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Dating Guide: Best Places To Meet Girls In Melbourne

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    If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Melbourne and a dating guide for this city, you have come to the right place. The goal will be to break down the scene as comprehensively as we can for you here.

    We will start with where to try and pick up Melbourne girls in the singles nightlife around town. Most guys prefer to hit on women after dark for obvious reasons, mostly alcohol increasing your odds of hooking up.

    Day games will also be covered, and while trying to meet women during the day isn't always easy, this city might be a little better than others for it. Online dating will be mentioned next since it is probably how most people are getting laid in this day and age.

    The local dating guide section will cover good bars and restaurants for a romantic date, some spots for a casual date during the day, and give some more tips on the scene here. 

    Overall this can be an enjoyable city to visit, and if your goal is to find a serious girlfriend or just get laid, you will have many different opportunities to try and seal the deal.

    Meet Melbourne Girls During The Day

    Earlier we mentioned that this city could be perfect for day games and the main reason is that so many people use excellent public transportation. 

    That means lots of people are out on foot getting from their stop to their destination.

    Somewhere like Federation Square will have so many sexy Melbourne girls walking through every day of the week. 

    So spend some time in this area either walking around or sitting at a cafe, and you will find some potential targets.

    Brunswick Street and the Queen Victoria Markets are a couple of other places where you can enjoy good weather outside and hope to try and meet women during the day.

    We all know that girls love to shop, so malls and shopping districts will be great places to try and pick up. Usually, girls will also be a little more relaxed and often in a good mood when inside a mall, making them more receptive to a stranger approaching them.

    Bourke Street and Emporium are located very close to each other, so you could hit both of them up and roam around that area of town. Some other big malls that could be good to pick up girls would be Melbourne Central or Westfield's.

    Day games don't always need to be planned either. Go out and live your life; if you see a sexy lady while doing your thing, try and chat her up. If she is receptive, see how far it can go; if she isn't, then no loss; move on with your day.

    Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

    dating guide best places to meet girls in melbourne2

    Some of the best singles bars and nightclubs to try and hook up with sexy Melbourne girls are:

    • Melbourne Public at 11 Dukes Walk
    • The Toff in Town at 252 Swanson St
    • Miss Collins at 425 Collins St
    • One Six One at 161 High St
    • Chaise Lounge at 105 Queen St
    • Perseverance at 196 Brunswick St
    • Level 3 at Crown Casino
    • Glamorama at 393 Brunswick St
    • Nevermind at 336 Burwood Rd
    • Revolver Upstairs at 229 Chapel St
    • The Emerson at 141-145 Commercial Rd
    • Brown Alley at 585 Lonsdale St
    • Captain Baxter at 10/18 Jacka Blvd in St Kilda
    • Inflation Nightclub at 60 King St
    • Paris Cat Jazz Club at 6 Goldie Pl

    There are plenty of good pickup bars to try and hook up with single girls in Melbourne, and alcohol always makes things easier for various reasons. First off, it gives you the courage to not worry about being rejected and approach with reckless abandon.

    Secondly, it loosens up the single women near you and gives you a much better chance of being received kindly. So not only are you going to take more shots, but you have a lot higher chance of hooking up each time you try.

    There are some nightclubs around town, but the pickup bar scene seems to dominate the singles nightlife in this city. So head to one and if you see some sexy ladies of the night out partying, then stick around and hope for the best.

    If there aren't enough single girls inside, then don't hesitate to move to the next place until you find the right spot on that night. You can click here to get a reasonable price on a hotel room by booking online ahead of time.

    We include a map to help you find all of the numerous options you will find here. Some of the main areas for singles nightlife in Melbourne can be found around:

    • Fitzroy
    • The Central Business District
    • Collingwood
    • St Kilda
    • Swanston St
    • Smith St

    Some guys will tell you this is the best city in Australia for hooking up; others will argue it is easier to meet girls in Sydney.

