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    We all know hair extensions are not cheap…and if they are, there is probably a reason for that, such as poor quality! On the other hand, many women who treat themselves to a new set of hair extensions want them to last! In that case, it is essential to care for the hair extensions correctly.

    Just a little bit of extra daily care and minor modifications on how you do things can go a long way. To prevent any damage to your extensions and natural hair, you need to keep on top of your maintenance cycles.

    Depending on your hair type and the type of hair extensions you have, aftercare can vary slightly. However, for those of you who are thinking about getting hair extensions and want to know what is involved in the aftercare, here are some hair extension aftercare tips for you:

    How to Brush Your Hair Extensions

    • Tools: A natural bristle paddle brush or a hair extension loop-brush
    • Method: Separate into two sections left side/right side, start by brushing out any tangles by working your way up the hair to the roots. When you brush close to the roots, you can brush over the bonds using a soft bristle brush for tape extensions. For micro-beads, gently brush through the bonds if you’re using a loop brush.
    • Frequency: Every Morning and night

    How to Wash Your Hair Extensions

    • Tools: Hairbrush, good quality shampoo and conditioner
    • Method: Brush your hair thoroughly before you wash it. Make sure that when showering, you don’t have the shower pressure on full force. Wet your hair and shampoo in a downwards motion. Massage your scalp in-between the bonds with your fingertips. Ensure that you rinse all of the shampoos out to prevent residue from building up. Then add the conditioner through your lengths. Rinse the conditioner out, pat dry with a towel to remove excess water. Add a heat protector or leave-in moisture product if you are planning to blow-dry.
    • Tip: Mix some water with conditioner in a spray bottle and spray your hair extensions through the mid-to lengths before you wash your hair extensions; this will help prevent over-drying from frequent washes.

    How to Style Your Hair Extensions

    • Tools: Hairbrush, crocodile clips, heat protection product, hot curling or iron wand, etc.
    • Method: Use heat protection products first to protect your natural hair and extensions from potential wear and tear and heat damage. Avoid using hairspray. Always ensure that your hair is 100 percent dry before applying any heat tools. Use clips to work on individual sections at a time neatly. Style as desired, curl, crimp, straighten, blow-dry etc.
    • Tip: Avoid holding heat near the bonds at the roots of your hair for too long.

    Sleeping with Hair Extensions

    • Tools: Hair tie & hairbrush. A silk pillowcase is advised.
    • Method: Brush your hair, put it in a plait to sleep. You can also sleep with a satin pillowcase which will help prevent matting because of the smooth surface.
    • Tip: Never go to bed with wet hair. Ever!

    Dyeing Your Hair with Extensions

    Remy hair extensions can take colour really well. You can colour your hair with the extensions attached. Dyeing your roots or running a full semi-permanent colour through the hair is usually fine. 

    The most important rule to remember here is, don’t ever try to lighten your extensions. If you do, your extensions will become dry. The only exception to this rule is virgin hair; 100 percent virgin hair extensions can take the process of lightening reasonably well.

    • Tip: If you want to dye your hair while wearing extensions, try to arrange it just before your maintenance is due. Dyeing your hair can often cause extension bonds to slip, so you should schedule the colouring-in time with care to avoid slippage.

    Hair Extension

    After a simple solution for longer, more luscious hair? Pure Hair Extensions is just what you need to achieve the look you have always dreamed of. Made from 100% Remy Human Hair, you can quickly transform your look in minutes. Your hair extensions will look and feel just like your own hair.

    Why choose Pure Hair Extensions?

    • We offer next day delivery to Melbourne.
    • Our hair extensions come in lengths between 16 and 30 inches.
    • We have had hair extensions for short hair and long hair. 
    • They are 100% Remy human hair.
    • They are the best quality hair extensions available.
    • They are easy to maintain and can last up to 12 months.
    • Clip-ins are the most popular method to transform your hair because they are comfortable, discreet and easy to maintain. They blend seamlessly into your natural hair, which makes styling easy. We have the best quality Hair Extensions in Melbourne and have one of the broadest range of extensions you will find.

