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Guide To The Best Spas And Springs In Melbourne

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    Clearly, you put in a lot of effort. In games, you give it your all. It's only fair that you receive some serious downtime, too. Getting treated like a boss in a plush robe while having endless time to do anything you want, worry-free, is exactly what a day at the spa can provide. The city of Melbourne has a wealth of excellent spas, making it simple to conjure up that picture-perfect mental image. Whether you're looking for a relaxing massage, a facial, or a full body scrub, you may find a high-end spa conveniently located in the financial district that suits your needs. Afterward, when you've discovered your zen, come back and say how much we helped you.

    Melbourne, you've had a rough year; in the spirit of self-care, I say, let's all go to the spas together. Daylesford and Hepburn Springs are two of the top spa towns in all of Australia, both of which are located in Victoria. We are really fortunate to have such a great variety of spas within easy driving distance of the city, as well as several excellent boutique spas within easy walking distance from our homes right here in metropolitan Melbourne. With all of these peaceful, joyful havens readily available, there is no longer any need to allow ourselves to be submerged in tension. So loosen up your shoulders, take a deep breath, and make a reservation.

    Whether your muscles are begging for a breakdown or your skin is screaming for a makeover, a visit to one of Melbourne's top day spas will have you feeling pampered and relaxed in no time. Day spas in Victoria, both close by and farther afield, are discussed in this article.

    If the pressures of the end-of-year rush, the holidays, and, let's be honest, 2020, have you feeling like you need to hide under a rock till the new year, then maybe you could use a hot bath, some steam, a massage, a facial, some aromatherapy, or simply some time to relax and unwind. We feel that after this year, you deserve a reward, whether it's for yourself or someone you care about.

    Although Victoria is not a major geothermal region, you may find hot springs in some odd locations. The Mornington Peninsula is home to natural hot springs tucked away in the native wilderness, while the western town of Warrnambool has warm-water caverns perfect for wading in or kicking off your shoes and clothes in a traditional Japanese onsen in the middle of Collingwood. We work with the Click for Vic programme, which promotes patronage of Victorian companies, to recommend some of the finest urban and rural spas and hot springs in the state.

    If you're planning on visiting a spa, keep in mind that many of them may have booking or availability limits owing to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19. A gift certificate is a great option if you're looking for a present.

    A day at the spa may feel like a distant memory, but you have our OK to take the day off and treat yourself. Melbourne is home to some of the world's most opulent and revitalising day spas and bathhouses, where guests may indulge in a variety of restorative treatments in a serene environment.

    Peninsula Hot Springs

    peninsula hot springs

    • A mailing address of 140 Springs Ln, Fingal, Victoria 3939

    We'll begin, of course, with Peninsula Hot Springs. Urban List regulars know and love this spot for good reason. This area is the best day trip (or overnight adventure) you can take from Melbourne because of its mineral springs, beautiful retreats, and brand new glamping tents and outdoor theatre. Avoid the crowds and enjoy a leisurely morning soak in the tub throughout the winter.

    We all started wondering, "But where are the hot springs in Melbourne?" once we began travelling more and sampling the many spa offerings from across the globe. While Hepburn and others may get some attention, Peninsula Hot Springs stands head and shoulders above the others.

    The natural beauty of Victoria's interior coast has made it the go-to spot for Melburnians in search of a relaxing hot springs escape. Well-known for its reflexology walk, Turkish-style hamam, and hilltop pool (a favourite of, literally, everyone; it's constantly packed, even at 6 in the morning). The bathhouse complex has been expanded to include a theatre, a deep freeze, and a fire and ice experience.

    Separate from the more public springs, the Spa Dreaming complex offers its own bathing experience and day spa services. Assuming the kids aren't doing laps around you, this area is quite tranquil. I really wanted to stay and lounge about the restaurant in my robe and have some lunch, so it made me unhappy to go before I could.

    Peninsula Hot Springs, located near Fingal amid the coastal tea bushes, is a popular destination on the Mornington Peninsula. Their soothing amenities make it a no-brainer to check out, and they work tirelessly to innovate new services in order to maintain their position as the industry standard in wellness travel.

    There are more than 50 unique bathing experiences available in a wide range of relaxing environments. In the Bath House, you and your pals may relax in the mineral-rich water of the natural geothermal spring as you soak up some rays, or you can go upstairs to the Spa Dreaming Centre for a more private and romantic soak with your special someone. Professional massage and facial therapists are readily available for anyone who need something more than a simple swim in the pool. Cafes may be found on-site, or you can bring a picnic and eat it in the picnic areas in the shade of an umbrella.

