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Melbourne Shopping Guide: Best Places To Shop In Melbourne

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    If you don't feel like finding your way to all the greatest stores in the city on your own, a guided shopping trip is the way to go. Outlet malls are fantastic places to get deals and peruse the wares of well-known brands.

    The 'Bargains and Bubbly' tour is one of the most popular in the city, and with good reason: it's a day excursion to the top outlet stores, complete with lunch and a glass of bubbles, all without the burden of carrying your purchases about all day. In other words, if you want to spend a day shopping in a way that is both therapeutic and pleasant, you should check out Outlet Shopping Trip's most popular day tour.

    When it comes to fashion, there is no contest: Melbourne is not just Australia's, but also one of the world's, foremost metropolises. No true Melburnian would be caught dead without knowing where the hottest boutiques are located.

    As one of the world's most influential fashion capitals, Melbourne is a city that isn't afraid to make a statement via the clothes it wears. This metropolis is the equivalent of Paris or Milan in the southern and eastern hemispheres.

    Chadstone makes shopping in Melbourne exciting since it sells so many beautiful items. There is a specific area in Melbourne that has become a meeting ground for tourists from all over the globe.

    the provincial capital of Victoria With its unparalleled array of shops that combine high-end with avant-garde, Melbourne justifiably boasts the title of Australia's fashion and style capital. As the creator of the fashion and lifestyle blog What Would Karl Do, Jess Dempsey is in tune with the local fashion scene. In this article, she provides the exclusive shopping information that the most fashionable Melburnians would know.

    Australians, in general, are aware of the need of protecting the environment. Therefore, they dislike the wastefulness of plastic bags. Therefore, you will score major brownie points (and have greater leverage in negotiations) if you give in and get some cotton shopping bags to carry your loot home in. As an added bonus, most of these bags include straps that are long enough to sling over one shoulder.

    Bourke Street Mall

    bourke street mall ask melbourne

    Bourke Street Mall, one of the city's busiest pedestrian thoroughfares, is home to stores selling products from some of Australia's most well-known companies. The two largest clothing retailers in the world, Myer and David Jones, both have enormous shops here, and both provide cafes and other dining options for when you need a break from shopping.

    The iconic Spanish retailer Zara, as well as other brands including Cue, Roger David, and Forever New, call the mall home. The arcades and side streets off of Bourke Street Mall are very interesting. It's important to research certain establishments online to find out when they open and close.

    The GPO in Melbourne, a former post office turned retail centre, can be reached from Bourke Street Mall. GPO is a small but worthwhile shopping arcade in Melbourne, with stores like the well-known international clothing retailer H&M, the locally-owned jewellers Larson Jewellery and the tailoring shop Absolutely Altered and Tailored, and the event space Alto Events Space, which is frequently rented out for private events.

    • Central Business District (CBD) of Melbourne; Bourke Street

    The Block Arcade

    the block arcade ask melbourne

    For over a century, shoppers have enjoyed this historic commercial centre. The marble flooring and glass ceiling canopy are just a few of the architectural details that will make your shopping experience that much more special. The greatest bakeries, cake shops, and chocolate stores in Melbourne can be found in this arcade, which is located on the city's Golden Mile Heritage Walk. Hopetoun Tea Rooms (which has amazing cakes) and Haigh's Chocolates are also worth checking out.

    • The address is 282 Collins Street, Melbourne's central business district.

    Melbourne Central

    melbourne central ask melbourne


    • 211 La Trobe Street, Melbourne Central Business District

    Collins Street: Experience Most Expensive Brands

    collins street ask melbourne

    Collins Street is the place to go in Melbourne if you have thousands of dollars to spend on the most exclusive goods. Some of the world's most exclusive brands may be found inside the ancient Victorian-era buildings that line a particular street. Remember to bring some extra Australian dollars with you when you go here.

    • Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    The Rose Street Market: A Marketplace For Handmade Things

    the rose street market ask melbourne

    Fitzroy, a suburb of Melbourne, is home to the Rose Market, a market that is mostly undiscovered by visitors. This market is well known for selling handcrafted goods, and it is often considered to be among the top shopping malls in Melbourne.

    • Rose Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

    Fountain Gate Westfield: The Fancystore

    westfield shopping centre ask melbourne

    The second largest retail centre in Australia, it is a mecca for shoppers in Melbourne. This shopping centre has two stories and is home to a wide variety of upscale retailers providing food, clothing, hardware, electronics, health and beauty products, and much more. You may also satisfy your shopping needs by purchasing products from well-known worldwide companies.

    • Narre Warren VIC 3805, Australia, 25-55 Overland Dr.

    The Strand

    the strand ask melbourne


    • Address: 350 Bourke Street, Melbourne Central Business District

    Chadstone Shopping Centre

    chadstone ask melbourne

    To sweeten the deal, shoppers in Melbourne may pick up a Tourism Shopping Passport good for special discounts at a wide variety of establishments around the city. Anyone from beyond the immediate area, state, or country is categorised as a tourist. Take the free Fashion Shuttle from Federation Square, use the public bus or rail, or drive there yourself and park for free.

    • Chadstone, at 1341 Dandenong Road

    Harbour Town Melbourne

    harbour town melbourne

    • Docklands, 440 Docklands Drive

    Prahran Market

    prahran market ask melbourne

    Prahran Market, located in the Prahran neighbourhood of Melbourne, has been one of the city's best places to buy fresh produce for the last 125 years. Every week, local merchants set up shop at the market, selling everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to poultry and game to butchery and seafood to delis and organic produce to bakeries and grocery stores and tea stalls and, of course, Mr. Bratwurst and The Falafel Man and Ann's Fish and Chips and Dragon Sushi.

    • Located at 163 Commercial Road, South Yarra

    St Kilda Esplanade Market

    st. kilda esplanade market ask melbourne

    While we're on the topic of shopping in Melbourne, we should point you that getting up at the crack of dawn is probably not the best time to do any shopping in Melbourne. When the Melbourne market opens at 10 am and closes at 4 pm, you can count on punctuality. So if you're on a shopping mission, try to be there before 4 o'clock. However, there are many unique stores, including those selling natural skin care and wellness goods, antiques, arts and crafts, jewellery, and more.

    • Upper Esplanade St. Kilda, Victoria 31782, Australia

    The District Docklands

    the district docklands ask melbourne

    This mall is often regarded as Melbourne's premier shopping destination due to its abundance of high-quality items sold at affordable prices. Shopping in Melbourne is a lot of fun thanks to the District Docklands area, which is home to nearly 70 different stores, as well as numerous entertainment venues, such as the ArtVo 3D gallery, the Dialogue in the Dark experimental installation by Guide Dogs Australia, and the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. So, it's safe to say that if you're in search of the greatest shopping in Melbourne, your choices are limited to The District Docklands and nowhere else.

    • 440 Docklands Drive, Docklands, Victoria, Australia, 3008

    Sydney Road: Experience Hassle-free Shopping

    sydney road ask melbourne

    The length of Sydney Road is 14 miles, and it is lined with places to eat and shop. Visiting Sydney Road may help you quench your shopping hunger in Melbourne if you are at a loss as to where to go. The street is lined with a wide variety of retailers, including several fine jewellery boutiques. Actually, 30 different types of merchandise are available at jewellery shops, ranging from electronics to cosmetics.

    • The address is Sydney Road, Brunswick, Victoria 3056, Australia.

    Melbourne Emporium

    melbourne emporium ask melbourne

    • Meeting place: 287 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Direct Factory Outlet South Wharf (DFO)

    direct factory ask melbourne

    Direct Factory in Melbourne, Australia's South Wharf neighbourhood is where you should go if you're looking for the lowest prices on the top high-end brands. This is a shopper's paradise, featuring outlet stores from more than one hundred different brands. From Nike and Calvin Klein to MJ Bale and more, you'll find it all here.

