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Where to Get the Best Pizza in Melbourne

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    The city of Melbourne is well-known for its eclectic dining scene and thriving coffee scene. Of course, what about pizza? Many of Australia's finest pizzas may be found at Melbourne's excellent pizzerias.

    As the first Melbourne pizzeria served its first customers in 1961, the humble pie has had a special place in the hearts and stomachs of Melbournians ever since. The pizzas at these eight eateries can transport anybody with a stomach for food to Naples, Italy, with their blistered wood-fired crusts and delectable toppings.

    On Lygon Street, in 1961, was where we first found the pizza shop known as Toto's. Despite a new generation's efforts to improve upon it, Neapolitan-style pizza (wood-fired, crisp on the outside, tender in the centre) has come to dominate our establishments. Intriguingly, this has led to the widespread availability of pizzas that can compete with the greatest Neapolitan versions, despite being baked in electric ovens or made with ingredients other than the venerated San Marzano tomato. And although we're all for classic pizzas, nothing beats the thrill of trying a pizza that's unique to Melbourne.

    Sifting through all of Melbourne's pizza places and narrowing down the finest is a thankless task, but someone's got to do it. In our opinion, Melbourne is seeing a revival of traditional pizza, and we couldn't be happier. It has a crust that's as good as any we've had, a tonne of flavorful toppings, and enough cheese to last forever.

    400 Gradi

    400 gradi best pizza place melbourne

    • You may find us at: 99 Lygon St, East Brunswick
    • The Kid's Masterclasses at 400 Gradi cost $45 per kid.

    400 Gradi, founded by world-famous pizzaiolo Johnny Di Francesco, serves up traditional Neapolitan pies. The restaurant's Margherita pizza was so popular that it won first place in the 2014 World Pizza Championships. 400 Gradi is known for its pizza, but they also have a great assortment of seafood, pasta, and salumi, plus a few sweet treats like Cannoli Siciliani and Fig and Mascarpone Calzone that keep customers coming back.

    There has been a lot of buzz about the pizza at 400 Gradi, which is located on the well-known Lygon St. John "Johnny" Di Francesco, the band's leader, was born into a staunchly Italian family. Some of the tastiest pizza in Melbourne comes from this guy, who is also the first Aussie to be trained in the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana VPN regulations in Naples.

    There are many delicious Italian dishes, such as antipasti, spaghetti, and sliced meats, on the menu. However, the classic pizza is what everyone comes for. Order Melbourne's most popular pizza, the Margherita.

    D.O.C Pizza and Mozzarella Bar

    d.o.c pizza and mozzarella bar best pizza place ask melbourne

    • 22 Main Street, Mornington; 295 Drummond Street, Carlton; 135 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park

    In 1997, Tony Nicolini opened the doors of the first D.O.C. Espresso Bar. Since then, the company has expanded to include a Delicatessen and three pizza and mozzarella restaurants. The unpretentious eatery has a strict no-reservations policy, but the wait is well worth it. The menu features a map of Italy to accompany the thin, crunchy crusts that support the imported Italian ingredients. Pizza Pomodoro and Pizza San Daniele are two of Culture Trip's top picks, but let's be honest: they're all fantastic.

    D.O.C. is a tale of change and great achievement. What began as a single pizzeria in the 1990s has now expanded into a popular network of cafes, delis, and pizza joints all throughout the city.

    D.O.C. offers genuine, handcrafted pizza topped with fresh antipasto ingredients. The modern, kid- and parent-friendly pizza and mozzarella bars are a delight to the senses.

    Takeaway Pizza

    takeaway pizza best pizza place ask melbourne

    • Street Address: 535 High, Preston, 3072

    Takeaway Pizza is a casual restaurant that serves American-style pizza by the slice and does not provide utensils, although they do provide excellent service. But it's also a late-night hotspot with wine from regional vineyards and exotic cocktails made with fresh ingredients.