    Sense of Self Spa 

    sense of self spa ask melbourne

    • Collingwood, Victoria; 30-32 Easey Street

    One of Melbourne's top new spas, Sense of Self can be found tucked away on Stanley Street. Every service is geared on making you feel like your best self by emphasising the importance of self-care and loving oneself. It's also quite calming to look at, thanks to the room's soothing neutral tones and luxurious textiles. Indulge in their magnificent bathhouse and massage services in this urban paradise, where you can forget about the outside world. Just do it.

    Mary Minas and Freya Berwick, who have visited some of the finest day spas across the globe, are bringing some very unique self-care products to Melbourne.

    Sense Of Self Bathhouse is housed in a renovated brick building that spans two stories and is on the boundary between Collingwood and Fitzroy.

    You may take your time and enjoy the enormous mineral bath, Finnish sauna, cold plunge, day spa, mindfulness studio, gorgeous shop, and spacious relaxation areas. The baths are scheduled to debut in early 2021, while the massage day spa launched in November 2020, when Melbourne emerged from lockdown.

    Hepburn Springs Bathhouse and Spa

    hepburn springs ask melbourne

    The area is often referred to as "Spa Country" with good cause. There are so many spas in the Hepburn Springs and Daylesford region that it's as if they were all combined into one. One of the most upscale establishments in the area is the Hepburn Springs Bathhouse & Spa. They have both individual and group sessions available in their mineral pools, plus a long selection of spa services. However, because of their high price, I would recommend saving this for a very momentous event.

    Mineral springs in the Hepburn Springs area proliferate like puddles after a rainstorm. Located about 10 minutes north of Daylesford, in the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve, is the Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa.

    The late 19th-century bathhouse welcomes both young and old, and it's reasonable to assume that it's been updated somewhat since then. Bathers over the age of 16 may take advantage of the Sanctuary Mineral Bathing Experience, which gives them access to the main bathhouse as well as a separate building with a steam room, spa couches, a salt and magnesium pool, and a pool besides the stream.

    The Mineral Spa

    the mineral spa ask melbourne

    In addition, Peppers Mineral Springs Hotel's The Mineral Spa in Hepburn Springs is a stunning sanctuary surrounded by natural beauty. As you soak in the mineral bath and take in the views of the gardens, you'll feel at one with nature thanks to the thoughtful architecture. Specialized treatments, massages, and "girls' weekends" are available to help you relax and unwind. Stay at the hotel and take advantage of everything it has to offer if you can afford it.

    The Lake House Spa

    the lake house spa ask melbourne

    The world-famous Lake House Spa in Daylesford also has a restaurant and a high tea room, so you may indulge in both while you relax in style. To treat your skin well, choose one of the many options on their menu that include the use of all-natural ingredients like clays and oils. All of the mineral water used in the 'Tree Top' soaks, which are located in a picturesque treetop setting with a view of the lake, is naturally sourced. Even if you're not as interested in lap dances as other brides, the spa still has a number of hen's party packages available.

    Lancemore Spa

    lancemore spa ask melbourne

    The Lancemore Spa, located in the Werribee Park Lancemore Mansion, is adequately luxurious. The spa offers a full range of pampering services, from facials and massages to foot soaks and manicures. They specialise in giving you a true Turkish Hammam experience, complete with mud and oils to lather yourself in. Extravagant extras include artisanal chocolates and champagne.

    Miss Fox

    miss fox ask melbourne

    • Location: 285 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000

    Have you ever tried one of Miss Fox's facials? Our pals there are experts in the art of relaxation. This Little Collins Street spa offers much more than just manicures and facials; in fact, you can count on receiving a spectacular soak session before you can ever say "bubble bath." If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, we recommend the 1001 Roses milk bath (and decadent). Essential information:

    You can upgrade your experience with a scalp massage in the tub, champagne, and macarons, but it will cost you.

    Victoria Fox established this high-end cosmetics shop in the centre of the city, on Little Collins Street, in 2011. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and unwind in the lounge, where you may have a full body aromatherapy massage using camellia seed, rose, or coconut oil.

