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Where To Eat In Port Douglas Restaurants & Cafes For The Ultimate Dining Experience?

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    Port Douglas's restaurant scene is representative of everything that is great about Australia, from occasional seafood consumption to bare feet and a tan. Port Douglas is a beautiful seaside settlement accessible to those willing to venture a little further north. The beach club is well-known for its interior as well as exterior Instagram-worthy beauty. The beautiful ocean vistas are the highlight.

    In Port Douglas, most restaurants are located on either the main street (Macrossan Street) or the adjacent street (Wharf Street). Some goodies, however, are concealed in less noticeable locations; if you aren't paying attention, you might miss out.

    It is recommended that you make a reservation in advance, as the most sought-after eateries on this list may be completely booked days or weeks in advance. During the summer break, this is especially crucial. If you are unsuccessful in obtaining what you need through their website, you can always give them a call; if you go to their store, you may get lucky later that day.

    We usually ride our bikes into town, but if you ever need a ride, there are shuttle buses available. My prefered service is 131 008, which will pick me up anywhere in Port for $6 one way or $12 round trip. It's possible that Uber will come pick you up, but it's not a given.

    Alternatively, if you'd rather stay in on the weekends and cook for yourself, you'll be happy to know that there are many great places in the area from which to source high-quality, locally grown ingredients.

    Stop by one of the Sunday markets in Port Douglas, or make the trip to Scomazzon's Farm Shop in Mosman, for some delicious, locally grown produce (pictured). Port Produce, located in the Total Food Network shopping centre across from the Coles parking lot, has quickly become my go-to for fresh produce, while Malones Butchers is unrivalled for meat. Port Produce is my current go-to place to purchase reef-caught seafood from.

    Without further ado, here is a list of my top Port Douglas dining recommendations. You'll find no particular order to these dining options. Happy eating!

    Best Port Douglas Restaurants

    Because of variables like your budget, the time of day, your preferences, and your expectations, the best restaurant in Port Douglas for me might not be the best restaurant for you. There are fine dining restaurants, fast food joints, a few places serving Asian food, a plethora of places serving chips with everything, excellent European food, and seafood, of course.

    What tastes wonderful in the morning might not be the best option for supper. What works well for a family meal might not be the best choice for a romantic evening out. Most of the restaurants in Port Douglas are discussed below.

    Zinc Port Douglas

    Zinc is the ultimate embodiment of the affluent and sophisticated tropical dining experience. A romantic dinner at Zinc is the perfect way to celebrate your vacation, as it is located just a few steps from the renowned Four Mile Beach.

    Fine, modern Australian fare with a nod to European tradition can be found on the menu at Zinc. The fresh seafood, meats, and tropical fruits and vegetables that are readily available in the region are incorporated into these dishes.

    • Address: Portico 3, 53-61 Macrossan St, Port Douglas
    • Hours: Monday – Sunday 2 pm – 11 pm


    What more could a tourist ask for than to dine on tasty food while gazing out at the ocean? Melaleuca is one of the best restaurants in Port Douglas if you want to eat outside and feel the ocean breeze. Their menu is also heavily influenced by the sea, as it is replete with seafood dishes like fish, shrimp, and ceviche.

    • Address: 22 Wharf St, Port Douglas
    • Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 12 am – 12 pm

    Watergate Port Douglas

    Located in the heart of Port Douglas, the Watergate is known for its sophisticated ambience and innovative menu. Port Douglas restaurants provide visitors with the full Port Douglas experience, from indoor to al fresco dining and the use of seasonal ingredients.

    • Address: Shop 5/31 Macrossan St, Port Douglas
    • Hours: Monday – Sunday 12 pm – 9 pm

    Salsa Bar and Grill

    On Port Douglas's main drag, you'll find the Salsa Bar and Grill, serving up a seamless blend of international cuisine that has something for everyone. There is a wide variety of seafood on the menu, and the dishes are light and airy. A delicious cocktail from their extensive menu can be enjoyed here while you enjoy a leisurely lunch.

    • Address: 26 Wharf St, Port Douglas
    • Hours: Thursday – Monday 12 pm – 11 pm

    Sabean Tapas Bar Restaurant

    Guests flock to this Port Douglas eatery for the reasonable prices and authentic Spanish tapas. Sabean is a popular hangout for both locals and visitors in search of good eats and refreshing beverages. You can, therefore, have faith that your time spent in this establishment will be enjoyable. To spice up your meal, try the grilled pan de casa, a house speciality, and some seafood croquetas.

