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Why Are Stand-Up Desks So Expensive?

Adjustable height standing desks are more expensive for a few different reasons: The quality of the design materials used in their construction, the quality and type of desktop surface chosen, the research and implementation of ergonomic design principles, the electric motor that powers your desk, along with the huge increase in demand all factor in to the desk cost.

According to some studies, standing desks provides great benefits to both health and productivity of an employee. But many employers are still reluctant to change their furniture. But why would an employer be hesitant to change the conventional desk with small stand up desk when standing desks can increase the productivity for their business? There could be two possible reasons for it. Firstly, the research conducted on the benefits of standing desk has provided varying results and secondly, the cost of standing desks. 

Small stand up desk are expensive because they use costly wood table tops and dual electric motors for height adjustments. They use solid wood and quality motors which are expensive to manufacture. Low wobble tolerances make desks harder to manufacture at a low cost.

Are you tired of trying to look for that cheap standing desk you can finally order for working from home? You shouldn’t get your hopes up as almost all standing desks are expensive. But what makes them so expensive and is there any hope to see their prices fall shortly?

It is not easy to change all the furniture of a business, it is a heavy investment and it is still not clear what are the actual benefits we can get by standing at our workplace. Although there are many affordable standing desks available these days, but a high-quality, height adjustable full standing desk can be very expensive for small to medium businesses. Some of the cheaper options for standing desk include standing desk converters which turns your existing desk to standing desks. Check this blog.

You can find several levels of cost within the realm of standing desks. From the low-cost standing desk converter to the top-of-the-line electric standing desk, there’s most likely an option for your budget. To decide which price range and desk are right for you, you should consider the effectiveness of each.

Insider Tip

A desk converter may work for a short-term, inexpensive solution to a sedentary lifestyle.

You should also consider the factors that make standing desks more expensive, such as the material costs, small market, and additional features. 

But why do they cost more than standard desks?

This is because, when manufacturing an adjustable desk, it requires that specific kinds of materials are used and a specific type of construction is needed. Adjustable desks have a distinctly ergonomic approach, which requires special engineering so that the user can repetitively raise and lower a desktop  surface –  all features that are unique to a standing desk.

Remember we are talking about high-quality standing desks, so the material and other stuff used will definitely be expensive when compared to an average standing desk. Here are some of the reasons due to which high standing desk cost much higher than conventional desk:

It can be hard to justify spending several thousand dollars on an adjustable desk when it’s possible to get a basic computer desk for a few hundred dollars. However, adjustable desks aren’t just expensive because they’re more convenient—there’s a lot of other factors that contribute to their high price tags, and we’ll explain them here.

Reasons Why Standing Desks Are So Expensive

Electric Motor to Adjust the Desk Height

The price of an electric motor standing desk will always be higher than the other two types of standing desk such as standing desk converter and hand-crank standing desk.

The reason for the higher price tag is the electric capability (DC motor) to adjust (raise or lower) the height of the desk.

The electric motor allows you to raise, lower, and stop the desk height at your ideal height just by pressing the button, which makes things so convenient.

Most probably, this small motor is either of Brushed DC type or Brushless DC type and is expensive due to costly winding, magnet, armecher, and stator.

However, the standing desk converter and hand-crank standing desk don’t have this motor mechanism, but still, they’re expensive because of the adjustable facility.

Quality of Design Materials

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “you get what you pay for”. That’s never been more true when it comes to a standing desk. Standing desks are more expensive than sitting desks because they have built-in features like sturdy legs, high-quality materials, and the ability to be adjusted. Standing desks that are made from high-quality materials have a higher price tag because of the use of these materials. The sustainability of the desk legs has been increased by using high-quality materials.

A standing desk is typically more expensive than an adjustable desk because it requires a more durable material and a higher quality manufacturing process to be able to stand up while being used.

Design for Comfort and Ergonomic Functionality

Standing desks are more expensive than standard desk because they’re designed to provide ergonomic benefits. You can get a standing desk for about $300, but it’s not recommended that you use them at your regular office job. They offer better work environments and help you become healthy and productive throughout gaming and working at the desk. Standing desks also have the potential to give you healthier body, well-being, productivity, health during work hours or gaming.

standing desk for home office
standing desk for home office

Standing desks are expensive because they have ergonomic benefits. It is difficult to design a standing desk that has the same ergonomic benefits as an adjustable desk because of the variety in height. A standing desk with most features can cost up to $2000, but it is beneficial for computer gaming and has ergonomic benefits due to its height.

The Price of Tabletop Material

Generally, tabletops of standings desks are made of Laminated wood and Solid wood, which have their own pros, cons, and price range.

Laminated tabletops have low quality but still, they can cost you ⅓  of the desk price because of processing from various manufacturing steps. 

While the solid wood (natural wood) tabletops always have a higher price of ½ of the desk price due to their durability and natural aesthetic. 

Hence, if you’re planning to buy a standing desk with natural wood desktops, you’ll always be charged more than engineered wood.

Cost Of Desktop Material

Walnut is a popular choice for desktop material for many people. Bamboo is another popular choice. So are mahogany and ash wood surfaces.Real solid wood surfaces like these aren’t cheap by any means.

Sure, you can get laminate if you’d like to save on the cost, but it won’t feel like a real wood walnut surface will.

Here’s another problem with laminate desktop surfaces:

The wood used in making these desktops is almost always of either particle board or MDF wood.

Particle board is an engineered wood product created from wood chips and pressed into form when combined with a binding agent.

Low Competition

Although there are many companies that are competing in standing desk market, but it is still less than conventional desks. Less competition in the market means manufacturer can afford to sell their products at higher price as fewer companies are involved. This could be one of the reasons some high quality standing desks are so costly. But we are already seeing companies introducing much cheaper standing desks these days. As the competition gets tougher, we might see much lower prices to attract consumers.

