Cafes Can Students Visit To Get Work Done

Where In Melbourne Cafes Can Students Visit To Get Work Done?

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    Melbourne is home to a sizable student population due to the city's nine universities, each of which has multiple campuses dispersed throughout the metropolitan area. Many entrepreneurs and independent workers also make the cultural capital their home.

    Melbourne, often called "the coffee capital of Australia," has many cafes where people can go to study or get work done away from home.

    Melbourne is a busy city, and students who live there may find it difficult to find a good study spot that is both quiet and offers a good view of the outdoors.

    Melbourne's thriving coffee culture is a boon to the city's student population because it allows them to multitask: munch on tasty treats and caffeine while they read and do their homework.

    If you're the type to get more done away from the comforts of home, we've found four great cafes where you can relax, eat delicious food, and study.

    Here is a rundown of some of Melbourne's finest cafes, each of which offers free Wi-Fi, charging stations, and tasty fare.

    The Best 20 Melbourne Cafés to Study In

    This time of year again marks the beginning of a flurry of upcoming homework assignments and examinations. Do you feel like you've lost focus and motivation as a result of studying in the same place for too long? It's possible that a move could be the spark you need to get back to work.

    Besides your own home and the library, where else can you study? There is an incredible coffee culture in Melbourne, and as a result, there are countless cafés in which you can sit down and get some work done.

    What do you find most remarkable about these cafes? All of them serve delicious food and coffee, and many also provide free Wi-Fi and plug outlets. Both of these items are available at each of them. So, grab your laptop, order a cup of coffee like a true local, and get ready to smash your to-do list while you're at one of the best cafés in Melbourne for doing schoolwork.

    Heartattack And Vine


    Heartattack and Vine, located among numerous spaghetti restaurants, serves Wide Open Road beers and a small but tasty menu. Both indoor and outdoor seating are available, and the staff is extremely friendly. Whichever method you decide to use, start typing! The lack of free WiFi is the only real drawback, though in some ways it can be seen as an advantage; if you need a place with few interruptions, this is it.

    Naughty Boy Café


    The "freak shake" was created at the Naughty Boy nightclub, so give it a try while you're studying. Kick back in one of the comfy seats and get to work on that project that has been bugging you. The afternoons tend to be busier than the mornings and early afternoons, so that's when you should focus on getting things done.

    • Wifi: Yes
    • Small coffee: $4

    Sun Moth


    The RMIT City Campus locals consider Sun Moth to be an all-time favourite despite its secluded location in Niagra Lane. In short, it has everything you could want in a study spot. Even so, be careful. This place can get rowdy during peak hours.

    • Wifi: Yes
    • Small coffee: $4.50

    Poolhouse Coffee


    Poolhouse is another well-kept secret in the Central Business District, and members of the RMIT community are familiar with it due to its proximity to a major RMIT building. They are located in the back of the CBD Poolhouse, which is where they got their name from, and they will make you wish you were swimming in a pool of coffee (yes, please) (yes, please). The menu features healthy options like salads and rice paper rolls, as well as Doughboy Donuts on Thursdays. What's more? Daytime use of the WiFi is provided at no cost.

    • Wifi: Yes
    • Small coffee: $4

    Union Street Brewers


    The costs are fair for what is offered. Furthermore, students receive a 10% discount with valid ID. RMIT Fashion Degree students, it's not too far from campus, so you should definitely check it out. The complimentary Wi-Fi and the bright courtyard are nice touches that round out the package.

    • Wifi: Yes
    • Small coffee: $3.80

    Mr Tulk


    Mr. Tulk is a student favourite for decades, and its proximity to the State Library is a big reason why. Relax with a snack and a cup of coffee in the library's comfortable seating area while you surf the web using the library's free Wi-Fi. All those books on the walls give you an instant sense of superior intelligence.

    In the heart of the State Library of Victoria is where you'll find Mr. Tulk, a contemporary restaurant. It was in recognition of the State Library's first Director that this room was given its current name. Along with a dome-covered reading room, the coffee shop's central area features a large communal table perfect for group study or laptop work.