    Pure Hair Extensions Melbourne offer clip in hair extensions, tape hair extensions, weave hair extensions, micro loop hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions, halo hair extensions, ponytail hair extensions and more. We offer AfterPay and ZipPay, so you can wear them now and pay later.

    hair extension melbourne

    Melbourne Human Hair Extensions

    We are Melbourne’s Weft Hair Extensions Specialists, and we spend “all day, every day” transforming the look of Melbournians (of all ages). We understand that long, luscious hair can completely change how you look and, more importantly, fSo let. Let us help you get Insta fabulous for your next party, social event, festival, work function, a big night out or date!


    Why choose Melbourne Human Hair Extensions? There are so many reasons. How about we share a few? We apply the highest quality Remy Human Hair. We believe it is as good, if not better, than the Hair Extensions used to your favourite stars or Instagram babes.

    We are one of the few salons that import our own hair! This means we 100% stand by our quality and will guarantee it for 18 months (provided you follow a few simple Aftercare instructions) HomeWe have been Hair Extensions Specialists for over 15 years. As you can imagine, that means we have applied for Hair Extensions on thousands of girls and women!

    As well as applying for Weft Hair Extensions, we have a range of Halos, Clips Ins and Ponytail ExtensiSo you. You want it, we’ve got it!

    We distribute our hair to salons across Melbourne and throughout Australia. Yes, they trust us that much! HomeWe educates and train salons in the application of Weft Hair Extensions. There is not much we do not know about Hair Extensions!

    Hair Extensions

    Kiki Hair Extensions

    Address211 Commercial Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia
    Health and safety: Appointment required · Mask required · Temperature check required · Staff wear masks · Staff get temperature checks · Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits ·

    Kiki Hair Extensions have been a long time trusted Premium Hair Extensions supplier for over 15 years. We provide a wide range of methods, including Ponytails, Clip-Ins, Halos, Tape, Weft, Keratin Fringes & Ponys and Haircare products & tools.

    Kiki Hair & Extensions was bought to fruition by Kiki herself over 13 years ago in QLD. After many successful years in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Kiki opened up her first salon in the heart of South Yarra, situated directly in the heart of the fashionable Chapel St.

    It wasn’t long before the team outgrew their first salon and upgraded to their latest premises just near the corner of bustling Chapel Street and Commercial Road.

     With an impressive 124 squares of exclusively styled salon area themed in a beautifully Swedish and minimalistic design, this salon was spaced over two levels full of every type of hair extension you could imagine.

    After working busily in the 5 Kiki Hair Extensions salons, Kiki soon realised that the demand for her range of Hair Extensions to be shipped around Australia was growing rapidly, leading to the new online store launch.

    Kiki Hair quickly became one of the leaders in supplying Hair Extensions online within the Australian market and is so proud to offer a huge range of hair extension methods to suit all hair types. These methods include:

    Our Hair

    With our own brand of hair extensions comprising of over 30 colours and a variety of lengths from 20” to 26” we can boast the most comprehensive range of products on the shelf within Australia, meaning we will almost always have a set perfectly suited to you and your hair.

    We have a remarkable range of ready to go ombres/balayages to suit the lightest blondes right through to the deepest brunettes, showcased in the most subtle fades to create the utmost natural looks.

    Hair Today, Pay Tomorrow…

    We are now excited to offer our clients the option of paying with Afterpay, Zippay and Zipmoney to help break down the payments making hair extensions more accessible than ever. You get with approval in under 5 minutes, making it easier than ever to afford beautiful hair.

    How to get instant approval:

    • Shop online – Add your product to your cart
    • Select Afterpay, Zippay or Zipmoney at your payment method at checkout
    • Enter your details at checkout to apply for approval
    •  Pay off over the agreed period of time Interest-Free!

    Why take just our word for it? We have an extensive list of non paid celebrity and social media influencers that love and recommend our services and products. This impressive list includes The Veronicas, Tammy & Emilee Hembrow, Emily Skye and Jessica Green, just to name a few.

