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    These are the best playgrounds and activities that we found after researching a large number of options available in Melbourne and Geelong. Please take the time to read the passages that are located above to learn more about each of the places that we would want you to be aware of. Each of these locations possesses a unique allure and merits a visit and an opportunity to appreciate it at least once.

    Melbourne Park

    Burden Park, Cnr Heatherton Rd and Springvale Rd

    It's true that the classics may still be the best, and that certainly holds true in this instance. Around 1994, local residents erected this adventure playground, which received a fresh coat of paint in 2013 in order to bring it back to its former glory.

    There is a large wooden structure that resembles a fort and contains several climbing and scrambling chances as well as swings, a sandpit, traverses, and a wooden maze. A large grassy area with plenty of pavilions, tables, and barbeque grills.

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    Old Treasury Building (Melbourne)

    It is generally agreed upon that the Old Treasury Building is one of the most impressive examples of Australian architecture from the 19th century. It was constructed between the years 1858 and 1862, and was planned by JJ Clark, an architect who was just nineteen years old at the time.

    The Old Treasury Building is home to both the original gold vaults, which were used to hold gold bullion during the time of the gold rush, as well as a collection of rare and historic papers from the Public Record Office Victoria that illustrate significant occasions from the history of Victoria. Growing Up in Old Treasury is an exhibition that takes visitors on a journey through time to the 1920s, when the Maynard family served as the building's caretakers and resided in the Old Treasury.

    The Fun Trail is included as a component of the overall experience at the Old Treasury Building. Through the completion of a questionnaire and the acquisition of a Gold Licence, children are given the opportunity to engage with the history of Melbourne.

    The most exciting thing for our children was looking at all of the gold bars, but unfortunately, there were no free samples available. There is a fascinating trail that demands you to look at the exhibits in great detail in order to complete the 18 questions that make up the trail. The activity concludes with the children turning in their answers and each receiving a Gold Certificate for their efforts. This assists in maintaining their level of interest. In addition, there was a friendly guide present who might assist in providing explanations.

    Altona Beach melbourne

    Carrum Foreshore, Old Post Office Lane, Carrum

    A beachfront playground that is both wonderfully designed and conveniently placed near to the Carrum Surf Life Saving Club. The playground, which is just a massive sandbox, is designed to seem like a beach, complete with a pier that extends out from the decking. There is a lighthouse with a strong frame ladder and a rope ladder that provide access to the top of the lighthouse, where a telescope provides a view of the entire harbour.

    As it races across the sandy plain, the Wave Rider speedboat on rockers has seating for two drivers and two passengers, who may or may not be susceptible to motion sickness depending on the strength of the waves.

    A rather modest building featuring a curving slide and plenty of opportunities to have fun gathering sand in buckets suspended from a rope and then depositing it in a number of different sand-dispensing devices is housed within the construction. In addition, two diggers provide opportunity for aspiring construction workers to gain practical experience (let's keep our fingers crossed that Western Australia will still be experiencing a mining boom when these kids are adults so they can relocate there and make a fortune).

    In addition, there is a large horizontal arrangement of discs that are linked together by ropes (perfect for a game of "Who is King of the Castle"), a birds nest swing, a spinning cup with a hand wheel, a standard swing without a safety chain, a swing with a harness, and a lovely simple labyrinth that is adorned with sea creatures and contains a treasure trove.

    The sandy playground area is surrounded by walks and decking, as well as soothing blue and white high-backed deck chairs, bench seating, water taps, restrooms, and two open-sided shelters, each of which has a barbeque and a table.

    There is unrestricted access to the beach through the area that is occupied by the Surf Life Saving Club, despite the fact that the playground has a charming white picket fence running down the street. When there are a lot of people there, I can see how parking might be a challenge.

    Melbourne Street Art


    Melbourne Urban Graffiti Art

    The Melbourne City Council has designated several city laneways as being eligible for street art licences. Take a stroll around these alleys to get a taste of the urban graffiti art that is here.

