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What Are The Best Rooftop Restaurants In Melbourne?

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    Melbourne is consistently ranked as one of the best cities in the world for the quality of its dining options and nightlife. Even the rooftop eateries adhere to this rule.

    Beautiful rooftop restaurants ideal for a romantic evening are easily accessible. spots that are ideal for a couple's night out, places with a buzzing atmosphere where you can grab a bite after a long day, and more. Melbourne is a one-stop shop for all your needs.

    This list of the best rooftop restaurants in Melbourne was compiled by the Rooftop Guide, widely regarded as the world's foremost authority on rooftops. Enjoy!

    Best Rooftop Dining In Melbourne, Fl

    Enjoying a meal on a rooftop is, at the very least, 20% more enjoyable than having a drink on the ground floor. This is the right answer. Let's see what happens if we try it. In that case, get your asses up those stairs, hit that elevator button, and take a look at these priceless artefacts. Some are in the city proper, while others are out in the suburbs but still provide breathtaking panoramas of the city centre.

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    FABLE Melbourne

    To continue in the tradition of its forerunner, FABLE Melbourne is the highest point in the city from which to absorb the true Mediterranean spirit. Full of flavour and made to be shared, the seasonal Mediterranean fare served here is perfect for any occasion. Alex Xinis, the kitchen's executive chef, came up with the dish.

    FABLE, a restaurant and bar high above Melbourne, is open most evenings for dining and drinking and has a menu to match its carefully curated selection of cocktails.

    168 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000

    The Q

    The Quincy Hotel is the one that brought Southeast Asian cuisine to Melbourne, and it did so all the way up in style with the ultra-modern and plush The Q.

    This stylish indoor/outdoor venue is set among the city's skyscrapers and features breathtaking views of the skyline. Its lofty position above Melbourne's Central Business District makes for spectacular views (to be exact, it is located 28 floors above).

    The Q rooftop bar's menu isn't limited to just a few tasty Asian-inspired small plates; it also features a wide variety of creative and skilfully made signature cocktails. Dishes like "Roasted pork belly bao," "Vegetable spring rolls," and "Mekong chicken ribs" are meant to be shared amongst a large group of people.

    Experience Melbourne like never before on a rooftop with the people you care about or new friends. There is a lively and exciting bar scene that will continue well into the night if you choose to stay after you have finished eating and drinking.

    509 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000


    You can find this Spanish eatery and rooftop bar in Melbourne's CBD. Visitors can take in breathtaking views of one of the city's busiest areas while still feeling a sense of peace and relaxation.

    Downstairs, you'll find a great tapas atmosphere and a friendly, relaxing ambience in which to enjoy it. Meanwhile, the rooftop bar serves up creative takes on classic cocktails, fine Spanish wines, innovative twists on the gin and tonic, and a stunning array of brews.

    Additionally, Bomba is one of the few places in town to offer sangria straight from the tap.

    The rooftop at Bomba, with its retractable roof and plush seating, provides a welcome respite from the bustle of the surrounding streets below. For this reason, it serves as a great option for people who want to take a break from work or have a fun night out with friends.

    Bomba Tapas Bar and Rooftop, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

    Captain Baxter

    After a few years of renovations, the Captain Baxter, the only beachside venue on this list, has become one of the city's most popular hangouts.

    Your time at Captain Baxter will always be well spent due to the excellent cuisine, tasty drinks, and stunning ocean views. But if that isn't enough to sway you, this spectacular rooftop location also features a calm and sophisticated ambience.

    The menu at Captain Baxter, which is themed around Asian-inspired seafood preparations, is complemented by the nautical decor of the restaurant and bar.

    No visit to Chicago is complete without taking in the sunset from the deck of Captain Baxter, one of the city's finest rooftop restaurants and bars. The club has great music, a calm environment, friendly staff, and more.

    10-18 Jacka Boulevard, St Kilda VIC 3182

    Imperial Hotel

    The Imperial Hotel is one of the city's oldest drinking establishments, despite its misleading name. It features three stories of bar space. Do not expect clarity if you visit.

    Even though the entire building is designed for eating and drinking, the rooftop terrace is the most attractive feature. Incredible views of the city and a fun vibe keep visitors coming back for more.

    The terrace, which is made up of a wooden deck, has a number of different seating arrangements, large umbrellas to protect guests from the rain and sun, weekend outdoor heaters, and a high-end outdoor bar.

