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The Best Wineries Near Melbourne

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    Where can I find the most reputable vineyards in the area surrounding Melbourne? There are times when you simply do not have the time or the desire to travel the three to four hours to a wine area. Here are several fantastic vineyards that are located not too far from Melbourne.

    It's the most wonderful time of the year, when the days are warm and the evenings are cool and dark, wineries throw up their cellar doors, and everyone digs into the delicious things. Because we spend a substantial portion of the year hidden away dreaming of our summer getaways, there is no better place to begin the Christmas holiday than with a leisurely lunch in a vineyard. The time has come to brush the cobwebs off your Akubra, shine up your RMs, and peruse our rundown of the finest vineyards that Victoria has to offer.

    Between the Yarra Valley and the Mornington Peninsula, the state of Victoria is home to many of the most renowned wine areas in all of Australia. And despite the fact that these two major players have staked their claim to the lion's share of Victoria's most acclaimed vineyards, there are wonderful locations to visit all throughout the state.

    There is a wide variety of wineries to visit in Victoria, ranging from those that are eccentric and old in the Grampians to those that are stalwarts in the Goulburn Valley to others that are younger entries that lay on the doorstep of Melbourne. Some of them have restaurants and views that are considered to be among the best in the world; others have cellar doors with tastings that feature extra-generous pours; and yet others have proprietors who can weave a fantastic tale.

    These are some of our favourite wineries to visit, whether it's simply for a taste or for something more involved like a lengthy lunch or an overnight stay. To be clear, this is not a guide to the greatest wines produced in Victoria; rather, these are our favourite wineries to visit.

    Merricks Creek

    merricks creek ask melbourne

    44 Merricks Rd, Merricks, Victoria, 3916, Australia

    (03) 5989 8868

    The magnificent Mornington Peninsula is home to the breathtaking and exclusive Merricks Creek Winery. It will take you a lovely hour to drive to Merricks Creek, where you can quickly unwind with some of their outstanding Pinot Noir and Estate Chardonnay.

    They cultivate Pinot Noir grapes in dense plantings, which result in wines that are consistently ranked among the highest quality in Australia (made in the French Burgundy tradition). Not only is the wine exceptional, but the scenery is breathtaking as well. You are welcome to take a table on the elevated timber deck, and the atmosphere will make you feel as though you are sitting in the vineyard (which is metres away). Observe how the seasons change in the vineyard (excellent in both summer and winter).

    You may also reserve The Garden View Table for group bookings, where you can enjoy food and wine while sitting around a massive pine slab that is at least one hundred years old and comes from the Jamieson High Country.

    The tastings at the cellar door are typically conducted in the presence of Dr. Peter Parker, the winemaker and proprietor of the business. This winery is operated by a family, and they ooze excitement and passion for all things related to wine, particularly Pinot Noir. In addition to all of this, Merricks Creek provides outstanding gourmet sample plates at moderate prices (currently about $15), and a glass of wine is also competitively priced at $10 per glass (some establishments charge up to $17 a glass).

    TarraWarra Estate

    tarrawarra estate

    311 Healesville-Yarra Glen Road Yarra Glen 3775

    The Tarra Warra Estate is comprised of 400 hectares, and beyond the basement door, restaurant, and art gallery can be found a tiny square that is dedicated to the estate's vegetable garden. There are rows of kohlrabi, Tuscan kale, potatoes, radishes, broccoli, and cauliflower among the other vegetables.

    After working in the development kitchen at The Fat Duck in the United Kingdom, head chef Mark Ebbels moved to Singapore to serve as chef de cuisine at Bacchanalia for six years. During his tenure there, the restaurant received its first Michelin star, which was due in large part to his contributions.

    Unpredictable and energising flavours characterise Tarra Warra's cuisine. Meat is included in six of the 12 savoury items on the menu. Everything else on the menu is suitable for vegans.

    Mayonnaise and chocolate mousse are created with whipped chickpea-cooking liquid in place of egg whites; a dessert of Jerusalem artichoke ice cream and ale custard does not contain cream or eggs; the sauces that taste the most like butter do not contain butter.

