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Here Is Why Your Next Vacation Should Be In Melbourne

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    People from all walks of life and economic backgrounds are able to appreciate the world-class street art and superb eateries that the city has to offer. Additionally, it is routinely recognised as the most liveable city in the world and is widely recognised as the global centre of the coffee business. ‌ ‌

    We need to take advantage of everything that Melbourne has to offer.

    Melbourne Trails

    The majority of Melbourne is quite flat, with only a few significant exceptions; as a result, it is a good location for bicycles. You don't have to be a Lycra-clad fanatic to enjoy a bike ride in Melbourne; the city's many bike paths are popular with riders of all skill levels.

    Even better, these bike paths span everything from seaside boardwalks to winding river paths, practically insuring a fantastic day trip. Mount up and fasten your spurs! Like to walk? Here is a list of the best trails in Melbourne where you can go for a stroll and take in the sights.

    Although some may refer to it as a "bike path," this trail is actually a "shared path" where cyclists must yield to pedestrians and ride on the left side. It is courteous to recognise approaching cyclists with a wave of the hand and to not hog the path too much if they ring their bell to let you know they are approaching.

    Trail That Runs From Lilydale to Warburton

    lilydale to warburton rail trail bridge between seville and woori yallock

    • One-way Distance: 40km
    • Trail Difficulty: Medium

    The Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail is almost forty kilometres long and is a popular route for cyclists, hikers, and equestrians connecting the two cities. The track follows the route of a decommissioned railway through the beautiful Yarra Valley, starting just beyond the Lilydale Railway Station and terminating in Warburton.

    The path's rich history makes it ideal for city dwellers with a hankering for nature. The trail heads out from behind Lilydale Railway Station and through the Yarra Valley on an old rail bed.

    As it travels along the valley, it takes in the beautiful scenery of forests, vineyards, and farmland. It's well-kept as well, but when the weather's nice, it may get crowded with people out walking and riding horses. If you find that the journey is too much, you may always make a weekend out of it by staying in Warburton and returning on the following Sunday (Government regulations prohibit overnight stays in Victoria at the present time, so keep that in mind.)

    The Victorian Railways linked Warburton and Healesville to Lilydale through distinct but parallel branch lines. The rail trail that runs between Lilydale and Warburton has been operational for a long time.

    A significant portion of Stage 1A of the Yarra Valley Trail, beginning at Yering, has been completed. At some point, this path will join the communities of Lilydale, Yarra Glen, and Healesville.

    One of the most popular train routes in all of Australia is the one connecting Lilydale and Warburton. It starts in Lilydale, where the metropolitan rail network ends, and travels through increasingly rural areas before arriving in Warburton, a mountain resort town.

    The Warburton section of the Rail Trail is connected to the Lilydale train station via the Red Bridge at Lilydale, which spans the six lanes of the Maroondah Highway. The traffic lights at the junctions of York Rd, Monbulk Rd, and Birmingham Rd in Mt. Evelyn are functioning properly at this time.

    At the trailhead hubs in Lilydale and Warburton, visitors can take advantage of benches, bike racks, interpretive boards, and drinking fountains.

    While many stations' buildings have been removed over time, their original platforms have been preserved and replica station signs have been installed. The old Lilydale station building is currently located in the Yarra Junction Museum.

    After over a century of service, the railway line connecting Lilydale and Yarra Glen was shut down in 1980, and Stage 1 of the Yarra Valley Trail now follows its path. Both Yarra Glen and Lilydale were within the service area of this particular line.

    The line begins at Beresford Road in Lilydale, where the original railway did as well, and continues north into Yarra Glen.

    Merri Creek Trail

    merri creek trail sign and path

    • One-way Distance: 21km
    • Trail Difficulty: Medium

    A beautiful pathway for pedestrians and cyclists, this path follows Merri Creek in northern Melbourne. It's a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the trail is wide enough for walking, running, or riding a bike. It takes about 30 minutes to cycle the flat 7.5 kilometres from the tranquil Abbotsford Convent to CERES Community Environment Park.

    You shouldn't miss the Merri Creek Labyrinth, a community-built mini-Stonehenge with a Wishing Tree where guests can affix their private hopes and dreams.

    Capital City Trail

    Capital City Trail

    • Loop Distance: 29km
    • Trail Difficulty: Easy-Medium

    Bicyclists in Melbourne have, for a significant amount of time, chosen to ride this core loop.

