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What Is The Best Club In Melbourne?

We’re heading into the warmer months, guys. And that means it’s time to come out of hibernation and hit up some of Melbourne’s best clubs. So leave your dignity at home and get on the D-Floor. We're about to drop some bangers. Melbourne’s nightlife scene might not compete with other larger cities, but it knows how to have fun after dark. Bars and clubs stay open until about 1 am or 4 am, and sometimes even 24 hours. As a result, Melbourne nightlife has a little bit of everything—hidden bars, rowdy pubs, swanky nightclubs, and live music venues. And then, of course, it has your reliable late-night food options and non-drinking activities. 

Navigating the nightlife in a foreign city can be confusing as a traveller. Where do the locals go? Are there open container laws? We hear you. Here are a few bars, clubs, and live music options worth a squiz. 

Australia has many options for people to relax, unwind, and hang out. The country is known for its fun-loving and laid-back nature. Hence, there is no shortage of entertainment there. They are strict believers in hard partying. So, the number of pubs and nightclubs is at an all-time high. If you want to spend the night with your friends with some good food, drinks, and music, there is no other country to offer more than Australia. You may think of it as an unconventional choice in terms of the best nightclubs given so many party capitals scattered around the world, but you will be surprised to see what it has in store for you!

Some places across Australia offering great nightlife are Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and more. They say spend one night going around the night scene, and you will fall in love with it forever. Trend and glamour the nightclubs as it truly represents the all-accepting nature of the people. Tourists also feel at home as they blend into their culture and habits through a blissful friendship. The night is the time that opens the gates to new experiences. The following nightclubs located throughout the country in different areas provide some of Australia's best experiences.

Sometimes you just need to break a sweat and get loose on the dance floor. So if you've wanted to plan a big night out, here are our favourite clubs for electronica, dance, house, trap, disco, hip-hop and everything in between. So put on your best dancing shoes and an Instagram-worthy outfit and get ready to paint the town red. 

Guide To The Best Nightclubs In Melbourne. 


This place is pretty expensive. But, like guys, if you’re not wearing a shirt, I wish you the best of luck making it through the front door. Chill out and have a few drinks in a booth, and then make your way to the main dance floor for a good time. 

Hugs And Kisses 

This members-only club parties hard, with some of Melbourne’s best underground DJs. How do you get in? Sign up to become a member, or sign in at the door with a member. Exclusive much?


We had to, guys! But, C'mon. If you’re under 25, living in Melbourne and haven’t been to CQ, I’ll be very surprised. This place will remix any Top 100 song. Also, 210m away is the Maccas on Bourke Street, if you want to finish your night off strong. 

The Albion 

Summer's 'round the corner, people, and that means Rooftop Bars. The Albion boasts a pretty impressive one, with some lovely CBD views. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, there's a DJ and live music to make the most of your weekend. Solid choice. 

Brown Alley 

If you’re looking for an extensive range of dance tracks, Brown Alley has you covered. This club is a regular venue for gigs and after-parties—we’re talking techno, R’n’B and some seriously deep house. Don’t go if you’re not keen to party. 

The Toff In Town

Curtain House has it all, amazing food and booze, a sweet rooftop, and a cosy little red-curtained room that hosts some rad musical talent. The Toff is not hardcore (but that's a good thing after 25), but it's a great place to get dancey. 

The Sub Club

A seriously boutique experience, The Sub Club aims to "blur the lines between art-project and nightclub". Fair enough. These guys curate some pretty progressive events. The aim is to create a hub for un-commercialized music culture. 

The Precinct 

Friday nights at The Precinct is where it’s at. Sam Sam But Different are a seriously good cover band who belt out every classic you forgot you loved. Bit of Oasis, Matchbox Twenty, Sneaky Sound System—you know you love it, guys, don’t deny it. 

Undoubtedly the coolest place to party in all of Australia, Melbourne is where you go if you want a little culture with your Carlton Draught.

  • Sydney.
  • Byron Bay.
  • Gold Coast.
  • Airlie Beach & Whitsundays.
  • Magnetic Island.
  • Nimbin.
  • Cairns.

