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What Do You Do On A Boys Night Out?

There was a time - not so long ago - where a boy's night out meant booze, booze and more booze, the possible encounter with a "dancer" called Kharlie (but pronounced Charlie) whose dad never came to enough of her netball games and a whole bunch of regret. But that's the great thing about time. It moves on. Here, the best boys' nights in the harbour city and the best of all? You'll wake up the next morning with your dignity intact. 

Fun Ideas for Hosting a Guys Night

Poker Night

Poker night is fast becoming the great American pastime for grownups. With the burgeoning popularity of online poker, celebrity poker and televised poker tournaments broadcast from locales like Las Vegas and Hawaii, card play is big business and lots of fun. When guys play en masse, it's more than polite entertainment, though. Men take their card games pretty seriously, and there's nothing pretty about it. That includes a heaping pile of testosterone-laden "competitive spirit."

For guys, playing poker is as much an exercise in technique as it is about competition. You can see it in the way they wager and watch one another. It's about discovering other players' tells, those involuntary twitches and mannerisms that give their strategies away. Still, it's also about that indefinable essence of male bonding and masculine style that women don't get.

Because guys' night poker is serious business, keep the distractions to a minimum. That translates to putting the kids to bed early and keeping the family dog out of harm's way until lights out. It's also a good idea to offer plenty of liquid refreshment and a few snacks that are easy to eat one-handed. We love dedicated poker tables with all the decorator froufrou, but if all you have around is a portable card table (and cards, of course), you're still good to go. Comfortable seating and efficient lighting are also important. Oh, and having poker chips on hand to avoid hassles with cash wagers is a nice touch, too.

FAQs About Boys Night Out

Some great ideas for hosting a memorable guys' night, from food and drink to set up a theme.

  • Casino Night.
  • Sports Tournament.
  • Movie Night.
  • Beer Tasting.
  • Grilling & Chilling.

An Oxford professor of psychology has concluded men need a minimum of TWO guys' nights a week to maintain good health. According to his research, it can lead to faster recovery from sickness and higher levels of generosity.

  • Smoky Grilled Chicken Wings with Pickled Red Chiles, Dates and Fresh Mint. ...
  • Con Poulos.
  • Fried Provolone with Italian Salsa.
  • Guy-Italian Nachos.
  • French Onion Dip.
  • Asian Chicken Lettuce Cups.
  • Con Poulos.

Beer Tasting

Guys and beer seem to have a natural affinity for one another. It doesn't just have an excuse to eject extravagantly, either. Beer goes with many fatty foods men love like pizza, hot wings, potato skins and loaded nachos. Beer has become a designer beverage, too, rivalling wine in its ability to distinguish the connoisseur from the weekend wannabee.

This is good news if you're planning a beer-based evening. Guys will often have a preferred beer but still be open to trying new things, especially if some tasty munchies are on hand. Even better, sample packs of seasonal beers are popular right now, and many come from manufacturers you know and trust. Having an assortment on hand is a way to introduce new favourites. Beer flavoured with orange peel or cinnamon might not sound enticing, but bold, spiced and unusual brews can be surprisingly satisfying. Here are some other useful suggestions:

  • Try a few crossover beers. They're mild enough to keep culture shock to a minimum while introducing the palate to something new and different. Some good options are lagers, pilsners and pale ales.
  • Encourage guests to bring their more exotic preferences along. It'll expand the assortment and keep costs down. Just make sure everyone knows the headcount. That way, there'll be plenty of everything to go around.
  • Maintain beer at an even temperature to keep the flavour from changing. If you've chilled it, keep it refrigerated until serving time. If guests are bringing refrigerated beer, make sure to have plenty of storage room in your fridge.
  • All beer isn't served at the same temperature. For the best flavour, check the bottle for serving suggestions. Sometimes the temperature in your basement (55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit) is a better bet for dark ales and stouts.
  • Serve beer in glasses. Avoid using plastic or paper cups. Wine glasses will even do in a pinch.
  • Between beers, provide crackers or tepid water as a palate cleanser. Popcorn works, too.
  • Offer appetizers or other munchies to help counteract the effects of the alcohol. If things get out of hand, have designated drivers standing by to make sure everyone makes it home OK.
    • One last observation: Beer tastings are supposed to be fun and genial throughout. There's no right or wrong opinion. That's why there are so many beers around to choose from.

