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What Are The Best Travel Hacks In Melbourne?

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    The whole could be greater than the sum of its parts. The success or failure of a trip often hinges on the finer points, such as the availability of an easily booked flight, a parking spot for a VIP vehicle, and a local speciality meal. Utilize our tips for every trip you take to avoid unpleasant surprises and make the most of the best opportunities presented to you. This article is packed with helpful travel tips, from choosing the best seat on the plane to finding the best local cuisine when you arrive. You've been counting down the days until this vacation; use the time wisely.

    Whether your passport is already full of stamps from previous trips or waiting for its first adventure, we hope that with the help of these travel hacks, you will enjoy your upcoming travels even more. Are you planning a trip to Melbourne, Australia, and want to know some local secrets before you arrive? While food, art, and culture are what most people think of when they hear the name "Melbourne," this southern Australian city has so much more to offer any curious visitor. Melbourne is home to many hidden gems, and we've made a list of them so you don't have to go searching for them yourself. This is our favourite small hotel. The place to be for the most cutting-edge, exciting culture. The world's chicest and most exclusive boutiques. Some advice for tourists, plus our pick for the best hidden gem in Melbourn.

    Booking Hacks

    Browse In An Incognito Window

    When looking for a mode of transportation, hotel, or car rental online, make sure you are in private browsing mode by opening a new tab or window. Websites that book travel accommodations may track how often you look at prices, and charge you more if they determine that you are serious about making a reservation.

    Pay With Poli Or Bpay

    To avoid paying the fees associated with using a credit card, see if your airline accepts POLi or BPAY as a form of payment. You should look into your payment options and any associated fees before finalising any transactions, as some airlines, like TigerAir, will charge a $10 fee if you choose to pay with PayPal.

    Use Flight Comparison Sites

    It is recommended that passengers use flight comparison sites to find flights and verify fares with the airline before booking. You'll have more choices at lower costs if you do this. DIY flight booking can save you money compared to using a travel agency. This method streamlines your communications and makes it simpler to provide excellent customer service because you are only dealing with the airline and not a third party. The benefits of employing this strategy are numerous, and this is just one of them.

    Use Seatguru

    There is no industry-wide norm for airline seating; without a tool like SeatGuru, it can be difficult to determine whether or not your seat will recline or whether or not you will have access to in-flight entertainment systems or electrical outlets. Use this app to pick your seat location before you book your flight.

    Airport Hacks

    Veer To The Left

    Studies show that the vast majority of people are right-handed, so you should go against the norm and turn to the left first. By sticking to the left side of the terminal, you might be able to skip the long lines at security and customs.

    Bring A Portable Charger

    If you need to use your phone during your flight, please remember to bring a fully charged portable charger and plug it in whenever possible. If your phone ever dies, you can easily give it new life and retrieve all of your data, including contacts, maps, and itineraries.

    Tie A Ribbon On It

    After a long flight, all you want to do is claim your bags and jet out of the airport. Tie a colourful ribbon or luggage strap around your bags to make them easier to spot. This will make it easier to track down your luggage.

    Bring An Empty Water Bottle

    If you want to save money on bottled water once you pass through airport security, fill up your own bottle before you leave for the airport. One way to avoid the hassle of constantly lugging around a bottle is to bring one that can be collapsed and stowed away in a purse or backpack when not in use.

    Take Photos Of Your Parking Space And Luggage

    Take pictures of your parking spot and your checked bags before you leave for the airport. You should not waste your precious vacation time driving around in circles trying to find a parking spot. Taking photographs of your suitcases in transit is yet another practical choice. If your bags go missing during transit, you can show the airport employees the photos to help them locate them.

    Money-Saving Hacks

    Important Considerations Before, During, and After Your Trip

    Planning The Trip

    If at all possible, plan your trip six to eight months in advance. It is important to look for and book airline discounts as early as possible. Given the length of your journey, it is in your best interest to check a number of reliable booking engines for the best deals.

    Best Climate To Visit Australia

    If you're visiting in the spring or summer, it's recommended that you stay in the southern part of the country, where the weather is milder (September through February). Learn about Australian culture while lounging on a deserted beach, going surfing, and soaking up some rays. When winter and fall arrive, your heart will melt at the sight of the north's tropical colours (March through August). Enjoy the thunder and lightning showers, but avoid getting wet if you're near any oceans.

    Do Your Research Before Moving Out

    A pocket-sized travel guidebook is a better use of your money than hiring a pricey travel agent. Create a list of all the places you want to go, along with ways to get there and how much each will cost. Next, either use a budgeting app or keep a detailed diary of all of your purchases.

    Travel Hacks

    Those who have never attempted it before may find it difficult. In that case, just don't bring anything that would require a checked bag. Some budget airlines may impose additional fees for checked bags. Therefore, compile the necessary materials. One more useful item to have on hand for persistently exploring the area is a lightweight backpack.

