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What Is The Most Popular Coffee Brand In Melbourne?

Are you looking for the best coffee in Melbourne? Well, here’s your go-to guide.

Melbourne’s fascination with delicious coffee began with the advent of the Italian immigrants after the second world war, and since then, it has taken off!

Whether you’re visiting or working here, you’re in luck because Melbourne’s coffee culture is unmatched anywhere else in the world! In fact, in a survey done by booking.com, Melbourne emerged as the city with the world’s best coffee, beating titans like Rome, Vienna, and even Sydney.

You don’t have to be a coffee sommelier to know the difference between good and bad coffee. Coffee has that dual effect in that the good stuff propels you through a slow day and horrible coffee adds to the blues of a lousy day.

With that said, this one's for you, the curious tourist or you, the one in need of that extra boost. Behold the map to Melbourne’s best coffee spots in this vibrant Australian city!

popular coffee brand

Melbourne Coffee Scene

Specialty coffee refers to the whole coffee process from growing to roasting and extracting, from farmer to mug. These Melbourne coffee shops take their coffee seriously and ensure that every stage of the process involves the utmost precision and care. Just be aware: once you taste the smooth, intoxicating single-origin coffees of the best coffee shops in Melbourne, you’ll never go back.

As one of Australia’s foremost destinations for bean juice, Melbourne is home to many coffee shops, each offering something different. But while every care has its take on coffee, the Australian brew does have some common themes.

Top Coffee Roasters In Melbourne

It's no longer debatable that Australia is home to the best cup of coffee in the world. 

London, Reykjavik, Rome and Singapore all have global reputations for a delicious brew, but Australians, and specifically Melburnians, have given the phrase 'specialty' in specialty coffee a whole new meaning.

Not long ago, the average consumer's knowledge of coffee was limited to distinguishing an Arabica bean from Robusta. Today, we know so much more! Coffee lovers want to know about the sourcing of the bean and how it was packed. 

Coffee lovers now know the intricacies of the roasted bean and can distinguish between a Light Roast and a Medium Roast or a blend and single-origin coffee. Today, consumers place a premium on fair trade practices and will not buy from suppliers that don't source their coffee ethically.

As you can imagine, with such broad criteria, compiling the list below was an uphill struggle. Nevertheless, like you, we're coffee fanatics. We thoroughly enjoyed writing this one and hope you will too.

That said, below is our take on the top coffee roasters in Melbourne. Take a look!

Bench Coffee Co. 


Now a city-based institution for coffee, the architectural wonder, Bench Coffee has its flag planted firmly in Melbourne’s caffeine scene. The carefully curated space is like a dystopian designer store with an impeccable mixture of polished concrete, glass tiles, and a curved mirror that extends to the end of the store. 

The standing-room-only space is home to some of the best coffee in Melbourne, with seasonal blend, single-origin espresso and filter options from around the globe. On the bar with meticulous execution, the Bench baristas churn out cup after cup of perfectly extracted coffee. 

Small Batch Coffee Roasting Co. 


A longstanding titan of industry and a leader of wholesale coffee in Melbourne, Small Batch completely exploded across the city with its early crowd-pleasers like the ‘Candyman’ blend roast and other all-star collections. 

Famed for packing perfectly rounded flavour in every cup, Small Batch’s industrial space in North Melbourne serves as an outlet to get the goods on-site, with roasters churning in the background and hessian sacks filled with green beans hurled around the space. Word to the wise a visit to Small Batch is never complete without adding one of their knock-out pastries to the order; croissant and filter coffee in hand, you’re ready to conquer the world.

Monk Bodhi Dharma  


One of the true innovators in Melbourne’s specialty coffee scene is Monk Bodhi Dharma, the brainchild of Marwin Shaw. Monk started its claim to Melbourne’s caffeine mantle with its single store off Carlisle Street Balaclava. Focusing on ethically sourcing coffee and a sustainably friendly menu, Monk works closely with its farmers and suppliers. 