    Chat With Melbourne Girls Online

    While we just covered how this city can be perfect for the day game, you still need to temper your expectations. For one, most guys aren't fond of soberly walking up to a stranger on a crowded street or in a busy mall.

    Plenty of other guys also have no interest in going out to a nightclub or pick up bar. The internet has made dating so much easier, and you can start chatting with Melbourne girls online at any time.

    Our most recommended site for this city is Adult Friend Finder, well that is, if you have any interest in meeting single women who are eager to get laid soon. This is probably not the best site to find a girlfriend in Melbourne, but that certainly isn't impossible either.

    On a per-capita basis, Australia has as many girls on Adult Friend Finder looking for guys to hook up with as you will find anywhere in the world. So you might have a one night stand, or you might find a friend with benefits that you can keep getting laid with until you find that special someone to spend the rest of your life with.

    Melbourne Dating Guide

    We will start the Melbourne dating guide section with the best spots to take her after dark. Once again, alcohol is the main reason why not only is it easier to get through an awkward first date when you have had a few drinks, but it once again increases your chances of hooking up.

    You could choose any of the pickup bars we listed above for a date, but there are also plenty of good bars around town that aren't exactly pick up places but make for a great date spot like:

    • Cumulus at 45 Flinders Ln
    • Spice Market on Beaney Lane & Russell St
    • Romeo Lane at 1A Crossley St
    • Whitehart Bar at 22 Whitehart Lane
    • Goldilocks at 264 Swanston St
    • Bomba Tapas Bar & Rooftop at 103 Lonsdale St

    If you wanted to visit some more casual bars that have board games or ping pong in case the conversation is a bit lacking, then try out:

    • 29th Apartment at 29 Fitzroy St in St Kilda
    • The Alehouse Project at 98-100 Lygon St
    • The Fox at 351 Wellington St

    If you want to wine and dine her try one of these romantic restaurants:

    • Attica at 74 Glen Eira Rd
    • Rosetta at 8 Southbank Blvd
    • Thirty-Eight Chairs at 4A Bond St in South Yarra
    • The Point in Albert Park at 1/10 Aquatic Dr
    • Matilda at 159 Domain Road in South Yarra
    • Marion at 53 Gertrude St

    The Point would make for an excellent cheap date in Melbourne; it has a very romantic setting in Albert Park overlooking the lake but is still relatively budget-friendly. After your dinner and drinks, you could move to a nightclub or maybe take in a comedy show at the Crab Lab located at 16 Corrs Lane or The Comic's Lounge at 26 Errol Street.

    If you are with a classy lady, take her to a show at Princess Theatre or Regent Theatre.

    Day-Date Ideas

    There are plenty of good day date ideas as well. For example, you and your Melbourne girl could head to a cafe near Federation Square, head to one of the bars with board games listed above, or try something a little different.

    If you want to show her that you care about more than just getting wasted at a club each night, visit some of the top museums in the area like:

    • The Melbourne Museum
    • National Gallery of Victoria
    • Anna Schwartz Gallery
    • ACMI

    For a bit more adventure, you could go to Extreme Air at 1 Fiveways Boulevard, a giant trampoline park, or at 4/8 Franklin Street, you will find Hardrock Climbing which can get the adrenaline pumping for both of you.

    An excellent casual place to go on a sunny day would be the Melbourne Zoo. Another local romantic day date option would be Rochford Winery at 878-880 Maroondah Hwy in Yarra Valley, and for more outdoor options, consider:

    • Royal Botanic Gardens
    • Yarraville Gardens
    • Werribee Park Sculpture Walk

    How To Get Laid As Soon As Possible

    There are three main ways to get into a girl's pants quickly. The beach, the clubs in the city centre and online dating have the most significant potential to get you laid quickly. However, what you want is the ability to meet a large number of girls as soon as possible.

    Online dating is the one that fulfils the criteria of meeting girls. Moreover, it allows you to meet as many girls as possible in such a short space of time.

