Cafes Can Students Visit To Get Work Done

Where In Melbourne Cafes Can Students Visit To Get Work Done?

Melbourne is home to a large student population, as there are nine universities with multiple campuses located across the city. There are also many freelancers and entrepreneurs calling the culture capital home. 

Fortunately, Melbourne is also Australia’s coffee capital, so plenty of cafes are set up for people who want to study and work away from home. 

Students living in a busy city like Melbourne will sometimes find it hard to find a nice, quiet and airy place to study.

Thankfully, Melbourne’s coffee culture means students can kill two birds with one stone – they can have great food and coffee while studying and completing their homework, which will undoubtedly help them remain alert and productive.

If you’re the type of person who’d rather get work done away from the confines of your home, we’ve found four great cafés for you to sit down, have a great drink or meal and study in!

Here are Melbourne’s best cafes, equipped with free Wi-Fi, power outlets, and good food.

The Best 20 Melbourne Cafés to Study In

It’s that time of year again when assignments start piling up, and exams are fast approaching. Have you been in the same study space for so long that your focus and motivation are decreasing pretty noticeably? A change of scenery may be helpful to regain your productivity. 

Other than at home and the library, where else can you study? Thanks to Melbourne’s amazing coffee culture, there are countless cafés where you can sit down and work. 

The best things about these cafés? They all serve mouth-watering food and coffee, and some of them even provide free Wi-Fi and power outlets. So grab your laptop, order a coffee like a true local, and prepare to smash your to-do list at one of the best cafés in Melbourne to study in.

Heartattack And Vine


Between an array of spaghetti eateries, Heartattack and Vine sling Wide Open Road brews and a small selection of delicious eats. Not only are the staff super friendly, but they also offer inside and outside tables. So pick your poison and type away. The only downfall is that they don’t have free WIFI, but sometimes that's a good thing—if you need zero distractions, this is your best bet.

  • Wifi: No
  • Small coffee: $4.50

Naughty Boy Café


Naughty Boy is the home of the ‘freak shake—try it out for size and study simultaneously. Plonk yourself on one of their comfy chairs and get working on whatever takes your fancy. It gets a little busy here in the afternoon, but the late mornings are the perfect time to tick off your to-do list. 

Located on Lygon Street – on the cusp of Carlton North and Princes Hill – Naughty Boy Cafe is famous for its freak shakes (and free Wi-Fi). If a freakshake sugar high doesn’t take your fancy, Naughty Boy Cafe also serves Allpress coffee smoothies and has an extensive all-day food menu. Krispy chicken bao bun, or pulled lamb grain salad, anyone?

  • Wifi: Yes
  • Small coffee: $4

Sun Moth


Hidden away in Niagra Lane, Sun Moth is a firm favourite with RMIT City Campus locals. With spicy chai and a killer cappuccino, an extensive Asian fusion menu (with awesome healthy eats) and the ‘coffee to bar’ attitude (meaning you can start with your coffee in the AM and move onto the rosé come 4 pm), this place ticks all the boxes when it comes to studying. Be aware, though. It gets rowdy during peak times.

  • Wifi: Yes
  • Small coffee: $4.50

Poolhouse Coffee


Another hidden CBD gem, Poolhouse, is known with the RMIT community as it's close to one of their major buildings. Located at the back of the CBD Poolhouse (hence the name), they’ll have you wishing you were swimming in a pool of coffee (yes, please). They offer an array of eats, including healthy salads and rice paper rolls, as well as Doughboy Donuts on Thursdays. Even better? There is free WIFI all day. 

  • Wifi: Yes
  • Small coffee: $4

Union Street Brewers


Known to many as "that café near Jewell Station", Union Street Brewers is an absolute classic. There's a homemade rotating brekkie menu and some of the best chai lattes around (seriously, we’ve tried a lot of damn chai lattes). They also offer 10% off for students if you flash your I.D Card. RMIT Fashion Degree Students, it’s close to your campus, so head on down. Free WIFI and a sunny courtyard round things out nicely. 

