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What Is Chinlon Fabric?

Chinlon fabric is a great alternative to cotton. It's breathable, stretchy, and doesn't shrink when washed. This makes it ideal for shirts, dresses, or any other type of clothing that you want to feel comfortable in. Chinlon is also easy to care for; wash it like you would with your regular clothes! So with all of its benefits, why wouldn't you want the comfort and convenience of chinlon?

Chinlon fabric isn't new on the market but has recently gained more popularity because of its versatility. Depending on what item you are making (shirt vs pants), you can get different types, which allows people who make their clothes, even more control over what they're wearing.

Chinlon Fabric is a material used in many different types of clothing. This fabric has qualities that make it very useful when creating garments. Chinlon Fabric stretches, shrinks, breathes and does not pill or fade easily. The added benefit to this type of fabric is its ability to be dyed. These are all important traits when choosing fabrics for your clothes because they offer more durability and versatility in the long run.

Chinlon Fabric is a type of synthetic fibre made from polyester yarns which means it can stretch up to twice its length without losing its shape or breaking down over time as cotton fabrics do. It also contains spandex, so it will shrink back into place after washing instead of wrinkling up.

Chinlon fabric is a cotton and spandex blend that has been on the market for quite some time. This athletic wear can be found in many stores, including Gap, Old Navy, Macy's and more! These clothes are comfortable and stretch with your body as you move.

They also breathe well, so you don't get too hot or sweaty during activities or while wearing them throughout the day. Chinlon fabrics also do not shrink after washing as other materials might; this makes buying clothes online less risky than if they shrank after one wash (which they haven't).

There is no need to worry about getting a smaller size because of shrinking; these clothes will fit just as well as before, even after several washes. Chinlon fabric is a type of synthetic stretch fabric that has gained popularity in recent years because it can be used as a direct replacement for leather and suede. It's often the go-to material when someone wants to make sneakers, bags, or other accessories but still needs to look sleek and professional.

However, some people don't know what chinlon fabric is, how it works, or why they should use it! If you're one of these people, this blog post will help you explain all about chinlon fabrics and their properties. Chinlon is a popular fabric choice for those who sew as it has many great qualities, such as being easy to care for and having an affordable price. Even better, Chinlon is very versatile and can be used in many different ways. If you are interested in learning what makes this special fabric, keep reading! Let's get started!


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    How To Shrink Chinlon?

    This will be a risky task to perform as plastic doesn't always do what you want it to do when you apply any heat. However, that is the best way to shrink Chinlon. Add enough heat to soften or loosen the fibres up and re-shape the fabric.

    Boiling water on your stove, then adding the material to that water for a few minutes. Then place the material in your dryer and turn up the heat. Make sure to turn your material inside out if you can before doing these steps.

    15 to 20 minutes in hot water should be enough soaking time, and one cycle in the dryer should do it. Then, dry it alone when you try to shrink it. If you do not get the amount of shrinkage you want, you can repeat this process 2 to 3 more times. But words of warning are needed. First, do not assume that your chinlon fabric will behave as you want it to. It is still a form of plastic, and it may deform or melt on you when you place it in hot water.

    Does Chinlon Stretch?

    Since one of its primary purposes is for lounging swimwear, expect the material to have some stretch to it. In addition, it is made from nylon, so that that stretch will be part of its positive attributes. How much stretch depends on the quality of the finished product and if it was woven as a knitting or a regular weave. Each material may have its own limits, with some being longer than others.

    The amount of stretch you get will also depend on what type of clothing item you turn the fabric into. If you are an avid sewer and want a challenge, then you need to buy this material and see what you can make from it. The material may be slippery to work with as it is a form of nylon.

    chinlon fabric

    Is Chinlon Breathable?

    The rule of thumb is that the tighter or more snug to the body, the less breathable the material. Since Chinlon is made from a very tight and snug fabric, do not expect to get a lot of airflow or breathing ability. If you do, be grateful, as nylon is not very breathable.

    Since this fabric is usually made into swimwear, it is not a good fabric to wear on a hot summer evening or a formal event. Instead, use it at the beach, where breathing is not a vital factor in how you look or feel. It is better to use this material for those active events where you are more physically involved, like cycling, running, etc. Or use it as a base layer when you need to stay warm in the winter.

