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    Breakfast, coffee, and a thriving arts scene are just a few of the reasons why Melbourne has been named the "most liveable city" in the world for the sixth year in a row. There are many other reasons, though. Continue reading to learn just a few of the numerous reasons why you should make plans to visit Melbourne as soon as you possibly can!

    FAQs About Melbourne

    Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, and Australia's second-largest city. Focused around a central city, Greater Melbourne's area of approximately 9900 km² of suburbs spread more than 40 km to the south, 30 km to the east, 20 km to the north and sprawl across vast, flat basalt plains to the west.
    Melbourne's culture is vibrant and alive. A city that incites inspiration, it's a melting pot of creativity expressed in its arts, design, fashion and events. You will discover that from theatre shows and live music to comedy clubs and fashion shows, Victoria celebrates a vibrant artistic culture, ready to be explored.
    The Economist Intelligence Unit's 2017 Global Liveability Index awarded Melbourne as the world's top city for seven years running. ... Our cohesive and stable society, healthcare, education and world-class infrastructure make Melbourne a magnificent city in which to live, work and study.

    The city is known for its many laneways, its cultural diversity, excellent dining options for all budgets, and amazing street art. It's also known for being the coffee capital of the world, and for being regularly voted as the world's most livable city!

    Melbourne has a highly diverse economy and population leading to a huge variety of cuisines, attractions, and nightlife but it also benefits from a warm climate and brilliant provision of public services. Melbourne is one of Australia's oldest cities and the original Australian gold rush town.

    Reasons Why Melbourne Is the Ideal Location for International Study

    In Melbourne, students from across the world may find everything they need. We take a look at some (among many) of the attractions that make this location so popular among graduate students.

    You can't do better than Melbourne, Australia, if you're planning to study abroad because you want access to a top-notch academic institution, a diverse cultural environment, and a high quality of life. You should seriously consider attending graduate school in the world's most liveable city for the following reasons:

    Voted World’s Most Liveable City

    For the sixth year in a row, The Economist's annual global liveability poll has ranked Melbourne as the world's most hospitable metropolis.

    World’s Top Universities

    The several universities in Melbourne provide courses in fields as diverse as engineering, information technology, biotechnology, information and communication technology (ICT), medical research, environmental science, and energy technology.

    Find one that is appropriate for your area of expertise.

    Employment Opportunities

    As a result of Melbourne's reputation as a top knowledge hub, a number of multinational corporations have chosen to locate their R&D activities there.

    It is also the headquarters for several global corporations, making it an important economic hub. Most graduate programmes have close relationships to their target industries, allowing students to get valuable experience while studying.

    Finding out whether your institution provides internships or other ways to network with professionals in your field is a worthwhile investment of your time.

    Arts, Culture and Diversity

    Melbourne is a thriving and diverse metropolis that routinely hosts cultural festivals and events to honour its many communities. Further, Melbourne is home to a flourishing traditional and alternative art scene: The National Gallery of Victoria is a must-see for anybody interested in classic art (NGV).

    The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is another great place for movie enthusiasts to get their fix.

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    The Sporting Capital of Australia

    Seeing an Aussie rules football game at the historic MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) is the quintessential Melburnian sports experience.

    Melbourne is also host to high profile international sports events such as the Spring Racing Carnival, the Boxing Day test cricket series, the Grand Prix and the Australian Open Tennis Championships.

    Food Heaven

    Melbourne, Australia, is home to some of the country's finest restaurants. It's impossible to be bored here, what with so many individuals from different cultures calling the city home.

    Whether you're in a food truck, a market, or a five-star restaurant, you'll always get delicious, high-quality fare. The hardest part will be settling on a destination.

    Student Support

    Melbourne's universities provide outstanding services to its foreign students, such as language training, housing, social integration, and financial aid.

    Participating in campus activities and joining student groups can help you create connections that will be invaluable while you pursue your postgraduate studies abroad.