  • Wifi: Yes
  • Small coffee: $3.80

Mr Tulk


Mr Tulk is a firm favourite for many students, partly because it’s located next to the State Library. Soak up that sweet FREE library WIFI while you sip your capp and feast on a light meal. All those books lining the walls make you feel extra studious.

Named after the State Library’s first Chief Librarian, Mr Tulk is a contemporary dining hall located at the State Library of Victoria. There’s a large communal table at the cafe’s centre, which is perfect for studying or working on your laptop, as well as a domed reading room. 

It also has an outside area with wooden benches and umbrellas. Mr Tulk has a breakfast, lunch, and sweets menu, as well as a popular happy hour from 4–6 pm every Friday.

  • Wifi: Yes
  • Small coffee: $4

St Charly


Differing from the typical Italian Lygon Street restaurant, this light-filled cafe serving up Mediterranean-style Aussie dishes is the perfect place to get those notes completed. With little foliage-covered booths and pink pastel tables to set up your laptop in, you can chomp on a stack of St Charly’s pancakes for a sugar rush or order the superfood salad to activate maximum brainpower. 

  • Wifi: No
  • Small Coffee: $4



Located in the leafy suburb of Armadale lies Moby, which features a rooftop above the hustle and bustle of High St, perfect for catching up on those missed lectures. Go early in the morning for a coffee or settle in for the arvo and treat yourself to a cheeky chicken katsu burger and hand-cut chips with aioli. 

  • Wifi: No
  • Small coffee: $4



This sanctuary provides an escape from busy daily life with a healthy eatery using a plant-based menu, located in a large space with hanging swings and neon signs. Feast on a naughty but nice peanut butter acai bowl as you revise those boring theories, or why not take it to the park across the road with a picnic rug? They even offer free exercise classes followed by post-workout chats and breakfast at the happiest place in Melbourne

  • WIFI: Yes
  • Small coffee: $4.50

Faraday’s Cage


Hidden in the backstreets of Fitzroy is this little warehouse gem with an outdoor courtyard and roadside seating serving up some of Melbourne’s most delicious hotcakes. Spend the morning here reading your content as the locals roll into Faraday’s to purchase their daily flaky croissant or dense sourdough. 

  • Wifi: Yes
  • Small coffee: $4

Cafes Can Students Visit To Get Work Done

Pillar Of Salt


A long-time favourite for Richmond locals- study is guaranteed to get done in this Church Street cafe, where we recommend sitting out the back in their covered courtyard. Don’t stray away from the classics here; these guys do mean scrambled eggs, with tonnes of sides, of course. 

  • Wifi: No
  • Small coffee: $4

Urban Prejudice

Albert Park

This quaint little cafe has got health written all over it, so Mum won’t even be mad about you leaving the house if you’ve got your books with you. Urban Projuice is all about fresh ingredients, whole foods and eco-friendly products with a yummy list of smoothies and specialty hot drinks. Sit up top on the balcony and order the DIY spring rolls; freshly prepared veggies sitting in steamed Asian pancakes dripping with peanut sauce, delicious. 

  • Wifi: Yes
  • Small coffee: $4

Fourth Chapter


Prahran’s Fourth Chapter is another one of those new pretty cafes serving up golden lattes, acai bowls, and, you guessed it, smashed avo. The space is filled with natural light and also has an outdoor courtyard with perfect little tables for 2- you and your laptop, to smash out that essay you’ve been putting off. 

  • Wifi: Yes
  • Small coffee: $3.80



Fancy studying amidst lush greenery and florals in a huge warehouse? We do, so grab your highlighters and head to the trendy area of Abbotsford, where Au79 is churning out prawn linguine and ricotta gnocchi…cause carbs fix everything.

  • Wifi: No
  • Small coffee: $4

Bon a Manger

387 Little Bourke St | Monday to Sunday (6.00 am – 4.30 pm)

Bon a Manger café is situated on Little Bourke St and Hardware Lane. With its red and white awnings and bright red chairs, one cannot miss it.

