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Reasons you should visit Melbourne right now

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    It is no exaggeration to call Melbourne a "hip and dynamic metropolis," as the city boasts a pulsating downtown, charming residential areas, and beautiful parks and mountains where visitors can experience the best that Australia's landscape has to offer. The city is famous for its incredible street art, its extensive network of alleyways, its diverse cultural offerings, and its high-quality dining options that are affordable to a wide range of residents. In addition to its status as a global centre for the coffee industry, this city is also widely regarded as one of the best places to call home. Let's take advantage of all that Melbourne has to offer by visiting its best sights and doing its most exciting activities. Experience a Rising show for yourself.

    Just what is it, if you please?

    Rising show Melbourne

    See a Rising show

    What is it?
    Rising will be a mega winter festival that combines the long-running festivals Melbourne Festival and White Night in 2021.

    Why go?

    Marketing for Rising suggests it will become an annual festival showcasing the best in performing arts from around the world, including Australia. There are many more approachable smaller acts to help you fill out your festival schedule, and both the Melbourne Festival and White Night have featured impressive talent as headliners in the past.

    Don’t miss:

    Each and every detail! We're very curious to see what this brand-new festival has in store for us.

    We now know both the name and the dates of the massive new arts festival that will be held in Victoria. The inaugural Rising Winter Arts Festival will take place in Melbourne, Australia from May 26th to June 6th, 2021.

    This festival will combine two of Melbourne's most significant annual events, White Night and the Melbourne International Arts Festival, to create a celebration of art, music, ceremony, and the night. The original launch date for the festival was August 2020; however, due to the recent cancellation of other events, the organisers have been forced to postpone the start date by a year.

    A part of this strategy is to use the two million dollars earmarked for the festival in 2020 to immediately commision Victorian artists to create new works that will be displayed in the inaugural Rising 2021 exhibition. Obarzanek claims that the money will only go to artists based in Victoria to help them put on shows, events, and exhibitions for the 2021 festival that "are ambitious, unusual, and that could only happen in a festival context." We welcome "radical and critical ideas," as well as "absurd and bombastic" ones, "contemplative and philosophical" ones, and "celebratory and unifying" ones, as the authors put it. We're looking for radical and critical ideas, whether they reflect current events or go further afield.

    For the most part of its history in Melbourne, White Night was a one-night-only explosion of art, music, performance, and literal glowing things. The Melbourne International Arts Festival, on the other hand, was a more refined event that spanned several weeks and presented the arts in a more conventional fashion.

    Rising is currently seeking applications from Victorian artists for works that are community-focused, unique to Melbourne, radical, ambitious, generous, and celebratory; can only be realised in a festival setting; or could be presented at multiple festivals or cities.

    Healesville Sanctuary Melbourne

    Healesville Sanctuary

    Visit Healesville on your next trip to Australia for a close-up look at some of the native flora and fauna. Animals native to Australia, such as koalas, kangaroos, pelicans, herons, Tasmanian Devils, wombats, and a red-tailed cockatoo, can all be found here.

    Any injured or ill animals brought to the sanctuary can receive treatment in the clinic located there. Visitors flock to the wildlife reserve so they can take part in the free entertainment shows. For nature lovers, the best place to visit in Melbourne is the Healesville Sanctuary.


    • It has more than 200 varieties of animals in its natural habitat.
    • The sanctuary is located close to the famous vineyards of the Yarra Valley.
    • It organizes free air shows like the platypus show
    • The reserve has a hospital to look after the animals.

    Shrine of Remembrance Melbourne

    Shrine of Remembrance

    Several world-famous wineries in the Yarra Valley are within easy driving distance of the sanctuary.

    It's in charge of putting on air shows like the platypus show, which are open to the public for free.

    The reserve is especially convenient because it is home to an animal hospital.

    It's a place to stop and think

    In addition to being a popular tourist destination, this site also holds significant historical value for the city of Melbourne. It's right in the heart of downtown. This memorial was constructed to honour the thousands of Australian servicemen and women who were killed in action during World War I.

    Public access to the memorial was granted on November 11, 1934. It is now regarded as one of Australia's largest memorials. Every year on April 25th, people all over the world commemorate the men and women who served in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps by holding a special holiday called ANZAC Day.

    The museums and exhibits at this memorial now provide modern-day visitors with a thorough grounding in the history of accidents. People gain an appreciation for the value of their heritage by taking part in the many ongoing educational programmes that are available to them.

