Most Instagrammable Spots in Melbourne

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    One of the reasons Melbourne is so popular as a tourist destination is because it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing cities in the world. To find a photogenic alley, old arcade, or historic building nestled amongst contemporary skyscrapers, you need only walk a few metres in any direction.

    Melbourne is a city of contrasts, where the city's past, present, and future are all vividly brought to life by the interplay of classic and modern, hipster and mainstream, history and development.

    For photographers, Melbourne is a utopia. It's difficult to choose a favourite location in Melbourne, since there are so many wonderful spots to visit. I tried to do my best and compile a list of the top places in Melbourne to take photos for Instagram. Instagram photos I've taken that are unique from the norm in these locations have been my primary focus.

    Numerous publications and websites have highlighted Melbourne for tourists, yet the majority of the images we come across were really taken for commercial purposes. The greatest way to get a glimpse of authentic Melbourne is to peruse the photo sharing platform Instagram. This online community allows users to see photos taken by curious residents and visitors, rather than by professional photographers hired to document the region. Check out our top spots to shoot Instagram-worthy images when you visit Victoria's seaside city, Melbourne.

    Degraves Street and Centre Way

    degraves street and centre way ask melbourne

    Melbourne's busy streets have gained fame, but it was the city's laneways that really solidified its reputation. If you enter from Flinders Street, you'll end yourself in a labyrinth of shops, cafés, and restaurants. City dwellers in suits weave deftly among the throng while tourists drink coffee at sidewalk cafes. If you go over Flinders Lane, you'll end yourself on Centre Way, a much smaller street that connects to Collins Street through the Centreway Arcade. Take a stroll with a local guide and see the city's best-kept secrets.

    Hosier Lane

    hosier lane ask melbourne

    When people think of street art, they immediately think of Melbourne. And what better spot to record it than on Hosier Lane, the city's iconic bluestone boulevard that launched Melbourne's urban art movement onto the global stage. Everything, from walls to dumpsters to windows to wheelie bins, is covered in paint. Proceed with your tagging on Rutledge Lane, another lively lane that horseshoes off Hosier.

    The trip to Melbourne would be incomplete without a stroll along the famous Hosier Lane. Prepare your camera to capture the stunning graffiti artwork. This historic street lies between Flinders Lane and Flinders street, close to Federation Square.

    Flinders Street Station

    flinders street station ask melbourne

    Let's start with the most basic question. Flinders St. Station is only one example of Melbourne's stunning architecture that often appears in tourist snapshots. The identical perspective of the station, though, appears in hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs. Then why not come on in? It's just as stunning as the exterior.

    Flinders Street Station is one of the key centres in Melbourne. This classic Victorian-style station is impossible to miss. The greatest places to take pictures of Flinders Street Station are from St. Paul's Cathedral, which is just across the street. The Melbourne Central Railway Station is the most attractive train station in Australia, if not all of Asia.

    Flinders Street Station is a major transportation hub and tourist attraction due to its beautiful dome and bright yellow paint. The edifice literally shouts Melbourne and has been commemorated via art, music and innumerable fridge magnets. So do the throngs of commuters a favour and take your choice from across the street in Federation Square or near to St Paul's Cathedral.

    Brighton Beach Boxes

    brighton beach boxes ask melbourne

    The brightly coloured Brighton Beach Boxes are sure to have caught your eye in photographs. 82 of them have been there since the turn of the century. When you realise that one of them just sold for for $330,000, despite not having water or power connected, you can appreciate their high demand. Although owners are restricted from subletting their boxes, they are free to make cosmetic improvements and additions. Take a walk down the shore and you're sure to come across one decorated with a VW camper or, more likely, the Australian flag, which is plastered on the majority of them.

    This guide to Instagrammable spots in Melbourne would be incomplete without a mention of one of the state's most popular beaches. In addition to being featured on postcards and calendars for decades, Brighton's renowned bathing boxes have recently become a viral sensation on social media. For your viewing pleasure, 82 beach cottages in all hues along the coast of Brighton's picturesque Dendy Street Beach.

    The boxes on Brighton Beach have become a well-known symbol of the city of Victoria. Brighton Beach, just south of St. Kilda, is home to these brightly coloured Victorian-era beach shacks. On Brighton Beach, you'll find a large number of beach shacks, all of which seem to be there for different reasons. The iconic "Australian Flag" beach shack is a popular spot for Instagrammers. A trip to the beach boxes is simple by rail from Melbourne Central.