    Enroute Around Australia

    what are the best travel hacks in melbourne (2)

    An alternative to the high cost of taking public transportation is to rent a car or campervan and drive yourself around the city. They give you the freedom to detour to interesting spots along the way, enhancing the likelihood of making lifelong memories. But a hybrid or electric car is also a good choice in this scenario. For groups of two or more, this works, and it provides various paths for learning more. If this isn't an option, public buses with hop-on, hop-off services will be helpful in getting you where you need to go. You can take a bus if you're travelling light, and the tour guides on these buses can give you great advice on where to go and what to see. You will undoubtedly arrive at your destination, though it may be a bit of an investment.

    Carpooling can save a lot of money because everyone in the car is headed in the same direction. This destination is great for a family vacation or a friend's bachelorette party. In the same way, anyone who has enough money can buy a car. Rental cars and trucks in Australia are available from a variety of reputable businesses, and customers can rest easy knowing that their vehicle will be returned to them after use. Don't freak out, but you should make sure you have the correct paperwork before you leave on your trip.

    Use An App To Find The Best Foodie Spots

    Food apps like Yelp and OpenTable can help you find the best local restaurants wherever you are. Read reviews, browse menus, get directions and even reserve a table from your phone.

    Never Miss An Outdoor Market

    It is not uncommon to see seasonal farmers shopping at the market. It's a good idea to stock up on fresh, exotic produce to use in your cooking. It's possible that the local farmers will be inspired by your actions.

    Talk To The Locals

    Chinatown is another great dining option, with locations in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane and offering delicious, cheap food. You can pick from many different Asian food options, such as Chinese, Vietnamese, and Malaysian.

    Travel Hacks For Melbourne (Only The Locals Know About)?

    If you want to travel in the utmost comfort from Melbourne Airport to your hotel in the city, you should purchase your SkyBus ticket online before your arrival. I highly recommend SkyBus as a reliable and quick mode of transportation due to the excellent value it provides for transfers and the friendly service it provides.

    Our Favourite Melbourne Attraction You Won't Find On The Tourist Map?

    There is no better place to get a taste of authentic Melbourne culture than at the Winter Night Market, where you can find everything from food and drink to music and design, with a dash of laneway-inspired aesthetics thrown in for good measure. This event occurs at Queen Vic Markets every Wednesday evening during the fall and winter.

    Flying Hacks

    Ask About Upgrades The Day Of Your Flight

    By arriving at your gate early, you will be one of the first to learn if an upgrade is available for your flight. For some airlines, first-class upgrades are available right up until the time of departure (for an additional fee, of course). Keep in mind that some airlines do still enforce dress codes for first class passengers if you're hoping to take advantage of these opportunities, and dress accordingly.

    Exercise Before You Fly

    Traveling can be stressful even if you've planned a vacation full of relaxing beach days. Therefore, you should work out before you leave to help you deal with the strain of flying. Endorphins are chemicals that are released during exercise and can help lift your mood. You might also experience an increase in health and happiness.

    Pack A Few Essentials In Your Cabin Luggage

    Carry on an extra pair of socks and a change of underwear in case your checked bag is delayed and you have to go without them for a day. Cleaning and rejuvenating yourself at your destination is easier if you bring along some travel-sized essentials, such as a toothbrush and moisturiser.

    Add Back Support

    Certain plane seats are notoriously more luxurious than others. If you find that the support for your lower back is inadequate, you can place a rolled-up blanket or jacket across the seatback in front of you. Your backpack or carry-on can serve as a footrest if you're too short to put your feet flat on the floor.

    Bring A Massage Ball With You

    Tired and achy muscles can be eased with a simple massage ball to help you get through a long flight. Alternately, you can put it between your shoulders and your seat and lean back on it to ease muscle tension.

    Safety Hacks

    Wear A Medical Id Bracelet

    Wearing a medical ID bracelet and having the pertinent information readily available on your smartphone can be helpful in ensuring that emergency medical personnel are aware of any preexisting conditions you may have. Some mobile devices have a setting that allows access to this data without a password being entered.

    Split Up Your Valuables

    what are the best travel hacks in melbourne (1)

    Save Emergency Numbers In Your Phone

    Before you leave, make sure your phone has all of the local emergency numbers you'll need. The Smartraveller website has this data, and all you have to do is type in your destination and click the "where to get help" button.

    Use Extra Caution

    Make an effort to familiarise yourself with the possible dangers at your destination. Additionally, Smartraveller's website provides this data via a "safety and security option" that can be accessed after a destination search. When visiting a foreign country, it's crucial to keep your wits about you and observe some basic safety procedures. Never accept a drink from a stranger, no matter how friendly they may seem; use only licenced taxi services; maintain regular contact with loved ones back home to reassure them that you're safe; and so on.


    Rather than sifting through the city on your own, we've compiled a list of Melbourne's best-kept secrets. When doing travel, hotel, or vehicle reservation research online, always use a private browsing session by opening a new tab or window. When compared to using a travel agency, booking your own airline tickets can save you a lot of money. There is no standard for airline seating, so it's best to use an app to select your seat. If you want to avoid spending extra money on bottled water after going through airport security, remember to bring an empty water bottle with you.

