorable Cinematic Experience.

    Having filmed Weddings since before 2004, we understand what it means to be unobtrusive on the day. Every wedding is unique, which means that the Videography services needed for every wedding will be different. At Desire, you have the option to choose from numerous Cinematography Collections. Regarding wedding videography packages, we have created our Desiren LUXE Collections along with a current incentive - simply check out our Pricing Page for an intro but contact us, and we'll email you our pricing guide with the full rundown.

    All Wedding Video Collections include a professional cinematographer, two cameras set up for your ceremony, professional audio equipment for your vows and speeches at the reception, a Highlights Clip on social media for family + friends, PLUS the option of a Full-Length Edit or RAW Edit of your whole Wedding all delivered to you on a custom USB

    All our Brides have loved our Wedding Videography services and are always glad to refer us to their loved ones.

    Every moment we capture incorporates the depth, emotion and significance of your day. Every frame helps to weave your story together so that you, and future generations, can relive your most precious moments.

    We bring local expertise and international experience together with boundless passion and care to each frame we shoot when documenting your story. Our business is based on the connection we build with you. By relying on your satisfaction, we work tirelessly to ensure that you have a genuinely positive experience from start to finish. Storytelling is behind everything we create. Melbourne Wedding Videography services are just the beginning. We capture Weddings not only in Melbourne but also throughout all of Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

    Pixelife Studio - Melbourne Photography And Videography

    pixelife studio

    +61 402 851 997

    About The Photographer/Videographer

    Evan Sycamnias

    Evan Sycamnias was first introduced to photography when he was only eight years old. By age 9, he had made his camera and processed black and white prints in a small makeshift studio. By age 13, much to his exhilaration, he was bestowed the family's Agfa Isola I, a medium format film camera (120mm) made in Germany (below) – which he still possesses to this day.

    For Evan, photography (and later videography) was a way to capture breath-taking moments and present them in a form that remained timeless, allowing others to experience events as though they had been there for themselves.

    For more than ten years, Evan was a part of the exciting world of high-speed off-road racing, where he spent a large portion of his time managing 'Team MudRhino' – a creative group with 15 members who produced more than 45 full-length DVDs. These productions were sold globally and earned the group several awards – including the prestigious CCDA 'Media of the Year Award' in 2008.

    In 2016, his attention was turned to landscape photography. He spent a large proportion of his time travelling the globe to remote locations, including the Himalayas, India, China, Egypt, South and North America, and Singapore. Many of his images received awards and recognition, and some went on to be featured in magazines.

    Today Evan spends his time mentoring aspiring photographers; overseeing one of Australia's most prominent photography forums; consulting with small businesses on building social media content; undertaking photography of private functions such as engagements and weddings, and most importantly, he seeks to inspire his children to find their inner artistry with a lens.


    Whether you are interested in recording your special day, selling items, capturing conferences and guest speakers, or just being creative – Pixelife can professionally and creatively set the tone, length and style of your production so that it is both engaging and entertaining – but most importantly, appropriate for your target audience.

    Pixelife specialises in planning and capturing weddings, surprise engagements, conferences, training sessions, education campaigns and other business communications.

    Through years of experience and a balanced mixture of expertise, creativity and playfulness, you can have peace of mind that your ideas and events will be turned into uniquely polished and captivating content.

    Cutting Edge Video Productions - Wedding Videography Melbourne

    cutting edge

    0403 899 774

    Wedding Videography Melbourne

    Cutting Edge Video will turn your special moments into an everlasting and precious memory through a beautifully made wedding film.

    Understanding your wishes precisely, we will ensure that your wedding video is a stylish, entertaining and unique reflection of your special day.

    As a veteran wedding videographer in Melbourne, we capture all the little sparkles of your big day and create a magical HD wedding video that you can cherish for the rest of your happy marriage.

    Cinematography For Weddings, Debutante Balls, Corporate Functions And Other Special Occasions

    We will provide you with something that you will watch for years and years to come, potentially with your children and grandchildren.

    What Is The Forte Of Our Wedding Videography Melbourne??

    • Each wedding we film is done in the finest and unique style
    • Entertaining, engaging and stylish presentation of your big day
    • Advanced editing techniques
    • Cinematic reflection of your special day with a trailer highlights video
    • Superior quality audio
    • Down to the detailed service
    • We're committed to capturing memorable stories at affordable prices!

    With years of experience, we've captured and produced weddings of all nationalities.

    From elegant cocktail weddings to traditional Macedonian weddings, Greek, Italian, Lebanese and Jewish weddings, to name a few, we, Videographer in Melbourne, love to create, film and edit whimsical and beautiful footage that tells a story.

    Shooting a Wedding takes us to a new venue, filled with new and exciting people, challenges and a couple on the happiest day of their life.

    Know-How We Make The Right Approach For Wedding Videography In Melbourne

    What else can bring a heap of joy to your face other than watching you and your partner exchanging the vows? Remember the feelings you had in your heart while getting ready for the event? And how did it feel when you said the most loyal 'YES' to each other? A wedding is made up of plenty of mesmerising jiffies that stay forever in the form of a beautifully made wedding video.

    We know how special those moments are for any couple. Through our wedding videography service in Melbourne, we turn the wedding day into an everlasting memory that a couple would cheer for the rest of their lives.

    If you are still in a dilemma about whether to include videography or not, then hold on a second. No doubt, the pictures are a great way to cherish a special moment, years and years after. But, are these pictures enough to admire the zeal of the day?

    A wedding video captures not only the image but the emotions of the people and helps you relive the moment all over again.