Raise Your Spirits At Archie Rose Distillery

what do you do on a boys night out (2)

A boys' night without alcohol is like Donald Trump without misogyny. It just doesn't feel right. At this Roseberry temple to all things alcoholic, $10 gets you a one-hour behind the scenes tour with an extra $10 scoring a tasting session with the distillers. They also make their gin, vodka and rye. Just make sure someone has Uber.

Game Night

If your guy prefers a joystick to a hockey stick for his sport of choice, he probably has a video game favourite -- and competitive friendships -- that will make this a fun evening. Since electronics make this type of entertainment work, all that's lacking is the refreshments. So keeping the snacks dripless and easy to handle is a smart idea -- especially if you love your carpeting. Think of it as cocktail party fare without the shmoozing.

If your guy and his bromance buddies aren't into video games (hard to imagine, but still possible), there may be other activities they can share. For example, board games like chess lend themselves to meditative partying. Sure, getting the guys together to discuss chess strategy, woodworking, or classic car restoration may not fit the cliché, but you love him for his quirky side, too, right?

Ask the participants for their beverage preferences beforehand, and stock up on what they like to drink. Then, even if you don't know a carburettor from a curling iron (or a bishop from a castle), you can still make sure the guys are comfy while they're doing what they enjoy.

  • Adult Party Games
    • Feel young and risque again with a boys night out at Schnitzel & Tits, where you can also enjoy swoon-worthy burlesque performances while you enjoy your schnitzel. Is it a theatre, a burlesque bar or a top-notch restaurant? It's all of the above! Schnitzel & Tits offers live entertainment, top food and a unique atmosphere. Whether you want to dine, unwind or go a little wild, Schnitzel & Tits offers Melbourne locals and visitors a night to remember. Doors Open at 7 pm, and the first show gets underway at 8 pm every Friday. Enjoy three politically incorrect burlesque performances and babelicious Barmaids (topless) with full table service. The main dish? A delicious Schnitzel topped with gravy and served with chips and salad! Add the games and crowd participation to that, and you have one great night out.


Ah, this is a brilliant idea that will fit the bill if you've had guy night at your house before and hated the noise and messy cleanup. If overflowing wastepaper baskets and the lingering aroma of brats and cheese make you cringe, move guy night outside. This is also a great idea if you have young children at home or your guy has a few leftover bad habits -- and raucous single friends -- from his college days. Public and private campgrounds are nestled everywhere, and there may be one or two near your house.

The local raccoon population won't mind an occasional thunderous guy-belch or indecent foray into creative profanity. These days camping can be pretty comfortable. With site side electricity, clean restrooms, modern showers and few noise restrictions, your fellow and his ravening horde -- that would be his dear friends once they get hungry can let loose. There can be fire, too. Guys love a big bonfire in the old camp side fire pit. It's almost as good as television. If a pizza hits the dirt pepperoni side down, no problem. If the guys overindulge, getting home safe won't be an issue, either. And if the cigar smoke gets so thick, it looks like a fog front moving in. It's the ranger's problem, not yours.

When the weather's good, this is so doable. You can even pick up a couple of deeply discounted tents during the offseason. Camping tents are wonders of modern engineering: They go up fast, knockdown faster and only take up a small footprint in your garage. A portable grill, sleeping bags, some lightweight lawn chairs, a couple of coolers and a big bag of ice will approximate all the other comforts of home.

Sports Night

If your guy's a football, basketball, baseball, car racing, horse racing, hockey -- insert your guy's sport of choice here -- fan, game night is a big, big deal. It could be the culmination of an entire season of couch potato callisthenics. You know what that is, right? The exercise required to readjust the couch cushions and reach the remote to channel surf during commercial breaks.

One nice thing about making sports night a guy occasion is getting your man into entertainer mode. He may remove some of those old take-out containers from the fridge and empty the wastepaper baskets in the man cave, game room or den. We love game night. It has drama, strategy, backstory and heart. You get to experience many great things about the competitive sport without burning or medical bills.