    In addition to massages, Miss Fox also offers hair cuts and styling, life coaching and counselling, and a skin clinic where clients may receive a full evaluation and either a medifacial or professional peel. What about brow lamination and laser hair removal? Undoubtedly, they are capable of doing so.

    Royal St. Collins also has a dessert and champagne bar, where you may sample champagnes like Moet, Veuve, and Dom Perignon while snacking on mousse and meringue tarts. (You don't want to go out looking too good.)

    Mansion Hotel and Spa At Werribee

    mansion hotel and spa at werribee ask melbourne

    An excellent option to spend the night or a weekend is the Werribee Mansion Hotel and Spa. The grounds are lovely, the food is excellent, and the beds are quite soft (those pillows, it's all about the pillows, isn't it?). This is the place to go if you've ever wanted to see the country without really leaving the city. The morning will make you feel like you're in a different world from the one you left behind in the metropolis.

    Surprisingly, this spa has everything you might want. In addition to the typical luxurious massage and facial offering (they utilise Payot Paris product), the Mansion Spa also offers what may be Melbourne's greatest Hammam experience, along with an enormous indoor lap pool and other spa staples. The goods they employ might be to blame for this. I remember an orange-scented masque, but not the odd Imperial Leather soapy fragrance, a very high-qual one with those deep undertones (well, I've read some Le Labo literature). Plus, any place that advertises "add a glass of French champagne for $14 and chocolate-coated strawberries for $12" has my undivided attention.

    In my visions of the future, I am wearing enormous woollen sweaters to stay warm against the crisp air outside and sitting next to a fire to relieve the stress brought on by the steam and massage I had at the Werribee spa.

    The Japanese Bath House

    japanese bath house ask melbourne

    The Japanese have been on to something for over a thousand years; clearly, their bathing rituals are doing them good. Having been open since 1999, the Japanese Bath House in Collingwood may claim to be Melbourne's first traditional bathhouse. The Japanese Bath House provides Melbourne residents with a traditional sento experience, complete with separate male and female changing rooms. The ritual in a traditional Japanese bathhouse consists of stripping down to nothing, rinsing off in a portable bowl, and then plunging into a hot bath for as long as you can stand it. Just because it has a website doesn't mean it's any good.

    Known affectionately by locals as "the Japanese Bathhouse," this bathhouse goes by the formal name Ofuroya. They opened back in 1999, making them the go-to wintertime hotspot for the last 19 years.

    You won't find a more authentic bathhouse in all of Melbourne than this one. Many people like going there on their own or with a group of pals. With just $32 to enter, this is a fantastic and inexpensive way to fulfil your daily mindfulness (and cleanliness!) requirements. They provide you with a Japanese washcloth and a Yukata (a kind of robe) to wear after the treatment. If you combine a shiatsu massage with a relaxing bath, your knots will melt away. While the bathing areas are separated by gender, both sexes may relax together in the Tatami lounge and enjoy some light Japanese fare and drinks. Amongst residents in Melbourne, the Tatami lounge is perhaps the most well-liked part of this institution. Please don't make the same mistake as my buddy and enter the common area without first donning your Yukata bottoms. You won't be very cosy!

    That building over there is the public bath. Seeing the kind individuals that operate Ofuroya is the highlight of each trip there. It's friendly service at its finest for customers. Booking is highly suggested since each bath can accommodate between 8 and 10 persons.

    Norbu Infrared Sauna at The Olsen

    norbu spa ask melbourne

    Norbu is unquestionably high-end. The Olsen Hotel's spa is offered to the public with advanced booking. The Detox Box, Norbu's infrared sauna therapy, is available for customers. If you find traditional saunas to be too warm, this treatment is for you; the secret is that it's heated at a little lower temperature than traditional saunas. Space is limited, so make your reservation as soon as possible.

    Gravity Floatation Centre

    gravity floatation centre ask melbourne

    Floatation therapy isn't like a normal spa visit, but regulars at Loyal swear by the health advantages they experience. Both the Northcote and Armadale sites of the Gravity Floatation Centre have futuristic-looking pods that may make you nervous to enter. However, these pods contain just skin-temperature water and Epsom salts, the perfect ingredients for a restful float. In addition, the brightness and lid status are both within your complete command. Although turning off all lights and closing the lid is essential for a deep sleep. The typical float session lasts an hour, but those who are really ill (or anxious) may choose to go for two.


    sunlighten spa ask melbourne

    Those who want hot weather but not humidity often visit Sunlighten. Sunlighten's sauna is dry and free of steam, so you may bring your electronic devices and relax for an hour or two without worrying about damaging them. If you stay in one of their spotless wood cabins, you won't have to worry about breaking a sweat since the warmth will be relaxing and comforting instead. It's on Clarendon Street, right in the middle of bustling South Melbourne.