    Wedding Videography In Melbourne Wwiitthh Cutting Edge Video

    Cutting Edge Video produces beautifully crafted wedding videos consisting of heartfelt emotions. Right from the bride walking down to the aisle, the bridesmaids are giggling around, the decoration, the food, the jubilation and everything that makes a wedding delightful. Our skilled wedding videographers capture every right moment.

    We believe that the raw emotions of the couple and families are some of the most precious things in the event to capture, and we do it in a cinematic style that tells your story in the most fascinating way possible.

    With years of experience in wedding videography in Melbourne, our videography team has captured some incredibly unique nuptial occasions. We will let you enjoy every moment of your big day, while our filmmakers would be capturing those moments silently so that you want the merrymaking without getting disturbed and can watch the video later and get enthralled every time you see it.

    Our Distinctive Way Of Capturing Wedding

    After a lot of research and study on this industry, we have understood that the best way to tell a wedding story is by capturing all the great little moments as they unfold and every real emotion of the people present at the event who give their blessings to the couple and make them last forever.

    We do not believe in deliberate posing. We love to work in an easy-going yet professional way, acting just like your guests. The intention behind this is to allow your emotions to naturally come out without any stress and purposely posing for it.

    A Wedding Video Tailored To Your Needs

    "We are passionate about what we do, and we make it work wonder especially for you!"

    After all, it is your story, unique, and we know how to keep that essence alive in your wedding. We have filmed hundreds of weddings in and around Melbourne that beautifully showcase our unmatched style. What sets us apart is that we understand it is your day and your story, and thus we constantly tailor our wedding videos as per your liking.

    A Team Of Leading Wedding Photographers

    We possess a team of specialists having extensive experience and unparalleled skills in capturing special days like weddings and other jubilations. In addition, each of them has a deep understanding of handling the latest and advanced videography equipment.

    Also, we have a talented team of editors who offer a striking finishing touch to your video, making it look all the more alluring. Our editors will present you with an exclusively made wedding video that you would love throughout your life, from beautiful music to special effects.

    We allow you to choose your favourite soundtrack to add to your wedding film by giving us the sound references that you enjoy. We believe that a little bit of collaboration and communication with our clients will enable us to produce a masterpiece that clients will be 100% happy with- and this is our ultimate goal.

    Why Get Your Wedding Filmed By Us?

    You will be able to revive all those special moments that you enjoyed on your big day, time and time again most beautifully and creatively, as we use the state-of-the-art techniques of videography.

    We can offer you Instagram and Facebook edit wedding videos that you can share with your folks, buddies, and loved ones.

    Watch your wedding happening in front of you, and enjoy all those moments you missed, like your partner getting ready, your friends cheering for you, your parents giving you a blessing that reflects their pure emotion and love, and much more.

    Our Exceptional Wedding Videography Services

    We maintain incredible transparency in our pricing and working style. We keep it clear to you about the pricing, so nothing comes as a surprise later. In addition, we offer excellent customer service so that our clients get assistance as soon as they come to us with queries regarding our videography packages.

    Nova Photography

    nova wedding

    +61 431 195 941

    Melbourne's Leading Wedding Photographers And Videographers

    We are a team of specialists in capturing your special day and the days surrounding it. We can provide wedding photography and videography services throughout Melbourne or offer a whole package for you. This includes capturing the lead up events, the day's preparations, even creating a romantic video of the betrothed in the form of a lovers' romantic video.

    Our Photographers And Videographers Do More Than Just Melbourne Weddings

    As Melbourne's preferred wedding photographers, we also have a ticket to ride anywhere in Australia, having recently flown in to do an island shoot in QLD, as well as several weddings on the NSW / Victorian border. We can advise on photoshoot locations, backup plans if it rains, printing plans if desired and much more. This is not a sideline for us – capturing your special day in all its magnificence is our purpose in life.

    About Us & Services

    Nova Photography is a family business that delivers excellent studio professionalism without big studio prices. We provide quality service and a personal approach. Our team will work with you to create a custom package that's right for you and will fulfil all your needs while staying within your budget. We will be with you every step of the way to capture every minute of the day that will go by oh so quickly. We will capture those fleeting moments of beauty that you missed in the frenzy of this magical day, as well as those you wished could last forever.

    You will get an eclectic creative mix of traditional and contemporary formal and candid tiniest details and group shots of flowers and food smiles and tears, But the service doesn't stop there. Custom made albums in various styles and sizes, prints, canvas watercolours, metallic and crystal portraits We have it all Engagement sessions Bar Bat Mitzvahs Sweet 16th birthday and anniversary parties families and senior portraits we do it all We are located in Melbourne.

    Melbourne Wedding Videography

    If a picture paints a thousand words, a video writes a novel. Recording your most previous day usually involves making the most of photographic and video media as they have different strengths.

    Wedding Photography is excellent, as each shot can be staged/choreographed, the images themselves are super high definition, and each one can be colour corrected and Photoshopped. In addition, photos can be printed and displayed more quickly than videos.

    A wedding Video captures the event itself. The speeches(though I have sometimes been asked to edit out some of the toasts from the best man icon smile Melbourne Wedding Videos Packages Melbourne Wedding Videos ), the dancing the vows these things just can not be recorded by Wedding Photography alone. Being a Wedding Videographer is much more than being able to point a video camera. It knows where to tell it, so the action is covered, how to frame your shots how to edit cut in music. It's a big job, and it's essential. In some ways, wedding videography is much more complicated than working as a cameraman on a set. At a wedding, Your videographer gets one chance. There are no reshoots, no multiple takes, no OK; let's do it again. I need to take the same shot from the other side.

    They have to be in a position to get the best shot of the most critical moments. It takes skill and experience, and dedication to the task.

    We recommend both a photography and wedding video package to capture your wedding from every possible perspective.

    We have a variety of packages for every budget.

