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What Is The Point Of Day And Night Blinds?

Day And Night Blinds are a relatively new addition to the market yet have become an increasingly popular alternative to curtains and traditional blinds. Combining roller and Venetian blinds, day and night blinds allows for complete control over the light in a room while providing various style options. With their ability to provide privacy while also letting light into a room, day and night blinds are a versatile option that allows you to get the best of both worlds, making them the perfect compromise between different styles of blinds. There’s a brand new style of blinds on the market, and everyone is talking about it. Day and Night blinds, otherwise known as Twist Vision Blinds, are growing popular. Luckily for our important customers, we supply and install these wonderful new blinds.

How Do They Work?

Day and night blinds work on a basic yet effective system. The blinds have two separate layers of attached fabrics, with one being transparent than the other a solid colour. Line up the two layers at different points to achieve varying levels of transparency. It means you can directly control the light level allowed into a room by adjusting one of the two layers, with the chance to make it semi-transparent (voile), completely blacked out, or a happy middle-ground between the two.

All the controls remain hidden from sight in the overhead section of the blinds, ensuring they don’t detract from the short style day and night blinds are known for. So, these styles of blinds are great because they allow you to enjoy privacy during the day while also enjoying as much light as wanted while still having the opportunity to block out light whenever desired.

Day and Night blinds also get the name ‘Twist Vision blinds’ because they operate. The two different materials slide past each other simply at the twist of a cord. These blinds are somewhat of a hybrid between roller blinds and Venetian blinds, taking the best of both worlds and incorporating the two. Day and Night blinds can be completely retracted, extended and twisted to angle the light – a characteristic of the Venetian blind.

‘When you’re looking to enhance the style and functionality of your space, window treatments are one of the most important elements. Double Roller Blinds, also known as day/night Blinds, have so much to offer in terms of attractiveness and incredible flexibility.

Benefits Of Double Roller Blinds

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This innovative design features two Blinds that hang together on the same mechanism but operate independently. One Blind is in blackout material, while the second is a sunscreen or sheer fabric that allows light to filter through. You can use both, switch between the two or choose partial coverage from each one. Having this level of control allows you to easily design the perfect combination for your needs at any given time.

Here’s why Double Roller Blinds have become such a popular option.

Control Light

The biggest advantage of this type of window covering is having access to such a wide range of options for blocking out light or letting it stream in. For example, use the Blockout Blinds to create total darkness, ideal for optimizing your sleep cycle and helping you wake up more rested. During the day, Sheer Blinds can be utilized to allow varying amounts of light for reading or working. Double Roller Blinds are highly adaptable to your specific lifestyle and preferences.

Ideal light control in the winter, the sun is generally low and often at eye level. When we drive, we have a sun visor, when we’re walking around town, we wear sunglasses, so why deal with it when you’re in the comfort of your own home or office? Day and Night blinds allow for optimal light control and enhance your daily routine, making each day effortless. Angle the sun’s rays so you can get enough light into the room without having to move around the room or squint at your computer screen.

Ensure Privacy

Having adequate privacy is a real concern if you live close to the neighbours or have large windows that face the street. Double Roller Blinds are an excellent solution for helping you maintain privacy, especially during the day when you want to enjoy natural light. Sheer Blinds are designed to allow sunlight and provide views of the outdoors while still acting as an effective barrier preventing outsiders from looking in.


This window solution is designed to optimize how your home functions throughout the year, allowing you to enjoy your space as much as possible. Double Roller Blinds are so popular in Australia because you can choose a sunscreen material with built-in UV protection for the Sheer Blinds.

Having this crucial protection is important during the summer. Not only can Sunscreen Blindprotect your home’s occupants from the harmful effects of solar glare, but it can also protect your furniture and textiles from becoming faded over time. Double Roller Blinds also help the home become more energy-efficient and comfortable because the material provides an extra layer of insulation, keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Attractive And Sleek

Double Roller Blinds are a very stylish window covering option with versatility and high functionality. We have a wide range of colours, patterns, textures, and fabrics to choose from. So whether you prefer neutral tones or a more colourful approach, we have the choice for creating a perfect look. The simplicity of Double Roller Blinds ensures it can fit in with any design scheme or perfectly with Curtains.