    Covering ground at the Melbourne Zoo, Southbank, and the Royal Botanic Gardens, as well as sections of the Merri Creek Trail, the Inner Circle Rail Trail, Moonee Ponds Creek Trail, and Yarra Trail,  this circuit has something for everyone. Now is your chance to set sail in whichever direction you like.

    Main Yarra Trail

    Mail Yarra trail Melbourne

    • One-way Distance: 22km
    • Trail Difficulty: Easy-Medium

    This track, which begins in Eltham and continues down the course of the Yarra River to Fairfield, is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon on two wheels. The terrain is very even and there are many shady passageways to explore along the route. The trail is paved as it approaches the city, and along the way you must visit the Heide Museum of Modern Art and the Fairfield Boathouse, a colonial-era establishment famous for its scones.

    Distance between Eltham and Fairfield is 22 kilometres, and while it is slightly easier going downhill, it is otherwise a flat route that follows the meandering Yarra. From (or to) Eltham train station, it's possible to take a short out-and-back excursion on the Main Yarra Trail, which connects to the Capital City Trail and continues on for another 18 kilometres to the Melbourne central business district. You might also take advantage of the two-way ride.

    A sealed bike path runs along the perimeter of the parklands closer to the city, passing by sports fields, golf courses, and suburban neighbourhoods. Typical Australian Wattle and Eucalyptus trees can be seen further river, along with compacted earth. Not even a cafe can be found along the bike path. Perfect for bringing along on a picnic!

    The Yarra River and surrounding bushland are a big part of what makes this cycling path so appealing. The suspension bridge over the Yarra in the area of Templestowe is a popular attraction. We looked down into the creek below and saw two platypus playing. Wow, what a nice surprise!

    The Diamond Valley Railway, located just south of Eltham, is a fun and unique attraction for kids and adults alike. There are about 2 kilometres of lines that snake through tunnels and bush and a plethora of puffing trains, complete with real drivers, whistles, and crossing signals.

    A lot of care and attention has been put into this, and everybody (not just kids) should experience it. On top of being inexpensive, it also runs on Sundays and holidays.

    Half Moon Bay to St Kilda

    st kilda beach to half moon bay

    • One-way Distance: 13km
    • Trail Difficulty: Easy

    Being in the heart of the city, we sometimes forget that Bass Strait is right outside our windows. This scenic route, which begins at St. Kilda Beach and continues down the coast as it arcs around the bay to the south-east, is a great way to take in the scenery and smell the salt air. There are no strenuous ascents, and the views are Instagram-worthy.

    Hikers of all skill levels will enjoy the 14.6-kilometer Bay Trail from Brighton to Half Moon Bay in Victoria, Australia, because to its relaxed atmosphere, abundance of wildlife, and relative lack of crowds.

    The trail is used by those interested in a wide range of pursuits, from jogging and road cycling to birdwatching. Visitors with dogs are welcome on this trail, but they must be kept on a leash at all times.

    Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail

    Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail

    • One-way Distance: 23km
    • Trail Difficulty: Easy

    If you want to enjoy a coastal bike ride in Melbourne, it is not required to live in the southern suburbs of the city. Along the tranquil Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail, which stretches for a total of 23 kilometres along the water, exploring the western suburbs of Melbourne on two wheels is one of the best ways to get the most out of the experience.

    One can enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery that the western suburbs have to offer by walking along this trail. Your journey ought to get underway close to Scienceworks, just downhill from the Westgate Bridge; from there, you need to head to Williamstown, Altona, and Skeleton Creek.

    The Williamstown Botanic Gardens and tracing a circuitous path around Cherry Lake are both wonderful options for side trips that can be taken along the route. The town of Williamstown is home to both of these locations.

    Popular Melbourne Spots

    State Library of Victoria

    State Library of Victoria Melbourne

    The State Library of Victoria is an impressive building from the nineteenth century, and its interior is among the most beautiful examples of Melbourne's heritage architecture. It also serves as a symbol of the city's cultural heritage.

    The La Trobe Reading Room, which is located on the second floor of the library, is notable for its spectacular dome-shaped roof.

    Both "Ned Kelly's armour in the changing face of Victoria" and "Mirror of the World: tracking the history of books" are free and worth seeing. These two displays share a common venue. The option of free guided tours is also available.

    Over two million volumes, hundreds of thousands of images, newspapers, maps and manuscripts, and masses of audio, video, and digital material make up the collections of the State Library, which reflect the culture of Victoria over the past 150 years.

