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    One word. Melbourne. The world’s most liveable city needs no introduction. So we’re going to skip the lengthy intro and jump straight into why you need to drop everything you’re doing right now and book yourself on the next plane to Melbourne.

    Ranked the world’s most livable city six years in a row and regarded as the “cultural and sporting capital” of Australia, Melbourne is as diverse as its multicultural heritage. The city hosts numerous international festivals and the most prestigious sporting events in the country, and our baristas brew the best cups of coffee you’ve ever tasted. If that isn't enough to book your flight to Melbourne, here is a whole list of reasons why you should visit the city at least once.

    You will easily get around

    The transport options in Melbourne are pretty ace. Tram, train, bus, Uber – you name it. The trams really add to Melbourne’s persona and are more frequent than you’d expect. 

    Just make sure you purchase a Myki Card and add credit to touch on and off for your journey. Its so easy to get around in this Australian city.

    You can explore distinctive suburbs 

    Fitzroy, Brunswick, St Kilda, South Yarra – where do we start? From hipster hangouts to beachside bars, Melbs mixes it up outside of the city, too. Fitzroy has a feel of a suburb in London, really ready and raw – whilst South Yarra freshens things with its fitness fanatics and location by the Yarra River. 

    The best way to see these is to walk, walk and walk. Melbourne is a city you need to connect to by showing her some time and love, and the suburbs are a perfect way to see things as a local.

    They are sports mad


    Melbourne is the cultural cat of Australia, but it’s also the capital of sports. Take a look at the stadiums like the MCG or the Etihad, world-class venues for the best events. AFL is the main sport here, a game that is a cross between soccer and rugby but with an addictive flow to its game. European football teams visit annually during the winter months, whilst the Australian Tennis Open and the Formula One tournaments are annual events!

    If there were a new place that gets everyone from all corners of the globe together, it would be hard to think Melbourne is not it. A place where every culture is respected and the term each to their own is very much a way of life here. What’s exciting about Melbourne is that so many people have many different stories, and so many people are open to experiencing new things. Whether someone is living in Melbs or travelling through, everyone has something cool going on.

    The Culture & Lifestyle

    Melbourne is a multi-cultural and cosmopolitan city. 

    There are influences here from all over the world, from Asia to Italy, Greece, the Middle East, Russia and Poland, the list goes on – making it a diverse and exciting place. 

    The city has such a cool vibe about it, without being too pretentious, and you won’t be able to get over how unique each area is – from the cool CBD to hipster-centric Brunswick, to trendy South Yarra, to sunny St Kilda. With a fantastic mix of city, parks and beach, Melbourne has something for everyone.

    When you get to Melbourne, you will soon realise there is no shortage of theatres, art galleries, museums, and live music venues scattered all around Melbourne

    You won’t be bored, because there is always something going on in Melbourne; we have a festival to celebrate everything! We love our fashion, art, music, food, film, kid’s events and multicultural festivals! The majority of our festivals are free.

    The Events

    There is always something happening in Melbourne. Whether it’s some kind of sporting event, such as the Australian Open Tennis (which anyone can buy a ticket to, it’s not ‘exclusive’ like Wimbledon!), the luxurious Melbourne Cup or the Formula One Grand Prix; or food events, such as the Night Noodle Markets or the Food & Wine Festival; incredible exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria (I went to the House of Dior exhibition when I was back home last); 

    First-class musicals, concerts and music festivals; and two fashion weeks, VAMFF and Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. You’ll never be bored in Melbourne, there’s always something to do.

    The Individuality

    Melbournians, and Australians in general, love individuality. Chain stores, brands and restaurants aren’t much of a big thing, as we tend to embrace and prefer unique and local companies instead. 

    This is a stark contrast to the UK – chains are huge over here, and individuality can be hard to come by. Melbourne has so many independent cafes, bars, restaurants and fashion, lifestyle and design brands, the list goes on. You will love it.

    The Food & The Coffee

    When people ask me what the best things about Melbourne are, I always say ‘the food and the coffee’. Melbourne is home to the best restaurants in Australia, and I genuinely believe some are the best in the world. It is a foodie lover’s paradise. From quirky brunch spots where you’ll find the most indulgent berry, pistachio and hot mascarpone cakes under the sun to the authentic and intimate local wine bars hidden in alleyways and decor-goals restaurants which serve the most mouthwatering and unique dishes you’ll ever taste – Melbourne’s food scene is on fire.