    Is Chinlon Vegan?

    If chemical ingredients are considered vegan, you can consider this fabric right for that group of people. There are no animal products involved in creating this fabric. However, the same harsh and toxic chemicals used to make polyester, nylon, and other synthetics are involved in the manufacture of this fabric.

    Check the manufacturer's labels to see what was used to make this fabric to be sure. Who knows, they may have tried to slip in some animal products to make the fabric smoother, softer, and better than other synthetic options.

    According to one website, nylon is considered vegan, so you can conclude that Chinlon is vegan as well. But, unfortunately, that nylon variation is not mentioned on that extremely long and detailed list. As we said, double-check to make sure. Don’t assume as anything is possible in the fashion industry.

    Is Chinlon Safe?

    If you mean by the word safe, will Chinlon rise up some night and strangle you when you are not looking? Then yes, it is safe. Chinlon doesn't perform any violent acts against you or any member of your family.

    But since this fabric is made from harsh and toxic chemicals, you can consider it as safe as any other synthetic fabric. There is always the risk that those chemicals will be absorbed into your skin and cause health issues. Then, environmentally speaking, if Chinlon degrades like polyester and other synthetic materials, it is not safe for the environment and should be recycled, not thrown into a landfill.

    Expect those harsh and toxic chemicals to leach into the ground as the material takes up to 200 years, approx., to degrade and disappear. Remember, synthetics are another form of plastic, which is not easy to get rid of.

    Chinlon Bathing Suit

    This seems to be the primary purpose of this fabric. We have found no other use for it in our research, but it may be used in active or sportswear along with swimwear. With that said, though, this is not a material you want to go swimming in.

    Its durability is questionable, and you may want to avoid potentially embarrassing situations by changing out of this material and into one that works better in the water. The reputation for this fabric as swimwear is that it is better for sunbathing and lounging and not actual swimming.

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    Your experience may be different and different situations will provide different results. There are always exceptions to the fabric rules. Give the material a private test to see what your results will be before going public with your new swimsuit.

    Where To Buy Chinlon Fabric

    We would love to provide you with a long list of wholesalers and retailers that carry this product. But it seems Chinlon is a state secret as no one but Alibaba is admitting to selling this fabric.

    And that confession is only for Chinlon eyelash lace which is most often used for wedding dresses. You can try this link as it has a lot of Chinlon made bathing suits on sale. Just do not get jealous of the models.

    Then eBay has some more lace for sale, and you can see their selection at this link. It is possible that this nylon upgrade may be going by several names, which is why we cannot find any information on this material.

    But as it stands, even Amazon does not sell this fabric, and they are supposed to be selling just about everything. So check with your local fabric shops, both individual and national, to see if they have any of this material for your next swimwear sewing project.

    Toxic Fabrics That Can Be Harmful To Your Health

    1. Polyester

    Polyester is one of the most popular and most used synthetic fabrics. Even though it can be produced with a blend of natural components, like cotton, to prevent wrinkles and tears, its effect on our health can still be harmful. 

    While wearing polyester, it becomes hard for your skin to breathe. Moreover, rising body temperatures help to release chemicals from this fabric that are later absorbed by your skin.

    This can cause various problems and irritations like rashes, itching, redness, eczema, and dermatitis. So, it's better to avoid polyester in your clothes and also in your linens.

    1. Rayon (Viscose)

    Rayon is a fibre that is made from cellulose that is chemically converted from wood pulp. Not only is the production of this material dangerous, but wearing it can also be unhealthy. 

    Rayon fabric can emit toxic substances that can cause nausea, headaches, vomiting, chest and muscle pain, and insomnia. In addition to all that, its production is heavily polluting the environment.

    1. Nylon

    Socks, lingerie, underwear, pantyhose, and so many different everyday clothes are made from nylon. It is durable and not very expensive to produce, which is why it's popular. But, at the same time, nylon is not the best choice to wear on your bare skin. 