    In 1861, the State Library was founded. You may see some great artworks and exhibitions without spending a dime by visiting one of the free galleries like the Dome Galleries, Cowen Gallery, or Keith Murdoch Gallery. Any content that is being broadcast on the Experimedia media wall can be viewed by visitors.

    Families love Mothers Beach because the water is shallow and safe for children to splash around in. It takes around an hour to drive to Mothers Beach from Melbourne's downtown. It is a great place for a family outing because it is secluded by tall cypress trees, has plenty of picnic tables, and is perfect for a barbeque.

    Some of Victoria's most stunning bay and back beaches may be found on the Mornington Peninsula, separated by little more than a narrow peninsula. Some of the beaches are accessible only by footpaths along the coast, and these are typically found within national parks; others, however, are conveniently placed near the main commercial district along Point Nepean Road.

    Mothers Beach, which is located just beneath Mornington Park and the playground, has more easy parking and beautiful views of the Mornington pier. There are also bathrooms and barbecues for cooking up a feast.

    This Mornington beach is one of three to the north of the jetty, and it stands out since it is great for families and has calm waters that are suitable for swimming. It has a lovely, sandy beach and picnic tables and barbecues that are shaded by trees.

    Mothers Beach

    Mothers Beach Melbourne Victoria

    Mothers Beach is a local favourite because of the calm, shallow waters that are perfect for children. Mothers Beach, located an hour outside of Melbourne's central business district, is perfect for a day trip with the kids because it is shaded by towering cypress trees and offers numerous BBQ and picnic facilities.

    Many of Victoria's finest bay and back beaches may be found on the Mornington Peninsula, separated by only a narrow strip of land. There are beaches near the major shopping district along Point Nepean Road, and others that can only be reached by coastal walking routes within National Parks.

    Mothers Beach, which overlooks the Mornington pier, is located below the Mornington Park and playground, making parking a bit more convenient. Facilities including bathrooms and grills are also available.

    This is one of three Mornington beaches north of the jetty, and it stands out due to its shallow seas and safe swimming conditions, making it ideal for families. There's a beautiful, unspoilt stretch of sand, and picnic tables and BBQ grills are hidden away in the shade of the trees.

    Activities To Do in Melbourne

    Private Golf Lesson with a PGA Pro

    Private Golf Lesson with a PGA Pro


    • Private golf lesson with a PGA professional
    • Held at the amazing Albert Park Driving Range

    This private golf instruction with PGA pro, Jamie McCallum, is your chance to hone your skills and get expert feedback. Jamie has been working in golf for over 20 years, giving him extensive experience and information to share with others. He had a stellar amateur career, serving as captain of the Victoria team and a member of the Australian squad.

    Jamie welcomes the challenge of helping golfers of all skill levels, from novices to those who want to a professional career, raise their game to the next level. He will tailor a strategy to your individual strengths and weaknesses, with the goal of increasing your self-assurance and decreasing your feelings of helplessness.

    There will be one or two straightforward mechanical or mental procedures for you to do, with clear and concise guidance provided. Utilize your newfound knowledge to win the next round of golf with your buddies.

    Take advantage of this unique opportunity to work one-on-one with PGA pro Jamie McCallum to improve your golfing abilities. Jamie has an intense desire to see you succeed, and he'll develop a programme around your current level of expertise that will increase your self-assurance and decrease your dissatisfaction on the court. No matter what you do, you won't strike out.

    Rally Drive 2 Cars with Hot Lap

    drive melbourne


    • Pick your vehicle of choice the day of.
    • Complete 16 laps in two different vehicles.
    • One lap behind the wheel with a pro rally driver

    Try your hand at driving a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo or a championship-ready Subaru STI. For sixteen paces, you'll be the driver, and then you'll ride shotgun for a "hot lap" with a pro racer. You should not pass up the chance to experience driving a real rally car.

    What's Included?

    • Some basic training and instructions for the driver before getting behind the wheel
    • After your warm-up lap, you should complete at least eight full laps in the lead car.
    • Feel the difference by taking the second car out for at least eight laps.
    • Safeguards including headgear, transportation, and expert guidance
    • It's time to switch places and hang on for a heated lap.

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo or a Turbo Subaru STI is not a car everyone can afford to park in their driveway. Here's your chance to drive like the champions in a rally car, even if you've never been behind the wheel of one before.