    Videography Packages

    Discover Timelessness with a Video of your Big Day

    If a picture paints a thousand words, a video writes a novel. These days, recording your most precious day usually involves making the most of both photographic and video media as they have different strengths. Our video services can help add a unique perspective to your special day and capture a whole other level.

    Wedding photography is excellent, as each shot can be staged/choreographed. The images themselves are super high definition, and each one can be colour corrected and photoshopped. Photos can be printed and displayed more quickly than video. However, complementing this process with a videographer can create a dynamic interactive element that surpasses images.

    Why Choose Video Over Photos?

    Our video captures the event itself. The speeches (although we've sometimes been asked to edit out some of the toasts from the best man), the dancing, the vows. These memorable moments simply cannot be captured by photography alone. Being a great wedding videographer takes much more than being able to point a video camera. It knows where to file it, so the action is covered, how to frame your shots, how to edit, cut in music. It's a big job, and it's essential.

    In some ways, video is much more complex than working as a cameraman on a set. For example, at a wedding, your cameraman gets one chance. There are no reshoots, no multiple takes, no "OK, let's do it again, I need to take the same shot from the other side". Instead, they have to be in a position to get the best shot of the most critical moments.

    It takes skill, experience and dedication to the task – talents that our team has.

    True Story Wedding Films

    true story wedding films

    +61 421 888 479

    Hey There, Lovebirds!

    I'm Tearlach. Don't bother trying to sound it out; it's one of those weird ones. Let's go with Tea (tree) for short, as in, cup-of.

    First off, thanks so much for taking the time to check out my work. It's crazy to think that I might get to come to your wedding!

    Rather than giving you some long-winded story, I want my films to speak for themselves. If you haven't already, I will encourage you to enjoy a snapshot into someone else's life & wedding - they have been gracious enough to share their days with me and to allow me to pass on that privilege to you. Please watch with joy & love in your heart.

    That said, I'm genuinely inspired by you & your love. After I got married, I realised what a special day a wedding is, that those few hours we get to celebrate our love with family & friends are so precious. 

    It's a privilege & a genuinely worthy pursuit to help you remember & relive those hours. So I want to show you what your love looks like. Because from here, it seems perfect.

    What's Your Style?

    In terms of visual style, I'd call it journalistic. I'm very interested in people's interactions, small details and those perfect moments that magically happen on a wedding day. 

    To that end, I consider it critical that I'm a reassuring and comforting presence on the day.

    I'm very respectful of the energy and feel you and your family have built up the day, so I work hard not to impact. It's your day.

    Lots of couples I've worked with have expressed that they are nervous or self-conscious around cameras. However, once we get going, it's never an issue. On the day, you'll quickly find there are far more exciting things to focus on!

    What Happens Once We've Made A Booking?

    I think it's essential that we spend some time together. I want everyone who is there on the day to be supporting you the best they can, myself included, and the only way to do that is to get familiar with one another.

    You'll see me twice, possibly three times before your wedding day.

    We'll meet; it takes time to properly go through your day in detail, work out what extraordinary things you have planned and if there are any particular points of focus. Then, weeks or months before your wedding, I'll record your interview.

    If there are any exceptional circumstances or challenges for the day, I might meet you at the venue in the days leading up to your wedding.

    How Do You Record The Interview?

    Ah, glad you asked! So I'll come to your place, and one-on-one, we'll have a very casual chat that will turn into you saying nice things about each other.

    The first time your partner will hear your words is when they watch the film.

    Is There A Deposit?

    Yes, of $500. A deposit can be made once the booking is confirmed.

    Could I Pay For Extra Hours?

    I don't charge by the hour. I'm committed to making the best wedding film I can, so I'll be with you for as long as you need. 

    Can We Get Longer Edits?

    What you get from the package I offer is your True Story edit of 5-7ish minutes, plus complete footage of your ceremony, speeches, dances and any other special proceedings you may wish for me to capture.

    In my experience, the short True Story edit is the thing you want to watch and re-watch. It's the perfect amount of time to tell the story of the day, relive those emotions and share with friends and family.

    It's great to have coverage of your whole ceremony and speeches, but they are an event in themselves to watch and probably aren't something you will watch casually.

    If you still want a more extended edit, we can discuss it, but a lot of the cost of the package is in editing time.

    Your True Story gets an immense amount of work put into it, and I believe it's the ultimate format for telling the story of the day.

    What Area Do You Service?

    I'm based in Melbourne but happy to travel. Suppose you'd like to chat about this, head over to the Contact page and drop me a line.

    Where Can We Keep Up-to-date With What You've Been Doing Recently?

    You can find me on Facebook and Instagram, and I update this website regularly.

    ProEye Wedding Videos – Videographers Melbourne

    proeye video

    0410 441 823

    When you embark on your new journey together, there are so many beautiful moments that it is hard to recall them all. This is where your wedding video steps in to fill the gaps. The moments that felt like a blur – that you want to relive after the event – are captured so that you can enjoy them over and over again.

    At ProEye Video, we know how to capture your big day. Of course, you'll have a record of show-stopping moments such as exchanging vows, your first kiss, and your first dance. But, at the same time, we capture the little things – the connections between loved ones or the moment the flower girl tipped over her basket.

    We have taken a refreshing approach at ProEye. You can choose one of our ready-made packages with additional extras available, all at the click of a button. Your wedding day should be as stress-free as possible, and we aim to make sure that your wedding video is a reflection of your eternal love for one another.

    About Us

    Find out a little more about ProEye Video – Videographers Melbourne.

    Pro eye Video

    At ProEye Video, our fantastic video crew knows their stuff! With 25 years under our belts, we are proud to say that our Melbourne Wedding Videography service is stronger than ever.

