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Your Next Vacation Should Be Melbourne. Why?

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    The city of Melbourne, Australia, should be at the top of your travel itinerary. Melbourne has something for everyone, with a wide variety of attractions, a vibrant nightlife, and stunning scenery. Are you ready to get started? Start organising your vacation right now!

    FAQs About Melbourne

    There are a few reasons why Melbourne is considered such a great place to live: there are multiple public transport options, relatively low crime rates, and plenty of jobs. Plus, it offers an awesome arts and culture scene, first-rate universities and easy lifestyle
    It's a multicultural city that is really inclusive. So, when you walk around Melbourne, whether it's in the suburbs or the city, it's a melting pot with different groups of people and cultures and backgrounds. It's welcoming to all cultures in all aspects whether it be food, theatre, bar, art, fashion, whatever it is.
    OVERALL RISK : LOW. When the criminal against tourists is considered, Melbourne is believed to be a very safe city. The overall rating is 80% which makes it a place where tourists can feel safe walking around.

    Our sandy stretches are home to world-class surfing, unique marine life, striking ocean pools and unbeatable beach culture. So, it's no wonder Australian beaches regularly rank among the best in the world. Surf, swim, snorkel, sun-worship – there are endless ways to enjoy Australia's beautiful beaches and islands.

    Melbourne is the perfect holiday destination to experience world-class dining, secret laneways and rooftop bars, theatres, amazing Australian wildlife, art galleries, streetscapes and museums.

    Wear a Piece of Melbourne Fashion at Alpha 60

    melbourne fashion at alpha 60

    Alpha60 is a Melbourne-based company known for its assortment of loose shapes and dark hues; these characteristics perfectly capture the city's desire for comfy but trendy apparel.

    Alex Cleary, one of the label's co-founders along with his sister Georgie, is a designer who claims "Because of the city's strict fashion regulations, we've also tried to dress sensibly [for the climate] in Melbourne. You want to blend in with Melbourne, right? Build it up."

    In no way you should miss Gorman, a label founded in Melbourne, is a great option if you want to break away from the all-black-everything trend. Melburnians have a propensity for the company's bold colours and obnoxious patterns.

    Australian fashion has taken notice of the brother-sister team of Georgie and Alex Cleary since their 2005 debut of Alpha60. The brand has gone a long way since its start, including partnerships with ASOS, Polaroid, and Sportsgirl as well as a solo exhibition at Australian Fashion Week.

    Alpha60 makes high-quality staples with a twist, and they claim to be "motivated by change and a protest against the current quo." They use traditional forms as inspiration for one-of-a-kind creations. Its products now include sunglasses, shoes, and purses; the Assembly shop in New York City now carries the label's footwear.

    The company is known for its classic, timeless designs, and its signature monochromatic pieces are a hallmark of this. There are four locations in Melbourne where you may buy the unusual. Retail outlets may be found in Flinders Lane, Armadale, and Prahran, in addition to one in Fitzroy.

    Rod Laver Arena

    Rod Laver Arena melbourne

    The first Rod Laver Arena at Melbourne Park was built in 1988 as part of the National Tennis Centre. In addition to serving as the main venue for tennis matches during the Australian Open, the stadium has also hosted worldwide rock performers and motorcycling super-cross competitions.

    By far the most dramatic makeover of Rod Laver Arena occurred in March 2007 for the FINA 2007 World Swimming Championships, when a temporary 50-meter pool was created on the arena's surface.

    The Rod Laver Arena, together with the Melbourne Cricket Ground, AAMI Park, and Hisense Arena, make up what is known as the Melbourne Sports Precinct. The arena can accommodate up to 15,000 people. The venue, which was once known as Centre Court at Melbourne Park (the park's original name), is now called as Rod Laver Arena in recognition of one of Australia's best tennis players.

    In January of 2000, Rod Laver Arena at Melbourne Park was formally renamed in honour of Rod Laver for his unparalleled success at the Australian Open.

    Try Touring Melbourne on a Helicopter Flight

    Helicopter Flight Over Melbourne

    Take a helicopter ride above Melbourne for 18-20 unforgettable minutes! From each seat in the house, guests can take in breathtaking panoramas of Eureka Tower, Docklands, Rod Laver Arena, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), the Exhibition Building, and finally, Eureka Tower and the MCG once again. Melbourne can't be seen much better than this! The flying time over the city may be maximised by meeting at our lounge and heliport at Essendon Airport.

    While enjoying this spot, you may also take note of the restrictions. Low passenger counts apply to all shared flights. In the case of group flights, departure will only occur if sufficient demand exists.