    Shaved truffles are sprinkled over a cauliflower nugget that has been breaded in Panko and is served with a gremolata made of tarragon, parsley, and lemon. Blackmore's 7+ score Wagyu short-rib off the bone is what's being served for the beef entrée. It is cut so that the fat marbling can be seen, and it is paired with a red wine that was recently prepared from leftovers from the cellar door.

    Using a mix of the confit and the sous vide cooking methods, the short ribs are prepared over the course of 48 hours. At the beginning of the process, the meat is placed on a plate and covered with grapeseed oil before being put into the water. After that, the sous vide circulators are placed in the water and are set to a temperature of 64 degrees to ensure that the meat is cooked uniformly. This is done in order to remove the need for a plastic bag during the sous vide cooking procedure.

    In addition, the kitchen utilises as little plastic as is humanly feasible, with the long-term goal of eventually transitioning to a single-use plastic-free establishment.

    Paringa Estate

    paringa estate melbourne

    44 Paringa Road Red Hill South 3937

    03 5989 2669

    On the Mornington Peninsula, only a small group of vineyards, including Paringa Estate, were among the first to begin producing commercial wine. Before Lindsay McCall bought the piece of property in 1984, it was a rundown apple orchard that had been abandoned for some time. The winemaker, who had no formal training, spent the subsequent several years growing ten acres of grapes and made his first vintage in 1987.

    The chilly environment of the Peninsula can provide obstacles for local vintners, but McCall and his son Jamie (who joined as an associate winemaker in 2012) have a few strategies under their sleeves to help them overcome these obstacles. The major estate, which is located on Paringa Road and resembles a natural amphitheatre, is situated in a gully that allows the sun to naturally warm the grapes. Trellises in the shape of a U are also used in a number of locations. This labor-intensive design reduces the likelihood of mildew growth, which in turn boosts sun exposure and crop yields.

    In 1999, the Paringa restaurant was established in order to display the developing variety of wines produced by the estate. While the vintages in the Peninsula series are made using fruit from from five locally leased vineyards, the wines in the Estate series are made from lower yielding vines, some of which are more than 30 years old. The Single Vineyard series is comprised of pinot noir, chardonnay, and Shiraz wines, and is created from fruit sourced from Paringa's oldest and most established blocks, which are located immediately below the restaurant.

    The Paringa Estate Winery on the Mornington Peninsula is a stunning location, both for the wines it produces and for the views it offers of the surrounding valley. Because the restaurant is located so close to the vineyard, it will make you feel as though you are eating among the grapes themselves. The chardonnay and pinot noir produced by this estate are what have brought it the most renown. It also produces one of the best cool-climate Shiraz wines in the country. These wines are available for tasting at the cellar door, where you may get recommendations from the knowledgeable cellar door personnel. This is one nice vineyard, yet it's only a little over an hour from Melbourne. The scenery is breathtaking.

    The space itself is not particularly large, but they serve food that is well worth the trip. Head chef Joel Alderson (Attica, Royal Mail Hotel) leads a four-course set menu, and it's less a degustation than a classic entrée-main-dessert arrangement. Therefore, you may anticipate high-quality Saltwater Barramundi topped with a sesame and cashew crust, as well as Sher Wagyu Beef served with beetroot Char Sui, buttered radish, and tarragon.

    Point Leo Estate

    point leo estate melbourne

    3649 Frankston-Flinders Road Merricks 3916

    03 5989 9011

    Even without knowing who the owner of Point Leo Estate is, it is obvious that a significant amount of money has been invested on the location. Even the parking lot has been meticulously asphalted and marked with signs. During busy times, golf carts zoom up and down the modest hill, delivering people to the Grand Arch, which is a sculpture created by Inge King, as well as the main building's high concrete walls, which hide the breathtaking view from newcomers.

    When you pass through these intimidating grey curtains, you will see the lovely curve of Western Port Bay, and in the foreground, there is a sculpture park that contains 40 pieces by prominent local and international artists. The expansive restaurant, wine terrace, and basement entrance all provide a view that is 180 degrees in all directions.

