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    Melbourne's back in a snap lockdown, so that means all our favourite attractions and venues will be hastily switching their IRL offering to online. Need ways to distract yourself at home? Why not support Melbourne businesses while you kill time? Here's what you can do at home in Melbourne this week. 

    Order takeaway from one of these Melbourne restaurants

    Melbourne's venues have had to revert to a takeaway and delivery model once again, and it's our duty to step in as loyal fans and take advantage of their delicious offerings at home. We've compiled a rolling list of some of Melbourne's venues offering takeaway so you can support small businesses and enjoy a good feed at home.

    We've seen the beautiful venues that have, as a result, become casualties of our dining scene. Do your part in ensuring that doesn't happen again by showing your support and even assisting in offloading their surplus stock – who knows, you might get some exceptional fresh pasta or sausages as a result.

    Please be sure to check the social media accounts of your favourite venue to keep up with what they're doing.

    We endeavour to keep this list as up to date as possible. If you would like your venue featured or know of any changes, please get in touch via email.

    Watch Melbourne Aquarium's live streams


    Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium has had to shut its doors during the city's current lockdown, but the team is still keen to showcase the work of its aquarists and divers to those at home via a series of live streams. 

    Kicking off on Friday, June 4 and running each weekday until June 11, Melbourne Aquarium will be going live on its Facebook page. For its first show, the aquarium's gentoo and king penguins are getting the spotlight. Tune in on another day, and you'll be able to get a look at some of the aquarium's delightful sea creatures, including the mesmerising jellyfish.

    If you have any questions during the livestream, make sure you leave a comment, and the team will endeavour to answer them. 

    The live streams happen over on Sea Life’s Facebook page at 5 pm. Pop an alarm on so you don’t miss out!

    Make your own giant pretzels at home with these DIY kits

    During last year's lockdown, we saw many an amateur baker stepping up to the sourdough challenge. Flour was flying off the shelves like hotcakes, so much so that restrictions on the amount you could purchase were bought in, and it showed us that turning to carbs during times like these is the ultimate source of comfort.  

    Now, the team behind pretzel stand chain Pretzel Australia brings the experience of playing with dough and making a real-life edible thing to you with its Pretzel at Home Kits

    The Kit provides you with 2kg of pre-mixed Pretzel flour, Pretzel salt, yeast, ghee and browning solution for $40 a pop and makes up to 12 pretzels. You can also add toppings that you might have on hand, but that's up to your doughy discretion.

    Each box also comes with ten guided instructions to make the process as simple as possible.

    Go out on a bike ride on these Melbourne trails

    With a few exceptions, Melbourne is an essentially flat city, making it perfect for cycling. You don't have to be a Lycra-wearing, Tour de France die-hard to enjoy a bike ride around Melbourne either, with the city boasting lots of trails frequented by both severe and recreational bike riders.

    Better still, these cycling trails cover everything from beachfront boardwalks to twisting river paths, all but ensuring you have a great day out. Saddle up and clip in!

    Get one of Romeo Lane's cocktail bags

    It’s a must-visit bar in this fine city of ours, and while we’re not strictly allowed to “visit” it IRL, we can still enjoy its products from home. 

    Romeo Lane is currently mixing up pre-made cocktails for Melburnians to enjoy at home, with a menu filled with Disco Martinis, Old Fashioneds, Passionfruit Daiquiris, Peach Negronis and Baby Driver cocktails. 

    Prices per cocktail start at $17.50, but you can also get the seven-day weekend cocktail pack (ten cocktails for $150).

    Enjoy the Night Noodle Markets at Home

    One of the year’s most popular events, the Night Noodle Markets, is set to return in a very different format this year. While in previous years it has reached far beyond what its name would imply (lest we forget that year we counted just how many noodle dishes were at the Night Noodle Markets), this year’s event broadens the scope of the Markets further than ever – right into your very home. 

    That’s right. This June, Melbourne's Night Noodle Markets are transforming into an at-home event, with eight of your favourite stallholders delivering dishes and desserts to your door. Think cheese tarts from Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart, pork belly skewers from Hoy Pinoy, those gravity-defying flying noodles from Flying Noodles, mi goreng with fried chicken wings from Indomie, cheeseburger puffle burgers from Puffle and heaps more from Thai Tide, Kariton Sorbetes and Wonderbao. 