    Some examples of lanes that serve as a canvas for urban art are as follows:

    • Hosier Lane (opposite Federation Square)
    • Rutledge Lane (opposite Federation Square)
    • Caledonian Lane (off Little Bourke Street)
    • Union Lane (off Bourke Street Mall)
    • Centre Place (off Flinders Lane)
    • Duckboard Place (off Flinders Lane)
    • ACDC Lane (off Flinders Lane

    A stroll through the city that is both educational and entertaining in its own right. The artwork is updated on a regular basis. The standard caveat: do not do this in your own house.

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    St Kilda Adventure Playground

    This is a real playground from back in the good old days, and it will get the creative juices flowing in no time.

    Chock full of play areas including a big aeroplane, a big wooden horse with saddle, trampolines, tree for climbing, go-kart path, big metal slide, chook house, ride on a dinosaur, various swings and slides, flying fox (for children aged six and older), cubby house, elephant, climbing frames, pirate ship, metal half-pipe, little basketball court, big tepee, a big wooden castle with lots of nooks and crannies (like

    You can always anticipate to see something new at the playground since there are always new things being added to it and there are also things being taken away from it.

    In addition, complementary refreshments such as tea and coffee are offered, and there are facilities accessible for use. The fact that it may be difficult to get a parking place is one of the negative aspects of the situation. The playground is staffed at all times, and it is open during certain predetermined hours; however, those times are subject to change at any moment (you have been informed).

    Healesville Bike Circuit

    Healesville Bike Circuit (Healesville)

    A delightful concrete cycling course with a circular layout that is suited for children of lower ages and has various branches in addition to a roundabout. This course is intended for younger children. The sequence of bumps, which are rock wallaby mounds, serve as the trail's focal point and constitute the trail's centrepiece. In addition, there is a pedestrian crossing, animal prints on the path, brolga poles, and echidna logs that may be used as places to stop and relax along the journey.

    There is a water faucet, a grill, and four tables that do not have any shade over them. This facility is located on the spacious Healesville Common, which also has an oval, basketball courts, and tennis courts in addition to a skatepark, BMX track, playground, and netball courts. The location also features netball courts.

    Melbourne Dog Park

    Murrumbeena Park, Kangaroo Road, Murrumbeena

    Huge playground including a variety of intriguing things to do and see, as well as play components. Even though I was on Kangaroo Road, I was unable to discover a kangaroo. However, the fact that I was unable to locate a kangaroo was just a minor source of disappointment considering the abundance of other creatures that are featured in the playground.

    The primary play structure is made of wood, and it features a spiral slide, twin wave slides, scrambling wall, high rope bridge, hooped ladder, rope traverse, hanging discs, labyrinth panel, clanger to strike against bars (which is capable of generating a frightening sound), and store front. Another construction designed for younger children is more compact and sits lower to the ground. This one features a curving walkway, stairs, a spiral staircase, and a tiny wave slide.

    A flying fox with a disc seat, a mound slide, a birds nest swing, a huge atom-shaped rope climbing frame, a labyrinth of poles with a winding path that leads to a giant snail (the size that requires a truckload of Defender to keep away from the vegetable garden), and a musical instrument are some of the additional features of this playground.

    There is a bridge with lovely wooden carvings, a see-saw, large springers, log stumps to jump across, seven swings of various types, some of which have a harness, a huge pear swing (hang onto the enormous yellow fruit with your hands with as much tenacity as you can muster), a small stand-on carousel, a wooden cubby, and a wooden V-shaped tent. All of these are made of wood.

    There are two shelters, each with tables, barbeque grills that are not covered, water faucets, and restrooms. Around the corner from the playground are some ovals.

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    Geelong Bollard Trail Walk (Geelong)

    By following the Bollard Trail, you will have the opportunity to meet a variety of interesting people who have contributed to Geelong's history in various capacities, ranging from the city's first Indigenous residents to more modern figures.

    The Bollard Trail Walk takes around two hours to complete in one direction and has forty-eight points of interest. Rippleside Park may be reached by following the route farther north.