    Great Ocean Road

    Great Ocean Road Melbourne

    Perhaps even more than any other Great Ocean Road attraction, the 12 Apostles are Victoria's most photographed landmark. Naturally, you need to capture the scene in photographs. But there are many more picturesque spots all along the Road. Koalas are plentiful, so keep your eyes out for them. They're asleep, for the most part.

    The Great Ocean Road's Cape Otway Lighthouse may be seen in the photo below. The first sight many 19th-century migrants saw of Australia after months at sea was this lighthouse, Australia's oldest still in operation.

    St Kilda Pier

    st kilda pier ask melbourne

    The Kiosk at the end of St. Kilda Pier is the focus of another famous Instagram photo. The pier's origins may be traced back to 1853, and the Kiosk to 1904. Stroll along the pier and take in the beautiful sights of Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay. The chance of seeing penguins increases. There is a wide variety of photo ops at this beach, from kite surfers to fairy penguins.

    St. Kilda is one of Melbourne's most frequented beaches for sunbathing and picture-taking due to its closeness to the city. On sunny days, swimmers and watersports enthusiasts flood the sea, while on the sand, people enjoy games of beach cricket, volleyball, and frisbee. If you go down the St. Kilda pier and breakwater after twilight, you just may see one of the island's resident fairy penguins.

    The St. Kilda Pier is a popular destination for walkers, runners, and fisherman in Melbourne due to its picturesque vantage point over Port Phillip Bay. The pier is the location of the St. Kilda Ferry service and the St. Kilda Marina, and it also provides stunning views of St. Kilda Beach to the south.

    Luna Park

    luna park melbourne

    The entrance to Luna Park is another fantastic photo op for visitors staying in St. Kilda. The Luna Park amusement park may be visited in both Melbourne and Sydney. The facade may be instantly recognisable, but I'm not certain it exudes kid-friendly joy. Maybe it's true that snapping the picture at night makes him seem much more sinister than normal.

    The cultural DNA of Melbourne surely includes Luna Park. Who hasn't snapped a picture in front of that impressive chasm? The doors to the famous amusement park were opened in 1912, and it has been running virtually nonstop ever since. Over its 100-year existence, the Great Scenic Railway has weathered the ups and downs with more resilience than any of the other attractions. The oldest wooden rollercoaster in operation, this heritage-listed ride takes riders on a wild ride around the park's perimeter. Pre-purchasing tickets for rides online also provides RACV members with a discount.

    I enjoyed visiting Luna Park while in St. Kilda. I believe it's great how this amusement park adds some fun to the neighbourhood. When you enter, you'll see a huge, famous clown face that's immediately recognisable all across Melbourne. Further, the entertaining façade makes for a great Instagram photo.

    Yarra River

    yarra river ask melbourne

    The Yarra River in Melbourne is an undeniable source of the city's charisma and atmosphere. Spend some time on a walk along the river or on a sightseeing boat, both of which will provide excellent picture opportunities. Along the river's edge, there are paved trails that are perfect for bicyclists, runners, and walkers.

    There are several great picture ops along the Yarra River, which flows through the heart of Melbourne. The Yarra River and the Southbank are both great places to start your boating adventure.

    The Southbank is a great location for taking pictures of the Yarra River and the Melbourne skyline. In addition, the picturesque Princes Bridge is ideal for taking pictures.

    Hamer Hall

    hamer hall ask melbourne

    Want a big and beautiful venue for performances by artists from all around the world? Then visit the Hamer Hall, formerly the Melbourne Concert Hall. You could feel like you've entered a big cave under the city streets when you enter the venue.

    Royal Botanic Gardens

    royal botanic gardens melbourne

    The Melbourne Gardens at Royal Botanic Gardens can be reached in only 15 minutes with your trusted car rental and can be found at Birdwood Avenue. There are more than 10,000 different plant species here, making this destination a top-tier botanic garden and a major draw for visitors. Get some fresh air and unwind in the city's most beloved park.

    There is just one area in Melbourne where you can take pictures of a tranquil lake, a tropical rainforest, and a cactus garden. The Royal Botanic Gardens are the site in question. The massive gardens are a popular place for city employees to go for meals during the lunch hour, and they are open every day of the year. Get a close-up of your favourite plant or take a picture next to the lake and enjoy the scenery.

