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    In its many parks, open spaces, and laneways, Melbourne is a city that combines modernity with natural beauty. It's a great place to visit because of its unique blend of cultures and nice people!

    Melbourne is known as the world's coffee capital and is frequently named the world's most liveable city. While in this stunning Australian metropolis, be sure to check out these must-see attractions:

    FAQs About Melbourne

    The average price of a 7-day trip to Melbourne is $1,735 for a solo traveler, $3,116 for a couple, and $5,842 for a family of 4. Melbourne hotels range from $38 to $143 per night with an average of $86, while most vacation rentals will cost $210 to $420 per night for the entire home.
    Multicultural Melbourne frequently tops the list of the world's most livable cities. Visit this vibrant city at the head of Port Phillip Bay, and you'll see why. Australia's second largest metropolis exudes an unmistakably European feel.
    Melbourne is known for its abundance of entertainment, its unique nightlife, as well as it is gorgeous scenery and stunning architecture.

    Overall Melbourne is a safe city, but there are a few areas where things are dangerous, particularly at night. The areas surrounding Bourke Street, Flinders Street Station, and Gray Street are known for having a large population of homeless people, dealers of drugs, prostitutes, and anyone else of any variety.

    Melbourne is known for being one of the most liveable cities on earth. Often referred to as 'the Sporting Capital of the World', besides this it is also famous for its graffitied laneways, excellent coffee, cultural diversity and bayside location. This eclectic Australian city has something for everyone.

    See a Gig at the Tote

    See a gig at the Tote MelbourneThe Tote, a music bar in Melbourne, has been a mainstay of the city's rock-and-roll scene since 1980.

    When strict licencing restrictions threatened to down the Tote in 2010, a group of rock royalty from Australia spearheaded a protest that drew hundreds of people to the streets. Fortunately, the rockers and the bar won, and now every week there is live music here.

    While rock is still the dominant genre at the Tote, it has expanded to include DJs, pop artists, folk bands, and LGBT evenings.

    The Tote doesn't give a hoot what others think, and everyone already knows it's a legend. So, let's take a deep breath and give props to the stages that have shaped this city and kept its rock 'n' roll blood pounding for decades.

    When strict licencing restrictions threatened to close this one and only bar in Melbourne back in 2010, it sparked a protest led by Australia's rock aristocracy. The bar and the rockers came out on top. Find the documentary and watch it if you haven't heard the backstory. We won't go into detail, but suffice it to say that anybody who moves in next to a club that has been holding concerts since the 1980s and then complains about the loudness is a jackass.

    The Tote has a nostalgic air, with a hint of patchouli in the air that makes one think of early 1990s gutter punks and their intentions to rescue the world via music and self-inflicted piercings. A diverse crowd of hippies, cowboys, punks, and elderly folks dance to the sounds of the New York Dolls as they down Jameson shots from across the bar.

    A large man at the bar has shaved the sides of his head, exposing the head of a serpent tattoo that snakes up his neck from under his leather jacket's collar. Despite appearances, these folks are really rather kind; genuine rockers, like themselves, channel their rage into their music rather than into their personalities.

    The band space is located in the basement, and it has all the trappings of a high school garage gig: exposed brick, beams, wiring, and a torn orange doona pinned to a corner of the ceiling for soundproofing. The likes of the White Stripes, Fugazi, and Mudhoney have performed here before, but today it's trash metal thrashing, with the frontman spitting out terrible cries that only the devil himself could understand. The audience wears as little colour as a moonless night, and their heads knock together as their long, black hair swings in time to the rock music.

    Live music is available every night the Tote is open, both downstairs and upstairs, and often for free in the front bar. The weekly lineup of bands is painted large and brightly on the building's façade, shouting rock to passers-by in the increasingly affluent northern core.

    There are three varieties of Coopers on tap, and the service is always kind. The restaurant reopened for the first time in years last year, and it serves up burgers, tacos, poutine, and Chiko Rolls at low prices. A typical serving of Currywurst consists of crinkle cut chips covered in sauce and curry powder and topped with pieces of smokey grilled Kransky. For about ten dollars, you may get your hands on a boozy British dream that's scrumptiously satisfying.