Monk has transformed over the years, creating their roasting network with Disciple Roasters, the self-described ‘Coffee Hustlers’ sling their beans to their three different caffeine outposts across Melbourne with Bayano The Rebel, a hole in the wall cafe and refuge off Chapel Street in South Yarra, and Admiral Cheng-Ho, infamous for its six coffee grinder setup which sits on at the entrance to Collingwood on Johnston Street. All three locations are worthy of inclusion and stand as individual contenders for Melbourne’s best coffee. 

Proud Mary 


A stalwart of Melbourne coffee culture, Collingwood’s Proud Mary makes a mean brew with coffee that’s roasted in their factory just down the road. There’s a stack of varieties to choose from, and they’re worth exploring should you be including Proud Mary in your morning ritual—their rotating takeaway sanga menu is also up there as one of the best.



A light-filled, white wall space transforms this Collingwood cafe/roastery known as A coffee into a daily art exhibit of caffeine. Although a destination for a coffee dine-in or takeaway, their real focus sits within roasting. 

Sourced and then roasted on the location, you can enjoy your choice of ‘white, black, or pour-over coffee’ as the aromas of the daily roasted coffee swirl the cafe. Beans are available in-store and online monthly subscriptions that plant freshly roasted small batch coffee right to your door. 

Axil Coffee Roasters 

Various Locations  

It’s hard to create the best coffee Melbourne list without discussing the empire that David Makin and his team at Axil Coffee Roasters have built. Axil began its somewhat humble beginnings in Hawthorn just off Glenferrie Road and since has rapidly spread all over Melbourne, with locations now littered through the inner-city area as well as flagships at Chadstone shopping centre and Tullamarine airport. 

Top to bottom Axil means business in the coffee world. Their in-house roasting and dedication to quality brewing consistently across their stores have led them to become a household name in the Melbourne coffee scene. With beans sourced from all over the globe, their range of single-origin blends will keep you coming back to try what’s on the bar each day. 


Melbourne CBD 

Without a doubt, a contender for the best coffee Melbourne CBD has to offer. Vacation is the go-to for a specialty brew for anyone on the east side of the city grid. Its pastel hues and natural light provide a perfect escape from the outside world, while the calibre of coffee, regardless of if you’re after something milky or a filter, will keep you appeased for the day ahead. 

St Ali 

South Melbourne 

The southside landmark for coffee has been a destination for a coffee Sunday brunch since it swung its doors open way back in 2005. St Ali has evolved over the years. The single destination store in South Melbourne has become an institution of coffee culture, packed with diners as baristas and white overalled waiters spin out cup after cup of expertly extracted espresso. 

Coffee feels fun here, the snobbery of not knowing your piccolo from your pour-over is left at the door, and if you’re looking for Melbourne's best coffee, this one has to be on your radar. All with its own branded merch, an in-house deli, and coffee to take home, St Ali becomes more than just a quick coffee to refuel. It's a boundary-pushing exploration into the fun that coffee can be.  

Industry Beans 

industry beans


Roaster, cafe and coffee authority, you can’t go past Industry Beans if you’re looking for the best coffee in Fitzroy. The specialty coffee provider not only supplies a lot of Melbourne with their brew but across the globe, too, with espresso blends and single origins sourced from all the major coffee hot spots. 

Their recently revamped Fitzroy is a shining white beacon for good coffee with a light-filled interior of booth tables, or If you’re in the city, drop past their Collins Street locale seven days a week for a takeaway. 

Patricia Coffee Brewers 

Melbourne CBD 

This quaint coffee shop lives in the business end of the city, Patricia is a specialty cafe that churns out cup after cup to its loyal base of city workers as well as curious customers looking to sample some of the coffee and flakey baked goods that reside in the glass benchtop. 

