20+ Best Arborist, Tree Cutting, Lopping in Melbourne, Victoria [2023]

Did you know that professional arborists in Melbourne provide tree cutting and lopping services? If you have a tree on your property that is overgrown, or if you think it's time for a pruning, you should contact one of these professionals. Arborists have the experience and expertise to handle any tree trimming or removal job, so you can trust that the job will be done safely and correctly.

Furthermore, by hiring a professional, you can avoid any legal repercussions that may result from improperly felling or removing trees from your property. So, if you're thinking about hiring someone to help you with your trees, take a look at the list below.

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    Ultimate List of Arborist, Tree Cutting, Lopping in Melbourne, Victoria

    Harry’s Yard - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    harry's yard

    0475 217 658

    Melbourne Arborist With Over 20,000 Happy Customers

    Trusted in Melbourne for over 20 years, we’ve completed over 20,000 tree lopping, pruning, wood chipping, mulching, palm removing & stump grinding jobs over the years. We’ve seen it all and done it all.

    If you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable arborist service in Melbourne, you’re in the right place!

    • Tree Surgery & Removal
    • Stump Removal & Grinding
    • Tree Pruning & Lopping
    • Mulching & Chipping

    Harry’s Yard

    A family-owned business with over 20 years of experience doing all kinds of work, from tree removal to garden maintenance.

    We are proud to offer a range of tree maintenance and removal services, including the following:

    • Arborist Services
    • Tree Felling
    • Garden Maintenance

    We are Fully Insured for all our work and ensure the highest standards, especially in the crucial clean-up phase.

    Tree Removal Melbourne - Arborist & Tree Lopper Melbourne

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    (03) 8595 5475

    Tree Removal Melbourne provides the most affordable tree removal and trimming services in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. We assist homeowners in saving time and money while upholding the highest standards of quality in our services and ethics. Have you been a victim of dangerous or emergency tree removals? We have cranes, large lift trucks, and all necessary equipment, as well as highly skilled tree climbers and an unrivaled ground crew. Please contact us. We've been called in to save the day.

    We take pride in being Melbourne's most trustworthy and cost-effective tree service provider. With our team of licensed, insured, and certified arborists, we specialize in all of your tree care needs, including tree trimming and cutting, stump & tree removal, stump grinding, tree pruning, and more. There is no job too big or too small for our crew, and our track record speaks for itself.

    Why should you hire Melbourne Tree Removal Guys?

    Apart from the fact that we can climb trees like Spiderman and believe we should play Peter Parker. Here are just a few of the many reasons why our company is so fantastic!!

    Affordable Pricing:Unlike some of our competitors, we did not build our reputation by overcharging customers and underquoting them. We've done so by treating our customers with the same dignity as we do our employees, and we will never take advantage of you. We go over everything in great detail because we understand that not everyone grew up working with or around trees, and we won't leave you wondering where your hard-earned money went.

    Experience & Team:We guarantee that no job is too big or too small for us to handle because we have over 25 years of combined industry experience. We've been working with the same group of guys for years and have become like a small family. There is no other tree service with a more dependable and friendly crew that works well together to save you time and money.

    Your Time is Priceless:There is no other way to put it than that if you give us a chance, we will not waste your time or money. We will never take more time than is absolutely necessary to complete a job, whether it is an emergency tree removal or tree doctor and surgeon work.

    We Genuinely Care:When people visit your home or business, the work we do is the first thing they notice, and we make it stand out. We only use the best equipment available when working with one of nature's most valuable and beautiful natural resources to ensure the safety of both our trees and yours. We always have the most recent equipment, including tree trimmers, pruners, and cutters, as well as stump grinders.

    What Makes Us Unique

    I know I've said it before, but I don't think I can overstate how important it is for us to work with the most trustworthy and sincere people in the industry; that is a guarantee. We almost all grew up in and around Melbourne, so we are extremely proud of the work we do for our community and the city we call home. We value not only our crew's safety but also yours, and we take every precaution possible, regardless of the size of the job. The original owners still run the company, and they have over 30 years of experience in the industry, learning from their mistakes and becoming masters at what they do.

