Which are the best taxi services in Melbourne?

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    Melbourne taxis are easy to spot, as they display a lamp on the cab roof and most are painted yellow, silver or white. Drivers wear a uniform and show an identity card on the dashboard at all times.

    Looking for a cab?

    Cabs often wait in designated cab ranks at clearly signposted locations and busy spots such as Flinders Street Station. You may also hail a taxi in the street. If the rooftop lamp is lit, the taxi is usually unoccupied and available for hire. Telephone bookings are also available. Taxis also operate outside of Melbourne in Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo, with extra cabs at country towns across regional Victoria.

    In this article, we have listed the 7 best taxi service in Melbourne. We had a list of criteria. For example, we looked into how big their fleet was, how professional their drivers were, and how affordable their rides are. So let us get started.

     13 Cabs Australia

    If you are looking for a high-class Taxi service, then 13 Melbourne Cab Service is the right pick for you. They are the top pick for many local sports organizations, travel agents, mining resource companies, schools, celebrities, and event organizers. This taxi service provider is based in Melbourne and is open 24/7.

    As far as Airport Transportation is concerned, pick-up time might vary depending on your arrival. And a passenger has no say in an event of an urgent transit landing. How does 13 Melbourne Cab Service solve this issue? Easy! They use an advanced flight tracking system to check the location of your flight in real-time.

    Here’s why 13cabs is your way to go anywhere in Australia:

    • 13cabs is Australia’s Largest Cab Fleet. So, heads up, there’s always one of our 10,000 cars ready for you anywhere across the country.
    • All 13cabs Drivers are Professional Drivers – they’re trained and police checked regularly to guarantee your safety.
    • 13cabs operates in NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, TAS, ACT and WA. We’re all over AUS to get you a cab ASAP!

    Melbourne Elite Cabs

    Melbourne Elite Cabs, with 10 years of experience under its belt, comes up as one of the most trustworthy names with an economic, flexible and customer-centric silver taxi service in and around Melbourne.

    They are home to some of the most impeccably maintained cabs that are the epitome of luxury & safety, driven by some of the most prolific drivers who are hand-picked, based on their experience and spotless driving portfolio.

    Besides, all their vehicles are impeccably maintained so that you will find them in the pink of health and condition at any given point in time!  It also adds to your comfort, safety and security quotients like nothing else!

    Indeed they are cost-effective and our service does not carry any hidden cost so that you do not have to drill a hole in your wallet to enjoy the service that we offer.

    They have a wide plethora of vehicles of various models and makes, including elite service vehicles, sedans, SUV/wagons, which will be able to meet your bespoke needs, depending upon the number of accomplices you have or the number of luggage you carry!Their cab services include:

    • Airport Transfers
    • Corporate Transfers
    • Winery & Sightseeing tours
    • Parcel Delivery
    • Service on Special Occasions

    Eureka Taxi

    Next on our list, we have Eureka Taxi. If you need a taxi ride from, or to Melbourne or Avalon airport, then this is the taxi service you should go with. They can provide you with taxi services for almost any occasion, including weddings. Along with accommodating their regular clients, they always try their best to accommodate urgent taxi service needs.

    You can pay the fare before you travel. You will get an email containing a confirmation message, and the booking receipt. This only makes your travel fun, and more convenient. Melbourne is a bustling metropolitan city. To match the pace, and lifestyle of the people, Eureka Taxi drivers will go beyond their expected role and ensure the highest customer satisfaction

    Taxi Booking Melbourne

    It’s all about the service! They always try their best to get you to your destination comfortably, safely and on time. They provide you a service that is available “Anytime, Anywhere and Anytime” as a customer-oriented business, and work towards achieving complete customer satisfaction from the time of your contact to your arrival at your destination.

    Travelling in cabs can be dangerous at times especially during lonely and dark nights and they provide you a safer option to travel in difficult times.

    They are always ready to offer you a customized solution, tailored to your situation and circumstances, to bring you the best value that we always promise.

    My Silver Service Taxi

    My Silver Service Taxi is another popular reliable taxi service in Melbourne. They have the finest car fleet and a very well trained team of professional chauffeurs. You can book a taxi for your travel using their online platform. Their ultimate goal is to bring luxuriously, and disturbance-free satisfaction to their customers.

    Along with having the best taxi fleet, they also have a team of experienced and trained drivers. You can rely on them for lavish taxis at a reasonable rate. All their drivers are accustomed to all the roads around Melbourne. They have a fleet of regular taxis, executive taxis, and a variety of luxurious vans.

    There are lots of taxi services available in Melbourne. But everybody prefers this taxi service in Melbourne because of its 24/7 availability. It is able to provide all kind of standard and silver taxi. Special executive cars are also available here. This service is also famous for airport transfer service. All these reasons make the taxi service in Melbourne popular.

    Melbourne Vic Cabs

    Melbourne Vic Cabs have got you covered. Offering the highest professional standard in service and support to cater for our client’s transport needs.

