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Dog-friendly Parks & Walks – Melbourne

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    According to the national Pet Positives Score, Melbourne has just been recognised as the pet-friendly city that is considered to be the best in all of Australia.
    In Melbourne, 46% of dog owners answered that welcoming outdoor public places were the most essential aspect, and Melbourne municipalities have responded. They have provided access to several off leash sites and parks where your dogs will be accepted, plus there is typically a fantastic cafe nearby.

    It is thus time for all you dog lovers to clean off your walking shoes!

    Melbourne Dog Park

    Edinburgh Gardens, North Fitzroy

    Clement Hodgkinson, the landscape architect who designed many of Melbourne's parks and gardens, was responsible for the layout of Edinburgh Gardens, which was established in March 1862 as a result of a donation of land made by Queen Victoria. The park covers roughly 24 hectares, making it rather vast in comparison to other inner-city parks.

    Not only is it located in a wonderful section of Melbourne town, but it also features an off-leash dog park. In addition, the neighbourhood features a number of restaurants, cafés, and pubs that are happy to accommodate your canine companion.

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    Clayton Reserve, North Melbourne

    Clayton Reserve is a no-brainer for those who live in the North-West area of Melbourne since it is safely gated off, which means that you can rest as your dog appreciates the breeze blowing through his or her ears while you are there. At most times during the day, you'll find other sociable dogs and owners of dogs there for the purpose of socialising for both humans and dogs.

    Entrance: Macaulay Road, North Melbourne

    Melbourne Dog Park

    Albert Park

    You may take your dog for a stroll in a variety of locations across Albert Park. Dogs are allowed throughout much of the park, however they are need to be on a leash in certain sections and must be kept out of areas designated as dog-free zones (including the lake and playgrounds).

    Recently, it played host to the annual RSPCA Million Paws Walk, which drew together thousands of dog lovers from throughout Melbourne.

    Melbourne Dog Park

    Princes Park, Caufield South

    Not only are canines welcome, but they also serve as the primary attraction. This is a wonderful off-leash dog park. According to the words of a local resident, "This park is wonderful for dogs of all sizes." You may either play on one of the two scorer grounds, which do not have gates, where the dogs are allowed to stay, or you can use the football pitch that is gated off.

    Entrance: 277 Bambra Rd, Caulfield South 

    Melbourne Dog Park

    Yarra Bend Park

    Yarra Bend is a gorgeous park that spans 260 hectares and is located in the Melbourne neighbourhood of Kew. It is approximately a ten to fifteen minute drive from the central business district of Melbourne.

    Because the Yarra River winds its way through the area, there will be plenty of places for your canine companions to cool down in the water on hot summer days. There are wide patches of grass in the off-leash zones that are large enough for activities, so bring a ball thrower and a picnic blanket and make a day of it!

    The Bushland Circuit Trail at Yarra Bend Park is one of the park's several walking routes, which range in complexity from simple to moderate (Andrews Reserve and Dight Falls Loop Trail). Some of the features that can be seen in Yarra Bend paths include sights such as Galatea Point, vistas of the river, and an abundance of different types of birds. These walking routes are shared with bicycles; thus, you should exercise caution if you choose to let your dog off-leash while on a shared path, as bikers frequently travel too quickly to safely halt in some spots.

    Entrance: Studley Park Rd and Yarra Boulevard, Kew, or Yarra Bend Rd, Fairfield for vehicles

    Melbourne Dog Park

    Fawkner Park, South Yarra

    The streets St. Kilda Road, Commercial Road, Punt Road, and Toorak Road West encircle this lovely and sizable municipal park that welcomes well-behaved canine companions. When you enter the park through Slater Street (which is off of St. Kilda Road), turn right, and you'll find the area where your four-legged friend may run free and meet other dogs. This area is beyond the soccer goal posts.

    Entrance: via Slater St, Melbourne (off St Kilda Road) 

    You might want to check out this wonderful resource that has been made available to you by the Yarra Ranges Council. It has a listing of all of the off-leash parks in the surrounding region.

