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What Are Things To Do In Melbourne At Night?

The food, the fashion, the people, the life. Melbourne is an amazing city whether you're a local or a tourist visiting for business or pleasure. Melbourne looks its best at night, with the bright lights softening the harder edges. So, make sure you experience Melbourne's night face the next time you're in the city. And take this list of things to do in Melbourne at night with you. Melbournians take their nightlife seriously. There are thousands of live music performances across the city every week, as well as a profusion of late-night bars, restaurants and clubs. Melbs is a pretty cool city for night owls like me, as there are tons of fun things to do after dark, other than the obvious, like going to a bar. Perhaps we're biased, but we're pretty sure Melbourne might just be the greatest city in the world. So, whether you're a first-time visitor to Melbourne or have lived here all your life, there are some absolute must-do Melbourne bucket list items. Melbourne's food, drink, coffee, art, theatre and sports culture are among the best in the world, and we reckon you should try to experience every single one of them at least once before you die. 

Things To Do In Melbourne At Night

Loop Roof Cocktail Bar

Loop Roof Cocktail Bar is an open-air rooftop café/bar with awe-inspiring views and a garden setting. Here, you can enjoy cocktails that skilled bartenders craft. All guests claim the cocktails are delicious and worth the trip to the bar. You should also try their crafted beers, local wine and champagne. Along with the drinks, they serve light snacks in calamari strips, chicken bites, salads, fries, etc. The bar is fully equipped to handle Melbourne's changing weather all year round with awnings that are retractable for rain and heaters for when it's cold.

Legendary Princess Theatre

After its reopening in 1986, the Princess Theatre became a hot spot in Melbourne, and it has hosted popular shows like Cats and South Pacific. The theatre is lined with comfortable seats, booster cushions and wheelchair places, along with a bar from where you can pre-order your drinks to avoid queuing at the bar.

Eureka Skydeck

We mentioned the lights already, and where better to see them than from the Eureka Skydeck? Eureka Tower, the Skydeck, offers stunning views of Melbourne at night. But if you're really brave, you'll take your turn on 'The Edge'. This is an exciting and somewhat stomach-churning glass cube where you can take in unobstructed, 360-degree views of the city.

Kilda Beach

You wouldn't think a beach would be on this list of Melbourne attractions at night, but you don't have to risk the ocean at night to enjoy St Kilda Beach. Watching the sun setting over the ocean is one of the most stunning ways to cap off a day exploring Melbourne. So to make an evening of it, head down there before dark and explore the local shops. But make sure you're in position before sunset for a bonus. St Kilda Pier is home to a colony of little penguins who come back just after the sunset. Watching them waddle to their nests has to be one of the cutest free sights in the city.

Melbourne Star

Riding the Melbourne Star is one of the most popular things in Melbourne city at night. The Melbourne Star is a giant observation wheel, standing at 120 metres above the city. It's the only giant observation wheel in the Southern Hemisphere, and it offers beautiful views during the day and spectacular ones at night. 

National Gallery Of Victoria (Friday Night)

Hosting more than 75,000 artworks, the National Gallery of Victoria has two galleries that are a short walk from each other. The galleries house artworks from European, Oceanic, American and Asian collections and is a wonderland for people who love art in all its forms. Entry into the National Gallery is free of charge, and Friday nights are a thing to look forward to with fabulous live music and stunning artwork collections by true artists like Keith Haring and others. The Gallery also holds tours, talks, collection displays, films and even an A program for children. One of the best night activities in Melbourne.

Bars and clubs stay open until about 1 am or 4 am, sometimes even 24 hours. Melbourne nightlife has a little bit of everything—hidden bars, rowdy pubs, swanky nightclubs, and live music venues. And then, of course, it has your reliable late-night food options and non-drinking activities.

Melbourne. Consistently ranked as the number one place to live in, Melbourne is undoubtedly the coolest city to party in Australia. It's jam-packed with late-night eats (with some restaurants serving dinner until 1 am) and bars, clubs, and activities that stay open until sunrise.