Offering a huge selection of delicious sandwiches and a variety of fresh juices, this warm and cosy cafe also has plenty of light for those educated enough to hit the book for more than an hour.

What’s more, the staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is inviting.


Alan Gilbert Building (Grattan St, Carlton) | Monday – Friday (6.00 am – 6.00 pm), Saturday (7.00 am – 5.00 pm)

With its simple and modern architecture, Baretto is a unique café that’s sure to entice any passerby.

Located within the Alan Gilbert Building, which is part of Melbourne University, we feel this should be enough reason to visit given its convenience for students of Melbourne University. 

Also, due to this proximity to campus, Melbourne Uni’s students shouldn’t have a problem connecting to the university’s wi-fi either.

The café and the building share the same opening hours, so you can come in to study, as well as to have a drink, for as long as you like.

Unlike some cafés that opt for a darker and more mysterious atmosphere, Baretto offers more airy space. And for those who forget their books or need to buy just a few more, the Co-op bookstore is also conveniently located within that same building.


Emporium Melbourne, 287 Lonsdale St | Saturday – Wednesday (10.00am – 7.00pm), Thursday & Friday (10.00am – 9.00pm)

Luxurious and spacious with classy black and white interiors, Bécasse is another suitable place for studying.

Located on the second floor of Emporium Melbourne, the moment you walk inside this café, you can smell the aroma of fresh coffee. The best time to come and study is during the afternoon when the crowds have subsided, and the fresh salads are still available.

Just keep in mind that this café doesn’t have free wi-fi, so don’t forget to download all required materials before coming here!


100 Leicester St | Monday – Friday (7.00am – 5.00pm); Saturday & Sunday (8.00am – 4.00pm)

Located at 100 Leicester St on the ground floor of Melbourne University Education Building, this café is another perfect place to study!

With its calming atmosphere and cosy interior, Stovetop makes one feel warm and studious! Sit and complete that critical essay at the café’s large square table, which has a huge box full of sansevieria plants right in the middle of it.

So whenever you feel tired from studying, take a break, have a sip of your drink and admire the plants inside those pots – seeing its green colour might freshen up your mind!

With friendly staff on hand and free wi-fi available, this café is sure to rile up some productivity in you!

There’s plenty of seating in the modern space, with white and pale timber accents, but the most important ingredient is the free Wi-Fi. 

Named after the stovetop burners the cafe uses, Stovetop also serves alcohol and has a signature cocktails list. Food-wise, the large menu has offerings such as New Zealand king salmon, chocolate and espresso waffles, and kimchi pancake.

Project 281 café 


Project 281 café is a converted warehouse popular for its spacious interior and abundance of greenery. The house-roasted coffee and brunch menu are one of a kind, with the latter inspired by Korean and Japanese cuisines. The café is usually packed on weekends, but if you come here early and secure a table on the mezzanine, you can embrace the buzzy atmosphere without sitting on the crowded ground floor.

  • Address: 281 Albert Street, Brunswick
  • Wi-Fi: No
  • Don’t miss: The signature octopus hash
  • Vegan options: Yes
  • Outdoor seating: Yes

Little Tommy Tucker 


Located on busy Centre Road in Bentleigh, Little Tommy Tucker was recently voted the best local brunch spot across Melbourne, Stonnington, Caulfield and Port Phillip. Aside from the fantastic food, the best part is that the café is only a two-minute walk from Bentleigh Station. Bring your work here on a Sunday and visit the local market next to the train station. 

  • Address: 432 Centre Road, Bentleigh
  • Wi-Fi: No
  • Don’t miss: The oat and chia porridge
  • Vegan options: Yes
  • Outdoor seating: Yes

FAQs About Melbourne Cafes

Sure! People who need to study a lot tend to find locations that work for them. That is perfectly normal. Many people find the ambience of their favourite coffee shop very conducive to working.