Receiving a coffee and pastry here is a true experience, either enjoyed shoulder to shoulder with fellow revellers in the strictly standing area of out amongst bustle of the laneway aloft a milk crate in traditional Melbourne style. 

Coffee wise, their beans are all roasted in-house (off location) and give daily worshippers a rotation of delicious seasonal espresso and filter blends. Both have helped craft Patricia into some of the best coffee in Melbourne’s CBD. 

ONA Coffee


Specialty coffee powerhouse ONA Coffee has been on the scene for now. Still, after years of operating in their hometown of Canberra and Sydney, the team have finally set up an outpost in Melbourne which is best described as a sort of coffee Mecca. On the menu is over 15 coffee variants, along with milk, batch brews, pour-overs, with cups ranging from $5 to $25.

The team takes their job seriously and will happily offer you any coffee-related guidance you may need.

Market Lane 

Various Locations 

With several locations across the city, including the conveniently positioned Prahran Market destination, this coffee powerhouse is known as some of Melbourne’s best coffee on both sides of the Yarra. 

Market Lane has always maintained a high quality and refined approach to their coffee. With an on-location roastery churning out kilo after kilo, the indoor section of the cafe gives a fast-paced yet intimate atmosphere, as well as a dedicated brew-at-home section for all your home base needs. 

Terror Twilight  


This white-washed corner cafe just off Smith Street has to be one of the top spots for grabbing a coffee. A sleek but relaxed fit outlets the light beam through, a rotating range of records play overhead, and the option of booth seating provides the perfect backdrop for deep conversations over a range of delicious brew options. 

Formerly slinging roasts from the Wide Open Coffee Brewers, the team at Terror Twilight have taken up roasting their signature blends, upholding the benchmark with dining mug filled batch brews, as well as the usual line-up of single-origin and blend options with a range of milk varieties to suit all preferences. 

Dukes Coffee Roasters 

Melbourne CBD

Since departing its former location on Chapel Street for the big smoke Dukes has elevated its coffee operation to another level. The cafe situated just off Degraves harkens back to the style of a 1930’s New York bar with tiled floors and heavy stained wood throughout. 

Another contender for the best coffee in Melbourne’s CBD for 2022, this cosy little cafe pushes out shot after shot of espresso to a snaking line of customers eager to get their hands on the ‘Dukes Signature Blend’. This delicious and balanced coffee lends itself to either black or milk-based options. A crowd-pleaser through and through. 

Padre Coffee 

Brunswick East & South Melbourne 

Going for the monopoly on the north and south of Melbourne, Padre is without a doubt deserving of a spot in Melbourne’s best coffee list. Aside from making delicious coffee—check out their Lucky Boy blend—the team is big on supporting their growers and producers. To learn more, take a squizz through their Instagram.



It’s right there in the name. This cafe on the backside of Johnston Street is the everyday home to a detective of loyal morning residents who spread out across the outdoor section with dogs, bikes, and hearty communal conversation. 

The atmosphere might feel casual, but their approach to coffee is anything but with a roaster inside filling the demands of customers at  Everyday and their sister stores ‘All Are Welcome’ in Northcote, ‘Midtown’ in the city, and various partner retailers. Coffee is a lifestyle every day, and you feel it as soon as you’re greeted by smiling faces perched over the coffee machine. 

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Seven Seeds 


Coffee veterans, Seven Seeds, have been at it for a minute now. The team behind it are ex ST. Ali, which also features our best coffee Melbourne round-up. The pedigree here speaks volumes, but Seven Seeds have long since claimed their place in Melbourne coffee culture with their unique brews and commitment to the grind. If you’re in the city, check out their other outposts, Brother Baba Budan and Traveller Coffee.

A Melbourne coffee icon, many coffee shops swear by Seven Seeds coffee. Seven Seeds' brews are a fan favourite across the city. If you don't believe us, visit the Carlton branch of Brother Baba Budan on a busy day.

