top 10 double glazed window installers melbourne

Top 10 Double Glazed Window Installers Melbourne

When it comes to upgrading your home in Melbourne, installing double glazed windows is one of the smartest investments you can make. Not only do these windows offer superior insulation, reducing energy costs and environmental impact, but they also enhance soundproofing, security, and the overall value of your property. With the growing demand for energy-efficient solutions, choosing the right installer is crucial. 

To help you make an informed decision, we've curated a list of the top 10 double glazed window installers in Melbourne. Each of these providers has been selected for their exceptional service, quality craftsmanship, and proven track record. Whether you're renovating an old home or building a new one, our guide will connect you with the best in the business for a seamless and satisfying upgrade.

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    DIY Double Glaze

    Double glaze installers Melbourne

    DIY Double Glaze is a Melbourne-based company specialising in retrofit double glazing for existing timber windows and doors to enhance home comfort, energy efficiency, and security. Founded in 2011 by Alan Cuthbertson, the company has spent over a decade helping homeowners improve their living environments by providing cost-effective, quality double-glazing solutions. Their services are geared towards reducing energy consumption, minimising external noise, and increasing the security of homes through upgraded windows that maintain the property's aesthetic integrity.

    Services offered by DIY Double Glaze include:

    • Retrofit Double Glazing: Upgrading existing window frames with advanced double glazed units.
    • DIY Solutions: Providing customers with the necessary guidance and tools to install double glazing on their own.
    • Done For You Installations: Complete end-to-end installation services performed by experienced professionals.
    • Free Measure and Quote: Offering a no-obligation quote and measurement service to start the process.
    • Online Quote: An accessible online tool to quickly estimate the cost of services.
    • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Promises up to 60% reduction in energy use, aiding in climate control within the home.
    • Noise Reduction: Using industry-leading Hush Glass laminate to significantly reduce external noise.
    • Increased Security: Offering tougher and more secure glazing options as compared to standard glass.

    Phone: 1300 234 934
    Location: Factory by appointment at 10/1B Matisi St, Thornbury, Victoria, Australia

    Windows For Life

    Windows For Life is a Melbourne-based company specialising in the design and manufacturing of high-quality uPVC windows and doors. They are committed to delivering products that provide superior energy efficiency, effectively reducing energy costs and environmental impact while enhancing comfort for occupants. With a strong focus on quality, all products are Australian-made and the company ensures that each step, from consultation to installation and after-sales support, meets rigors standards. The company is a fully insured member of AGWA and WERS, complying with Australian Standards.

    Services Offered:

    • uPVC Windows: Windows For Life offers a variety of energy-efficient uPVC windows that are designed to minimise heat loss and gain, providing an effective solution to reduce energy costs.
    • uPVC Doors: Durable and low-maintenance, their uPVC doors resist termites, rust, and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance.
    • Custom Projects: The company provides tailored solutions to meet individual customer needs, handled by experienced design and manufacturing teams.
    • After-sales Support: Post-installation support ensures that customers continue to receive assistance and service as needed.

    Phone: (03) 9344 1596

    Fix My Glass

    Fix My Glass specialises in offering 24/7 glass replacement services for homes, shops, and offices. With over 40 years of experience, this family-run business provides direct service from the owners, ensuring knowledgeable and personalised care. They cater to both large and small scale projects, servicing corporate entities, retail locations, and private residences primarily throughout Melbourne. Fix My Glass is noted for its prompt customer service and has built a reputation as a specialist in glaziers and emergency glass replacement services.

    Services Offered by Fix My Glass:

    • Emergency glass replacement services available 24/7
    • Shop front glass replacement
    • Home glass replacement, including windows and doors
    • Custom glass solutions including sandblasting, beveling, and glass cut to size
    • Various types of glass, such as safety glass, laminated glass, toughened glass, wired glass, and bent glass
    • Additional services like skylights, pet doors, splash backs, shower screens, and glass shelves
    • Support for insurance claims and provision of glass for schools and corporate bodies

    Phone: 1300 276 536

    Thermal Double Glazing

    Thermal Double Glazing specialises in the installation of uPVC double glazed windows and doors in Melbourne, offering a range of energy-efficient solutions tailored to enhance the comfort and security of Australian homes. With a commitment to innovation and quality, their products meet the unique needs of their clients through custom designs that adapt to existing or new buildings. Their services emphasise sustainability, participating in the Plant-a-Tree Program to aid in reforestation and improve Australia's ecosystem with every purchase.

