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20 Cash For Old Car Wreckers in Melbourne, Victoria [2023]

If you're in Melbourne and looking to sell your car, you want to make sure you're getting the best deal possible. Our directory post features the top 20 cash for car dealers in Melbourne, Victoria. These dealers are known for their reliable, trustworthy, and hassle-free car buying services, making them a popular choice among car sellers in Melbourne. Check out our list to find the perfect dealer for your needs and get the cash you deserve for your car.

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    The Ultimate List of Cash for Old Car Wreckers in Melbourne

    Old Cars Removed

    old cars removed

    03 9998 2238

    Old Cars Removed specialises in car removal for all types of vehicles. If a customer has an unwanted car that needs to be removed, they can contact Old Cars Removed via the online forms on their website or by calling them directly. 

    Old Cars Removed is a family-run business that offers friendly and personalised service to their customers. They specialise in picking up old, unwanted, or wrecked cars, regardless of the year, make, model, or condition. Old Cars Removed is fully licensed and can pick up any make or model in any condition.

    Old Cars Removed offers instant payment for all cars, no matter how old they are or what kind of car, truck, van, or ute they are. The better the condition of the car, the more money the customer will receive. Old Cars Removed has been perfecting their simple, speedy, and smart process for over 30 years. They will come to the customer no matter where they are located in Melbourne.

    OzCar - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    13 69 228

    To get an instant price for a car, customers can fill in their car details online, and OzCar will send them an instant price via SMS. They need to ensure that they choose the correct make, model, and any items that need repair to maximise the car's value. 

    OzCar aims to offer customers retail pricing rather than wholesale pricing, which can save them money, time, and frustration. It's a hassle-free process that makes upgrading to a new car easier. The service is free, and customers are encouraged to give it a try to see how much their car is worth.

    Cash For Used Cars - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    +61 415 007 677

    The company, Cash For Used Cars, offers quality services to those who wish to sell their used cars. When trying to sell a used car, it can be a cumbersome process, and sometimes the seller may want to dispose of the car quickly in exchange for cash. Luckily, this company offers to buy used cars for cash, eliminating the hassle of private selling. 

    Listing a car online as a private seller and waiting for offers can be a tedious process, and even if offers do come in, they may not always be reasonable. Additionally, potential buyers may try to negotiate the price, which may not be agreeable to the seller. 

    Cash For Used Cars offers a service that takes away the challenges of private selling by providing a fair price for the car and offering instant payment upon delivery of the vehicle. Sellers can obtain a quick valuation of their car and receive instant payment once the car is delivered.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cash for old cars dealers are companies that specialise in buying used cars for cash, typically older or damaged vehicles with little resale value in the traditional market.


    Cash for your old car Dealers will assess the condition of your vehicle and provide you with a price. They will pay you in cash and take possession of the vehicle if you accept the offer.


    Cash for old car dealer typically buy older or damaged vehicles, but some may buy newer vehicles as well.


    Yes, you can get money for your old car. Dealers frequently purchase non-running vehicles.


    In most cases, yes, you will need to have the title to your car in order to sell it to a cash for old car dealer.

    TheCarBuyers - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    1300 843 228

    A family-owned business with over 20 years of experience in buying cars and supporting the community that operates throughout Australia. The business takes pride in offering honest, transparent, and best prices for cars. Regardless of the seller's location in the country, the business offers professional services and strives to provide a simple, hassle-free process.

    Selling a car privately or trading it in is unnecessary as the business offers a great price for cars. The team takes care of the paperwork and ensures that the selling process is stress-free for the seller. The business has earned excellent ratings and positive reviews on Google, demonstrating its commitment to provide satisfactory services.

    The business constantly aims to improve its services to offer faster, better, and more hassle-free solutions to its customers. The presence of the business in every corner of Australia ensures prompt and reliable services to sellers.

    Cash for Car 247 - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    0451 796 910

    Cash for Car 247 Melbourne is a car removal company that provides fast, easy, fair, and convenient services to car sellers. The company offers a better deal than the trade-in value of a vehicle and is part of Quick Car Removal, which specialises in cash for cars and car removal services in Melbourne.

    Sellers can contact the company today for a cash offer and receive up to $9999 cash in their hand the same day. The company buys all types of vehicles, including those that owners are still paying for. They settle the finance and provide instant cash to the owners.

    Cash for Car 247 Melbourne beats dealer trade-in values on most vehicles and offers cash for scrap cars as well. Car owners can simply call the company to receive a cash offer for their vehicle. The company is committed to providing excellent services to its customers.

    Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    (03) 9067 7570

    Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars is a car buying company that offers the highest amount for cars in Melbourne. The company is based in Braeside, Victoria, but provides services to all areas of Melbourne. They offer instant payment of up to $10,000 and free towing services for cars that they buy. Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars operates 24/7 and is available to pick up cars whenever the seller wants.

    The company is part of Local Auto Recycling Pty Ltd, a group of car enthusiasts who are committed to reducing the environmental impact of motoring. They understand that when vehicles exceed their usefulness, they can become a complex collection of elements, some of which are toxic. 