    In addition, there is a deck space outfitted with wooden furniture and sunshades. Mr. Tulk is known for his popular happy hour that takes place every Friday from 4 to 6 p.m., and he serves all three meals of the day.

    • Wifi: Yes
    • Small coffee: $4

    St Charly


    As it is not your typical Italian restaurant, this Lygon Street cafe is the perfect place to finish those notes thanks to its abundance of natural light and menu of Australian dishes with a Mediterranean twist. St. Charly's pancakes will give you a sugar high, but the superfood salad will give you all the mental clarity you need. There are pastel pink tables on which to set up your laptop, and quaint booths draped in greenery.

    • Wifi: No
    • Small Coffee: $4



    Located in the verdant neighbourhood of Armadale is the pub known as Moby. Overlooking the activity of High St., the rooftop provides a tranquil environment in which to make up for lost study time. A cup of coffee at this restaurant can be enjoyed in the wee hours of the morning, or you can spend the afternoon relaxing with a burger and chips topped with chicken katsu and aioli.

    • Wifi: No
    • Small coffee: $4



    There is a place where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and eat at a healthy restaurant that serves only plant-based foods in a large room with swings and neon signs. While reviewing those boring theories, treat yourself to a bowl of peanut butter acai, or better yet, take it with you to the park across the street and enjoy it on a picnic rug. They even have free exercise classes at Melbourne's happiest place, where you can socialise with other guests over a hearty breakfast afterwards.

    • WIFI: Yes
    • Small coffee: $4.50

    Faraday’s Cage


    Located in the back streets of Fitzroy, this warehouse is a hidden gem. It's known for having the best hotcakes in Melbourne and has a pleasant outdoor courtyard and sidewalk seating. You can spend the morning here reading, while watching the neighbourhood folk make their way to Faraday's for their daily dose of dense sourdough and flaky croissants.

    • Wifi: Yes
    • Small coffee: $4

    Cafes Can Students Visit To Get Work Done

    Pillar Of Salt


    Located on Church Street, this business has long enjoyed patronage from the neighbourhood. To get some work done, head to the cafe's covered courtyard at the rear of the building. Keep to the tried and true dishes that you know people will enjoy; for example, everyone will want scrambled eggs, but they also want a tonne of different sides.

    • Wifi: No
    • Small coffee: $4

    Urban Prejudice

    Albert Park

    Take your books and head to this cute cafe; your mum won't be upset that you're spending time away from the house if she knows you're using that time to learn and grow. Urban Projuice is committed to using fresh ingredients, whole foods, and environmentally friendly products in all of their delicious smoothies and speciality hot drinks. Do it yourself spring rolls are recommended while you enjoy a table on the second floor balcony. This dish consists of steamed Asian pancakes stuffed with freshly prepared vegetables and topped with peanut sauce.

    • Wifi: Yes
    • Small coffee: $4

    Fourth Chapter


    Prahran's Fourth Chapter is another one of those trendy cafes serving smashed avocado, golden lattes, and acai bowls, as you might have guessed. You can finally finish that paper you've been putting off in this bright, airy space with outdoor tables that are just the right size for two people and a laptop.

    • Wifi: Yes
    • Small coffee: $3.80

    Bon a Manger

    The Bon a Manger can be found at the crossroads of Little Bourke Street and Hardware Lane. Because of the red and white striped awnings and chairs, it is impossible to miss.

    There is enough light in this inviting cafe for those with advanced education to study for more than an hour, and the sandwiches and fresh juices are delicious.


    Alan Gilbert Building (Grattan St, Carlton) | Monday – Friday (6.00 am – 6.00 pm), Saturday (7.00 am – 5.00 pm)

    It's hard to miss Baretto, a one-of-a-kind café with a sleek and modern facade.

    Its location within Melbourne University's Alan Gilbert Building, which is conveniently close to the university's main campus, is reason enough to pay a visit, in our opinion.

    Students at Melbourne University shouldn't have any trouble using the university's wireless network from this building due to its close proximity to the campus.

    The building and the café are open during the same hours, so you can come and go as you please for drinks or to get some work done.