    Clothes made from nylon do not absorb sweat from the skin, which can cause bad odours and skin infections. While in its production, the fabric gets bleached or dyed with different chemicals. Wearing it on your skin can cause a variety of irritations as well.


    Acrylic fabrics are made of acrylonitrile, which is a carcinogen and a mutagen. Exposure to this substance can cause different problems with your health.  Among them are headache, nausea, dizziness, difficulty breathing, limb weakness, and many more. In addition, by wearing acrylic fabrics, you run the risk of absorbing some of the acrylonitrile into your skin. Also, the manufacturing of acrylic is a huge cause of environmental pollution.


    These types of fabrics are extremely stretchy, and a lot of tight clothes are made with them like sports bras, leggings, T-shirts, shaping underwear, tights, bikinis, etc. 

    Like other synthetic fabrics, these are made from harmful chemical substances like polyurethane, which is also considered to be a carcinogen. In addition, prolonged contact with these fabrics can cause skin irritations like dermatitis.

    Anything Labelled Static-Resistant, Stain-Resistant, Permanent Press, Wrinkle-Free, Stain-Proof, Or Moth-Repellent 

    Many of the stain-resistant and wrinkle-free fabrics are treated with perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), like Teflon; these pollutants have been detected in humans and marine animals.

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    Which Fabrics Are Safe To Wear?

    • Cotton: it’s breathable, absorbs liquid from the skin, protects against heat in the summer and cold in the winter, and it’s hypoallergenic and durable. It’s one of the best fabrics you can wear to treat your skin to the most comfort.
    • Merino wool: it's an all-natural, temperature and moisture regulating material that doesn't lose shape or sag with time. Instead, it's soft, lightweight, and also offers natural UV protection! Of course, alpaca wool can also be a good alternative.
    • Cashmere: This is a precious material. No heavy chemicals are used to create the smooth, silky feel of cashmere, and it is amazing and nice to feel on the skin on its own.
    • Hempthis textile has been serving people for thousands of years. It is well-known for its strength and durability. It’s the best natural material when it comes to holding shape and not stretching. Also, the more you wear it, the softer it gets.
    • Silk: not only does this soft fabric have a luxurious texture, but it also has a bunch of health benefits! It can slow down aging, help with eczema and asthma, have an antifungal effect, help to avoid allergies, and improve sleep!
    • Bamboo: it's an interesting new alternative to traditional natural fabrics. Textiles made of bamboo are just as soft and silky as other natural fabrics but also hypoallergenic, highly breathable, and thermo-regulating. It can absorb moisture from the skin even better than cotton and protect you from UV rays like merino wool. Also, it's biodegradable.
    • Linen: it's a highly comfortable and durable material. It is also easy to take care of and is suitable for every season. Like some other natural textiles, it has hypoallergenic properties, will feel extra comfortable and allow your skin to breathe.

    Some Final Words

    When push comes to shove, expect Chinlon to be a lot like nylon and other synthetic materials. Only smoother to the touch and nicer to look at. Until it is declassified, it remains a secret material few people admit knowing about.

    FAQs About Chinlon Fabric

    To be blunt, Chinlon is a nylon fabric with a few added adjustments that make it a finer material while being nice and smooth next to your skin. To describe Chinlon accurately, one can say that regular nylon is like the old 1960s Volkswagen Beetle vehicle and Chinlon is the new 2000+ Volkswagen beetle.

    It is the same car technically, but the newer model has many more improvements than the older version. There are two drawbacks to this material, though. First, it does crinkle when folded, and it is not as durable as nylon or other synthetic materials.

    Let's put it this way; the modern VW Beetle is improved over the older version, except it is no longer made from real steel. Instead, it is made from a nicer, lighter metal that does not have the same strength as steel has.

    Definition Chinlon Fabric

    The best way to define Chinlon is to say that it is an upgraded nylon fabric with a specific purpose and should not be used for other activities outside of that specific purpose.

    Making a variation of one fabric is that all the positive qualities do not make the transition. For example, Chinlon, while a good material to wear, does not have the strength of nylon, and it may not have the UV resistance that nylon has.