    The Tote, along with the Vic Markets and Flinders Street Station, has a portion of Melbourne's heart and soul, which has been absorbed into the filthy carpet like so much sweat and beer. Here's hope she stays well and young forever. Check out the band, grab a beer, and tell the youngsters you saw them here. Eventually, they'll develop some healthy levels of envy.

    Safety Deposit Box for Witnesses

    Australian Centre for Contemporary Art on Southbank is home to Ron Robertson Swann's abstract minimalist sculpture Vault. The creative, bright yellow building certainly commands attention. Dynamically built from big, thick, flat steel sheets. At this spot, you're guaranteed a hilariously bizarre souvenir photo.

    Explore Two landmarks: the Eureka Tower and the Fringe

    You can't visit Southbank and not check out Eureka. Located in Southbank, this skyscraper is the second-tallest in Australia at 297.3 metres (975 feet), and it has an observation deck on the 88th floor from where visitors may take in sweeping views of the city.

    If you're looking for a more dramatic Eureka experience, go to the Edge, which is an additional block added to the building and has a breathtaking view of Melbourne from a height that makes you feel as if you're about to fall. Edge is a picture-worthy feat of architecture.

    To see the Crown Tower, go here.

    Place with several different forms of entertainment. The Crown is famous for its casino, but it also offers its guests a wide variety of other entertainment and dining options, including a spa, 29 restaurants, a theatre, gaming rooms, concerts, nightclubs, and bars. Crown sets in motion for the public a period of intense interest. Crown at Southbank is a great place to spend a day full of excitement and energy.

    Visit The Bond Store to relive your favourite James Bond moments!

    Fans of the James Bond series won't want to miss this. Savor your coffee at this Southbank café and envision Bond smelling out the bad guy. This place is great for a throwback conversation. A cinema buff's dream, this Southbank bookstore is the perfect spot to kick back with a good book or even put pen to paper.

    Go shopping on Sundays

    Sunday trips to the Southbank are a blast. There were street performers, artisans peddling their wares, and holidaymakers relaxing by the river, making for lively and humorous streets.

    3 Hour Paint Your Pet and Sip Class

    Paint Your Pet and Sip Class melbourne

    Feel free to bring your own refreshments and snacks to enjoy while painting. Release your inner artist and create a masterpiece for the pampered member of your family. Drink your favourite beverage to boost your confidence and transform your furry buddy into a piece of art.

    In this lively paint-and-drink session, you can pay special tribute to your pet in a style that's all your own. In order to have your pet pre-sketched into your canvas, all you have to do is provide a picture of your pet to the team of painters in advance of your lesson. In class, you may see your painting come to life as the teacher offers helpful advice. There is no need to bring anything other than your favourite beverage, some snacks, and an abundance of imagination. I mean, who doesn't want a framed photo of their BFF on their wall?


    Southbank Melbourne

    The Southbank of the Yarra is a pedestrian precinct in Melbourne known for its high-end decor. The town was able to undergo construction and renovation because of a drop in the Australian economy in the early 1990s. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Melbourne, Southbank was renovated with the original intention of boosting tourism and creating a leisure site in the heart of the city.

    One of the most desirable neighbourhoods due to its picturesque riverside setting. One of Melbourne's most significant areas, it is home to notable corporations, skyscrapers, and tourist attractions including the National Gallery, Eureka, and many more.

    Tourists are mesmerised by the spectacular towers and luxurious buildings that line the riverbanks. The metropolitan area, with its bright lights, hurrying people, and cool river wind, seems like it might be the location for a Hollywood film.

    It is recommended that visitors to Melbourne set aside a whole day to do the Southbank tour. Crown Casino, the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center, the Victorian Arts Center, the National Gallery of Victoria, the James Bond Store, and several river excursions are all conveniently located nearby. If you're not in the mood for touristic activities, Southbank still has much to offer in the way of shopping, dining, and art.