Durable And Easy To Use

Our Roller Blinds are solidly constructed with quality materials, including sturdy fabric and a steel double bracket system. Double Roller Blinds are easy to clean and are designed to be enjoyed for many years to come. This window solution is very low maintenance and seamless to the home and can be operated manually or motorized.


As the winter months approach, it’s time to make the most of the limited daylight hours and the warmth from your central heating. Day and Night blinds come in various colours, including deep reds, purples and greens. These colours are festive and provide a fresh look for the rest of the year. Their layered style will also ensure a warm, cosy atmosphere so you and the family can get involved with a classic board game without worrying about anything else.


Because of their two layers, Day and Night blinds are an ideal way to insulate the home. In addition, their ability to trap and retain the heat between their two layers means that they will help reduce your energy bills because they can retain the heat during the winter and reflect the heat during the summer.


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We’re often thankful for a bit of shade during the summer, especially when we’ve been exposed to the heat throughout the day. So when you head home, and you’re ready to unwind and relax with the family, have the right amount of shade to keep your home cool and eliminate the glare on the TV.

The ability to precisely control how much sun you get and where it is directed means that day night blinds can be used to avoid reflection and glare on the TV screen, but also help to give any living room plants enough sun to keep them this side of the compost heap too.

At Night they are not as effective when the lights are on in the room. This is due to the stronger light being inside the room, so the perceived one-way properties are reversed. As you can see in the picture, the person in the room can now be observed quite clearly.

Use a soft cloth that is damp (but really, just damp, thoroughly wrung out, and not wet) and gently wipe the two layers of blind fabric on both sides. Ideally, use just water, but a very mild detergent solution will be ok if thoroughly diluted and suitable for delicates like silk and wool.

When the blinds are turned up, that is, the rounded side faces out, there’s better light control as there are minimal gaps between the slats. Turn your blinds up. This direction is better for improved privacy, too, as minimized gaps between the slats don’t allow curious passersby to view the inside of the house.

The direction ⁠— up or down ⁠— to close blind slats is a matter of personal preference, but tilt them up if you want more privacy, with the rounded side facing out. With window blinds tilted up, passersby can’t see in: The convex side faces the window, creating less space through which to view

During the winter months, you should open your blinds to let the sunlight in to warm the room. However, if the forecast is cloudy, turn your blinds down to add insulation and help keep cool air at bay.

As much as you can see outside through window covering in the daytime will reverse at Night when lights are on, and it is dark outside. With many light-emitting products, it will not be possible to see directly into the room.

Day and Night blinds are revolutionary because they are the only style of blinds that feature transparent and opaque horizontal panels. This new technology allows all homeowners to find the right level of privacy and light that suits them best. In addition, twist vision blinds can be customized from various colours to embrace their ultra-modern style. Day and night blinds offer a simplistic and classy finish that seamlessly fits into your home’s modern interior design and comes with multiple benefits.

Closing your window blinds on hot summer days blocks the sunlight to keep your home cooler and reduce your energy use. Likewise, closing them on cold winter nights reduces heat loss, so your home stays warmer with less strain on your furnace.

Types Of Roller Blinds

  • Double roller blinds – two blinds fitted in a pair of dual brackets. One layer is a blackout blind, and the other is a sunscreen blind that allows you to see out.
  • Cassette blinds (also called theatre blinds).
  • Blockout roller blind.
  • Translucent / light filtering roller blinds.
  • Automated roller blinds. 

There is no maximum width. However, for blinds over 2200mm in width, a spring-assisted booster system is included to enable the smooth operation of the blind.

Roller blinds can be made from plain or textured block out fabrics, translucent fabric, light filtering fabric and sunscreen fabric. The roller blind chains can be made using either moulded or stainless-steel chains. Or using an automated either electric or battery, remote-controlled motor.

This depends on the type and size of the roller blind and the level of difficulty of installation. However, blocking out roller blinds in white colour may cost around $80 for 800mm X 1200mm. To get an exact estimate, you need to get a quote from the blind installer.

A blind installer will install the roller blinds for you. All installations must comply with relevant industry and government regulations, especially for child safety.