Melbournians take their nightlife seriously. There are thousands of live music performances across the city every week, as well as a profusion of late-night bars, restaurants and clubs. Down the famous laneways of Melbourne, you'll stumble across bars that bleed music and laughter into the city night.

Anyone under the age of 18 years is considered a minor.

Australia is a huge and diverse country when it comes to nightlife, and you'll find Aussies having fun everywhere, from pubs and clubs in the cities to BBQs in the Outback.

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FAQs About The Best Club In Melbourne

Treat Nightclub

Expect a younger crowd here as it’s a fun spot to dance to electronic music. It’s set up like a labyrinth of rooms, each one playing different music. 


This nightclub doesn’t close on the weekend—it’s open 24 hours so that you can dance until dawn (or longer). There are multiple levels with different DJs spinning tunes. 

  • Spice Market: Spice market is on the swankier side of Melbourne nightlife. It’s the kind of club where you have to dress up, or you won’t get in. Once inside, it’s all thumping music and fancy cocktails. Thursdays are ladies night, which means cheap drinks for all the sheilas.

Revolver, better known as Revs, will take you in on a Friday evening and treat you to a bit of soul-tinged deep house and then spit you out onto Chapel Street Sunday morning, ears still ringing with throbbing techno. You often hear about ‘the cage’, which sounds terrifying, but in reality, it’s a booth that hosts local and international dance DJs in a dining room. The bar/club goes all night and is often responsible for the sort of behaviour that is best forgotten by morning. A great night out, in other words.

Section 8

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This open-air club bumps everything from hip-hop to electronic music. In addition, it usually hosts live DJ sets for the ultimate fist-bumping experience. Section 8 is a fun spot to check out on a clear summer night.  


Were you looking for a little rock and roll? Cherry is on AC/DC Lane and offers head bobbing live music, tattooed bartenders, and no-fuss cocktails. Melburnians love to brag that Lady Gaga made a special visit here. 

New Guernica

After an illustrious 12 years in the CBD, New Guernica moved to Collingwood. The new venue features soaring 7-metre ceilings, a balcony high above the dance floor and a world-class lighting and sound system. Some elements have been brought over from the original location, including the well-known disco ball.  Get ready for a weekly rave on Thursday nights, complete with drink specials, Friday parties run by organizers like the Operative and upcoming events by established electronic artists, emerging talents and international touring acts. 

The Night Cat

The vibe is electric in this darkly red-lit boudoir of a live music venue, and it's not hard to see why. The Night Cat has become a bit of a Fitzroy institution, with live jazz, funk and reggae among its diverse line-up. However, it's probably best known for its circular stage in the centre of the venue that gives all punters a great vantage point for watching their favourite acts. 

Angel Music Bar

Music is front and centre here, with a collection of records pumping out of Funktion One speakers specifically installed to fill the room. DJs play the likes of John Coltrane, Susan Wong, Esther Phillips and Ute Lemper with scatterings of David Bowie downstairs, or you can head upstairs to the 80-room black box venue and party to events put on by Animals Dancing, Crown Ruler, Cool Room and Pelvis. It’s super dark in the room, with a singular light that projects onto a disco ball that casts an eclipse shadow above the DJ booth. And we're not kidding about the speakers – those Funktion Ones pack a punch.


A red neon sign in shouty capitals marks the entrance on Brunswick Street. The cleaved head of American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman greets you as you walk up the stairs. In the cavernous room above, dismembered mannequins dangle from the ceiling. This Fitzroy establishment is many things, but subtle isn’t one. The venue features exposed brick, lofty ceilings, ruby-hued booths and red lights behind the bar, all paying homage to the hedonistic social scene of 1980s New York. 

Sub Club

Sub Club is a basement nightclub in little-known laneway Flinders Court, and its programming is as underground as its location. The club is carved out of the old ANZ bank vault, which gives it that Tresor vibe. Line-ups reflect forward-thinking curators and subcultures, so no one is left out here. You can expect to hear loads of bass, techno and left-field electro transmitting out of a 10,000-watt sound system.