    To reduce this impact, they remove cars for cash in Melbourne and recycle them. Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars is dedicated to providing excellent services to its customers while also making a positive contribution to the environment.

    Gold Car Removals - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne


    If someone has an old junk car that is no longer functional and they are looking for a way to get rid of it in Melbourne, Gold Car Removal offers a solution. They offer cash for junk cars and make the process of selling junk cars as easy as possible. 

    Gold Car Removal pays the highest amount of cash for cars in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, up to $19,999. Their cash for cars Melbourne process is straightforward and hassle-free, making it simple for anyone to sell their junk car and get cash in hand.

    Victorian Car Buyers - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    0455 776 444

    The company specialises in purchasing cars of any make and model, making the process of selling your car stress-free and straightforward. They offer multiple payment options, such as cash, internet transfer, and bank cheques. 

    There is no requirement to obtain a roadworthy certificate or clean the vehicle before the purchase. The company handles all paperwork from start to finish. With over two decades of experience, the licensed motor car trader is renowned for its trustworthiness and reliability.

    Cash For Your Cars - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    0410 726 727

    Cash for your cars is a Melbourne-based company that offers instant cash to customers who wish to sell their vehicles. They are a hassle-free option for car buyers in Melbourne, eliminating the need for appointments and lengthy negotiations. 

    The company only requires the title of ownership or scrap title for the vehicle, making it easy for customers to sell their cars quickly. They provide instant Cash for Cars offers via phone or their website without any obligation. Once an offer is made, customers can schedule a Car Removal at their convenience. They offer up to $9,999 in cash for cars in Melbourne.

    BAY Cash For Cars - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne


    For the past fifteen years, Melbourne's leading used car removal service has been providing customers with the best cash for their cars. All types of vehicles are welcome at their facility, and they offer the greatest possible price for unwanted recyclables. 

    They have earned a reputation as the most trusted junk car removal service in Melbourne due to their competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. Whether you have an old or broken car taking up space in your garage, they will remove it hassle-free and offer you the best possible price.

    Eastern Cash For Cars - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    (03) 7035 7831

    Eastern Cash For Cars provides a solution for those looking to dispose of their car while getting top dollars. Selling a junk vehicle to a junk auto facility is not only a financial benefit but also helps the environment. Regardless of the condition of the car, it is worth something. 

    Cars are made of various materials such as steel, iron, aluminium, copper, glass, platinum, lead, plastic, fluids, electronics, carpet, and fabric. Allowing a car to rust and rot can have a negative impact on the environment and the planet.

    Wreckers Cash for Cars - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne


    Cash for old and used cars Hawthorn believes that selling your car should be as easy as calling a friend. They offer a hassle-free service, eliminating the need for time-wasting negotiations with silver-tongued dealers. Located in Hawthorn, they buy every vehicle in every condition from every area in the region.

    Cash for old and used cars Hawthorn promises to turn your junk car into cash within hours. They provide a seamless experience, ensuring your unwanted car disappears from your premises without hassle. 

    If you have an unwanted vehicle collecting dust in your garage, get a free quote from cash for cars Hawthorn today and sell it for instant cash. You can obtain a quote through various channels and compare it with other junk car buyers' offers to make an informed decision.

    Cash for Old Cars - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    0405 595 027

    As one of Melbourne's top car buyers, they offer high-dollar instant cash amounts of up to $28,999 for all types of vehicles, including cars, vans, trucks, utes, and 4wds. They guarantee that their prices are the best in Melbourne's car market. 

    If a customer has a better price quote than Cash for Old Cars, they can inform them, and they'll beat all genuine offers from other companies to give them the top price for their vehicle. They provide a quick and hassle-free process for picking up the car, making it easy for customers to sell their cars fast for up to $28,999 in the Melbourne region.

    Wrecky Car Wreckers & Cash for Cars - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    0416 126 641

    Wrecky is a company that buys unwanted cars for cash. They offer up to $13,999 for every vehicle that customers bring to them. Wrecky purchases cars of all makes and models, including Japanese, European, American, and Asian cars. 

    They buy all types of cars, regardless of the vehicle's age, condition, or manufactured date. Wrecky is very flexible when it comes to buying vehicles and will consider almost anything that is in good shape or form.

    They offer top cash for all commercial and non-commercial vehicles and provide an evaluation of the vehicle to offer a price estimate. If the customer likes the offered price, then they may have a deal. Wrecky also takes cars that are registered or non-registered, old, junk, scrap, damaged, broken, commercial or non-commercial, and many others. They also handle the paperwork and tow the car for free, as well as remove and wreck it for free.

    Used Car Buyers - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    0402 956 609 

    Used Car Buyers is a car buyer and dealer located in Melbourne that is happy to buy all types of wagons, vans, automobiles, buses, 4WDs, and Utes in any condition. They offer the best price for cars that are slightly old, completely outdated, scrap, junk, smashed, wrecked, and utterly damaged. Customers can sell their cars for the best price by calling Used Car Buyers.

