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Top 30 Wedding Videographers in Yarra Valley (2024)

Planning a wedding and choosing a wedding videographer can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be. The key is in the details, and we are here to help you with that.

Wedding videographers are an important part of any engagement or wedding day, and there are so many great options out there. The Yarra Valley is home to some of the best, and it's not hard to see why they're at the top of our list. 

Whether you're looking for a company with experience or someone who specialises in specific types of video, we've compiled a list of the Top 30 Yarra Valley based Wedding Videographers! 

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    Ultimate List Of Wedding Videographers in Yarra Valley

    Wild Romantic Photography

    wild romantic photography wedding video production company melbourne

    0434 484 811

    Our Story

    Founded in 2016, Wild Romantic Photography is a collective of passionate image-makers and energetic doers. We are dedicated to telling love stories with photography that captures authentic moments of joy and connection.
    Based in Australia, we can find beauty in locations across the world and those closer to home. We've shot on windswept beaches and city rooftops, in secret gardens and historic homesteads.
    We partner with our clients to help them navigate their big day, and we know it's just as important to have fun and be in the moment as it is to document the event.
    Our photographs are taken with care and skill and made to be treasured for a lifetime.

    Our Founder

    Elle Alihos grew up in the migrant farming communities of rural Victoria. Her childhood taught her to love nature and big skies, and the values of Mediterranean culture: family, food, history, generosity and coming together to celebrate life.
    She brings these inspirations together with a passion for art, photography and film to her work at Wild Romantic. Holding a BA in Commercial Photography, Elle has photographed more than 100 weddings for 100 happy couples.
    Celebrating marriages in her family and community has always been an important way of connecting to culture. Elle admits to being obsessed with weddings and is always searching for meaningful ways to document 'I do'.

    Our Pricing & Packages

    We pride ourselves on total transparency with our pricing. As a result, our wedding photography packages are highly flexible and affordable. You are also encouraged to create your package by adding additional services depending on your specific needs and budget.
    Based in Australia, we can find beauty in locations across the world and those closer to home. We've shot on windswept beaches, city rooftops, in secret gardens and historic homesteads. Our offices are located in cultural capitals Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Our service charge covers the cost of travel between these sites, so our customers are only charged for travel within the respective areas.
    We would love to be of service to you whether you are planning your dream wedding, expecting a baby, hosting a kid's birthday party or just looking to add family portraits to your album. We can help you. Simply get in touch today to learn more.

    Directors Edge - Yarra Valley Wedding Video

    directors edge

    0421 985 064

    About Directors Edge

    Not everything about your wedding day can be summed up by what happens at the altar. Your wedding movie, in our opinion, should be as vibrant as your life: full of joy, pride, and hope as well as secret kisses and crazy dancing steps.

    Meet Your Filmmaker

    I'm Glen (with a N), and I give everything I do my all, including my work, my relationships with my clients, and even my dancing (and I have a couple of testimonials to prove it). It's crucial that we get to know one another because we'll be spending a lot of time together on your wedding day; no weird vibes allowed. I enjoy having hot chocolate with too many marshmallows when I meet with clients, and just so you know, I'll probably request an additional bread roll from your establishment since, after all, bread rolls are life.

    Valley & Peak - Yarra Valley & Melbourne Wedding Photography + Videography

    valley & peak

    +61 419 529 212

    You've Found Your Dream Team

    You can be sure that you have the best personnel to care after you on your special day because we have handled over 700 weddings. Simply put, we tell a wedding's story as it actually happened. We don't need to and aren't in the business of making the moments. We'll let you decide that. We'll make sure to be there to record every feeling, every hug, every tear - the entire nine yards.

    On the big day, we get to know everyone and make sure they feel at ease with us so we can blend in. Making sure we aren't a random couple is the key to getting fantastic images and films. You might not even be aware that we are photographing. It is that simple.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    One of the most frequent questions asked by couples when planning their big day is; "Do we really need a wedding videographer?" – in short…YES!

    Having a wedding videographer is just about as important as having the perfect dress or tux (depending on the couple), the most beautiful location, and of course, a high-class photographer. Wedding videos are no longer the old-fashioned snooze-fest they once were. They have transformed into cinematic montages, which capture a couple's true essence within each frame.