Chasers Nightclub

One of Melbourne’s biggest and best nightclubs for international and special events, featuring Melbourne’s top-class DJs every Friday and Saturday nights from 9 pm till late playing a variety of music styles including funky house, vocal trance and R&B. It's probably best known for being the home of Poof Doof, an LGBTQIA-friendly club night that's been around for many years. 

The Toff In Town

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Curtin House is frankly ridiculous, brimming over as it is with a host of great bars and club spaces. The Toff in Town is one of the swankiest joints in the building. Climb the stairs, and you'll find a private booth bar to the left and the excellent band space to the right. This cosy little red-curtained room has hosted a wealth of talent, both from home and far away. It's a decadent haunt and one that reeks of character in an already vibrant Melbourne scene. So get right up and sweaty at the foot of the stage or sit back and sample their menu of delicious eats and the extensive range of drinks on offer.

Gasometer Hotel

On any given night at this Collingwood bluestone stalwart, punters of all ages, genders and sexualities are sinking $6 pints of Vale Lager at happy hour by the roaring fireplace, smashing beer burgers and parmas or veg, vegan or gluten-free meals, and standing shoulder-to-shoulder watching gigs on the mezzanine level of the 350-person bandroom. In the warmer months, the band rooms huge moon roof pulls back so that the sun streams in or, by night, party people dance under a canopy of stars. The sky’s the limit for the Gaso – an evolving project representing a welcome cultural shift in Melbourne’s pub's scene towards a future where everyone is invited to the party and has a bloody great time.

Tips For Going Out At Night 

Now that you know what to do after dark in Melbourne, we have a few more tips for going out at night. 

  • Public Transit
    • A night network opens for the train, tram, and bus from Friday to Sunday. After midnight, the train runs every 60 minutes. So if you know you want to get on the train by 1 am, aim to get to the station a little early, or you’ll have to wait another hour for the next train. On the other hand, the tram runs every 30 minutes after midnight, and the bus runs every 30 to 60 minutes after midnight. Otherwise, Uber, Didi, Ola, and 13cabs will give you a ride home no matter the time.  
  • Open Container Laws
    • Consumption of alcohol in public spaces is prohibited in Melbourne, so finish the beer before leaving. 
  • Cover Charge
    • There’s usually a cover fee between AU$20 to $40 for entry into nightclubs. The cover is generally paid in cash, so if you know you want to go to Spice Market, visit an ATM first. 
  • Age Restrictions
    • The drinking age in Australia is 18. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of teens out and about on a Friday night.
  • Identification
    • While the drinking age is 18, most bars and clubs ask for ID before you enter. At some places (liquor stores included), a foreign driver’s license won’t cut it. You’ll need to bring a passport out with you. 
  • Late-Night Eats
    • Melbourne has a bunch of options for a late-night snack. Lord of the Fries, Mr Crackles, and Shujinko Ramen serve food well after midnight. 
  • Drinking and Driving
    • Drinking and driving is a serious offence in Victoria. Law enforcement conducts random breathalyzer tests (RBT). Don’t bother getting behind the wheel if you’ve had more than two drinks. The general rule of thumb is that two standard drinks in the first hour will raise your BAC to 0.05 per cent, which is the limit in Victoria.


To sum up, the collective club scene in Australia can be defined as broad with many facets to its personality. First, there is this relative geographical isolation with the country. Hence, many believe that the country has too much to offer in its clubbing scene, with numerous producers and DJs gradually expanding their creative work. In addition, many globally-renowned DJs regularly drop by in Australia for immersive gigs. So, the scene is composed of different and diverse varieties and is a confluence of different cultures and musical styles.

If you are ever planning to visit Australia, do not miss out on its nightlife. The clubbing scene is here is very relaxed as it symbolizes celebration and togetherness. It will also give you the perfect escape after a hard day of travelling. With flowing drinks and food, the whole enamel of Australia’s nightlife truly comes alive in all its glory. Entertainment is a big part of the country’s culture, and you will see its spec everywhere. However, the nighttime gives you a whole different perspective that will truly captivate and indulge you within seconds.

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