    They oversee the extensive training that each member of our team has received to ensure that all of your tree care needs are met. Over the last few years, we have quickly become one of the fastest growing tree service companies in the area, and we recognize that we must uphold our reputation if we are to continue our success. We wouldn't be here without you, so thank you for allowing us to do what we love, and we hope to be here for many more years.

    Jim’s Trees - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

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    Tree Removal Services in Melbourne, including Professional Tree Pruning and Care

    Tree removal services ensure the safety of your home and the community in which it is located by locating and removing trees that have become hazardous or obstructive. When it comes to cutting down trees and other vegetation, our loppers are unrivaled.

    Our Melbourne tree removal crews have the necessary education, experience, and tools to provide a full range of professional arborist services. If you need tree care right away, you should avoid wasting time and money on other removal services. Our team can not only cut down the tree for you, but they can also help you locate any other potentially dangerous trees in the area, all in an effort to keep your home safe.

    In our opinion, the felling of trees does not represent the completion of a project. Instead, we provide comprehensive tree removal services that include everything from tree stump removal to wood-chipping, green waste disposal, and thorough cleanup after the job is completed.

    Experience, Quality, and Safety are Priorities

    Our Melbourne crews have worked extremely hard to earn the reputation as the most dependable tree service teams in the city. They have accomplished this by placing a premium on providing safe and high-quality service above all else. It is always our top priority to ensure our customers' happiness and satisfaction. As a result, we never take shortcuts. Every one of our Melbourne franchises is owned and operated by members of the local community. They live in your area and have expressed an interest in working with you to protect and improve the natural environment there.

    Because we have spent many years providing high-quality tree services to our customers and ensuring their complete satisfaction, our teams have the experience necessary to take on any challenge, no matter how big or small. Our loppers have access to the most advanced training and equipment in the industry. This means that there is no better option for tree maintenance, tree removal, or professional arborist assistance.

    Tree Services We Offer in Melbourne

    Our professional Loppers provide the following services: Tree climbing competitions in Australia

    Pro Arborist Reports Tree Removal Stump Removal Palm Tree Cleaning & Removal Tree Lopping Tree Pruning Canopy Shaping Wood chipping Cleanup & Green Waste Disposal
    Professional Arborists Tree Surgeons Tree Removal at a Low Cost

    Melbourne Arborist

    Tree removalists include loppers, arborists, and tree fellers. For Melbourne tree removal, it is critical to hire someone who is qualified and experienced. To remove trees, hire a professional arborist. Arborists are trained to work with trees in a safe and sustainable manner. This includes minimizing harm to you, your home, our crews, and the environment.

    Arborists are considered the industry standard. An arborist examines the tree and its surroundings to determine the most secure and long-term removal strategy. Tree removal can cause damage to roads, sidewalks, fences, and walls. Select an experienced, qualified arborist with a strong team and the necessary equipment. Our tree removal teams in Melbourne are ready. They have the most advanced technology. They are instructed on how to use the equipment safely and effectively.

    Melbourne Stump Removal

    If you leave the stump to rot, its roots will continue to drain water and nutrients from your garden. The root system of a tree can continue to grow and thrive even after the tree has been removed. Unremoved tree stumps can cause problems for homeowners. Cracked pavement, walls, uprooted soil, and tripping hazards are all common sources of discomfort. A stump can obstruct land development and home improvements.

    Our Melbourne tree removal specialists can assist with stump removal. To avoid future problems, our teams can use a stump grinder to remove the tree stump after the tree has been cut down. Tree stumps can be ground down using a stump grinder with a tungsten-toothed blade. The root system will die once the team breaks down the stump and removes it. Water and nutrients can now reach the rest of your garden. Melbourne crews are experts at stump removal. Please let our team know if you want stump removal included so that they can bring the necessary equipment and complete the job quickly.