    • Address: 3/28 Wharf St, Port Douglas
    • Hours: Monday 5 pm – 9 pm, Thursday – Saturday 5 pm – 9 pm, Sunday 12 pm – 9 pm

    Breakfast and Coffee In Port Douglas

    The anticipation of going out to a restaurant during this time of day may be the highest it reaches all day. Some visitors appreciate that all of the hotels in town provide complimentary breakfast buffets. You might find this to be the best choice if you are taking your kids on vacation or if you are staying at a resort.

    Hi-Tide Cafe

    If you're looking for a great breakfast spot on the esplanade with a view of Four Mile beach, I highly recommend Hi-Tide. Beautiful ocean scenery can be enjoyed from the restaurant's patio. A delicious, fully cooked breakfast is made to the highest standards. To have breakfast and coffee while watching the world go by is an experience that can hardly be matched.

    Crispins Cafe & Events

    9 St Crispins Ave, Port Douglas 0400652906

    This is my new favourite place to grab a cup of coffee and take in the sights and sounds of the morning commute. The deck overlooks the lake and golf course, making it a prime location for people watching (and perhaps a glimpse of a local saltwater crocodile). The cafe is only open in the mornings and shuts down in the afternoons, so breakfast and brunch are your only options for eating there. Inquire about special events they may be holding on occasion.

    Having breakfast and coffee at St. Crispin's is a great way to spend a quiet morning. We consider their smashed avocado on toast and French toast with bacon and syrup to be the best of any place we've tried.

    port douglas restaurants & cafes (2)

    Grant Street Kitchen

    shop 4/5 Cnr Grant St and Macrossan, 0478769987

    Over the past few years, this family-run bakery in your neighbourhood has expanded to provide a wide variety of delicious baked goods, from traditional croissants to lasagne that can be heated and served to the whole family. Furthermore, the coffee is excellent here.

    This place, which typically opens at 6 in the morning, serves both takeout and dine-in customers. Everything from the pies to the cakes to the lasagne is delicious. Huge portions are on the menu. A slice of pie or slice of cake is usually shared between two people.

    Mockas Pies

    Mocka's Pie Shop, which began as a small operation in Mocka's kitchen, has since expanded into a thriving business. This is the place to go if you're curious about trying exotic meats like crocodile or kangaroo pie.

    We haven't found any other restaurants in Port Douglas that offer crocodile on the menu. If you want to sample some local Australian plants and animals, please come on in.

    Mockus is on Grant St, just down the hill from the Grant Street Bakery.

    Origin Espresso

    21-23 Warner Street, 07 4099 4586

    While it may have started out small, Origin Espresso has grown to become the market leader. They have locally roasted beans that can be prepared in a variety of ways, including cold-drip, filter, and pour-over.

    Freshly squeezed cane sugar juice is also available if coffee isn't your thing. Weekends are made for coffee and people-watching at Origin.

    Choo Choos on The Marina

    After extensive renovations, one of the vintage Balhooley steam train cars at Choo Choos is now being used as a dining car. They have also performed admirably. Her physical appearance is undeniably appealing.

    Choo Choos has some of the best views of the Marina and serves delicious breakfast items like eggs bennie and smashed avocado. It's cool to see that they have adult versions of common morning drinks. Mary, I think I could handle a full English breakfast if I didn't have to go to work today.

    They were also serving sunset cocktails and tapas at the time of this writing. They're at the marina's far end, in the building that was once the Balyhooley station.

    Lunch in Port Douglas

    Set lunch menus can be found at a wide variety of restaurants in Port Douglas, and they tend to be quite affordable. Some of the best restaurants in town for dinner are also fantastic for lunch. While locals agree that Watergate is the best place to grab lunch or dinner, they all agree that Salsa Bar and Grill is where it's at.

    N17 Burger Co

    22 Macrossan St, Port Douglas 07 42234704

    The N17 combines the elements of a burger joint and a sports bar. There's always a game on thanks to the abundance of sports being played, from MMA and ALF to the National Rugby League and the English Premier League.

    Burgers are their speciality, and they have plenty of options for both meat eaters and vegetarians to enjoy.

    They also sell a wide variety of beer that comes from all over the world and some that is brewed right here in the United States. Also open for dinner and for a good chunk of the night, especially when sporting events are in progress.