    History of Southbank Melbourne

    Urban regeneration was advocated as a solution to Australia's severe economic crisis in the early 1990s. Denton Corker Marshall transformed the once industrial Southbank of Melbourne into a pedestrian-friendly urban space.

    The 1.7-kilometer area was planned to include high-end, showy contemporary structures; a new, modern touch; and a refurbished riverside bridge. The affluent Southbank neighbourhood quickly became the city's focal point. Southbank became in demand as a result of the concentration of high-paying businesses there.

    Including the headquarters of major corporations including Treasury Wine Estates, Crown Limited, Alumina, Incitec Pivot, and The Herald & Weekly Times, among many more. Southbank became the prefered location of the country's upper crust. The influx of visitors, however, helped the attraction rise in popularity.

    There was enough to see and do on the river trip, the bridge, the skyline, the markets, and more. In time, Southbank became a popular destination for artists, art enthusiasts, and others because to the area's abundance of museums, art galleries, and historical displays. Collectively, these efforts have made Southbank one of Melbourne's most visited areas.

    How to Reach Southbank

    There are a number of options for getting from Melbourne Airport to Southbank Melbourne, which is 20-25 kilometres distant (MEL). This is how it works:

    Transportation on a Bus: Taking the bus would take around 45-50 minutes owing to the need to change buses. After taking the T1 Skybus to the Skybus coach terminal, you may get Bus 96 to City road and then walk for around five minutes to reach Southbank Melbourne.

    Your best bet for saving money on transportation to Southbank is to drive yourself or take a taxi there. The M2 route would bring you there in around 23 minutes, despite the 25-kilometer distance. It would take you around 38-40 minutes longer to get there if you took the M2 route and then continued on state road 37.

    It's also possible to take a cab. From the airport, taxis may be found readily for $55 to $65. However, from the airport, it will take around twenty-five minutes for any mode of transportation to reach the location on foot.

    As a helpful bit of advice for getting about the city, I highly recommend investing in a myki pass as the most cost-effective means of public transportation. You may spend as much as $29 every week on it.

    Best Time to Visit Southbank

    Southbank, Australia, is at its most beautiful in the cooler months of fall and spring. Meaning, the months of March–May and September–November. Australia's summer is in the months of December and February, and its winter is in the months of June and August, the polar opposite of the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Since the weather is more agreeable in the fall and spring, those are the best times to visit Melbourne to take in the city's skyline and riverbank. Hiking, checking out the western Australia windflower path, mingling with the local wildlife, using the city's public transportation, and soaking in a hot spring near Melbourne are all possible thanks to the mild climate.

    What Not to Miss at Southbank

    Recreationally, Southbank is fantastic; there's something here for everyone. You'll have to be on the go to access everything and everything in the area. You shouldn't miss out on these experiences.

    Southbank offers everything you could possibly want, from stores to arcades to attractions to see to a historical landmark to a library to visit if you're feeling particularly bookish. Learn more about your choices by reading on:

    Recreational activities include: shopping, vacationing on a ship, and seeing works of
    When at Southbank, go window shopping, take a river cruise, or check out some of the local art galleries and live bands that perform on the streets. You may make your river trip even more memorable by treating yourself to breakfast or supper on board.

    Southbank Nearby Attractions to Consider

    Try Visiting Yarra River

    The Yarra River, which flows gently besides the bustling Southbank, is a great place to relax. Spend some time on the river cruise or on the peaceful riverbank. After a day of shopping, refuel with a meal along the river.

    Explore Melbourne Zoo

    The Melbourne Zoo is a great spot to take a group of kids since it is home to more than 300 animal species.

    Be Entertained At Melbourne's Luna Park

    This classic amusement park has been entertaining guests since its opening in 1912. Keep your eyes out for brightly lighted examples of early 20th-century cartwheels and candy corners.

    Watch Some Penguins

    St. Kilda beach, located about 10 minutes from Southbank, is a popular place to see penguins, especially in the half-hour after sunset, when they are most active. Photograph the sea and the wild at night if you want.

    Walk Along ACDC Lane

    Flinders Lane, a painted-wall street only 8 minutes away, is the perfect place to pose for photos and attract admiring fans. Even if you don't bring home any amazing photos, getting out and about in a new place is usually a good idea.