    Trees are more than just a beautiful sight; they are the planet's lungs. Maintaining healthy trees in Melbourne contributes to the preservation of a thriving ecosystem for you, your neighbors, and wildlife. Having your tree evaluated by an arborist on a regular basis benefits both the community and you. Tree trimming lowers the likelihood of falling branches and tree failure during a storm. Healthy trees can nourish your garden, provide shade for your home, and increase the value of your property.

    To develop a pruning schedule, we recommend consulting with an arborist. Proactive and consistent tree care keeps trees healthy, safe, and beautiful. Pruning has numerous advantages. Pruning on a regular basis saves money, time, and stress.

    Tree trimming is both less expensive and more environmentally friendly than tree removal. You can extend the life of your trees and reduce the likelihood of having to remove them by pruning them. Leaf loss can be reduced by trimming excess foliage. Excessive leaf litter covers your garden and prevents sunlight from reaching your plants. They can also get into drains, gutters, and pipes and cause costly damage.

    FAQs About Arborist, Tree Cutting, Lopping

    The work of an arborist can involve small-to-normal trees as well as large and extremely complex trees. In addition, arborists might be in charge of different ecological communities and their abiotic components, two terms that you will often hear if you speak to or research about arborists.

    An ecological community is self-explanatory. It is an ecosystem with plant, animal, and bacterial communities.

    Abiotic components are non-living physical and chemical components that affect living things and their functioning ecosystems. This could be sunlight, weather, fertiliser, temperature, humidity, or radiation.

    An example of this in action could be an arborist in charge of managing the health and safety of a park with a lot of woody plant life. They will make sure that the park is suitable for the property owners, healthy and safe, and up to community standards.

    An Arborist Could Be Responsible For:

    • Planting
    • Pruning
    • Creating Structural Support
    • Preventing Parasites
    • Removing Hazardous Vegetation
    • Lightning Protection

    Helps in tree health

    Overgrown or excess branches can limit the health of a tree. Removing these excess branches helps air circulation, which keeps the tree fresh and healthy. Infected and dead branches hinder new growth and spread the infection to other branches. Removing these unwanted branches helps reduce the risk of a tree dying by keeping it in good health.

    Provide safety

    Tree lopping helps improve safety by removing dead branches, posing a great risk to life and property. Low hanging branches can cause an accident to humans or even damage property if not well-trimmed. Therefore, it’s important always to trim your trees to maintain safety around your environment. This will protect your family and property from falling branches and dangerous animals that hide in thick trees.

    Promotes growth

    After a while, some branches wear out and die. Diseases can also infect some parts of the tree, or branches can take an event break. To stop dead branches from falling and disease spreading, it is important to trim your trees regularly. Doing this, you help eliminate all the threats that may hinder growth. For new growth to be effective, the worn-out parts should be removed.

    Improves appearance

    Unmaintained trees with hanging and overgrown branches make the environment look untidy. Lopping gives your trees a more appealing look. Having trimmed trees in your compound will beautify your surroundings and increase your property’s value.

    Increase sunlight

    Tree lopping is important in reducing the thickening of branches. Having trees around your home or garden with thick branches will reduce the entry of sunlight. Pruning the branches will help more sunlight to penetrate through. This can also help you save on your electricity cost when you have enough lighting in your home.

    Improves visual access

    Overgrown tree branches can be a visual obstacle in your home or farm. Tree lopping helps remove hanging branches that block your way and view. A professional can help you trim your trees and maintain a limited view of your environment. However, it is advisable always to maintain an environment with good visual access for safety and security reasons.

    It’s a demanding skill job. 

    Tree management might seem a simple job, and you may have seen several DIY videos on YouTube. But in the real world, it is a highly skill-demanding profession. From knowledge of trees to the best practices in tree management, only a certified arborist can bring dozens of things to the job.

    They know the trees. 

    Different species of trees need to be cared for differently. Therefore, it is important for the person dealing with trees to understand their inherent characteristic, the kind of care they need, and how to prune them. Certified arborists have comprehensive knowledge in the science of tree care, their management, and maintenance. This separates them from individuals who picked up a chainsaw amidst job loss or other reasons.

    They carry the right equipment. 

