what are the benefits of reglazing eye glasses

What Are The Benefits of Reglazing Eye Glasses?

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    Do you ever wish there was a way to give your worn-out pair of glasses a second chance at serving you? Yes, and the process is known as reglazing. Reglazing eyeglasses are an affordable and environmentally friendly option with many advantages. I will discuss why reglazing is a good idea for glasses wearers in this article.

    You can reuse your favourite frames by having the lenses reglazed to match your new prescription. Avoiding the purchase of a new pair of glasses is beneficial on multiple fronts: the wallet, the environment, and the community. The procedure is straightforward, requiring only the removal of the old lenses and the installation of the new ones. When you get your windows reglazed, clear eyesight need not come at the expense of your style or bank account.

    However, these advantages of having your eyeglasses reglazed are only the tip of the iceberg. We'll go into greater detail about the benefits, such as being able to alter your lenses' coatings and tints, in the entire blog post. We'll also talk about how reglazing can help you get more use out of your current frames and delay buying and adapting new eyewear. Keep reading if you want to know how reglazing can change your life with glasses!

    Reglazing Glasses' Advantages

    Reglazing your glasses could be the most cost-effective solution to refresh them that you can imagine. When you get your glasses reglazed, any damage to the lenses is repaired or replaced with brand-new glass, bringing them back to their original condition. Glasses can be reglazed to look like new, saving you money over buying new ones.

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    You Can Keep Your Favourite Frames.

    Getting your glasses reglazed is a fantastic option if you have a favourite pair that has seen better days due to old, yellowed lenses. The fact that you won't need to replace your frames is a great boon if you're watching your pennies or don't feel like shelling out for something new if you currently have something perfectly serviceable.

    You can keep your current eyeglass frames and have the lenses updated, eliminating any concerns you may have had about the suitability of your current eyewear. This is an excellent choice for those who prefer to keep the same pair of frames regardless of whether or not their prescription changes, as this eliminates the need to go out and get new glasses every time your eyesight needs correction.

    Lens Upgrades Are Simpler.

    Finding new glasses with lenses that match your current prescription can be challenging if you've recently examined your eyes and discovered that your prescription had changed dramatically. If you have your lenses reglazed, you can get better ones than what came with your frames, and for less money. This is especially useful if you need specialised lenses like progressives or bifocals.

    Instead of picking out a new set of frames, getting fitted for them, and waiting for everything to happen before they can wear them comfortably again, they can do this. In addition, getting your glasses reglazed eliminates the need to transport them to and from the optometrist or eye doctor's office.

    Get A Comprehensive Lens Fitting.

    You may rest assured that when a professional optician reglazes your lenses, they will be checked to ensure they fit snugly into your frames. This ensures that the user experiences no disruptions in vision or comfort from the various parts.

    A reglaze can also improve the fit of your lenses to your eyes and face. Lenses are removed from the frames, cleaned and polished, and new lenses are put in. Reglazing your glasses is a great alternative to buying new frames since you get brand new lenses customised to your face shape and size, and optionally, you may have your glasses reglazed so that they offer UV protection.

    Time-Saving and Convenient

    Many people choose to get their eyeglasses reglazed because it is more convenient and saves time than buying new glasses. Let's delve more into these benefits:

