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How Many Italian Restaurants Carlton, Melbourne?

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    Carlton and the rest of Melbourne are home to a large number of excellent Italian eateries. Which one should you choose, then? To tell you the truth, there is no one universal solution to that problem.

    Do you want to find a place that serves authentic Italian food at a price you can afford? Or, are you willing to shell out a little bit more cash for dishes that put a modern spin on traditional recipes? We can accommodate your requirements in this area regardless of the path you choose to take.

    Take a look at our top Italian restaurants in Carlton list to get a head start on your next exciting dining adventure.

    The Carlton Italian Restaurants

    Have you ever wondered how many Italian eateries there are in the Melbourne neighbourhood of Carlton? In that case, you are not the only one.

    Multiple individuals may share this enquiry. While it is challenging for us to provide an exact figure, we are able to provide estimates. Please read on if you're curious about this topic!

    Bio by DOC

    DOC's Life Story

    Over the years, the DOC Group, which owns and operates popular eateries like DOC Pizza & Mozzarella Bar in Carlton and Sydney and DOC Espresso Carlton, has built a solid reputation for its many offerings. This reputation can be attributed to the high quality of the products that they sell at their establishments.

    In its newest venture, however, the group has put its signature pizzas and high-quality salumi selection on the back burner in favour of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free fare.

    The Town Mouse once operated here. Think of a bar with splashes of colourful neon light, a verdant back courtyard, and locally crafted, one-of-a-kind furniture. All of these elements would come together to create this vision.

    Veteran DOC Group chef Tomaso Bartoli oversees the kitchen and guides the evolution of the company's new food philosophy. He accomplishes this by deftly incorporating the brand's signature Italian sensibility while at the same time using only vegan and vegetarian ingredients. Not only does it serve as a useful reminder that a great food offering does not necessarily centre on meat, but also, and this is quite impressive, the entire menu is gluten-free.

    As an example of a snack that can be ordered, a small eggplant parmigiana with burrata and black cabbage pesto will set you back $12. Vegetarians and vegans alike can order the $15 tartare of grilled vegetables. It comes with a choice of side and is topped with capers, mustard, and truffle sauce. 

    Vegan cocktails include a Japanese spin on the classic negroni and a rum, coconut water, and pineapple shrub concoction called the Oasis. There are no animal byproducts used in the production of either of these beverages.

    Three Blue Ducks

    Australian surf culture is about to get its first farm-to-table restaurant, which will join the likes of its other permanent outposts in Sydney, Brisbane, Byron Bay, and the Snowy Mountains. At Australia's first surf park, Three Blue Ducks is preparing to introduce its farm-to-table dining concept.

    An indoor-outdoor space that can seat up to 350 guests is where the team prepares an all-day menu that emphasises uncomplicated cuisine made with high-quality ingredients sourced from the neighbourhood. Whether you've just worked a morning's worth of hours or you're just there for the food, you'll be impressed by the breakfast selection.

    Shareable starters like the $24 kingfish ceviche and the $21 crumbed pulled pork with pickled onion purée are perfect for unwinding in the evening. For $21, you can get both of these entrées. Main courses include Portuguese-style rotisserie chicken ($33) and a bone-in portersteak ($55) with baguette and butter, and you can also choose from a colourful selection of pizzas (ranging in price from $22 to $26), a vegetarian pasta that changes daily for $25, and more (an Italian garlic and anchovy sauce).

    A flourless chocolate cake topped with thick whisky cream might set you back $15 or $16 for dessert. Some examples of the available side dishes are the ricotta saladta and the carrots prepared with burnt honey, both of which are priced between $11 and $13. Vegetarians and those who need to avoid gluten will have no trouble finding something to eat at any time of day.

    The Commons at Ormond Collective

    the commons collective

    One who has just arrived but has big plans The Commons at Ormond Collective has taken over the St. Kilda Road space formerly occupied by Belgian Beer Cafe Bluestone.

