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Top +30 Landscape Designers in Melbourne

When it comes to landscaping your home, it's important to choose a design that fits both your needs and your budget. That's where landscape designers come in. They can help you create that meets all your requirements without breaking the bank. When choosing a landscape designer, it's important to consider their experience and expertise. Make sure they have a lot of experience working with the type of landscaping you're interested in. For example, if you want a garden with lots of flowers, make sure the designer has plenty of experience creating flower gardens. You'll also

If you're thinking about landscape design for your home, it's important to know what types of services landscape designers offer. Landscape designers can help with project conception and design to installation and maintenance. In addition, they have the expertise to create beautiful and functional landscapes that fit your home and lifestyle. If you are ready to start planning for your dream, the following is a list of what you can anticipate receiving from a professional landscape designer.

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    Ultimate List Of Top Landscape Designers in Melbourne

    Evergreen Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    evergreen landscaping designers melbourne

    Landscaping Services Melbourne

    We can assist you in designing your ideal yard based on your specifications, or we can make recommendations based on what will look good in your area. Many design elements from other gardens can be borrowed and incorporated into your own.

    Superior craftsmanship, skilled staff and designers, and a work ethic geared towards optimising your workspace are among our core competencies.

    Any endeavour we embark on necessitates extensive planning and coordination. From communicating with clients about layout designs, planting schedules, and paver colours, everything must adhere to a standardised procedure to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that all aspects of the job description are met and, in some instances, exceeded.

    We are well aware that customer referrals and repeat business account for a sizable portion of our revenue. This is where we get the majority of our business! We understand that if you complete a job correctly and within the customer's specifications, they will refer you to their friends, so the quality of our work is critical to us on every job.

    Melbourne's Finished Concrete and Landscaping

    melbourne’s finished concrete and landscaping


    Adrian believes that good relationships with clients, employees, and vendors are critical to his company's success. Building and maintaining customer loyalty and trust is an important aspect of all business interactions at Melbourne's Finished Concrete and Landscaping. Adrian and his team have ten years of industry experience and are skilled at capturing the client's core vision and transforming it into a work of art.

    Melbourne's Finished Concrete and Landscaping are proud Melburnians. They enjoy the execution and completion of high-quality work in a wide range of landscape construction domains. Finished Concrete and Landscaping in Melbourne offers a wide range of commercial and residential construction services, such as concreting, landscaping, excavation, timber structures, paving and tiling, rockwork, retaining walls, and irrigation systems. Finished Concrete and Landscaping in North Melbourne serves the entire city of Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs.

    Landsculpture Design & Construction-Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    landsculpture design & construction landscaping designers melbourne


    Landsculpture Design & Construction has been offering the best landscaping services to owners of residential and commercial properties in Eltham, Templestowe, Doncaster, and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years.

    Please contact us to discuss your project specifications. We offer tailored solutions to clients in Eltham, Templestowe, and the surrounding areas.

    For more than 20 years, Landsculpture Design & Construction has offered the best landscaping services to owners of residential and commercial properties in Eltham, Templestowe, Doncaster, and the surrounding areas.

    Our team has cutting-edge tools, high-quality materials, and years of experience designing and building exquisite Australian gardens. Whether you want a traditional or modern outdoor space, you can count on us to make it a reality. We design and build your garden on a custom basis to achieve the desired results.

    Whyte Gardens Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    whyte gardens landscaping designers melbourne


    Our in-house landscapers and specialist contractors are experienced and deliver high-quality work with proven results. We go above and beyond, and you can see it in the little things we do, such as keeping the site clean, carefully scheduling work and suppliers, and our team's ability to handle your enquiries.

    We ensure no contract is signed until every drawing and every permit are complete. We consult the engineer, the building surveyor, and others, so we have confidence that your project will comply with every code. During the design phase, our landscape architects and the project manager consult with one another over your project to ensure nothing is missed. Our systems have been set up on several software platforms and in-house systems to ensure you are serviced in the manner you expect.

    We guarantee high-quality construction and adhere to all local and national standards and codes as Registered Builders. Our landscaping industry experience has given us the knowledge to handle any landscape construction situation. We take pride in delivering the best possible outcome for our clients, one that is high in quality, on time, and within budget.