    Between Limeburner's Point and Rippleside Park, there are already over one hundred bollards constructed all along the Waterfront. In 1995, the City of Greater Geelong gave the artist Jan Mitchell a contract to create these magnificent works of art out of reclaimed timber pier pylons. Mitchell was successful in completing the commision.

    Melbourne National Park

    Thomas Street South Reserve

    I would argue that "this is the mother of all timber adventure playgrounds in Melbourne" because not only is it enormous, but it's also quite possible that it was the first adventure playground ever built in Melbourne. Its capacity to serve as an enjoyable play space has not lessened with the passage of time.

    Includes a vast assortment of levels, nooks, crannies, cubby holes, and walkways (many of which move in surprising ways), as well as slides, fireman's poles, and monkey bars. There is a piece of shade cloth over each of the four swings.

    Facilities include of barbeque grills, tables and chairs with shade, restrooms, and a water tap. A huge open space with plenty of magnificent native trees to explore, as well as plenty of room for playing ball games. Almost totally enclosed by fencing, with a child-resistant gate at the main entrance.

    City Circle Tourist Tram Melbourne

    City Circle Tram (Melbourne)

    The Melbourne City Circle Tram is an excellent method to go about the city, and the best part is that it's completely free. You are welcome to use the unique burgundy-colored City Circle tram on a daily basis, and you are free to get on and off the tram at any time. You need just wait at any of the stops that have been specifically designated to catch the City Circle tram.

    Within Melbourne's Central Business District is where you'll find the City Circle tram service operating. The service travels in a loop, making stops at a number of prominent tourist destinations along the way, as well as providing connections to other tram, rail, and bus lines in and around Melbourne.

    Opening Hours:

    Every day from 10 am to 6 pm, the City Circle tram is available for passengers to ride.

    Trams operate in both directions roughly once every twelve minutes between the hours of ten in the morning and six in the evening, Sunday through Wednesday. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the hours are extended to ten in the morning and nine in the evening.

    Bollygum Adventure Playground, Whittlesea-Kinglake Rd, Kinglake

    Rowville Adventure Playground

    An exciting playground packed with a variety of exciting and entertaining features. There are a number of buildings that have both ramps and steps. A vertical climbing nett, a very high fireman's pole, a cubby, a wave slide, and a talk and listen to system are all included in one of the structures. The second primary structure features a high climbing wall, a high climbing nett, a fireman's pole, talk and listen, a variety of instruments for producing music, monkey rungs underground, and bridges with walkways. There are also two bird nest swings, a swing with a safety chain, and a swing with a huge plastic seat. All of these features may be found beneath shade sails.

    Two springers, a little slide, a giant see-saw, a twisted sheet climbing frame, a tiny flying fox, monkey bars, hanging discs, two good metal slides, a balancing beam, and two stands on spinners are included in this set.

    A true flying fox or zip line, three traditional swings (one of which has a safety chain), a swing with a large plastic seat, a wooden platform on a rocker, and a log with a frilled neck lizard carved into it may be found at a higher level that also has some partial shade. On this level, there are restrooms as well as two tables with shade.

    The bottom portion of the playground features a variety of seating options, including barbeque grills, tables with shade, drinking fountains, and seats without shade. There is a profusion of charming elements dispersed all over the place, such as wooden mushrooms and a gorgeous water tap styled like a fish.

    The playground is not enclosed by fencing and is fairly large, with equipment located on two different levels. As a result of this, it might be challenging to maintain track of the children.

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    Knoxfield Radio Controlled Car Track

    Knox concentrates on 1/10-scale electric RC vehicles.

    Only electric buggies and trucks of a 1/10th size may race on this circuit. Nitro vehicles are not permitted because of the close vicinity to houses, and 1/8th cars are not allowed since the track is not designed to accommodate their weight and power.

    We have our races on the first and third Sundays of every month, and we use an electronic timing system called AMBRc4 so that you can keep track of your lap times during the day, evaluate them in relation to those of your teammates, and track your development over the year. We are a family-friendly organisation, and our drivers come from all walks of life and are of varying ages as they compete for a spot on the racetrack.