    Services Offered:

    • uPVC Double Glazed Windows: Custom-made to enhance thermal and sound insulation.
    • uPVC Double Glazed Doors: Durable and designed with multi-point locking systems for high security.
    • Energy Efficiency: Products designed to reduce energy consumption, with features like argon-filled panes and UV stabilisers.
    • Customisation: Tailored designs to meet specific design, color, glass, and budget requirements.
    • Sustainability Initiatives: Participation in the Plant-a-Tree Program with every order, contributing to local reforestation efforts.
    • Warranty: Offers a 10-year manufacturer's warranty, exceeding the industry standard.

    Phone: 1300 982 924

    Windows Republic

    Windows Republic specialises in providing high-quality uPVC windows and doors, aimed at enhancing thermal efficiency and noise reduction for residential spaces in Melbourne. The company emphasises local manufacturing, ensuring that every aspect of their service—from measuring and manufacturing to installation and decoration—is tailored to meet individual client needs. Their commitment to superior quality and customer satisfaction is backed up by a 5% price beat guarantee on their uPVC windows in Melbourne.

    Services Offered by Windows Republic:

    • uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows: Offers innovative window solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
    • Custom Installation: Personalised measuring, manufacturing, and installation services to meet specific client requirements.
    • Energy Efficiency and Noise Reduction: Specialises in windows and doors designed to maximise thermal efficiency and minimise external noise.
    • Request Free Measure and Quote: Provides potential customers with the opportunity to obtain a tailored quote free of charge, enhancing the customer service experience.

    Phone: 1300 040 480


    TwinGlaze® offers an innovative and cost-effective solution for enhancing the energy efficiency of your home through their specialised double glazing services, specifically designed to retrofit existing window frames. Rather than replacing entire window units, TwinGlaze® replaces the glass within your existing frames with high-performance double glazed panels. This service is touted as a quick and non-intrusive method to improve thermal performance and increase home security without the need for extensive renovations. Not only does this process help in maintaining the original aesthetics of your home, but it also offers significant energy savings by reducing heat loss. Their services are particularly beneficial prior to the winter season, allowing homeowners to take advantage of their pre-winter discounts and achieve up to 27% savings on their energy costs.

    Services offered by TwinGlaze® include:

    • Genuine Double Glazing for all existing windows and doors, regardless of material (aluminium or timber).
    • Easy Installation: Most installations are completed within a day, with minimal disruption to your home.
    • Increased Home Security and insulation through upgraded window and door seals included with installation.
    • Environmental Benefits: Reduces carbon footprint by utilising existing frames and cutting down on resource waste.
    • Energy Efficiency: Utilises Low 'ESolar Glass and Argon Thermal Gap to enhance thermal insulation.

    Phone: 1300 766 743

    Nu-Eco Windows

    Nu-Eco, based in Melbourne, specialises in providing eco-friendly and energy-efficient uPVC double glazed windows and doors. With over 25 years of industry experience, Nu-Eco offers a range of products designed to enhance the thermal efficiency and noise reduction of residential and commercial properties. Their products, which include a variety of window and door designs, are characterised by high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Notably, their double glazing solutions are designed to outperform traditional models by utilising a minimum of 4mm glass on both sides of a 20mm Argon gas-filled space, achieving U-Values as low as 1.5 W/m²K, and significantly reducing noise by up to 80%.

    Services Offered:

    • uPVC Windows: Including awning, casement, tilt & turn, slider double hung, fully chamfered, and fully sculptured windows.
    • uPVC Doors: Offering front, French, composite, bi-fold, patio sliding doors, and side light screens.
    • Energy Efficiency: Products designed to reduce heating and cooling bills, featuring low-E glass and Argon Gas filled Insulated Glass Units (IGUs).
    • Security: Equipped with ultra-secure European multi-point locking systems.
    • Customisation: A wide range of customisable styles to enhance any property.