    You'll get at least eight laps behind the wheel of each vehicle in this rally blast experience, giving you plenty of time to compare and contrast the vehicles' handling, acceleration, and horsepower, as well as learn some insider tips and tricks used by the pros to speed through the course's tight turns and onto the course's long straightaways.

    You'll start off by meeting the experienced rally drivers and instructors who will be guiding you throughout the day. The next step is to decide which rally car you'd want to drive first. A helmet is provided before you head to the vehicles and begin getting grimy.

    When taking a lap to become used to the track, it's preferable to have an instructor in tow so they can point out the optimum places to brake and shift. You'll get 8 laps in one rally car and then get to try out a another one.

    When you're done with your laps, you can switch seats with an expert driver and go for a thrilling high-speed spin. Don't panic!

    Grab brunch at Higher Ground

    Higher Ground Melbourne restaurant

    Higher Ground is a beautiful café-restaurant housed in a historic, once-bustling power plant, and it is often regarded as the best place in town to enjoy brunch. Why bother coming here, you may well wonder; in Melbourne, brunch is king. There is no way around it. In this regard, Higher Ground is a great option. The weekend is the busiest time, so expect waits. Put on some comfy shoes, grab a book to read, and get some coffee and a pastry from the street vendor.

    The people behind Kettle Black and Top Paddock have taken on a massive new project with this café-slash-restaurant.

    Higher Ground's breakfast, lunch, and dinner are soaring to new heights thanks to the restaurant's three levels, 130 seats, and team of savvy, unflappable wait staff. Supernormal, Jacques Reymond, and Pope Joan are just a few of the 16 chefs at this restaurant.

    The interior design is stunning at first glance. This café, located in a converted power plant that is now on the National Register of Historic Places, features a 15-meter-high ceiling in the style of opulent hotel lobbies. The arched windows and hanging plants on the mezzanine are stunning. You should use the restroom even if you don't think you need to. What a stunning couple they make.

    The din of happy patrons and the flurry of staff's deliveries fill the room and increase the expectation of those waiting outside. Those on the outside aren't let down at all once they step foot inside.

    On the day menu, prepared by executive chef Nate Wilkins, you can find dishes like semolina porridge with sesame and dried plum, avocado on sourdough seasoned with citrous salt, and scrambled eggs with curry leaves and homemade flatbread for anywhere between $8.50 and $26.

    The kale salad is so visually striking, you simply must have it. Roasted till it develops a wonderful nuttiness, the delicate kale is combined with tiny brussels sprouts, broccoli flowers, and flawless avocado slices. To top it all off, there's a poached egg on top of some puffed rice. Thin slices of cured kingfish, which are mild and milky in flavour and come dressed in nori and ponzu, are a nice touch but are not required.

    The short rib Wagyu roll is, to put it bluntly, fantastic. Buns made in the form of brioche are home to juicy slices of pork and a cooling thatch of shredded cucumber, carrots, and bean shoots. If you're missing anything, go no further than the coriander leaves and red chilli peppers.

    When it comes to fine dining in Melbourne, Higher Ground is on the cutting edge thanks to its expert service, breathtaking decor, and delicious food. Avoid the busiest times if at all possible. If you can't, then you might as well keep smiling and waiting.

    High Tea Cruise on the Yarra River

    Yarra River cruise


    • A high tea with a twist!
    • Take a cruise down the Yarra River and see Melbourne from a whole new perspective.
    • Enjoy a glass of champagne, some tea, or a cup of coffee with a variety of tasty delicacies.

    If you thought high tea was fancy before, this will blow your mind. Savour scones, finger sandwiches, sparkling champagne, and more as you sail the high seas on a luxurious catamaran. Tea and coffee will be provided in endless supply as you take in the breathtaking panoramas of Melbourne.

    What's Included?

    • A trip down the Yarra for two hours
    • Dessert and savoury finger foods served at a formal high tea
    • A bottle of champagne, please.
    • Availability of hot beverages at all times

    Enjoy tasty canapes, cute tea sandwiches and rolls, sweets, and, of course, scones slathered in jam and Chantilly cream as you sit down at a nicely decorated table. Sip some bubbly as you set off from Victoria Harbour for a trip to Williamstown and Hobson Bay; the scenery is breathtaking. Enjoy free flowing tea and coffee as you drift lazily down the Yarra River, followed by wandering sweets and warm scones straight from the oven. High tea is the ultimate girls' day out, whether you're celebrating a birthday or a hen's day.