    The late night slice menu is limited to only four choices: cheese, pepperoni, beef, and veggie. The whole pizza menu is more comprehensive however, and it includes numerous vegetarian alternatives. For an additional $2, you can have a pizza with a gluten-free base or vegan mozzarella. Standard pizza dough is fermented for three days before being baked into a thin crust with crispy edges.

    Brother and sister-in-law owners Sam and Tom Peasnell and their friend Adam Goldblatt are not Italian and make no pretence of being such. Instead, they use the no-rules approach that has made them so popular at their American BBQ restaurant, Dexter, located across the street.

    Tomatoes are smoked cold to impart a smoky flavour without losing their natural sweetness, and pastrami is cured in-house for 10 days before being smoked. On another pizza, we put the pastrami, some shaved frozen bone marrow, some meat sauce, and some spring onion.

    Rum, mezcal, and tequila are the main spirits included in the tiki-style cocktails. Small-batch, boundary-pushing producers like Jamsheed and Alpha Box and Dice are represented on the wine list's 12-bottle selection. With an emphasis on minimum interference and unique varietals, the monthly-changing names are a reflection of this philosophy.

    Nightfall sees candles lighted and the disco ball spinning, casting a dappled glow over the flowery wallpaper towards the rear of the room. Tiles from a previous pizzeria were recycled to create the black and white harlequin design on the floor and bar.

    Rita's Cafeteria

    rita's cafeteria pizza place ask melbourne

    • The address is 239 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, 3067.

    Abbotsford native, Brett Graham, had been bemoaning the lack of food choices available at what was formerly the "dodgy" end of Johnston Street when he noticed a "for lease" sign on an empty shopfront. So eight months later, he launched Rita's

    Run by three friends – owners and managers Brett Graham and Rob Lowther (of The Bottle of Milk and Pizza Pizza in Lorne) and chef Daniel Spizzica (previously of the Stokehouse in St Kilda) – Rita's is a delightful pizza and pasta cafe that has fostered a strong community spirit. Even on a Sunday night, every table is consistently filled.

    Harley and Rose

    harley and rose best pizza place ask melbourne

    • Address: 572 Barkly Street West, Footscray, Victoria 3012

    Having spent time at Three Two One, Cumulus Inc., the Builders Arms, and Cutler and Co., chefs Josh Murphy and Rory Cowcher have opened Harley and Rose, a restaurant that defies common pizza stereotypes.

    But you won't find any trendy, chef-created dishes on the menu. Mark Williamson, the vivacious manager and another Andrew McConnell graduate, has curated a wine selection that is sure to please. He also keeps an eye on the bottle-o that's linked to the bar; it's a strange little place towards the back that you may be hesitant to enter. You have one, and it's stocked with wines from both well-known wineries and hip, low-interventionist labels like Lucy Margaux.


    capitano best pizza place ask melbourne

    Carlton, Victoria 3053, 421 Rathdowne Street

    This Italian-American eatery was founded by Casey Wall, Manu Potoi, and Michael Bascetta of Bar Liberty.

    Shaved prosciutto (produced in Ballarat) and hog neck gabagool (cured ham) come with house-made bread and spicy pickled fennel. Chef Wall designed the unfussy and accessible cuisine after doing research in his native United States. A cheese pizza topped with pecorino, fresh, and aged mozzarella is up next. The fermented, somewhat sour base is well-charred, and the pointed tip has what Wall dubs "the New York flip." Capitano's website now accepts orders for pizza delivery.

    A reduction of clam broth and dashi, topped with butter, parsley, and lemon, is served over chitarra (guitar string) pasta. This is understated, deft cuisine that stands on its own without analysis or explanation.

    Young kale and wild greens are dressed in an anchovy-infused vinaigrette and topped with shaved parmesan for a salad that is both fresh and tangy. Meatballs made with beef, pig, and fennel go nicely with sliced apple, fresh fennel, and aged ricotta. Lasagne, Veal Parmesan, and Dry-Aged Steaks are Served for Sharing.

    The wine selection at Bar Liberty is extensive. Capitano's list is shorter than Liberty's by around four hundred places and include only winemakers who "don't fool about too much" with their vintages. The vast majority of these wines (around 95%) are either produced in Italy or use Italian grapes. The whites are smooth and substantial, while the reds are light and tangy, perfect with bright fruit flavours and tomato-based recipes.