The relaxed atmosphere, informal attire, freedom and flexibility have a positive impact on their self-worth, commitment to their work and responsibility level. Employees enjoy doing work at a coffee shop, and employers reap the benefits of productivity and remote work as well.

Work cafés are spaces that can be utilized throughout the day that provide several unique options for collaborative and focused work. By providing a multi-functional and communal space, a well-designed work café can directly contribute to employee collaboration, engagement, and well-being.

Besides the obvious proximity to a caffeine source, have you ever wondered why you study better in coffee shops? Research shows that coffee shop ambience increases creativity, alertness, and learning. So grab the comfiest couch and let the magic of the cafe help you ace your exams.

No, it's not okay to work from a coffee shop for an entire day and only order a cup of coffee. If you're only going to be there an hour or two, this wouldn't be a big deal, but if you're going to work there for more than four hours, reconsider.

5 Best Cafes To Get Work Done In Melbourne

To all the hard-working 9-5ers out there, to the students cramming to master those mid-terms, and to anyone who seeks an escape from the literary death-trap that is writer’s block: we’ve compiled a list of study/work havens with decent wifi connections, quality brain food and all the keep-it-coming caffeine you could need to keep those fingers typing, hands writing and brain cogs turning.

So scrounge up some stationery, grab that fancy Mac laptop and pack up those ridiculously expensive school books – we’re getting you out of those school funks and work ruts with these brand new workspaces.

Cafes Can Students Visit To Get Work Done

Auction Rooms Café

103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne

Set yourself up in the homey and charming surrounds of Auction Rooms Cafe, or take your books out back for a productive day in the sunny courtyard.

One of North Melbourne’s most iconic spots, this rustic-chic cafe has the granola to get you started, a packed veggie salad to keep you going, and artisan St. Ali coffee to keep those productivity levels flying high.

When the day is done, treat yourself to a $12 Bloody Mary! It’s important to reward yourself.

Campos Carlton

144 Elgin St, Carlton 

For those who enjoy the glorious makeshift couch-desk, say hello to Campos. With cosy seating, extra pillows for comfort, and PERFECTLY ROASTED coffee, Campos invites you to power on for hours.

This industrial hangout is home to a calming interior. It is decorated with open tables, spacious seating, scattered greenery and large open windows that look onto Elgin Street—complemented by its sustainable and ethically sourced coffee, Campos ticks all the boxes.

Small Block

130 Lygon Street, Brunswick East, VIC, Australia

Small Block prides itself on being a neighbourhood cafe, so you will instantly feel welcome at this Lygon Street cafe in Brunswick East. Although small is in the title, the cafe has two good-sized rooms and a courtyard, so there’s plenty of seating for students and freelancers. The well-priced all-day menu includes ricotta pancakes, a lamb burger, and a big breakfast – the perfect fuel for a day of working away from home.

Penny Farthing Espresso

206 High Street, Northcote, VIC, Australia

TimeOut calls Penny Farthing Espresso a freelancer favourite because there are ‘two power outlets on communal tables, free Wi-Fi, and an eclectic mix of creative customers’. Located in Northcote, the coffee at Penny Farthing Espresso is supplied by renowned local roasters, Industry Beans. Some of the delectable dishes waiting for you at Penny Farthing Espresso include sweet potato rosti, a halloumi burger, kasundi, bacon and fennel baked eggs.

A Minor Place

103 Albion Street, Brunswick, VIC, Australia

A Minor Place is where location-independent Brunswick locals and students hang out, thanks to its plethora of powerpoints and Wi-Fi. But this isn’t the only reason people are drawn to the converted cottage. A Minor Place’s all-day menu includes bagels, bubble ‘n’ squeak, and a Brazilian breakfast. Relax at a communal table with your laptop, and let the relaxing playlist of jazz and indie tunes inspire you for an afternoon.


The Best Cafes For Study In Melbourne

Four Melbourne cafes students can visit to boost productivity and get work done.

The Best Melbourne Cafés to Study In

The Best Cafes To Get Work Done In Melbourne

The Best Cafes for Studying and Working in Melbourne

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