    Whether you're a tourist or a local, Melbourne is a fantastic city to call home. RMIT can assist students in a city that is at the forefront of their field discover a postgraduate programme that will set them apart.

    The Weather

    When the city of Melbourne cranks up the temperature, you should expect to feel it. The beach is about twenty minutes away, and there are many rooftop pools in the area, like the one at The Adelphi Hotel, where you can cool down.

    In Melbourne, you may use that expensive coat or pair of boots you bought since the winters are chillier than in Sydney. No matter the temperature, residents in Melbourne always look their best.


    adelphi hotel

    Melbourne is a master at serving lunch. There aren't many places more suited to a Saturday morning coffee lover than this cafe in Fitzroy--imagine Shoreditch with nicer weather.

    Include the Asian fusion restaurant Ginger Boy on your itinerary; their speciality dish, Son in Law Eggs, and their drink, Ginger Girl, will keep you going strong for the whole of the evening.

    It's not just the brunch, however; Melbourne is undeniably one of the world's most interesting and forward-thinking dining destinations overall.

    Great produce, creative chefs, and an appreciative, hungry clientele all contribute to the city's reputation as a dining destination. The new eatery Embla has a New York feel and serves a variety of small plates ideal for sharing.

    The coffee scene

    Whether you want your caffeine in a tall glass with ice or straight up and powerful, you have come to the correct location in this city, and Starbucks can go to hell. The coffee at Industry Beans is roasted in-house, and the café even has a menu to prove it.

    Arts & Culture

    This metropolis is alive with innovative and forward-thinking cultural production. There is always a concert, exhibition, or event to see in Melbourne, from the colourful, graffiti-lined laneways to the grand National Gallery of Victoria.

    Timing my visit to coincide with The National Gallery's widely praised exhibition exhibiting the talents of Andy Warhol and Ai Wei Wei was a stroke of luck.

    The first major retrospective of Australian fashion in this nation, which included more than 120 pieces by more than 90 designers. In terms of originality, Melbourne gets high marks.


    There is always a major event occuring in Melbourne, regardless of the time of year. The Fashion Festival, Food & Wine Festival, and Formula 1 were all happening, along with the Comedy Festival and F1 to follow. The Melbourne Cup, held in November, is a spectacular event to attend, and not only for the racing.

    The racing

    The world-famous Melbourne Cup is held annually at Flemington Racecourse, making Melbourne a worthwhile visit any time of year but particularly on Super Saturday, the culmination of the city's Autumn Racing Carnival.

    The grounds are pristine, with hundreds of roses bordering the mounting inclosure; the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with families pitching up tent trackside; and all the typical glitz (hats, fashion, champagne) is there.

    The fashion scene

    There is a plethora of promising young designers making waves in Melbourne's thriving fashion industry. Their shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and making Melbourne a better place to live and work is what brings them together.

    The city's culture and history are so deeply rooted in design that it's impossible to visit without feeling a surge of creative energy.

    Hidden bars

    As in New York, Melbourne's layout is based on a grid system that facilitates simple navigation. Discovering the city's infamous alley pubs and nightclubs is a challenge, but it's well worth the effort.

    Knowing the area well is helpful here; otherwise, you can miss them entirely. Whiskey fan? Visit the trendy bar Eau De Vie on Malthouse Lane.


    Everything new and exciting in the realm of design and creativity makes its way down from the luxury sector to the mass market. If you're in need of some shopping therapy, Melbourne has you covered with everything from Gucci and Prada to Zara and H&M.

    The People

    The people of Australia, and particularly those of Sydney, are known for their easygoing demeanour. Equally laid-back, Melbourne is home to individuals of many different backgrounds who share a genuine love of their city and each other.

    They go out of their way to welcome you as a guest and ensure you have a fantastic day. It won't be long until you're completely at ease here.

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    Top Reasons To Move To Melbourne

    Do you have Melbourne on your mind as a possible new home? We've included some of the best arguments for it here.