    Indoors, which still means two stories of bar and lounge, is the place to go if the weather gets bad, but it's hardly a sacrifice. Despite the terrace's partially covered space, it's best to stay inside if the weather is bad.

    Since it is an English pub, the Imperial Hotel serves not only a wide variety of beers, but also cocktails and both traditional and creative dishes. On the menu, you'll find a wide variety of options, from burgers and pizza to salads and light bar fare. And on Saturdays, the rooftop serves a fantastic all-you-can-eat brunch.

    There is no air of pretentiousness, and the atmosphere is casual yet refined. If you want to drink alcohol, eat delicious food, and have a wild time, the Imperial Hotel is the place to be.

    2/8 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

    Good Heavens

    good heavens

    The creative signature cocktails and upbeat ambience at Good Heavens are what really set it apart from the competition. It sits atop the popular American barbeque joint Fancy Hank's. While the downstairs restaurant is the better option for those who are hungry during the week, Good Heavens offers excellent rooftop lunch service on the weekends.

    While enjoying the breathtaking views of Melbourne's skyscrapers and Bourke Street below, dine on a Cubano, brisket sandwich, or Hank's cheeseburger.

    The bar's decor is so lively and charming that it almost guarantees that it will steal your attention away from the view. You won't soon forget this rooftop bar's unforgettable pastel decor, bright pink signs, Hawaiian shirt-clad bartenders, and mismatched furniture. And the signature cocktails, which draw flavour and inspiration from bygone eras, are original and delicious.

    There are beers on tap and a respectable wine list, so even if you don't like cocktails, you should be able to find something to your liking.

    People can be seen mingling and dancing to the tunes of the DJs as they take in the relaxed yet energising vibes of Good Heaven.

    Level 2, 79 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000


    Siglo is a hard worker who goes above and beyond expectations to meet the needs of his clients. Come for an Aperol Spritz in the afternoon sun, or come for a swanky celebration with caviar, cigars, and Champagne; either way, you won't be let down. The time you spend in this location will be trouble-free.

    After midnight, when the after-work crowd has dispersed and the theatregoers have answered the final call, you can enjoy the view of Spring Street's canopy without having to compete with Olympic athletes for a seat.

    Siglo's signature party pies are available in the indoor bar, in addition to the refined bar snacks that are brought to your table. If you're hungry before the main event, grab a cheap sausage roll or a flaky spanakopita and take a seat at the bar. 

    161 Spring St Melbourne 3000

    Runner Up

    The Runner Up is a rooftop bar located above the Collingwood Yards arts district and community space. Walking into this chill bar is like visiting a more stylish version of the apartment complex where your artistic friend lives. Random artwork adorns the walls, while the furniture is either antique or handcrafted, and potted plants are stacked high.

    Collingwood Yards is known for its laid-back and eclectic atmosphere, so the two complement each other nicely. A number of well-kept, minimalist art galleries run by well-known local artists can be found on the ground floor. On the other hand, it appears that Runner Up has been taken over by the younger generation of artists, who have claimed this rooftop for themselves.

    Take a look at the menu and notice how few cocktail options there are. There are several spritzes from which to choose, and they all have their own unique flavour profiles and aromas. Substituting Limoncello for Aperol in your favourite summer cocktail transforms it into a new beverage with a refreshing citrous flavour. Certainly not a challenging task. They aren't trying to invent anything brand new; rather, they're just putting a unique spin on an existing concept.

    You could try the Australiano, a local variation on the ubiquitous Americano. It is traditionally made with Campari, sweet vermouth, and soda water, but in Runner Up we use Okra amaro in place of the Campari. With the bitter liqueur infused with Australian botanicals, the cocktail is given a unique aromatic jolt. This gesture shows respect for the local populace and is much appreciated. Aquafaba, which can be used as a substitute for egg whites in recipes, is just one example of a simple substitution.

    In addition to an extensive wine list, the bar also features reasonably priced beers. Dolmades served straight from the can were delicious, but we wished they had a wider variety of bar snacks to choose from. The entire thing has a decidedly hipster vibe, but appears to have been executed in a very no-frills fashion. No serious effort is being made to better the situation up here.

    New buildings have unfortunately obscured Runner Up's once breathtaking views of North Melbourne, but the bar's drinks menu has been well received. Your visit here should be less about taking in the sights of Melbourne and more about getting away from it all.