    Then there’s the coffee. I tell everyone, you haven’t tasted proper coffee until you’ve tasted Melbourne coffee. You know I’m a huge coffee snob, but so is the rest of Melbourne. Melbournians wouldn’t go near a Starbucks, we just wouldn’t do it… as snobby as that sounds! We like our coffee from individual cafes – when you get to Melbourne, you will totally ‘get it’.

    Seasons to Suit Everyone in one day

    Melbourne is renowned for its four seasons during the year; summer, autumn, winter and spring. Well, get ready, because you will be experiencing all seasons throughout one day! Our famous weather needs to be experienced to be believed. So, whether you enjoy the hot, cold, or in between, there will always be activities available for you and your family to do to get the best out of Melbourne.

    During the summer, you won’t be doing much of anything besides going to Melbourne’s scenic and well-known beaches. Around the South-East of Melbourne, you will find beaches in every suburb! Make sure to bring a jumper, you never know with Melbourne, but it might go cold at one point in the day!

    Due to our weather, you might think we have no snow. That is incorrect, just 2-4 hours away from Melbourne CBD, there are various areas for you to snowboard, ski and enjoy the snow! Take your pick to Mt. Buller, Mt Baw Baw, there’s so many to choose from.

    Public Transport Joys

    When you get to Melbourne, you will soon realise how convenient it is to travel to your destination via public transport. Save money and forget Uber for this holiday and use Melbourne Trams, as they are accessible within the CBD. Our trams are historical, and Melbourne is the only city in Australia that still runs trams around the town’s heart. Trust me when we say there is transport to everything!

    Melbourne is the Sports Capital of Australia

    Sports fanatic? So are we! Melbourne will always have a sporting event and/or celebration on during the weekend throughout the year. Depending on the month you travel, you will be able to witness at least one of our most amazing Melbourne sporting events. We love our sporting events so much; we make them into public holidays!  Don’t you just want to live here forever?

    Values History & Architecture

    Here in Melbourne, we value our history, every building and statue has its own meaningful story. Melbourne is home to old and new buildings, so take a walk through history and learn everything there is to know about Melbourne within the CBD. As you know now, transport within the CBD is free, so make a day out of it and visit the historical sights we cherish deeply.

    Nature & Gardens

    Melbourne is home to many beautiful gardens, bike paths and walking paths. We cherish nature and look after our gardens. When you arrive in Melbourne, you will notice the never-ending colour of green. We gardens everywhere, perfect for a simple and relaxing day out.

    Appreciation of Art, Laneways & Markets

    Melbourne is well-known for graffiti art and laneways. We have a passion for everything that is art, where a group of secret artists come together to decorate our laneways. Therefore, the laneways are not a one-time visit! Also, we love our markets, where Queen Victoria Market, our most renowned market filled with stalls and food, resides. Definitely, a place you need to visit!

    Melbourne’s street art scene is one of the most vibrant and important in the world. Indeed, sprayed, stencilled alleys like the city centre’s Hosier Lane have become must-see sights, veritable galleries serving up an ever-changing feast of technicolour brilliance.

    While brilliant street art is easy enough to stumble upon, dig deeper on a Melbourne Street Art Tour. Best of all, the tour ends with beer, wine and conversation at the Blender Studios, one of Melbourne’s biggest and best street art studios.

    The original city-centre tour commences from Federation Square, while the Saturday-only tour of the Collingwood and Fitzroy neighbourhoods starts from 48 Easey Street in Collingwood.

    One of the main USP’s Melbourne has to its Australian city counterparts is that it really goes all out in its cultural sector, and none more than the vibrant laneways around town.

    Degraves Street and Centre Place – there are so many cafes, retro’s and tapas bars you won’t know which one to select! The king of laneways, though, has to be Hardware Lane. It’s a little less crowded and a little classier but a great place to eat out at night.

    Regent Theatre


    Regent Theatre When it was built in 1929, with the advent of the talkies, the Regent Theatre was considered one of the most lavish picture palaces in the world. Gutted by fire and then flooded, it was rebuilt in 1945 but fell into disrepair in the 1990s. After a two-year restoration, it reopened in 1996.

    regent-theatreRococo in style, it enthralls today's theatre-goers with its fairytale atmosphere. Blockbuster shows here have included Disney's The Lion King, Sunset Boulevard, Wicked, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and Andrew Lloyd Webber's Love Never Dies. As the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne is blessed with several heritage theatres: as well as the Regent, there are the Princess and Her Majesty's, both popular venues for musicals.

    Melbourne Museum

    Melbourne Museum Hailed as the southern hemisphere's largest and most innovative museum, the slick new Melbourne Museum contrasts significantly with the neighbouring, Victorian-era Royal Exhibition Building, which hosted the opening of Australia's first Federal Parliament in 1901.

