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What Are The Best Great View Restaurants In Melbourne?

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    One of life's greatest pleasures is enjoying a meal while taking in the view. Perhaps it's the added context and significance of the occasion, but there's something about a panoramic view that makes everything taste better. Whatever the case may be, a pleasant view can enhance the flavour of one's meal.

    View restaurants have the dual abilities of drawing in customers and allowing for peaceful conversation. As well as capable of taking the lead during social interactions such as a date, catch-up, or business meeting.

    There aren't as many "scenery restaurants" in Melbourne as there are in Sydney and Brisbane. However, there are still many places that provide breathtaking vistas if you know where to look. Upon arrival, just make sure to request a seat at the right table.

    Melbourne Restaurants With A View

    Restaurants in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, with the best views can be found right away at Melbourne Restaurants with a view.

    It is our hope that diners at one of our Melbourne establishments will be treated to views of the city skyline, Port Phillip Bay, the Yarra River, Albert Park Lake, and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Yes, it's that simple!


    Reopening in December 2016, guests have already started booking stays through March 2017. Melbourne locals feel this way because their beloved seaside diner, which opened in 1989 but was destroyed by fire in January of 2014, closed forever.

    After the makeover, there are now three distinct rooms. Paper Fish is a small kiosk selling fried seafood. Pontoon, a casual restaurant famous for its seafood and pizzas baked in wood ovens, can be found on the ground floor.

    A trip up the stairs will bring you to Stokehouse, an opulent eatery decorated by Pascale Gomes-McNabb. You can sit anywhere in the room and still have a clear view of the scenery outside the windows, which go all the way to the ceiling in this space. Although reservations are highly recommended, there is a 12.5-meter-long oval bar that welcomes walk-ins for drinks and small plates.

    Beer, cocktails, and spirits are all available in sufficient quantities to accommodate the tastes of the vast majority of patrons. The clientele necessitates a wine list heavy on the classics, so you'll find plenty of Burgundies and Chablises, along with some from closer to home in McClaren Vale.

    Vue de Monde

    Vue de Monde has such a stellar reputation that diners almost expect their meal to live up to the restaurant's lofty location. Thankfully, one of Shannon Bennett's restaurants serves some of the best food in the country.

    The Rialto building's 55th-floor observation deck is home to the restaurant's third location. Guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the city, from the Docklands to the Dandenongs.

    Chef Hugh Allen, who joined Vue in 2019, is changing the restaurant's focus from European cuisine to that of Australia's indigenous peoples.

    The dark and sleek interior, designed with a modern Australian twist at a cost of $10 million, is the ideal complement to the breathtaking vista outside. Captains of Industry commissioned the kangaroo-leather-covered tables themselves. Though large enough to house an entire family, couples usually avoid staying in these accommodations.

    They are simple containers for a scattering of river stones that serve multiple purposes as salt and pepper shakers, butter dishes, and cutlery holders.

    Roo also materialises in the form of cushy seating (and on the menu).

    As each course is served, one of the personable and perceptive chefs will come to the table to provide a detailed explanation of the meal. There is only one course on the menu, and it could be any number from 14 to 17. The menu changes daily, but past highlights have included cured South African beef, sea urchin served with a bunya nut emulsion, and cured South African beef.

    Indulge in a meal at Vue and get more than just a good meal; get a memorable experience. Every element of the restaurant, from the open kitchen to the wait staff to the food itself, appears to be staged for maximum dramatic effect. Since the hospitality staff always does a great job, it's easy to put your trust in them and let them deal with whatever comes up.

    Captain Baxter

    Captain Baxter is seated in the traditional manner of a ship's captain on the upper level of the crowded St. Kilda Sea Baths, looking out over the ocean. The restaurant's new menu, which features an abundance of seafood dishes, is the perfect complement to the panoramic views of St. Kilda beach and Port Phillip Bay afforded by the floor-to-ceiling windows. Even if they tried, this restaurant couldn't feel more like they were on the beach.

