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What Are The Best Cocktail Bar In Melbourne?

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    The Australian people are known for their love of alcohol, so it's no surprise that the country has numerous excellent drinking establishments. Bartender Magazine, however, takes this problem seriously, evaluating bars based on factors such as service, ambience, concept, and execution. The 2017 edition of Bartender Magazine Australian Bar Awards finalists have just been announced, and the top 10 are as follows.

    Big Poppa's, Sydney

    At 96 Oxford Street in Darlinghurst, New South Wales, you'll find Big Poppa's, a popular Sydney eatery. www.bigpoppa.com.au It's not just you if you think a night out would be perfect if you could listen to some hip hop, drink some beer, and eat some cheese. Then you must go to Big Poppa's. Or, you can head downstairs to the larger, fancier cocktail bar and order cheese and snacks to go with your drink at the larger, more swanky restaurant that sits above it. Don't worry about being rushed, as this well-respected Sydney spot stays open (including the kitchen) until 3 a.m.

    The Everleigh 

    Melbourne is the unofficial stomping ground for old-fashioned drinking charm. Without the Grand Dame of Melbourne's cocktail scene, The Everleigh, no list of the city's top watering holes would be complete. Owners Michael and Zara Madrusan keep a close eye on things from their perch above Gertrude Street, where their bar first opened in 2011. This was back when Melbourne's cocktail scene was just getting started. It has been the best cocktail bar in the city for a decade, through two renovations, and expansions into bottling, books, and even hand-cut ice. This bar was named the Best Victorian Bar of the Year in 2019, and it also took home the Australian Bartender Cocktail Bar of the Year award in 2018.

    The Gresham, Brisbane

    The Gresham, Brisbane can be found in the Queensland capital city of Brisbane at 308 Queen Street. www.thegresham.com.au The Gresham is the only business in Queensland to hold a Heritage Bar License, and its long history and impressive whisky selection are two of the reasons why. In spite of stocking some of the best whisky, rum, and wine in the country, the bar refuses to label itself, allowing customers to make whatever use they see fit with the space. In any case, there is nothing more satisfying than sipping a cocktail that has been carefully crafted and imaginatively created while contemplating the grandiose architecture that defines an era.

    Black Pearl 

    Maybe this bar was the first of its kind in all of modern Melbourne. It has produced more well-known bartenders than any other Australian institution, and in 2017 it was named the Best International Cocktail Bar in the world. Tash Conte, the bar's owner, has been keeping a close eye on everything. Since the Pearl's drink selection changes seasonally, I can't recommend anything to you. The bartenders here are encouraged to take risks and try new things. One night, a frozen Cosmopolitan will be waiting for you in the freezer. Bananas and bourbon are on tap for the next round. Sit down at that beautifully renovated old bar and drink whatever they serve you.

    Kittyhawk Sydney

    Sydney's Kittyhawk New South Wales, Australia; Postal Address: 16 Phillip Lane www.thekittyhawk.com.au Whether you choose to enjoy your meal in front of the wall of windows that frames a city view or in one of the intimate leather booths, you won't be able to escape the Parisian ambience that permeates the entire restaurant. Everything from the decor to the drinks to the contemporary French cuisine is themed around 1944, the year the city was liberated. This is the spot to visit if you're a cocktail connoisseur, a wine connoisseur, or just want to indulge your inner Francophile.

    Bar Americano 

    Among the many excellent cocktail bars in Melbourne, he is responsible for the creation of Bar Americano, widely considered to be the city's crown jewel. Traditional drinks are served, and the bar itself is cramped. Here, you can enjoy an exquisite Aperitivo and the company of smooth-talking bartenders without staying too long. It's clear that this method of doing business has stood the test of time. The spirit of Americano (and Matt's vision) has not been watered down in any way, despite the fact that the cocktail list is now updated weekly and there is a bottled range available if you would like to take a Negroni to go. There wasn't a single drop to be found.