    Melbourne is the only major Australian metropolis with such a deep and abiding passion for coffee. There's more to Melbourne's coffee than meets the eye. Melbourne's coffee culture is unparalleled, and the city is often ranked among the world's best places to enjoy a cup.

    The Temperance Movement of the 1880s successfully fought to have public pubs shut down at six o'clock in the evening in order to dissuade people from drinking.

    As a direct consequence of this, businesses such as The Federal Hotel and Coffee Palace were able to thrive in the industry of serving coffee. Even in the absence of alcoholic beverages, the large building known as "The Federal" in the middle of town served as the epicentre of the community's social activity.

    In the 1930s, Melbourne got its first espresso makers, which contributed to the development of the city's café culture. This culture was primarily pushed by the sizeable Italian and Greek communities that lived in Melbourne at the time.

    You won't find mediocre brews anywhere in Melbourne since the locals won't stand for it, so from the suburbs to the hippest laneways in the city, you'll get outstanding coffee anywhere you go. The following items are some of our top picks:

    Aunty Peg’s

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    If you want to get inside Proud Mary Coffee Roasters, Aunty Peg's is your backdoor. Baristas will teach you how to make coffee, and you may buy beans and brewing equipment from the store and take a tour of the roasting facility.

    Auction Rooms Café

    In November of 2016, Auction Rooms and the nearby takeout location Counter were added to the St. Ali empire. Andrew Kelly, who opened the café eight years ago, sold it to devote more time to his renowned coffee roasting company, Small Batch.

    The beans used to make the espresso and filter coffee at Auction Rooms are still Small Batch. Actually, after the transaction, not much changed. The same unassuming, weathered blue greets passers-by as it did when the auction firm that originally housed the building called it "home."

    The Hamptons Bakery Café

    The Hamptons Bakery is an airy and laid-back eatery that specialises in handmade breads and pastries. It first opened its doors in July 2016 and is the newest venture from the illustrious Tommy Collins Group.

    After years of dedication to Melbourne's hospitality industry and the development of many locations, the team saw a need for a venue that provided all the comforts of a typical Melbourne café in addition to fresh bread and pastries cooked daily.

    Shamble Coffee Brewers

    With Melbourne's reputation as a global metropolis, it's only fitting that one of the city's cafes include a nod to the city's multiculturalism.

    Some of the greatest coffee and roasters in the world can be found in Melbourne, and Shamble Coffee Brewers is making an attempt to bring the rest of the world to Melbourne. The Brother Cafe, Little Rogue's sister establishment, is known for hosting a number of notable international roasters and brewers.

    The Hills Pantry

    If visiting a fantastic café for your coffee isn't satisfying enough for you, why not sign up for a class at the Melbourne Coffee Academy? Whether you're interested in perfecting your espresso making skills, perfecting your latte art, or becoming a Barista master, there's a course for you.


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    Although you may find jam doughnuts in other places, buying them fresh out of the oven in Melbourne is a must. So if you're new to Melbourne, the first thing you must do is sample a hot jam doughnut. These hot sweet treats are only provided during Australian sports events, and not anywhere else in Australia or the globe.

    You have discovered the pleasure of a hot jam doughnut; now it is time to sample the other culinary delights Melbourne has to offer. It's no wonder that Melbourne has such a vast selection of cuisines, given the city's culturally diversified populace.

    Although there are numerous dining options in the downtown core, the greatest examples of a specific cuisine are occasionally to be found in the outskirts of town.


    In Victoria, students between the ages of 6 and 17 are legally required to be enrolled in and regularly attend school.

    Most children are eligible to enrol before or on April 30 of the eligibility year, or as soon as they turn five. You don't have to send your child to preschool, although it's highly encouraged.

    Primary School

    In Victoria, students in Grades Prep–6 attend several primary school levels. Your kid will most likely attend the elementary school that is geographically convenient for you. Your other options are to enrol your kid in another government school (if one is available) or a private institution.