    Closing its doors in May of 2018, the original Captain Baxter had hoped to make better use of the space and highlight the benefits of its waterfront location. Executive chef Matt Dawson stated that Star Architecture's Aleksandra Savic Rakocevic was tasked with creating an atmosphere reminiscent of the "Bahamas, bungalow, beachside."

    Dawson and his wife Amanda, along with Tom Doolan and his wife Amara, are all co-owners and share in the business's management. The organisation also manages the neighbouring Encore club and the Mr. McCracken cafe in Essendon, which are both located on the lower levels of the building.

    This brief has been largely met; the house feels like it could belong to an affluent friend and has the vibe of a bungalow from the 1920s. For the purpose of creating a lighter and more airy atmosphere, Rakovic opted to use white walls, cane accents, and railing-free balconies.

    Standard seating arrangements provide diners with unobstructed views of the water and scenery. Customers can now enjoy casual cocktails in the patio bar's outdoor space while taking in the fresh air and sunshine, thanks to the retractable roof. All customers are encouraged to join in on the easygoing vibe by dressing casually, as this establishment has relaxed its dress code in order to better accommodate its clientele, who are primarily beachgoers.

    The menu features a large amount of seafood, which is not surprising given the location. To help achieve the restaurant's goal of reimagining classic beach fare with an Asian twist, executive sous chef Timothy Martin (The European, Taxi Dining Room) is working alongside Dawson.

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    Jesse Gerner's Tigerbird Group (Aada, Nomada) imports alcohol from Spain for their restaurant and rooftop bar, Bomba, a late-night tapas institution. You can find Bomba in the Tigerbird family of brands.

    The downstairs eatery is dingy, crowded, and uncomfortable. Chef and co-owner Andrew Fisk crafted a menu of tapas and larger share plates featuring a lot of protein, and the restaurant's cosier nooks are perpetually bustling with couples on first or fifteenth dates.

    Meats that have been smoked, salted, cured, and slow-cooked are all available. Regulars have been able to order fan favourites like pork jowl braised in Pedro Ximenez for 12 hours and served with a sticky, gooey sauce since Bomba first opened in 2013. 

    To reach the newly renovated rooftop, take the elevator to the fifth floor.

    a multi-million dollar facelift in 2018 Despite its small size, this room can fit a maximum of 120 people standing, and its adjacent terrace can be transformed into a fully functional outdoor space, complete with a retractable roof and drop-down windows. Excellent views of the city can be seen from your room.

    Naked In The Sky

    Naked in the Sky has been Fitzroy's favourite rooftop bar since it first opened in 2010. From the basement's Naked for Satan bar, ride the elevator up to the rooftop and head straight for the patio. Working together is essential if you want to find a seat with a good view at this venue. Have a friend snag a table for you while you take care of the drinks.

    Lucky for us, there are a plethora of stunning vistas to take in. The first thing that strikes you about Fitzroy is the unimpeded view of the city skyline that stretches out over the terrace houses. Without a doubt, it is one of the city's most famous landmarks.

    To the east, along the building's perimeter, is a more tranquil and panoramic view of the Dandenong Ranges. Empty seats tend to cluster here. Northbound Brunswick Street can be seen from the other end of the roof.

    On the other hand, Naked in the Sky has never been content to rest on its laurels in terms of aesthetics alone. That's been crucial to the success of the bar over the years. When the rooftop bar's menu was revamped in 2018, it was decided to move away from serving pintxos and towards a tapas-style menu that did not require the use of toothpicks.

    Beef tartare, Jamon Serrano, and tofu sliders are just some of the dishes that have been replaced by a modern Australian menu with Basque influences.

    Of course, there is also a well-thought-out drinks menu, with the usual assortment of rooftop-appropriate alcoholic beverages such as craft beers and wines. More than 20 unique vodkas, infused in-house and changing with the seasons, are available at Naked in the Sky.