    The Baxter Inn - Sydney

    Sydney, New South Wales, Basement of the Baxter Inn, 152-156 Clarence Street www.thebaxterinn.com If you're looking for a place to indulge your passion for whisky, look no further than the Baxter Inn, which boasts a list of nearly 800 different whiskies. The 10-meter bar is located in the basement of a building in an unmarked alleyway in the Central Business District. It has a wide selection of liquors and cocktails, including their signature drink. If you fancy yourself a connoisseur of the spirit, you may want to head down to the cellar, where you can sample some of the rarer and more unusual whiskies that are kept in the Whisky Room.

    Mechanics Institute, Perth

    222 William Street, Northbridge, Western Australia. That's where you'll find The Mechanics Institute, Perth Rear. www.mechanicsinstitutebar.com.au Make your home among the old buildings of Perth's Northbridge neighbourhood to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Downstairs at Flipside Burgers, you can grab a burger after enjoying a selection of craft beer and artisan wines from all over Australia, as well as a cocktail from the bar's ever-changing cocktail menu. The Mechanics' Institutes of the 1800s, which provided free higher education to the working class, served as an inspiration for the bar's design.

    The Beaufort, Melbourne

    The Beaufort is a hotel that can be found at 415-421 Rathdowne Street, Carlton, Victoria, Australia.

    au This Carlton watering hole has a wide variety of craft beers, cocktails, and great food, and is well-known for its nautical touches and Americana decor. Visitors can always count on The Beaufort to provide a memorable evening out thanks to the bar's knowledgeable staff, the restaurant's selection of burgers, and the weekly "Burgerpalooza" event on Tuesdays (during which customers can purchase a burger and a pint of Young Henry's for the low price of $12).

    Eau De Vie 

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    "Water of Life" or "Eau de Vie"
    Formerly one of Melbourne's best-kept secrets, Eau de Vie exudes an air of opulence. The semi-prohibition-style bar is heavily inspired by the speakeasy aesthetic and is one of the best cocktail bars in Melbourne despite being difficult to find. The secret to having a good time at Eau de Vie is to get there early and stake out your spot, whether it's a plush chair in the whisky lounge or a pair of prise stools by the bar. You can keep your wits about you thanks to the extensive food menu, which includes duck rillettes, charcuterie boards, and many other items in addition to a wide selection of classic cocktails. The secret recipe for Eau de Vie's signature sauce has been made public but has otherwise remained unchanged.

    The Perfect Cocktail Bar and Restaurant

    You can always count on finding a group of Melbourne locals at a local watering hole. But not any old bar will do! Drinks and food are often confused with one another in the context of Melbourne's dining scene. Because of its cultural diversity, openness to trying out new flavours from other regions of the world, and inventive approach to both cooking and dining, Melbourne is often called the "Foodie capital" of Australia. Locals have embraced the city's proliferation of trendy eateries serving up delicious dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world. However, it goes without saying that eating and drinking are meant to go hand in hand, and that you will enjoy the finest of both worlds at Yassas - The Greek Way.

    The Best of All Booze at Yassas- The Greek Way at Ringwood

    Rooftops and posh eateries aren't the only places to find Ringwood's best bars. If you're looking for a laid-back spot where you can leave your worries at the door, the best cocktail bar in Ringwood is on the first floor of the Eastland Shopping Centre. If you're in the mood for exotic cocktails with a Hellenic twist or a tasty, reasonably priced beer on tap, look no further than Yassa's - The Greek Way. The Greek Way is where you'll find Yassa's. This Greek restaurant in Melbourne has an extensive drinks menu, offering drinks that are hard to come by in other parts of the city. The best part is that you can always pair them with delicious Greek food that is freshly cooked and served hot by our helpful staff.

    Yassas—The Greek Way, as you'll see, is fully equipped to make you feel at home while also impressing guests. Some of our best-selling cocktails include the Greek Mojito, Greek Martini, and Mimosa. Elegant glasses are used to serve the Yassas Style drinks. If you're not the type to spend hours poring over the same old masterpieces, you'll find that the list is constantly evolving to reflect the preferences of the site's visitors. The bartenders will gladly prepare your standard mix, or they can whip up something a little more creative if you'd like.

    There is an extensive selection of traditional Greek libations, including the anise-flavored aperitif Ouzo, the grape-residue-based drink Tsipuro, and the clear brandy Raki, which is distilled from grapes and flavoured with anise. If you're not into beer, wine, and liquor, Yassas-The Greek Way also has a comprehensive wine list with offerings from Australia, Greece, and other renowned Old World and New World wine regions.