    One of the newest additions to Port Douglas's dining scene is the shop/restaurant hybrid known as Epicurean. You can even request a gourmet picnic basket to enjoy the sunset with.

    The best duck liver paté in Port is made right here, and you can also get some of the best French cheeses you've ever tasted. Also, they stock a fine selection of Australian wines that have been hand-picked by experts.

    Gourmet's menu features an array of tapas-style dishes inspired by France and the Mediterranean. You must come here for lunch if you want to enjoy a great selection of oysters and a special beverage.

    Additionally, there is air conditioning in the indoor section and fans in the outdoor section, both of which are surrounded by vegetation. No food snobbery exists at this establishment. You can't help but feel at ease in the company of the owners.

    Epicurean is hidden behind the ice cream shop on the south side of Macrossan Street, not far from the beach end. The building is set back from the road, making it easy to bypass.

    Menu Thai 

    10 Grant St, Port Douglas, 07 4099 6880

    Concise and chill OK On Grant Street, you'll find Menu Thai, a Thai restaurant. I always try to visit here whenever we're in town. My two kids like the food here, and it's one of the best values in all of Port Douglas.

    Keep in mind that it is normally only open for lunch and dinner, and is closed from 3 to 5 every day.

    There are many fantastic Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, and Chinese restaurants to choose from in Port Douglas. Unfortunately, I have nothing good to say about any of them. Our extensive time in each of these nations has left us with a decided lack of enthusiasm for the Port of call restaurants there. But we're not going to stop trying!

    Afternoon Drinks and Nibbles

    Some locations immediately come to mind as ideal for a mellow afternoon of beer and people-watching. Many visitors to Port Douglas head straight to a bar or restaurant when they get off the reef boats in the afternoon. Their prefered marina is the one near Hemingway's, Lure, and Barbados.

    Others will visit the Courthouse Pub or the Tin Shed. It's important to know the Tin Shed's dining hours because they serve very little food outside of them. The Ironbar, another Macrossan Street bar, has started serving beef dishes.

    Do not assume that you will have the same late-night dining options in Port that you would in London. As a chef, I greatly value that, but you may be surprised by the early closing times. Dinner is often served early in Port Douglas.

    Lure Restaurant

    Super Yacht Marina, Port Douglas, 07 40995201

    You can start by going to the Lure restaurant, which is right by the water. You can watch the reef boats come into port while you relax with a few beers or glasses of wine and a plate of prawns. In addition to a large selection, their menu features a wide range of options. Despite the fact that it has been a while since our last visit, we recently had dinner at that restaurant.

    The kids always looked forwards to spending the Sunday afternoons after we returned from the markets here, among the boats and fish. This is one of our go-to spots for a lazy Sunday lunch. There's a wide variety of beers and wines to choose from, and the prices drop significantly during happy hour. The best vantage point from which to take in the harbour is from a seat on the deck. Right now, they're leaving a lot earlier than usual.

    The jumbo steak sandwich that came with all the fixings really piqued my son's interest. In the interest of keeping things simple, I had a prawn sandwich for lunch. My second son got the coral trout and chips. Check back frequently for today's most attractive offers.

    Hemingway’s Brewery

    Super Yacht Marina, Port Douglas, 07 40996663

    Currently, Port Douglas has its own brewery that overlooks the marina from the water's edge. In spite of having fewer hours available, this place remains a great place to spend the weekend with friends or family while enjoying some of the best local craft beers and tasty food.

    Brewing a wide range of craft beers, they aim to please a wide variety of palates, but they also stock wine and spirits for those who prefer those beverages. Expansive views in all directions, from the marina to the hills and beyond. A favourite of ours is the squid with salt and pepper. Burgers, pizzas, and other similar fast food items are also available.

    The Tin Shed

    7 Ashford Ave, 07 4099 5553

    The Tin Shed and the Combined Club are two other places to grab a drink and a snack, or even a full meal. Restaurants on the marina are the only other places in Port Douglas with an ocean view.

    Although it is a club, the Tin Shed does not serve typical club fare. They just finished building a deck with views of Dickson Inlet, and it's the perfect place to watch the boats come back from the reef at the end of the day. In addition to serving lunch and dinner, the restaurant also features a fully stocked bar.

    When there are no set meal times, it is common practise to offer cold, cooked prawns with cocktail sauce as an a la carte option. This style of prawn preparation and serving is common in this part of Queensland.