    Walk-In Today

    Can't wait? Visit our Kiki Head Office today and select the colour of the rack available in our whole range. Including clip-in extensions, halo hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, tape hair extensions, ponytail hair extensions, wefts and more.

    Buy Online

    Kiki’s online store showcases our premium quality products available for same-day express posts. Simply order before 3.30 pm EST.

    Need Help Matching Colours

    The Kiki team at head office are here to help. If you can’t make it into our Head office in Brisbane, simply email us through a photo or click into the chatbox on the website and forward a clear picture of your hair, and one of our trained specialists will advise you on your best options.

    Melbourne Hair Extensions


    Hair extension technician in Bundoora, Australia
    Address4b/12-16 McLeans Rd, Bundoora VIC 3083, Australia

    Nella, the owner of Hairlink Extensions, created her business in 2003. She has over 35 years of experience working as a hairdresser. She found her passion for hair extensions in the early 2000s when hair extensions were being introduced into the Australian market.  She started her own small business working from home as she was a single mum with four children. She extensively researched and sourced extensions as she felt the market lacked good quality extensions at affordable prices. 

    Her dedication and passion for Hair extensions and hard work has led her to where she is today, one of the leading hair extension experts in Australia with her knowledge and expertise second to none.  

    As the business grew, she found herself opening up a showroom in Bundoora and now has a second location in Port Melbourne and continues to grow the company into the future.

    How to Care for your Hairlink Tape Extensions

    • After the application of tape extensions, you must wait 48 hours to wet hair; this allows enough time for the tape adhesive to form a bond with the hair.  
    • You must not apply any colour to your hair for seven days
    • Only use our recommended hair care products which guarantees our high-quality hair
    • Use conditioner, mask and oils only on the mid-length and ends of the extensions avoiding the tape area as anything too moisturising can cause the tapes to slip out.
    • When combing or brushing the hair, always start from the bottom, working your way up to the top.
    • The glimmer shine spray must be applied to the hair extensions daily to keep them hydrated.
    • When sleeping, tie extensions in a low ponytail or plait to keep them neat while you sleep
    • Do not bleach the extensions.
    • Any colour alterations of the extensions are not recommended and are done so at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any damage caused to the extensions.
    • When swimming or at the beach, apply our silky smooth hair serum to the extensions and plait the extensions or tie extensions in a tight bun to keep them hydrated and tangle-free

    Following this guide will maximise the results you will get out of your extensions to maintain The High Quality Of The Extensions.

    Hair Extensions

    Citihair Extensions

    Hair extension technician in North Melbourne, Australia
    Address502 Victoria St, North Melbourne VIC 3051, Australia

    It is located in North Melbourne, 10 minutes drive from Melbourne central. We pride ourselves on providing Superior European luxury hand-tied wefts hair extensions that are 100% Remi Hair — with all cuticles aligned in the same direction.

    Our hand-tied wefts extensions are less bulky, less visible, very light in weight, and the texture is suitable for everyone, making it the best quality hair extensions product in the market. But most importantly, it is affordable. Catering for all hair types, regardless of how thick or thin and helping people experiencing different stages of hair loss and Alopecia.

    We offer the latest method of Micro horizontal Installation, it is quick and easy to maintain. But,  our support doesn’t stop there. We provide ongoing support on how to keep your new look at no extra charge.

    At CitiHair Extensions, you’ll find a complete variety of hair extensions installation methods such as Clip-ins, Tapes, Micro Beads & Fusion bond. Other services include; Hairstyling, cuts/colours, dreadlocks, dreadlocks extensions, African hair braiding, African cornrows braiding, hair twisting and more.

    About Judith

    Judith, our hair installation specialist, has over 17 years of experience. She understands you’re unique, that every client is unique, and will consult with you before installing your hair to work out the best extensions and installation method for you.