    Old Melbourne Gaol

    Old Melbourne Gaol

    What was once a prison is now widely regarded as Melbourne's most iconic building. Extensive renovations have transformed the former prison into a museum. These walls are made of bluestone. Many people think this place is haunted because of the presence of death masks and prisoners' pistols that belonged to the United States military. The Gaol is unlike any other place in Melbourne; not only can you spend the night there, but you can also learn about inmate life by touring the cells.


    • This is not only the oldest prison but the most grandeur monument of the city.
    • The Gaol has a museum.
    • The only cell of the city where tourists can spend their night.
    • Experience the life in a cell and the process of arresting a culprit through a stage act.
    • If you love experiencing paranormal activities or are a goosebump fan, then this pace is for you.
      Find out more at

    Great Ocean Road Melbourne

    Great Ocean Road

    This 243-kilometer section of Victoria's Great Ocean Road is currently accessible by autonomous vehicles. In the eyes of many, it ranks among the world's most breathtaking highways. This stretch of coast is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Melbourne, beginning in Torquay, the "world capital of surfing," and ending in Port Fairy, an old fishing village.

    The beaches and rainforests you'll pass through on this drive are among the most beautiful in the world. In fact, while you're travelling, you could potentially encounter wildlife such as whales, koalas, and kangaroos. The Great Ocean Road is best experienced by taking advantage of its many opportunities for adventure, such as ziplining, cliff climbing, and enjoying meals atop cliff beaches. This will help you make the most of your vacation time.

    Most visitors backpack for three days to see all of the amazing sights along the way. Since your Great Ocean Road adventure will start and end in Melbourne, the city's moniker is fitting. The Great Ocean Road is a popular tourist route because it leads to a wide variety of landscapes and experiences, including lush forests, pristine rivers, active volcanoes, and miles and miles of coastline.

    Everyone from adventurers to nature lovers will find something to love about this trail. You'll have a lifetime's worth of wonderful memories from your time spent on the Great Ocean Road. As part of these recollections, you will be able to indulge in some of the freshest seafood and enjoy a wide selection of locally brewed beers. These experiences will serve as a touchstone for the rest of your life.

    How to Reach Great Ocean Road

    One can take any of the following modes of transportation to get from Melbourne Airport to the Great Ocean Road:

    Take a train from Melbourne's Southern Cross Station to reach Geelong via the public transport system. You are now at the beginning of your trip. From Geelong, you can take any number of buses to different stops along the Great Ocean Road. All of these bus routes originate in Geelong. Only 40 kilometres separate Geelong and Torquay.

    Assuming you are starting out from Melbourne, the first stop on the Great Ocean Road is Torquay. A little over 100 kilometres separate Torquay and Melbourne.

    Best Time to Visit Great Ocean Road

    The summer months of December through February, or the fall months of September through November, are the best times to travel the Great Ocean Road (Springs). In the summer, when rain is less common and the sun shines more brightly, you can make the most of the many opportunities presented by the abundance of water.

    However, it brings in an overwhelming number of visitors, driving up the price of hotels to unaffordable levels. If you're interested in exploring coastal natural habitats and waterfalls, do so in the spring. The season boasts the most stunning sunsets and greenery of the year.

    What Not to Miss at Great Ocean Road

    All the great adventures you can have along the Great Ocean Road are enhanced by the stunning natural beauty that surrounds you. Here's a rundown of must-dos for any coastal vacation.

    Relish the Breathtaking Scenery:

    In Victoria, Australia, there are many beautiful sights to behold along the south-east coast. The powerful waves at Bells Beach are legendary. Otway National Park is the ideal place to unwind and enjoy the natural world. Do not miss out on photographing the stunning sunsets that can be seen along this stretch of coast.

    Explore the sport of Surfing:

    You can't call your trip along the Great Ocean Road a success if you don't try your hand at surfing at least once. Torquay is a popular destination for surfers because it has several beaches that are great for learning the sport or improving one's skills.

    Learn About the Wild:

    There are a few spots along the Great Ocean Road where you can get up close and personal with native Victoria, Australia wildlife. Seeing kangaroos and koalas in their natural habitat is an amazing experience that you shouldn't miss. There is simply no other place on Earth where you can have such an encounter.

    Use the Local Foods to Your Advantage:

    The organic ingredients used in regional dishes are grown and produced in the areas through which you will be travelling, whetting your appetite as you go. Lorne and Apollo Bay are great places to visit if you have a taste for seafood, as they both offer fresh seafood caught that day.