    ProEye Video is driven by a solid history of working in alignment with our values. At the forefront of our Melbourne Wedding Videography service is a commitment to integrity, transparency and exceptional customer service.

    We're not here to overwhelm you with all the technical details – we know that our clients want choice, flexibility, and to feel confident that their wedding will be beautifully immortalised.

    Your wedding memories are our focus, at the heart of every video we create. We are here to help you each step of the way and aim to produce stunning wedding videography within everybody's grasp. Whatever your budget, there is a Melbourne Wedding Videography package to suit your budget with a variety of additional extras available. 

    We know how to create memories to suit any style or culture with an eye for capturing the exquisite and touching details of your wedding day.

    Let ProEye Video capture the day your lives join together on one path so that it can be celebrated forever.

    Wedding Packages

    Customise the perfect wedding videography package for you with Pro Eye Video tailored Wedding Video Packages.

    Pro Eye Video Wedding Videography Packages Melbourne

    If you are looking for a simple solution that fits your budget, we have a range of video packages available. Our packages are designed to be flexible and tailored to reflect our couples' personalities and cultural traditions.

    At Pro Eye Video, we also believe in being authentic and transparent. Therefore, we offer the flexibility of choosing which features you'd like to have for the perfect wedding videography package.

    Our Wedding Packages start at different levels,

    • The Wedding Highlight. 3 – 5 minute Wedding Film of the most captivating moments.
    • The Wedding Short. 8 – 10 minutes of joy and reflection.
    • The Wedding Story. 15 – 20 minutes of heartfelt images and sound.
    • The Wedding Feature Film. 40 – 60 minutes of Love, Laughter and Life. 
    • The Works. A Wedding Film to truly relive the experience of your wedding day.  

    Tech Jargon-Cinematic And More

    We are equipped with the most up to date tech to ensure premium quality. We carry multiple cameras for secondary shots where possible. For audio recording, we incorporate additional microphones. Our editing style is flexible and complimentary.

    More Info

    To us, you must enjoy this one day; it's how we will capture you at your best, the real you! We will respect your guests and blend into the day, ensuring that the day is as enjoyable as is the final wedding film.

    We sincerely believe that one experienced videographer is sufficient for your wedding day; however, you may choose to add a member to your day, either for a few hours or more.

    Immerse Photography


    0488 562 547

    Immerse Photography

    Oh, hey there. It's Genelle here, creator, director and photographer at Immerse Photography. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my little business and some of my epic weddings. It's pretty special to know that so many people love what I do and invite me to be a part of their amazing wedding days. I am honoured every day to do a job that I love, in a business that I created and meet so many amazing people.

    Let's get to know each other a little more to see if we're the right fit?

    Well, if you've liked the look of my photos and my website so far, then I'd say you're practically guaranteed to like me, as I am someone who strives to inject my essence into everything I create.

    I have an enduring love for beautiful things, which has gifted me an excellent eye for photography, and I do not settle for anything less than perfect.

    I carry this with me in my personal life as well. My home is carefully curated to be an ideal blend of both rustic and elegant touches. In addition to interior design, I adore fashion and spend a lot of my free time shopping! And yet, I am still grateful for the simple things; my morning coffee or going on a walk with my dogs. My life is a lovely combination of simplicity and splendour, and that is precisely what I would strive to bring to your wedding.

    If you choose me as your photographer for your wedding, you don't just get someone who will take photos. You get a stylist, a timekeeper, a liason, a problem solver and more. You get genuinely invested in making this the day of your dreams and have all the skills to help make this a reality.

    Whether your wedding is at a beautiful winery in the Yarra Valley, private property in Gippsland, epic clifftops on the Mornington Peninsula, or hanging out in Melbourne City Laneways, I'm up for the adventure.

    Your Investment

    What price can you put on twenty-three years of experience in wedding photography? That's a tough one.

    That's twenty-three years of capturing peoples' stories, developing a craft, making connections, experiencing every type and style of wedding, shooting film, learning digital, mastering digital, working in wind, rain, sun, hail and snow (yes, I love the snow), working in different countries and states and having copious opportunities to photograph people from all walks of life.

    I am then able to bring all of this to you for your wedding journey. With all of the wisdom I have gained from these past twenty-three years, I can guide you, be present with you and have you be reassured that my sole focus will be the two of you and your happiness.

    I've always found it hard to attribute a number to my services because I consider them priceless.

    For all of these reasons, my prices start at $4500.

    So What Do You Get For That?

    Well, for starters, I make a conscious effort to limit the number of weddings I book so that yours is my sole focus. This means that the day of, I'm fresh, well-rested and ready to rock.

    There is the initial enquiry/booking consultation where we catch up, and you tell me about your plans for your day- we chat about timing- to ensure that everything you want to have captured is captured. We talk about dresses, colours, styles and all of the small and personal touches you plan to incorporate into your wedding. Full transparency, this is the kind of stuff I love about weddings; the fluffy stuff.

    Knowing about these things can also help me help you because I can recommend a host of other excellent suppliers to make your day an absolute dream.

    But of course, that is not all. I am always available for a phone call or an email. I'm always ready to help with advice and recommendations, timing decisions and anything else you would like to pick my brain about. As I have said, I have twenty-three years of experience; please use it!

    A few weeks before your 'I do's, we do a pre-wedding consultation either face-to-face or via zoom: whatever works best! Coffee is my lifeblood, so anywhere that provides caffeine, either in a drink or through an IV, is a place I'd be keen to catch up in.

    This is a more in-depth get to know your day where you can describe in detail your colour schemes, design direction, and goals for the day. By doing this, I can gain a much clearer image of what your wedding will look like and hence, plan accordingly. That way, on the day, you can relax and feel secure in the knowledge that I am thoroughly prepared and will have your back every step of the way.

