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Top 10 Gardening Services in Melbourne

Have you ever gazed at your garden and wondered who the best professionals in Melbourne are to bring it back to life? Well, you're not alone. With its diverse climate and urban landscape, Melbourne is home to many who seek the finest garden maintenance services.

After extensive research, we've pinpointed the Top 10 Garden Maintenance Services in Melbourne. From pruning experts to lawn care specialists, these services have been recognised for their outstanding work, ensuring your garden thrives and remains aesthetically pleasing. 

Let's dive in and unveil the best in the business, ensuring your garden remains the envy of the neighbourhood. 

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    Must Have Maintenance

    must have maintenance

    Must Have Maintenance offers a solution for those with busy schedules who find it challenging to tend to their gardens during the weekends. They provide various services, from starting a garden from scratch to giving it a facelift. With options for weekly, biweekly, or monthly services, they can tailor a package to fit specific demands and budget constraints. Their commitment is to ensure complete satisfaction, whether mowing lawns, pruning trees, removing green waste, aerating garden beds, or any other garden care solution.

    Understanding the importance of maintaining commercial properties, Must Have Maintenance offers a comprehensive range of commercial gardening services. These include lawn mowing, edge trimming, mulch laying, tree pruning, hedge trimming, weed removal and spraying, aerating garden beds and lawns, and leaf blowing and vacuuming. They ensure the removal of all grass and garden trimmings. With a vast network of gardening industry experts, they can handle projects of any size.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn mowing
    • Edge trimming
    • Mulch laying
    • Tree pruning
    • Hedge trimming
    • Weed removal and spraying
    • Aeration of garden beds and lawns
    • Leaf blowing and vacuuming
    • Removal of grass and garden trimmings

    Phone: 1300 687 846

    AC Trees and Gardens Melbourne

    ac trees and gardens melbourne

    AC Trees and Gardens Melbourne offers a comprehensive range of garden maintenance services tailored to keep any garden, regardless of its size, looking its best. Their services are designed to cater to various needs, whether it's a general tidy-up, preparation for a sale or end of lease, or regular upkeep. The company emphasises the importance of garden health and aesthetics, providing specialised care through pruning, planting, weed control, pest and disease management, lawn maintenance, green waste removal, hedging, and fertiliser applications. They are committed to delivering high-quality garden maintenance solutions to their clients in the local area.

    Services Offered:

    • Pruning
    • Major tidy ups
    • Sale and end-of-lease tidies
    • Planting
    • Weed Control
    • Pest and disease management
    • Lawn maintenance
    • Green waste removal
    • Hedging
    • Fertiliser applications

    Phone: 0499 977 167

    The Herbivore

    the herbivore

    Spring is the ideal season for garden maintenance, and with the demands of modern life, it can be challenging to keep outdoor spaces looking their best. The Herbivore, one of Melbourne's leading gardening companies, offers comprehensive services tailored to the unique needs of each garden during this vibrant season. 

    Their team of experts provides meticulous care, from trimming and mowing to fertilising and irrigation, ensuring gardens look immaculate and thrive. With a focus on enhancing the aesthetic appeal and overall health of gardens, The Herbivore ensures that outdoor spaces are beautifully tended and ready to be enjoyed throughout spring.

    Services Offered:

    • Trimming: Detailed trimming of hedges, bushes, and trees.
    • Mowing: Regular lawn mowing for a neat appearance.
    • Pruning: Elevating the garden's appearance and allowing more sunlight.
    • Maintenance: Including lawn and yard clean-ups and debris removal.
    • Fertilising: Boosting plant growth, especially during the peak spring cycle.
    • Irrigation: Efficient installation and maintenance of watering systems.
    • Planting & Seeding: Transforming gardens with new plants and re-seeding damaged areas.
    • Mulching: Protecting garden beds with organic and decorative mulching solutions.

    Phone: 1300 561 815

    Ferguson Landscape & Design

    ferguson landscape design

    Ferguson Landscape & Design is a leading provider of garden maintenance services in Melbourne, ensuring gardens radiate beauty throughout the year. Recognising the garden as a vital component of a home's outdoor landscape, the company offers comprehensive care to maintain its splendour. 