    As with any modern job, tree management also requires several types of equipment that go beyond the chainsaw, as you’d imagine. From cable hoists to tree cranes and tree climbing gear to safety gear, a certified arborist near you brings the right equipment to the job, improving the quality of work and reducing the chances of accidents.

    • Qualifications – An arborist with a minimum of Certificate III in arboriculture (level 3 arborist) is going to be your best bet to getting a quality job done. Anything less, and you will have a practising arborist.
    • Experience – The first thing you should do when investigating arborists to hire is seen how long they have been in business. You should check this by looking up their business name in the small business register online and seeing when they were registered. You need a company with a bare minimum of 3 – 4 years of experience.
    • Insurance – Pruning, tree removal is risky, and accidents happen even when you have hired the most experienced and qualified professionals. You need to verify that the company carries public liability insurance. The best companies carry insurance, but you still need to ask for proof of the same while hiring one.
    • Knowledge – An arborist who knows their stuff loves to show their skills and depth of knowledge to customers. It’s pretty easy to tell know good an arborist is by the information they can give you on your tree and exactly what needs to be done and why.
    • Attire – If you get a guy that turns up in an old banged-up Ute and looks like he hasn’t showered in a couple of days, I will give him a miss. If he doesn’t care too much about his appearance, he will not put too much effort into cleaning up after they have done it. He’s probably a bit of grub, so move on.

    Depending on your market, a mature tree can account for as much as 10% of your assessed property value, but sometimes a valuable tree uproots. It may seem like these things happen without warning, but your trees often tell you when there is a problem.

    If you think your trees are changing or see any of the major warning signs above, they could be “hazard trees” — trees likely to fall and destroy what’s near them — like your house.

    This is a good time to call a certified arborist.

    An arborist can help save your tree or tell you if it’s beyond help. For example, bacteria or bugs could be harming your tree, and an arborist’s inspection can diagnose which disease, trauma, or fungus is the culprit. An arborist also can determine if your tree is decaying internally, something that may not yet be obvious.

    Arborists can either fix the problem or calculate the risk of the tree falling and the likely objects it could damage. That calculation will help you decide if it’s worth spending money to keep the tree alive and upright, remove the tree, or just let nature take its course and topple the tree at will.

    The Tree Fairy - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

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    The Tree Fairy is a group of arborists who are all well-trained and experienced in their respective fields. We are a family-owned business that serves both residential and commercial clients, and we are committed to providing excellent service and caring for your yard's trees.

    The Tree Fairy is much more than just a business. We are a small family. We approach our work with genuine enthusiasm, both in the office and on the job, where we work as a team and hold ourselves to rigorously high standards. We have a high regard for our clients and the property they entrust to us, and as a result, we are eternally grateful and humbled to be given the opportunity to complete your work.

    Because our workers come from all over the world and share a wealth of experience, you can rest assured that your tree work is in the hands of the industry's most qualified professionals. Despite the fact that we do all aspects of tree work, our crew specializes in the treatment and removal of hazardous trees that are large, dead, or otherwise problematic. This necessitates a higher level of expertise.

    Our guiding principles and the underlying passion that drives us set us apart from the competition. We want our work to please both the team and the client.

    We adore trees and are dedicated to their preservation. However, they may have to be removed in order to make room for expansion, improve health and safety, or both. We make it a point to give back to the community by organizing and sponsoring planting days throughout the year, as well as actively participating in conservation programs throughout Victoria. We have a healthy respect for mother nature and all she has given us.

    We place a high value on security, and you can be confident that no stone will be left unturned in the process of keeping your valuables safe (quite literally!).

    We are more than happy to consult with you throughout the process to ensure that you get the results you desire.

    Where Can We Be of Assistance to You?

    Tree felling, arborist reports, crown reduction, crown thinning, crown lifting, pruning, branch removal, deadwood removal, cable bracing, hedge trimming, formative pruning, fruit tree management, tree planting, mulching and mulch sales, log splitting are some of the services offered by Tree Experts. Arborist reports, tree felling, crown reduction, crown thinning, crown lifting, pruning, branch removal, deadwood removal, cable bracing, hedge trimming, formative pruning

    Treelife - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

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    0404 348 824

    Exceptional Customer Service

    Troy Porter founded Treelife in 2004. We aim to provide excellent service, high-quality work, and low prices.