    It's going to be tough to find the Runner Up, and you'll be even more cut off from civilisation up here. You should make a beeline for the small terrace on the top floor of Collingwood Yards, from which an elevator leads directly to the roof. For this reason, Runner Up is an absolute treasure, the kind of place that one should seek out rather than stumble upon.

    If you're hoping to take in panoramic views of North Melbourne, the Runner Up rooftop bar is not the place for you. If you're looking for a place to relax and unwind, listen to some good music, sample some delicious cocktails, and cool off from the summer heat, this is the place to be.

    Level 2/35 Johnston St Collingwood 3066

    Madame Brussels

    Madame Brussels, hidden on the third floor of a nondescript office building and staffed by people dressed in kitschy cute tennis outfits, is where the garden party that never ends. This Melbourne institution is a pastel paradise of pinks, greens, and whites, with more Astroturf than you can shake a parasol at, and is located on the rooftop of a historic building. With its leafy skyline view ideal for surveying city streets and capturing killer sunsets, this is the place to take spritz-loving tourists from out of town.

    The reopened Bourke Street bar has lost some of its sexy appeal since Miss Pearls, the hostess who knows how to make everyone feel welcome, is no longer in charge. The previously rife with double entendre menu has been replaced with one that alludes to local history and famous figures.

    The Victorian mace was lost in Madame Brussels' brothel in 1892, and in honour of this tragic event, the cocktail The Parliamentary Mace was created to ensure that the tradition of drinking sangria at her establishment lives on. White Sangria, especially when made at home, is refreshing and ethereal. It's a masterful medley of summer fruits, lifted by a hint of floral notes.

    Wills' Summer Fix combines prosecco fizz, the tang of ruby grapefruit, and the brightness of citrous with a splash of vodka for a refreshing drink. Tom Wills, the man responsible for creating the Australian Football League and notorious for fixing cricket matches, is honoured with the naming of this beverage. Enjoying this dreamy pink drink at sunset will make you feel like you're melting into the cloudless cotton candy sky.

    The Usual Suspects doesn't offer "single" drinks, so it's customary to order more for the group (or stick in a straw and guzzle it yourself). Diners can choose from a seasonal menu or order traditional fare.

    Appetizers include $12 truffle fries, all-Australian charcuterie boards, and crowd-pleasing toasties (look out for the poached chicken, mayo, and chives, accompanied by a pint-sized bottle of Tabasco). Four Pillars serves Bloody Shiraz caviar with dill creme fraiche, pickles, and potato crisps. This dish shows off your pinky.

    The bar may lack the slickness that Melbourne regulars have come to expect from new watering holes, but it serves up reliable rooftop service with a nostalgic twist. Despite its prominence as a must-see attraction, Madame Brussels is still a permanent fixture of the city skyline.

    Lvl 359 Bourke St Melbourne 3000

    rooftop restaurants

    Johnny’s Green Room

    In the midst of a beautiful Saturday evening, Johnny's Greenroom is a hive of activity. This long-standing Lygon Street bar now has a new, exciting feature: a rooftop bar courtesy of the Carlton institution King & Godfrey. After being closed for over three years due to renovations, the gourmet retailer is back in business. Café service, deli items, and an excellent collection of European and local wines are all available for takeout on the ground floor.

    At the top of the lifts, a light-filled patio bar serves beer, wine, cocktails, and snacks. By occupying this strategic height, Carlton shows it can compete with the CBD and Fitzroy's rooftop bars.

    The only thing blocking the breathtaking 270-degree views of the city skyline are the flowering tops of Carton's plane trees, and plenty of shade is provided by canvas awnings and umbrellas.

    There are at least two hen's parties going on here tonight, but because there are no ceilings or walls, the loud laughter and chatter doesn't feel oppressive. DJs play easy listening beats to set a low profile atmosphere as the attractive people of Carlton drink Aperol Spritzes from the tap.

    Large groups should make reservations in advance or be prepared to wait downstairs on the weekend due to the venue's limited capacity (only 200 people). If you haven't reserved a table for a large group, your guests will have to wait in line while you eat alone.

    The bartenders are amazingly productive and quick in spite of the swarms of customers. They did an excellent job of anticipating the large initial volume that would be passing through here. There is a palpable air of calm on Sunday afternoons, and people of all ages can be seen out enjoying the sunshine and mingling with one another.

    All of the cocktails are tasty and refreshing. The K&G Spritz combines Italian Amari, grapefruit, and prosecco. The lime flavour in a tequila and falernum cocktail stands out.