    As a bonus, the foreign status attracts more girls than local men. The more exotic men, such as Hispanic, black and European men, have a specific niche, too. By matching with tens of girls every day, you can quickly take it to a physical date. 

    Once you meet a girl you have a powerful attraction to, things quickly progress to the bedroom.

    There is a reason why men go to bars to pick up women, and Melbourne is no different. Australian girls are fun and outgoing, and they can probably match most guys in a drinking contest. Furthermore, the combination of alcohol and conversation has been a method of finding a hookup since its invention. Use it to your advantage.

    Fancy yourself a Greek god with your shirt off? Well, Melbourne has some great beaches where you can approach girls and impress them with your beach body. 

    Most girls appreciate a well-built physique, so finding a girl to start a conversation with can lead to a date - and maybe a late-night love-making session.

    Swinger Clubs And Naturism

    The Melbourne swinging scene is alive and happening, with much of the industry dependent on the private parties in everyday suburban houses. You can get into contact with companies if you want entry into these parties, but they cost a lot. The lower-range price for a single male is around $100, but it drops to half that if you bring a girl with you. The best companies to contact are:

    • Debauchery
    • Coco's Parties
    • Melbourne Swingers
    • Radiance Parties

    Mature Ladies And Cougars

    The culture enjoys certain economic advantages which allow women to achieve independence from their husbands. 

    Thus, a few women get divorced or those who favour their careers over settling down. These women are often keen on hooking up with younger ex-pats. 

    They come with lots of experience, and they do know how to have a good time. If you are looking for an older woman, dating apps are the best way to go, as the filters allow you to connect with a few at once. 

    Moreover, bars sometimes have older ladies, basically an invitation to get laid.

    The Emerald Peacock

    A large venue is generally favourable when scoping out a potential love interest, and the rooftop here is a highly profitable place to perch yourself. Recommended for the 'over 25s market', this could be an excellent spot to avoid any juvenile delinquents—but then again, age is just a number for some.

    The Vineyard

    A social spot for the St Kilda crew, The Vineyard is pretty busy most nights. A Sunday session is generally recommended for those on the prowl, or catch a live band on a Thursday and meet a beautiful stranger in the music-lovers crowd.

    Best Nightclubs To Meet Girls

    dating guide best places to meet girls in melbourne3

    Melbourne has many clubs, each unique in its way. The industry is quite competitive, so clubs that add no value are closed down almost as quickly as they open up. That means, however, that the hotspots are extremely hot, and you are practically guaranteed a crowd. And where there is a crowd, there are hot girls somewhere in the mix. Try the following clubs:

    • Revolver Upstairs
    • LA Di Da
    • New Guernica
    • Burn City Disco

    Top Dating Tips

    When it comes to dating ideas, nature is your friend. There are lots of spots to enjoy a romantic date, so you could even impress on a low budget. 

    Fortunately, many of the girls are not that materialistic, and while you may get a few gold diggers here and there, most of the girls would be satisfied with an outdoor adventure and a bite to eat.

    You want to be tactical for your first date, mainly if you use the online dating approach. As you will meet many girls on your trip, you don't want to blow all your cash on the first date.

    Instead, take her out for coffee for an introductory date. Then, if you feel the chemistry is good, you can take things to the next level - maybe a walk on the beach or drinks at a nice restaurant while you watch the sunset.

    What Kind Of Guys Have The Best Chances

    The highly masculine type is a huge catch in Australia. There are plenty of opportunities to show off a muscular physique at the beach or during another outdoor adventure. 

    Wealth is somewhat of a factor, but you don't need tons of money, but you need a respectable amount. 

    Food and, therefore, dates can get pricey, so you need enough spare cash to afford to take a girl out. 

    It is customary for the guy to cover the bill. It is a nice touch that increases the odds of a successful date. 