    • Postal Address: 20 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf, Victoria 3006, Australia

    Flinders Lane

    flinders street station ask melbourne

    Flinders Lane, a men's clothing boutique that opened in 2009, is where you may get a wide selection of high-quality options. Tailor-made, unique crisp prints with modern elegance? Flinders Lane is the place to go for today's man. This commercial centre is a clearinghouse for the world's finest yarns, which are used to create cutting-edge garments with a wide range of colour and fabric options.

    • Place of Business: Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia

    Queen Victoria Market

    Melbourne Market

    Queen Victoria Market is a must-visit for every visitor to Melbourne, and it would be a shame to miss it. About 120 years old, this outdoor marketplace has become the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere. The whole area is too large to explore in a single day. This market is located in an area noted for its street style and inexpensive quality garments, however instead of apparel, it specialises on selling food, fruits, groceries, and other such items.

    The Queen Victoria Markets have been operating from the same site for decades, and are widely regarded as the city's cultural epicentre.

    The biggest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere, it has stalls selling everything from fresh produce to meat to fish to chicken to artisanal bread to delicatessen items and wine. Various articles of clothes, leather products, shoes, souvenirs, toys, jewellery, and other trinkets are displayed in neat rows in the other sheds. You can't visit Melbourne without stopping by the iconic Queen Victoria Markets, where you're certain to find something you like. Get about town with ease by taking a tram or bus to the neighbouring malls and parks.

    The Queen Victoria Market is an enormous marketplace that sells both food and tourist trinkets. The market booths and String Bean Alley here sell everything from apparel to fresh fruit, vegetables, and meats, making it one of the world's biggest marketplaces of its sort. If you have a kitchen in your room, you can forget the supermarket and do all of your food shopping here instead. It's a must-do if you're in Melbourne, and you can get there quickly and easily by taking the tram or walking north along Elizabeth Street.

    Swanston Street 

    swanston street ask melbourne

    Although Swanston Street isn't included in the city's official tourism literature, believe me when I say it's quickly become a fan-favorite of mine. The area just north of Flinders Street Station is teeming with deals. Make sure you check out the stores in the basement. A few of the clothes stores down there are having great sales right now. Moreover, Swanston is the best place in Melbourne to pick up inexpensive souvenirs.

    • Spot: Swanston St., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Tackle Melbourne's Longest Shopping Strip

    tackle melbourne's longest shopping strip ask melbourne

    Chapel Street, also in the inner east, is a fashion mecca and retail mecca that can be reached by car in about fifteen minutes from the city centre. It is one of Australia's greatest retail and leisure areas due to the abundance of retailers that line the street as it passes through the suburbs of South Yarra, Windsor, and Prahran.

    Jess recommends checking out Bromley & Co., an art gallery and home goods shop curated by Australian artist David Bromley. Therefore, you should go on an aimless stroll. After browsing the unique stores on Greville Street, go over to Dinosaur Designs for some edgy resin jewellery and homewares, or get lost in the maze of stalls at Chapel Street Bazaar in search of some really one-of-a-kind antique treasures.

    Stop by Design Space, a retail emporium featuring the wares of more than 170 local, independent designers, to get a sense of local style in one convenient location. Products here rotate on a monthly basis, so no matter how frequently you come, you'll always discover something new.


    Among the world's most important fashion capitals, Melbourne is undoubtedly one of the best. Outlet malls are great places to find great deals on name-brand merchandise. The 'Bargains and Bubbly' tour includes a full day of shopping at the best outlet malls, as well as lunch and a bottle of bubbly. One of Melbourne's busiest pedestrian thoroughfares is Bourke Street Mall. It is possible to get to the GPO, a former post office that has been converted into a shopping mall, from Bourke Street.