    Now, we'll move on to the drinks. For the staff at Bar Liberty, customer convenience is priority (most are pre-batched but more technical). These items bring back the excitement of the shaking and stirring stage. The writing is quite classical in style (limoncello spritz, grapefruit Americano). Chamomile, saffron, orange, and amaro are often used to maintain a balance between bitter and acidic flavours. Dessert and drink: Campari floats on grapefruit granita.

    A warm atmosphere is created by the maroon and white decor. Wooden (sometimes white-clothed, sometimes not), bentwood, and banquette tables and chairs are bathed in a sultry light from Art Deco chandeliers. Sam Rogers, a former music producer in Berlin who is now in charge of the front of the house, is responsible for the Italian disco music of the 1970s and 1980s.

    Italian Artisans

    italian artisans best pizza place ask melbourne

    Street Address: 135 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park, Victoria, Australia 3206

    This new restaurant has opened in the former DOC Albert Park location. It features "artisans" such as the Fragrassi and Ursini families, who provide tomatoes from the Italian region of Abruzzo, the Alvise family, who provide olive oil from the region of Puglia, and the Bamonte family, who produce mozzarella in the New South Wales region of Australia.

    In addition to a great Lambrusco from the Emilia-Romagna area, Italian microbrews like the malty, somewhat herbaceous Baladin Pop hailing from Piemonte are also available from the vast beverages menu.

    The whitewashed walls, polished concrete flooring, and handcrafted wood furnishings are all carried over from the DOC Albert Park location.

    +39 Pizzeria

    +39 pizzeria best pizza place ask melbourne

    • Melbourne and Toorak addresses: 362 Little Bourke Street and 517 Malvern Road

    That's the greatest pizza in Melbourne, according to many. Of course, there's always some discussion on this matter, but in 2010, +39 Pizzeria won the coveted title of "Best Pizza in Melbourne" from The Age Epicure.

    Pizza from +39 is enticing because of the restaurant's commitment to using only the freshest ingredients and making dishes in the traditional Italian style. +39 eateries are the kind where you want to linger for a little, where the atmosphere is lively and modern, and where you could order a second pizza to split with the kids.

    In case you were wondering, "+39" represents Italy's international dialling code.

    Ladro Tap

    ladro tap best pizza place ask melbourne

    • It's on Greville Street in Prahran.

    The name "Ladro Tap" comes from the fact that it is a popular destination for both excellent beer and delicious wood-oven pizza. But, come on, with this menu and these pricing, it I.S. Basically, I just want pizza.

    As a family, you'll have a blast at Ladro because of the unique pizza titles and flavour combinations. The pizza may be customised with a wide variety of toppings, such as chilli, capers, and truffle oil. The $15 Juniors Menu includes four slices of pizza or pasta, a choice of bomboloni or ice cream, plus a drink.

    We applaud Ladro Tap for their environmentally conscious approach to dealing with food scraps, since 100 percent of their organic garbage is recycled. (If the kids want to start a compost project, you can even purchase it for them for under $2 a bag.)

    Small Print

    small print best pizza place ask melbourne

    • Windsor, Victoria, Australia, 3188 High Street

    Small Print, an all-inclusive pizzeria with a mission to become "a self-sufficient, zero-waste venue," opened in November 2016. All of the organic and locally sourced toppings on the Pimp Your Pizza menu are vegetarian, and there are also vegan and gluten-free alternatives. In addition to serving alcohol from the tap, Small Print also offers a variety of homemade soft drinks and encourages a glass-free environment.

    Zero 95

    zero 95 best pizza place ask melbourne

    • Doncaster East, Victoria 3109, Australia, 904 Doncaster Road

    Catania, Sicily's Zero 95 took home the Caputo Cup for best Margherita pizza in the 2016 World Pizza Championship in Naples. Inspired by Nonna's cooking, Zero 95 offers a wide variety of pizzas (all of which may be created with a gluten-free basis), pasta, and desserts like the Zero 95 one-meter Party Pizza topped with Nutella and fresh strawberries.