    Chuan Spa at The Langham

    chuan spa ask melbourne

    If you have some more time on your hands, you may want to check out the Tri-Bathing routine available at The Langham's Chuan Spa. Start things off with a dip in the large saltwater jacuzzi, then to the sauna, and finish with a relaxing snail shower set in river stones. Intrigued? The innovative shower layout has 12 water jets that target certain muscle regions, as well as a refreshing rain shower and steam to wake you up from above.

    The Chuan Spa at the Langham is known as "the greatest day spa in Melbourne" due to its luxurious setting, which was inspired by China, and its emphasis on Eastern wellness traditions.

    You may rebalance your Wu Xing, the five elements that form the basis of traditional Chinese medicine, by engaging in the Tri-bathing ritual, or you can do neither (TCM). In order to determine which of the Five Elements was off, I conducted a poll before making my reservation online. In order to bring balance to my earth element, I opted for a scrubbing and mud bath before a relaxing massage and soak.

    For a relaxing soak, guests at The Chuan may choose from the hotel's heated sauna, river stone snail shower, saltwater jacuzzi, and swimming pool. There was a refreshing mingling of hydro activities.

    Nimbus & Co.

    nimbus and co ask melbourne

    The Nimbus & Co. infrared sauna studio was the country's first of its kind. Bondi, Byron Bay, and Melbourne are home to Nimbus & Co.'s cutting-edge infrared saunas, which will have you melting into a puddle of pure bliss without the need for water or hot stones. Get some exercise and relax in the privacy of your own room with a cup of free hot or iced tea and a glass of filtered water.

    Crown Spa

    crown spa ask melbourne

    • Address: 8 Whiteman St, Southbank, Melbourne, 3006

    The word "opulent" comes to mind while attempting to describe Crown Spa.

    It's a day spa on a grand scale, complete with blown-glass chandeliers, ancient Greek and Moorish design elements, and a gigantic skylit pool next to Heston's "Dinner.

    Hydrotherapy activations continue beyond the main entry, featuring separate areas for men and women as well as a mixed chill out space. The most luxurious features include a vitality pool and steam rooms (heated to 35 degrees), as well as relaxation rooms stocked with dried fruit, herbal tea, and mineral water.

    There are a total of 17 spa suites available, including both Deluxe and Indulgent options. The second is like a studio apartment in New York City, but with twice the height. The cost of this "Indulgence" is an additional $100 per person for the whole 30 minutes. But if you're treating your mum or your significant other, I say go all out.

    Full-service hair and nail care are also available at the spa. La Prairie (famous for their "Skin Caviar" line, which is not a marketing term but genuine caviar) and a surprising local brand, Subtle Energies, are also utilised.

    Willow Urban Retreat

    willow urban retreat ask melbourne

    • Armadale Post Office, 1203 High Street, Melbourne, 3143

    In the middle of the bustle of Armadale, you'll find Willow, a spa and wellness centre that combines a wholefoods café with a mindfulness area offering massage and yoga. The Blissful Marma massage (from $170), which focuses on soothing stress and aligning essential energy centres, is only one of the highlights of the spa menu. In addition, the Signature Rose Quartz facial (from $170) employs fragrant actives, rollers, and gua sha instruments to lift, plump, and soften the skin. And if you feel the need for some mystical magic in your life, Intuitive Energy Healing (from $170) may be just the ticket to bringing your whole being into harmony.

    Holism Retreat

    holism retreat ask melbourne

    • Number 1341 Dandenong Road, Chadstone, Melbourne, 3148

    Our focus at the Holism Retreat is radical self-kindness and the integration of spirit, body, and breath. In fact, simply perusing the menu will put you at ease. Here, you get to tailor your experience to fit your specific requirements. Following Pauline, the owner's, recommendation, we did yoga at 9 a.m., ate breakfast, and then went for a swim in the rooftop pool. After that, we spent some more time in the Wellness Light Lounge and had the Reset Ritual (which cost us $420 and included a massage and a facial).