    Normark Landscapes Designers Melbourne

    normark landscapes designers melbourne


    Melbourne Landscape Design Specialists

    The goal of Normark is to provide a seamless client experience by managing every aspect of garden design, from landscape architecture and design to landscape construction and garden maintenance.

    Landscape & Garden Design Melbourne

    With so many factors to consider in a garden, the Normark journey begins with design. The design process is critical to achieving a successful connection between your lifestyle and home, providing a platform for careful planning and deliberate decision making.

    As the design evolves, our team will connect the dots and drive the creative direction, while incorporating the requirements of your client brief.

    Kate Seddon Landscape Design

    kate seddon landscape design


    The Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas, the Surf Coast, and interstate are all developing larger scale landscapes and courtyards than Melbourne's suburbs.

    We listen and observe onsite at the start of every project, taking in the architecture, surroundings, site conditions, and household style to learn as much as possible about the client, their needs, and their beliefs. We hope that by doing so, we will be able to create a garden that is truly connected to both the home and the owner, and that will become a place of engagement and pleasure.

    Nathan Burkett Landscape Architecture

    nathan burkett landscape architecture


    Nathan Burkett is renowned for his tasteful and understated landscape and garden designs that seamlessly integrate with existing buildings and locations. His prize-winning gardens have been showcased at both the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show and the Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam.

    Our all-inclusive approach to landscaping includes everything from concept design to implementation and even garden aftercare.

    Everything we do at NBA revolves around design. We create designs that are brilliantly responsive to the site and brief, resulting in exquisite outdoor spaces that enhance lifestyle.

    We bring our vision, experience, and a fresh set of eyes to each project. Consultation, concept design, and design development are the first three stages of our design process. In this manner, we methodically investigate the requirements for your project in order to achieve a design that you will enjoy for years to come... Find out more

    AQL Landscape Design Melbourne

    aql landscape design melbourne


    Landscape Design Melbourne

    One of the key elements that distinguishes the AQL landscape designer in Melbourne from the competition is our environmentally friendly focus, with a strong emphasis on producing sustainable gardens. As a landscape designer who is passionate about native flora, you can trust AQL to create a garden that will blend in perfectly with your surroundings.

    With our in-depth horticultural knowledge and years of experience working with gardens in your area, we can create a landscape design in Melbourne for those who prefer a more global theme in their landscaping that will flourish for many years to come.

    Professional Landscape Designs In Melbourne For Public And Corporate Spaces

    For many years, we have collaborated with local councils, community groups, offices, and schools in Melbourne to create beautiful landscape designs that are displayed to the public. Our award-winning designs have been featured in both urban and rural environments across the country, and they continue to demonstrate AQL's uniqueness as a landscape designer in Melbourne who is both creative and practical when it comes to public space planning.

    By collaborating with local councils and committing to the production of our designs with all necessary permits and approvals, you can be confident in AQL as a landscape designer in Melbourne that values professional ethics and civic responsibility.

    Ian Barker Gardens Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    ian barker gardens landscaping designers melbourne


    When you entrust your garden maintenance to Ian Barker Gardens, you can be confident that your garden is being nurtured, protected, and cared for by qualified individuals.

    The Ian Barker Gardens team has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the landscaping industry, providing you with an unrivalled level of professionalism. We can manage the entire process of designing your dream garden for you, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

    We are aware that every client has different needs. Therefore, Ian Barker Gardens will work with you to create a lovely, practical, and timeless garden that you will enjoy waking up to, whether you need an entire landscape solution, a brilliant garden design, construction work, or regular garden maintenance.

    Luma Landscapes by Lachie Anderson Designers Melbourne

    luma landscapes by lachie anderson designers melbourne


    Garden & Landscape Design Melbourne

    Our designs are centred on defining space through a harmonious blend of beauty and function. To create a breathtaking landscape, these elements are combined with the clever use of timber decks and paving, planting, retaining walls, and the placement of pools and water features.

    We provide a full range of services, which include consultation, design, construction, and maintenance of gardens and landscapes. You work with the same person the entire time, ensuring a streamlined and consistent process.