    Red Sparrow

    red sparrow best pizza place ask melbourne

    • Collingwood, Australia, 3066: 406 Smith Street

    Red Sparrow is Melbourne's first vegan pizzeria, which may come as a surprise given that their pizza menu has items like pepperoni, sausage, and Surf n Turf (beef and prawns). Even the most adamant carnivores may be won over by the deliciousness of the vegan pizzas. Red Sparrow, a pizzeria and bar that opened in February 2017 on Smith Street and serves vegan wine, puts a moral twist on traditional Neapolitan pizza.

    Shop 225

    shop 225 best pizza place ask melbourne

    • Australia; Postal Address 225 Melville Road, Pascoe Vale South, Victoria 3044

    Shop 225 is a suburban pizzeria that opened in late 2016 and has since garnered a cult following due to its speciality: pizza and pasta made in a wood-fired oven that is safe for vegans and anyone with gluten intolerance. Various melt-in-your-mouth toppings, such as Italian porcini mushrooms, handmade Calabrian sausage, fior di latte, spicy nduja, and smoked scamorza cheese, rest on charred crusts. Shop 225, located in Pascoe Vale South, is proof that pizza joints in the suburbs can hold their own against those in city centres.

    Little Michael's Pizzeria

    little michael's pizzeria best pizza place ask melbourne

    • To contact us, please write to: 1398 Toorak Road, Camberwell, Victoria, Australia, 3124

    Only seven Melbourne pizzerias, including Little Michael's, have earned the AVPN seal of approval from Naples. That's like getting the Italian government to certify your pizza as authentic, and it's pretty difficult. Because it is prepared by hand and let to rise for more than six hours, the dough will be very light and airy. Pizzas are prepared for just 60-90 seconds in a blazing hot woodfired oven and use toppings imported from Campania in southern Italy. For those in search of traditional Italian fare and some of the finest pizza in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, this restaurant is a must-visit.

    Those freshly prepared, icing-dusted Nutella doughnuts are not to be missed.


    In 1961, Melbourne's first pizzeria opened its doors to its first customers. Our establishments are now dominated by pizzas made in the style of Naples. Pizzeria 400 Gradi was founded by pizza legend Johnny Di Francesco. In the 2014 World Pizza Championships, the restaurant's Margherita pizza took first place. Among Culture Trip's favourites are Pizza Pomodoro and San Daniele.

    Slices of American-style pizza are served up at Takeaway Pizza, a popular late-night destination. Rita's Cafeteria in Abbotsford, Victoria, is a fantastic pizzeria and pasta shop. Harley and Rose's wine list defies common pizza myths. Wines from well-known and lesser-known labels can be found at CapitanoCarlton, a hip wine bar with a low-interventionist approach. The chef's cuisine is simple and elegant, and it doesn't need to be explained to the diner.

    Unlike Liberty's wine list, this one is limited to Italian vintages and has fewer than 400 entries. +39 Pizzeria was named "Best Pizza in Melbourne" in 2010. An emphasis on fresh ingredients and traditional Italian cuisine is evident in the restaurant's menu. Pizza and beer go hand-in-hand at Ladro Tap, a popular hangout for locals and tourists alike. With a goal to become "a self-sufficient, zero-waste venue," Small Print is a pizza restaurant that offers all-inclusive meals. As a result, Zero 95 won the Caputo Cup for the best Margherita pizza at the World Pizza Championship 2016.

    Traditional Neapolitan pizza is given a moral makeover in Red Sparrow. Shop 225 is a pizzeria in Melbourne's eastern suburbs that serves up a variety of pizzas. Vegan and gluten-free wood-fired pizza and pasta made in a wood-fired oven. Toppings imported from Campania in southern Italy go on the pizzas, which are made by hand.