    Your wedding film is one of the most tangible ways to relive your wedding day. It's the closest you can get to getting in a time machine and reliving every second of your day. Feel the love in every breath, movement and sound through this stunning, cinematic montage that you can hold in your hearts forever—a gift not only for you but for your family, friends and maybe even your kids someday.

    When it comes to the cost of your video, you also want to look at how long you're hiring your videographer for, what sort of footage you're getting from the reel, and how many videographers you're having. While most video companies will offer two videos to film your day, these will often both be operated by one videographer (i.e. a fixed camera filming the ceremony and the videographer roaming around getting other shots).

    If you're looking at adding a wedding videographer into your wedding budget, then you're in luck because it's one of the few categories where the average hasn't gone up in price over the last few years. Nationally, an Australian videographer should cost you around $2,702.

    Like any supplier, the average cost can go up or down a bit depending on which state you're based in and the suppliers available to you. Most of the time, you'll be looking at budgeting somewhere between $2000 and $3500 for a popular videography package.

    Share your wedding video at a little cost! The beauty of living in the 21st century is that we are more connected to our families across the world than ever.

    There's no such thing as the $3 per minute phone call to an international family member anymore. With a Wedding Video, you can upload your video to Facebook, Dropbox or Google Drive, and your family have instant access to the special moments of your wedding day.

    Or, you can make multiple copies on a personalised USB, at little cost for each of your loved ones across the world and interstate.

    Another great reason to say yes to a Wedding Videographer is that the video lasts a lifetime. The beauty of videos these days is that we can easily save them to a computer, USB or hard drive, which makes the wedding video robust in itself to lasting forever!

    We won't have the issues of blowing into a VHS cassette, hoping that the video will retrieve itself after "getting rid of the dust". Thirty years from now, you will seriously take great joy in showing the next generation of little ones in the family the special moments of a very important day to you.

    The exact inclusions may be personalised to your needs, but certain services are part and parcel of any professional wedding videography package you may book. Expect eight to 10 hours of coverage, and know that additional time can cost as much as $200-$500 per half hour, which pays for the videographer's and assistant's time (if applicable), time spent editing additional footage, and video cards. But don't worry if your day is expected to be longer! This amount of time is usually sufficient to cover everything from wedding day preparation to the cake cutting ceremony.

    However, all the key moments in between should be accounted for in your contract. That means working alongside the photographer as the couple gets ready, arriving at the ceremony site in their own vehicle to film it in its entirety, capturing candid moments while syncing up with the DJ during cocktail hour, the couple's reception entrance, and dances and speeches. Use of your videographer's gear should also be included, like lavalier microphones, which are discreetly clipped-on mini-mics wired to bodypack transmitters, as well as necessary enhancements like music beds. Licensing fees should not come into play, as the end video is for personal use.

    Here are some of the tips for finding the right wedding videographer and getting the most out of your wedding film.

    Hire a professional.  

    Bride's number one regret is not having a video. There is no other time than your wedding when you are surrounded by so many happy friends and family, and to hear what was said and see people interacting is priceless. Considering all the time, money and energy that goes into your day capturing professionally, it is a fairly small investment that will pay off for generations.

    Hire a local videographer.  

    To hire someone who has shot at the location and worked with the local vendors already will make for a better film. A professional who is familiar with where the sun will set, what shot angles are best when conditions and light are optimum are all big factors in having the best film possible.

    Know the style you like.  

    There are so many ways to shoot a wedding, but here are the three main ones:

    Music video: 

    It focuses on cinematic shots and is a visually driven film with lots of time-shifting through parts of the day with effects and music with lyrics. This style has little to no audio such as vows, speeches or any other voice-over dialogue.


    The opposite of the music video: This style is like a professionally shot home movie– it focuses on candid moments with a more handheld style and is more about moments of guests laughing, speeches, natural audio and interactions between people over visual flair. These films have a more organic natural feel with instrumental music driven by dialogue.