    The museum's emphasis is on education and interaction, and it is home to an Aboriginal centre, Bunjilaka, dedicated to the history, culture and art of the indigenous people. There is also a room celebrating Phar Lap. This champion racehorse captured the heart of the nation during the Depression years with an incredible winning streak, including a Melbourne Cup.

    The Twelve Apostles

    The Twelve Apostles Pounding seas and erosion have created the rock formations known as the Twelve Apostles, a natural highlight of the Great Ocean Road. Considered one of the greatest drives in the world, the route starts in Torquay, 100km south-west of Melbourne, and follows the coast for 247km to Warrnambool.

    Thanks to its central location, Melbourne is the gateway to Victoria's abundant attractions. Drive for an hour or so, and you can be wine-tasting in the Yarra Valley, swimming off the Mornington Peninsula, being pampered in Australia's leading spa region around Daylesford and Hepburn Springs, or watching fairy penguins on Phillip Island.

    Shopping and Fashion

    No matter whether you’re chasing bargains or searching for high-end fashion boutiques, Melbourne CBD and the surrounding suburbs have got you covered no matter what you’re looking for or how much (or little) money you have to spend.

    Some stores are mega expensive, while others are dirt cheap. It just depends on where you’re shopping and what you’re after. Some key streets in Melbourne to indulge your shopping cravings are Chapel Street, Collins Street, The Emporium and the Bourke Street Mall.



    Melbourne is known for its vibrant yet hidden nightlife. It’s not known for its nightclub scene but has an exceptional bar culture. There are over 200 laneway or rooftop bars alone in Melbourne, meaning licensees have to constantly up their game to maximise their space and create another point of difference in a city with everything.

    When I say everything, I mean everything, you’ve got secret bars that are only accessed by walking through fridges or bookcases, Japanese Whisky Bars, inner-city brewery bars and cocktail bars that used to be hospitals. If you’re looking for a night out where every bar is a stark contrast to the last, you’re in the right City.

    Melbourne has some great happy hours, especially on Sundays. Jump off the train in Windsor and wander down Chapel Street for specials on everything from beers to vodka and espresso martinis.

    Along with all the fantastic choices for a day of retail therapy, Melbourne is also home to many fashion parades, including some illustrious ones that take place during the Spring Racing Carnival.

    Beautiful Landscapes

    Bask in the beauty of Melbourne. Melbourne is a beautiful city with many buildings, both old and new. The exterior of some iconic old buildings is maintained, like Flinders Street railway station. There are trams in the city, and there is a free tram zone, so you can definitely go to different places. Travelling to view each building can be exhausting, though, so why not just get a good vantage point?  The Eureka Skydeck offers a great view of the city’s buildings and layout from above.

    Relax and take a breather from the bustling urban life. Just a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Melbourne is the Wilsons Promontory National Park and the Great Ocean Road. Yet another good vantage point is the summit of Mount Oberon, with its beautiful views of the land and the sea.

    The Twelve Apostles, located at the shore of Port Campbell National Park by the Great Ocean Road, is one of Australia’s most popular tourist attractions. It is a collection of seven, not twelve, limestone stacks. There were only originally eight; the small rocks in front was once a tall stack before it collapsed due to erosion. The Twelve Apostles is the most iconic, but there are other places to visit along the Great Ocean Road, such as the Loch Ard Gorge and the Grotto.

    Diverse Wildlife

    Get familiar with the local fauna. Australia is teeming with wildlife. You’ll most likely encounter one as you travel around the area, from little penguins resting in St. Kilda Beach to friendly koalas roaming at night.

    Of course, if you want to see even more animals, why not go to the zoo? The Melbourne Zoo is the nearest, while Werribee Open Range Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary are also good places to visit. The zoo has many animal species, starting with this mob of meerkats that is a bundle of joy to watch.

    There are more reasons to travel to Melbourne, but these four reasons should be more than enough to consider the city for your next out-of-the-country escapade.

    The Economist Intelligence Unit's 2017 Global Liveability Index awarded Melbourne as the world's top city for seven years running. ... Our cohesive and stable society, healthcare, education and world-class infrastructure make Melbourne a magnificent city in which to live, work and study.

    Melbourne is famous for its culture, and the National Gallery of Victoria is the jewel in the crown. It's not only the oldest public art gallery in Australia, it's also the most visited. Here, you can admire more than 70,000 works of European, Asian, Oceanic, and American art in two city locations.

    The city is known for its many laneways, its cultural diversity, excellent dining options for all budgets, and amazing street art. It's also known for being the coffee capital of the world, and for being regularly voted as the world's most livable city!

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