    Visit a Few of the World's Finest Beaches

    Throughout the journey, you'll pass a number of beaches that rank among the best in the world. Don't forget to pencil in some time to bask in the rays and enjoy some water sports. Not to mention, the sunsets from the cliffside beaches are absolutely breathtaking.

    Visit a number of recognisable landmarks, such as

    Visit the 12 Apostles and delve into their rich history. Visit famous tourist destinations such as Hopetoun Falls, Beauchamp Falls, and many others to be awed by the beauty of their natural surroundings. Each stop along the Great Ocean Road will provide an opportunity to make new memories.

    Tourist Attractions in the Neighborhood of the Great Ocean Road

    If you want to see everything along the Great Ocean Road, a weeklong trip will still be too short. Below, we've highlighted some of the most crucial stops you must make along the Great Ocean Road.

    Visiting the Great Ocean Road: Top Attractions and Must-Do Activities

    That spot is where you'll find Port Campbell National Park.

    Take in the sights and sounds of nature as you stand on top of a cliff in Port Campbell National Park. Perhaps the most well-known feature of the park is the collection of seven rocks known as the Twelve Apostles. Seven rocky outcroppings called the Twelve Apostles can be seen from the beach below.

    In Great Otway National Park:

    Great Otway National Park is a coastal park that begins in Torquay and continues all the way up to Princeton. This national park is home to some of the most varied plant and animal life in all of Australia. Hiking the park's well-maintained trails is another great way to get some fresh air and exercise.

    Along with some of Australia's most stunning waterfalls, you'll also be able to visit one of the continent's oldest lighthouses.

    This is what you can expect from Otway Fly Treetop Adventures:

    Travelers can cross over a heavily wooded and mountain ash-covered area on a magnificent bridge that stretches for 600 metres in length and is suspended 25 metres above the ground. Anyone looking to broaden their horizons should make a point to visit this spot.

    If you're looking for an adrenaline rush, the 2.5-hour zip line tour is for you. Viewing platforms are strategically placed throughout the tour so that you can take in the breathtaking scenery. Don't skip out on this tour if you're looking for some extra excitement in your life.

    Those things listed below are all part of the Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve.

    This stunning location, a volcano that last erupted some 30,000 years ago, can be found just 18 kilometres from Warrnambool. Numerous species of flora and fauna, such as birds, kangaroos, and koalas, have made the crater their home. Tour guides also offer trips into the crater for curious sightseers.

    As seen from Logan's Beach:

    Want to see if you can spot the huge blue whale? Put that out of your mind and head to Logan's beach, where you can lie on a cliff and watch this magnificent creature swim in the vast ocean below.

    Additional Essential Great Ocean Road Data


    In the far southwestern corner of Australia, along the coast of Victoria, you'll find the Great Ocean Road. Torquay, about 100 km from Melbourne, is the starting point, and the ending point, Allansford, is close to Warrnambool, the most populous city along the way.

    Price of Entrance:

    All are welcome to travel along this breathtaking stretch of coast because there are no tolls or other charges en route. However, depending on where you go, you may have to pay an entrance fee in order to enter certain establishments.

    The Commons Restroom:

    There are plenty of places to go to the bathroom in Victoria, Australia. At any point along the Great Ocean Road, whether you're in a city or on the beach, you'll have no trouble finding a clean, well-maintained public restroom. The National Public Toilet Map is a government-issued resource for finding the location of nearby public restrooms.

    In terms of mobile device connectivity:

    When you're on the Great Ocean Road, Telstra will make sure you have the best network coverage possible. Within the cities on your route, you should only rely on Vodafone and Optus for adequate coverage.

    The closest ATMs are:

    In any of the stops along the way, you can easily find an ATM. A handful of them may be found along the coast's perimeter road.

    Great Ocean Road Melbourne

    Places to Visit Near Great Ocean Road

    Initiation of the Great Ocean Road's construction was originally planned for the tail end of World War One. Beginning on September 19, 1919, with the help of 3,000 war veterans who had safely returned home, construction began on the structure. It was built as a tribute to the servicemen who lost their lives in the line of duty during the war.

    Everything that went into the construction was done by hand, with the help of explosives, shovels, and other low-powered machinery. The construction of the road between Eastern View and Lorne was completed on March 18, 1922. Nonetheless, it was closed for expansion work on May 10, 1922, and stayed that way until it reopened on December 21, 1922, this time with tolls to cover its upkeep costs.