    At Luma Landscapes, you are the beginning of it all. Before we start the exciting process, we want to know your thoughts, preferences, spending limits, and needs. We concentrate on making an attractive and useful outdoor space that will enhance your home with consideration for you.

    Rather than being limited by trends, we strive to create a garden design that reflects you, your home's architectural style, and the site conditions. From concept to finished product, you'll be working with the same person the entire time. This ensures that the journey is smooth and cohesive, and that you end up with a garden to enjoy that will evolve and thrive.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Landscape Designers

    Landscape architects must be prepared to work on large projects such as public spaces, and be knowledgeable about issues such as grading, constructing structures and drainage. A landscape designer, on the other hand, typically has more knowledge in different aspects of gardening and specialized plant knowledge.

    Landscape architects design attractive and functional public parks, gardens, playgrounds, residential areas, college campuses, and public spaces. They also plan the locations of buildings, roads, walkways, flowers, shrubs, and trees within these environments.

    Contact your friends, family, and local nurseries to get local recommendations. Interview two or three local landscape designers. Ask them about their design process and discuss any concerns you have about the project. See if they are a good fit for you personally.

    No prior qualifications are usually needed, but some students take RHS courses before, during or after garden design courses to boost their horticultural knowledge. Many garden design students are career-changers or retraining after a break.

    Landscape architects are taking the lead and there is also a growing trend in the revitalisation cities and also projects addressing climate change issues which has, in turn, increased the demand for landscape architects.

    Seyffer Designs Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    seyffer designs landscaping designers melbourne


    Personalized Landscape Designer Melbourne

    The customised landscape design services offered by Seyffer Designs give life to your landscape. Everything from turning your unruly backyard into a beautifully manicured oasis to enhancing kerb appeal with Melbourne-friendly plant choices is within our scope of expertise.

    Seyffer Designs infuses our work with passion and expertise. From start to finish, we make sure you have clear communication so that no questions go unanswered. Learn more on our blog, or contact us today to schedule a thorough consultation for all of your landscape and garden design needs.

    Director James Seyffer's interest in gardens began at Melbourne University's Burnley campus in 2006. This platform sparked James's desire to create live canvasses that captivate and delight his audiences. His perseverance and dedication were rewarded in 2011 when he received an award at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. His designs reflect his love of plants, natural textures, and hard surfaces.

    Furthermore, James has over a decade of experience as a qualified landscape construction and horticulture tradesman. This experience gave him a solid understanding of how to build aesthetically pleasing landscapes, which he now incorporates into his design philosophy.

    Bloom Design and Landscaping Melbourne

    bloom design and landscaping


    A landscape improvement project, whether new or renovated, can be intimidating. Our simple, straightforward, and systematic approach will take you from the initial consultation through the designs, project planning, construction, and finally, landscape maintenance.

    The first step is to have a face-to-face meeting with one of our Bloom Design and Landscaping consultants on your property. To determine how to best configure your various elements, we examine your outdoor space and how it interacts with your home. We'll try to understand your preferences as well as the space available to fulfil them. We also discuss other aspects of your outdoor space, such as design ideas, structural Landscaping, horticultural materials, and so on, and provide advice on council requirements specific to your project. We can provide a project estimate once we have a thorough understanding of your brief.

    We begin designing the plan after we have a thorough understanding of your needs, have visited the space, and have discussed with you your ideas and preferences. Based on the brief discussed during your consultation, we create an initial concept design. The proposed layout and key design elements will be included in this full-color concept plan. We will also include an estimate of the total project budget for the initial concept. 3D images or a short video are prepared if necessary to explain the concept design ideas. Here and here are two examples.

    Once you have approved the concept plan and construction quotation, the final construction detailed drawings and relevant council approval are finalised in preparation for construction. Work on your site can begin once approval is received.

    Nick Bennetts Garden Life Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    nick bennetts garden life landscaping designers melbourne


    Providing cutting-edge designs as well as innovations in lighting, paving, and traditional landscaping. Nick, the owner and mastermind behind Garden Life, transforms your vision of a tranquil outdoor space into a stunning custom landscape tailored precisely to your needs. Nick will provide any and all services required to create a truly memorable and exciting garden landscape, from the initial conception of your idea to the final delivery.