    Melbourne Dog Park

    Warrandyte River Reserve

    The 8.9-hectare Warrandyte River Reserve is located on the southern bank of the Yarra River and stretches 2.2 kilometres from Andersons Creek to the Stonehouse. It is a wonderful place to take a stroll through the picturesque Warrandyte wilderness, which is located directly next to the Yarra River.

    On hot days, families bring their kids and their pets to the river, where they may cool down in the water or relax on a raft or kayak. You may park at Stiggant's Reserve and then walk the route to learn about people who live in the natural bush and famous artists who have worked in the Warrandyte area.

    Your dog may have all the fun he wants jumping into the river and dashing back to the trail whenever he pleases because almost the whole length of this walk is an off-leash zone. You will need to re-leash your dog before proceeding up the wooden staircase, and after passing the parking lot, you will be able to continue your walk through the woods. After passing the parking lot, you will be able to continue your stroll through the woods.

    Entrance: Stiggants Reserve, Stiggant Street, Warrandyte, VIC 3113

    Melbourne Dog Park

    Elsternwick Park, Brighton

    Elsternwick Park is an absolute need for any resident of inner-city Melbourne who owns a canine companion. It features a stunning lake (which is inhabited by turtles) and a sizable open area where canines may run free. There is lots of parking, and cafés and stores in Ormond Village can be reached in about five minutes' walking distance. In general, visitors are extremely pleasant.

    It's the perfect place to spend the morning or afternoon away from it all!

    Entrance: St. Kilda Street, Brighton

    Melbourne Dog Park

    The Melbourne Bay Trail

    The Bay Trail is a multi-use trail that travels through the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne and along the shoreline of Port Phillip Bay. Cyclists and pedestrians can use the trail equally. The shortest route begins and concludes at Seaford, whereas the longest route begins and concludes in Port Melbourne.

    You might take a detour to visit cafés and restaurants in Port Melbourne, St. Kilda, Elwood, Brighton, and other nearby neighbourhoods along the route. It is a pretty simple walk, however there are some minor hills near Mentone and St. Kilda. The whole distance is approximately 50 kilometres. On the footpath, dogs must be kept on a leash, although in certain areas, they are permitted to run free without one (Brighton Dog Beach, St Kilda Dog Beach, Port Melbourne Dog Beach).

    Melbourne Dog Park


    Ruffey Lake Park, Doncaster

    Ruffey Creek, a waterway that flows through the park and was dammed to create Ruffey Lake in order to irrigate the orchards that are located in the surrounding area, is the inspiration for the park's name.

    A strong contender for the title of "best park for dogs in the lush Eastern suburbs of Victoria" is Ruffey Lake. Your dog is free to run about the park and play frisbee or run with the children as they ride their bikes because a good two-thirds of the park is leash-free. The park also features rolling hills covered in verdant vegetation and numerous wonderful walking paths.

    There are numerous barbeque places available at Ruffey, and the side facing Victoria Street has the nicest playground and the most convenient restrooms. In the centre of the park is a huge lake that is home to a variety of wetland animals; however, it is not recommended that you allow your dog swim in the water.

    Entrances: the park has three main entrances, Victoria St, The Boulevard and King St.

    Melbourne Dog Park

     Lillydale Lake, Lilydale

    You may enjoy a picnic or a BBQ right on the grounds of Lillydale Lake, or you can take a stroll around the stunning lake and soak in its natural beauty. The location is also pet-friendly.

    Within the park, there is a network of shared pathways that total 10 kilometres in length and are suitable for walking or biking. At the park, dogs are allowed, and there are two off-leash play areas just for them. On the park map, the off lead sections have been marked.

    Entrance: 435 Swansea Road, Lilydale, VIC 3140

    Melbourne Dog Park

    Hobsons Bay, Coastal Trail

    The views of the Central Business District that can be seen along this path on the western side of the harbour are among the greatest in Melbourne.

    The 23-kilometer Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail begins in the shadow of the West Gate Bridge in Spotswood. The trail then travels along the historic Williamstown waterfront, through the Altona wetlands, and past the fir trees that line Altona Beach before arriving at Skeleton Creek in Sanctuary Lakes, where it comes to an end. The cultural and historical value of the shore is highlighted throughout the path via the use of markers and artwork.