    Melbourne is often considered to be one of the world's best places to call home. Bicyclists of all skill levels flock to the city's many bike lanes. Boardwalks and winding river walkways are both included in this network of trails. The Yarra Valley can be explored by bike along the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail. Stage 1A of the Yarra Valley Trail, which begins at Yering, has seen tremendous progress in recent years.

    All three neighbourhoods of Lilydale, Yarra Glen, and Healesville will be connected by this route. There is a connection between the Warburton stretch of the Rail Trail and the Lilydale train station. Segments of the Yarra River Trail, the Inner Circle Rail Trail, the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail, and the Yarra Trail all serve as urban bikeways in Melbourne. Explore the area between Eltham and Fairfield with a day trip on the Main Yarra Trail or the Capital City Trail, both of which are around 18 kilometres in length. In total, the Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail is 23 kilometres long and runs parallel to the water.

    The interior of the State Library of Victoria is one of the city of Melbourne's finest examples of historic architecture. It's possible to take a pleasant detour to the Williamstown Botanic Gardens or walk around Cherry Lake's winding paths. The State Library was established in the year 1861. The holdings include over two million books, thousands of photographs, newspapers, maps, and manuscripts, and a plethora of other audio, video, and digital resources. In Victoria, the Mornington Peninsula is home to some of the state's most beautiful bay and back beaches.

    One of Mornington's three beaches is called Mothers Beach. The water is unusually shallow, making it a safe place for swimmers. Use this one-on-one time with PGA pro Jamie McCallum to your advantage. Take a "hot lap" in the passenger seat as a professional rally driver guides the way. Each rally car will give you 8 laps to drive it before letting you try out another.

    You'll evaluate the vehicles head-to-head, looking at how they handle, how fast they accelerate, and how much power they have. In order to make quick work of the course's tight corners and get to the straightaways as quickly as possible, it helps to know the insider secrets utilised by the pros. Because of its stunning appearance, the kale salad is a must-try. Simply told, the short rib Wagyu roll is delicious. Mild and milky in flavour, the cured kingfish comes wrapped in nori and ponzu and makes for a lovely garnish, but is by no means necessary.

    You can expect Melbourne's most avant-garde high tea at Higher Ground. Experience Melbourne from a fresh vantage point on a high tea boat down the Yarra River. Savor a high tea on a beautiful catamaran while you cruise the ocean. The spread will include scones, finger sandwiches, and champagne.