    1. Cost-effectiveness: The possibility for financial savings is one of Reglazing's key advantages. With reglazing, you can reuse the frames of your current glasses while replacing only the lenses. The cost of a new frame can add up quickly, especially if you're looking for something high-end or designer. You may save a lot of money on new prescription lenses without sacrificing the look or longevity of your frames by having them reglazed.
    2. Quick turnaround: The turnaround time for reglazing is also relatively short, which is a plus. If you decide to have your glasses reglazed, you may find an optical shop that will do the job quickly and effectively in only a few days. You'll appreciate this greatly if you use your glasses for everything from reading to driving.
    3. Familiarity and comfort: After having the lenses reglazed, you can keep your favourite frames. As time passes, most glasses' frames soften and conform to the curve of the wearer's face, making for a more snug and secure fit. Having your frames reglazed means you won't have to adjust to new glasses, so you may put them right where you left off.
    4. Prescription changes: If your eye doctor has recently adjusted your prescription, reglazing can help. You can save money on new eyewear by replacing the lenses to accommodate your new prescription. You will save time and energy searching through hundreds of frames for a new look. You can keep using your current eyewear pair while benefiting from enhanced eyesight.
    5. Customization options: Reglazing is a chance for personalisation. Lens materials, coatings, and tints are customizable to meet your needs and preferences. Thinner and lighter high-index lenses are one option; other coatings, such as anti-glare and scratch-resistant treatments, can further improve the clarity of vision and lens longevity. Because of this adaptability, you can select lenses that best suit your needs and preferences.
    6. Sustainability: Reglazing is a more environmentally friendly option. The eyeglasses sector of the fashion business contributes significantly to landfill garbage. By decreasing the need for new frames, reglazing helps reduce environmental impact by conserving resources and minimising waste. It's a baby step towards a greener tomorrow.

    There are several scenarios in which reglazing would be inappropriate despite its many advantages. New frames may be required if the current ones are broken, or you want a new look. Your optometrist may advise getting new frames if your prescription has changed significantly. To make the best choice for your eyes, it is recommended that you speak with an eye care professional.

    When Should I Reglaze My Glasses?

    You may have asked how often you should have your eyeglasses reglazed if you wear prescription glasses. Wear and tear on glasses can diminish their effectiveness over time and potentially destroy the lenses. Reglazing, often known as lens replacement, involves swapping out the lenses in a current frame for new ones. But how can you determine if it's time to reglaze your glasses? In this blog post, we'll discuss several signs that may indicate your glasses need to be reglazed.

    Lens Damage 

    Scratched lenses are not only annoying to look through but also reduce your field of vision and weaken the lenses over time. Therefore, there are more viable alternatives than delaying replacement.

    Reglazing makes it simple for Lensology to replace broken lenses, and our extensive selection of lens types, coatings, and features includes varifocals, bifocals, blue light protection, and many more. Could you take a look at the lenses we offer?

    Updated Prescription 

    You can keep up with any prescription changes if you check your eyes at the recommended intervals. Many people experience a gradual decline in their eyesight and sometimes require a slight adjustment to a relatively fresh pair of glasses to compensate. If your eyesight has changed, but you want to save money for new glasses, then reglazing is your procedure.

    New Lens Coating 

    You may have elected to forego the anti-scratch coating the last time, but now you regret it because you dropped them outside. Alternatively, the anti-glare coating may have been more useful in the low evening sun. Are you worried about the toll your time in front of a screen is taking on your eyesight? The advantages of blue light lenses are evident, especially as more people spend more time at home in front of screens. Our prescription lenses can protect you further from blue light and prolonged computer use.

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    What Are The Reglazing Processes of Eyeglasses?

    To "reglaze" a pair of eyeglasses means to swap out the lenses while keeping the frame. When your eyeglasses' prescription changes, the lenses become scratched, or your frames become outdated, you'll need this service. Instead of buying new glasses, you may give your old favourites a new lease on life by having them reglazed. Please allow me to show you the ins and outs of the process of reglazing eyeglasses so that you can fully appreciate its benefits.