    Ringwood's Yasas, also called "The Greek Way," provides a sophisticated dining experience that is both exciting and fun to partake in.

    Wine, cider, lager, cocktails, whisky, and even housemade mocktails are just some of the libations available at Yassas - The Greek Way, all of which have been handpicked for their incredible quality and variety. Those alcoholic drinks are included in this. If you're hungry, you should eat here.

    If you're looking for a fine dining experience near Ringwood, Yassas—The Greek Way is without a doubt your best bet. Using spices sourced both at home and abroad greatly improves the flavour of freshly prepared meats and seafood. Each piece of chicken, lamb, and pork is expertly char-grilled, proving that the kitchen staff knows what they're doing. Appetizers like tzatziki, hummus, taramosalata, and spicy feta are often served as mezes. Sample some of the Mezes, or small plates of appetisers, they have to offer. They have a wide variety of salads that are both filling and healthy, making them an excellent choice as a meal starter. 

    Everything at Yassas is served in a family-style setting, as this is how Greeks typically dine in their homeland. Not only is the food reasonably priced, but the setting is reminiscent of a trip to the Greek islands. But Yassa's — The Greek Way is always bustling, especially during the peak mealtimes of lunch and dinner. Contact them as soon as possible to reserve a table or the entire establishment for a special occasion or business event.

    Whether it's wine, cider, lager, cocktails, whiskey, or even housemade mocktails, every item on the Yassas- The Greek Way menu is carefully curated, with impressive incredible quality and variety. You should dine here, too!

    If you're looking for fine dining in Ringwood, Yassas- The Greek Way is a no brainer. Fresh meat and seafood are wonderfully seasoned with spices from here and abroad. The chefs know what they're doing as every chicken, lamb, and pork are char-grilled to perfection. Don't forget to take a dip of its Mezes or small plates of appetisers, including tzatziki, hummus, taramosalata, spicy feta. It has an impressive salad line-up if you're looking to start your dinner with something filling and healthy. Fresh from the grill, you can choose from generous portions of chicken, lamb, or pork skewers served with fresh pita. And don't forget to try out its signature dishes like the moussaka in its traditional meaty and vegetarian forms.

    Everything is served family-style at Yassas- because, after all, that's the Greek Way of enjoying food in the Motherland. The food is reasonably priced, and the ambience is close to what you'd normally experience in Greek Islands. However, Yassa's- The Greek Way gets busy, especially during lunch and dinner. So it's always best to contact them to reserve a table or two or the entire venue if you're looking to host a party or corporate function.

    Other Cocktail Bars In Melbourne

    Shady Pines Saloon, Sydney

    Shop 4, 256 Crown Street, Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia is where you'll find the Shady Pines Saloon. www.shadypinessaloon.com This Darlinghurst favourite features country-tinged tunes, taxidermy decor, and bartenders with psychic abilities. There will also be taxidermy on display. The skilled bartenders here will gladly help you find the perfect drink, whether you like cocktails, spirits, or craft beers from a small brewery.

    Bar Margaux 

    Bar Margaux, located below Lonsdale Street, is an underground hybrid of Parisian chic and New York City cool. Think of the best classic French cuisine you've ever had, then throw in some art deco mirrors and tiles, leather seating, a wooden bar, and some of the most creative drinks you've ever had, and you've got Bar Margaux. No matter what you order from the menu, you'll be satisfied. However, if you're having trouble deciding, the bartenders are happy to help point you in the right direction or even make you a custom cocktail that isn't on the menu.