Great Foods

You can't expect to have a good night out without a full and happy stomach to keep you going, can you? So eat as much as you can at Louden with the hot and cold buffet provided at this venue. The key is to be there hungry to make the most of your money!

Pampering Session

There's no reason why spas, grooming services and massages should be deemed exclusively for females in this modern era.

Boys Nights Out Can Be Tough To Plan.

As a Canadian addicted to travelling, I've been fortunate enough to experience some epic nights out in many cities known for their nightlife, such as Vegas, London, Vancouver, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Alicante and Hollywood. But some of the best nights I've had have been right here. Yep, in my recently adopted hometown of Canberra.

What is good about Canberra is whatever mood you're in, you can find a place that suits you. So whether it's live music, dancing or having a few too many pints with your mates, you'll haven't been disappointed. So you can steer your mates in the right direction and skip the mood-killing planning stages of a night out, I've selected four itineraries that will tickle everyone's fancies and be selected based on mood and day of the week.

The Kingston Area

Having recently moved to Griffith, not knowing too much about the Kingston scene, but after spending a few nights out, you'll quickly adapt and select a few favourite spots. My recommendation would be to head to The Dock on a Friday for after-work drinks and dinner. Enjoy the calm feeling that The Foreshore brings and the distance from the City.

From here, you and your mates can head to Old Kingston and try your luck at The Durham if you're thirsting for craft beers at an old school pub or the lively Little Brooklyn gastropub, which has a more modern feel and open dance floor. This route is best for when you're with very old friends or new friends and want to hear what everyone is saying.

Loose As A Moose

Make a rule called the 'Red Card'. It meant that each player got to choose one night per year (without notice), and the others had to drop everything we had planned and rally up for a big night. For some reason heading to Mooseheads for one of those nights.

what do you do on a boys night out (3)

All jokes aside, it's a fun place to start a night out or perhaps end up. You even can play a Moose-only drinking game: taking bets on how many times the guy with the mop walks by in ten-minute spans – loser shouts. The best part is you're now in a central place and can easily jaunt to Uni Pub for some pool and drinks or the DJ on the top floor or head to the other side of the Sydney Building to Mr Wolf if you're feeling a club that plays an eclectic mix of beats.


Out of all the places you should visit in Canberra, Braddon comes alive the most with its own culture. For a good Friday, the session suggests starting at the BentSpoke Brewing Co. as soon as you knock off work, where you can indulge in many internally brewed craft beers amidst good conversation. After a good taste here, take a short walk to Hopscotch, where you can either stick with your pints or move to a wide selection of whiskies and other spirits. The good thing about Hopscotch is that it's fairly spacious and open, making it easy to mingle with others. There's also the option of hitting the dance floor once enough courage is mustered.

From here, the night can go two-three ways. Pack it in, stay at Hopscotch, or move somewhere else like Knightsbridge Penthouse for a dance and live DJ. Knightsbridge entices a fun, older crowd compared to some of the more typical nightclubs in Canberra like Academy.

City Lights

With many options available in Garema Place, it becomes a question of what you are looking for. What you'll find here is an investment in the atmosphere – lots of effort has gone into creating the perfect vibe for these venues. My favourite starting place would be HonkyTonks because of the Tex-Mex food like tacos and the laid-back vibe. The sangria is great and very shareable, and the DJs are quality. Hippo Co. has a classy, rustic feel and a high-grade selection of whiskey and cocktails to pair. It's dark and intimate – a good place for really indulging in some well-made drinks. If you're feeling a more chill night, a fun place to check out would be King O Malley's for a classic Irish pub atmosphere with a live band – not to mention the Guinness.


To throw a great party -- you guessed it -- food and beverages figure prominently. Finding the sweet spot is important, too. That's the viewing area in front of your flat screen that has the best picture quality. This may require moving the furniture around a little. Another nice touch is to print out a listing of stats, facts and figures for the current gaming season, as well as a schedule of future televised events. If the guys get bored during halftime or want to check on future matchups, they'll have the information at their fingertips.

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