    The Gandel family, famous for its retail centres, invested around $50 million in the renovation of the 130-hectare property. Before it was opened to the general public in late 2017, it served the purpose of both an operating winery and a private retreat for more than two decades. The main building's flowing appearance was created by Jolson Architecture, a firm located in Melbourne, and was inspired by the idea of wine being poured into a glass.

    When viewed in its whole, it is substantial, and it is daunting. First-time visitors should begin at the island bench that serves as the cellar entrance and try the estate's chardonnay, pinot gris, pinot noir, and Shiraz. There are various vintages of each of these wines. Just a heads up: with prices ranging from $40 to $60, these bottles aren't the finest deal on the Peninsula.

    Proceed to a communal meal at the restaurant, which will feature dishes prepared with regional ingredients like as olive oil from Cape Schanck, pig from Woolumbi Farm, and cheese from Main Ridge Dairy. You might also make a reservation at the forty-seat fine dining establishment Laura for a complete degustation.

    Geoffrey Edwards, who was formerly the director of Geelong Gallery and the senior curator of international and Australian sculpture at the National Gallery of Victoria, is the person in charge of the exhibitions in the sculpture park. His selections for the exhibition include works by local and international artists such as Tony Cragg, George Rickey, Jaume Plensa, Lenton Parr, and Andrew Rogers, among others. Visitors can explore the gardens through one of two winding trails; the shorter route takes around forty minutes to complete, while the longer route takes about an hour and a half. Both of these activities need an entry price, and the park is only open everyday until 5 pm.

    Best's Wines

    best’s wines melbourne

    111 Bests Road Great Western 3377

    (03) 5356 2250

    The first grapes were planted at Best's Wines in 1867, making it one of the oldest wineries in the Grampians region of Victoria, Australia. As a result of its location on the Western Highway, it makes for an excellent pit break on a journey that takes you from one town to another.

    The Best family constructed the cabin in 1869, and tastings are now held within it. Riesling, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, and dolcetto are just few of the varieties that are available within this extensive selection. However, Shiraz is where Best shines the brightest. As a direct result of this, its top-of-the-line varieties, known as the Thomson Family Shiraz and the Bin 0 Shiraz, are only made during specific vintages.

    Because the age of some of the vines prevents them from being singled out, the red wine produced by Nursery Block is mixed with other varieties. The well-versed staff will provide you with information on the history of each beverage, as well as its features, and will expertly pair each one with a selection of cheeses.

    There are a few chairs and tables scattered across the inside. A park seat may be found outside where one can relax in the sunshine with a glass of wine in hand while taking in the scenery of the nearby vineyards.

    It is highly recommended that you take a tour of the Concongella cellar before you depart, as it was named after a local stream. During the 1860s, members of the Best family laboriously dug it out by hand. It is home to humongous wine barrels as well as walls lined with bottles that are covered in dust.

    Patricia's Table at Brown Brothers Winery

    patricia's table at brown brothers winery melbourne

    239 Milawa-Bobinawarrah Road Milawa 3678

    (03) 5720 5540

    The Brown Brothers have been in business for quite some time. Since 1889, to be more specific, which is the year when founder John Francis Brown first established a vineyard at Milawa. Only 18 years of age at the time. After four generations, the winery has maintained its presence on the same piece of property.

    In order to commemorate the company's 100th year in business, Brown Brothers established the "kindergarten," a micro-winery that is devoted to experimenting with various methods of winemaking and discovering new wine styles and varietals.

    Brown Brothers was the first winery in Australia to build a restaurant on the premises, so resolving the issue of having excessive amounts of wine tasting without sufficient amounts of food to sop up the alcohol.

    Entrees at Patricia's Table, a restaurant that specialises in gourmet cuisine, include a goats-milk-ricotta pie with peppers, candied black olives, pine nuts, and tomato jam; and fried pheasant breast and terrine served with apple kimchi and yuzu mayonnaise. The main dishes take on a heartier tone, making them ideal for a warming lunch throughout the winter months. There is wrapped goat shoulder served with pickled pumpkin and lentil dahl, honey-glazed pork served with Italian coleslaw, and boudin noir hash brown served with apple relish.