    Private schools, Catholic schools, and independent schools are all names for institutions that are not affiliated with the government.

    They are privately run, therefore they handle enrolment and payment independently from the government. Tuition at a private school may cost anything from a few thousand dollars to $15,000.

    Secondary School

    Victoria's secondary education spans Years 7–12. Students in Victoria, Australia, in Grades 7–10 study material from the Victorian Curriculum F–10, and those in Grades 11–12 prepare for the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

    It is possible to substitute vocational education and training (VET) or the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) for the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) if a student does not intend to complete the VCE (VCAL).

    Again, the secondary school your kid attends is often the one that's closest to your home. Your other options are to enrol your kid in another government school, if one is available, or a private institution.

    The vast majority of public secondary schools accept pupils from beyond the immediate area. There are, however, certain public schools that are more selective in who they admit.

    • Victoria College of the Arts High School of Melbourne
    • Mac Robertson High School for Women
    • It's Nossal, the High School
    • Susanne Cory Senior High
    • The John Monash University's Department of Science
    • Mary Elizabeth Blackburn, Scientist


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    The University of Melbourne is the best university in Australia, and one of the best in the world. Nearly 45,000 students and 6,500 faculty and staff call this place home.

    There are five different locations in Victoria that make up what is now recognised as Australia's fifth-best university, Monash. In other words, Melbourne is a great place to get an education no matter what level you're aiming for.

    Australia's Sporting Capital

    Melbourne is home to some of the world's best sporting venues and events because sport is ingrained in the culture. All throughout town, you can find a local sports club or team that's perfect for you and your family.

    Melbourne is home to a plethora of athletic activities, from our national game, Australian Rules Football, to golf, netball, basketball, soccer, tennis, surfing, horse racing, rugby union, rugby league, Formula One racing, and cricket.

    There is easy access to the world-famous MCG from the city centre. International competitions, test matches, domestic competitions, and the thrilling and fast-paced Big Bash League are just some of the cricket events available to fans. The Boxing Day Test is an annual sporting event unlike any other.

    Walking distance from the CBD, both the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and Marvel Stadium host 23 home and away games for AFL teams between April and October.

    The Grand Final, played at the "G" in front of an estimated 100,000 fans, is a public holiday in Victoria because of the state's fervent AFL fandom.

    Melbourne Cup Day is celebrated annually on the first Tuesday of November as a public holiday.

    There are other additional major sporting events held annually, including:

    • Australia's annual tennis tournament.
    • The Australian Grand Prix of Motorcycle Racing
    • In Formula One, this event is known as the Australian Grand Prix.
    • Cadel Evans's Great Ocean Road Race (cycling)
    • Among the many events held during this season are the Spring Racing Carnival and the Eureka Stair Climb.

    Music, Theatre, Museums And The Arts

    You may assume we Victorians aren't cultured because of our penchant for attending athletic events. But you'd be incorrect to think that!

    Melbourne boasts a wide variety of cultural offerings, from opera to comedy to jazz to art galleries to street art to musical theatre to street buskers to folk festivals to worldwide superstars.


    For the sixth year in a row, Melbourne has been deemed the "most liveable city" in the world. Many international firms have chosen the area as the site for their research and development operations.

    If you're into classic art, you have to check out the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). When it comes to restaurants, Melbourne is right up there with the most innovative and exciting in the world.

    The city's status as a food destination stems from its great produce, inventive chefs, and receptive, hungry consumers.

    The Australian Open Tennis Championships is one of many prestigious international sporting events held in Melbourne. Industry Beans is a café that roasts its own coffee, and it proudly displays this fact on its menu.

    The Melbourne Cup, which takes place every year in November, is not only a great sporting event, but also a fantastic spectacle in and of itself. Discovering the city's hidden bars and clubs is difficult but rewarding.

    Only in Melbourne, Australia's second-largest city, can you find such a pervasive and long-lasting love of coffee.