    Melbourne Dog Park

    Merri Creek Walking Trail

    The 21 kilometre segment of the Merri Creek Trail is one that is not too difficult to hike.

    The hiking path begins at Dights Falls, which is located close to where Merri Creek and the Yarra River meet. Along with passing through CERES, the Brunswick velodrome, and the Coburg Lake park, the walk follows the stream as it makes its way through the neighbourhood.

    Bring your dog with you to make the experience even more enjoyable; however, be sure to keep him or her on a leash while you're utilising the pathway.

    Melbourne Dog Park

     The Dandenong Ranges

    The picturesque Dandenong hills can be reached by car from the central business district of Melbourne in little under half an hour. These ranges provide a wide variety of hiking trails that differ in length and level of difficulty.

    The Mathias Track is arguably the most well-known walking track in the area, and it is also open to horseback riders and mountain bikers. Via one end to the other, it is a walk that is a round trip of eight kilometres that may be accessible from Falls Road, Silvan Road (where parking is available), or the Hamer Arboretum. It passes through the National Rhododendron Gardens and the ancient Olinda Golf Course, both of which are popular destinations for residents who want to let their dogs run free.

    The Hamer Arboretum and the Old Olinda Golf Course are connected by the Rock Track Circuit Walk, which is also known as the Golf Course Track. The Falls and Olinda-Monbulk roads require approximately 1.5 kilometres of walking in order to complete this circuit.

    • Total Distance: little under 6 kilometres (1hr to 1.5hr walking time)
    • Grade: Medium (reasonable fitness level required)

    This path connects to a network of other paths, so it's possible to spend an entire day exploring the surrounding forest if you choose to do so. On the majority of the area's hiking paths, canine companions are welcome.

    Good To Know About Other Areas Around Melbourne

    Melbourne Dog Park

    Greater Dandenong

    Only in some parts of the park are dogs allowed to run free without a leash.

    The following are the requirements to have your dog off-leash:

    • Dogs must remain within a distance of no more than fifty metres from the person who is walking them at all times and must be under the effective control of their owner through the use of voice command or hand signal.
      Any time a sport is being played in the park or reserve, whether it be by a school or a club, dogs are required to be kept on a leash in all areas.
    • At no point in time are owners permitted to let their dogs run free within 20 metres of a playground.
    • It is prohibited to let dogs within 20 metres of a designated cycling route or track unless the dogs are contained behind a fence that is at least 1.2 metres high and separates them from the way.

    These parks have off-leash exercise areas that are completely enclosed in:

    • Tirhatuan Park, Dandenong North
    • Keysborough's Tatterson Park and Tatterson Park
    • Springvale Reserve, Springvale

    Melbourne Park National

    Hobsons Bay

    There are fourteen places, including one fenced dog park, where owners are permitted to let their dogs run free without a leash.

    A park that features off-leash play and exercise zones that are completely enclosed in is:

    • Brooklyn Reserve, Brooklyn

    There are two places that have time limits on them:

    • The Donald McClean Reserve, which is located in Spotswood Every day, dogs are allowed to run free off-leash before 8 a.m. and after 9 p.m.
      Edwards Reserve, Spotswood (Dogs permitted off-leash before 9 am and after 9 pm)
    • Between the 1st of November and the 30th of April, dogs are not allowed on these beaches between the hours of 10 am and 9:30 pm.
    • Each and every year, each and every day of the week. Dogs are required to have a leash attached to them at all other times.
    • Between the Surf Life Saving Club and Sirens Restaurant is where you'll find Williamstown Beach.
    • Between Romawi and Mount Streets is where you'll find Altona Beach.