    A fantastic course for driving remote-controlled automobiles on. There is a wide area with a lot of curves and jumps, and on the side there is a wooden platform that you may stand on to control the vehicles. There were very few children there, yet many people still had the mindset of a child (adults).

    Melbourne Luna Park

    Booran Reservoir Playspace, Booran Road

    The transformation of an urban reservoir into a gorgeously constructed play environment that can now be enjoyed by the children of Melbourne is now complete. The play area is finally ready for use after what feels like an eternity of waiting, more akin to the time it takes an elephant to give birth than to the time it took a tadpole to grow up and become a resident of the reservoir.

    The only way to reach the top of the slide that looms above the playground (unless you are expert in levitation) is to climb up a massive rope climbing nett that is double-domed and measures 10 metres in height. If you want the excitement of the journey down, you're going to have to face some fear on the way up to the entrance of the slide. Only then will you be able to fully appreciate the pleasure of the ride down.

    You must begin by crawling and twisting your way up a vertical cage that has protruding portions that force you to crawl like a caterpillar in order to pass the first obstacle, which is a rope nett that hangs high above the ground and must be crossed and climbed in order to proceed.

    After that, you make your way to the top of the covered dome, where you have the option to either look out over the huge playground below you or immediately proceed to the slide. The slide first travels in a direct and rapid direction before making an abrupt bend close to the ground, at which point it comes to a crashing halt. You should be prepared to scratch your elbows a couple times.

    Because there was a lot of sobbing going on in this region, I believe the council need to provide a box of tissues for the people who are located here.

    You are faced with a challenging choice once you have traversed the first challenging stretch of the nett. You may either return to terra firma (where there is less fear and more firmness via the nett section), or you can continue to the top and come down the slide.

    In order to reach the nett for the slide, one must first navigate through a massive concrete water pipe tunnel and then scale many enormous hills. The water-blue tinted gentle foundation material runs all the way around the enormous water pipe. There are a number of ways to get to the top of the pipe, including a trail made of soft dots, a series of ledges, an area with rock climbing grips, boulders that need to be clambered over, and a scrambling rope.

    You can choose to descend using either a curved metal slide or, for the more daring, a series of curved parallel bars. Both options are available.

    A sizable raised sandpit in the shape of a semicircle is equipped with a sand shovel.
    A small, wide metal slide leads down from the sandpit into the play area, where there is also an oversized mouse wheel (because why should mice have all the fun? ), a pentagonal frame with five swings of various types, one of which is equipped with a harness, a ball on springs, a cup to sit in and spin around until you are a dizzy mess, a Dutch Disc spinner to sit on (let Dad spend all his energy spinning it), and stepping stones A shaky bridge traverses a lengthy concrete pipe that runs underneath.

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    A set of rock stairs leads to a small, secluded clump of pine trees that also features some further stepping stones as well as a pipe crown or cage (depending on what Fairy Story you are currently reading).

    An integrated water course with water pumps, channels, an Archimedes screw, weirs, and water gates is located on one side of the sandpit. The water from this course flows into a rock-lined trickling stream that has a large frog sculpture. A water ripple pole maze may be found just next to this spot. Keep an eye out for the sculptures that depict the many stages of the life of that enormous frog. How was it possible for a tadpole to develop into such a large frog?

    In addition, this location features an enormous bird's nest swing as well as several on-ground trampolines.

    The active sports area and two flying foxes are located on the east side of the playground, near the wall. One of the flying foxes has a harness while the other has a disc seat. In addition to the vibrant wall decorated with athletic symbols, there is a basketball court of a sufficient size that is in the shape of a semicircle, as well as an additional space that provides options for cricket, tennis, netball, futsal (5 a side football), and four square. The cricket stumps, soccer nett, and tennis nett that have been painted on the wall make it easier to participate in these games.

    The opposite end of the playground is where you'll find the water splash area, which is made up of several spots where water sprays up from the ground. There is a circular region that is covered with rocks, and to the side of it there is a huge circle of sprays as well as three smaller circles of sprays.