This coffee roaster is the brainchild of Mark Dundon and Bridget Amor. The roastery came about after the two business partners, having experienced success with the smaller scale St Ali, decided to go big. 

Located in Fairfield, Seven Seeds is one of the major coffee suppliers in Melbourne. The roastery sources its coffee largely from Peru, Brazil, and Colombia. At the Seven Seeds coffee shop, you're spoilt for choice. Seven Seeds has a huge catalogue of filter coffees, blends, single origins and decafs.

What of the roaster's trade practices? As part of the Transparent Trade Colloquium, Seven Seeds has obligated itself to meet the highest level of transparency regarding sourcing consistently. You may read more about this on the company's website.

Rumble Coffee

Thompson St, Kensington VIC

The team behind Rumble Coffee also happens to have run some of the best coffee bars in the city. This wholesale roaster results from a small team's desire for a coffee roasting supply chain that is quality-driven, consistent, and above all transparent! That ethos is reflected in the roaster's location, a direct bare-brick warehouse conversion in one of Kensington's backstreets.

Rumble doesn't just pay lip service to fair trade practice. The company's commitment to ethical sourcing is unquestionable. For instance, few brewers will tell you how much they pay for their beans, but Rumble will. 

Moreover, on the company's website, customers have access to its Transparency Project, Rumbles platform for communicating their commitment to ethical sourcing to their customers. Customers have access to an annual report detailing the company's bean sourcing policy and justifying any change in buying price.

Rumble supplies a carefully curated assortment of blends roasted using beans sourced from Peru, Colombia, and Ethiopia and as close as Papua New Guinea. Though spoiled for choice, take note of Rumble's signature blend- Shadowboxer. 

Puritans are also taken care of here, as the roastery offers single-origin roasts from Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Guatemala. The Roastery also supplies everyday coffee (they call it office coffee), as well as filter coffee.

Unlike many roasters, Rumble's espresso bar is not located far from the roastery. The team behind Rumble wants you to see everything as it happens. The espresso bar is in the thick of it. Customers get to see much of the roasting process as it happens. 

After all, Roasters has nothing to hide! At the bar, customers can enjoy a diverse selection of accompaniments. However, as you might have expected, nothing outshines the brew!

FAQs About Melbourne Cafes

The three largest coffee chains in Australia are Gloria Jeans Coffees, Starbucks Coffee and Hudson's Coffee. Starbucks Coffee began in Australia in 2000, but because all stores are company-owned, growth has been slow compared to Gloria Jeans Coffees, franchised.

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  • The Cupping Room
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  • Gordon St Garage
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  • Good Day Coffee
  • Laneway Specialty Coffee

MELBOURNE has been voted the city with the world's best coffee by travel website booking.com, beating Rome, Vienna and Sydney to top place. MELBOURNE has beaten Rome, Vienna and Sydney in being judged to have the best coffee in the world.

In the classic Aussie coffee creation, a flat white contains a single shot of espresso followed by a steamy pour of milk and a thin layer of foam. Order it 'skinny' if you want skim milk instead of full cream. You'll find delicious coffee across the country, but only Melbourne is known as the 'Coffee Capital of Australia.

"Generally, the roasts used by Australian venues are much smoother, lighter and more caramel than a lot of US coffee which is a much darker roast and more bitter. "There has been, especially in the past five years, a much greater appreciation for quality espresso coffee.


Everyone has an opinion on the best coffee in Melbourne, but one thing we can all agree on is that it’s more than just a necessary morning routine – it’s an art. Art has evolved to become one of man’s most beloved rituals. The best coffee shops in Melbourne are renowned for producing some of the best coffee in the world. 

What cements this title is their pursuit of the highest quality beans, their constant research and learning of the best methods and practices and their commitment to serving the most nuanced and aromatic coffee available. These Melbourne coffee shops will satisfy the palate of even the most snobbish coffee drinkers.


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