    Farmer’s Daughters

    An homage to Gippsland and its bounty, Farmer's Daughters is a multi-level celebration of the fruits and vegetables grown there. Renowned Peruvian chef Alejandro Saravia Pastuso, who currently makes his home in Melbourne, came up with the idea. Saravia's initial involvement with the area began in 2016 when he went on a tour of the region's products.

    Saravia was astounded by the abundance and variety of the local cuisine. He was appointed as an ambassador to the region because he was so universally admired. Farmer's Daughters, a restaurant serving traditional Gippsland fare, opened in the heart of the Central Business District in 2021.

    The interior decor takes its cues from the breathtaking scenery that can be found throughout Gippsland. Greens, greys, and browns are used because they were inspired by Gippy's gumtrees, and the restaurant's "campfire kitchen" was an idea that came to Saravia after she watched farmers cook over fires. The restaurant's reclaimed wood came from area lumberyards. Many modern stoves and ovens are designed to concentrate the flame's heat on the food for optimal cooking.

    On the first floor, you'll find the deli. A pantry tucked away in a corner stocks Gippsland wines from Holly's Garden and Lightfoot & Sons as well as produce from Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese and Tarago Olives, and guests can choose to dine à la carte, at the gumtree-green bar, or at one of the tables. The ambience is relaxed and dashing.

    Bass Strait beef cheek pastrami, lamb shoulder from Cherry Tree Organics slow-roasted in the oven, and a trifle for dessert are just a few of the items you'll find on the menu. Bass Strait beef is used to make the pastrami for the beef cheeks.

    The Melbourne Supper Club

    Through a plain wooden door and up some stairs lies the Melbourne Supper Club, generally agreed upon as the city's finest watering hole. If there's still room, the host will show you to an antique Chesterfield sofa where you can relax and enjoy the services of the best bartenders in Melbourne. If you get lucky, you can see the Parliament Building from where you're sitting at the bar because it faces the street and has a huge picture window.

    This bar is perfect for grabbing a drink before heading home, or spending the night at with some friends over a few bottles of red wine and stimulating conversation (they can close as late as 6 am on weekends). The leather-bound book of wine selections is comprehensive, with multiple pages devoted to each type of grape and regional blend. There is also a wide range of alcoholic beverages to choose from.

    Oysters and a melty Croque monsieur are just two of the items on the menu that would be perfect for a late dinner. It's reasonable to assume this. Siglo, the sister rooftop bar of The Supper Club, is the perfect place to go when you want to enjoy the fresh air or a cigar.

    The Supper Club has the air of an upscale city club, but the atmosphere is warm and inviting. We couldn't have thought of a better place to end our night if we tried.

    Mya Tiger

    Two floors of the Esplanade Hotel were closed off to the public for a long time before the hotel's renovation was revealed in December 2018. This building's upper levels now house a Cantonese restaurant called Mya Tiger and two cocktail bars called The Green Room and Ghost of Alfred Felton.

    The palm trees at Mya Tiger provide spectacular views of the city and bay. High tables are perfect for those who enjoy people-watching from a vantage point above the stairwell and the bar.

    The menu describes several classic Chinese dishes. As an example of the snacks, we have the five-spice ribs and the cumin lamb spring rolls. Traditional favourites like char siu pork bao and pork and chilli wontons can be found on the menu of bao and dumplings. An umami-rich flavour is achieved by preparing the raw kingfish with smoked soy and truffle, and then topping it with more truffle. 

    The wine list was designed to complement the restaurant's Cantonese fare and avoids oaky whites and high-proof reds. Some options are sold by the bottle, while others are available by the glass. Local and New Zealand wines, as well as international favourites like German Riesling and Argentinian Malbec, are all available.

    Cocktails reimagine traditional drinks in novel, regional forms. Mixing gin, passionfruit, shiso, lime, and elderflower yields the Shiso-Shiso Mule. The house Espresso Martini is made with oolong tea, and the Margarita is infused with kaffir lime.