    When a passenger has less than 48 hours before their trip, they may still choose their chosen session time provided there are still spots available. Providers may need to reschedule flights to accommodate customers who are travelling together.

    Only when the weather is clear will flights take place. Wind, visibility, and precipitation are just a few of the elements that may ruin an otherwise pleasant and stress-free flight. When the weather prediction or weather circumstances do not allow for safe and pleasurable flying operations, the provider has the right to postpone flights at the pilot's discretion.

    See a Blockbuster Musical at the Regent Theatre

    Regent Theatre melbourne

    One of Melbourne's most opulent theatres, the Regent Theatre debuted in 1929 and embodies the dazzling imagination and escape of Hollywood. Big-name musicals including Wicked, The Lion King, The Wizard of Oz, and We Will Rock You have all played there in the past.

    While you're here, you might want to check out posing for a picture in front of the theater's flashing lights.

    The opulent Regent Theatre in Melbourne, Australia, initially opened its doors in 1929 as a picture palace celebrating the golden age of Hollywood fantasy and escape. The venue's lavishness has led to its inclusion on the National Trust of Australia's register and Victoria's Heritage Register.

    It's hard to think that the Regent Theatre was once on the verge of being demolished as visitors wander through the golden hallways and gaze up at the sumptuous red velvet curtains. The Regent was shuttered and most of its furniture was auctioned off after a fire in 1945 and the subsequent fall of opulent picture palaces.

    After narrowly avoiding becoming a parking lot, the Regent was refurbished and reopened for theatrical performances in 1996.

    Today, the Marriner Group oversees the operations of Regent Theatre, which has a capacity of 2,145 and has played home to some of the largest events to visit Melbourne (such as The Lion King and Wicked). A new round of renovations were completed on the theatre in 2019.

    Immigration Museum

    Immigration Museum melbourne

    Over the course of the past two centuries, emigrants have come to Australia from every continent. Visit the Immigrant Museum to hear their inspiring tales. Learn about the people who moved to Melbourne and their experiences getting here, settling in, and leaving their imprint on the city.

    Through exhibits of video, audio, memorabilia, and anecdotes, the museum imaginatively recreates the experience of migration. The end product is an emotional and thought-provoking story. The magnificent Customs House structure, which now houses the museum, formerly offered a view of the docked ships at the nearby Queen's Wharf.

    The majestic old Long Room, with its huge Ionic colonnades, is now the museum's principal room. At its core, the Immigration Museum in Australia is a museum dedicated to telling the narrative of the people who came to Australia from other parts of the world. The Old Customs House may be found on Flinders Street in Melbourne, Victoria. The museum does more than only preserve records of immigrants; it also has rotating exhibits and educational events.

    Yarra River Cruise

    Yarra River melbourne

    Like the idea of taking your loved ones and the kids to a location where everyone can have a good time? Do you want to take full use of the three-day weekend? An answer to these questions may be found on a cruise along Melbourne's gorgeous Yarra River.

    What makes it special? River cruises have the ability to add a touch of charm to every vacation. As seen from the ocean, Melbourne's scenery is breathtaking. One of the nicest parts about these trips is that you may combine different excursions to create a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

    You may take a tour of Melbourne's ports and docklands, or you can take a tour of the city's parks, scenic areas, and sports venues.

    Brighton Beach

    Brighton Beach melbourne

    The brightly coloured bath houses dotting the sands of Brighton Beach are the first thing that visitors see. Each of the few forms of lodging in this area consists of a brightly coloured bathroom box of the same dimensions as the others. The warm beams of the sun, the soft yellow sand, and the clear turquoise sea all combine to create a serene environment. The beach may become busy throughout the summer, but it's never too crowded to enjoy yourself. This beach is famous for its particular feature. It's also quite accessible, so it's great for visitors.

    Relaxing Floatation Tank Session

    These cutting-edge float tanks are designed to let you unwind in peace by isolating you from all outside stimuli, whether they auditory, kinesthetic, or visual. Let your body and mind unwind in an Epsom salt bath for 60 minutes, during which time your aches and pains will be soothed and you can focus on doing nothing but resting.

    Let yourself drift into a deep state of peace. The purpose of a flotation tank is to allow the user to experience a profound state of relaxation by isolating them from all environmental stimuli, including but not limited to, noise, light, temperature, stress, and gravity. There won't even be a difference in temperature between the water and air to disrupt your concentration! You may float effortlessly on the water's surface thanks to the Epsom salt solution, which also eliminates your awareness of gravity.