    In the 1880s, the Temperance Movement successfully lobbied to have bars and taverns close at 6 o'clock. Good coffee may be found wherever in the city, from the suburbs to the trendiest alleys.

    At The Hamptons Bakery Café, you can get some of the best breads and pastries in town in a relaxed and open atmosphere. Aiming to attract customers from all over the globe, Shamble Coffee Brewers is establishing a presence in Melbourne.

    One of the first things a visitor to Melbourne should do is have a hot jam doughnut.

    No matter what your educational goals are, Melbourne is a fantastic place to pursue them. Non-public educational institutions go by a variety of names, including private schools, Catholic schools, and independent universities.

    Private school tuition ranges widely, typically between $3,000 and $15,000. Sporting events in Melbourne range from the Australian Football League (AFL) through golf, netball, and horse racing.

    Each AFL side plays 23 home and away games at the MCG and Marvel Stadium between April and October. As a cricket fan, you may choose from a wide variety of events, including international matches, domestic tournaments, and the Big Bash League.

    Content Summary

    • Melbourne has been crowned the "most liveable city" in the world for the sixth year in a row, and the city's breakfast, coffee, and vibrant cultural sector are just a few of the reasons why.
    • International students may be able to find all they need in Melbourne.
    • If you want to study abroad and find a city with a great quality of life, cultural diversity, and excellent educational opportunities, look no further than Melbourne, Australia.
    • Listed below are seven compelling arguments for why you should consider pursuing your graduate education in the world's most liveable city.
    • Seek out one that fits in with your line of work.
    • The Spring Racing Carnival, the Boxing Day test cricket series, the Grand Prix, and the Australian Open Tennis Championships are just some of the internationally renowned sporting events that have been held in Melbourne.
    • A place where food is considered to be "heavenly"
    • Some of Australia's best dining can be found in Melbourne.
    • Choosing where to go will be the most difficult part.
    • Foreign students in Melbourne have access to excellent support services, including language classes, housing, social activities, and scholarships.
    • Joining student organisations and being involved on campus can help you make contacts that will be useful in your postgraduate studies and beyond.
    • Melbourne is a great place to visit or to live, regardless of who you are.
    • You can expect to feel the heat as Melbourne turns up the thermostat.
    • Melbourne locals maintain a fashionable appearance in any weather.
    • Melbourne has perfected the art of the midday meal.
    • However, Melbourne is not only a great place to go for brunch; it is also one of the most innovative and exciting food cities in the world.
    • The city's status as a food destination stems from its great produce, inventive chefs, and receptive, hungry consumers.
    • The city is bustling with creative and cutting-edge cultural output.
    • From the majestic National Gallery of Victoria to the colourful laneways filled with graffiti, there is always a concert, exhibition, or event to attend in Melbourne.
    • It was pure luck that my trip to London coincided with The National Gallery's exhibition of works by Andy Warhol and Ai Wei Wei, which has received widespread acclaim.
    • Celebrations It doesn't matter what time of year it is, Melbourne always has a major festival going on.
    • At the same time as the Comedy Festival and the Formula One race, the Fashion Festival, Food & Wine Festival, and the F1 were all taking place.
    • Even if you're not into horse racing, the November Melbourne Cup is still a must-see event.
    • Because the annual running of the Melbourne Cup at Flemington Racecourse is a highlight of the city's Autumn Racing Carnival, a trip to Melbourne is always enjoyable, but especially on Super Saturday.
    • The fashion scene There are a great many up-and-coming designers making waves in Melbourne's dynamic fashion sector.
    • The city's history and culture are so intertwined with the design industry that any visitor will experience an immediate surge of inspiration.
    • Snares That Aren't So Obvious
    • Melbourne, like New York, is laid out on a grid pattern, making it easy to get around.
    • It takes some exploration to find the city's legendary dive bars and underground dance clubs, but the rewards are substantial.
    • If you're looking for a hip hangout on Malthouse Lane, head to Eau De Vie.