    Ramblin' Rascal Tavern, Sydney

    New South Wales, Australia; 199 Elizabeth Street, Sydney Sydney's Ramblin' Rascal Saloon www.ramblinrascaltavern.com Finding this tiny bar on the corner of Park and Elizabeth streets is well worth the trouble, as it is only marked by a black sign with three skulls. The dimly lit room gives off an air of authenticity and ease, and the drink menu's exclusive stock of Australian craft beers and wines is a nice way to give back to the local community.


    what are the best cocktail bar in melbourne (2)An air of sophisticated elegance permeates Siglo. A rooftop bar in one of Victoria's most culturally diverse neighbourhoods, with breathtaking views of the Parliament Building, can be found atop a building on Spring Street (CBD). Just below it is where you'll find the Supper Club and the European, respectively. The best cocktails in Melbourne can be found at Siglo, where regulars include local celebrities, international artists, and seasoned CBD hospitality industry veterans. This outdoor bar is decorated like a cigar lounge, and it serves a wide variety of alcoholic beverages in addition to cigars straight from the humidor.


    One of the most talked-about establishments in Melbourne, Poodle Bar & Bistro is scheduled to open in 2020 and has already become a hotspot for locals. The two-story Gertrude Street diner is strengthened by the chic art deco design of its intimate cocktail bar, which is located on the upper floor. After a long day, you'll appreciate the space's open fireplace, painted brick walls, and dark green marble bar. The extensive and varied cocktail list includes surprises like the "White Ferrari," which is made with sweet and spiced Cocchi Americano wine, Tanqueray gin, and Lilet Blanc. To our favourite, the "Pineapple Gimmiez," a gin, pineapple, and lime twist on the classic that stands on its own.


    Among Melbourne's original Renaissance watering holes, 1806 Bar ranks up there with Gin Palace and Black Pearl. In honour of the year that the word "cocktails" was coined, this establishment bears that date in its name. In 2007, when the bar first opened, most Victorians still considered a dirty martini to be a cutting-edge cocktail. It had a touch of decadence and was both exciting and novel. Each decade of alcohol beverage history was represented on the cocktail menu. Bartenders were encouraged to be creative and explore the limits of acceptable behaviour. And it had a great vibe, with soft lighting, soothing tunes, and lots of open space for people to mingle. The situation has not improved much even today. If you'd prefer a more intimate setting, try The Understudy, a private drinking room with its own menu.


    Smooth, Classy, and Effortless You only need to remember three words in order to become an expert on Byrd. The CBD bar offers a unique dining experience by sourcing local and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. Beverage-wise, you can get creative with your mixing by ordering highballs and cocktails with unusual ingredients. The Strangelove pear soda pairs particularly well with the fermented, fortified, and smoked Yarra Valley Pear. Byrd has become one of Melbourne's most well-known cocktail bars in no small part due to the breadth and depth of its food offerings in addition to its extensive drink menu. The menu features a wide variety of tasty options that pair splendidly with your current drink of choice. 

    When the clock strikes the cocktail hour, the last thing you want to be doing is fumbling around with weak martinis or a Negroni that has too much spirit in it. However, there are many excellent places to grab a drink in every part of the city, thanks to Melbourne's thriving restaurant and bar scenes. There are a variety of great spots to relax and have a good time, from hidden watering holes to high-class swank.


    Winners of the 2017 Bartender Magazine Australian Bar Awards have been revealed. Some of the criteria used to compile the list include service, ambience, concept, and execution. the Kittyhawk in Sydney. Postal Address: 16 Phillip Lane, New South Wales, Australia Website: www.thekittyhawk.com.au. You can't escape the Parisian ambience whether you choose to dine in front of the windows that frame a city view or in one of the cosy leather booths.

    This is the place to satisfy your whisky cravings. Almost 800 types of whisky are available at the Baxter Inn. Flipside Burgers is located downstairs, perfect for after you've sampled some of the local beers and wines. Once upon a time, Eau de Vie was Melbourne's best-kept secret. The speakeasy style was a major influence on this bar's design, which is reminiscent of the Prohibition era.

    For genuine Greek wine and spirits, visit Yassas in Ringwood. On the ground floor of the Eastland Shopping Centre sits Ringwood's finest cocktail bar. The wine list at Yassas-The Greek Way is extensive, featuring selections from both well-known Old World and New World wine producing regions such as Australia and Greece. Yassa's Style drinks are served in sophisticated stemware. Yassas—The Greek Way is your best option for a fine dining experience in the Ringwood area.