    When construction of the final section of the Great Ocean Road between Lorne and Apollo Bay was completed in November 1932, the road could finally be called complete. We finished paving the road at this point. Early on, the road's reputation for danger was earned due to its narrow width (only one waggon at a time could make the journey) and the presence of dangerous cliffs.

    In October of 1936, when the road was transferred to the state, all tolls were removed and the road was given a thorough makeover. In 1962, the Tourist Development Authority recognised the road as "one of the world's most scenic roads."

    Great Ocean Road Melbourne

    Other Essential Information About Great Ocean Road


    The Great Ocean Road lies on the southwestern coast of Victoria in Australia. It starts at Torquay, 100 Kilometers from Melbourne and finishes at Allansford, near Warrnambool, the biggest city on the whole route.

    Entry Fee: 

    The Entry to this beautiful coastal road is open to one and all without any entry fee or tolls on the way. However, you might be charged an entry fee at several spots for entry throughout your trip.

    Public Toilet: 

    Public toilets are very common throughout Victoria. You shall find neat and clean public toilets all throughout your journey on the Great Ocean Road, within the cities, as well on the beaches. You can also refer to the National Public Toilet Map issued by the government to locate your nearest public toilet.

    Mobile Connectivity: 

    While traveling on the Great Ocean Road, Telstra shall provide you with the best network coverage. Vodafone and Optus shall only get good coverage within the cities along your way.

    Nearby ATMs: 

    You shall find plenty of ATMs in the cities along the way. You may only find a few on the external coastal road.

    If you're planning a day trip from Melbourne to the Great Ocean Road, you should know that there are a few spots you can't miss if you want to experience Victoria's magnificent coastline for what it really is.

    For Torquay:

    You can't visit the "surfing capital of the world" and not try your hand at it. While you're here, you can also learn more about the history of surfing in Australia by visiting the Australian National Surfing Museum.

    Bells Beach, also called:

    Many tourists along the Great Ocean Road consider this to be the best beach in the area. To witness the delicious creation of chocolate, take a stroll along the beach and stop by the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery.

    Aireys Inlet, a local community

    Actually, travellers don't begin to encounter the Great Ocean Road's famously twisty curves until they reach the Aireys Inlet area on the coast. The Split Point Lighthouse is the place to go if you want to find out more about the mysterious "White Queen."

    In one of Lorne's restaurants, you can feast on delicious seafood while sipping on wine from the region, or you can look for an open picnic table at one of the town's six picnic areas. The Erskine Falls are a great place to take in the natural beauty of the area.

    Location: Apollo Bay

    Entering Apollo Bay marks the beginning of the Great Ocean Road's most exciting stretch. A number of tranquil communities featuring stunning waterfalls and beaches can be found on the way to Apollo Bay and in the areas immediately surrounding it.


    V8 Drive and Front Seat Hot Laps Melbourne



    From May 26th to June 6th, 2021, Melbourne, Australia will host the Rising Winter Arts Festival. The Melbourne International Arts Festival and White Night will be combined into one massive festival. Each year, the festival will feature the finest performances from all over the world, including those from Australia. For the 2021 Melbourne International Arts Festival, Melbourne-based publisher Obarzanek has a fresh plan. In 2020, the festival's organisers plan to spend $2 million commissioning works from Victorian artists for the Rising exhibition, which will serve as the festival's inaugural showcase.

    When it comes to memorials, the ANZAC Memorial is among the largest in Australia. You can only spend the night in a local jail if you go to the Melbourne Gaol. Self-driving cars can currently travel along the Great Ocean Road. This section of road is widely regarded as one of the world's most scenic routes. Many visitors to Australia travel along the Great Ocean Road.

    It's the gateway to a world of contrasting landscapes and experiences, from verdant forests and pristine rivers to active volcanoes and extensive stretches of coastline. Beautiful beaches and lush rainforests await you along the way. The south-east coast of Victoria, Australia, is home to numerous breathtaking natural attractions. You can relax and take in the beauty of nature at Otway National Park. Torquay is a hotspot for surfers because of its accessible and safe beaches.