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    Panama Dining Room and Bar

    Previous owners Laki Papadopoulos and James Langley opened the venue, but when the current owner, Luke Stepsys, moved to Melbourne, he had never heard of it (Rice Queen, Vegie Bar). He'd been on the prowl for a place to settle down and call his own, and Panama was love at first sight.

    At about the midpoint of 2014, the space was opened up, decluttered, and some of the more tacky decorations were removed. Service and food quality have both improved since head chef Ayhan Erkoc, who Stepsys knew in Adelaide, took over.

    The bar by Erotic known as Celsius was located there. Plus, he ate at two of Sydney's finest restaurants, Noma and Pier and Marque. Among the many tasty items on his menu are barbecued ox tongue, pumpkin eclairs stuffed with goat cheese, and oysters topped with finger lime and cucumber.

    Pork belly with chestnuts and leek, or gnocchi with black garlic and parmesan, are some of the restaurant's main courses that are best appreciated in the slightly quieter dining area.

    All sorts of drinks are available, from beer and wine to cocktails, at this establishment. This is the main reason why the place is always packed on the weekend. Do not miss out on the chance to relax and take in the sights.


    From the outside, you can see the vintage train cars that have been mounted on the roof of the building. Nothing, however, could have prepared you for the sight that awaited you when you emerged from the carriage: rows of original orange and brown train seats, a bar with several beer taps, and breathtaking views of the city. Freight trains and graffiti art are prominent design elements. The prices on the menu are styled to resemble train schedules, and many of the tables feature laminated rail maps.

    Next, we have the Easey Cheesy, the eatery's version of the standard all-day burger. Peter Bouchier ground beef (secret cuts), cheese, onion, mustard, ketchup, and McClure's pickles from Detroit are included in the low price of $11.

    Vegetables, salad? Not even one can be found. For the sake of "ruthlessness," which is how Hurlston describes his ideal burger, only bacon and jalapeos will do.

    FAQs About Melbourne Restaurants

    La Baia Bar Cucina is a favorite place for TheFork users. This 9.4 rated restaurant is located in Melbourne (VIC) and would be an excellent choice for your next meal. Mr Hobson and Berth Restaurant are also some of the more popular views restaurants in Melbourne (VIC), according to reviews from our users.

    Some of the more popular restaurants in Melbourne City, according to TheFork users, include Berth Restaurant, Hophaus Euro Bar Bistro, and Mr Hobson. Discover all views restaurants: views restaurants near Melbourne City.

    Some of the more popular great view restaurants that offer gluten-free options on their menu in Melbourne (VIC), according to TheFork users, include:

    • Berth Restaurant, with a 9 rating
    • La Baia Bar Cucina, with a 9.4 rating
    • Brighton Beach Hotel (Milanos), with an 8.4 rating

    Best Foods in Melbourne You Must Try

    • Salt and pepper calamari.
    • Fairy bread.
    • Chicken Parma.
    • Anzac biscuits.
    • Dim sim.
    • Pigs in a blanket.
    • Spag bol.
    • Vegemite.

    Top local favourite restaurants in Melbourne, FL

    • Grey Belly. 
    • The Mansion. 
    • Ocean 302 Bar & Grill. 
    • Crush XI. 
    • Me-N-Titos. 
    • Squid Lips. 
    • 4th Street Filling Station. 
    • The Fat Snook. 


    In addition to attracting diners, a restaurant's view can also encourage quiet conversation. In contrast to Sydney and Brisbane, Melbourne does not have a large number of "scenery restaurants." However, if you know where to look, you can find many stunning vistas. Guests can enjoy the world from Vue de Monde, an observation deck on the 55th floor of the Rialto. The kangaroo-leather-topped tables were commissioned by industry titans.