    Content Summary

    • Among the city's many attractions are its diverse dining options and burgeoning coffee culture.
    • Melbourne's excellent pizzerias serve some of the best pizza in the country.
    • Anyone with a stomach for food can be transported to Naples, Italy, thanks to the wood-fired crusts and mouthwatering toppings of these eight restaurants' pizzas.
    • Traditional pizza is making a comeback in Melbourne, and we couldn't be happier about it.
    • A variety of delectable Italian dishes, including antipasti, spaghetti, and sliced meats, can be found on the menu at this establishment.
    • The Margherita pizza is the most popular in Melbourne.
    • Among Culture Trip's favourites, there's Pizza Pomodoro, followed closely by Pizza San Daniele.
    • In the 1990s, a single pizzeria in the city grew into a popular chain of cafes, delis, and pizza restaurants.
    • Tiki cocktails typically feature rum, mezcal, or tequila as the primary spirits.
    • After conducting research in his native United States, Chef Wall came up with the simple and approachable menu.
    • Bar Liberty has a wide variety of wines to choose from.
    • Over ninety-five percent of these wines are made in Italy or feature Italian grapes.
    • The old DOC Albert Park location has been taken over by a new restaurant.
    • In 2010, +39 Pizzeria won The Age Epicure's coveted title of "Best Pizza in Melbourne." Of course, there will always be debate on this subject.
    • Lardo's Brew
    • Prahran's Greville Street has it.
    • All-inclusive pizzeria Small Print opened in November 2016 with the goal of becoming "a self-sufficient, zero-waste venue."
    • Vegan, gluten-free and vegan options are available for all of the organic and locally sourced toppings on the Pimp Your Pizza menu.
    • Red-winged Blackbird
    • Collingwood, Victoria, Australia, 3066: 406." In other words, Smith Street Because of their pizza menu, Red Sparrow is Melbourne's first vegan pizzeria, which may come as a surprise to those who aren't familiar with the concept (beef and prawns).
    • The vegan wine served at Smith Street's Red Sparrow pizzeria and bar, which opened in February 2017, puts a moral spin on traditional Neapolitan pizza.
    • 225 Melville Road, Pascoe Vale South, Victoria 3044, is the address for Shop 225Australia.
    • For those with gluten intolerance or veganism, Shop 225, a suburban pizzeria that opened in late 2016, has gained a cult following for its speciality of wood-fired pizza and pasta.
    • This Pascoe Vale South pizzeria, Shop 225, proves that suburban pizzerias can compete with the best of the city's.
    • The Pizzeria of Michael's Little
    • Please write to us at 1398 Toorak Road, Camberwell, Victoria, Australia, 3124 if you have any questions or concerns.
    • Little Michael's pizzeria is one of only seven in Melbourne to receive AVPN certification from Naples.
    • As difficult as it is, you cannot get the Italian government to certify your pizza as authentic.
    • There are few places in Melbourne's east that serve authentic Italian cuisine and some of the best pizza in the city's eastern suburbs.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    Best Australia Pizza
    • D.O.C Pizza & Mozzarella Bar – Melbourne. 
    • Via Napoli – Sydney.
    • Sunny's Pizza – Adelaide. 
    • Sempre Pizza & Calzone – Melbourne. 
    • Frankie's Pizza – Sydney.
    • 400 Gradi – Essedon. 
    • Il Buco – Byron Bay. 
    • Bella Bruta – Sydney.
    Although the usual Italian pizza varieties are available throughout Australia, they often have richer toppings than in Italy. The Aussie variety is a pizza that is topped with a base of barbecue sauce, mozzarella cheese, bits of chopped bacon, and a few eggs.
    The Aussie is a pizza covered in a BBQ sauce and with cheese, red onion, bacon, red onion, and fresh eggs.

    All ingredients get proper screen time

    Another important feature of a good pizza is that all the ingredients should be fresh and balance each other. Having the right ratio of cheese and tomato sauce is extremely important. You don't want the flavor of the tomato sauce to overpower the complex taste of the cheese.

    Australia is no exception as pizza is our most popular takeout food. After all, we Aussies eat millions of pizza takeaways per year! This popularity has resulted in several variants in pizza creation based on regional or national tastes, cultural preferences, and local cuisine.

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