    Cinematic Storytelling:  

    This style is the best of both worlds. It has the visual production quality of the music video but with the feel and emotion of the Candid style. In this style, there are stunning cinematic shots but also the emotional feel of the day with dialogue from the day.


    Videography has a lot more moving pieces than photography does, from our tripods to lights to drones and other gear. Videographers rely heavily on the timeline to make sure we can cover what is happening but also be ready to cover what is going to happen next. And at times, multiple things are happening at once, such as the bride getting into her dress, the groom getting dressed, and the completed ceremony site is ready for filming. For coverage of all of these crucial moments, they rely on the detailed timeline that your coordinator put together.


    Rick Liston - Yarra Valley Pro Photographer

    rick liston

    +61 475 604 752

    About Me

    I was born and raised in Healesville, and I believe that living in a tiny community gave me the singular goal of making as many new friends as I could. Once I adopted that attitude, I seized any chance to explore, dream, and learn that presented itself.

    My first photography gig was for a British adventure apparel company that had international photo shoots. My perception of what was possible and the enchantment of photography was expanded. that a single image has the power to take you to another time and place while allowing you to feel as though you are there. I was able to see a great deal of very beautiful life tales thanks to my pursuit of this crazy obsession, which is considerably more motivating than fiction.

    I chose Shanghai as my home since it was a melting pot of fascinating individuals from all different cultures. I was particularly drawn to one of them. A drop-dead gorgeous fashion designer from Ibiza, who couldn't understand a word of my Aussie accent but assumed I must be a surfer (I was careful not to correct her).

    Michael Briggs Photography

    micheal briggs

    0421 461 278

    About Me: Michael 'Briggsy' Briggs

    Hello there I'm Michael, although most people refer to me as Briggsy. I am a Yarra Valley wedding photographer, the husband of the lovely Kelly, the incredibly proud father of our daughter Quinn, our son Klay, and our boxer dog Ruby. I appreciate you visiting and looking at my website.

    Since you'll be collaborating closely with your photographer during the preparation and celebration of your wedding day, I believe it's essential that you get to know them. I'm also not the type of person to uncomfortably and silently stand in the corner and zoom in. So, how do you know the couple? is one of my favorite indirect compliments I can receive from a wedding guest. Being treated more as a friend of the couple and wedding guest rather than just paid help is always nice.

    Aria Photography

    aria photography

    0427 427 412

    Fun & Authentic Wedding Photography

    Aria Photography, based in the Yarra Valley, documents unforgettable occasions such as the day your closest buddy gets married, the epic after-party, and everything else in between. As a two photographer team, we are driven by capturing every detail, the honest moments in between the moments, and the amazing story of you both woven into your beautiful wedding day.

    Hey, I'm Sharne, So Stoked To Have You Here!

    I enjoy working with people and am both professional and incredibly approachable. I really feel that taking pictures of your family and friends at your wedding is just as important as taking pictures of you two and your bridal party (which is part of the reason we have a two photographer team). On your wedding day, taking photos should be enjoyable (no cheesy garbage here), and they should never feel like a chore. The "golden hour" is the finest time of day for photographs, and that has to be one of my favorite settings, whether it's a vineyard or your parents' 100-acre farm.

    Millgrove Photography


    0487 912 147

    About Us

    Hi, I'm Jon, a 5th-place ABIA Finalist for Wedding Photography in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. I'm also a member of the Equality Network and the Yarra Valley and Dandenongs' top photographer, according to the 2017–2019 Brides Choice Awards.

    I've been a full-time professional wedding photographer for over 10 years, covering more than 300 weddings. I studied photography for three years at university back in the 1990s. We have two children in elementary school, which keeps us (well, largely Anne) quite busy. I'm married to the most gorgeous woman, Anne. I appreciate you reading this, and I'd love to hear from you and learn more about your big day.

    Lionheart Photography Melbourne


    +61 411 300 112

    A Little About Us

    Hi there. We are Fiona and Glen. a husband and wife pair with a crazy enthusiasm for capturing spectacular weddings for couples all across Australia, no matter where they are. Finding and marrying your soulmate is the greatest feeling in life, we can personally attest to having been married ourselves for eight years and having been together for sixteen years. Nawwww.