    High Expectations

    Treelife is one of Melbourne's leading arborists, offering a variety of services. Services include stump grinding, tree removal, tree lopping, arborist reports, pest and disease control, cutting, pruning, and plant health care. Our hands-on experience and training allow us to provide accurate advice at the best price.

    Our Skilled Team Is Currently Onsite

    Always have a qualified arborist on site who is up to date on the latest tree work techniques.

    Extremely Professional

    Our arborists are qualified and passionate about their work. From tree removal to light and enhancement pruning, disease and pest control, and tree canopy work, we're confident.

    Oh&s Certification, Fully Insured

    Treelife's $20 million public liability insurance policy ensures honest and reliable service. We can do arborist work on commercial and domestic sites with OH&S documentation.

    Who We Are

    Treelife, a small business, provides excellent tree services. Our team's passion and advanced approach help us meet our customers' needs and requirements.

    Treelife's founder Troy Porter is a highly-skilled and experienced arborist. Troy grew Treelife by bringing knowledge and training from across Australia.

    Our Services

    Treelife provides professional tree services in Melbourne. We offer a comprehensive range of tree care services. We can remove trees for construction projects or to improve your home's appearance. We're one of Melbourne's most reliable tree services thanks to our experience and expertise.

    Services for Tree Removal

    Treelife specializes in tree cutting to make tree maintenance easy.

    Surgeon for trees

    Treelife is a Melbourne-based company that offers a variety of tree services.

    Tree Pruning

    Treelife is a top Melbourne tree trimming company.

    Tree Lopping

    Treelife specializes in tree removal in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. Our experience gives us resources.

    Mulch is available for purchase in Ferntree Gully.

    All mulches shade the ground and house microorganisms. Mulching improves soil quality.

    Soil Management

    We're skilled at managing soil quality. We're knowledgeable.

    Tree Canopy Spraying

    Spraying a tree's canopy requires climbing and, in many cases, high-altitude chemicals. This work requires proper procedures.

    Elm Leaf Beetle Treatment

    Leaf (Xanthogaleruca luteola) Elm beetle is a pest. Beetles and larvae eat the emergent.

    Controlling Tree Diseases and Pests

    Pests and tree diseases abound. Knowing where to look can help you identify the type and cause.

    Trav’s Tree Services - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

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    1800 934 192

    What We Can Do

    Our qualified arborists are experienced in all tree services and solutions, from storm cleanup to site inspection.

    We look at your site holistically to determine preventative tree care. We remove branches that could block wires, brace trees that need it, and provide arborist reports.

    Our Arborist Services Include:

    • Arboriculture
    • Cable-bracing
    • Banding and possum guards
    • Arborists report
    • Decontamination
    • Wire clearance

    Why Should You Hire Trav's Tree Service?

    We're qualified and experienced in everything from tree planting to stump removal.

    You, your trees, and our employees deserve the best. We offer competitive prices and finish quickly. We're fully insured and have lots of public liability coverage, so our employees and your property are safe.

    We provide free onsite estimates when hired. We'll tell you which trees to watch for and offer tree care tips.

    Our Backstory

    Trav's Tree Service started in 2010. Two friends and a truck/chipper became a family of nine.

    We're certified arborists, tree climbers, and groundskeepers. Whatever our jobs, we all love trees.

    We serve Melbourne businesses and homes with tree services.


    Trees are important not only for producing oxygen, but also for maintaining healthy ecosystems. We adore trees and aren't afraid to show them off.

    First and foremost, there is safety.

    You can be confident that when we arrive at your location, we will be fully insured, with up to $20 million in public liability coverage. We follow the most stringent Occupational Health and Safety regulations.


    Trav's Trees does more than just remove and prune trees because he has a background in horticulture. We evaluate the overall health of your trees and make recommendations to help you make the most of them.