    Read City Basement Books

    If you're a reader and you want to go back in time, you have to stop by the bookshop in the city's basement, which is just around five minutes' walk from the Southbank. From 9 AM to 6 PM, the shop is open to the public. Used books with their musty pages, scribbled sentences, and highlighted passages offer a touch of drama.

    Visit The National Gallery of Victoria

    Since it first opened its doors in 1861, the National Gallery of Victoria has been displaying the works of masters such as Rembrandt, Picasso, René Magritte, and many more, making it Australia's most visited art museum and a priceless record of the country's cultural heritage.

    Enjoy Beer and Wine Production Facilities

    In addition to seeing the Southbank, you can also add some time to your schedule to sample some genuine Australian beer and wine at one of the many establishments located nearby.

    Go To The Cathedral Church of St. Paul

    Visiting local houses of worship is a great way to learn about the local culture of any city or country you go to. St. Paul's Cathedral is a magnificent example of such a cathedral, and it is well worth your time to see and devote part of it to prayer while you are there.

    Visit The Melbourne's Art Centre

    Performers from all across the world call this gallery home. Among the venues available are the State Theatre, Hamer Hall, Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Playhouse, and Fairfax Studio. Audiences at the arena are often entertained by concerts, plays, and ballets.


    Since 1980, The Tote, a rock-and-roll pub in Melbourne, has been a constant presence in the city's music scene. In 2010, a group of rock royalty from Australia staged a protest that brought hundreds of people to the streets when harsh licencing regulations threatened the Tote. They are all part of Melbourne's soul, including the Vic Markets and the Flinders Street Station. Poutine and Chiko rolls are among the low-cost options available at the fast food joint. At 297.3 metres, Eureka Tower is Australia's second-tallest structure (975 feet).

    The casino at the Crown is well-known, but it's not the only thing to check out here. The Edge, a new wing of the building with panoramic views of Melbourne, was recently completed as an addition to the original structure. You can turn your pet into a work of art by taking part in the Paint Your Pet and Sip Class. A popular tourist destination in Melbourne, the Southbank of the Yarra is renowned for its high-end design. Because of a downturn in the Australian economy in the early 1990s, the town was able to undergo significant building and refurbishment.

    Many well-known companies and skyscrapers may be found here, as can many popular tourist sites. It is a major part of the city. To get from Melbourne Airport to Southbank, there are a variety of options. It will take approximately twenty-five minutes to walk from the airport to the destination. Despite the 25-kilometer distance, the M2 would take you there in around 23 minutes. The city's most prominent tourist attractions can be found along Melbourne's Southbank.

    Since its establishment in 1861, the National Gallery of Victoria has housed the paintings of such luminaries as Rembrandt, Picasso, and René Magritte. The city's basement bookshop is open to the public daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