    We enjoy traveling, searching for the perfect sunset, and discovering new locations, but we also enjoy spending time on the sofa. We enjoy hanging out with our family and friends, exploring food truck parks and trying out new restaurants, going on date nights to the movies to see the newest superhero movies, and spending way too much time curled up on the sofa binge-watching Netflix.

    Carley Payne Photography

    carley payne

    0415 495 041

    Hey, I'm Carley

    a diligent candid wedding photographer from in Melbourne's Yarra Valley who strives to capture every significant moment. I document the memories, the love, and the emotions of your big day so you can cherish them forever, starting with the anticipation of getting dressed and ending with the last moments of the reception.

    Yarra Valley Wedding Photographer

    I adore my work as a wedding photographer and couldn't fathom doing anything else. Even though the "shooting pictures" side of the business is amazing, there are other aspects of photographing weddings that I adore. I enjoy learning more about you and your life. Your future husband's smile when he sees you for the first time in your gorgeous dress is absolutely priceless as you walk down the aisle about to join hands with the love of your life. I adore romance and am incredibly grateful to the couples who invited me to be a part of their important occasions.

    Veri Photography


    +61 412 601 903

    Australian Wedding Photographer And Videographer

    Veri Photography is dedicated to sharing the love stories of couples as a boutique wedding photography and videography company serving Australia wide and destination weddings. Our expertise comes from years of photographing pre-weddings, engagements, and weddings around the country with teams of professional wedding photographers and videographers in both Victoria and NSW.

    Wedding Photography Melbourne & Sydney

    What kind of memory would you wish to have of one of the most significant days in your life? Veri Photography's mission is to capture the pleasure, love, and passion you felt on your special day in the wedding images.

    We operate in a field where relationships are key. Our aim is to not only capture the energy between each couple, but also to take the time to learn about your love story so that our cameras can capture your distinct characteristics.

    Corey Wright Photographer

    corey wright

    0400 401 014

    About Me

    Hello there! I'm Corey, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to be a wedding photographer. I see it more as a luxury than as a job. I get to see the most incredible interactions between couples and their loved ones and capture moments that will be treasured forever.

    Besides being a dad, I also enjoy playing the piano, drinking coffee, and caring for animals. I love cars, music, lego, technology, cheese & wine (always together), dark chocolate, and I believe kindness is the most powerful gift we can share.

    I didn't grow up taking pictures; I kind of stumbled into it approximately 12 years ago. Years ago, I got a camera for a vacation abroad and fell in love with taking pictures of the incredible people I met and documenting sights from everyday life. I realized when I got back that I wanted to keep using pictures to communicate tales. Since then, I've photographed more than 400 weddings, and I've enjoyed every second of them all.

    Elope Yarra Valley

    elope yarra valley

    +61 408 832 956

    Elopement + Micro Wedding Specialists

    Run away in style. Get married in Australia. After more than 300 elopements and small weddings, we are confident in our ability to design something incredibly lovely for your private ceremony. Before they were ever a thing, we have been offering customised, small-scale weddings in Victoria (and beyond) for almost five years. You decide to be married, though. It will be unique. You may toss off the rulebook for how a traditional wedding should be and experience the day you actually want with an intimate wedding.

    Hey! Thanks For Stopping By

    We are Kate and Sharne, and we are in charge of everything here! Since almost five years ago, we've been planning intimate weddings for couples in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, and abroad with a team of really talented legends. We are both incredibly delighted that our work has now surpassed our sizable wedding enterprises because we both love it so much. In our combined 1000 weddings, we have encountered every imaginable wedding circumstance in the majority of our amazing locales and beyond.

    Rays Weddings

    rays wedding

    +61 419 108 378

    Melbourne Wedding Videography

    Nothing makes us happier than being a part of someone's special day and being able to share the love story of two crazy-in-love people. Our intention is for you to be able to repeatedly relive the moment when you had watery eyes, wild laughter, and spectacular dance-off moves.

    Take us with you; our passports are current and our suitcases are packed. Any locations are acceptable. The bond we develop over time with our past, present, and future couples is the best part of being a wedding filmmaker. We want you to have the experience you want and plan because you've put a lot of effort into getting ready for this one day, so let's make it memorable rather than just a wonderful wedding film that you will watch over and over again.