    The Big Group, which runs event spaces like The Glasshouse in Olympic Park and the Myer Mural Hall, has opened a new venue that is largely outdoor and can be set up in a variety of ways. Outdoor spaces within The Commons include the Conservatory, the Kitchen Garden, the Garden Cafe, and the Beer Garden, all of which feature a variety of elements meant to appeal to a wide range of people.

    All of the restaurants will offer slightly different menus from one another. Traditional flavours and regional specialities take centre stage, and a sizable portion of the menu is sourced directly from the on-site kitchen garden. The prices for these items are as follows: $15 for the first item, $24 for the second, and $22 for the third.

    One option for passing the time on a weekend is to snack on some snacks and sip a glass of rosé, while another is to relax with a few craft beers and a burger. You can go two different ways with this. Small Batch coffee is served, and customers can choose from a variety of homemade sweets like salted pretzel brownies or an Italian strawberry love cake. Placed in the northern section of Melbourne.

    This outdoor location, like any respectable outdoor location, has provided facilities for people with four legs. These conveniences consist of doggie doggy bags and water bowls. In this context, the phrases "a dedicated food selection for pups," "doggie day care," and "puppy parking" all mean the same thing.

    Bakemono Bakers

    If it weren't for Little Rogue's loyal clientele, this area of Melbourne's CBD would be much quieter. The once-hidden gem has since 2015 become a city staple, thanks to its wide range of speciality drinks and friendly staff. Across the alley, its founders have opened a new business that serves Japanese and Korean-inspired baked goods.

    From what co-owner Jen Lee has said, this appears to be the next natural step. "Little Rogue was obtaining suppliers from other bakeries; however, then we came to a stage where maybe we could accomplish this by ourselves," Lee is quoted as saying to Concrete Playground. After that, in February of 2020, Bakemono was established, and one of its co-founders, Calvin Ko, contributed his expertise in patisserie to the endeavour.

    Walking into Bakemono is a very different experience than walking into Little Rogue, which is saying a lot given how similar the two are. Bakemono is located in a massive building with high ceilings, massive windows with steel frames, and an abundance of natural light; the interior is filled with the sweet scent of freshly baked pastries. Bakemono is a spacious cafe with plenty of natural light thanks to its many windows, while Little Rogue has a more intimate vibe thanks to its cosy booths and wooden tables.

    Many sweet and savoury pastries are available for your selection, including fruit danishes, the ever-popular croissant stuffed with ham and cheese, and a variant that adds zesty almonds and yuzu to the mix. Flaky pastries called canelés have a buttery, smooth custard filling that is flavoured with rum and vanilla. The canelé pan is used to bake the canelé. In contrast to the dry and crumbly exterior, the interior is soft and velvety. Over the years, it has become extremely well-known in that country.

    In addition, you can buy shokan, which is a milky and soft loaf of Japanese bread. If you've heard that shokunin will become just as popular as sourdough in the year 2021, but you haven't yet made the switch, Bakemono is an excellent place to do so if you've been considering it. Bring the entire loaf of bread back to your place, slice it up, and toast it for a tasty snack. Take the loaf with you.

    Juliette Coffee & Bread

    The group's other popular cafes include Bentwood in Fitzroy, Glovers Station in Elsternwick, and My Other Brother in Camberwell, with Juliette being the newest addition. Juliette first welcomed customers in the month of July. Juliette has quickly become a local favourite due to its convenient grab-and-go menu during lockdowns.

    For takeout or consumption at one of the tables set up along the sidewalk, choose from the uncomplicated but well-considered menu of house-made sourdough bread, baguette sandwiches, and pastries. The exterior of the building is painted a vibrant salmon.

    Many different kinds of baked goods, not just the shop's namesake pastries like fruit danishes, almond croissants, and Portuguese tarts, can be found in the store's glass showcases. Doughnuts stuffed with Nutella and cookies loaded with chunks of chocolate peanut butter are just two examples.

    Indulge in a bacon and egg muffin or a pork, fennel, and black sesame sausage roll, two of the house specialities. Both of these are excellent in taste. A sambo made with Juliette bread, rather than standard bread, is also an option. One popular variation of this sandwich combines pastrami with sauerkraut, cheese, and Russian mayonnaise. Spicy eggplant parmesan baguette is another popular variant.