Standing desks and conventional desks are both commonly used in the office. Standing desk is more expensive because there is less competition for it, so manufacturers can charge a higher price. For conventional desks, companies have to compete with other manufacturers so the cost of this product decreases over time. In addition, there are so many different styles of these desks, which makes the price range from $500 to $2000.

Electric Motor For Adjusting the Desk Height

One of the biggest expenses for sit-stand desks are expensive is the motor for adjusting the height of the desk.

The motor for your sit-stand desk is usually powered by electricity and easily moves your desk up and down.

You want to have a good motor here because you don’t want your desk motor burning out on you after just a year or two of usage.

And you need enough power in the desk to be able to lift reasonably heavy loads.

High quality desks routinely are able to lift 250 lbs (~113 kg) and you should look to that as a minimum load your desk should be able to lift.

Your adjustable standing desk needs to be able to lift:

  • Your monitor or monitors
  • Your peripherals like your keyboard
  • Your computer
  • Your desk speakers
  • Any books or reference materials you have on your desk

Those numbers add up fast. And you want a strong motor to be able to lift those things. You don’t want to be approaching the maximum lifting capacity with your adjustable desk – that just means that you’re putting a lot of strain on your motor!

Sudden Surge Of Demand

Standing desks are space efficient furniture that have been growing in demand due to their benefits for productivity. The reason is not because it’s a revolutionary piece of technology, but more about the increasing demands. Demand increases the price, which is usually a result of people trying to sell them as a luxury item.

There Are A Number Of Quality Checks Involved

There are a number of quality checks involved in the making of an adjustable desk. There is a need for many precise measurements and specifications, including compatibility with various sizes and shapes that might be used with the desk. The materials used for the adjustable desks must be of a high quality and there is also an extensive selection process that can involve testing by engineers, architects or designers. You can navigate to this website

Adjustable desks are expensive. They have to be built with the best materials, and then they have to go through a lot of tests before anyone can use them.

From manufacturing from scratch to building the final physical product, the standing desk goes through several quality checks.

These checks involve testing the electric motor, desk stability (wobble), durability (material quality), and strength (load capacity).

These quality checks take time and effort and based on these tests, the warranty of the standing desk is defined.

This makes sure you get the best quality standing desk but it also increases the desk price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Standing Desk

A standing desk can provide you several benefits from improving your overall health and mood for work productivity, lowering back, neck & shoulder strain for better body posture, allowing you a better work environment and helping you become well-being.

You will get standing desks at a wide range of prices with different features, but how much you should spend depends on what you’re looking for in one of them.

A budget-friendly standing desk can cost you anywhere from $130 to $200, whereas, for a great value for money standing desk, you’ll have to spend around $300 to $500 and over.

A standing desk can definitely be a worthy investment especially if you want to do some exercise while working without leaving the desk. They can help improve your health and increase productivity by providing you with a comfortable work environment.

There is no straight answer to this whether you should work sitting or standing. But it can be very beneficial from a healthy and productive perspective if you change your sitting position from sit to stand and vice versa every alternate hour.

It’s kind of like your mattress – you spend up to one-third of your life sleeping on your mattress, so spending some extra cash on getting a good one makes sense.

Same thing goes for your desk.You spend hours every day behind your desk, getting a good one just makes good sense.

The 2 Most Expensive Pieces Of A Standing Desk

Breaking down the price of a standing desk, we start to understand what truly makes them as expensive as today.

The motors

Standing desk motors are typically made in China. This, however, doesn’t mean they are cheap. You can expect to pay up to 1/4 of the standing desk price for its motor alone. Since it has to be smooth and lift large weights, this motor has to be good. Plenty of entry-level cheap standing desks are made with low-quality motors.

The tabletop

You can expect to pay up to ½ of the price of your standing desk for the tabletop alone. Most standing desks come with laminated wood tabletops, which still cost at least $200 and up to $800. If you want natural solid wood as your tabletop, you can expect to pay at least $500 for an entry-level option, similar to those sold by Ikea.

standing desk workplace
standing desk workplace

What Is The Difference Between Expensive And Cheap Standing Desks?

The main difference between cheap and expensive standing desks is the tabletop. Hardwood tabletops are more expensive than laminated wood, MDF, and other engineered wood alternatives. All types of natural wood are harder to source and considerably more expensive.

Wobble is another key difference between these 2 standing desks. Almost all standing desks wobble to a certain extent. Cheap standing desks wobble more than expensive standing desks. The maximum wobble point can be seen when the desk is raised to its highest point. Click this site.

Can Standing Desks Become Less Expensive In The Future?

It’s believed the standing desk industry doesn’t have enough competition. Most standing desks brands are offering expensive products clients hope will drop in price as more brands come to light.

Are Adjustable Desks Worth It?

Adjustable desks may be a good investment for individuals who spend long hours working at a computer. These desks have the capability to optimize your workstation by adjusting from sitting to standing positions, which may help you avoid the negative effects of prolonged sitting. In addition, adjustable desks can accommodate for different heights and sizes as opposed to a standard desk that may not fit your needs.

A downside of these desks is that they can be costly and may not provide enough benefits to justify the expense. In addition, some people find them distracting or uncomfortable.

Is An Expensive Standing Desk Worth It?

Yes! Expensive standing desks are worth it because they can help you be more productive and healthier. They also allow for quick, easy transitions between sitting or standing positions, which reduces the risk of back pain.

Final Thoughts

As height adjustable standing desks can be adjusted to different heights, the mechanism involved to do it will definitely impact the cost, making it much costlier than conventional desks. But there are many affordable options available as well, such as standing desk converters. Some adjustable standing desks that are manually adjusted can also be cost-effective.

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