    Next door is the calmer Epi neighbourhood.

    Cheese & charcuterie boards, small dinners, coffee and cake are some of the items on the menu at Curious. You may also have a wine flight or just a glass or two outside on the grass while you are here.

    Oakridge Wines

    oakridge wines melbourne

    864 Maroondah Highway Coldstream 3770

    (03) 9738 9900

    Oakridge Wines has it made, even in the Yarra Valley, which is known for its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes around every turn in the road. The ten undulating hectares of vineyards that are planted with pinot noir, Shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, Semillon, and merlot may be seen from the outdoor terrace and dining room that face north. The serene scene is finished off by rolling hills covered in dense vegetation that extend all the way to the horizon. Even before you take your first drink of wine, you'll notice that your heart rate is slowing down.

    The tasting room as well as the cellar door are open on a daily basis; however, we recommend that you time your visit to coincide with the opening hours of the restaurant. Despite the fact that chefs Jo Barrett and Matt Stone are no longer in charge of the kitchen at this establishment, the cooking philosophies that they established, which are based on maintaining an abundant kitchen garden and forging close relationships with local farmers and growers, have been carried on by the new executive chef, Aaron Brodie.

    One of the restaurant's signature dishes, the Smoked Fish Croissant, has smoked trout, cultured cream, local caviar, and caraway croissants. Another option is the brie produced in the kitchen, which is prepared with milk purchased from a nearby enterprise run by a single individual who tends to 12 cows. And what about the parfait that is flavoured with wasted oranges from a local distiller called Four Pillars and topped with finger lime? You can choose to order a la carte or go for the tasting menu, which comes with all of this and more.

    Since 1998, the vineyard has been situated in its current location; however, during the previous 20 years, it was situated in Seville. Tony D'Aloisio, a former chairman of ASIC, and Ilana Atlas, who held board roles at Coca-Cola, ANZ, and other companies, took over the company in 2007. Ever since then, they have been gradually growing the firm. Two additional vineyards may now provide Oakridge with pinot gris, pinot noir, and chardonnay. These new vineyards are located in Gladysdale and Woori Yallock.

    Rob Dolan Wines

    rob dolan wines melbourne

    The Yarra Valley is often regarded as Victoria's most prominent and celebrated winegrowing region. Rob Dolan Wines is one of the vineyards that is located in close proximity to Melbourne. This winery is about a half-hour drive from the central business district of Melbourne (of course, you should never drink and drive). The winery as well as the cellar door may be found in the picturesque neighbourhood of Warrandyte South, which is in the Yarra Valley. When you go to Rob Dolan Wines, you will have the opportunity to have a wine tasting accompanied by a wine expert. You may drink and sample some of the local food while looking out over the vineyard before purchasing bottles to take with you when you leave.

    Red Hill Estate

    red hill estate melbourne

    53 Shoreham Road Red Hill South Vic 3937

    03 5989 2838

    Red Hill Estate vineyard is located on the Mornington Peninsula, about one hour's drive from the city of Melbourne. Here is the most beautiful property in the most beautiful environment; if you want to sip wine in the midst of the vineyards, this is the place to come. In addition to that, you may take in the breathtaking scenery of Westernport Bay. The vineyard is known for its outstanding pinot noir, Shiraz, and chardonnay wines. However, it is also responsible for the production of a wide variety of other wines, including the delectable prosecco.

    Galli Estate Winery

    galli estate winery melbourne

    1507 Melton Hwy, Plumpton VIC 3335, Australia


    The Galli Estate Winery can be found in the Heathcote and Sunbury wine area, which is about 35 kilometres north of Melbourne. This winery is committed to practising environmentally friendly vineyard management, such as reducing the amount of pesticides used and favouring the use of natural fertilisers. It is capable of making a wide range of wines, such as sauvignon blanc, viognier, chardonnay, shiraz, viognier, tempranillo, Nebbiolo, and Sangiovese, among others. The most enjoyable experience with these wines may be had by paying a visit to the prestigious restaurant and cellar door. While you try as many different wines as you can, you may take in the expansive views of the vineyard.

