Which are the best taxi services in Melbourne?

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    Taxis in Melbourne are easily recognisable thanks to their distinctive yellow, silver, or white exteriors and rooftop lamps. Each driver is required to display a photo ID at all times on the dashboard and wear a uniform.

    Looking for a cab?

    There are cab ranks at most major transportation hubs and other crowded areas, like as Flinders Street Station. It is also possible to flag down a cab on the street. The taxi is normally available for hire if the rooftop lamp is on. You can also make reservations over the phone. Geelong, Ballarat, and Bendigo are just a few of the cities outside of Melbourne with a taxi service, and there are even more taxis in the many small towns spread out over regional Victoria.

    Below is a list of the top 7 cab companies in Melbourne. For this, we compiled a set of requirements. We considered things like the size of their fleet, the expertise of their drivers, and the cost-effectiveness of their services. Ok, so let's begin.

    13 Cabs Australia

    If you're in need of a luxurious taxi service, 13 Melbourne Cab Service is your best bet. Many local businesses, including sports teams, tourism bureaux, mining firms, educational institutions, entertainment industry heavyweights, and party planners, all choose them. This taxi company is headquartered in Melbourne and operates around the clock.

    Pickup times for airport transfers are flexible and will be based on your flight's actual arrival time. Further, in the case of an unexpected transit landing, the passenger has no say. How does Cab Company 13 in Melbourne address this problem? Easy! They will verify the current location of your flight using cutting-edge flight monitoring technology.

    To get about Australia, 13cabs is your best bet for a few reasons:

    • Safe travel is guaranteed by the professional training and routine police checks of all 13cabs drivers.
    • The 13cabs fleet is the largest in Australia. A warning: one of our 10,000 automobiles is always available, no matter where you are in the United States.
    • In addition to the aforementioned states, 13cabs also serves the ACT, NSW, SA, VIC, TAS, and WA. You can count on us to despatch a taxi immediately, wherever you are in Australia.

    Melbourne Elite Cabs

    The silver taxi service Melbourne Elite Cabs provides is one of the most affordable, adaptable, and customer-focused in the city, and its ten years of experience have made it a household name.

    They employ some of the most prolific drivers in the industry, who are carefully selected for their experience and impeccable driving records, and who operate immaculately kept taxis that are the ultimate of luxury and safety.

    In addition, all of their vehicles are meticulously cared for, so you can always count on them to be in tip-top shape. Not only that, but it improves your level of ease, safety, and security in ways that nothing else can.

    You won't have to tear a hole in your pocket to take advantage of the services we provide because they are affordable and there are no additional fees.

    They provide a large selection of vehicles to choose from, including luxury sedans, SUVs, and waggons, so they can cater to your specific needs regardless of how many people you're travelling with or how much luggage you have.

    They offer the following taxi services:

    • To and From the Airport
    • Excursions to wineries and other points of interest
    • Sales and Purchases
    • Delivery of Extraordinary 

    taxi melbourne
    taxi melbourne

    Eureka Taxi

    It's time to move on to the next company, Eureka Taxi. This is the taxi service to choose if you need a trip to or from Melbourne or Avalon airport. In fact, they offer cab services for all sorts of events, including weddings. Every effort is made to meet the immediate taxi service needs of our customers, in addition to those of our regulars.

    The fare can be paid for in advance if desired. The booking confirmation and invoice will be sent to you through email. In fact, it will make your trip more enjoyable and less of a hassle. The city of Melbourne is a thriving metropolis. Taxi drivers in Eureka, California, will go above and beyond to meet the high expectations of their customers since they understand and appreciate the city's fast-paced culture and way of life.

    Taxi Booking Melbourne

    Providing excellent service is paramount. Your comfort, safety, and timely arrival at your destination are always top priorities for them. As a client-focused company, they offer round-the-clock service and strive for 100% client satisfaction from the moment you make initial contact to the moment you reach your final destination.

    Taxis offer a safer mode of transportation in stressful situations, such as late-night trips when you're alone.

    The staff is always willing to work with you to find a unique solution that fits your needs and ensures you receive the maximum benefit we guarantee.

    My Silver Service Taxi

    Another well-liked and dependable Melbourne taxi service is My Silver Service Taxi. They have an exclusive fleet of vehicles and a staff of highly skilled chauffeurs. A cab service is available for online booking. The company's ultimate purpose is to ensure that each and every one of their clients experiences nothing but complete and utter bliss.