    Phone: (03) 9771 3103

    Deluxe Windows

    Deluxe Windows is a Melbourne-based company specialising in high-quality uPVC double glazed and triple glazed windows and doors, offering a solution for improved energy efficiency and noise reduction in homes and workspaces. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and installing custom-made glazing products, Deluxe Windows guarantees durability and superior service with a 10-year product warranty and a 7-year workmanship warranty. Their products are designed to enhance the security, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of any building, significantly aiding in maintaining indoor temperatures and reducing unwanted noise from the outside.

    Services Offered:

    • uPVC Windows: Options include sliding, tilt and turn, casement, awning, fixed, and French windows.
    • uPVC Doors: Includes sliding, French, tilt and slide, lift and slide, bi-fold, stacker, and entry doors.
    • Custom Design: Tailor-made windows and doors to fit specific dimensions and requirements.
    • Energy Efficiency: Double and triple glazed options that contribute to significant energy savings.
    • Noise Reduction: High-quality glazing that reduces external noise pollution.
    • Security: Enhanced security features with steel-core bolstered uPVC frames.

    Phone: 0422 597 009

    APS Double Glazing

    APS Double Glazing offers high-performance UPVC double glazed windows and doors to customers in Melbourne and Sydney. They specialise in Australian-made products tailored to improve energy efficiency and sound insulation in residential and commercial buildings. As a provider of customised glazing solutions, APS is recognised for enhancing home environments by significantly reducing energy costs and noise from the outside, creating a more comfortable and secure living space. Their commitment to quality is backed by robust warranties and the utilisation of their own trained installation teams to ensure the best outcomes for their clients.

    Services Offered:

    • Double Glazed Windows: Including awning, casement, tilt and turn, sliding, fixed, bay and corner windows.
    • Double Glazed Doors: Offering solutions like French doors, sliding doors, bifold doors, and various other entry systems.
    • Customisation: Tailored designs to fit the specific requirements of your home or building.
    • Energy Efficiency: Products designed to save on heating and cooling costs.
    • Noise Reduction: Enhanced soundproofing features in all windows and doors.
    • Security: Advanced security features integrated into window and door designs.

    Phone: 1300 294 101

    Magnetite Windows Melbourne

    Magnetite Melbourne specialises in retrofit double glazing solutions for existing windows, catering to both residential and commercial properties. The company, managed by Margaret and Robert Campbell since 2002, prides itself on excellent customer service and has established a significant presence in Melbourne, including areas like Geelong, Ballarat, and Dandenong. Their service is particularly beneficial for older Victorian-style homes prevalent in areas like Toorak and South Yarra, as well as newer buildings in Melbourne's city center and Docklands. Magnetite's offerings help mitigate the challenges posed by Melbourne’s fluctuating climate, providing thermal comfort and reducing energy costs throughout the year.

    Services Offered:

    • Retrofit Double Glazing: Specialising in adding double glazing to existing windows without the need for complete window replacement.
    • Soundtite: Secondary aluminium window systems designed for superior noise reduction.
    • Solartite: Solar control films to improve energy efficiency by controlling heat gain and loss.
    • Sealtite: Acoustic and weather seals to enhance the insulation properties of existing windows.
    • Custom Installation: Tailored solutions that fit the specific requirements of individual homes or offices.
    • Energy Efficiency Improvements: Enhancements that help in reducing energy bills and increasing indoor comfort.

    Phone: 1300 RETROFIT (1300 738 763)

    Double-glazed windows consist of two layers of glass with a space between them, typically filled with air or an inert gas, to reduce heat transfer and improve insulation.

    The two glass panes and the gas layer act as insulators, reducing the rate at which heat and noise pass through the window, enhancing energy efficiency and comfort.

    Benefits include reduced energy costs, improved comfort, less condensation, increased property value, and decreased noise pollution.

    Yes, the extra layer of glass and the gas gap significantly reduce the amount of noise that can enter a home from the outside.

    Yes, they are highly energy-efficient, helping to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer by reducing heat transfer.

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