    Bar Margaux combines the best of Parisian style and New York City hipness in one underground location. The Shady Pines Saloon plays country music, has taxidermy on the walls, and has bartenders with psychic powers. Siglo and Poodle serve up some of the finest libations in all of Melbourne. The dimly lit room at the Ramblin' Rascal Saloon exudes a genuine and comfortable vibe. The elegant art deco style really sets off this two-story diner on Gertrude Street.

    This bar dates back to the Renaissance era and is known as 1806. Delicious food and drinks are available in abundance at Byrd. Restaurants and bars are plentiful throughout the city.

    Content Summary

    • The finalists for the 2017 Bartender Magazine Australian Bar Awards have been revealed, and the list of top 10 contenders is as follows.
    • Big Poppa's is a well-liked Sydney restaurant that can be found at 96 Oxford Street in the neighbourhood of Darlinghurst.
    • Then Big Poppa's is where you need to be.
    • To talk about Melbourne's best bars would be remiss if it didn't include The Everleigh, the undisputed matriarch of the city's cocktail scene.
    • It has more famous alumni among its bartender ranks than any other Australian institution, and in 2017 it was named the Best International Cocktail Bar in the world.
    • The contemporary French cuisine, drinks, and decor are all themed around the year 1944, when the city was liberated.
    • Americano Bar, that's us!
    • He's largely credited with making Bar Americano, one of Melbourne's many top-notch cocktail lounges, what it is today.
    • The Baxter Inn, 152-156 Clarence Street, Basement, Sydney, NSW, Australia www.thebaxterinn.com The Baxter Inn is the place to go if you have a penchant for whisky; they have a menu with nearly 800 options.
    • Those in search of lodging in Carlton, Victoria, Australia will find The Beaufort at 415-421 Rathdowne Street.
    • au Known for its nautical details and Americana decor, this Carlton watering hole serves a wide selection of craft beers, cocktails, and delicious food.
    • Eau de Vie exudes an air of opulence and was once one of Melbourne's best-kept secrets.
    • The speakeasy-inspired, semi-prohibition era bar is one of the best cocktail bars in Melbourne, despite its elusive location.
    • There is a wide selection of classic cocktails to complement the extensive food menu, which features duck rillettes, charcuterie boards, and many other items to help you keep your wits about you.
    • In the context of Melbourne's food and drink scene, it's easy to get the two mixed up.
    • Yasas, in Ringwood, is also known as "The Greek Way," and it offers a sophisticated, exciting, and fun dining experience.
    • When it comes to high-quality restaurants in the Ringwood area, Yassas—The Greek Way is without a doubt your best option.
    • Yassas follows the traditional Greek practise of serving all of its food in a communal setting, with each guest contributing to the preparation and cleanup of their own plates.
    • On the other hand, Yassa's — The Greek Way is always crowded, not just during lunch and dinner hours.
    • Bar Margaux, hidden away beneath Lonsdale Street, is a cross between a Parisian cabaret and a New York City speakeasy.
    • 199 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia In Sydney, stop by the Ramblin' Rascal Saloon, online at www.ramblinrascaltavern.com. Despite being marked by nothing more than a black sign featuring three skulls, the tiny bar at the intersection of Park and Elizabeth streets is well worth the search.
    • In one of Victoria's most racially and ethnically diverse areas, a rooftop bar offers spectacular views of the Parliament Building (CBD).
    • Celebrities, international artists, and seasoned veterans of Melbourne's CBD hospitality industry frequent Siglo because it serves the best cocktails in Melbourne.
    • The much-anticipated opening of Poodle Bar & Bistro in 2020 has already made it a must-visit destination for locals in the Melbourne area.
    • The 1806 Bar is one of Melbourne's oldest bars, along with the Gin Palace and the Black Pearl, and a true gem of the Renaissance era.
    • Byrd's prominence as one of Melbourne's most renowned cocktail bars is due in no small part to the extensive menu of both savoury and sweet treats that it serves.
    • However, Melbourne's thriving restaurant and bar scenes mean that you'll never be far from a great place to grab a drink, no matter where you are in the city.

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    • Marketing tips to attract customers to your bar!
    • Know your audience. First of all, you need to establish the kind of bar you would like to run.
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    • Food and drinks.
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