    On the day, you will have up to eight hours of myself and my camera, which will be capturing every moment, from getting ready to an epic sunset shot to crazy dance floor antics. Any additional hours can be added at $500, so please don't feel like you will have to go without anything!

    A few days after the wedding, I will send through a bit of a sneak peek of your images. Yes, this is the big one! I know that you will want to be the first ones to post a photo from your wedding day and that you want them to be spectacular!

    I will send through about fifteen of my absolute favourite pictures via the gallery link. This means you will be able to spend as long as you'd like admiring them, sharing them by email or social media and downloading them.

    Around three to four weeks after the wedding, you will receive a full copy of all the high-resolution images, corrected and supplied via a personalised online gallery link. You will receive between 700-1000 images. All photos will be in colour, but I will provide some black and white alternatives as well. The gallery also enables social media sized files to be downloaded, meaning you can share them in all the best places. There is also an online shop for all of your professional printing, framing and canvassing needs. Additionally, the gallery itself can be shared with all of your family and friends!

    "What About An Album?" I Hear You Say!

    There is nothing better than having your fantastic day be immortalised in one of our gorgeous wedding albums, which are handcrafted, Australian made and of stunning quality. This is the story of your wedding, preserved for the future generations of your family to look back on and marvel at.

    I love to design wedding albums. Each image is impressive in itself, but when it becomes a part of a more remarkable story, it becomes so much more.

    Albums start from $1500.

    Want To Hangout Before The Big Day? Or What About Catching Up For An Engagement Shoot??

    Let's have some fun! Let's do something, go somewhere that means a lot to the both of you, and spend an hour enjoying ourselves and capturing the beautiful connection between you guys. Not only will this give you some epic shots for your insta profiles and a chance to build some excitement for the big day, but it will also act as a precursor to the actual wedding. So you can treat this as a test run: a way to go through the paces and build up some confidence in front of the camera. That way, on the day, you can trust that you'll be able to be yourself, relax and enjoy the wedding.

    Sessions are $500 and include; the shoot for an hour, all images supplied on your online gallery (as well as downloadable in social media size files) and one beautifully printed 8×12 matted Art Print of YOUR choice. In addition, you can purchase high-resolution files, prints, frames and canvasses and other products via the online gallery.

    Did You Say, "I Think I Just Want To Elope"?

    Please take me with you! Tell me what you're thinking, and let's make it happen. Whether it's the summit at Hotham, cliffs overlooking the beach at sunset, or any other place that fills your heart with joy, I am up for the adventure.

    Elopements are the new black. However, due to the uncertainty of recent times, many couples are just getting it done their way and making a move to a more straightforward, more personal wedding.

    Elopement packages start at $1500 for 3 hours. Hit me up with your ideas.

    Westward Films - Melbourne Videography


    +61 437 078 371

    Westward Films - Erik Weisstein, Director

    I founded Westward Films in 2012 on the absolute belief that only film can truly capture the heart and soul of the people in front of the camera. Storytelling is by far the essential part of the art, and it is what I enjoy most about this job. 

    Managing Westward Films is my full-time occupation, but I have many other passions. I hold a PhD in Biomedical Science and still lead a research program at Monash University to prevent heart attack and stroke. If I'm not filming weddings or I'm not in the lab, I love to spend time with my four children, ride my motorbike, or you find me piloting a plane over the Yarra Valley. 

    Wedding Videography

    If you are considering wedding videography, then don't wait and reach out today. Unfortunately, due to COVID, all existing weddings are postponed to later this season, so important dates are filling up faster than usual. 

    Take care & stay safe.

    Live Stream Your Wedding

    Not sure if you should postpone or go ahead with fewer guests? Then consider the option of lifestreaming your wedding. We are fully set up for this and would love to help out. Since COVID hit in 2020, we have conducted over 250 live events. We have been getting many requests, and dates are filling up very fast, so call or email us to discuss the options that are right for you.  

    We Are Ready To Create Your Story; Are You Ready To Tell It To The World?

    The decision to have your wedding captured with the film will be the absolute best decision you make.

    A memento of your wedding in the form of a motion picture is a priceless possession. Imagine listening to your partner's heartfelt vows 20 years from now.

    From the beginning to the end, we will capture every detail of your wedding and then create a story…Your story. 

    This Is How The Magic Happens

    You decide how much of your wedding will be covered and we will film every critical moment. Our mission is to make sure you have fun at your wedding because having a good time during every part of your day brings out the best in you and creates the magic in your films.

    We use multiple cameras during the ceremony, speeches and bridal dance. In addition, your films will feature high-quality audio recorded with wireless microphones. And if the weather and the location allow for it, We'll get some stunning aerial footage for you as well.

    All your films are edited in the house (so not overseas by an unknown third party), ensuring the personal touch that your story deserves. We'll have your films ready within two months of your wedding.

    Studio Edge - Melbourne Wedding Photography And Videography

    studio edge

    03 8712 0173

    About Us

    Welcome to Studio Edge Photography and Video Melbourne. Established in 2000, our small team pride itself on being one of Australia's most experienced, reliable and professional wedding photography videography teams. As a result, we have combined wedding videography and photography seamlessly for 20+ years. Our style is diverse and of the highest standards in weddings and events. Providing a natural, candid style using natural light imagery and giving direction and mood lighting when required to create some stunning and romantic images.

    Because we book no more than 35 weddings a year, I can ensure you receive the personal level of service you deserve. In addition, all wedding photos and videos are edited in house by me. And as a result, all of your wedding images and video keepsakes are simply amazing.

    When you combine our 20+ years of experience, professionalism, flexibility, passion and eye for detail, our wedding photographer and videographer at Studio Edge provide the perfect platform to ensure your wedding day is captured naturally, tastefully and in the highest quality you to cherish for generations to come.