    Even though she has over 17 years of experience, she keeps on learning and experimenting with new and improved methods to add to her skills in her spare time. Her reliability and insight into hair installations and maintenance are invaluable, and she has her clients always coming back to use her service and wrote glowing reviews about her.

    At Citihair Extensions, we believe in the value of our excellent service combined with our expertise to create a pleasant experience for our highly personalised and fair priced clients.

    We pride ourselves on delivering personalised service for each of our clients. When you come to us, we will discuss the most appropriate treatment for you — from the type of hair, length, colour, and method of extensions through to your aftercare and maintenance plan. 

    Judith and the team at CitiHair Extensions are used extensively by some of Melbourne’s top modelling agencies and artistic directors in creating the perfect desired edgy look utilising any number of our advanced hair extension techniques.

    If you’re an actor or actress, model, appear in film or television or just want to look beautiful with a new look and longer hair, please contact us today to have a chat or make an appointment.

    Melbourne-based Citihair Extensions are experts at micro wefts hair extensions, micro horizontal hair wefts, clip-in extensions, human hair extensions, human hair weaving, tape hair extensions, and micro links extensions, keratin hair bond, sewn-in hair extensions, dreadlocks, African hair braiding and cornrows braiding. We also offer hair cuts, stunning colour and foils at an affordable price.

    Our Methods

    Our popular method is the micro weft installation using top quality Hand woven wefts. We specialise in this particular method due to the flexibility and convenience it has for our clients in terms of washing, styling, and comfort post-installation. 

    We provide many different ways of placing the beads alongside our client’s hair according to how comfortable it feels, its scalp condition and hair texture. This method has been proven to be 100% better for our clients. Hand Tied wefts are less bulky and not as visible as machine wefts, Top Quality Remi Hair is used. The hair has cuticle aligned in the same direction, offers easy manageability and no tangling and no shedding.

    Other popular methods are Micro Beads, Micro Links, Keratin Fusion, Tape-in, Braided in Weft Extensions, Braid-Less Hair Extensions, Brazilian Knot Extensions and Top Volumiser Installation. Check our services and price list.

    Our Product Quality

    At Citihair Extensions, we carry out strict product testings on the products which we use and sAs a result, our. Our hair products are not just of good quality but will also sustain the endurance of washing, colouring and straightening. All of the wefts, Clip-Ins, Nail-Tip and I-tip last over two years with proper care. Check out our online store, call or visit us at our salon for more product information and recommendation.

    European Remy Hair

    It is made from only the most healthy, youthful human hair, using breakthrough processes that ensure that all cuticles face the same direction. This unique process preserves the protective outer layers of the hair and results in a more natural look and smoother feel. 

    And because it is created with such care, it retains its natural lustre much more longer than ordinary human hIn addition, air. REMI hair products are designed to be lightweight and easy to apply. Superb softness, shine, and durability. 

    You’ll find REMI hair to be easy to manage and longer-last. In addition, you’ll look like the thin, lightweight wefts, which are handmade!

    Remi can be: permed, dyed, curled, flat-ironed and blow-dried — and still maintained its soft texture! Some of the qualities of this hair are: true uni-directional cuticle Remi Hair, minimally-processed hair, and unique weft technique (thin, double weft with no shedding) therefore, the hair last longer than other human hair products out there.

    Mongolian Hair, Russian and Brazilian Hair are amongst our popular hair extensions available at our store. We also stock post-installation hair care products that are 100% Australian made and 100% vegan.

    How Much Are Clip-In Extensions? As noted above, prices vary based on the quality of hair and how much of it you purchase. Good clip-in hair extensions start at around $100 and can cost upwards of $350 – $400.
    Clip in extensions are worth it for anyone looking to change their look without the long-term commitment. They are also among the least damaging type of hair extensions – the clips are supported with silicone strips to help prevent damage and uncomfortable snagging
    Generally speaking, bonded hair extensions will last the longest in place, since they are bonded to your strands of hair. You can expect to have these extensions in place for 3-6 months, depending on how fast your hair grows.
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