    Content Summary

    • The city's world-class street art and great gastronomy are accessible to people of all ages, cultures, and socioeconomic statuses.
    • In addition to being largely regarded as the world's coffee capital, it is also often regarded as the most liveable city in the world.
    • Most of Melbourne is quite level, with a few notable exceptions; this makes it an ideal place for bicycling.
    • The city's many bike lanes are popular with cyclists of all skill levels, so you don't need to be a Lycra-clad maniac to enjoy a ride in Melbourne.
    • One-way A 40-kilometre hike with a medium level of trail difficulty. A popular path for bicycles, hikers, and equestrians, the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail spans about 40 kilometres between the two cities.
    • The trail is perfect for city inhabitants who have a desire for the outdoors because of its rich history.
    • The Victorian Railways built separate but parallel branch lines that connected Warburton and Healesville with Lilydale.
    • Lilydale and Warburton's rail trail has been open for quite some time.
    • Stage 1A of the Yarra Valley Trail, which begins at Yering, has seen tremendous progress in recent years.
    • There will come a day when residents of Lilydale, Yarra Glen, and Healesville can all walk together on this trail.
    • The line between Lilydale and Warburton is one of the busiest in all of Australia.
    • The Red Bridge at Lilydale, which spans the six lanes of the Maroondah Highway, links the Warburton segment of the Rail Trail to the Lilydale train station.
    • The Yarra Junction Museum is home to the original Lilydale station.
    • The Lilydale–Yarra Glen railway line closed in 1980 after more than a century of use, and its former route is currently used by Stage 1 of the Yarra Valley Trail.
    • This line served the areas between Yarra Glen and Lilydale.
    • In northern Melbourne, there is a lovely trail for walkers and bikers that follows Merri Creek.
    • The Melbourne Zoo, Southbank, and the Royal Botanic Gardens are all included in this circuit, as are parts of the Merri Creek Trail, the Inner Circle Rail Trail, the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail, and the Yarra Trail.
    • Right now is your opportunity to set sail in any course you want.
    • You can spend a relaxing afternoon riding your bike along this path that runs from Eltham all the way to Fairfield along the path of the Yarra River.
    • Eltham and Fairfield are separated by 22 kilometres of flat terrain along the winding Yarra, which is slightly easier heading downhill.
    • A quick out-and-back hike along the Main Yarra Trail may be had from (or to) the Eltham train station; the trail connects to the Capital City Trail, which in turn links to the remaining 18 kilometres of the Melbourne city centre.
    • You might make use of the fact that the ride goes in both directions.
    • Closer to the city, a sealed bike route winds past sports fields, golf clubs, and residential neighbourhoods before connecting back to the parklands.
    • There isn't even a cafe anywhere near the trail.
    • Good enough to pack in your picnic basket!
    • This path's attractiveness is due in large part to the Yarra River and the adjacent forest.
    • About 2 kilometres of tracks wind through tunnels and dense vegetation, and numerous steaming trains rumble along with authentic drivers, whistles, and crossing signals.
    • In the hustle and bustle of the city, it might be easy to overlook the vastness of Bass Strait just beyond the buildings.
    • The Bay Trail in Victoria, Australia, which runs from Brighton to Half Moon Bay, is a pleasant outing for hikers of all experience levels due to its scenic beauty, a plethora of species, and absence of tourists.
    • You don't have to be a resident of Melbourne's southern suburbs to make use of the city's excellent bicycle infrastructure and go for a ride down the coast.
    • One of the greatest ways to see the western suburbs of Melbourne is by bike, especially along the serene Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail, which runs for a total of 23 kilometres along the water.
    • By taking a stroll down this path, you may take in some of the western suburbs' most breathtaking views.
    • The State Library of Victoria is housed in a magnificent 19th-century edifice, and its ornate interior is among the city's finest specimens of historic architecture.
    • It's a representation of the city's history and culture.
    • The State Library of Victoria houses collections that span over 150 years of Victorian culture and include over two million books, hundreds of thousands of pictures, newspapers, maps, and manuscripts, and vast amounts of audio, video, and digital content.
    • The State Library was established in the year 1861.
    • Visitors can watch whatever is currently playing on the Experimedia media wall.
    • Mothers Beach is popular with families due to its shallow waters, which are perfect for wading and playing.
    • From Melbourne's central business district, a trip to Mothers Beach takes around an hour.
    • Only a tiny peninsula separates the Mornington Beaches from the mainland, but they are some of the most beautiful bay and back beaches in all of Victoria.
    • The warm, shallow waves of Mothers Beach are a hit with families.
    • Mothers Beach, an hour outside of Melbourne's CBD, is a great destination for a family day trip because it is shady by tall cypress trees and has enough of picnic tables and barbeque grills.
    • Separated from the mainland by just a thin strip of land, the Mornington Peninsula is home to some of Victoria's most beautiful bay and back beaches.
    • There are beaches accessible by a car near the central business district along Point Nepean Road, as well as beaches accessible exclusively via footpaths through national parks.
    • Mothers Beach, which views out over the Mornington pier, is situated directly below the Mornington Park and playground, which makes finding a parking spot a little easier
    • Here's your chance to work one-on-one with PGA pro-Jamie McCallum and improve your game with the help of his insightful criticism.
    • He'll come up with a plan that takes into account your unique characteristics and works to boost your confidence and lessen your sense of hopelessness.