    Bellbrae Estate

    bellbrae estate melbourne

    520 Great Ocean Rd, Bellbrae, VIC 3228

    035264 8480

    If you are driving along the Great Ocean Road, the Bellbrae Estate is an excellent place to pull over and rest. This winery is located only five minutes away from Bells Beach, and we swear that you can pick up a hint of the sea in each sip. The terroir of this area shines through in the wines that are produced here. As a result, we recommend combining them with regional foodstuffs as well. You are welcome to do so at the cellar door of the estate. In addition, you are welcome to have a sampling on the veranda while listening to live music.


    chandon melbourne

    727 Maroondah Highway, Coldstream, VIC

     039738 9200

    Once you have left the central business district of Melbourne, you can be popping corks and enjoying bubbly at Chandon Australia in only fifty minutes. This well-known winery is renowned for its sparkling wine production, and it can be found in the middle of the Yarra Valley. Its history may be traced back to the prestigious Champagne house of Moet & Chandon. The winery is home to one of the most comprehensive collections of quality, traditionally made sparkling wines in all of Australia. There are several activities available during a visit; for instance, you may take use of the tasting bar, the restaurant, and the lounge bar. In addition to that, make it a point to unwind on one of the outdoor terraces while taking in the breathtaking scenery of the Yarra Ranges.

    Cannibal Creek Vineyard

    cannibal creek vineyard melbourne

    260 Tynong North Rd, Tynong North Victoria 3813

    (03) 5942 8380

    The location of Cannibal Creek Vineyard, which is about an hour east of Melbourne, is quite handy. It is located in the heart of the Gippsland wine region and boasts both a restaurant and cellar door that have won awards. This single estate vineyard produces French-style wine on the premises using grapes that are hand-picked, traditional winemaking techniques, and French oak barrels. The cooks at the restaurant use French cooking methods and regional ingredients to produce the meals on the menu. You may try a wide variety of the winery's production when you participate in a cellar door experience. Wines include sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot noir, merlot, cabernet merlot, cabernet sauvignon, blanc de blanc and vin de liqueur. While you sip wine fresh from the vineyard and take in the scenery of Mount Cannibal, you'll definitely want to do both.


    kellybrook melbourne

    1 Fulford Road Wonga Park Victoria 3115 Australia

    039722 1304

    In addition to being located on the outskirts of the Yarra Valley, the Kellybrook Winery is a well-liked winery among customers. Locals who are in the know travel to this location so that they can participate in the Cider Festival. Their ciders are more well-known than their wines, despite the fact that their wines are of excellent quality; the ciders are prepared using the champagne process and are fermented in bottle. At the cellar entrance, on the verandah, or even in the gardens, guests are welcome to enjoy a glass of wine, cider, or even a beer.

    Arundel Farm Estate 

    arundel farm estate melbourne

    321 Arundel Road Keilor VIC, 3036

    Located in Melbourne's north-west, the Arundel Farm Estate can be reached via the Calder Freeway in approximately 27 minutes. The good news is that it's an outstanding winery, which we went to not too long ago and came away quite satisfied with. The Arundel Farm Estate is a family-operated small winery with a heart that can be found in the Sunbury wine area.

    There is a brand new and contemporary basement door in store for you (check for opening times). The wines are of an excellent standard. We were successful in acquiring a few bottles of their Shiraz, including a 2011 back vintage, which tasted just wonderful. Due to the arid conditions of the area, the wines tend to be intense due to the competition among the grapes for moisture.

    In addition to a bluestone homestead, stables, and a shearing barn, the estate features a vineyard, a café, and a cellar door.

    Dal Zotto Trattoria

    dal zotto trattoria melbourne

    4861 Wangaratta-Whitfield Road Whitfield 3733

    (03) 5729 8321

    Otto Dal Zotto was born in the town of Valdobbiadene, which is located in the Veneto region of Italy, which is considered to be the birthplace of prosecco. Therefore, it is very appropriate that he was a pioneer in the cultivation of prosecco grapes in Australia.