    They have the finest taxi fleet, staffed by highly skilled drivers. Their taxis are comfortable and reasonably priced. Every one of their drivers is well-versed in the various streets of Melbourne. Their fleet includes standard taxis, executive taxis, and several styles of opulent vans.

    In Melbourne, there is no shortage of taxicab companies from which to choose. This taxi service in Melbourne is the most popular among locals because it operates nonstop. Various types of regular and luxury taxis are available. There are also specialised executive vehicles available. As an added bonus, this company also provides excellent airport transfer assistance. For these and other reasons, using a cab in Melbourne is a common occurrence.

    Melbourne Vic Cabs

    Our cab company in Melbourne, Vic Cabs, has you covered. Catering to our customers' transportation needs with the utmost professionalism and service.

    We have the finest vehicles for our taxi service. The luxurious taxis at your disposal will provide a relaxing and stress-free trip. Their online cab booking system is quick and simple to use.

    Whether you need a ride in the city or out in the country, Melbourne Vic Cabs has you covered. Melbourne Vic Cabs is committed to providing a prompt and pleasant service for all airport transportation needs in Melbourne. No matter if you need a taxi to get to the airport or back home from the airport, we can help.

    There is a large variety of vehicles available in Melbourne Vic Cabs' fleet of taxis. They not only offer taxi service to and from the airport, but also to and from the city's several seaports and train terminals. Melbourne Vic Cabs is committed to providing the highest level of customer service possible, which is why our driver will be at the designated pickup location 5 minutes before your arrival.


    1800 Get Maxi Taxi Service

    There is no better taxi service in Melbourne than 1800 Get Maxi, who have been operating for 17 years and have extensive knowledge of the city and its suburbs. Those who choose to travel with us can expect to be treated with the utmost respect and consideration. 

    They are among the best in the business at making your trip pleasant and relaxing.

    Bookings can be made online at any time using 1800 Get Maxi, and the app provides precise fare estimates and guarantees high-quality service.

    The friendly employees at 1800 Get Maxi will meet and assist you at Melbourne's airports, train stations, hospitals, schools, and wherever else in the city. All of our passengers can feel safe using our 1800 Get Maxi Services due to our stringent safety measures.

    If you schedule a pickup with 1800 Get Maxi, you can rest assured that you will be picked up promptly.

    Drivers for them offer the following services:

    • Transporting the bags of flying passengers
    • Swing open and shut the entrances
    • Welcoming of wheelchairs
    • Including child safety seats
    • Vehicle was spotless and smelled fresh

    What makes a taxi service remarkable?

    How long has it been since you called for a taxi?

    When you hop in a cab, you probably have certain expectations about the service you'll receive. This could mean anything from being punctual and friendly to being reliable and well-versed in the area.


    The first and perhaps most essential attribute for any taxi driver to have is that of being responsible.

    The best feeling as a passenger is knowing that you and your belongings are safe and that your driver is behaving responsibly. This can include everything from sticking to speed limits and following traffic laws to keeping your car clean and well-maintained.

    You need assurance that you won't have to worry about your safety or comfort while being transported.


    Taxi drivers, like those in other service-based professions, encounter both pleasant and unpleasant customers in the course of their workdays.

    There will almost always be more pleasant travellers than unpleasant ones. The reality is that every taxi driver will pick up more than their fair share of irritated, angry, late, or drunk passengers.

    Taxi drivers need to be patient in these situations. Cab drivers will rapidly become weary of their less-than-ideal passengers if they are not taught the value of patience and understanding.

    The most effective taxi drivers are those who are prepared to deal with their passengers' full range of feelings. Any competent taxi driver should be able to sense your mood and respond appropriately. Taxi drivers must be able to gauge their customers' needs and preferences in order to effectively communicate with them.


    Your cab driver should be friendly and helpful at all times. From the driver's seat, the objective is to ensure that everyone on board has a good time.

    The greatest taxi drivers are kind and helpful, greeting their customers and offering to help with their bags. A good driver will be there to support their customer with any physical needs, such as boarding and disembarking.

    Your priority as a passenger should be their passenger's comfort and safety. One way to do this is to keep up a pleasant discussion, but quiet can be just as nice.

    Knows the locality well

    One of the things you can anticipate from a local taxi driver is familiarity with the regions you plan to visit. A driver needs to know how to get to their destination fast and how to avoid traffic jams by knowing the best routes to take.