    We provide cab service with the best cars for your satisfaction. We have a wide range of luxury taxis for your service, so you can feel comfortable and have a smooth ride. Book a taxi online with their quick and easy taxi booking system.

    Melbourne Vic Cabs offers a quality taxi service travelling all over the Melbourne metropolitan area, countryside. Melbourne Vic Cabs strives to be the fast and friendly solution for all Melbourne Airport bookings. Whether you need a taxi to Melbourne Airport or need a ride home from the airport.

    As far as the taxi fleet is concerned, Melbourne Vic Cabs has a wide range of cars in their fleet. Along with providing airport transport services, they also offer taxi service to different seaports, as well as train stations around the city. To ensure the utmost customer satisfaction, the driver from Melbourne Vic Cabs will reach the point of pickup 5 minutes before your arrival.


    1800 Get Maxi Taxi Service

    1800 Get Maxi have been in the taxi business for 17 years and know the Melbourne area and surrounding suburbs very well. We treat our passengers with the utmost care and concern. Rest assured, passengers can reach their destination

    They provide one of the best services to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable.

    1800 Get Maxi facilitates online bookings at any time, approximates accurate fares and ensures top-notch services.

    1800 Get Maxi staff greets passengers at airports, train stations, hospitals, schools, and anywhere within Melbourne. Our 1800 Get Maxi Services are well secured and ensure the safety of our passengers

    Once booked, 1800 Get Maxi reaches the point of pickup on time.

    Their drivers provide services as:

    • Carrying passenger’s luggage
    • Open and close doors
    • Wheelchair accessible
    • Equipped with baby seats
    • Clean conditions in van

    What makes a taxi service remarkable?

    When was the last time you hailed a taxicab? 

    Upon getting into your taxi, there are likely a set of service qualities that you expect from your driver. This could be anything from responsible and ripe with local knowledge to punctual and hospitable


    First and foremost, having a responsible taxi cab driver is arguably the most important quality for any taxi driver to possess. 

    As a passenger, you want to have peace of mind that you're in safe hands and that your driver is acting responsibly. This could mean anything from obeying the rules of the road and traffic limits to practicing car safety and maintaining a clean vehicle. 

    You want to feel comfortable that you will be delivered to your destination without harm or undue stress.


    As with most jobs, taxi cab drivers are going to experience both good passengers and bad passengers. 

    In most cases, good passengers will nearly always outweigh the bad passengers. However, it's only realistic to assume that every cab driver is going to experience a number of passengers that are stressed, frustrated, upset, late for an early flight or inebriated. 

    In these moments, it's crucial for cab drivers to exercise patience. Without the notion of patience and understanding, cab drivers will tire of their less-than-ideal passengers very quickly. 

    The best cab drivers are those that understand that their passengers will exert a wide range of emotions. A good cab driver is capable of picking up on such emotions and acting appropriately. It's crucial for cab drivers to read their audience and determine the best means of communication.


    At the end of the day, you want your cab driver to be as hospitable as possible. From the perspective of the driver, the goal is to create a comfortable and pleasant environment for each and every passenger. 

    The best taxi drivers offer polite greetings to their passengers and assist them with any bags or luggage. If the passenger is in need of physical assistance when entering and exiting the vehicle, a quality driver will be readily available to help. 

    As a passenger, you want to feel comfortable and safe whilst in their vehicle. This might mean maintaining a pleasant conversation or simply enjoying a comfortable silence.

    Knows the locality well

    If you want to hire a local taxi, one of the things you expect is for the driver to know the areas you are visiting well. Which routes you should take to avoid heavy traffic and shortcuts that help you get to your destination quickly are some of the things a driver needs to be aware of.

    Trained to drive safely

    One reason for hiring a taxi is that you do not necessarily need to drive your own and you and you want to relax throughout the journey. For this reason, you should look for drivers with the right training as far as safe driving is concerned.

    In Conclusion

    So there you go. Now you know about the best taxi service in Melbourne. Starting with regular taxi service for internal commute around Melbourne city, as well as airport transport services. Most of these cab services have an online booking system. They have 24-hour dispatch operators that ensure your taxi requests will be completed as per your request.

    Thus here are a few important tips for hiring a comfortable taxi:
    1.Choose a reputed company. ...
    2.Cost efficient taxi. ...
    3.Quality of service. ...
    4.Condition of taxi. ...
    5.Check the reviews.

    It's imperative that every taxi cab driver operates a service that is both honest and punctual. This means getting you to your destination on time and avoiding potentially unnecessary routes. It's also crucial to trust that your taxi driver is not taking advantage of you or increasing their fees.

    Not all taxi drivers work unsociable hours and the different tariff rates are designed so that drivers who do work unsociable hours can potentially earn more as the tariff rate is higher – Tariff 3 applies to taxi journeys undertaken between 22:00 and 05:00 every night and this is the highest tariff rate.

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