    Dinner in Port Douglas

    Companies of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of this one. To rephrase, it's all up to you and your own personal preferences. Whether you should have dinner at Sassi, Watergate, The Tin Shed, The Courthouse, Ironbar, or Barbados depends on your personal preferences in cuisine and budget.

    port douglas restaurants & cafes

    Sassi La Cucina and Bar

    Cnr. Wharf & Macrossan Street, 07 40996744

    Authentic Italian cuisine can be found at Sassi, which is run and owned by Tony and Di Sassi. Tony is still active in the kitchen, where he makes traditional Italian dishes with tropical fruits and vegetables. The seafood platter is one of the best in all of Port Douglas.

    You can choose to eat inside or outside, and pizza is on the menu. This time of year, reservations are strongly suggested.


    A popular hangout for Port Douglas's afternoon crowd, this bar and restaurant also serves as a popular destination for those who arrive late. Reservations are recommended, and doors typically open at 3 in the afternoon, when reef boats return.

    It's possible to walk in and get a table, but most places book up weeks in advance.

    Barbados is a great place to take a large group because of its casual atmosphere and the fact that many restaurants provide stunning views of the water.

    It serves far superior food to the standard fare found in bars, and the bartenders are known for their creative cocktails and other speciality drinks.

    It's important to me to be completely forthright, so let me say that for the past few months I've been serving as the head chef here. As a chef, I've served at some of London's most prestigious establishments. Covid and a lack of visitors have drastically reduced the shop's availability, with hours now only extending to the weekend.

    Rattle and Hum

    38 Macrossan St, 07 40995641

    The Rattle and Hum pub, on the other hand, is a casual eatery known for its excellent wood-fired pizza and steak. You can watch your favourite sports on the bar's many flat-screen TVs or shoot some pool.

    The Court House

    18-20 Wharf St, 07 4099 5181

    Most patrons will be satisfied with their meals from the hotel's pub. This is our family's go-to option when we're in the mood for something cheaper, which is usually in the early evening or late afternoon. Fish tacos, chicken parmesan, and nachos are some of my kids' favourite foods.

    The bar at this historic Queenslander has recently undergone some pretty stunning renovations, and the entire place exudes a tropical atmosphere straight out of another era.

    During the weekend, the Courthouse Hotel (which is also a pub) often features live bands, adding to the lively atmosphere. There is a fantastic vantage point for people-watching at the end of Port Douglas's main street, where you can look out over the Port Douglas Sunday Markets.


    My family and I recently celebrated a midweek birthday at Watergate, and everyone raved about the excellent meal, drinks, and wine. The food was excellent, and the staff was very helpful and pleasant.

    Watergate is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Macrossan Street, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.

    Three of us shared a dozen dishes, all of which were excellent. The day's reef fish special and the crab lasagne were two of our favourites.


    In Port Douglas, most eating establishments can be found on either the main street (Macrossan Street) or the street immediately adjacent to it (Wharf Street). Shuttles can take you into town if you don't have a car. Visit one of Port Douglas's Sunday markets to stock up on fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. Port Douglas restaurants give guests a taste of everything the city has to offer, from indoor to al fresco dining to the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Fine dining establishments, fast food restaurants, Asian restaurants, and European restaurants abound. Hi-Tide is the best place to get breakfast on the esplanade, in my opinion.

    The food at Salsa Bar and Grill is an effortless fusion of flavours from around the world. The Sabean restaurant is frequented by both locals and vacationers in search of delicious food and refreshing beverages. Exotic meats like crocodile and kangaroo pie can be found at Mocka's Pie Shop. The coffee industry now has a new leader: Origin Espresso. Everything from classic croissants to lasagne can be found at the Grant Street Bakery.

    Choo Choos has some of the best breakfast food in town, including eggs bennie and smashed avocado. The N17 is like a burger joint and a sports bar rolled into one. The locals say Salsa Bar and Grill in Watergate is the best place to eat lunch or dinner. On the south side of Macrossan Street, behind the ice cream shop, is where you'll find Epicurean. Dishes at Gourmet are reminiscent of tapas bars in Spain and France, and the restaurant draws inspiration from the Mediterranean and France.