    Also, you don't want to appear ragged. If you appease all of these factors, there is no reason why you cannot be successful with women.

    In terms of ethnicities, Caucasians have the best chance of hooking up with girls.

    The second would be Hispanics, as Spanish comes with a lot of macho confidence, which many Australian girls enjoy. 

    Thirdly, Asians have a community within Australia, as many look to escape to Oceania with hopes of finding a better economy. 

    Other Asians from western countries may also find that gaming is quite successful in Australia. 

    Black people, Arabs and Indians have more of an exotic feel about them, which is also an attraction to some; however, these ethnicities would not be considered conventionally attractive.

    It must be stated that the most critical factor is confidence and the ability to engage in conversations. 

    This allows you to use all of the opportunities at your disposal and connect with girls - whether during a first meeting or on a date.

    Risks While Gaming

    There aren't many risks associated with picking up girls. Most of the issues involve alcohol or drugs in some form, as clubs and bars sometimes have "that one guy" who causes a scene. 

    However, these situations are easily controlled by local security. Other than that, you may have a run-in with a jealous boyfriend, but this can be handled with tact. Most people do not resort to violence.

    Ensure that you practice safe sex. Use a condom when you have the opportunity, as it protects you from any unwanted pregnancies and STDs. In addition, while HIV is low, there are still risks associated with Chlamydia, Herpes and Gonorrhoea.

    STDs And HIV

    Australia, as a whole, only has around 1000 reported cases of HIV every year. Up until now, most of the cases are concentrated within the gay male community and the aboriginals. 

    This is out of a total population of over 24 million people; thus, the rate is nothing alarming. However, with that being said, there is a cause for concern in a few of the less threatening diseases. 

    These are on the rise throughout the country, and they are at their highest in persons between the ages of 20 – 30. 

    This may be explained by the, sometimes, reckless behaviour at universities and those of a younger generation demographic.

    Clinics are available throughout Melbourne. Some spots are usually accessed for free by Australian citizens – which is why the tax rate is so high. 

    However, tourists are liable to pay their medical fees. If you do suspect you have contracted something, get tested as soon as possible. Expect to pay around $100 for a comprehensive test.

    Enjoy Dating Melbourne Girls

    We think we covered the picking up girls in Melbourne and the dating scene as well as we could. 

    Hopefully, this guide gave you all the tips you needed to find a girlfriend or hook up with some stranger more often in the future.

    In truth, dating is a numbers game, and all it takes is effort. So if things haven't been going well, spend more time trying; the more women you talk to, the better your chances will be.

    If you have nothing to do, go for a walk around town and say hi to the next pretty girl you see. 

    Then, go out to a pickup bar with some friends instead of binge-watching eight episodes of a tv show. Four episodes are plenty for one day.

    Using online dating, there is no better way to contact many girls in a short amount of time, and the single women near you on Adult Friend Finder are always ready to get laid. Get some confidence back, and then the world will be your oyster.

    That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Melbourne with a dating guide. Hopefully, it all plays out well for you.

    Renowned as the cosmopolitan city, Melbourne CBD offers plenty for singles in terms of social clubs, cafes, restaurants, bars and university life. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 52 per cent of the residents are aged 20-35 and 38 per cent are singles living alone.
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    5. Irish Times Pub. 372. Irish Pub. ...
    6. Brasserie L'ecole. 127. French. ...
    7. Bard and Banker. 416. Pubs. ...
    8. Darcy's Pub Downtown. Pubs. Burgers.
    Date Ideas Melbourne
    1. Mini Golf. If you're looking for fun date ideas in Melbourne, look no further than a round of Mini Golf. ...
    2. Sip and Paint. ...
    3. Escape Room. ...
    4. Rock Climbing. ...
    5. Rollerblade around Melbourne. ...
    6. Play a Game in Virtual Reality. ...
    7. Get Silly at Trampoline Park. ...
    8. Classic Ten Pin Bowling.
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