    Melbourne National Park


    The following are the requirements for dogs to be allowed to run free:

    • With the exception of certain parks and reserves that have been designated as off-leash zones for dogs, dogs should always have a leash attached to them while they are in public settings.
    • There are various areas where dogs are allowed to run free while still serving as active sports reserves. When there are community activities or organised sporting events taking place on these reserves, owners are urged to keep their dogs on a leash at all times. This is to ensure the safety of everyone involved.
    • Even in areas where dogs are allowed to run free without their owners tethering them, owners are required to keep their pets on a leash if the dog is within five metres of a pathway. Pathways made of concrete, asphalt, or gravel are included in this category.
    • Dog owners are expected to keep their pets on a short leash and under control within ten metres of formal picnic spots, walkways, athletic activities and outdoor exercise equipment, wetlands and water bodies, car parks, markets, and community events (no more than two metres).
    • Canine companions are needed to be on a short leash and their owners are obliged to keep their dogs on a short leash and within fifty metres of a children's playground or a
    • BMX/skate facility (no longer than two metres).
    • There are a total of 45 places where dogs are allowed to run free without their owners present; four of these places are fenced-in dog parks, and eight of these locations have time constraints.

    These parks have off-leash exercise areas that are completely enclosed in:

    • Broadmeadows Fenced Park, Craigieburn Fenced Park, the neighbourhood of Craigieburn Dwyer Street, Kalkallo Sunbury Park, Sunbury Westmeadows, and Craigieburn Fenced Park all fall under this category.
    • There are curfews and time limitations in place at a number of off-leash dog parks that are situated in close proximity to schools. Between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, dogs visiting the off-leash parks listed below are required to have a leash attached to them at all times.
    • The Gibb Reserve, Dallas Coolaroo, and the Progress Reserve are all designated as protected areas.
    • The Holy Drive Reserve in Craigieburn is an absolutely stunning location.
    • The Hume Tennis and Community Centre of Craigieburn may be found in that location.
    • The Bradford Avenue Reserve of Greenvale may be found in this area.
    • Both Drummond Street Reserve and Greenvale Jacana Reserve, as well as Jacana Westmeadows Reserve, are designated areas. Westmeadows is also a place.

    Luna Park Melbourne


    There are 36 parks with off-leash areas for dogs, and four of the parks are gated specifically for dogs.

    The following are examples of parks that have off-leash exercise areas for dogs:

    • Farm Road Reserve, Cheltenham
    • Mentone's Reg Marlow Reserve is located in the
    • Snowdon Reserve, Cheltenham
    • Mordialloc's Kevin Hayes Reserve is located there.

    Melbourne Park


    In a public park or recreation reserve, owners are permitted to let their dogs off the leash so long as they maintain effective control of their pets.

    On footpaths, bike tracks, walking tracks, in shopping centres, in car parks, in a reserve where an organised sporting event is being conducted, in a playground or play equipment area, in an organised public meeting, in a permanent barbeque or picnic area, and in conservation bushlands, dogs are required to be on leashes at all times.

    The following are examples of conservation wilderness areas where dogs are required to be on a leash:

    • Egan Lee Reserve
    • Reserve of the Flamingo Road
    • Gilmore Park Retarding Basin
    • Reserve de la J. W. Manson
    • Koolunga Native Reserve (except the lawn areas)
    • Lakewood Reserve
      Tim Neville Arboretum
    • Reserve de la Starlight
    • A Reserva de Wicks (east and west)
    • Reserve de la Réserve WG Morris

    In Knox Park Reserve, which is located in Knoxfield, there is one off-leash fenced dog park.


    Within fifteen metres of permanent grilling facilities, children's play equipment, organised athletic events, permitted functions, or public gathering locations, dogs are required to be on a leash at all times.

    These parks have off-leash exercise areas that are completely enclosed in:

    • Banksia Park, Bulleen
    • Aranga Reserve, Donvale

    There are 104 off-leash locations, two of which are fenced-in dog parks, and more.


    The dogs are required to be leashed:

    Within thirty metres of any children's play equipment areas, as well as any permanent barbeque or picnic spaces, when those areas are being used in a park.

    During the times when sporting competitions are taking place on the fields

    These parks have off-leash exercise areas that are completely enclosed in:

    • Reserve Martin, located in West Footscray
    • McIvor Reserve, Yarraville

    There are a total of twelve sites, including two gated dog parks, in which owners are permitted to let their dogs run free without a leash. Access to the off-leash areas of Village Green (in Maribyrnong) and Cruickshank Park (in Yarraville) is only allowed at certain times of the day.