    One of the best deals in Port Douglas is at Menu Thai, a Thai restaurant. Our Sunday tradition includes a leisurely meal at Lure Restaurant. A wide selection of beers and wines are available at discounted prices throughout the day, with the best deals to be had during happy hour. From its waterfront location, Super Yacht Marina is home to its very own brewery. Based on your prefered cuisine and spending limit, you should choose between Sassi, Watergate, The Tin Shed, Barbados, and Ironbar.

    Most restaurants require reservations at least a few weeks in advance, but walk-ins are sometimes accommodated if seats are available. It's common knowledge that the wood-fired pizza and steak at the Rattle and Hum pub are some of the best in town. Recent renovations to the Courthouse Hotel are nothing short of spectacular. Hidden from the bustle of Macrossan Street, Watergate is surrounded by verdant tropical foliage.

    Content Summary

    • If you'd rather spend your weekends at home, cooking for yourself, you'll be pleased to know that there are many excellent sources nearby for fresh, high-quality ingredients.
    • Without further ado, I present my favourite Port Douglas restaurants.
    • My favourite restaurant in Port Douglas may not be your favourite restaurant depending on a number of factors such as cost, convenience, availability, and personal taste.
    • The majority of Port Douglas's dining options are covered here.
    • If you're looking for a place to eat in Port Douglas where you can enjoy the ocean breeze while you dine, Melaleuca is a great option.
    • The Salsa Bar and Grill, conveniently located on Port Douglas's main drag, offers an eclectic menu that caters to a wide variety of tastes.
    • Where to get breakfast and coffee in Port Douglas.
    • If you want to get in touch with Crispin's Cafe and Events, you can do so at 9 St. Crispins Avenue, Port Douglas, Australia, 0400652906.
    • Strolling slowly through the garden at St. Crispin's after breakfast and coffee is a lovely way to start the day.
    • Choo Choos's vintage Balhooley steam train cars have been renovated, and one of them is now being used as a dining car.
    • Since you're on vacation, you might want to skip breakfast in favour of a leisurely lunch in Port Douglas.
    • Menu Thai is located at 10 Grant Street in Port Douglas, Australia and can be reached via phone at 0740996880.
    • Port Douglas is home to a wide variety of excellent Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, and Chinese restaurants.
    • After getting off the reef boats in the afternoon, many tourists in Port Douglas immediately make their way to a nearby bar or restaurant.
    • Your first stop ought to be at the Lure, a waterfront eatery.
    • Port Douglas is home to Super Yacht Marina (phone: (07) 40996663); the town also features a brewery that was once owned by Ernest Hemingway and looks out over the marina.
    • The Tin Shed is a club, but it doesn't serve the food you'd expect from a club.
    • Depending on your tastes and budget, you could have dinner at Sassi, Watergate, The Tin Shed, The Courthouse, Ironbar, or Barbados.
    • The Courthouse Hotel (which doubles as a bar) is a popular hangout on the weekends due in part to the presence of live bands.
    • My family and I recently celebrated a midweek birthday at Watergate, and the food, drinks, and wine were all highly praised by everyone who attended.
    • All of the dishes we tried were delicious, and the wait staff was extremely kind and attentive.

    FAQs About Melbourne Restaurants & Cafes

    As the others have said, three days minimum. Skyrail is fantastic and well worth doing. You should allow half a day for that and a little more time if you want to look around Kuranda (a bit touristy for my liking). Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation are well worth a look for their stunning scenery.

    Port Douglas is approximately 1 hour from Cairns by road and 15 minutes by helicopter or light aircraft, but however you choose to get to Port ( locals shorten most names), it's well worth the trip. 

    It is considered one of the best coastal road drives in Australia. There are beautiful beaches along the way, and it’s worth stopping at Rex Lookout just north of Wangetti Beach, where you’ll get an amazing view of the Great Dividing Range, meeting the tropical coastline.

    April - June

    Boasting cooler temperatures and plenty of sunshine, April through June is a great time to visit Port Douglas. As the weather begins to cool off, this marks the beginning of Port Douglas' dry season, and temperatures average at a balmy 25°C.

    This refers to the greater area. Again, it's quite a small village, so most of the hotels, resorts and backpacker hostels are all within walking distance of everything. This is the beautiful stretch of white-sand beach on the doorstep of Port Douglas.

    Port Douglas is renowned for its World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef and the incredible nearby Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation. Visitors who feel adventurous can hop on a Great Barrier Reef cruise or jump on a 4WD safari and explore the rainforest coast.

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