    Amara Wellness Centre

    amara spa ask melbourne

    On the upper level of Sydney Road, Dr. Zara's Hammam and wellness centre is like a tiny oasis in the desert. This clinic emphasises peak performance since Dr. Zara is an experienced endermotherapist, which is defined as "the French term for mechanical stimulation of cells" on the Amara website. I'm not sure what that means, but it's said to help with things like fibrosis, arthritis, burn scars, and frozen shoulder.

    We went to Amara once and did the Hammam thing with a pal. The rooms are on the modest side, but the Moroccan decor and fragrant steam (it gets super-steamy in the smaller rooms, I loved it!) will take you away. They prepared our skin for the scrub, or "gommage" as it is known in European hammams, by applying a fragrant paste made from rose and eucalyptus. This was blended by the spa attendant, and it was amazing.

    Deep Blue Hotel & Hot Springs

    deep blue hotel spa ask melbourne

    Dilwyn aquifer's natural geothermic waters supply this complex, which is situated at an elevation of 850 metres. In line with the relaxed nature of Warrnambool, the decor of Deep Blue is pretty casual. Visit the geothermal rockpools and wade to a rainforest waterfall; pamper yourself with a massage or facial in the spa; relax in one of the numerous hot pools around the landscaped grounds (and a bar and a cafe).

    There is a motel right there if you don't feel like going home after all that. For those who still have energy to soak, there are spa tubs in the deluxe rooms.

    Sakura Lounge 

    sakura lounge ask melbourne

    Hidden away on Warburton Lane lies the Sakura Lounge, a Japanese-style day spa (without the onsen). And it's a great choice for those who want to go all out, with a variety of affordable full-day packages. Imagine being treated to a series of rejuvenating Japanese massages, foot soaks, and facials until you've reached your zen state of mind. You'll leave Sakura feeling more pampered than ever thanks to the endless tea and sweets as well as the sushi and champagne that may be added on for an extra cost. If you want to relax and unwind for less than $200, choose the Decadent Detox package, which includes a foot soak, chocolate body scrub, and hot stone massage and lasts for a total of 2.5 hours.

    Botanica Day Spa 

    botanica day spa ask melbourne

    Botanica Day Spa, located inside the InterContinental, is a tranquil urban sanctuary that provides a range of treatment packages to fit your every need. Included on this list is the Botanica De-Stress ($240) service, which includes a full-body massage, aromatherapy foot massage, and blissful frangipani scalp massage, all of which seem like they'd be welcome on occasion. Additionally, you may get into your spa groove with a variety of skin and beauty treatments or lose track of time with a multi-treatment spa excursion. The tranquil, modern decor will ease your mind and body as much as the best hot stone massage.

    HÜD Skin & Body

    hud spa ask melbourne

    • St. Kilda Address: 140 St. Kilda Road

    This tranquil spa in the Scandia style offers treatments focused on restoring the skin to homoeostasis (optimum health) after exposure to the sun, wind, and water.

    Microdermabrasion, peels, LED light therapy and skin needling, waxing, mani-pedis, lash extensions, body treatments, and spray tans are just some of the holistic and pampering options available to you.


    Melburnians looking for a relaxing hot springs getaway flock to Victoria's interior coast because of its natural beauty. Peninsula Hot Springs, a popular destination on the Mornington Peninsula, is located near Fingal in the coastal tea bushes. A two-story brick building has been renovated to house the Sense of Self Bathhouse. There are few more luxurious spas in the area than Hepburn Springs Bathhouse and Spa. Because they are so expensive, I'd save them for a special occasion.

    Located in the heart of Hepburn Springs, The Mineral Spa at Peppers Mineral Springs Hotel is a tranquil haven surrounded by nature's beauty. There is a high tea room and a restaurant at the Lake House Spa in Daylesford, so you can enjoy both while you relax in style. In what may be Melbourne's best Hammam experience, Werribee Mansion Spa is the place to go. The dessert and champagne bar at Royal St. Collins features champagnes like Moet, Veuve, and Dom Perignon, as well as mousse and meringue tarts. Located in Collingwood, the Japanese Bath House claims to be Melbourne's first bathhouse.

    The Olsen Hotel's spa also offers infrared saunas and shiatsu massages. Customers can take advantage of Norbu's infrared sauna therapy, the Detox Box. The pods at Gravity Floatation Centre are filled only with water and Epsom salts. If you're feeling particularly ill (or anxious), you may want to do two floats instead of one. At the Langham, Melbourne's "best day spa" is the Chuan Spa.