    • Equally chill, Melbourne is populated by people of all walks of life who love their city and each other deeply.
    • Only in Melbourne, Australia's second-largest city, can you find such a pervasive and long-lasting love of coffee.
    • You can get more than meets the eye with a cup of Melbourne coffee.
    • Melbourne is consistently regarded as one of the greatest cities in the world to have a cup of coffee.
    • The introduction of espresso machines in the 1930s sparked a café revolution in Melbourne.
    • Because Melburnians won't tolerate subpar coffee, you can get great cups of joe wherever in the city, from the suburbs to the trendiest laneways.
    • Some of our favourite things include:
    • Aunty Peg's is the back entrance to Proud Mary Coffee Roasters.
    • Learn from expert baristas, shop for beans and brewing gear, and even take a tour of the roasting facility!
    • In the heart of the Hamptons, you'll find: The Hamptons Bakery Café
    • A light and breezy spot, the Hamptons Bakery is known for its delectable artisanal bread and pastries.
    • Given Melbourne's standing as a major international centre, it's only natural that at least one of the city's cafes celebrates the multiculturalism for which the city is known.
    • Shamble Coffee Brewers is an initiative to attract international visitors to Melbourne, which is home to some of the best coffee and roasters in the world.
    • Little Rogue's sibling cafe, The Brother Cafe, regularly features illustrious brewers and roasters from all over the world.
    • Jam doughnuts may be found in other cities, but none can compare to the ones you can get hot out of the oven in Melbourne.
    • A visit to Melbourne would not be complete without trying one of their famous hot jam doughnuts.
    • Now that you know the joy of a freshly baked jam doughnut, it's time to explore Melbourne's other culinary offerings.
    • Cultural diversity in the city explains why Melbourne is home to so many different types of food.
    • Despite the abundance of restaurants in the central business district, some of the best representations of a certain cuisine may be found on the outskirts of town.
    • Though it's strongly suggested, preschool is not required.
    • There are a variety of primary school tiers available to pupils in Victoria from Kindergarten to Grade 6.
    • The primary school your child attends will likely be the one that is most conveniently located for you.
    • You can enrol your child in a different public school if one is available, or you can send them to a private school.
    • Public secondary schools typically welcome students from outside of the nearby area.
    • However, there are other public institutions that are pickier about who they let in.
    • That is to say, no matter what your educational goals are, Melbourne is an excellent location from which to pursue them.
    • Sydney, Australia: The Sporting Heart of Australia
    • Melbourne is host to some of the top sporting events and venues in the world because of the city's deep cultural commitment to the sporting lifestyle.
    • Golf, netball, basketball, soccer, tennis, surfing, horse racing, rugby union, rugby league, Formula One racing, and cricket are just few of the many sports played in Melbourne.
    • The iconic MCG can be reached quickly and easily from downtown Melbourne.
    • Cricket fans may choose from a wide variety of exciting events, including international tournaments, test matches, domestic tournaments, and the thrilling and fast-paced Big Bash League.
    • The Boxing Day Test is an annual cricket match that takes place on December 26.
    • There are 23 home and away AFL games played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and Marvel Stadium (both within walking distance of the CBD) between April and October.
    • Victoria declares a public holiday for the AFL Grand Final, which is played at the "G" in front of an estimated 100,000 fans.
    • Every year on the first Tuesday of November, Australians get the day off to commemorate the Melbourne Cup.
    • Australia has an annual tennis tournament, which is only one of many big sporting events hosted each year.
    • This race takes place every year in Australia and is known as the Australian Grand Prix in Formula One.
    • Things of Beauty From the Worlds of Music, Theater, Art Galleries, and Museums
    • If you only know Victorians through our love of sports, you might think we lack culture.
    • Melbourne is home to a vast array of artistic expressions, from opera to comedy to jazz to art galleries to street art to musical theatre to street buskers to folk festivals to international superstars.
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