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FAQs About Melbourne's Nightlife

Post-War Themed Berlin Bar

To gain entry into this juxtaposition bar, you will have to ring the bell. When you ring it, you'll be transported through time to Berlin. The bar is divided into East and West Berlin-based on its décor, music, seriously committed staff and of course, the drinks. The bar shows a strange mingling of luxury with the gloom of war, but the strangeness makes it more enticing. For seating, the bar has comfy grenade crates and leather booths, along with soft or light lighting to get you into a bad mood. Skilled bartenders make amazing cocktails that'll seriously make your day!

Queen Victoria Market Summer Night Market

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It's an epic place to visit with international food stalls, a flea market featuring handmade items and other things and live music. It opens its doors or stalls to be precise to the public in summer on every Wednesday only – the latest summer might market from 20th November 2019 to 11th March 2020. It was quite an event, just like it always is, and around 55 food and drinks stalls lit up the summer nights from November to March. 

Queen Victoria Market first opened in 1878, and the locals have been visiting for food, trinkets and socialising ever since. It's spread over two city blocks and offers everything from fresh produce to food trucks and clothing. There are themed night markets throughout the year, so take a look at what's on during your visit to Melbourne. The winter night markets are especially fun, and there's also street food markets and other celebrations.

Butterfly Club Cabaret Show

In Carson Place, the Butterfly Club is a small-scale theatre open six days a week year-round and closed on Sunday. This theatrical venue is famous for its comedy, cabaret and burlesque performances. The club does 2 to 8 shows every night, and they are entertaining for the crowd gathered. Its cabaret shows, ripe with drama, music and singing, is a sight for sore eyes if you like cabarets.

Old Melbourne Gaol

Go on a ghost tour of the Old Melbourne Gaol, once a jail and now a museum in Russell Street. Old Melbourne Gaol is scary, with a dark history clinging to its eerie walls. Russell Street has been the heart of crime and Law and order in the city from way back in the 1840s. This much time has generated many stories about the ghosts of the former inmates. Among the stories, Cell 17 has the most interesting one. It's said to have experienced the most supernatural events like trained dogs going berserk when inside it and a spirit having pulled a journalist from the doorway. Don't let that scare you, and see for yourself if ghosts haunt the building or not.

Hosier Lane At Night

Hosier Lane is the go-to place if you're into street art or just enjoy looking at artworks splattered by both locals and foreign artists. During the day, the vibrancy of the art lining the lane comes out in full effect, but at night when the streets are somewhat deserted and empty, the art takes on sheer darkness of its own. The artworks get transformed by the dimness of the light and invite passers-by to take a deep look at them to notice the details in the shape and structure of the artworks. At night, art plays a game of light and shadow that is intriguing and worth checking out.

Crown Melbourne – Australia's Largest Casino.

The casino contains 50 poker games like Caribbean Stud. In addition, you can indulge in other games: Blackjack, Big Wheel, Baccarat, Casino War, Craps, Pai Chow, and others. Crown Casino prides itself on promoting and following responsible gambling, so be sure to follow their rules while you're there.

Dinner Cruise On The Yarra River

Taking a cruise along the river is one of the best things to do in Melbourne at night – it's beautiful to see the city sparkling from the water. Several different cruise companies offer evening meals on the water, so choose the one that appeals to you and be prepared to see the city in a whole new way.

Stroll Southbank Promenade

Planning what to do in Melbourne at night can lead to amazing things. But sometimes, it's nice just to relax and go where the night takes you. And that's exactly what you can do on the Southbank Promenade.  The promenade extends along the Yarra River and is a popular night-time destination close to the city centre. The views are beautiful, and there are lots of little restaurants where you can stop in for a meal or a snack. You never know what you'll end up finding.

Bars In Melbourne For A Good Night Out

Melbourne bars have a lot to offer, from world-class cocktails to the industry-leading ambience, so it's little wonder why people are clambering to hit the town. The mix of inexpensive drinks and food has made the city a global mecca for tourists and locals alike. 