    Eureka Skydeck 88

    eureka skydeck 88

    Due to its lofty position (about 300 metres above ground), the Eureka Tower offers some of the greatest city vistas. Those with a fear of heights shouldn't attempt to take photos from the tower's observation deck, and those who want to go the additional mile should avoid the Edge, a glass box that protrudes three metres from the tower. The sounds you hear are only cracks, and they are being recorded.

    Nighttime visits to the Eureka Skydeck are highly recommended, although the observation deck is worth a visit at any time of day for its breathtaking vistas of the Melbourne skyline. From 91 stories above, you'll get a spectacular perspective of Melbourne.

    Melbourne Star

    Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

    In place of the London Eye, Melbourne has the Melbourne Star. The Melbourne Star, which is situated in the Docklands, offers spectacular picture ops at sunset due to its vantage point over the city.

    Coop's Shot Tower

    coop's shot tower ask melbourne

    In addition to shopping and catching trains, visitors to Melbourne Central often come to snap a snapshot of Coop's Shot Tower. Lead bullets thrown from the tower would roll into perfect spheres on the ground, which is why the edifice was constructed in 1889 for that purpose. In the 1980s, architects erected Melbourne Central around the tower, covering it with a massive glass dome that has since become one of the city's most popular Instagram spots.

    There is a massive Marionette Watch in Melbourne that you should see if you are in town or even if you are just playing tourist for the day (or big clock). On the hour, at precisely the same time every hour, a marionette show slides out from the base of the clock, revealing various native Australian birds and creatures such cockatoos, galahs, and minstrels while Waltzing Matilda plays in the background.

    Numerous major retailers like Country Road, Sephora, Cotton On, JB Hi-Fi, Rebel Sport, Samsung, and more call this shopping centre home. The upper floors have a Hoyts movie theatre, a Strike Bowling alley, and a B Lucky & Sons. The subway stop and the adjacent Emporium Shopping Centre are easily accessible by a transparent pedestrian bridge.

    Immigration Museum

    immigration museum ask melbourne

    A bed with a glowing neon sheet. We are in the psychedelic dining room. Who would have thought you could find some of Melbourne's best picture ops inside a museum? Find them in Becoming You: An Unfinished Guide. Seventy coming-of-age tales are presented in the exhibition's captivating installations and displays. Both the joy and the agony of maturation are there in these pair.

    Queen Victoria Market

    queen victoria market

    Victoria's oldest continuously operating, and best preserved, 19th-century market. It is also the biggest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere, stretching around seven hectares. Since its founding in the 1860s, Queen Victoria Market has become one of the city's most popular tourist destinations, whether you're looking to take some pictures or fill up on some delicious local cuisine. The cityscape also creates a beautiful background for photographs. Hello, freshly baked jam doughnuts.

    Federation Square

    Federation Square Melbourne

    This $450 million stadium has become one of Melbourne's most recognisable landmarks, yet it has also generated much controversy due to its angular, geometrical style. It is estimated that over 100 million people have visited Federation Square since it was opened in 2002. It received five major prizes for architectural and design excellence in its first year of existence, making it the most honoured project in the history of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) Victoria. In 2014, it was regarded as the world's sixth-best public plaza. Throughout the previous two centuries, this area has served as a variety of uses, including a municipal morgue, a fish market, business headquarters, and train yards. It is now an integral component of the city's cultural identity, with several eateries, watering holes, art spaces, and boutiques.

    Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq

    archie brothers cirque electriq ask melbourne

    Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq features classic and up-to-date arcade games. Play Space Invaders or get into a life-size Mario Kart. Playing Let's Bounce or NBA Hoops will leave you mesmerised by the neon lights. Put your shooting skills to the test on the old-school range. Taking pictures while navigating a dodgem course might be tricky. Archie's is an Instagrammable feast with 67 available games.

    Royal Exhibition Hall

    royal exhibition hall ask melbourne

    The Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne's Carlton Gardens was completed in 1880 and is a fine example of Victorian architecture. This magnificent structure enhances the already stunning scenery of the Carlton Gardens. Please do go inside when you have the opportunity to do so. This structure has a plethora of more Instagrammable moments.