    • Put what you've learned to use and dominate your next round of golf with your pals.
    • If you want to hone your golfing skills, this is your chance to work closely with PGA pro-Jamie McCallum in a one-on-one setting.
    • Jamie genuinely cares about your progress, so he'll tailor a training regimen to your existing skill set to boost your confidence and reduce court unhappiness.
    • Give a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo or a championship-ready Subaru STI a try.
    • The driver should have had some preliminary instruction before getting behind the wheel.
    • After your initial lap of warmup, you should aim to complete at least eight full laps at the front of the pack.
    • Take the second car out for a spin for at least eight laps to get a feel for the difference.
    • Equipment like helmets, safe modes of transportation, and seasoned direction are all necessary safety measures.
    • It's your chance to feel like a pro driver in a rally car, even if you've never driven one before.
    • In this rally blast experience, you'll get to drive each vehicle for at least eight laps, giving you plenty of opportunities to evaluate its steering, speed, and horsepower, as well as pick up some of the tricks used by the pros to zip through the course's tight curves and onto its lengthy straightaways.
    • The day will begin with an introduction to the professional rally drivers and teachers who will be your guides.
    • The next thing to do is pick out the rally vehicle you'd want to pilot first.
    • You'll get to drive a rally car for 8 laps before switching to another.
    • After you've completed your laps, you can trade places with a pro driver for an exciting, high-speed ride.
    • A lovely café-restaurant, Higher Ground is located in a converted power plant that dates back to the early 20th century and is often considered to be the greatest spot in town to spend brunch.
    • When considering this, Higher Ground is an excellent choice.
    • The three stories, 130 seats, and team of the knowledgeable, unflappable wait staff at Higher Ground have done wonders for the restaurant's breakfast, lunch, and dinner business.
    • There are sixteen chefs working here, including Supernormal, Jacques Reymond, and Pope Joan.
    • At first impression, the decor is breathtaking.
    • The converted power plant that houses this café is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and includes a 15-meter high ceiling decorated with chandeliers and plush seating reminiscent of five-star hotels.
    • The mezzanine's arched windows and hanging vegetation are visually appealing.
    • Items like semolina porridge with sesame and dried plum, avocado on sourdough seasoned with citrous salt, and scrambled eggs with curry leaves and homemade flatbread can be found on the daily menu, which is cooked by executive chef Nate Wilkins and costs ranging from $8.50 to $26.
    • Because of its stunning appearance, the kale salad is a must-try.
    • Simply told, the short rib Wagyu roll is delicious.
    • Higher Ground is at the cutting edge of Melbourne's fine dining scene, thanks to its impeccable service, stunning interior, and mouthwatering fare.
    • If you can, try to avoid going during the busiest times of the day.
    • Experience Melbourne from a unique angle with a cruise down the Yarra River.
    • Indulge in an assortment of mouthwatering treats with a bottle of champagne, a cup of tea, or a cup of coffee.
    • This will completely change your view about how fancy high tea can be.
    • Savour a high tea on a beautiful catamaran while you cruise the ocean. The spread will include scones, finger sandwiches, and champagne.
    • You can sip on complimentary tea and coffee as you take in Melbourne's stunning vistas.
    • Spending two hours on the Yarra River
    • High tea is a ceremonial meal consisting of sweet and savoury treats.
    • I'd like to order a bottle of champagne.
    • Hot beverages are always available.
    • Relax at a beautifully set table and indulge in delicious canapes, adorable tea sandwiches and rolls, desserts, and, of course, scones with jam and Chantilly cream.
    • Enjoy a glass of champagne as you cruise around Victoria Harbour to Williamstown and Hobson Bay, two of Hong Kong's most picturesque neighbourhoods.
    • Sauntering down the Yarra River with a pot of tea in hand and a tray of freshly baked scones in your hand is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.
    • Whether you're celebrating a birthday or a hen's day, a high tea party is a perfect way to spend the day with your girlfriends.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    Reasons why Melbourne is the world's greatest city
    • It has riotous street art. 
    • And one of the world's most attractive train stations.
    • There's seaside fun at St Kilda.
    • The cutest wildlife to watch.
    • It boasts Australia's freshest live music.
    • You can swim with wild dolphins.
    • And there's a highly Instagrammable shopping centre.
    There are a few reasons why Melbourne is considered such a great place to live: there are multiple public transport options, relatively low crime rates, and plenty of jobs. Plus, it offers an awesome arts and culture scene, first-rate universities and easy lifestyle.
    Melbourne Travel Tips
    • Plan your visit to coincide with a festival.
    • Buy a Myki before you board.
    • Stand on the left, walk on the right.
    • Go on a walking tour.
    • You can eat late, but you need to know where.
    • Pack for all seasons.
    • You can get a drink late at night, but not everywhere.
    • You can eat well, for cheap.

    Melbourne is famous for its culture, and the National Gallery of Victoria is the jewel in the crown. It's not only the oldest public art gallery in Australia, it's also the most visited. Here, you can admire more than 70,000 works of European, Asian, Oceanic, and American art in two city locations.

    Melbourne is ranked as one of the top 10 safest cities in the world, according to the Economist Safe Cities Index 2019. The city is ranked highly for digital security, health security, infrastructure and personal security and there are very few natural disasters experienced in Melbourne.
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