    1. Prescription and Lens Selection: You should get your eyes checked by an optometrist or ophthalmologist and possibly prescribe new glasses. Single vision, bifocal, progressive, and specialty lenses like photochromic and anti-glare coatings are all available to you.
    2. Frame Inspection: Verify the stability of the current frames. To be ready for reglazing, they must be in good condition. It's possible that severely damaged frames won't work using the method.
    3. Lens Removal: Pre-existing lenses in your frames must be removed before reglazing. An optometrist or eyeglass technician often uses precision equipment to remove the lenses from the frames.
    4. Frame Cleaning and Preparation: Remove any traces of oil, dirt, and residue from the frames by cleaning them completely. Check for problems such as loose screws and other damage. The frames can be altered to provide a snug and comfortable fit.
    5. Lens Measurement: Be sure to provide the reglazing company with the measurements of your frames. They may ask for information like your pupillary distance (PD), segment height (for bifocals or progressives), and more.
    6. Lens Ordering: Give the reglazing company your prescription and the relevant measurements. With this data, they can make lenses specifically for your eyes. At this point, you can select any extra lens choices or coatings.
    7. Lens Installation: Replacement lenses are painstakingly put into the frame once ready. An eye care professional will check that the lenses are level and snug in the frame.
    8. Quality Check: A quality control check will be performed on the reglazed eyeglasses to confirm that the lenses were put in properly, the prescription was followed, and the frames were not harmed.
    9. Final Adjustments: If the glasses don't quite fit right, the optician or technician will make the required modifications so that you can see clearly and comfortably. Examples are adjusting the nose pads, contouring the temples, or tightening screws.
    10. Pickup or Delivery: If you've arranged for delivery, you can pick up your glasses from the service provider once they've been reglazed, or you can pick them up from the service provider yourself.


    Reglazing eyeglasses has many advantages, like as saving money, being more practical, and being better for the environment. In the reglazing process, broken or scratched lenses are either restored with new glass or removed and repaired. The only difficult part of this procedure is taking out the old lenses and replacing them with the new ones. Having good eyesight doesn't have to compromise your own style or your bank account.

    Those who like their frames but want new lenses have the option of reglazing their glasses. As a result, you won't have to keep shelling out money for new eyewear every time your vision requires adjusting. Even if your prescription has drastically changed, changing your lenses is a straightforward process. Better lenses than what came with your frames are possible with reglazing, and you won't have to lug your eyewear back and forth to the eye doctor or optometrist.

    A qualified optician will perform a thorough lens fitting service to ensure that your new lenses will sit well in your existing eyewear. This guarantees that your sight and comfort will be unimpaired by any of the moving parts. In addition to providing UV protection, reglazing can help your lenses better conform to the unique contours of your eyes and face.

    Regulating your glasses means you can keep your frames and just have new lenses, which saves you time and money. If you wear your glasses for everything from reading to driving, you'll appreciate how quickly you can get them reglazed.

    Familiar and cosy: after a re-glazing, your frames will soften and mould to the shape of your face, making them a more comfortable and secure fit. Reglazing allows you to keep your favourite frames even when your prescription changes, saving you money on new glasses while not compromising on style or durability.

    Lens material, coating, and colour choices are all available through Reglazing to accommodate individual tastes. High-index lenses are thinner and lighter, and additional treatments like anti-glare and scratch resistance can increase lens clarity and durability.

    Reglazing's positive effects on the environment are twofold: it conserves resources and produces less trash. Broken frames or a desire for a different style are two examples of when reglazing might not be the best option. Consult an eye doctor before making any rash decisions about your vision. Lensology makes it easy to get new lenses when they break, with a variety of options for lens types, coatings, and features like bifocals, varifocals, and blue light protection available during the reglazing process. Regular eye exams are necessary for keeping up with prescription adjustments. If your eyesight has changed and you'd like new glasses but don't want to spend a lot of money, reglazing may be an option.

    Prescription and lens selection, frame inspection, lens removal, cleaning and preparing the frame, measuring and ordering new lenses, installing the lenses, checking for quality control, and making any necessary modifications are all steps in the reglazing process. The company doing the reglazing will then custom-make lenses for your eyes, and you can choose from a variety of lens materials and coatings. After the glasses are set up, they'll be checked for fit and prescription accuracy as part of quality control. In order to provide comfortable and clear vision, the optician or technician will make any required adjustments.

    Home reglazing is an option if the service provider is inconvenient. Picking up your glasses from the delivery service is an option if you have previously booked for delivery.