    If you're looking to spend thousands of dollars on the most expensive items, head to Collins Street. The Chadstone Shopping Centre is Australia's second-largest mall. For the past 125 years, Prahran Market has been one of the best places in the city to buy fresh produce. The St. Kilda Esplanade Market is open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Nearly 70 shops and entertainment venues can be found in the District Docklands area.

    Since its inception in 2009, Flinders Lane has been a destination for stylish menswear. High-end brands can be found at deeply discounted prices at Direct Factory Outlet South Wharf. It's been decades since the Queen Victoria Markets have been operating from the same place. The largest outdoor market in the southern hemisphere has been in operation for about 120 years. Everything from clothing to fresh produce, meat, and seafood can be found in the market stalls and along String Bean Alley.

    Chapel Street is both a fashion and an antique mecca on the east coast of Australia. The other is a great place to buy inexpensive souvenirs in the city.

    Content Summary

    • Outlet Shopping Trip's most popular day tour is a great option if you want to spend a day shopping in a way that is both therapeutic and enjoyable.
    • As one of the world's most influential fashion capitals, Melbourne is a city that isn't afraid to make a statement via the clothes it wears.
    • Off Bourke Street Mall, there are many interesting arcades and side streets to explore.
    • The GPO in Melbourne, a former post office turned retail centre, can be reached from Bourke Street Mall.
    • Melbourne's second-largest shopping centre, it is a haven for window-shoppers from all over the country.
    • So, if you're looking for the best shopping in Melbourne, your options are limited to The District Docklands.
    • Victoria, Australia's Docklands neighbourhood is located at 440 Docklands Drive.
    • Shopping on Sydney Road is a stress-free experience.
    • The length of Sydney Road is 14 miles, and it is lined with places to eat and shop.
    • As a must-see for all visitors to Melbourne, Queen Victoria Market is a must-visit.
    • The largest outdoor market in the southern hemisphere has been in operation for about 120 years.
    • They've been operating at the same location in Melbourne for decades, making them one of the city's most popular attractions.
    • Everything from fresh produce to meat, fish, and poultry to artisanal bread, delicatessen items, and wine can be found at the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere.
    • Located in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, the Queen Victoria Market is one of the city's largest and most popular tourist attractions.
    • The area just north of Flinders Street Station is teeming with deals.
    • Moreover, Swanston is the best place in Melbourne to pick up inexpensive souvenirs.
    • a specific location in Melbourne, Victoria: Swanston Street
    • Make Your Way to the City's Longest Shopping Spree
    • Chapel Street, also in the inner east, is a fashion mecca and retail mecca that can be reached by car in about fifteen minutes from the city centre.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    Chadstone Shopping Centre
    Chadstone Shopping Centre (colloquially known as Chaddy) is a super regional shopping centre located in the south-eastern suburb of Malvern East, Victoria in the city of Melbourne, Australia. Chadstone Shopping Centre is the biggest shopping centre in Australia and claims to be the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere.
    This city is just like Paris or Milan of the southern and eastern hemispheres. With some wonderful arcades, buzzing shopping centres and stylish boutique, shopping in Melbourne is considered as real fun when you are visiting in Australia and also it is known as the best shopping destination in the world.
    Later this month all retailers in and around the Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne Central, Melbourne's GPO and the new Emporium Melbourne will begin trading until at least 7pm every night. Late-night trading will continue on Thursdays and Fridays, when shops are open until 9pm.

    Melbourne is the undisputed fashion capital of Australia and one of the important fashion centres of the world. You can't possibly belong to the city if you don't know the latest styles and places to go shopping in Melbourne.

    There are many reasons why life in Melbourne is so highly valued: there are multiple public transport options, relatively low crime rates, and plenty of jobs. Plus, it offers an awesome arts and culture scene, first-rate universities and an easy lifestyle.

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