    We take great pride in offering warm, old-fashioned service. It's simple: we know trees, we like helping people, and we do a good job.

    Len McKeown Tree Services - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

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    1300 135 983

    Services for trees

    We are fully insured and follow all work safety regulations, so no job is too big or too small for us.

    At Len McKeown Tree Services, we are proud to be the industry leaders in providing comprehensive tree care services to clients throughout Melbourne and the Eastern Suburbs. With over 25 years of experience in arboriculture and tree care, Len and his team of highly trained tree removal Melbourne experts and arborists Melbourne have the expertise to handle all types of jobs, large and small.

    Guaranteed Excellent Service & Workmanship

    We not only offer comprehensive tree care in Melbourne, but we are also proud of what we do. At all times, we prioritize the safety of you, your home, and our employees. If you require tree removal, advice on a sick or potentially hazardous tree, or simply need some trees pruned, please contact us. Our staff would be delighted to help you.

    Arborist Reports from Melbourne's Certified Arborists

    It makes no difference whether it is a heritage site, a commercial site, an office, or another type of development site. Trees are lovely in any setting. While everyone appreciates the lush greenery and wide canopy, it is critical for security reasons to have these trees inspected on a regular basis. A pest-infested tree or one with weak roots can cause major problems. During a storm, tree branches may break off and fall on people and animals. To avoid this, tree assessment is required. If you're looking for such professionals, look no further than Len McKeown Tree Services. Our certified arborists can thoroughly inspect the trees and provide you with a detailed report. It will be used by these experts to determine whether to cut a portion of the tree or uproot the entire tree.

    What Is an Arborist Report and How Do I Get One?

    Arborist reports include documentation of the condition of a tree from qualified and experienced arborists. They detail damage and areas of concern, disease or pest threats, the likelihood of injury, and the overall health of the tree. Permission to plant a specific tree in a specific location is included in the arborist report. It also includes action recommendations for pest control, root issue treatment, site recommendation, and, if necessary, removal and pruning.

    An arborist report can assist you in understanding the condition of a tree, the source of a problem, and the steps necessary to correct it.

    Tree Services that are owned and operated by a family

    Len McKeown Tree Services is a family-owned and operated business in Melbourne with over 25 years of experience. The company is run by Len and his wife Glenda, as well as a team of qualified arborists and tree professionals. Glenda is in charge of job scheduling and all back-of-house administrative staff, while Len is in charge of all quoting and ensuring that all jobs are completed to the highest standard.

    What We Do Is Something We Are Extremely Passionate About.

    Len McKeown Tree Services grew out of Len's lifelong love of trees, nature, and the environment. It is now one of the leading providers of specialist arborist and tree maintenance services in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. With a focus on 100 percent customer satisfaction and environmental protection, Len McKeown Tree Services has built a strong, loyal customer base that includes residential, business, schools, and local government.

    Service that is trustworthy and dependable

    Because of Len McKeown's trustworthiness, dependability, meticulous safety standards, and caring nature toward trees, our customers continue to return and refer others. If you need tree service in Melbourne East, look no further than the experts at Len McKeown Tree Care Services.

    JF Arborist - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne



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    0421 141 808 

    JF Arborist is a small family-owned business known for our dedication to trees and gardens.

    We take pride in providing highly personalized service to our clients and treating their gardens as if they were our own.

    We focus on the finer details and overall appearance of your garden, and we work with you to create the ideal outdoor space for your home.

    We service the North East Suburbs (Ivanhoe, Eaglemont, Heidelberg, Templestowe, Balwyn, Camberwell, Surrey Hills) and surrounding areas.

    We are a two-man crew that specializes in small to medium-sized removals and pruning. Our staff is fully qualified, insured, and knowledgeable.

    Are you looking for an arborist to assist you with your tree care?

    Arborists who are both qualified and experienced

    JF Arborist & Tree Removal is a small family-owned business that takes pride in collaborating with you to create the outdoor environment you desire.

    We go above and beyond because we want you to be satisfied with the results of a healthy, well-kept garden.

    Always put safety first.