    Go for a bar crawl on Chapel Street

    melbourne visit 02

    For those who remember when Chapel Street was the place to go for miniskirts, false tans, hair extensions, and binge drinking, you'll be happy to know that all of that has changed.

    Whether you enter from Windsor or South Yarra, you will find a plethora of fantastic watering holes to sample.

    There's Leonard's House of Love you might want to check out, which is like a hip house party at a ski resort from 1983; Boston Sub's Jungle Boy, which is the secret bar that all other hidden bars aim to be like; and Lucky Coq, which is still serving $5 pizzas and is hard to miss.

    While it was formerly synonymous with miniskirts, false tans, hair extensions, and heavy drinking, Chapel Street is now home to a plethora of fascinating restaurants and pubs. Our pub crawl will begin in Windsor and make its way all the way to South Yarra.

    If you're just getting started on your citywide pub crawl, be sure to consult our recommendations to the Central Business District and the trendy North Side. Is there anything you can feed me at 3 in the morning? Discover the nearest restaurants open late.

    Toorak Road

    pexels lisa 3704179

    This is one of Melbourne's high-end flea markets, so bring some extra cash if you plan on doing any serious shopping.

    Toorak is one of Melbourne's ritziest neighbourhoods, with everything from large palatial homes and fancy boutiques to high-end restaurants and art galleries. This market is a far cry from the other crowded Melbourne street markets. Many visitors merely come to look around, since eating at any of the restaurants would cost an exorbitant amount of money.


    With a diverse range of activities, a thriving nightlife, and breathtaking scenery, Melbourne truly does have something for everyone. Monochromatic pieces are a characteristic of Alpha60's traditional, timelessly elegant designs. If you want to stray from the all-black-everything trend, Gorman is a wonderful choice. The Melbourne Sports Precinct includes the Rod Laver Arena, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, AAMI Park, and the Hisense Arena. It's impossible not to be mesmerised by stunning views of Docklands, Eureka Tower, and the MCG from any seat in the house.

    The Australian Immigration Museum tells the story of immigrants who came to Australia from all over the world. With its massive Ionic colonnades, the grand old Long Room has been transformed into one of the museum's most important spaces. Located on Flinders Street in Melbourne's Victoria, the Yarra River Cruise may be located. The view of Melbourne from the water is spectacular. Float tanks are designed to allow you to relax in the privacy of your own home.

    Miniskirts, fake tans, and hair extensions may all be found on Chapel Street. Visit the city's many parks, picturesque locations, and sporting venues on a sightseeing tour of Melbourne. Miniskirts, fake tans, and heavy drinking have been synonymous with Chapel Street in recent years. Leonard's House of Love, a fashionable ski resort party from 1983, is another option. It's hard to miss Lucky Coq, which is still selling $5 pizza. One of the most affluent areas of Melbourne is located along Toorak Road.