    The negative characteristics make the transition easier than the positive ones, so while you can use nylon in the water, it is not a good idea to do the same with Chinlon materials. This fabric may be good for some sewing projects but use it carefully as it is not the same as nylon is.

    We could be philosophical here and say what synthetic fibre is not polyester. However, many different synthetic fabrics are all made from the same chemicals as polyester, so technically, they are all polyester.

    Chinlon is a variation of nylon so expect it to have the same characteristics as that fabric. Unfortunately, its durability is questionable, and although it is made into swimwear, it is not that good to swim in.

    Chinlon is more of a lounging fabric that doesn’t breathe that well even though it stretches like nylon. Most likely, unless it has been treated to prevent it, this material will shrink like nylon shrinks.

    Chinlon Vs Polyester

    This is not easy to make a few people talk about chinlon as a different fabric from nylon. That may be because chinlon is a form of nylon with the same characteristics even though it is not as durable or as strong as that fabric.

    It should be as strong or stronger than polyester, though, since nylon is stronger. Plus, you should have some excellent stretching ability when wearing this material over other synthetic fabrics.

    The smooth texture makes chinlon a nice material to have next to your skin and helps give your figure a great look. As for care

    The best answer we can give here is yes, it is. It is not as thick as regular nylon, but it is made from the same ingredients as that fabric and is a form of it. Chinlon is to nylon-like muslin is to cotton.

    There are differences, but essentially they are the same fabric in different textures and quality. This is good because you should not see a lot of pilling when washing Chinlon, and you get a lot of stretch room when you move.

    Plus, the material is soft and comfortable to wear. So, when you are not in the mood to get wet, this material is an excellent option when you want to sit by the pool and get some sun. Also, the material should resist snags when you wear it.

    Chinlon Vs Nylon

    It is possible to say that Chinlon is a nylon upgrade. However, polyester and nylon have difficulties feeling like natural fabrics. While they can get smooth, there is a lot of roughness and artificial feel to both materials.

    The makers of Chinlon have done to apply new technological advances to make this upgrade smoother than nylon. While made from the same ingredients as nylon, Chinlon can be seen as an 'Egyptian cotton' variation to regular cotton compared to nylon.

    They all have the same properties, but one is just better and more refined than the other. Chinlon would be refined nylon over nylon. Hopefully, that gives you a clear picture of what Chinlon is when compared to nylon.

    You may get more stretch out of Chinlon than you do nylon, but that would depend on the quality of the material.

    Being made from nylon, it will have some stretch to it. How much stretch you get will be up to the manufacturer and the quality levels they adhere to. With some unethical manufacturers in the fabric industry, it is more like trial and error to find the right Chinlon fabric that stretches as nylon does.

    One thing is for sure; it will be more stretchy than regular polyester, which does not have a lot of stretch to it at all. However, nylon has a great stretching ability, so you should expect the same performance out of Chinlon up to a point.

    Variations are not always equal to the original fabric. Changes in the manufacturing process make sure that the variation is either better or worse than the original. But, until you buy and wear it, you won't see those differences.

    Synthetic fibres, which Chinlon is made from, usually do not absorb water. Instead, they repel it, and that behaviour provides the user with the idea the fabric is waterproof. But waterproof only goes so far in the fabric world, and you can say that just about every fabric is waterproof to a certain point.

    Once that point has been reached, then the fabric will be saturated with water, and you will get wet. So let's say that you will remain dryer longer wearing Chinlon than you would if you wore cotton or other natural materials.

    Once it has reached its saturation point, expect to get wet and uncomfortable. But outside of a dry suit, do not expect many fabrics to keep the water off your body for long.

    Most likely, this upgrade to nylon will shrink if heat is applied to the material. That is the way it is with synthetics, as they are merely different forms of plastic, and plastic melts when hot.

    So instead of shrinking, you might see melting and deformities when you put the fabric in the dryer or use hot water to clean it. But, and it is a big but, some manufacturers may treat the material with a chemical to help prevent shrinking or melting.

    It is hard to say if they do it for this fabric as it is usually an expensive process and adds cost to the finished product. Check the label to see if the Chinlon based item you want to buy has been treated for shrinking or not.

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