Roller blinds can be cleaned with a soapy damp cloth. After an intense cleaning, a professional cleaner can be used.

To remove roller blinds, you need to call a blind installer to ensure that you do not damage the connecting areas of your walls.

This will depend on how long you look after your blinds. You should get at least ten years out of the blinds if treated well. The warranty usually covers you for one to two years.

FAQs About Day And Night Blinds

Pros And Cons Of Roller Blinds


  • Very cost-effective option.
  • The very safe option.
  • The availability of double roller blinds means that they are very versatile in terms of how much light you want to let in.
  • A wide range of fabrics is available to match your house. 


  • Not as effective in insulation as some other types of blinds. 
  • Only simple designs are available in comparison to some other types of blinds. 

Wooden Blinds

The most common type of blinds that come in wood is Venetian blinds. Plantation shutters are another window treatment that can also come in wood. Although blind installers install these, they are not necessarily considered blinds and are commonly referred to as shutters.

Can Wooden Blinds Be Cut To Size?

Yes, in terms of width. However, the available lengths of wooden Venetian slats are 50mm or 63mm.

What Is The Maximum Width For Wooden Blinds?

The maximum width is 2700mm; beyond this, the blinds can get too heavy. 

What Is The Best Wood For Wooden Blinds?

Lightweight wood is the best for wooden blinds. The style that you want for your blinds will affect this choice. We recommend Paris Blanc Timber Blinds for a lightweight, stylish look. 

How Much Do Wooden Blinds Cost?

This will depend on the type and size of your blinds. A quote needs to be given by a blind installer. However, ‘timber-look’ blinds, such as Tuscany Faux Wood, are much more cost-effective if you want the wooden look for less.

How To Install Wooden Blinds?

A blind installer will install the blinds in your home. Of course, they will take care to meet all safety requirements. But, of course, all installations must comply with relevant industry and government regulations. So it’s a task best left to the pros. Often the pelmet will be mounted first, and then the blinds fitted.

How To Use Wooden Blinds?

Wooden blinds can be used as standard cord lift and tilt control blinds.  

Do Wooden Blinds Block Out Light?

Yes, when they are completely closed. Some light may come through the slats if they are not closed flush against each other.

Can You See Through Wooden Blinds?

No, if they are closed, you can’t see through them. However, you will see them in between the slats if they are open.

How Do You Clean The Dust Off Wooden Blinds?

A duster or a damp cloth can be used to wipe the dust off your wooden blinds.

How Do You Remove Slats From Wooden Blinds?

To remove a slat from the blinds, you need to take out all of the slats below the slat that you want to remove. In addition, all holes within the slat must align with the holes in the slat above when replacing the slat. Call your blind installer if the problem persists. 

How Do You Fix The Wooden Blinds String?

Depending on the issue with the string in your wooden blinds, a new string may be needed, and you may have to restring the entirety of the slats. This can be a delicate and complicated process, so calling your blind installer for advice may be best.

How Do You Wooden Oil Blinds?

Linseed oil can be used to oil your wooden blinds to keep them looking fresh. Mix a third of a cup of linseed oil, with a third of a cup of white vinegar, with a third of a cup of mineral turpentine. Then dip a cloth in this solution and wipe the blinds. Wipe away any excess with a different dry cloth. Leave the wood to dry. After around two hours, your blinds will look brand new.

Can You Paint Wooden Blinds?

Yes, but we recommend you get the blinds in the colour you want, in the original installation. However, if you paint your blinds, we recommend that you consult with your hardware store about the best type of paint. Next, take your blinds apart and paint them slat by slat. Possibly do two to three coats and finish with a varnish or sealant. Then put the blinds back together and rehang. If you need help with the reinstallation, contact your blind installer.

How Long Do Wooden Blinds Last?

It depends on how well you look after your blinds, but they can last up to 10 years. The warranty usually covers you for one to two years.

Pros And Cons Of Wooden Blinds


  • Very stylish finish.
  • Good insulation compared to some other types of blinds.
  • It can block out a lot of light when fully closed.


  • Some can be more expensive than other types of blinds.
  • Need to be cleaned more frequently, as dust can build up easily along all the slats.


All the different window blinds have put you on the right path to selecting the right window covering for your home.

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