    Each stop along the Great Ocean Road will provide an opportunity to make new memories. See the sights at Beauchamp and Hopetoun Falls, two of the area's most popular tourist attractions. Another enjoyable way to get some exercise and fresh air in the park is to hike along the trails. The Great Ocean Road's construction was originally planned for the tail end of World War One. It was constructed to honour the servicemen who gave their lives for their country during the war.

    The entire length of the road is free of any tolls or other fees. Between Lorne and Apollo Bay, the Great Ocean Road wasn't fully finished until 1932. A combination of the road's narrow width and perilous cliffs has earned it a reputation for peril. In 1962, the Tourist Development Authority recognised it as "one of the world's most scenic roads". Expert driver at the wheel of a professional V8 race car.

    You'll get to take the wheel for two laps at full speed. You'll get behind the wheel for the first six laps while the pro gives you pointers on how to drive safely and efficiently. This ride will be unlike any other you've ever experienced, so buckle up! The provider of the experience will require you to pay an excess if any damage is done to the vehicle while you are using it. If you want to bring along some friends or family members to enjoy this experience with you, there won't be any extra charge for doing so. About twenty-five people, give or take, will be briefed.

    Content Summary

    • Participate in a Rising show and see it for yourself.
    • The question is, what is it exactly?
    • In 2021, the winter festivals Melbourne Festival and White Night will be combined into one massive event called Rising.
    • Why go?
    • According to promotional materials, Rising will become an annual event at which the finest examples of Australian and international performance art will be showcased.
    • Melbourne, Australia will host the first-ever Rising Winter Arts Festival from May 26th to June 6th, 2021.
    • This festival will be a celebration of art, music, ceremony, and the night, and it will bring together two of Melbourne's most important annual events: White Night and the Melbourne International Arts Festival.
    • As part of this plan, we will immediately commision Victorian artists with two million dollars set aside for the festival in 2020 to create new works that will be featured in the first Rising 2021 exhibition.
    • Obarzanek claims that the funds will be used exclusively to assist Victoria-based artists in producing "ambitious, unusual, and that could only happen in a festival context" performances, events, and exhibitions for the 2021 festival.
    • The Healesville Sanctuary is Melbourne's top attraction for those interested in nature.
    • As a tribute to the thousands of Australian servicemen and women who lost their lives in World War I, this memorial was built.
    • On November 11th, 1934, the public was given permission to visit the memorial.
    • Travel to the 12 Apostles and learn about their fascinating past.
    • That's where you'll find Port Campbell National Park.
    • Stand on top of a cliff in Port Campbell National Park and take in the scenery.
    • Do you want to try and spot the massive blue whale?
    • Australia's Great Ocean Road is being preserved as part of an effort to honour the road's history. Construction of the Great Ocean Road was scheduled to begin at the end of World War One.
    • The Great Ocean Road was considered finished after construction of the final stretch between Lorne and Apollo Bay was finished in November 1932.
    • The Great Ocean Road adventure should begin in Melbourne.
    • You'll get to take the wheel for two laps at full speed.
    • Expert driver at the wheel of a professional V8 race car.
    • The provider of the experience will require you to pay an excess if any damage is done to the vehicle while you are using it.
    • There will be between twenty and twenty-five people in attendance at your briefing, including yourself.
    • If you want to bring along some friends or family members to enjoy this experience with you, there won't be any extra charge for doing so.
    • You can trust that the recording to contain the most current details about the course and the weather.
    • A super photo souvenir and an in-car digital video recording on a USB stick with telemetry will be for sale on the day of the event.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    The city is known for its many laneways, its cultural diversity, excellent dining options for all budgets, and amazing street art. It's also known for being the coffee capital of the world, and for being regularly voted as the world's most livable city!
    OVERALL RISK : LOW. When the criminal against tourists is considered, Melbourne is believed to be a very safe city. The overall rating is 80% which makes it a place where tourists can feel safe walking around.
    Hampton, Albert Park, Middle Park, South Melbourne, Hawksburn, Abbotsford, Fitzroy and Collingwood were also more likely to be burgled compared to the state average. The risk of burglary is highest in country Victoria, with regional areas making up eight of the top 10 riskiest postcodes.

    Melbourne is such a fun city to live in as a single person. It's one of the most creative cities in the world, with its street art, local fashion, galleries, coffee culture, live performances, and free and paid events of every kind.

    The mall, the gym, the library, or the local bookstore or coffee shop are great places to meet new people, and they're less crowded than bars and clubs. Meeting someone in these places almost guarantees a shared interest and makes it easier for anyone to strike up a conversation.

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