    Set out on your trip six to eight months in advance. The earlier in advance you book your flight, the more likely you are to receive a discount. If your bags disappear while in transit, you can help the airport staff find them by showing them a photo. Low-cost airlines may charge more to check a bag. Since everyone in a carpool is going in the same general direction, gas costs can be greatly reduced.

    There are many companies in Australia from which one can rent cars and trucks. For better gas mileage, bring as little baggage as possible. In order to find the best in seasonal produce and tasty street food, it is recommended that you visit the local farmer's markets. You can research the best restaurants in your area with the help of apps like Yelp and OpenTable. The SkyBus is an excellent means of transportation between the Melbourne Airport and your downtown hotel.

    Your best chance of getting an upgrade is on the day of your flight. Keep a massage ball on hand at all times to ease the aches and fatigue of a long flight. It can be helpful to have your medical history readily available on your smartphone or to wear a medical ID bracelet to alert first responders to any preexisting conditions. This information is available on the Smartraveller website under the "safety and security option" once the desired location has been located.

    Content Summary

    • Use our advice on every trip you take to minimise bad experiences and maximise the best ones.
    • From picking out a comfortable seat on the plane to sampling the best of the local cuisine, this article has it all.
    • Planning a trip to Melbourne, Australia? If so, you might benefit from learning a thing or two about the city from a local before you arrive.
    • Rather than sifting through the city on your own, we've compiled a list of Melbourne's best-kept secrets.
    • Use a flight search engine to narrow down your options, and then call the airline to double-check the price.
    • When compared to using a travel agency, booking your own airline tickets can save you a lot of money.
    • Download this app to your mobile device before making your flight reservation and use it to select your prefered seat.
    • It will be less of a hassle to look for your bags if you do this.
    • Bring a water bottle with you, but make sure it's empty.
    • Fill up your own water bottle before you head to the airport to avoid spending extra money on water after you clear security.
    • Before you leave for the airport, remember to snap some photos of your parking spot and your checked bags.
    • Taking pictures of your bags in transit is also a sensible option.
    • Southern regions of the country typically have more pleasant temperatures in the spring and summer (September through February).
    • Renting a car or campervan and driving yourself around the city is a viable option to the high cost of taking public transportation.
    • Similarly, if one has sufficient financial means, one can purchase a vehicle.
    • Finding affordable lodging in Australia can be difficult.
    • It's best to save money by eating at the oldest restaurants that still offer reasonable prices.
    • You can use your phone's camera to locate the finest eateries.
    • In order to find the best in seasonal produce and tasty street food, it is recommended that you visit the local farmer's markets.
    • To find the best restaurants, it's best to ask the locals.
    • Find out about the best hidden restaurants in town by chatting up taxi drivers and market vendors.
    • For a true taste of Melbourne, you can't beat the Winter Night Market, where you can find everything from food and drink to music and design, with a dash of laneway-inspired aesthetics for good measure.
    • Fighting in the Skies
    • Your best chance of getting an upgrade is on the day of your flight.
    • If there is an available upgrade for your flight, you will find out first if you arrive early to your gate.
    • Some airlines allow upgrades to first class as late as the day of departure (for an additional fee, of course).
    • Make sure you have the necessities in your carry-on.
    • Assuring that emergency medical personnel are aware of any preexisting conditions you may have can be facilitated by wearing a medical ID bracelet and having the pertinent information readily available on your smartphone.
    • Verify that your phone contains up-to-date emergency contact information.
    • Be sure your phone has all the necessary local emergency numbers before you leave.
    • One should always have a copy of their travel insurance policy on them at all times.
    • Due to the inherent dangers of travelling abroad, it is wise to be prepared to use your travel insurance at any time.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    Crown Metropol at Crown Melbourne is its world of indulgence. Perfect for a stylish, romantic weekend, I love that you can wine and dine, enjoy an array of entertainment and stay all the one exquisite venue.

    Melbourne's CBD and Southbank offer the perfect mix of Melbourne Culture. Home to our famous laneways, gourmet eats, world-class street art, iconic modern and historical architecture, as well as non-stop festivals and community events, the city and its river edge suburb, are a must-visit for all visitors. Check out our Where to Stay category for more of our favourites.

    Melbourne offers a broad range of shopping destinations throughout the city and its suburbs. I'd head straight for Emporium Melbourne, QV Melbourne, or the newly opened St. Collins Lane for boutique designer finds in the city. Otherwise, located in the South-East, you'll find that Chadstone Shopping Centre lives up to its title as the 'Fashion Capital' with many designer flagship boutiques calling the centre it is home.

    The best way to get around Melbourne is by tram. Trams operate throughout the day and offer multiple routes that criss-cross the city. There's even a free tram designed just for tourists. You can also board Melbourne's buses and trains with the same myki ticket that you'll use for trams.

    Melbourne's grid layout makes it an easy city to navigate, with many attractions close by. Transport options include train, tram, bus or bike. The Night Network also operates on weekends with after hours transport to many locations.

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