    Baretto's atmosphere is lighter and more airy than that of most cafes, which tend towards a more sultry and mysterious tone. If you happen to misplace your books or need a few extra copies of a specific title, the Co-op bookstore is right there in the same building.


    Emporium Melbourne, 287 Lonsdale St | Saturday – Wednesday (10.00am – 7.00pm), Thursday & Friday (10.00am – 9.00pm)

    Bécasse is another place that is great for studying because of its lavishness, spaciousness, and elegant black-and-white interiors.

    As soon as you enter this café on the second floor of Emporium Melbourne, you'll be greeted by the sweet scent of freshly brewed coffee. The best time to come here to study is in the afternoon, when the lines for the fresh salads have thinned out and the crowds have dispersed.

    As using the internet in this place will cost you money, please remember to bring along only the files you need and download them at home.


    100 Leicester St | Monday – Friday (7.00am – 5.00pm); Saturday & Sunday (8.00am – 4.00pm)

    Located at 100 Leicester St on the ground floor of Melbourne University Education Building, this café is another perfect place to study!

    Melbourne University's Education Building, located at 100 Leicester Street, has a great café on the ground floor, making it an ideal place for studying or other scholarly activities.

    You can feel at ease and intellectually stimulated in Stovetop's warm, welcoming space. Relax at the square table in the middle of the café, where there is a huge box containing sansevieria plants, and finish that critical essay.

    So, if you're feeling mentally exhausted while studying, stop for a moment, relax with a drink, and take in the lush greenery of those pots.

    A combination of the always-available free wireless internet and the friendly, always-present staff at this coffee shop is sure to inspire you to get things done.

    The free Wi-Fi is the most important aspect of the modern space, which also includes white walls and pale timber accents.

    The restaurant gets its name from the burners used on the stovetop, and it is well-known for its signature cocktail list.

    Project 281 café 


    Cafe Project 281 is famous for its open layout and abundance of plants because it is housed in a repurposed warehouse. The house-roasted coffee and the brunch menu, which draws inspiration from Korean and Japanese cooking styles, are both one-of-a-kind offerings. The café is usually bustling on the weekends, but snagging a table on the upper level mezzanine means you can avoid the crush below without missing out on the fun.

    • Address: 281 Albert Street, Brunswick
    • Wi-Fi: No
    • Don’t miss: The signature octopus hash
    • Vegan options: Yes
    • Outdoor seating: Yes

    Little Tommy Tucker 


    Bentleigh's Little Tommy Tucker on the always-bustling Centre Road was recently voted best local brunch spot by residents of Melbourne, Stonnington, Caulfield, and Port Phillip. Within two minutes, you can walk to Bentleigh Station from the café, making it one of the most convenient places to eat in the area. The market next to the train station is open on Sundays, so bring your work and enjoy the area.

    • Address: 432 Centre Road, Bentleigh
    • Wi-Fi: No
    • Don’t miss: The oat and chia porridge
    • Vegan options: Yes
    • Outdoor seating: Yes


    "Australia's coffee capital" is a common phrase used to describe Melbourne. Cafes are great places to study because they often provide free Wi-Fi, charging stations, and delicious food. You can't visit the Naughty Boy Cafe without trying one of their signature freak shakes (and free Wi-Fi). Another closely guarded secret of the CBD Poolhouse is the availability of caffeine in the locker room. Sun Moth, despite being tucked away on Niagra Lane, is a perennial favourite.

    At Mr. Tulk, located in the middle of the State Library of Victoria, you can get a small cup of coffee for $3.80. The sugar rush from St. Charly's pancakes won't last long, but the enlightenment from the superfood salad will. The Faraday Cage serves up some of the best hotcakes in Melbourne, and its courtyard and sidewalk seating are among the city's most pleasant. All of Urban Projuice's healthy and tasty smoothies and hot drinks are made with natural, non-GMO, and environmentally friendly ingredients. Fourth Chapter in Prahran is another hipster cafe that serves acai bowls, golden lattes, and smashed avocado.