    Otto located an Italian citizen residing in Adelaide who had lawfully imported two cuttings from their home country. It just so happened that the man's previous home was located five kilometres up the road from Otto's childhood stomping grounds. Otto made the first Australian prosecco in 2004 using those trimmings as the base for the wine. The Dal Zotto family currently produces five different types of prosecco, including vintage and non-vintage varieties as well as an unfiltered, fruit-forward traditional variety known as col Fondo, which literally translates to "with sediment."

    There is a wide selection of wines from chilly climates and high altitudes, including a number of Italian varietals such as Arneis, Garganega, barbera, and Sangiovese. These wines are an excellent complement to the savoury Italian flavours served at the trattoria.

    The on-site market garden, which Nonna Elena administers, serves as a source of inspiration for the restaurant's cuisine. For the items that Nonna Elena is unable to cultivate herself, the restaurant acquires its ingredients from within the region wherever feasible. Antipasti and sweets at this restaurant utilise locally sourced Tolpuddle goats curd and stracchino cheese that is prepared in-house.

    The main courses include housemade gnocchi with walnuts, sage, gorgonzola, pear, and pumpkin; and Milawa duck confit with blackberry sauce over a sage, pancetta, chestnut, and pea risotto. Both of these dishes are served with a side of seasonal vegetables.

    Visitors have the opportunity to stroll around the vineyard, eat a picnic on the grass that is provided for them, and, of course, sample wines from the comprehensive list that the winery offers. Additionally, throughout the course of the year, Dal Zotto plays home to a number of events, one of which is a salami-making day.

    La Cantina Cellar Door

    la cantina cellar door melbourne

    54 Honeys Lane King Valley 3678

    (03) 5729 3615

    After moving to Australia from Italy when he was 19 years old, Gino Corsini worked as a cane cutter in North Queensland before settling down in the King Valley to produce tobacco. In 1980, he established his first vineyard, and by 1993, he and his son Peter had completely retired from the tobacco growing business.

    All of the wines served at La Cantina are crafted and produced on the premises where the restaurant is located. Grapes are harvested by hand and then hand-stomped. They were first allowed to settle in stainless steel, after which they were moved to wood and the top was racked off in order to get that usually pleasing clarity. The family farms almost exclusively Italian varieties, including Barbera, Sangiovese, and pinot grigio, with the exception of saperavi, which is a Georgian grape.

    In the making of their wine, the Corsini family has never used any additives or preservatives of any kind, not even sulphur. It has not been filtered and was fermented in its natural wild state with skin contact. The phrase "natural wine" was in use long before it became popular.

    The entrance to the cellar was constructed in 1995. Since Gino's grandpa was a stonemason, Gino and Peter decided to build the cellar door in the same traditional manner as the rest of Tuscany. Initially, the stone structure was the only area that Gino need in order to produce and store his wine. But as the company has expanded, the room is now utilised for tastings as well as some storage, and the winemaking, ageing, and bottling processes take place in the sheds located at the back of the property.

    On the weekends, Gino, who is now in his mid-80s, may be seen in the vineyard, where he is helping his two grandkids with the bottling process.

    FAQs About Wineries in Melbourne

    With over eighty vineyards dispersed throughout Healesville, Coldstream, Yarra Glen, Seville and Lilydale, the Yarra Valley is Australia's premier cool-climate region, and is renowned for Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and méthode traditionnelle sparkling.
    With more than 800 wineries and 600 cellar doors across five outstanding wine regions, Victoria has the perfect grape style to suit every palate.
    Best Wine Vacations
    • Bordeaux.
    • Napa Valley.
    • Loire Valley.
    • Burgundy.
    • Willamette Valley.
    • Porto.
    • Cape Town.
    • The Finger Lakes.

    With over eighty vineyards dispersed throughout Healesville, Coldstream, Yarra Glen, Seville and Lilydale, the Yarra Valley is Australia's premier cool-climate region, and is renowned for Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and méthode traditionnelle sparkling.

    Get a taste for Victoria's top drops on a journey through its best wine-growing regions. With more than 800 wineries and 600 cellar doors across five outstanding wine regions, Victoria has the perfect grape style to suit every palate.

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