    It won’t be quite the jam-packed, bustling Birrarung Marr set-up we’ve become accustomed to – but on the upside, this year’s more demure event allows you to slurp the sauciest of noodles at home, with only your partner, family, housemates or pets to shame you. 

    You can order online from the complete list of stallholders on the DoorDash app between June 1 and 30. If you’re a Citi cardholder, you can score $20 off your Night Noodle Market order. Plus, if you’re signing up for DoorDash for the first time, you’ll also score 25 per cent off and free delivery.

    Join the MSO's at-home streaming service

    You may remember that the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra was one of the first arts organisations to pivot at the start of the 2020 lockdowns, streaming live performances to audiences at home and continuing to offer live and archived online performances throughout Melbourne's first and second lockdowns. 

    The move might have come from necessity, but it's proven popular. So popular in fact that the MSO now offers a year-round streaming service called MSO Live. The service lets you listen to – and watch – the MSO perform live and online, with new concerts added monthly. For fans of classical and orchestral music, it's a pretty neat way to engage with the arts wherever you are, with performances featuring some of the biggest names in the industry (as well as emerging musicians). There's also talks, family performances and content, and audio recordings from archives. 

    The service is largely available via a subscription model, with prices starting at $12 a month for a yearly subscription. A small amount of content is available for free. Or you can opt for pay-per-view or one month passes. Visit the MSO Live website for more info and to start watching.

    Been vaccinated? You can get free popcorn

    If you've been lucky enough to get an appointment to get a vaccine, there's another treat coming your way. Melbourne's Classic and Lido cinemas want to say thank you for doing your bit for public health, and they're giving away free popcorn to anyone who has been vaccinated or has an appointment to be vaccinated. It's called "snacks for vax", which is a rhyme we can get behind.

    While the cinemas are closed due to Melbourne's lockdowns, they are selling choc-tops and popcorn for takeaway this weekend (Saturday, June 5 from 3.30-6.30pm and Sunday, June 6 from 2-5 pm), and those who have got the jab can score a popcorn for free. If you're not eligible for your vaccine yet (and we feel you), you can support the cinemas doing it tough by picking up some snacks for a viewing party at home. 

    But what to watch? Thanks to Classic at Home and Lido at Home, switch off the Netflix and get amongst a film festival in your own lounge room. Classic and Lido staff have put together an array of classic, recent release and international films for you to rent and enjoy at home during the lockdown, or anytime. 

    Listen to radio play Visitors


    The worst part of a horror movie is the anticipation of what you can't see, of what's lurking around the corner or hiding in the closet. Innovative radio play creators Darkfield Radio have taken it one step further, with no visuals at all and only a precise soundscape and your own terrifying imagination to bring the scares. The production is running until June 20, 2021.

    Darkfield is the company behind immersive soundscape experiences Séance and Flight, which took place in physical shipping containers around the city. In the former, participants were immersed in the world of a séance that summons more than anyone bargained for. The Flight shipping container was fitted out like an aeroplane, with real plane seats and overhead bins and in-flight safety messaging. That made it all the more terrifying when the lights went out, and the seats began to shake, but in both cases, a meticulously designed soundscape of terror brought the audience's worst fears to life.

    During the lockdown, Darkfield kept the spine-tingling events running by creating at-home shows. The first of these was the deeply unsettling Double, which was selected for the prestigious Venice International Film Festival. Darkfield followed it up with Visitors, which turns your comfortable home into a haunted house. 

    Visitors are designed for two people to experience at once, through separate headphones, and you'll get much more out of it if you follow that and all other instructions during the 20-minute show. And who is giving the instructions? Why, ghosts, of course. Jean and Alex are dead, frightened, and ever so glad of the invitation into your home. Through precise sound recording, Jean and Alex appear behind you, in front of you and sometimes, in a particularly intimate moment, they whisper directly in your ear. They talk to each other and straight to the audience, whispering, murmuring and giving instruction. Is the other person in your audience of two getting the exact instructions? Can you trust them? Can you trust the ghost in your ear?

    Visitors are not as dreadful as Double, but the format of the audio experience suits the unsettled times in which we now find ourselves. Turning out the lights and closing your eyes to concentrate on the soundscape lets your imagination run wild. And as every good horror director knows, that's the scariest place of all.