    The modern Australian-inspired dark and sleek interior is the perfect complement to the breathtaking scenery outside. After closing in 2018, Bomba, a late-night tapas restaurant and rooftop bar, has reopened. Captain Baxter, the original owner, wanted to build on the property's waterfront location. In the new patio bar, patrons can sip cocktails in the open air. Naked in the Sky is a popular rooftop bar in the Fitzroy neighbourhood.

    It first welcomed guests in 2010, and in 2018 it reopened after a multi-million dollar makeover. Chef Alejandro Saravia Pastuso prepares a contemporary tapas menu with Basque and Peruvian influences. In 2021, the restaurant Farmer's Daughters opened with the goal of providing authentic food from Gippsland. For more efficient cooking, today's stoves and ovens are made to focus the flame directly on the food. It's commonly agreed that Melbourne Supper Club, a cocktail bar, is the best watering hole in town.

    Similar to Melbourne's The Supper Club, Siglo can be found in the Esplanade Hotel. It has breathtaking views of the city and bay. Ayhan Erkoc, the head chef, has experience at Noma and Pier and Marque, two of Sydney's top dining establishments. The menu's prices are formatted to look like train timetables, and the tables are covered with laminated rail maps.

    Content Summary

    • In contrast to Sydney and Brisbane, Melbourne does not have a large number of "scenery restaurants."
    • Restaurants in Melbourne with Stunning Views
    • Melbourne Restaurants with a view is the best place to find a table at a restaurant with a window seat in Victoria, Australia.
    • Visitors have already started booking stays through March 2017 since the resort reopened in December 2016.
    • Diners at Vue de Monde have high expectations because of the restaurant's illustrious reputation.
    • The restaurant has a third location on the Rialto Building's observation deck, which is on the 55th floor.
    • Visitors can take in a breathtaking vista of the entire city, from the Docklands to the Dandenongs.
    • Since Hugh Allen, the new chef at Vue, arrived in 2019, the restaurant has shifted its focus from European to Australian indigenous cuisine.
    • The $10 million dark and sleek interior, designed with a modern Australian twist, perfectly complements the breathtaking scenery outside.
    • The restaurant's new menu, which emphasises seafood, pairs well with the stunning views of St. Kilda beach and Port Phillip Bay that can be seen from the establishment's floor-to-ceiling windows.
    • The original Captain Baxter, which closed in May 2018, intended to make more efficient use of the space and highlight the advantages of their waterfront location.
    • According to Executive Chef Matt Dawson, Aleksandra Savic Rakocevic of Star Architecture was tasked with making the restaurant feel like a "Bahamas, bungalow, beachside."
    • The building's lower levels house the Encore Club and Mr. McCracken Cafe, both of which are managed by the same company. This room's adjacent terrace can be converted into a fully functional outdoor space, complete with a retractable roof and drop-down windows, so it can accommodate a maximum of 120 people in a standing configuration.
    • Since its opening in 2010, Everything Above Me Is BareNaked in the Sky has been the go-to rooftop bar for Fitzroy locals.
    • As of the 2018 menu refresh, the rooftop bar no longer serves pintxos in favour of a tapas-style menu that does not call for the use of toothpicks.
    • The richness and variety of the local food shocked Saravia.
    • In 2021, the bustling Central Business District was home to Farmer's Daughters, a restaurant serving classic Gippsland cuisine.
    • Beautiful natural settings in Gippsland served as inspiration for the interior design.
    • Australian club dinner in Melbourne
    • The Melbourne Supper Club, the best bar in town, is located behind an unassuming wooden door up a few flights of stairs.
    • The Supper Club's sibling rooftop bar, Siglo, is the ideal place to go for some fresh air and a cigar.
    • The Esplanade Hotel's renovation, which had been hidden from the public for a long time, was finally unveiled in December 2018.
    • Since Ayhan Erkoc, whom Stepsys knew in Adelaide, took over as head chef, service and food quality have both greatly improved.
    • The two best restaurants in Sydney, Noma and Pier and Marque, were on his bill as well.
    • Mounted on the roof of the building are vintage train cars, which can be admired from the street.
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