    Level 3, 293-297 Lygon Street Carlton Melbourne 3053

    The Corner Hotel

    The Corner is, at its heart, a pure and original rock club. Many people share this high opinion of it. Football fans glued to the TVs, leather-clad rocker types, city workers fresh off the train, and fans of whichever band is playing in the bedroom later on fill the Richmond landmark every night. Famous bands and up-and-coming names (Tame Impala played $30 gigs here) are usually the ones who play in the bedroom later.

    The Corner's owners decided to renovate the pub's rooftop, which led to a more enjoyable atmosphere without veering too far from the pub's rock and roll roots (though it is still a pub).

    The bar's rooftop has undergone renovations since the new year, and the new chairs there are the most popular ones in the whole place. Drinking a cold one while watching trains pull into and out of the Richmond train station is inherently romantic, especially on the weekends when a DJ plays everything from classic rock 'n' roll to more recent material.

    On Fridays and Saturdays, you can grab a late-night snack from the kitchen after a show at the upstairs bar. 

    Instead of brioche buns, the Corner kitchen prefers sesame seed buns because they stay firm throughout the meal. However, the house parma, which is stuffed to the gills with ham and cheese, doesn't exactly set the world on fire. The juicy, breaded chicken would be rather dull without the accompanying salad of bitter leaves and sliced onions.

    Chef de cuisine Shannon Rice, who also oversaw the revamping of the rooftop, has added share plates to the pub's menu. Meaty main courses like the smoked pork hock or whole Korean fried chicken come with full sides and cost less than a pineapple (braised potatoes, sauerkraut, and gravy for the former; kimchi, pickled cucumber, and milk buns for the latter). These hearty meals are a great bargain, especially if you've just spent a small fortune on concert tickets. Both the smoked pork hock and the whole Korean fried chicken are served with all the trimmings.

    To our knowledge, Bob Hawke's eponymous lager is not hard to skoll, and The Corner was one of the first bars to serve it. It also seems like the rest of the drinks on the menu at this bar were conceived with the same goal of speedy consumption in mind. While the beer list is regularly updated, regulars know they can order Carlton, Melbourne Bitter, or even Peroni if they're in the mood for something a little fancier.

    57 Swan St Richmond Melbourne 3121

    FAQs About Melbourne Restaurants


    Fable Is Melbourne's Highest Rooftop Bar and the City's Newest Drinking Destination. Fourteen storeys up, this new Mediterranean-inspired beauty is pairing panoramic city views with clever cocktails.

    The best rooftop bars in Melbourne CBD are The Rooftop at QT Melbourne, Siglo, State of Grace, Bomba Tapas, Fable, and Union Electric Bar.

    Palms Rooftop Bar at the Carlton Club is open 24 hours from Monday to Sunday.

    Union Electric Bar & Rooftop Gin Garden has some of the best food at a rooftop bar in Melbourne. Depending on your choice of cuisine, you might prefer Mexican at Fonda Mexican or the Italian at the Pop-up Bar at Sagra.

    How to Ensure Your Restaurant Rooftop Seating Increases Revenue

    • Plan For The Weather. 
    • Create An Insta-worthy Setting. 
    • Consider How Guests Will Get Up To The Roof. 
    • 15 Restaurant Promotion Ideas.
    • 23 Ways to Make Guests Happy in Your Restaurant.
    • Decorate & Design. 
    • Have a Backup Plan. 
    • Map Out The Floor Plan.


    When it comes to food and entertainment, Melbourne is consistently ranked among the best cities in the world. In the evenings, you can dine and drink at Fabled Melbourne, a restaurant and bar perched above the city of Melbourne. There are more than just a few tasty Asian-inspired small plates on the menu at the Q rooftop bar. On Melbourne's central Lonsdale Street, you'll find the Bomba Tapas Bar and Rooftopener. Despite its name, the Imperial Hotel is actually one of the city's oldest watering holes. With its breathtaking ocean views, Captain Baxter has quickly become one of Melbourne's most popular bars.

    On the rooftop of the Imperial Hotel, guests can take in breathtaking views of Bourke Street and the Melbourne skyline. The vibrant atmosphere and speciality cocktails at Good Heavens make it stand out from other bars in the area. You can enjoy a drink at The Runner Up, a bar perched high above the Collingwood Yards cultural district. You can get one of Siglo's famous party pies at the bar inside. The salmon rillettes and marinated grilled eggplant from Crust Armour are like receiving miniature care packages from 1950s gay Paris.