    Artistic Films

    artistic films

    0498 477 417

    Wedding Videos With Heart And Soul...

    Our signature is captivating imagery that's elegantly crafted! Our wedding videos are jam-packed with emotion, and they are very personal, sincere and sincere. The most common word used to describe our wedding videos has been WOW, and I guess that sums us up. Scroll below and see why we have become the most sought after wedding videography business in Australia and the world.

    Who You're Getting...

    Hi, my name is Alper Kasap - I have dedicated my whole life to moving image shooting close to 500 weddings. I have immense pride and a burning desire for capturing and crafting stories, and there is no better story than a wedding day! Because it is not just a "day"; it's the whole journey that has led to this moment and containment of so much feeling and emotion all ready to erupt in one particular day. A wedding day has it all; it's about capturing that essence, that journey, those priceless moments that unfold in the blink of an eye and then crafting it all into something magical that will move your heartstrings.

    How It's Getting Captured...

    Shooting 4k.

    Your wedding is captured in 4K. I use multiple cameras that are capturing four times the quality of high definition. The tools are paramount. I keep up to date and only shoot with the best gear providing beautiful images made all the more stunning by its clarity and detail 🙂  

    Clear Audio.

    The part that most people neglect. What good is a ceremony when you can't hear it .. Yikes! Depending on the location and the setups, I can have up to 4 audio devices discreetly set up to make sure nothing goes a miss and backs ups are in place just to cover all bases.    

    Drone Included.

    The landscape in which you get married is another piece of the storytelling puzzle. I don't charge for drone footage included! City escapes, rolling hills, rustic trees or a stunning vineyard, drone footage is going to elevate your wedding video to a whole new level! 

    What You're Getting…

    The Full Video

    1.5-3 hrs

    Your entire wedding's raw footage is cleaned up and presented to you in a watchable format film. The ceremony, reception introductions, speeches, first dance and family dances all captured in total with everything else in between as extended highlights. 


    1 min

    A 1 min version of your final short story highlight that's ideal for sharing on Instagram or Facebook. Once again provided in both landscape format and vertical portrait format for insta story.

    The Short Story

    4-6 mins

    The signature cinematic highlights video. A captivating and moving edit that encapsulates the honesty of your special day. Edited to timeless music or snippets of audio throughout the day, giving it that natural personal touch. 

    The Sneak Peek

    30 sec

    Two sets of 30second sneak peek edits a few days after your wedding day. One is a landscape version so that you can share it on your insta feed or Facebook. The other is a vertical version that looks amazing on insta story. 

    Fine Art Media

    fine art media

    0402 447 621

    Melbourne Wedding Videography & Photography

    Nuanced Art Media is a leading Melbourne based photography and video production company with a reputable name in the wedding and corporate photography industry. With experience spanning over 30 years in bridal photography and commercial photography, we offer outstanding services.

    Owned and operated by an eminent personality of the video industry Arthur Paraskevopoulos, the studio has gained fame within the Melbourne photography arena with its exceptional creativity and artistic skills.

    Nuanced Art Media is at the leading edge in creating stunning pieces of work for over three decades and will always stay as a pioneer in the photography field.

    Melbourne Wedding Photographer

    Pioneering the wedding photography and video industry for over two decades, Fine Art Media is at the forefront of creating spectacular images.

    The friendly and professional staff at Fine Art Media will cater a package to suit every couple's needs, and the result is individual and unique.

    A true reflection of your special day, Fine Art Media effortlessly creates candid, natural, and glamorous images of you.

    With a refreshingly simple approach, they will make it a memorable experience with images you will cherish forever.

    At Fine Art Media, we pride ourselves on providing an exciting wedding photography experience for you.

    Our team of leading photographers in Melbourne would help you in immortalising your big day with stunning photographs that speak about every single emotion and feeling. Our team will portray your marriage into a collection of breathtaking pictures that you can treasure forever with a graceful and straightforward approach.

    Fine Art Media offers Wedding Photography in Melbourne and all across Victoria.

    Melbourne Wedding Videography Productions

    Fine Art Media follows the esteem set by its founder and operator, Arthur Paraskevopoulos, famed as a talented producer in the video industry.

    Moving with the new trends and technologies, our team of wedding videographers apply the latest styles in capturing your special day. Shot with High Definition (HD) video cameras, we ensure that our clips are high quality and have clear clarity.

    Our videographers in Melbourne are skilled with state-of-the-art technologies as they carry out the digital editing task on the up-to-date video production software applications. Fine Art Media creates computer compatible wedding videos on DVD, Blu-ray Disc and AVI/MP4 files.

    Wedding Videography Melbourne

    We offer cinematic wedding videos at affordable prices without compromising the quality of our work—Melbourne's premier wedding videography company.

    Pixray Photography


    04 2541 1674


    At PiXRay Photography, we would love to capture the beautiful moments in your life, adding our creativity and helping you cherish your memories and raw emotions forever. And we do it with passion.

    Our Approach -- Creating Memories With The Quality And The Artistic Vision  

    The quality of pictures is something we always value. Therefore, we have developed a smooth, efficient workflow from preparing gears to the final export of your enhanced images to guarantee the quality of pictures for a realistic price. 

    In this digital age with the big competition, that's precisely what gives us the edge over others.

    We always strive to be artistic, keep searching for ideas, new techniques and best practices to document your day in the best way possible.

    Joy Of Being A Part Of Your Real-Life Moments!!                                                            

    Seeing and composing the moment artistically is a gift, and we believe heart and mind are the objective lenses of the camera. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you! 

    Creative Wedding Photography: Invest In Memories With Us!