    Oneheart Studios


    +61 568 521 711

    We are makers of cool, authentic images and videos, and we genuinely enjoy what we do! We are a small photography company with roots in Melbourne that specializes in capturing all the cool & authentic moments that occur on your wedding day. From the moment we first hear from you until we deliver your custom-made product, we put all of our heart into documenting your wedding day (thus our name). We are experts at capturing tender, unforced moments without ever intruding.

    How Many Hours Is All Day Coverage?

    We'll be there from the time you get ready until all of your guests start dancing nonstop. On average, we linger at events for two to three hours. This, in our experience, gives us enough time to document all the legalities and allows the dance floor to begin going. We may provide a cost if you have elaborate plans for your farewell and want us to stay until the very end.

    Tie The Knot Wedding Films

    tie the knot

    04 3105 7514

    Our Story

    Our small team of wedding videographers is committed to conveying your love story in a distinctive and cinematic manner. We are meticulous, a pleasure to deal with, enthusiastic about what we do, and most importantly, we disappear during the day. When it comes to creating your wedding film, there is no blueprint; instead, our talented team of creatives handcrafts each wedding to reflect your day and immortalize every moment.

    What Do You Need To Know?

    We enjoy capturing the genuine events from your wedding day and using film to create a special narrative out of them. Our desire is to capture your wedding in a cinematic still image so you can remember it forever. Please get in touch if you're looking for a business that can establish a calm environment. We would sincerely enjoy taking part in your journey.

    Dansk Photography


    (03) 9505 6512

    Wedding Photography

    The crew at Dansk Photography, recognized as one of Melbourne's top ten best wedding photographers, offers imaginative, enjoyable, genuine, and expert service. Your wedding photos will always be with you. We are aware of how unique today is.

    In order to remember and share the memories you have, you want to be able to look back in the future and still be proud of what has been recorded. Dansk Photography, award-winning photographers for their imagery and service, captures the emotion, the spirit, the happiness and pride that shines through each bridal party, their family and friends.

    Bright Light Weddings


    +61481 818 727

    "Your Beauty Is The Bright Light That Shines From Within."

    The most effective technique to preserve your memories so they can be handed down to future generations as heirlooms is through visual media. Our goal is to portray this in a classy, classic, and soulful manner. Together, our images and films produce the most engrossing, carefree, and unique experience on your wedding day.

    Brendan Creaser Photography

    brendan creaser

    +61 438 343 874

    A Bit About Me

    I get the same kinds of sentiments while I'm taking photos as when I'm exploring. Observing the way the light is cast, pursuing shadows, and taking in the beauty of the earth. Every wedding I have the honor of photographing is a memorable adventure, and I love that no two shoots are ever the same.

    I was a paramedic in a past life. I currently reside on the Mornington Peninsula with my lovely wife in a vintage 1950s home. I enjoy learning, living, loving, exploring, surfing, and listening to music.

    Steven Beck Media

    steven beck

    0408 596 512

    About Steven

    I'm Steven Beck, by the way. I work as a professional photographer, videographer, and editor. I founded Steven Beck Media in 2011 because I wanted to give my customers a high-quality, individualized service. Since I started working in the media in 2004, I have recorded and edited innumerable wedding films, corporate videos, TV commercials, documentaries, and other life events.

    It humbles me to hear from clients who still adore their wedding movies and have even shared them with their children years after the event. It makes me happy and motivates me to continue taking photos of people's memories to know that so many clients can revisit those wonderful moments as they go through life's seasons together.

    Momento Films

    momento films


    We strive to document the priceless moments of your wedding day so you can look back on them fondly in the future. Imagine reliving your husband's surprise when he first sees you in your lovely clothing. And remembering how much fun it was to see your grandparents dance... From getting ready with your loved ones to enjoying a great time with your friends and family later in the day, we will be by your side. We work hard to give you the best service and maintain our creative flow.

    We know how essential it is to have your wedding day captured authentically since we spend a lot of time turning wonderful stories into short videos. After seeing their wedding DVD, some couples have admitted to crying happy tears.