    Serving Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs, Ferguson Landscape & Design has built a stellar reputation for delivering top-tier local gardening services. Their team, equipped with extensive expertise, caters to various gardening needs, from basic maintenance to intricate garden makeovers. Whether it's understanding the right soil type, sunlight requirements, or plant selection, they have the knowledge to keep gardens in impeccable condition.

    Services Offered:

    • Pruning: Removal of dead, diseased, or damaged plants to promote healthy growth.
    • Weeding & Hedging: Elimination of undesirable plants and maintenance of shrubbery for an enhanced outdoor look.
    • Lawn Mowing: Ensuring lawns are smooth and well-maintained.
    • Planting & Removal: Selection of suitable plants and removal of unsuitable or dead ones.
    • Fertilising: Enriching the soil for better plant growth.
    • Pest & Disease Management: Eradication of harmful pests and diseases for a healthy garden.

    Phone: 0450 701 605

    Botanic Horticulture

    botanic horticulture

    Botanic Horticulture offers specialised garden makeover services tailored for clients who desire more from their gardens. Whether you've recently moved into a new home or feel that your garden is beginning to show signs of wear, the team at Botanic Horticulture can provide recommendations that enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your outdoor space. 

    Their services encompass a range of solutions, from design and planning to installing hedges and sustainable edible gardens. Focusing on ensuring gardens remain vibrant throughout the year, they combine expertise with a passion for horticulture to deliver outstanding results.

    Services Offered:

    • Scheduled Garden Maintenance
    • Advanced Hedge Management
    • Garden Pest and Disease Control
    • Tree and Plant Pruning
    • Lawn Care and Installation
    • Mulching
    • Pressure Cleaning
    • Fine Turf Management
    • Irrigation Maintenance & Installation
    • Design and Planning
    • Laying Turf
    • Installing Hedges
    • Garden Planting
    • Sustainable Edible Gardens
    • Vegetable Gardens
    • Ongoing Garden Maintenance

    Phone: +61 3 9095 8328

    Waverley Social Enterprise

    waverley social enterprise

    Waverley Social Enterprise offers trusted commercial-scale professional lawn, garden, and greenspace maintenance services while positively impacting society. As an initiative to provide Supported Employment Opportunities for individuals with disabilities, Waverley Social Enterprise has trained a team of highly skilled professionals capable of working in diverse settings to deliver top-quality services at competitive prices. 

    They collaborate closely with clients to understand specific requirements, ensuring safety and outstanding results. Their vast experience in maintaining large-scale gardens and open spaces and adherence to the highest industry and OH&S standards guarantees client satisfaction and a meaningful social contribution.

    Services Offered:

    • Lawn cutting/lawn mowing
    • Edging
    • Whipper snipping/ brush cutting
    • Hand weeding
    • Garden pruning
    • Site clearing and clean up
    • Litter control
    • Bin cleaning

    Phone: (03) 9544 7222

    Gardeners Melbourne

    gardeners melbourne

    Maintaining a garden requires consistent effort and dedication, especially if the garden space is expansive. Gardeners Melbourne offers a convenient solution for homeowners who want to ensure their gardens are well-maintained without the hassle. With a team of skilled gardening technicians, they provide top-notch garden care services, ensuring every aspect of the garden is tended to with precision and expertise. From lawn mowing and hedge trimming to fertilising and more, Gardeners Melbourne is equipped to handle all garden maintenance needs. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the testimonials from satisfied clients, praising the team's dedication, precision, and outstanding results.

    Services Offered:

    • Irrigation: Installation and maintenance of proper irrigation systems.
    • Weeding: Ensuring gardens are free from unwanted plants.
    • Mulching: Protecting garden beds and promoting soil health.
    • Fertilising: Boosting plant growth and ensuring a lush green lawn.
    • Hedge Trimming: Keeping hedges neat and aesthetically pleasing.
    • Lawn Mowing: Regular mowing for a well-maintained lawn.
    • Green Waste Removal: Efficiently removing garden waste.