    Inglewood Coffee Roasters is in charge of the caffeinated side of things, and it is owned and operated by Only Hospitality; the cafe's counter is outfitted with state-of-the-art Modbar appliances. Pair your pain au chocolat with an espresso made from Sunset BLVD's house blend, a cup of filter brewed coffee, or a cup of a single origin coffee.

    Two new locations, in Hawthorn East and Ringwood East, respectively, have opened in the past few months because of the success of the concept. The original store is still going strong today. Armadale and Camberwell will be getting new family members within the next week, so there will be plenty of room for everyone to spread out. Their new homes will be in Armadale and Camberwell.

    Mr Brownie

    The Mr. Brownie Rooftop Hotel is located on Mr. Brownie Clarendon Street, and it is a three-story building with individual entrances on each floor. In the main lobby, you'll find the deli, where you can order Indian food prepared in Singh's signature style, which deviates from the norm in many ways. Dishes typical of this cuisine include the samosa burger, the lamb vindaloo pie, and the papadi chaat, which resembles nachos in appearance.

    This food is available for takeout, in the bar, or at the beer garden, which can accommodate up to seventy people. You can choose any of these alternatives. Indoors, you can choose from two different pét-nats on tap or any of the many beers listed on the extensive drinks menu. However, if you'd rather stay inside, you can always try one of the pét-nats on the menu. Constant travellers need not worry about running out of their favourite beverage because the bottle-o is stocked to the gills and growler refills can be obtained from any of the sixteen beer taps.

    You don't want to just stay at the beginner's level, do you? You must now choose whether to continue upwards on your journey or downwards. Picture if the Goosebumps books were written in a more lighthearted style. Follow the latter to enter a speakeasy and dance lounge known as the Boom Boom Room through a wall of beer cans (which, in reality, conceals a door) and down a flight of steps. You can anticipate a plethora of tunes, neon, and beverages.

    An alternate path to your future is presented to you, and you take it. The main bar area is up a flight of stairs. There are more options for British-Indian cuisine, beverages, and comfortable seating in this area. If you keep going up, you'll reach the rooftop patio, where you can enjoy a tropical drink, listen to music from a DJ, and gaze out over the city. The rooftop patio can be accessed by continuing upward.

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    Gimlet at Cavendish House

    Renowned chef Andrew McConnell understands what it takes to make a restaurant or bar a smashing success. Among his many works are the fan favourites Cumulus Inc., Cutler & Co., Supernormal, and Marion. McConnell launched the cocktail bar and eatery Gimlet in July. Located in Melbourne's CBD, the venue is housed in the historic Cavendish House, which dates back to the 1920s (CBD).

    The building at the corner of Flinders Lane and Russell Street once housed the swanky Bang & Olufsen flagship store and has been there for quite some time. Located just a short distance from the lively Flinders Lane restaurant scene and not far from the nearby McConnell's Supernormal.

    Green Acre

    Green Acre is the name the two have given to their first concept for the land. Sash Design was responsible for the design of the space, and the majority of the building materials were either recycled or repurposed. It features polished wooden tables, polished leather booths, a courtyard with fairy lights, and rustic golden light fixtures.

    Wherever you sit in the restaurant, you can count on getting sourdough pizzas baked in stone ovens. This restaurant serves all of the aforementioned items. Some of the options for meat eaters include a dish that features the controversial combination of ham and pineapple, another that features spicy chicken, and yet another that features prosciutto and a pear on top.

    Dessert pizza with Nutella, smashed Oreos, and strawberries is a good option if you're not a fan of vegetable or meat toppings but do enjoy sweet pizzas. If you're not a fan of pizza with meat or vegetables, but you do enjoy pizza with sweet toppings, Topping your pizza with sweet ingredients instead of the usual meat and veggies is perfectly acceptable. Also, on Tuesdays, you can get a personal pizza for just $15.