    In the intersection of Little Bourke Street and Hardware Lane is where you'll find the Bon a Manger. Located in Melbourne University's Alan Gilbert Building, Baretto is a one-of-a-kind café. Located on the ground floor of the Education Building at Melbourne University is a fantastic café. In addition to its open atmosphere, Cafe Project 281 is also well-known for its extensive plant selection. The most important feature of the contemporary space, which features white walls and pale timber accents, is the free Wi-Fi.

    The locals of Melbourne, Stonnington, Caulfield, and Port Phillip have spoken, and Little Tommy Tucker in Bentleigh is their favourite place to get brunch. The Cafe with Auction Rooms is a well-known landmark in North Melbourne. Campos satisfies all requirements due to its coffee being sustainably and ethically sourced. All sorts of tasty morning and afternoon meals can be found at Penny Farthing Espresso. The cafe's free Wi-Fi and plentiful electrical outlets make it popular among independent workers. Bagels, bubble and squeak, and a Brazilian breakfast are available at A Minor Place all day long.

    Content Summary

    • Known as the "coffee capital of Australia," Melbourne is home to numerous cafes where locals and visitors alike can get some work done or study in a distraction-free environment.
    • A few of the best cafes in Melbourne are highlighted below; all of them provide free Wi-Fi, charging stations, and delicious food.
    • Delicious food and coffee are available at all of them, and many also offer complimentary Wi-Fi and charging outlets.
    • Moth, Sun CBDCB
    • Despite its hidden location in Niagra Lane, the RMIT City Campus locals consider Sun Moth to be an all-time favourite.
    • Tulk's proximity to the State Library has made it a student favourite for decades.
    • After using the library's free Wi-Fi, unwind in the cosy seating area with a snack and a cup of coffee.
    • There is a trendy restaurant called Mr. Tulk right in the middle of the State Library of Victoria.
    • We recommend stopping by because it is housed in the university's Alan Gilbert Building and is thus very close to the main campus.
    • The Co-op bookstore is located in the same structure as your classroom, making it convenient if you lose a book or want to ensure that you have enough copies of a particular title.
    • We're located at 100 Leicester St. Hours of operation are 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday. The Education Building at 100 Leicester Street, Melbourne University, has a fantastic café on the ground floor, making it an excellent place to study or engage in other scholarly pursuits.
    • Locals from Melbourne, Stonnington, Caulfield, and Port Phillip have voted Little Tommy Tucker on Bentleigh's always-bustling Centre Road as their favourite place to grab brunch.
    • The best five cafes in Melbourne to get some work done are listed below.
    • Despite the name, the cafe has a courtyard and two spacious rooms, making it ideal for groups of students or independent workers.
    • TimeOut claims that freelancers frequent Penny Farthing Espresso because of its diverse clientele, free Wi-Fi, and plentiful power outlets at its communal tables.
    • Penny Farthing Espresso, a well-liked coffee shop in Northcote, sources its beans from the well-respected Industry Beans.
    • 103 Albion St., Brunswick, VIC, Australia
    • Due to the convenience of their wireless internet and power outlets, locals and students from all over the Brunswick area frequent A Minor Place.
    • Bagels, bubble and squeak, and a Brazilian breakfast are just a few of the items that can be found on A Minor Place's all-day menu.

    FAQs About Melbourne Cafes

    Sure! People who need to study a lot tend to find locations that work for them. That is perfectly normal. Many people find the ambience of their favourite coffee shop very conducive to working.

    The relaxed atmosphere, informal attire, freedom and flexibility have a positive impact on their self-worth, commitment to their work and responsibility level. Employees enjoy doing work at a coffee shop, and employers reap the benefits of productivity and remote work as well.

    Work cafés are spaces that can be utilized throughout the day that provide several unique options for collaborative and focused work. By providing a multi-functional and communal space, a well-designed work café can directly contribute to employee collaboration, engagement, and well-being.

    Besides the obvious proximity to a caffeine source, have you ever wondered why you study better in coffee shops? Research shows that coffee shop ambience increases creativity, alertness, and learning. So grab the comfiest couch and let the magic of the cafe help you ace your exams.

    No, it's not okay to work from a coffee shop for an entire day and only order a cup of coffee. If you're only going to be there an hour or two, this wouldn't be a big deal, but if you're going to work there for more than four hours, reconsider.

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