    In addition, there is a row of sprays all the way around the perimeter. A sequence of concrete lily pads are traversed by the water as it makes its way towards the drain from the water splash area, which is sloped downward. The water play area is not complicated at all, and there are no additional features like pipe sprays or buckets that can be turned upside down. Around the spray feature, there is a significant amount of seats, and five of the seating locations have shade provided by an umbrella (if the sun is in the right position).

    melbourne park

    This section is likely to be enjoyable on a warm day, but in comparison to other water play parks, it is lacking in the adrenaline aspect. We were unable to figure out how to make the water function, but we will let someone who is more intelligent than I am figure out the answer to that question.

    The water play feature is open between the hours of 9 am and 7.30 pm from the months of October through March, and between 9 am and 5 pm from April through September.

    There are several grassy spaces, some of which are large enough to play football on while others are just right for laying out a picnic blanket. Two boat-shaped shelters can be found at separate locations on the playground. Each of these shelters contains two rectangular tables, two barbeque grills, three circular tables, and some additional seating along the sides. In close proximity to every one of the shelters is both a water tap and a pair of restrooms.

    The fact that some of the original reservoir's components have been preserved is a positive development. A sluice gate was repurposed to create the impressive main entry gates, and there are other ancient pumps conspicuously exhibited around the grounds. There are displays on flora and wildlife along two walls, as well as boards along those walls that include images and information on the history of the place.

    Along the side of the playground area that is adjacent to Booran Road are rain gardens that are designed in the form of rocky watercourses. An audio-visual display may be seen near the intersection of Booran Road and Glen Huntly Road. This display provides information on activities that are taking place in the area.

    As soon as you think you've seen everything, you'll notice a new interesting feature, such as a quiz or a fun game like tic-tac-toe that's embedded into the seat in front of you. The play room provides a really immersive experience.

    The entire playground already features some really excellent landscaping and is quite appealing to the eye.

    Everyone of any age or skill level should be able to find something of interest in this play area because it is designed to accommodate a wide variety of ages and abilities.

    A parking lot with space for around 35 vehicles has been constructed on Alamar Avenue near the northernmost tip of the reserve. This parking lot may be reached through Booran Road.

    In addition, there is parking accessible in the nearby Glen Huntly Reserve for the whole day (about 250 metres away to the north along Booran Road). Because of the parking limitations that are enforced in the neighbourhood streets, you must be sure to read and abide by all of the posted signs. Additionally, it is located in a convenient proximity to public transportation.

    There are bound to be some problems with the playground, even if you have spent 10.8 million dollars on it. In light of the fact that this playground is expected to be used by a very large number of people, its lack of a perimeter fence, the restricted number of parking spots nearby, and the relatively small number of pieces of playground equipment offered are all drawbacks. However, in the years to come, this location will become a popular destination for individuals from all over Melbourne who are looking for a place to play.

    FAQs About Places You Should Visit in Melbourne

    Multicultural Melbourne frequently tops the list of the world's most livable cities. Visit this vibrant city at the head of Port Phillip Bay, and you'll see why. Australia's second largest metropolis exudes an unmistakably European feel.
    OVERALL RISK : LOW. When the criminal against tourists is considered, Melbourne is believed to be a very safe city. The overall rating is 80% which makes it a place where tourists can feel safe walking around.
    Melbourne is known for being one of the most liveable cities on earth. Often referred to as 'the Sporting Capital of the World', besides this it is also famous for its graffitied laneways, excellent coffee, cultural diversity and bayside location.

    Melbourne, as well as the whole of Australia, is generally a safe place to spend your holiday. The 80% rating proves that safety is at a high level and that tourists can enjoy their stay in this reasonably safe city.

    Whether you spend your day diving through the waves or stretched out on the sand, most Australian beaches will do. But that's over 12,000 beaches to choose from! Thankfully, we've done the hard yards and narrowed down the list of Australia's top 12 beaches for summer 2022.

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