    Content Summary

    • If you have the time, don't miss out on these must-see attractions: You may catch a live performance at the Tote Since 1980, The Tote, a rock-and-roll pub in Melbourne, has been a constant presence in the city's music scene. In 2010, a group of rock royalty from Australia staged a protest that brought hundreds of people to the streets when harsh licencing regulations threatened the Tote.
    • Because the rockers and the bar came out on top, live music can be found here every week.
    • At the Tote, rock is still king, but there are now nights for all kinds of music as well as LGBT events in addition to rock.
    • A protest organised by Australia's rock aristocracy erupted in 2010 when severe licencing rules threatened to close this one and only pub in Melbourne.
    • Exposed masonry and beams, wires, and a tattered orange doona tacked to the ceiling for soundproofing are all found in the band's basement rehearsal area.
    • In the past, bands like the White Stripes, Fugazi, and Mudhoney have played here, but today it's trash metal thrashing, with the leader screaming in a way that only the devil himself could comprehend.
    • Every night the Tote is open, live music may be found below and above, and in the front bar, often for free.
    • The building's facade is plastered with the names of the week's bands, which screams rock to passersby in the city's affluent north.
    • Reopening last year, it dishes customers burgers and tacos as well as poutine and Chiko rolls at a reasonable price.
    • The filthy carpet of the Tote, together with the Vic Markets and Flinders Street Station, has swallowed a chunk of Melbourne's heart and soul.
    • Vault, an abstract minimalist sculpture by Ron Robertson Swann, may be found in the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art on Southbank.
    • Find out about the Eureka Tower and the Fringe with this tour.
    • Eureka is a must-see when you visit Southbank.
    • You can see the Crown Tower from this location.
    • An exciting and exhilarating day is guaranteed at Crown at Southbank.
    • Relive your favourite James Bond moments at The Bond Store!
    • This is a must-see for fans of the James Bond series.
    • Go shopping on a Sunday
    • The Southbank is a great place to visit on a Sunday.
    • You'll be able to honour your pet in a unique way during this fun paint-and-drink session.
    • With its high-end shops and cafes, Melbourne's Southbank of the Yarra has been known as one of the city's most fashionable areas.
    • Southbank, one of Melbourne's most popular tourist attractions, was redeveloped with the goal of increasing tourism and establishing a city-center amusement park.
    • Due to its beautiful riverside location, this is one of the city's most sought-after neighbourhoods.
    • There are several famous enterprises, skyscrapers, and tourist sites in the neighbourhood, including the National Gallery and Eureka, as well as the Melbourne Cricket Ground.
    • Southbank's past Melbourne In the early 1990s, urban revitalisation was proposed as a solution to Australia's serious economic problems.
    • Pedestrian-friendly urban area was created in the former industrial Southbank of Melbourne by Denton Corker Marshall.
    • The well-to-do Southbank district swiftly rose to prominence as the city's epicentre.
    • Southbank became the prefered location of the country's elite.
    • There are several ways to get the 20-25 kilometres from Melbourne Airport to Southbank Melbourne (MEL).
    • Taking a cab or driving yourself to Southbank will save you money on transportation.
    • Regardless of mode of transportation, it will take at least twenty-five minutes to walk from the airport to the destination.
    • A myki pass is the most cost-effective mode of public transit in the city, thus I strongly recommend purchasing one.
    • At its most gorgeous in the fall and spring, Southbank is Australia.
    • Visiting Melbourne in the fall and spring is the greatest time to see the city's skyline and riverbank because the weather is more pleasant.
    • Shopping, taking a cruise, and seeing art are just a few of the many options available for fun. Look around, take a river cruise or check out some of the street performers and art galleries in Southbank while you're there.
    • Consider having breakfast or dinner on board your river cruise ship to further enhance your river experience.
    • Take a river tour or relax on the riverbank.
    • After a long day of shopping, have a supper by the riverside.
    • Investigate the Melbourne Zoo
    • The Melbourne Zoo is a terrific place to take a large group of children because it houses over 300 different species of animals.
    • At Melbourne's Luna Park, you can be entertained.
    • Since its opening in 1912, this amusement park has been entertaining visitors.
    • Observe a Few Penguins.
    • A great time to observe penguins at St. Kilda Beach, just ten minutes from Southbank, is 30 minutes after sunset, when they are most active.
    • It's fine to photograph the sea and the wilderness at night if you'd like.
    • Even if you don't end up with a tonne of great shots, it's still a good idea to explore a new place.
    • Just five minutes' walk from Southbank, the city's subterranean bookshop is the place to go if you're a reader looking to travel back in time.
    • Check out the Victoria's National Gallery.
    • As Australia's most visited art museum and a precious record of the country's cultural legacy, the National Gallery of Victoria, founded in 1861, has housed masterpieces by masters such as Rembrandt, Picasso, and René Magritte.
    • At one of the numerous nearby establishments, you can also take a break from your sightseeing to enjoy some of Australia's finest beer and wine.
    • Go to St. Paul's Cathedral.
    • You can learn a lot about a city or country's culture by visiting local places of worship.
    • Visiting St. Paul's Cathedral, which is a stunning example of a cathedral, is a worthwhile investment of your time.
    • Visit The Art Centre of Melbourne
    • This gallery is home to performers from all over the world.
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