    His work in both the residential and commercial sectors has taken him all over the world, beginning over 20 years ago in Cape Town, where he collaborated with a landscape architect to innovate and install "green roofs." His experience designing and building liveable courtyards in and around London honed his expertise in small space design, maximising residential usability in small footprint sites.

    His more recent permaculture work in Melbourne has blended aspects of sustainability with traditional landscape design, combining the rustic, natural, and messy visual effect of permaculture with the clean lines of traditional landscape design.

    Nick has extensive experience in paving, building, lighting, and horticulture for sites that require a more traditional approach.

    Fiona Brockhoff Design- Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    fiona brockhoff design landscaping designers melbourne

    Our coastal, rural, and urban landscapes are uniquely Australian. Their simplicity, relationship with the architecture and surrounding landscape, and the strength of the planting design distinguish them.

    My values haven't changed in the twenty-five years I've been designing landscapes: connecting the garden to its surroundings, making spaces that are relevant to the owners' needs, and making lovely, useful gardens. With each brief and unique site, the only differences are the style and elements used.

    Observing the landscape and nearby gardens teaches us a lot about the local conditions and what will thrive. This is one of the most important tools we have at our disposal, and it has been crucial to my approach to developing sustainable gardens and landscapes. It makes a significant contribution to reducing ongoing garden maintenance.

    The majority of the gardens are built by my partner's landscape construction company, David Swann Landscape Construction, ensuring a high-quality finish. We are also in charge of maintenance oversight. Our projects range from small to large gardens in urban, coastal, and country settings, primarily in southeastern Victoria, to commercial sites and revegetation projects. Many of these gardens have been featured as examples of uniqueness in landscape design books and media.

    Daniel Tyrrell Landscapes Designers Melbourne

    daniel tyrrell landscapes designers melbourne


    An accomplished Melbourne garden and landscape designer with a base in St. Kilda, Daniel Tyrrell. Since its founding in 2003, Daniel Tyrrell Landscapes has emerged as Melbourne's preeminent source for garden design and construction.

    Daniel approaches each garden on an individual basis, aiming to create an atmosphere between your home and the outdoors. We aim to restore balance to your outdoor space by using restraint in the built form and then softening with plants to create an atmosphere that will elicit an emotional connection, changing the way you see your garden for years to come.

    To discuss landscape and garden design options for your space, Daniel Tyrrell will personally meet with you there. In this first meeting, you will go over all the project's details, including your overall plan for the area, your ideas for the landscaping, the site's features and problems, and the budget.

    Daniel will go over ideas for how to approach, use, and achieve the best design outcome for your needs and desires. It is also an excellent opportunity to evaluate the site and develop a brief for the proposed garden. Following this meeting, one of our team members will send you a fee proposal for garden design.

    Mark Browning Landscape Design Melbourne

    mark browning landscape design melbourne


    Award-winning Landscape Design Studio in Southeast Melbourne

    Mark Browning Landscape Design adheres to the core philosophy of using natural materials and planting in a sustainable manner. Every garden design is an artistic collaboration of both hard and soft landscape materials, balancing aesthetics with nature to bring forth an entire landscape's natural wonders and beauty. Beautiful garden designs have no exact formula because they are nature's recipe, an art guided by the hardworking hands of landscape designers and gardeners.

    We understand our customers' needs and requirements, and our work is always tailored to fit your lifestyle and provide you with a garden that exceeds your expectations. We collaborate our creative skills, experience, and broad knowledge from concept to completion to inspire each other in creating award-winning and unrivalled beautiful landscaped gardens for our customers.

    Lifestyle Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    lifestyle landscaping designers melbourne



    Our company has been in the landscaping business for over ten years. We can handle any size or complexity of project! We create the best designs for your budget and needs, and we work with both residential and commercial clients. We also do remodelling.

    When you contact Lifestyle Landscaping for a project, we will be with you every step of the way, from initial planning to final presentation, to ensure that the project is completed on time and on budget, and that you are completely satisfied with the results.

    From start to finish, we will be in constant communication with you and will collaborate closely with all other parties involved, such as architects, interior designers, and other specialised trades.


    Whether you want to add a beautiful new view to your property or update any part of your existing landscape, Lifestyle Landscaping has the perfect solution for you. We are enthusiastic about landscaping and stand behind our work.