    The pizzeria has a sustainable design, uses local ingredients in its menu, and produces very little waste. Although Brunswick breweries such as Burnley and CoConsiprators and Foreigner are represented among the beers, the vast majority of the wines come from Victoria, with smaller contributions from South Australia and Western Australia. Burnley and other Brunswick locals like CoConsiprators and Foreigner feature prominently among the beers, while the wines hail from all over the world.

    In case you do decide to order pizza to go, you can rest assured that the box is made from recycled cardboard and can be recycled itself thanks to a "sacrificial" paper insert that collects grease. Order pizza with the knowledge that the pizza box is made from recycled cardboard. However, whenever possible, the two people suggest eating at home (to assist in reducing the amount of waste caused by packaging).

    Casa Nata

    The husband-and-wife team behind Casa Nata, a popular restaurant in Thornbury, operates under the guiding principle of "zero in" and "go for the gold" in everything they do. In their High Street bakery, which they own together with Nelson Coutinho, Ruben Bertolo has made it his mission to perfect the art of making pasteis de nata. These sweets have been enjoyed by people for generations due to their rich and familiar flavour.

    The couple has had their fair share of the custard-filled baked good, but they felt it was being underserved in Australia. Both of their parents emigrated to Australia from Portugal in the 1980s, so they both have an Australian birth certificate. Both of their parents are originally from Portugal.

    They decided that something needed to be done, so they set about developing a recipe. Casa Nata didn't officially launch until April of 2020, nearly two years after it had been planned.

    Due to the limited nature of the menu (which consists of just one serving of the similarly named dessert), "Atomica Coffee" and the concept that "quality over quantity" is paramount are both clearly demonstrated.

    "As this discussion has reached its conclusion, we will end it here for the time being. That's all we do, and some people still don't believe it when we tell them." According to Bertolo, they have no plans to significantly expand the product's capabilities in the near future, and he agrees. If we do decide to include anything else, it will never, ever compete with the tarts for attention.

    Each tart is painstakingly hand-made over the course of three days, and the recipes are jealously guarded, earning them the status of culinary heroes. However, since the kitchen is accessible to diners, you can observe the chefs at work as your food is being prepared.

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    The creators of Tokyo Tina and Hanoi Hannah are at it again, this time focusing on the cuisine of Southeast Asia. The company's new flame-driven restaurant in Prahran, Firebird, is inspired by the smoky food stalls of Vietnam and also features a cool, edgy Melbourne vibe.

    Guests at this High Street eatery can enjoy a menu that draws inspiration from both contemporary and classic styles.

    The maximum capacity of the restaurant is 110 diners. In this open kitchen, the chargrill and the wood-fired ovens are the stars. In addition, the whole place is tiled in a 1970s-style that incorporates hints of green.

    The restaurant's head chef, Steven Ngo (Long Chim), was born and raised in Vietnam, and he uses those influences to create a contemporary menu with Vietnamese influences. The name "Long Chim" means "long table." In each dish on the menu, you'll notice a smoky aftertaste and perhaps even some charred parts. 

    Dishes like "extremely rich smoked lamb rib curry" and "grilled whole fish smothered in brown butter and citrous noun hum sauce" can be found in the "from the fire" section of the menu. The final, delicious form of these two dishes is achieved over an open flame.


    Numerous high-quality Italian restaurants can be found in Carlton. If you had to pick one, which would it be? Currently, there isn't a foolproof method for fixing that issue. To plan your next exciting dining experience, take a look at our list of the best Italian restaurants in Carlton. The Three Blue Ducks was the first farm-to-table establishment in Australia.

    Simple dishes prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients are the focus of the all-day menu. Snacks to share, like the kingfish ceviche, which costs $24, are ideal for winding down after a long day. There is plenty of options for vegetarians and those avoiding gluten. The Big Group, which also operates the Olympic Park's Glasshouse and the Myer Mural Hall, has opened a new, mostly outdoor venue. The Conservatory, the Kitchen Garden, the Garden Cafe, and the Beer Garden are all outdoor areas within The Commons.