Bar Liberty

Bar liberty is known as a triple threat, and it's got wine, cocktails and food, which you don't see in many cocktail bars in Melbourne. The menu is divided into snacks and bigger sharing plates and changes all the time. The cocktails are bottled for consistency and are not classic ones you'd expect. The "Happy F*cking Valentines", for example, uses Lillet Rose, strawberry, chocolate mint and sparkling wine, while the "Millions of Peaches" is made with bourbon, burnt peach and thyme.

The Everleigh

Inspired by the Golden Era of fine drinking, The Everleigh brings Melbourne an intimate cocktail bar experience. From classic drinks to new combinations, the ever-changing menu at The Everleigh allows us to tailor your drink to your tastes and desires. The Everleigh also boasts one of the largest classic cocktail book selections globally, displayed within our in-house library, allowing us to offer a broad selection of drinks in various styles. Easily one of the best bars Melbourne has to offer.

The Shady Lady

This self-proclaimed vegan-friendly, dog-friendly, LGBTI-welcome Melbourne dive bar with a glam décor is a must-visit. Drinks are fun with frozen cocktails all year round, and Margaritas come frozen too. There is also a stable of interesting, local craft brews from Colonial, Bodriggy, Stomping Ground and Young Henrys and a well-stocked back bar means bartenders can mix up any classic you desire. And with a good selection of snacks and foods what not to love.

Old Palm Liquor

This Melbourne bar has a bit of a '70s vibe from the heavy use of timber and brown-beige hues, making it feel warm and cozy. Old Palm Liquor serves over 300 low-intervention and biodynamic wines alongside 12 tap beers, with a South African inspired menu cooked over coals. Each wine offered here is coded with its farming practices and processes. It even shows which reds are served chilled.

Romeo Lane

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This old-world-style cocktail bar serves a handful of local and European wines with a colourful historical past. As well as traditional European-style cocktails, with tones of sherry, gin and top-shelf cognac. With a snack list to match the worldly charm, featuring a charcuterie collection, perhaps saucisson teamed with mustard and parsley. Well-respected cheese is also on offer, often French, accompanied by mandarin or pear. Romeo lane is one Melbourne cocktail bar you should try.

Naked For Satan

The Melbourne bar is renowned for its vodka and pintxos offering and having over a dozen beers on tap, a large range of imported and in-house vodka, and a variety of Australian and Spanish wines. The Spanish influence also continues in its food, with empanadas and tinned seafood on offer. Oysters for $2.20 a pop, seasoned with lemon, cava jelly, finger lime or a kimchi vinaigrette, what's not to love? There are sliders with slow-cooked beef cheek for the meat lovers, plus a fried chicken edition and one with mushroom and halloumi.

Bar Margaux

The menu at this Melbourne bar is a roll call of classics, offering the kind of French bistro dishes such as French onion soup or credible steak fries or such a ridiculously rich lobster Croque monsieur. French desserts are also available for those with a sweet tooth. Cocktails are made with precision, featuring all the classics like Martinis and Manhattans and "snack-sized" three-gulp cocktails. There's something for everyone with a nice beer and wine list featuring a good mix of French drops and locally made French varietals.

Bad Frankie

As one of the best cocktail bars Melbourne has to offer, Bad Frankie should be your go-to late-night special. This true-blue Aussie bar creates smart spirits utilising native ingredients. This can be seen at play in the Bitters of Oz, and a super-Negroni built off Four Pillars Negroni spiced gin, Regal Rogue's Bold Red vermouth and a blend of six different local Amari, which produces a rich and complex flavour profile. It also comes garnished with a gum tree leaf to avoid any confusion about the provenance of these ingredients. The Choc Rye Manhattan; a blend of Archie Rose malted rye whisky stirred down with AHD Rosso vermouth and punctuated with cacao and macadamia kinds of butter. Every bottle has a specific purpose, has been chosen for a reason and can be showcased in reinvented classics and on their own. Classic Toasties are also available. This is one cocktail bar you should visit.


Whether you're looking for a new hangout spot or some cool places to drink and travel, the best places in Melbourne more than have you covered. Here is a list that Melbourne has to offer.

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