    Trained to drive safely

    For example, if you're not interested in driving and just want to take it easy on the way there, a cab could be the way to go. This is why it's important to hire drivers who have received adequate instruction in defensive driving techniques.

    In Conclusion

    You have just learned about the top-rated taxi service in Melbourne. First, there is the standard taxi service for getting around Melbourne and to and from the airport. The majority of these cab companies allow you to schedule rides online. Their taxi service is reliable since they have dispatchers available around the clock.

    Content Summary

    • Taxi? Cab stands can be seen in busy places and at major transportation hubs like Flinders Street Station.
    • There are many more cities in regional Victoria in addition to Geelong, Ballarat, and Bendigo that offer taxi services.
    • To help you get around Melbourne, we've listed the seven best taxi services in the city.
    • Okay, so let's get going.
    • There are 13 cabs in Australia. Luxury transportation is provided by Melbourne Cab Service.
    • Whenever you need a ride, the taxi service in Melbourne is available.
    • This problem is resolved in Melbourne's Cab Company 13.
    • 13cabs operates the largest fleet in Australia.
    • We can arrange a taxi to pick you up anywhere in Australia.
    • First-Class Taxis in Melbourne
    • Melbourne Silver cab service provided by Elite Cabs is well-known for being affordable, flexible, and customer-centric due to the company's ten years in the industry.
    • Both Melbourne and Avalon airports are accessible by this cab service.
    • Eureka, California's taxi drivers are well-versed in, and even revel in, the city's fast-paced culture and way of life.
    • Taxi service in Melbourne is essential.
    • In addition to the standard taxi services, My Silver Service Cab is a very well-liked option for getting around Melbourne.
    • The convenience of hailing a cab via the Internet is now at your fingertips.
    • It's for these and other reasons that cabs are so popular in Melbourne.
    • Melbourne Melbourne's taxi service is Uber Vic Cabs.
    • We have first-rate taxis here.
    • No matter where you are in Melbourne, Vic Cabs can get you to your destination.
    • They provide taxi service to and from every major airport, seaport, or railway station.
    • You can expect our driver to be waiting 5 minutes before your arrival at the designated pickup location.
    • Thanks to their 17 years in the industry, the staff at 1800 Get Maxi is well-versed in all parts of Melbourne.
    • 1800 Get Maxi provides reliable fare estimates and guarantees top-notch service when making reservations online.
    • You can call 1800 Get Maxi and they will meet you at any of Melbourne's many transportation hubs, including the airport, train station, hospital, school, or other establishment.
    • When you call 1800 Get Maxi, you know you'll be picked up quickly.
    • What makes a cab company special?
    • The last time you called a cab was?
    • Of course, you have high standards for cab services.
    • First and foremost, taxi drivers need to be responsible adults.
    • If you have a responsible driver, you won't have to worry about your safety as a passenger.
    • Drivers in taxis need to have a lot of patience.
    • Taxi drivers will be more likely to take advantage of their less-than-ideal customers if they are not taught tolerance and understanding.
    • You should be able to trust your taxi driver's ability to read your emotions.
    • Your cabbie should be helpful at all times.
    • Make sure everyone is entertained while you're behind the wheel.
    • Taxi drivers in your neighbourhood will be familiar with the places you want to go.
    • The best taxi service in Melbourne has been revealed to you.
    • The first is the standard airport and city taxi service in Melbourne.

    FAQs About Taxi Service

    Thus here are a few important tips for hiring a comfortable taxi:
    1.Choose a reputed company. ...
    2.Cost efficient taxi. ...
    3.Quality of service. ...
    4.Condition of taxi. ...
    5.Check the reviews.

    It's imperative that every taxi cab driver operates a service that is both honest and punctual. This means getting you to your destination on time and avoiding potentially unnecessary routes. It's also crucial to trust that your taxi driver is not taking advantage of you or increasing their fees.

    Not all taxi drivers work unsociable hours and the different tariff rates are designed so that drivers who do work unsociable hours can potentially earn more as the tariff rate is higher – Tariff 3 applies to taxi journeys undertaken between 22:00 and 05:00 every night and this is the highest tariff rate.

    Normally Uber is cheaper, but it does depend on price surge. Generally speaking a taxi would be around $50-$60 and Uber about $10 less.

    Pre-booking up to 7 days in advance with 13cabs for Melbourne airport transfers has a big range of benefits no matter where you live, including: Hassle-free. Walk out of the terminal, jump in a cab, and go straight to your door. Book a pickup time and we'll be there.

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