    We have amassed a large number of satisfied customers over the years, all of whom praise our client-centered approach to business. We design and build gardens and landscapes to meet your needs and complement your properties, from contemporary and abstract to period or heritage.

    Borland Architecture Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    borland architecture landscaping designers melbourne


    The love of architecture is at the heart of our business. Our love of urban design has propelled us to great heights as we've worked on award-winning designs for some of Australia's most prestigious architecture firms. However, we believe that being able to deliver a beautiful design is insufficient. We maximise opportunities and reduce costs during subsequent stages of development by contributing to other phases of design and planning.

    We've made Borland Architecture a truly holistic design service by collaborating closely with builders, local governments, and contractors. We will provide a comprehensive feasibility service that will highlight potential issues as well as exciting opportunities. We will ensure that the plans are approved by the local council and translated into precise construction documentation after presenting beautiful architectural designs. Then we'll assist you in locating contractors who will stick to schedules, deadlines, and budgets. Last but not least, we'll make certain that your home has the appropriate styling and decorative touches. Our intimate understanding of the plans enables us to provide ideal Landscaping and interior design solutions.

    Borland Architecture is a client-focused architectural and interior design practice based in the beautiful beachside suburb of Brighton, Victoria.

    We imagine our clients' futures and create spaces that will adapt and align with each episode of their lives by focusing on them and delving deeply into their briefs. To realise the full potential of each design, our architecture firm encourages clients to dream and share their goals with us in great detail.

    We recognise that commissioning a new building is one of life's most difficult challenges and a significant financial investment, so we encourage clients to explore and test their ideas. Ideas are cheap to test on paper but very expensive to build in stone, concrete, or wood, so we constantly collaborate with our clients to ensure the right choices are made before moving forwards with the construction stage.

    Hindley & Co Architecture & Interior Design Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    hindley & co architecture & interior design landscaping designers melbourne


    Our architecture aims to uplift the spirit and shift perspectives. Our Interior Design team strives to enhance the sensory experience and create spaces that connect you to life, nature, art, and the greater whole. Our team takes a comprehensive approach, achieving remarkable results by pushing boundaries while remaining warm, understanding, and sensitive to you, our client.

    Hindley & Co's award-winning team takes a unique approach to architectural design. They look at each project as a whole, not just the building, but also the interior design, from finishes to furniture design and selection, to ensure the final result meets the brief. The team has an uncanny ability to blend inside and out with views, landscaping, and flow, which is an important component of the overall design.

    The ultimate project goal is to have the desired outcome DELIVERED. Finding the right Architect with a proven process to achieve very specific results is difficult. Most people are unaware of what each Architect can do or the process they employ. As a result, determining who is a good fit and what value looks like is nearly impossible.

    This work is included in our Concept Design Stage, but it is sometimes beneficial to hire an Architect to do this work first, as it will provide you with a much more realistic idea of what is possible before you commit to more services. The knowledge gained will also allow us to tailor our overall fees to your specific needs, ensuring that you do not pay for services that are not required.

    Lisa Harper Designs Landscaping Designers Melbourne

    lisa harper designs landscaping designers melbourne


    With beautiful, liveable landscapes that reflect your personal style, you can transform your exteriors into an oasis at home. We'll work with you to design landscapes you'll never want to leave, whether you're wandering around your country property, tending your kitchen garden, relaxing in your sustainable native garden, or entertaining family and friends.

    Landscape design Melbourne

    Our lead designer, Lisa, has over 18 years of experience in the field. Lifelong gardener and nature enthusiast Lisa has designed gardens for family homes, hobby farms, country estates, and heritage estates in Australia and other countries. In accordance with your ideas and sense of style, Lisa will work with you to design elegant, liveable, and tranquil outdoor spaces.

    First and foremost, landscape design must serve the needs of the people who live there. That's why we work with you to understand your needs, personal preferences, and the potential of your space in order to create beautiful, functional exteriors you'll never want to leave.

    Lisa, our principal designer, will meet with you to learn about your ideas, style, and ideal lifestyle. We'll get to know your property and talk about your options with you. Then, we'll take your ideas and turn them into a beautiful, functional landscape design that you can use with your prefered contractor.

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