    T-One Image

    t one image

    +61 477 687 714


    Fantastic wedding movies are available in Melbourne or Sydney from T-One Image - Melbourne and Sydney Wedding Videography. These wedding movies are a special way to capture all the beauty and excitement of your big day, preserving the memories for many years to come.

    A professional Melbourne & Sydney wedding videography is the only method to truly capture the essence of your wedding day. We make an effort to capture the closeness you share with your partner, the essence of your union, as well as the emotions of your dear loved ones who were present on your wedding day.

    On your ideal day, our wedding photographers collaborate with you to realize your vision and record each unique moment. Our high art approach to wedding photography produces faultless, exceptional-quality finished products that are as lovely, distinctive, and special as your relationship. Work with your individual taste and style to convey your uniqueness as well as the joy and emotion of in-love couples.

    Courtney Laura Photography

    courtney laura

    +61 430 360 065

    About Me

    Hello to everybody. The person behind the name and face of Courtney Laura Photography is me. It's not Laura, it's Courtney. (Yes, that does occur.) Although I have a studio in the Yarra Valley, I am a wedding photographer who serves Melbourne, Australia, and the entire world.

    A little about me: I've been married to my best friend for almost eleven years, and we have three wonderful and rambunctious kids: Jordan (age 8), Taylor (age 6), and Owen (year 6). (4). Needless to say, I have a lot on my hands!

    I just genuinely adore weddings. I enjoy being there to support you as you get ready in the morning, cry with you when you first see each other during the ceremony, and laugh with you when the speeches are funny or inappropriate. I value pleasure, romance, enduring beauty, but most of all, REAL! Real feelings, real experiences, and real memories.

    The Wedding Fair


    the wedding fair yarra

    +61 433 230 301


    We create a narrative that spans the entire day, from your preparations to your guests' laughter over beverages to the smallest of decor touches and glances you steal in between scenes. Beautiful honesty results from our stealthy (ninja-style) approach in our storytelling.


    With Tigs Macallan Photography, we have partnered. Her passion is encapsulating the day's actual essence and creating a lovely tale for you to reflect on. She approaches weddings in an honest, documentary-style manner. Tigs is a life-long learner, an avid memory keeper, and a stickler for details.

    Apertura Studios


    +61 433 250 333

    Emotional wedding films that are expertly produced. In my opinion, it's about capturing the unfiltered feelings that exist between families and couples and presenting them in a cinematic way to convey a tale. based in Melbourne but traveling the globe to write stories for in love couples. Every wedding film is documented in the most authentic and natural way possible, and the approach is easygoing, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

    Hi, I'm Sash

    We should bond well because I will be around for the entirety of your wedding day. Your comfort with me and vice versa is the most crucial aspect of the day. I photograph your wedding day in a very relaxed and casual manner, for the most part. catching memorable moments as they happen between you and your visitors. I prefer to keep things casual and unposed. I think some general guidelines should be provided on the day, but that's it. Having as much fun as we can at weddings while spending time with the people we love is important. I will provide you advice that will assist you in the planning process when we sit down to talk about the details of your wedding day.



    eyes on me

    +61 477 989 601

    Nice To Meet You

    Welcome to Eyesonme, a Melbourne-based studio for wedding photography and filmmaking. We document the moment you say "I do" with the help of our talented team of professionally accredited photographers and videographers. Each member of our Melbourne wedding photography team has over seven years of expertise, and together, they have documented over 200 weddings. We provide candid wedding photography and videography in Melbourne. We use a natural, non-staged documentary style of filming combined with a timeless, retro vibe.

    The Yarra Valley, the Mornington Peninsula, the Bellarine Peninsula, and the Melbourne CBD are some of the most popular wedding locations in Victoria, and we utilize our studio in South Melbourne as a base to visit happy couples around the state of Victoria. We are Melbourne's top wedding photography crew.

    Nikki McCrone - Wedding Photography

    nikki mccrone

    +61 438 068 512

    Oh, Hey! I'm Nikki.