    Bakemono is housed in a large building that is flooded with natural light thanks to its many windows and high ceilings. The cosy booths and wooden tables at Little Rogue help create a more intimate atmosphere. There are separate entrances for each of the hotel's three stories at the Mr. Brownie Rooftop. Savor a pork, fennel, and black sesame sausage roll or a bacon and egg muffin. The house blend espresso at Sunset BLVD is the perfect complement to your pain au chocolat.

    The Cavendish House, where Gimlet is located, was built in the 1920s and has a rich history. Up a set of stairs, you'll find the main bar; a few more steps will take you to the rooftop patio. Andrew McConnell, a world-renowned chef, knows what it takes to run a successful eatery or watering hole. It's husband and wife team Casa Nata who run the successful Brunswick eatery. Pasteis de nata are a speciality that Ruben Bertolo has dedicated his life to mastering.

    The pizzeria is eco-friendly in that it recycles and composts its leftovers and uses only locally sourced ingredients. Firebird, a brand new restaurant in Prahran powered entirely by open flames, takes its cues from the smoky street stalls of Vietnam. Chef Steven Ngo draws on those traditions to inform his modern takes on traditional Vietnamese dishes. There can be a maximum of 110 customers at this establishment.

    Content Summary

    • Plenty of great Italian restaurants can be found in Carlton and elsewhere in Melbourne.
    • Want to find a restaurant that serves real Italian food at a reasonable price?
    • To plan your next exciting dining experience, take a look at our list of the best Italian restaurants in Carlton.
    • The Carlton's Authentic Italian Food
    • How many Italian restaurants do you think there are in the Carlton area of Melbourne, Australia?
    • The first farm-to-table restaurant in Australia is coming to Byron Bay, joining similar establishments in Sydney, Brisbane, and the Snowy Mountains.
    • Three Blue Ducks, Australia's first surf park, is getting ready to roll out its farm-to-table menu.
    • The restaurant's kitchen is located in an indoor-outdoor area with seating for up to 350 people, and it serves a menu that highlights simple dishes made with high-quality local ingredients all day long.
    • The Big Group, which also operates The Glasshouse in Olympic Park and the Myer Mural Hall, has opened a new venue that is largely outdoor and can be set up in a number of different ways.
    • A location in Melbourne's northern suburbs.
    • Shokan, a milky and soft Japanese bread, is also available.
    • Hotel Mr. Brownie is a three-story building with separate entrances on each floor, and it can be found on Mr. Brownie Clarendon Street.
    • At Cavendish House, you can order a Gimlet.
    • Andrew McConnell, world-renowned chef, knows what it takes to run a successful eatery or watering hole.
    • In July, McConnell opened Gimlet, a bar and restaurant that specialises in alcoholic beverages.
    • Those pizzas you order will arrive in boxes made from recycled materials.
    • That "Atomica Coffee" and "quality over quantity" are prioritised is evident from the brewpub's sparse menu (which includes only one serving of the similarly named dessert).
    • Firebird, the company's new flame-driven restaurant in Prahran, takes its cues from the smoky food stalls of Vietnam while incorporating a hip, edgy Melbourne atmosphere.

    FAQs About Melbourne Restaurants

    Some of the more popular Italian restaurants in Carlton, according to TheFork users, include:

    • Criniti's Carlton, with a 7.8 rating
    • Aperitivo Bar Ristorante, with a 9.1 rating
    • Little Lygon, with an 8.8 rating

    Some of the more popular Italian restaurants that offer gluten-free options on their menu in 

    Carlton, according to TheFork, users include:

    • Aperitivo Bar Ristorante, with a 9.1 rating
    • Little Lygon, with an 8.8 rating
    • Criniti's Carlton, with a 7.8 rating

    The two squares provided a distinctly English tone for the new suburb. Carlton, thought to have been named after the residence of the Prince of Wales, was relatively elevated and attracted several notable homes.

    The City of Melbourne municipal boundary includes Carlton and parts of Carlton North, comprising the historic Melbourne General Cemetery and Princes Park, home to the Carlton Football Club.

    You get the best of both worlds when living in Carlton. With the World's Most Liveable City within walking distance, you have easy access to Melbourne's world-class restaurants, bars, museums, shopping and entertainment.

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