    • We guarantee the QUALITY of pictures with our years of experience, high-end equipment and artistic vision.
    • With every package, you will get TWO SETS of digital copies - One set of High Resolution ready to print pictures (one file would be around 15-25 MB ) + a Web-ready version for web uploads like Facebook/web etc.
    • NO WATERMARKS on high resolution ready to print photos

    Package A

    • 5 hours of photography coverage
    • Unlimited locations on the wedding day
    • Unlimited professionally edited digital photos will be delivered electronically via the cloud or on a USB
    • Each extra hour would cost $175, which will give you additional 40 edited digital pics.

    Package B

    • 8 hours of photography coverage
    • Free pre-wedding consultation
    • Unlimited locations on the wedding day
    • Unlimited professionally edited digital photos will be delivered electronically via the cloud or on a USB
    • Each extra hour would cost $175, which will give you additional 40 edited digital pics.

    Package C

    • Full day photography coverage up to 10 hours
    • Free pre-wedding consultation
    • Unlimited locations on the wedding day
    • Unlimited professionally edited digital photos will be delivered electronically via the cloud or on a USB
    • Each extra hour would cost $175, which will give you additional 40 edited digital pics.

    Package D (Limited Offer - Free Custom Made Wedding Album)

    • Full day Photography coverage up to 12 hours
    • Free pre-wedding consultation
    • Unlimited locations on the wedding day
    • Unlimited professionally edited digital photos will be delivered electronically via the cloud or on a USB
    • ** Limited offer - FREE premium custom made Wedding album (Landscape 8" x 11" - 20 pages - including best photos printed in it) **
    • Our sample albums can be viewed from here.
    • Online gallery for family and friends
    • 12 hours coverage with 11x14 inches 20 pages album for $3150
    • Each extra hour would cost $175, which will give you additional 40 edited digital pics.

    Package E

    • Full day Photography coverage up to 12 hours
    • Free pre-wedding consultation
    • Unlimited locations on the wedding day
    • Unlimited professionally edited digital photos will be delivered electronically via the cloud or on a USB
    • Wedding album - Landscape 11" x 14" - 20 pages - Premium custom made wedding album filled with best pictures (80-120 photos)
    • Two Parent albums - Landscape 6" x 8" - 20 pages - Premium high-end hardcover albums filled with the same pictures as the main album
    • Free One 20X16inch (51X41cm) enlargement of the best shot
    • Online gallery for family and friends
    • Each extra hour would cost $175, which will give you additional 40 edited digital pics.

    Twenty One Studio

    twenty one studio

    0432 329 065

    Twenty One Studio

    We are a team of wedding photographers passionate about telling your story honestly and artistically to create long-lasting memory that you will cherish for years to come. We photograph weddings, engagement sessions as well as same-sex weddings in Melbourne and Interstate.

    Melbourne Wedding Photographer

    Thank you for visiting Twenty One Wedding & Portrait Studio. We are Melbourne's most loved wedding photographers who are fun and rich in personality. But, more importantly, we love weddings and believe they should capture genuine and authentic moments of you and the people you care about the most, including your dog best friends, of course.

    There's no second take. Your once-in-a-lifetime wedding will pass you by in a heartbeat, and what you have left from the big day is the beautiful memory that we can capture with all our heart and passion. Because you deserve the absolute best, anything else just won't work.

    With hundreds of wedding photography companies out there, we are honoured you're considering us to capture your big day. So here's our commitment to you: When you choose to work with us, you don't have to worry about photography; knowing your wedding, your loved ones, your moments will be captured beautifully and genuinely. So you can go on enjoying quality time with the people you cherish the most. So let us take care of the rest.

    About Us

    Eight years ago I was planning my wedding. Like you, the thought of choosing a photographer terrified my wife and me. It wasn't just a service we needed on the day but something that will stay with us for the rest of our lives, then (hopefully) passing down to our children and so on. Yes, it was our precious memory that we wanted to preserve precisely how we wanted to remember. And the person who photographed our wedding needed to respect this.

    Luckily, we found a photographer recommended by close friends, who took the time to get to know us as a person and what we valued the most from our wedding photography. His personable touch and attention to detail made us feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the day. And the final artwork blew our minds. Honestly, I didn't think we could look this good. And that's coming from someone who is very photo awkward.

    Twenty One Studio was founded about the same year. And to date, we have shot hundreds of weddings, big and small, from all over Melbourne and Interstate. Our approach has always been the same; we treat every bride and groom at our wedding. Therefore, we don't just book any wedding without spending the time getting to know our couples, their hope and dream, and most importantly, what they value the most from their wedding day.

    With hundreds of wedding photographers out there, we are honoured you're considering us to capture your big day. So here's our commitment to you: When you choose to work with us, you can take the stress out of wedding planning, knowing your special day, your precious moments and loved ones will be captured beautifully and genuinely. So you can go on enjoying quality time with the people you cherish the most.

    Phenomena Photography & Cinematic


    (03) 9867 2214

    Phenomena Photography Melbourne

    What was once a dream is now a reality with the birth of the best wedding photography company—Phenomena Photography & Cinematic. Brides have long awaited a Melbourne based boutique wedding company that offers personalised services, striking imaging and gorgeous final productions, all at an affordable price. With over ten years of combined experience, our wedding photographers and cinematographers at Phenomena Photography & Cinematic are the epitomai of a highly stylised approach to wedding photography & wedding videography. Our focus lies on candidly capturing the momentous events throughout one of the biggest days of your life. Using only state of the art technology and techniques, Phenomena wedding Photography & Cinematic is at the forefront of individualistic photography and unparalleled high definition films. Located in the chic hub of South Yarra, Phenomena Photography & Cinematic is well placed to cater for weddings throughout metropolitan Melbourne, Greater Victoria and South Australia. Consultations are free and can be scheduled for the evenings or weekends in our trendy studio.