    When the classic and the contemporary come together in Melbourne, it creates a dynamic sense of time and place. Take a look at our favourite Instagram-worthy spots in Victoria's seaside city of Melbourne while you're there. The State Library of Australia was one of the world's first free libraries. As a result of Hosier Lane, the urban art movement in Melbourne was introduced to the rest of the world. Tourists and commuters alike flock to the city's busiest train station, Flinders Street Station.

    The Melbourne Central Railway Station is the most visually appealing train station in Australia. One of Melbourne's most popular beaches is Brighton Beach. On social media, Victorian-era bathing boxes have become a sensation. They can't rent their boxes, but they can make minor cosmetic changes. Instagrammers flock to the "Australian Flag" beach shack.

    The Kiosk at St. Kilda Pier dates back to 1904, while the Pier itself dates back to 1853. Due to its location overlooking Port Phillip Bay, the pier is a popular destination for walkers, joggers, and fishermen. The huge, instantly recognisable clown face at the entrance to Luna Park marks the beginning of the amusement park's history. Your boating adventure can begin at the Yarra River and the Southbank. Artists from all over the world have performed at Hamer Hall.

    At a height of 300 metres, the Eureka Tower provides some of the best views of the city. The spectacular views of Melbourne's skyline from Eureka Skydeck are worth seeing at any time of day. You'll get a stunning view of Melbourne from 91 floors up. The Melbourne Star's vantage point over the city at sunset makes for some spectacular photo opportunities. Located in the heart of the city of Victoria, Queen Victoria Market is the city's oldest and best preserved 19th-century market.

    One of Melbourne's most recognisable landmarks is Federation Square. Classic and modern arcade games are available at Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq. An outstanding example of Victorian architecture, the Royal Exhibition Building can be found in London.

    Content Summary

    • I did my best to compile a list of the best Instagram photo locations in Melbourne.
    • Take a look at our favourite Instagram-worthy spots in Victoria's seaside city of Melbourne while you're there.
    • In Victoria, Australia, some library patrons appear uninterested in books at all, instead opting to snap photos of the iconic dome.
    • The State Library of Victoria, established in 1854, is not only Australia's first public library, but also one of the world's first free libraries.
    • Hosier Lane is a must-see on any visit to Melbourne, Australia.
    • Melbourne's Flinders Street Station is a major transportation hub.
    • Photos of the brightly coloured Brighton Beach Boxes are sure to catch the eye.
    • Since the turn of the century, 82 of them have been there.
    • As a symbol of the city of Victoria, the boxes on Brighton Beach are well-known.
    • Below is a picture of the Cape Otway Lighthouse on the Great Ocean Road.
    • Luna Park is an amusement park in New York City
    • Luna Park's entrance is a great photo op for visitors who are staying in St. Kilda, Australia.
    • There are Luna Park amusement parks in Melbourne and Sydney that can be visited.
    • The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew are where we're talking about today.
    • Skydeck 88 at Eureka Center for the Performing Arts
    • The Eureka Tower's vantage point (about 300 feet above the ground) provides some of the best city views.
    • The Coop's Shot TowerThe Coop's Shot Tower is a popular photo opportunity for visitors to Melbourne Central.
    • It's no surprise that Queen Victoria Market has become one of Melbourne's most popular tourist attractions since it was established in the 1860s.
    • Hall of the Royal Exhibition
    • This fine example of Victorian architecture stands in Melbourne's Carlton Gardens and was completed in 1880.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    Six Breathtaking Views in Melbourne
    • #1. SkyHigh, Mount Dandenong. If you're looking to escape the immediate city, take a trip to SkyHigh Mount Dandenong. ...
    • #2. St Kilda Pier. ...
    • #3. Eureka Skydeck 88. ...
    • #4. Melbourne Star. ...
    • #5. Williamstown. ...
    • #6. The Lui Bar.
    The top Melbourne photography locations
    • Princes Bridge.
    • Evan Walker Bridge.
    • Flinders Street Station.
    • Hosier Lane.
    • Birrarung Murr.
    • Princes Pier.
    • Brighton Beach Boxes.
    • St Kilda.
    Where to see the sparkling lights of Melbourne
    • Sparkling lights beside the Yarra.
    • See the lights of Melbourne from the river.
    • The Winter Village at Federation Square.
    • Queen Vic Night Market.
    • The Melbourne Star Observation Wheel.
    • Sunsets from Eureka 88.
    • Ponyfish Island.
    • Johnny's Greenroom.

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