    Content Summary

    • Reglazing eyeglasses provide a second chance for worn-out glasses.
    • Reglazing is an affordable and environmentally friendly option.
    • Reusing favourite frames saves money, benefits the environment, and the community.
    • Reglazing involves removing old lenses and installing new ones.
    • Reglazing allows clear eyesight without compromising style or budget.
    • Altering lens coatings and tints is possible through reglazing.
    • Reglazing extends the use of current frames and delays the need for new eyewear.
    • Reglazing can change your life with glasses.
    • Reglazing is a cost-effective solution to refresh glasses.
    • It repairs or replaces damaged lenses, restoring glasses to their original condition.
    • Reglazing allows you to keep your favourite frames.
    • It eliminates the need for new frames if the current ones are still serviceable.
    • Lens upgrades are simpler through reglazing.
    • Reglazing offers better lenses than what originally came with the frames.
    • Specialised lenses like progressives or bifocals can be easily obtained through reglazing.
    • Reglazing saves time and avoids transportation to the optometrist.
    • Professional opticians ensure a comprehensive lens fitting during reglazing.
    • Reglazing improves the fit of lenses to your eyes and face.
    • Customised lenses can be selected to meet your needs and preferences.
    • Reglazing is a convenient and time-saving option.
    • Cost-effectiveness is a key advantage of reglazing.
    • Quick turnaround time for reglazing services.
    • Familiarity and comfort are maintained by keeping your favourite frames.
    • Reglazing accommodates prescription changes.
    • Reglazing offers customisation options for lens materials, coatings, and tints.
    • Reglazing contributes to sustainability and reduces environmental impact.
    • Reglazing may not be suitable if frames are broken or if a new look is desired.
    • New frames may be advised for significant prescription changes.
    • Regular reglazing is recommended to maintain the glasses' effectiveness.
    • Scratched lenses reduce vision and can be replaced through reglazing.
    • Reglazing offers various lens types, coatings, and features.
    • Reglazing accommodates updated prescriptions.
    • New lens coatings can be added during reglazing.
    • Blue light lenses offer protection during prolonged computer use.
    • Reglazing involves swapping out lenses while keeping the frame.
    • Reglazing extends the life of old glasses instead of buying new ones.
    • Prescription and lens selection are important steps in reglazing.
    • Frame inspection ensures the suitability of frames for reglazing.
    • Pre-existing lenses are removed before reglazing.
    • Frames are cleaned and prepared for the reglazing process.
    • Lens measurement and ordering are crucial for custom lenses.
    • Replacement lenses are carefully installed into the frame.
    • Quality checks are conducted to ensure proper lens installation and prescription accuracy.
    • Final adjustments are made for a comfortable fit.
    • Nose pads, temples, and screws can be modified for proper fit.
    • Glasses can be picked up or delivered after reglazing.
    • Reglazing is a comprehensive process that involves multiple steps.
    • Reglazing allows for personalised lenses tailored to your specific needs.
    • Reglazing helps reduce waste and supports a greener future.
    • Consultation with an eye care professional is recommended for the best choice in reglazing.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In general, most types of eyeglass frames can be reglazed. However, it's best to consult with the reglazing service provider to confirm if your specific frames are suitable for the process. They can provide guidance based on the condition, material, and design of your frames.


    The frequency of reglazing depends on various factors such as changes in your prescription, wear and tear of the lenses, and personal preference. Typically, people consider reglazing when their prescription changes or when the lenses become scratched, damaged, or outdated. It's recommended to consult with your eye care professional to determine the appropriate time for reglazing based on your individual needs.


    In most cases, special lens coatings can be preserved during the reglazing process. However, it's recommended to discuss the details of your lens coating with the reglazing service provider to ensure they can accommodate the specific coating and replicate it on the new lenses.


    Many reputable reglazing service providers offer warranties or guarantees on their work. These warranties may cover issues such as lens defects or misalignments. It's advisable to inquire about the warranty or guarantee policies with the reglazing service provider you choose to understand the extent of their coverage.


    When performed by a reputable and experienced reglazing service provider, the reglazing process is generally safe. However, there can be risks if the lenses are not properly aligned or if the frames are not handled with care. Choosing a trusted reglazing service and following their guidelines minimizes the risks associated with the process.

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