    Melbourne's Runner Up is a bar located on the penthouse level of the Collingwood Yards building. The once spectacular views of North Melbourne have been obscured by new construction, but the bar's drink selection has been well received. Everything about it reeks of that cool, hipster vibe, but it seems to have been put together with minimal effort. The dishes at The Usual Suspects are all named after local celebrities and historical figures. There is now a bar atop Johnny's Greenroom.

    Content Summary

    • When it comes to food and entertainment, Melbourne is consistently ranked among the best cities in the world.
    • The Rooftop Guide, widely recognised as the world's foremost expert on rooftops, compiled this list of the best rooftop restaurants in Melbourne.
    • With an eye towards carrying on the legacy of its predecessor, FABLE The best place to take in Melbourne's genuine Mediterranean vibe is from above.
    • In the company of friends old and new, you can see Melbourne from a whole new perspective from atop a building.
    • In Melbourne, you can find the Bomba Tapas Bar and Rooftop on Lonsdale Street.
    • One of the best things to do in Chicago is to watch the sunset from the deck of Captain Baxter, a restaurant and bar with a breathtaking view of the city.
    • The Imperial Hotel, being an English pub, serves not only a wide selection of beers, but also a wide selection of cocktails and traditional and innovative dishes.
    • The rooftop restaurant also has a great all-you-can-eat brunch every Saturday.
    • The Imperial Hotel is the place to be if you're looking to get wild, eat some great food, and drink a lot of alcohol.
    • Good Heavens is distinguished from similar establishments by its inventive signature cocktails and lively ambience.
    • Good Heavens has great rooftop lunch service on the weekends, but during the week the downstairs restaurant is the better choice for those who are hungry.
    • The address is 161 Spring Street, Second Place, Melbourne, Victoria 3000.
    • The Runner Up is a bar perched on top of the Collingwood Yards neighbourhood and public plaza.
    • Runner Up's once stunning views of North Melbourne have been unfortunately obscured by new buildings, but the bar's drink menu has been well received.
    • Looking for the Runner Up will be difficult, and you'll be even further removed from civilisation at this altitude.
    • If you want to get to the roof quickly, you should head straight for the elevators that serve the small terrace on the penultimate floor of Collingwood Yards.
    • The Runner Up rooftop bar is not the place to go if you're hoping to take in sweeping vistas of North Melbourne.
    • It's the perfect spot to escape the summer heat, unwind with friends, and enjoy a cocktail or two while listening to live music.
    • Sadly, the Victorian mace was misplaced in Madame Brussels' brothel in 1892, and in its memory, the cocktail is named after her. To perpetuate the custom of drinking sangria at her bar, the Parliamentary Mace was designed.
    • Since The Usual Suspects does not sell "single" drinks, it is customary for patrons to purchase multiple beverages (or stick in a straw and guzzle it yourself).
    • Customers have the option of ordering from a seasonal menu or the standard fare.
    • Pickles, dill creme fraiche, and potato crisps accompany the Bloody Shiraz caviar at Four Pillars.
    • King & Godfrey, a Carlton institution, has donated a rooftop bar to this long-standing bar on Lygon Street.
    • The gourmet shop, which had been closed for more than three years due to renovations, is now open for business.
    • If you want to experience a genuine and authentic rock club, The Corner is where you want to be.
    • Later, popular acts and newer acts (Tame Impala played $30 gigs here) often perform in private residences.
    • To improve the pub's atmosphere without straying too far from its rock and roll roots, the owners of The Corner renovated the rooftop (though it is still a pub).
    • The bar's rooftop was recently renovated, and the new chairs there are already the most sought after in the establishment.
    • It's hard to find a more romantic activity than sitting back with a cold one on the weekend while listening to a DJ spin everything from classic rock to more recent hits at the Richmond train station bar.
    • A late night snack is available on Fridays and Saturdays from the kitchen following a performance in the upstairs bar.
    • While the house parma is loaded with ham and cheese, it doesn't exactly set the world on fire.
    • The pub's menu has been expanded to include share plates by chef de cuisine Shannon Rice, who also oversaw the revamping of the rooftop.
    • Everything is included with the whole Korean fried chicken and the smoked pork hock.
    • The Corner was one of the first places we heard of serving Bob Hawke's namesake lager, and it's not too tough to skoll.
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