    Phone: 03 8400 4772.

    Fantastic Gardeners Melbourne

    fantastic gardeners melbourne

    Fantastic Gardeners Melbourne has been a trusted name in gardening solutions since 2011, partnering with seasoned local gardening experts to transform gardens across Melbourne. Recognising the challenges of maintaining a garden, the company offers specialised yard care to ensure gardens remain pristine. 

    Their services are tailored to meet specific client needs and come with the assurance of trained, insured, and knowledgeable gardeners. With modern gardening equipment, they guarantee top-notch results. The company offers a seamless booking process, whether through phone, chat, or mobile app, and provides services suitable for all garden types, be it weekly, monthly, or fortnightly.

    Services Offered:

    • Hedge Trimming: Ensuring hedges are neat, enhancing the overall property appearance.
    • Fertilising: Providing the soil with essential nutrients for healthy plant growth.
    • Bush and Tree Pruning: Ensuring safety and better plant development.
    • Mulching: Assisting in weed control and improving soil structure.
    • Lawn Mowing: Expert lawn care to keep turf areas lush and neat.
    • Green Waste Removal: Efficient removal of all garden waste post-service.
    • Tree Services: Comprehensive tree care and maintenance.

    Phone: 03 8652 1921
    Address: 2C Kirkdale St, Brunswick East VIC 3057

    Jim’s Mowing

    jim s mowing

    Jim’s Mowing offers expert gardening services designed to maintain the beauty and health of gardens throughout the year. Recognising that every garden is unique, the team at Jim’s Mowing provides tailored services to meet the specific needs of each garden. 

    With years of experience in the field, their gardening professionals have the knowledge and tools to ensure gardens thrive and stand out in the neighbourhood. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their professional equipment use and dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction.

    Services Offered:

    • Pruning and Trimming of plants and bushes
    • Weeding
    • Fertilising and mulching
    • Plant Pest and Disease Management
    • Green Waste Removal

    Phone: 131 546
    Address: 48 Edinburgh Rd, Mooroolbark 3138 Victoria, Australia

    Paul’s Mowing Melbourne

    paul’s mowing melbourne

    Maintaining a garden amidst the demands of modern life can be challenging. Paul’s Mowing Melbourne offers comprehensive gardening services tailored to the unique needs of each garden. With a team of vetted experts boasting extensive experience in various garden maintenance tasks, they ensure that gardens look their best and thrive. 

    Whether it's weeding, mulching, hedge trimming, or fertilising, Paul’s Mowing Melbourne has covered it. Their professionals are fully insured, punctual, and equipped with all the necessary tools and machinery. They offer flexibility in scheduling, even accommodating appointments on public holidays or weekends, ensuring gardens receive the care they deserve.

    Services Offered:

    • Weeding: Vital for a robust and blooming garden.
    • Fertilising: Boosting the health of the garden.
    • Trimming: Ensuring a neat and presentable garden.
    • Lawn Topdressing: Promoting healthier grass growth.
    • Irrigation: Installing adequate watering systems.
    • Mulching: Providing the benefits of mulch for gardens.
    • Hedge Trimming: Professional trimming for hedges.
    • Lawn Maintenance: Including mowing, top dressing, weeding, and mulching.
    • Green Waste Removal: Cleaning up leaves, branches, and other garden debris.
    • Gutter Cleaning: Removing obstructions from gutters.
    • Pressure Washing: Cleaning outdoor tiles, decks, garden furniture, and more.

    Phone: 03 8566 7516
    Address: 11/4 Wests Rd #11 Maribyrnong Victoria 3032 Australia

    Use physical barriers, like row covers, and encourage natural predators like ladybugs and lacewings.

    Collecting rainwater in barrels or tanks is an eco-friendly way to irrigate your garden.

    Plant ground cover plants, use mulch and build terraces or retaining walls in sloped areas to prevent soil erosion.

    Loosen compacted soil by aerating it with a garden fork or machine to improve water and air circulation.

    Plant nectar-rich flowers and host plants for caterpillars to attract and support butterfly populations

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