    There are a total of 35 parks and reserves in the country that have been classified as off-leash places for dogs. Even in regions where dogs are allowed to run free without a leash, owners are required to keep their pets on a leash while they are on a shared walkway or within 15 metres of any of the following:

    • Play areas for children or play apparatus for kids
    • Public BBQ or picnic facilities
    • An organised athletic event such as a game or a workout session
    • These parks include off-leash play areas that are completely enclosed by fencing:
    • Croydon's Eastfield Dog Park is located in the.

    Victory Park


    If you are within twenty metres of a children's playground or a permanent grill and picnic area, your dog is required to be on a leash at all times.

    In the area surrounding any body of water, including fountains, ponds, and lakes, owners are required to keep their dogs on a leash at all times. They are not allowed in any part of the Trin Warren Tam-boore, which is a recycling wetland located in Royal Park.

    There are a total of eight parks that allow dogs to run free without their owners leashing them, including two walled dog parks.


    There are four different gated areas that have been specifically created for off-leash dog play. When you let your dog off the leash in one of these locations, you are required to watch and comply with certain requirements, which are denoted by signs.

    The following can be found within the enclosed dog parks:

    • Diggers Rest Recreation Reserve, Diggers Rest
    • Hillside's Boronia Drive, the Comma
    • Navan Park, Melton
    • Melton South's Fraser Street Reserve. Located in Melton.


    Within the confines of an area designated for dogs to run free without a leash, the dog's owner or the person in charge of the dog is required to bring the animal under control if it is or is likely to be within 20 metres of any of the following:

    • An organised competition or practise for a sport
    • A playground that is being used by a number of youngsters.
    • A public gathering that has been planned.
    • An inhabited permanent BBQ or picnic area.

    There are a total of 32 off-leash dog places, one of which is enclosed by fencing.

    Southern Reserve Oval in Mulgrave is the location of a dog park that is walled in.

    Moonee Valley

    When in a public area, including on highways, streets, and footpaths, owners of dogs are responsible for keeping their pets restrained at all times by using a leash. Off-leash dog parks, on the other hand, allow owners to exercise their pets without tethering them to a human.

    It is against the law to have dogs within 15 metres of any playground, grill, or piece of exercise equipment that is intended for children.

    There is one gated dog park in addition to nine parks and reserves where owners can let their dogs run free without a leash.

    At the Alf Pearce Reserve in Strathmore, there is a dog park that is fenced in.

    FAQs About Walking Your Dogs in Park Melbourne

    Dog-Friendly Walks: Melbourne
    • Altona Beach / Burns Reserve. For those pooches who like a little sand between their paws, Altona beach is a great option. 
    • Yarra Bend Park, Fairfield / Kew. 
    • Warrandyte River Reserve. 
    • The Melbourne Bay Trail. 
    • Aranga Reserve, Donvale.
    • Grampians National Park (Gariwerd)
    • Dandenong Ranges National Park.
    • Alpine National Park.
    • Point Addis Marine National Park.
    • Wilsons Promontory National Park.
    • Kinglake National Park.
    • Brisbane Ranges National Park.
    • Great Otway National Park.
    Best Places to Take Your Dog in Victoria
    • Goldstream Provincial Park. 
    • Sandcut Beach. 
    • Mount Work/Gowlland Tod Provincial Park. 
    • Mount Douglas Park. 
    • Willows Beach. 
    • Downtown Sightseeing. 
    • The Butchart Gardens. 
    • Dallas Road (Clover Point to Ogden Point Breakwater)

    While dogs aren't allowed in our national and state parks, there's still plenty of great places you can get into nature with your pooch. Remember to keep your dog on lead at all times, except in designated off-lead areas. So, grab a lead and a handful of treats, whistle up the dog and head for the park.

    It is illegal to: put dogs in the boot of a sedan type car. leave an animal unattended inside a car for more than 10 minutes when outside temperatures are at or above 28 degrees Celsius. transport a dog if it is not appropriately tethered or caged on back of ute or trailer.

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