    We adhere to all Worksafe procedures and do not cut corners. All tree work is done in accordance with the rules and safety guidelines to ensure your and your family's safety.

    Outstanding Customer Service

    JF Arborist & Tree Services is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We promise to meet all of our clients' needs as soon as possible. This is reflected in our 5-star ratings on Google and Facebook.

    Insurance coverage of up to $10 million

    We have insurance in place to protect your property. We are fully insured for any property damage, including damage to the property of your neighbors. This ensures that we have considered every possibility.

    Jf Arborist's bio

    JF Arborist is committed to providing you with a highly personalized service to ensure that your trees are well cared for and maintained, or that tree removals are performed to make way for a new look or experience. We treat your trees and garden as if they were our own.

    In Melbourne's northern suburbs (Ivanhoe, Eaglemont, Heidelberg, Kew, Templestowe, Balwyn North), we do tree work such as pruning, removals, and hedging to create a beautiful landscape for your garden.

    JF Arborist provides you with peace of mind by ensuring that we take special care of your trees and will work with you to discuss your vision and create an environment that meets your requirements.

    Jefford Tree Services - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

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    0411 721 684

    Jefford Tree Services in Melbourne are qualified arborists who specialize in tree removal and pruning.

    Service and advice that is tailored to you.

    We offer tree removal, pruning, property line clearance, wire vegetation clearing, possum guarding, height reduction, canopy thinning, and canopy uplift.

    Jefford Tree Services provides a personalized service that includes care advice for your trees and garden. We can schedule a tree report today.

    Arborists who are qualified.

    Jefford Tree Services' qualified and experienced arborists ensure all work is done professionally, safely, and to high standards.

    We can trim/shape/reduce hedge height, grind stumps, remove/clean Palm trees, and chip/mulch branches. $150 for 5 cubic meters, $200 for 10 cubic meters.

    Guaranteed pride in service.

    Finding tree removalists or arborists can be difficult. Jefford Tree Removal and Tree Services guarantees a professional, high-quality job that meets all your tree-care and tree-removal needs. Jefford Tree Services guarantees professional tree care.

    Why Should You Hire Jefford Tree Removal, Pruning, and Arborist Services?

    Jefford Tree Removal welcomes you in Melbourne. We care for and remove trees.

    We're here when you need tree management help. Our friendly and professional team can prune, trim, or remove trees in your garden.

    Joel’s Tree Services - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

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    0409 051 768

    Joel's Tree Services is pleased to welcome you.

    Some of the services we offer include tree removal, tree pruning, tree lopping, stump removal, hedge trimming, mulching services and sales, land and block clearing, garden maintenance, tree health care, emergency storm damage, and insurance work. For your piece of mind, we are completely qualified and insured.

    Who Are We?

    Joel's Tree Services has qualified arborists committed to customer satisfaction. We value referrals. After a job, we want to be your family's and friends' go-to Tree Services company.

    Joel's Tree Services operates safely and provides a safe working environment for employees and the public.

    Joel's Tree Services is insured for $20 million. Inquire about insurance before hiring a tree service to protect yourself and your property. We require police and working with children checks for your peace of mind.

    Tree Culture - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

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    0412 303 914

    Josh Geyle (Certificate IV & V, Diploma, Arboriculture/Horticulture Melbourne Uni.) owns and operates Tree Culture in Melbourne and Inverloch. We're fully insured and prepared to handle any job while providing excellent customer service.

    Melbourne, Bass Coast Shire, and South Gippsland Shire have arborists and tree surgeons. Yarraville, Altona, Spotswood, Sunshine, Williamstown, Footscray, Inverloch, Wonthaggi, Phillip Island, Leongatha, and Foster.