    Content Summary

    • It's hard to go to Australia and not include the city of Melbourne on your list of must-see destinations.
    • With a diverse range of activities, thriving nightlife, and breathtaking scenery, Melbourne truly does have something for everyone.
    • It's time to begin planning your vacation now!
    • At Alpha 60, you may wear a piece of Melbourne Fashion.
    • In keeping with the city's need for comfortable but fashionable clothing, Alpha60 is noted for its collection of loose shapes and dark colours.
    • In addition to Georgie Cleary, Alex Cleary is one of the label's co-founders along with Georgie. "Due to rigors fashion laws in Melbourne, we've also tried to dress appropriately for the weather.
    • You should not miss this opportunity in any manner. Gorman, a Melbourne-based label, is an excellent alternative to the all-black-everything craze.
    • The company's bright colours and outrageous patterns are popular in Melbourne.
    • Georgie and Alex Cleary's brother-sister combo Alpha60 has been a big hit in Australian fashion since its debut in 2005.
    • There have been a number of notable partnerships, notably with ASOS and Polaroid as well as a solo display at Australian Fashion Week since the business was founded.
    • This clothing company claims to be "inspired by change and a protest against the present quo" with its high-quality essentials.
    • They draw inspiration from classic forms to create one-of-a-kind designs.
    • New York City's Assembly shop now stocks the label's shoes and handbags; sunglasses are now available.
    • The monochrome pieces are a trademark of the company's traditional and timeless designs.
    • In Melbourne, there are four places where you can find the odd.
    • Built as part of the National Tennis Centre in 1988, Melbourne Park's first Rod Laver Arena opened its doors in 1989.
    • The Melbourne Sports Precinct includes the Rod Laver Arena, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, AAMI Park, and the Hisense Arena.
    • The arena can hold up to 15,000 spectators at a given time.
    • Melbourne Park's original Centre Court has been renamed the Rod Laver Arena in tribute to one of Australia's greatest tennis players.
    • Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne Park was officially renamed Rod Laver Arena in January of 2000 in honour of Rod's unmatched achievement at the Australian Open.
    • Try Taking a Helicopter Tour of Melbourne Take a breathtaking 18-20-minute helicopter trip above Melbourne!
    • Eureka Tower, Docklands, Rod Laver Arena, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), the Exhibition Building, and, eventually, Eureka Tower and the MCG can be seen from every seat in the house.
    • Meeting at Essendon Airport's lounge and heliport will allow for the most efficient use of flight time above the city of Melbourne.
    • All shared flights have low passenger counts.
    • If there is enough demand for a group flight to depart, it will.
    • Flights can only take off and land when the weather is good.
    • Providers have the right to postpone flights at the pilot's discretion when weather conditions or forecasts do not allow for safe and enjoyable flight operations.
    • Come to the Regent Theatre and see a Big-Name Musical!
    • The Regent Theatre, which was opened in 1929 and is one of Melbourne's most lavish venues, symbolises the golden age of Hollywood fantasy and escapism.
    • Musicals like Wicked and The Lion King have appeared there in the past, as well as The Wizard of Oz and We Will Rock You.
    • At its inception, Melbourne's sumptuous Regent Theatre was meant to celebrate the golden age of Hollywood fantasy and escape.
    • In recognition of the venue's opulence, the National Trust of Australia and the Victorian Heritage Register have included it on their respective lists.
    • After a fire in 1945 and the demise of extravagant picture palaces, the Regent was closed and the majority of its furnishings were sold at auction.
    • The Regent Theatre, which had been on the verge of being turned into a parking lot, was renovated and reopened for performances in 1996.
    • Regent Theatre, a 2,145-capacity venue in Melbourne's CBD, is now managed by the Marriner Group, which has hosted some of the city's biggest events (such as The Lion King and Wicked).
    • In 2019, the theatre underwent a new set of improvements.
    • Emigrants have migrated to Australia from every continent in the last two centuries.
    • You can learn about the lives of immigrants by visiting the Immigrant Museum.
    • Learn about the people who have made Melbourne their home and how they've shaped the city's landscape.
    • Australia's Immigration Museum tells the story of those who came from various parts of the world and settled in Australia.
    • Flinders Street in Melbourne, Victoria, is home to the Old Customs House.
    • Taking a river cruise is a great way to spice up any holiday.
    • The view of Melbourne from the water is spectacular.
    • Melbourne's ports and docklands can be explored on a tour or its parks, picturesque locations, and sporting stadiums can be visited.
    • Visitors to Brighton Beach are greeted with a sea of vividly coloured bath homes.
    • A special aspect of this beach has made it famous.
    • A Refreshing Experience in a Floatation Tank
    • For those who want to unwind in the privacy of their own float tank, these cutting-edge tanks are meant to isolate you from all other disturbances.
    • When you're in an Epsom salt bath for 60 minutes, your aches and pains will be alleviated and you'll be able to relax completely.
    • Allow yourself to be carried away by a deep sense of tranquilly.
    • This device is designed to provide a deep state of relaxation by isolating the user from all external stimuli, including noise, light, temperature, tension, and gravity.
    • On Chapel Street, take a bar crawl.
    • This is good news for any of you who remember the days when Chapel Street was a hotbed of miniskirt-clad, hair-extension-wearing teenagers.
    • Many hidden bars in the area are inspired by Boston Sub's Jungle Boy, which is the ultimate hidden bar. You should also check out Leonard's House of Love for a hip house party reminiscent of the 1980s.
    • Chapel Street, historically known for its miniskirts, fake tans, hair extensions, and excessive drinking, is now home to a diverse selection of restaurants and bars that cater to a wide range of tastes.
    • It begins in Windsor and ends in South Yarra, so we'll start there.
    • Check out our choices for the city's Central Business District and trendy North Side if you're just getting started on your pub tour.
    • Find late-night restaurants around you.
    • Make sure you have some additional cash on hand if you plan on doing any serious shopping at this market in Melbourne.
    • One of Melbourne's most affluent districts, Toorak has it all: grand mansions, upscale shopping, fine dining, and art galleries galore.
    • Compared to the bustling Melbourne street markets, this market is an oasis.
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