    Phenomena Wedding Photography Melbourne 

    Who doesn't like a good picture? One that captures the intimate love you and your family share on your BIG DAY? One that captures the joy, the tears?

    We at Phenomena take up the task of bringing your wedding pictures to look like the dream they are. We seamlessly blend into your family. It's as if we were never there in the first place. We bring the perfect mix of life and energy; just what you need to capture the moments you spend with the people who matter. We let you enjoy your day while we steal candid shots and moments of you and your guests enjoying every bit of your big day.

    Ready For Having A Wedding Photography?

    Waiting to capture you at your happiest

    The flower girl jumping around, the bridesmaids laughing, the bride's father looking at his beautiful daughter, the couple's laughter, and their tears. There's so much happening on the day you are meant to marry the love of your life. As documentary wedding photographers, we capture all these emotions in their truest subtleties. We want the couple to be themselves, relish every second while you trust us to tell your emotional story.

    Video Packages

    6 hours

    Price: $1650

    • One cinematographer with multi-cameras
    • Actual original footage well cut with live audio recording.
    • USB
    • One copy of live footage on a USB
    • 2 mins video highlight
    • Two cinematographers with multi-cameras

    Lightbox Media


    +61 418 990 378

    We Are Lightbox Media -- Wedding Film Makers

    Timeless - Creative - Crafted

    Since 2001, we have been providing our couples with visually appealing and creative wedding films. Our love for producing wedding films all started back in 1998, where Pat, our founder, was introduced to the "video team" in what was back then one of Victoria's leading film companies. While Pat's interest was in photography - the words "we need you in our video department" proved to be a life-changer.

    Some years had gone by, and Pat soon realised that he needed to begin some new adventures and started our brand.

    Over the years, we have certainly seen many changes. But what hasn't changed is the love we have for what we do.

    When sharing on our couple's wedding day, we continually look for that raw moment, capturing the emotions that can only be captured nicely on film.

    As our couples enjoy and soak in the day, we will capture surroundings, details, and elements that make your day unique. We prefer capturing your day as it unfolds, ensuring that the film we produce is a true reflection of who you are.

    We are fortunate to have a small team of filmmakers. Being a boutique studio, we limit the number of weddings we take on. This ensures that we don't compromise on the quality of love of what we do!

    Lightbox Media is Melbourne-based; however, we are happy to travel to about anywhere to share on your big day! So, let's chat! We'd love to connect with you and talk more about your big plans!

    Wedding Packages




    • 8 hours coverage
    • Highlights (3-5min) delivered on social media with the music license.
    • Includes the option of voice over of vows/speeches throughout
    • your highlight film
    • USB with highlights and edited days footage


    • 10 hours coverage
    • Highlights Film (7-10min) delivered on social media with the music license.
    • Includes the option of voice over of vows/speeches throughout
    • your highlight film
    • USB with highlights and edited days footage


    • 12 hours coverage
    • Highlights (3-5min) delivered on social media with the music license.
    • Includes the option of voice over of vows/speeches throughout
    • your highlight film
    • USB with highlights and edited days footage
    • Consists of a Feature Film (30min)

    Annette And Dani Films

    annette & dani films

    04 5897 5744

    Annette + Dani Film Melbourne's Most Stylish Weddings.

    Their effortless and romantic style makes them one of the most sought after wedding videographers in the industry.

    With over ten years of experience in the industry, you'll be in safe hands with Annette & Dani guiding you through your big day.

    We are Annette and Dani, and we create natural, beautiful, romantic and timeless wedding videos. 

    Formerly, Burgess Video, we are one of the very few all-female teams in Melbourne. Since childhood, both creatives and artists, we are always looking to capture the world's magic from behind a lens.  

    We craft candid, documentary-style films that will allow you to hold your memories in your heart forever. Our style is natural and organic, effortless and romantic.

    With over ten years in the industry, we have captured over 700 of Melbourne's most stylish weddings, gaining experience filming many cultures and traditions.

    We craft candid, documentary-style films that will allow you to hold your memories in your heart forever.


    Package One

    • 6 hours of continuous coverage 
    • Two videographers
    • Single Track Highlight clip
    • Feature Film
    • Speeches
    • 1 x USB drive supplied in a beautiful hand-crafted box
    • (*not available on Saturdays)

    Package Two 

    • 9 hours of continuous coverage 
    • Two videographers
    • Single Track Highlight clip
    • Feature Film
    • Speeches
    • 1 x USB drive supplied in a beautiful hand-crafted box

    Package Three

    • 12 hours of continuous coverage 
    • Two videographers
    • Single Track Highlight clip
    • Feature Film
    • Speeches
    • 1 x USB drive supplied in a beautiful hand-crafted box

    Allure Productions

    +61 1300 698 414

    Your Films

    With that quirky smile, that loving glance and that funny thing you do. That's the level of depth we work to. We capture your essence, not an event. Real moments, not running time. True feelings, not a function. Forever your day. Make it you.

    Short Story

    Because every great love starts with a great story, we film from our heart to yours in a way that is authentic, open and genuine, leaving you with a story that is one hundred per cent you. Your four-minute film uses the audio from your day as the storyline. It is perfect for sharing and sneaky peaks when you just want to lose yourself all over again.

    Feature Film

    It's the intimate moments and heartfelt words that write the story you've known your whole life. Your 10 – 15 minute Feature is for those stories where a Short Film just isn't enough.

    Other Products

    Once you've chosen your style of film, customise the number of cinematographers, hours and add any of the following to make it indeed you.

    • Additional Cinematographers
    • Multi-Camera Formalities
    • 1 Minute Instagram
    • Long Form Documentary
    • Drone
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