    I adore everything about weddings, including the vows being exchanged, the ceremony's splendor, and the wedding party getting down on the dance floor. I enjoy recording speech time in all its splendor. I consider myself fortunate to have recorded the amusing, embarrassing, and touching tales of so many families.

    Couples treasure the "golden hour." It happens when the sun sets and casts that hospitable glow. It's time for you to sneak away, fetch a glass of champagne, and have a kiss and a laugh by yourselves (and me).

    By the time the big day comes around, you're my pal, and I want you to have a bloody ball, so I get truly enthusiastic about your wedding. I make every effort to ensure that your wedding is carefree, joyful, and enjoyable.

    Peter Ingamells Photography

    peter ingamells

    +61 430 911 263

    Meet Pete

    My passion is photography. It runs in my family. I spent a lot of my childhood evenings at my grandpa's place admiring his photos. The antique slide projector would flutter images onto the living room wall while we all sat on the couch.

    I was drawn into the wonder of nature by the amazing landscapes he shot. During this time, he was taking pictures of his family and their travels. His images conveyed such beautiful tales of love, laughter, and life. This is why I am so passionate about using photography to communicate people's stories. I want to document the joyous celebrations of life, the joyful moments, and the stunning intimacy of love. You could catch me busting out a move or two if your wedding has a dance floor, so just be aware of that.

    Motta Weddings

    motta weddings

    +61 402 181 897

    About Me

    Motta Weddings is a photography company that I own. I was raised in a boisterous Italian household of actors and designers. As for me, I've been a practicing photographer professionally since 2008. I have documented love stories all across the world, from Australia to Central America and Europe.


    The most crucial aspect of wedding photography, in my opinion, is to capture events candidly, artistically, and naturally rather than trying to invent moments. I have a reputation for working without fuss, offering some guidance when necessary but generally letting the day unfold as it should. This is why it's just me on the day; the less photographers around you, the better. Even though I believe that taking pictures is a significant aspect of the day, being unobtrusive while working is crucial for capturing the day spontaneously and letting you enjoy every second.

    SoulFlare Weddings



    +61 400 849 355

    About Soulflare

    Hello soon-to-be newlyweds. An unposed, organic, and contemporary style of wedding photography is what SoulFlare Weddings is all about. We are aware that the bulk of you are probably not Instagram models or celebrities who frequently appear in front of the camera. We think candid wedding photography is the greatest because of this. It includes every interstitial period.

    You won't believe this, but none of the couples you see on our website are models. Their wedding day was one of their first occasions in front of the camera, and they are just average couples like you. making you feel at ease, enjoying yourself, and most importantly, comfortable! It is of the utmost importance.

    Without your knowledge, our incredibly brilliant team of photographers will be dodging, diving, and commando rolling (well, not really) to capture the most genuine and unstaged moments on your special day!

    Love is Sweet Photography



    love is sweet

    +61 408 920 712

    Hello Lovers!

    You're getting married, then. Congratulations! The search for a wedding photographer has now begun. Your idea of a wedding is spending as much time with family and friends, not having to pose for photos for hours on end and just having one big party. All while wearing a huge, beaming smile. Are we accurate?

    We don't treat weddings like glamour shoots for wedding magazines since we are aware that they are not. We'll just spend a little while getting some fantastic pictures of your family, your wedding party, and of course the two of you. But we promise that it won't last all day.

    Following a non-intrusive approach, we will photograph your wedding as it unfolds and we will capture it beautifully and naturally, always looking out for the simple and real things that actually happen. Because it would be strange and awkward, we won't ask you to stage anything. Describes you?

    Marcel Van der Horst Photographer

    marcel van der horst

    +61 409 621 047

    About Marcel Van Der Horst

    Owner and principal photographer of the company, which has been in operation for 13 years, is Marcel. It, of course, started off as a hobby, which grew into a business selling prints when digital photography became a more commonplace way of taking photographs. Helping a friend photograph his sister's wedding led by serendipity to a career in wedding photography. He's been in the retail and wholesale trade for 18 years—yes, he's that old—in the automobile accessory industry before it became his full-time job. To date, there have been over 350 weddings photographed for various leading studios and under his own brand.

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