    The first infrared sauna studio in the United States was opened by Nimbus & Co. The chandeliers at Crown Spa are made of blown-glass and feature ancient Greek and Moorish designs. It's the perfect place to relax and recharge your mind and body, thanks to the Willow spa in Armadale's Willow neighbourhood. In the middle of the desert, Dr. Zara's Hammam and wellness centre is an oasis. Despite the rooms' modest size, the Moroccan-inspired decor and soothing steam will transport you to another place.

    This hotel is located at an altitude of 850 metres, making it the highest in the area. Japanese-inspired day spa Sakura Lounge is located in the heart of Tokyo (without the onsen). A foot soak, chocolate body scrub, and hot stone massage are all included in the Decadent Detox package. Treatments at HÜD Skin & Body are aimed at bringing the skin back to a state of homoeostasis.

    Content Summary

    • Mineral springs, beautiful retreats, and brand new glamping tents and outdoor theatre make this area a great day trip (or overnight adventure) from Melbourne for nature enthusiasts.
    • Melburnians looking for a relaxing hot springs getaway flock to Victoria's interior coast because of its natural beauty.
    • Peninsula Hot Springs, a popular destination on the Mornington Peninsula, is located near Fingal in the coastal tea bushes.
    • Collingwood, Victoria: Sense of Self Spa, 30-32 Easey Street
    • Sense of Self, one of Melbourne's best new spas, is located on Stanley Street.
    • Due to their extensive travels, Mary Minas and Freya Berwick have brought some of the world's most innovative self-care products to Melbourne.
    • Hepburn Springs' Mineral Spa at Peppers Mineral Springs Hotel is a stunning haven in the midst of the area's natural splendour.
    • If you can afford it, stay at the hotel and take advantage of all the amenities.
    • a traditional Japanese bath
    • The Japanese Bath House in Collingwood, which opened in 1999, may lay claim to being Melbourne's first traditional spa.
    • There are separate male and female changing rooms at the Japanese Bath House in Melbourne, Australia.
    • After stripping down, rinsing off, and then jumping into the hot tub for as long as you can bear, the traditional Japanese bathhouse ritual is followed.
    • The Langham's Chuan Spa
    • In the Langham's Chuan Spa, you can try the Tri-Bathing treatment if you have more time on your hands.
    • In the Tri-bathing ritual, you can either re-balance your Wu Xing, the five elements that make up traditional Chinese medicine, or you can do neither (TCM).
    • The Nimbus & Co.
    • The first infrared sauna studio in the United States was opened by Nimbus & Co.
    • The spa also offers full-service options for hair and nails.
    • It's all about self-love and the integration of spirit, body and breath at the Holism Retreat.
    • An unassuming Japanese-style day spa called Sakura Lounge can be found off Warburton Lane (without the onsen).
    • Day Spa Botanica
    • In the InterContinental hotel, Botanica Day Spa is a peaceful urban sanctuary that offers a wide range of treatments to suit your every desire.
    • You can also lose track of time with a multi-treatment spa excursion or get into your spa groove with a variety of skin and beauty treatments.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    Public bathing isn't quite so popular anymore, but there are still a number of wonderful bathhouses and geothermal hot springs where you can don your bathing suit and enjoy the healing powers of warm mineral waters or traditional massages.
    Bathhouses serve as a gathering place, an invitation to connect in a setting where sensual absorbtion replaces small talk. Bathhouses run counter to our contemporary American notion that baths are to be taken privately, secretly, alone—an idea is often rooted in bodily shame.
    The big difference is in the type of heat that they provide. A sauna uses dry heat, usually from hot rocks or a closed stove. Steam rooms are heated by a generator filled with boiling water. While a sauna may help relax and loosen your muscles, it won't have the same health benefits of a steam room.

    All types of spas should have a relaxed and positive atmosphere, and be pleasing to the senses - the spa should look good, smell good, and it should be peaceful and comfortable. Today, wellness tends to be the focus in the spa industry.

    Spa Treatments Help You to Have a Better Sleep.

    Massages help your muscles to feel relaxed as much as possible, and it also lowers your blood pressure. With that, you can have a good night's sleep without having to feel any discomfort, stress, or body pain.

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