    Virtual Travel

    It may be a while before we get to travel again, so if you’re a committed Gallavanter (a person who loves to travel for fun or pleasure) stuck in Covid Isolation, check out the Hidden Worlds of the National Parks for some fantastic virtual tours.

    This is also the perfect time to finally organise your travel videos and start editing videos of your best trips. Start by sorting your videos by date and place. Don’t change the clip names, this can cause problems re-linking. If you need more tips on getting started, head to our post on How to organise your videos for editing, the first in our new series covering Basic Steps to Video Editing. If you’re not so handy with video editing software or just lack the patience required, get all your videos and photos together and send them to Sonic Eye to make them into a cool story cut of your trip.

    Music and Art

    If you play an instrument, paint or draw, now is the perfect time to revive that interest and start creating something new. It’s a great way to stay occupied positively! It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are, you don’t have to post YouTube videos, and it can be a fantastic way to curb any ‘lockdown blues’.

    Always wanted to learn to play the instruments you have at home? Now you have time on your hands, why not start learning? Just Google ‘how to play the (insert preferred instrument here)’ and get started! Or pull out some paints, brushes, pencils or crayons and get creative! If you don’t have any art paper, don’t worry, there are bound to be a few old bits of paper or card around the house, dig them out and see what you can come up with.

    Not the creative type? Then why not take in a show. If you missed it at Easter, check out Andrea Bocelli’s ‘Music for Hope’ performance on YouTube, or if classical music isn’t your cup of tea, plenty of artists are currently posting streaming performances, including Neil Finn.

    Watch plays online with MTC Digital Theatre

    If you can't get to the theatre, why not bring the theatre to you? MTC Digital Theatre lets you watch the theatre company's most recent productions online and on-demand at home. 

    One benefit to watching a show on the Digital Theatre is that you naturally have the best seats in the house. And we mean it when we say "seats", plural. The production is filmed from various camera angles so that you're viewing the show at its absolute best. 

    Productions are up for a limited time, however, so you'll want to shake a leg if you don't want to miss out. Current productions available to view include two four-star performances, Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes (until June 6) and Berlin (until July 4). 

    Available shows can be watched from anywhere in Australia as long as you have an internet connection. Each production costs $25 to watch.

    Docklands BYO Picnic Boats

    There’s nothing better than cruising down the Yarra on a personalised watercraft, and thankfully, GoBoats is back in action. With the eased Melbourne restrictions allowing recreational boating within 25km of your home, GoBoat’s five-metre-long crafts are open to groups of up to eight people, from a maximum of two households. Everyone who participates must live within 25km of Southbank and the route you sail on the Yarra River. Additionally, face masks are mandatory, but you can BYO food and drink for a big day out with a built-in wooden picnic table. Even better, you don’t even need a boating licence to operate them.

    Score an Oktoberfest Party Box

    You might not be able to pull out the lederhosen and hit Lilydale as you would in previous years, but you can still bring the spirit of Oktoberfest to life in 2021. Yarra Valley Oktoberfest has created two Oktoberfest boxes that it delivers to Melburnians who want to live it up this weekend.

    You can opt for either the beer box or the German wine and spritz box, both of which include an Oktoberfest hat and stein, a giant, savoury pretzel and a playlist of oompah music to get the Bavarian party started. The beer box contains German brews from Munich beer halls like Hofbräu, Löwenbräu, Paulaner and Erdinger, while the wine and spritz box contains a 750ml bottle of Katlenburger German Sparkling mango wine and a 750ml bottle of Zentini Hugo Elderflower and Mint Spritz. Both boxes will set you back $65 with free delivery across Melbourne suburbs.

    McDonald's, Hungry Jack's and KFC are the cheapest fast food chains in Australia, by average monthly spend, with Aussies paying no more than $70 a month to eat on the cheap (or $840 per year), according to our survey.

    Other attractions that remain open on Good Friday include the Melbourne Zoo, Eureka Skydeck, and the Melbourne Aquarium.

    1. Check out Flinders St Station and Federation Square. ...
    2. Have a Poke Around the Laneways. ...
    3. Tour the MCG. ...
    4. Visit the National Gallery of Victoria. ...
    5. Check out the Shrine of Remembrance and the Royal Botanic Gardens. ...
    6. Grab Dinner at Chinatown. ...
    7. Collingwood. ...
    8. Take a Street Art Tour.
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