    With several years of experience in the industry, Used Car Buyers provides instant cash for cars in Melbourne and offers the top price for cars. They understand that car owners want a simple way to sell their cars, so all customers need to do is call them at 0435 470 447 to get a free evaluation of their cars. Once the customer agrees to the offer, Used Car Buyers will remove the car for free on the same day if the customer lives in or around Melbourne.

    As car buyers in Melbourne that specialise in buying all types of cars, Used Car Buyers knows that even wrecked and damaged cars are useful. They recover, recycle, refurbish, and resell mechanical and body parts of wrecked cars. Used Car Buyers has the best used car parts for all types of car models, and they sell second-hand parts that are useful in reducing the repair cost of cars.

    Cash 4 Cars - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    0415 477 683

    The company offers instant cash for cars and guarantees to beat competitors' prices. They provide various vehicle removal and disposal services, accepting and collecting all types of vehicles, including unwanted, wrecked, damaged, salvage, Utes, trucks, vans, and scrap cars. 

    They prioritise quality service, especially during emergencies when customers need them the most. The services they offer include unwanted car removal, wrecked car removal, damaged car removal, salvage car removal, Utes/trucks/van removal, car disposal in Melbourne, and the scrap car removal.

    Northern Car Removal - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    0437 773 906

    Melbourne Northern Car Removal pays top dollar for cars in Melbourne and covers all areas in Victoria. They offer instant cash up to $10,000 for your car and provide free towing services. The company operates 24/7 and is a part of Local Auto Recycling Pty Ltd, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of motoring. Melbourne Northern Car Removal recycles vehicles to minimise waste output and toxic elements.

    To get a free quote, customers can call or submit a form. Once the quote is accepted, the company will schedule a pickup time that is convenient for the customer and go to their location anywhere in Melbourne. 

    Mega Cash For Cars - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    0413 680 027

    Mega Cash For Cars is a company that specialises in purchasing pre-owned cars and paying top dollar for them. They accept all types of vehicles, including cars, 4WDs, trucks, and vans, regardless of their age or condition.

    The company pays more for used parts compared to other car disposal companies in Melbourne due to the higher recycled content value. They export old parts to different countries, providing access to specific vehicle components for desired companies and individuals.

    Through their export drive, scrap metals, and various plastics, Mega Cash For Cars can offer more money than their competitors for junk car removals in Melbourne.

    Cash for Car Removal - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    03 8401 4335

    Cash for Car Removal is a reputable cash for cars and car removal business located in Melbourne. They buy all types of vehicles, including cars, 4WDs, utes, trucks, and vans, regardless of the brand. Their services extend to Melbourne and all regional areas in Victoria, making them accessible to everyone in the state.

    With over 30 years of international industry experience, Cash for Car Removal prides itself on providing the best possible customer experience. Their team is licensed and authorised to safely and professionally remove unwanted vehicles from any location in Victoria.

    Cash for Car Removal's methods of processing unwanted vehicles are environmentally friendly. Their car removal specialists are trained to collect car oils and other pollutants and send them to external waste recycling companies. If any spare car parts are suitable for reuse, they are sent to local or international car manufacturers for reuse.

    Trade Your Car - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    1300 767 980

    Trade Your Car is a company that specialises in buying used cars and paying cash for them. They offer a convenient service where they will inspect the car at a time that suits the seller and guarantee the best price for their car. 

    The company also provides the best price guarantee, which means that it will beat any written offer provided by another company. They take care of all the paperwork, including documentation, and do not require a roadworthy certificate or registration. 

    Trade Your Car has been in the automotive industry for over 25 years, and they strive to make the selling process safe and hassle-free for their customers.

    Sell Your Car - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    0419 049 278

    Sell Your Car is a reputable company with over 20 years of experience that offers hassle-free car selling services. They buy all kinds of cars, regardless of their model, age or condition and provide a fair price for them. 

    The team works 24/7 to ensure that customers get the best value for their vehicles. Customer service is their main priority, and they take pride in providing the best dollar for each car. They believe that offering great customer service is an essential element in building a successful business.

    Melbo Cash for Car - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    0422 937 266

    The Melbo Cash for Car offers dependable, professional, and straightforward cash for car services throughout Melbourne. They accept broken, scrap, unwanted, unused, old, written off or wrecked cars and remove them while paying the seller cash for their cars. 

    Selling or towing an unwanted car can be a stressful and difficult task, involving the hassle of listing, viewing, and finding a buyer. The company offers a hassle-free solution by professionally towing away the car, removing it for free, and providing an instant cash payment to the seller.

    Done Deal Australia - Cash for Old Car Dealer Melbourne

    1800 366 334 

    Done Deal Australia is a company that aims to assist people in selling their cars quickly, efficiently, and fairly without any hassle. 

    The company recognises that selling a car can be a challenging and time-consuming process, with options including going to a second-hand dealer or selling it themselves, which can involve a lot of legwork. The traditional process of listing the car, dealing with tire-kickers, and waiting for potential buyers can take weeks or months without any guarantee of a fair price or sale. To address these issues, Done Deal offers a smart and seamless solution for selling cars by providing cash quickly and professionally at a fair price. 

    The company strives to ensure that the process is transparent and avoids any dodgy automated assessments or changes from the original offer without good reason.

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