    • Stump grinder removal.
      Tree reports.
      Trimming and cutting.
      Tree cutting.
      Firewood and mulch sales.
      Regular and one-time hedge cutting.
      Melbourne and Bass Coast school tree assessments.
      All others.
      Tree Culture's tree arborist is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide emergency tree services in the event of storms or high winds causing damage, such as a weakened branch or uprooted tree. We'll let you know about any work needed to prevent tree, building, and plant damage for your safety. We have the equipment and expertise to safely remove any size or location tree. Even non-climbing arborists are certified in EWP use.Always use qualified arborists to trim and prune trees and shrubs to avoid interfering with public works like power lines. An arborist can improve trees' appearance, health, and value. Tree removal and stump grinding can generate branches, trunks, leaves, and wood chips. We remove all by-products, leaving your site clean and tidy.

      Tree Culture provides tree services. Contact our friendly team to schedule a consultation with our arborist. Josh Geyle and Tree Culture can handle any job, big or small.

      Melbourne, Inverloch, Tree Culture

      Joshua Geyle owns Tree Culture. Josh has 15 years of tree service experience and can help with any issue.

      Tree Culture serves residential and commercial clients from Melbourne to Inverloch. Tree arborists use the latest equipment and skills to prune and trim trees, remove trees, trim hedges, and grind stumps. Our arborists can help you plant new trees and maintain healthy ones.

      From Melbourne to Inverloch, call Tree Culture. Josh is available 24/7 for emergency tree services.

    Arborcraft - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

    screenshot taken from on July 22



    Where Taking Care of Trees Is a Way of Life

    Arborcraft offers dependable services. We care for trees in Melbourne and Victoria's most beautiful gardens, including the Royal Botanic Gardens.

    We can help with tree removal, transplanting, pruning, trimming, soil management, pests and diseases, and more.

    Proper tree care is an investment. We're eager to help you.

    Tree removal

    Our skilled team can fell any large or difficult tree.

    Chainsaw tree felling requires planning, experience, and the right equipment. Arborcraft's team has experience felling coups across the state.

    We have the knowledge, skills, experience, and feeling support tools to fell trees safely and in the desired direction.

    We remove trees safely and professionally to prevent property damage.

    Removal of Tree Stump

    Do you have old tree stumps to remove?

    We can help you reclaim space, remove hazards, and improve your property's appearance.

    Our specialized stump grinding equipment and qualified staff can remove stumps in any situation, including raised garden beds.

    Arborcraft will remove your stump so you can use the space.

    Pest and Disease Control

    If you suspect your tree has pests or disease, consult our arborists.

    Pest- and disease-infested trees can quickly become a liability if left untreated.

    We can determine the source of the problem and offer long-term treatment and management options.

    Pruning for formative purposes

    Young trees are easier and cheaper to prune.

    When you establish a good primary branch structure in a young tree, it will need less corrective pruning as it matures.

    Early intervention promotes healthy trunk growth and removes structural flaws before they become more serious.

    Growing trees are pruned to "train" them.

    Shaping a tree's structure at a young age makes it more resilient to storms as it matures.

    In-depth tree reports help you manage your trees. Local councils need tree reports for development.

    Our reports are clear, accurate, and well-tailored to help you with trees and property plans.

    No job is too big or small for us, from homeowners to developers.

    Tree reports can help cut local red tape.

    Check all the boxes and contact us about your tree report now.

    Plans for Tree Management

    Arborcraft Tree Asset Management System manages large treescapes. Treescape owners and managers must understand their assets' condition and manageable risk. TAMS catalogs assets and provides information on their health, risks, and other arboricultural data.

    Significant treescape owners and managers owe a fiduciary duty of care to all visitors. They must take reasonable and practicable measures to ensure the treescape is free of unmanaged hazards and any existing hazards are monitored and managed to the lowest possible residual risk.

    This TAMS report explains how qualified arboricultural advice and prescribed works can reduce the residual risk of assessed assets. It also summarizes the accepted tree protection measures outlined in AS4970-2009 Protection of Trees on Development Sites.

    Why Choose an Arborist?

    Certified arborists are tree care experts.

    We're trained and equipped to provide safe and proper tree care to Australian standard "AS 4373-2007 Pruning of amenity trees."

    Using an arborist has many benefits:

    industry-leading standards
    Expertise, trustworthiness, quality, and safety
    tree insurance and compliance
    Tree care and education increase property value.

    Invest in tree care. Well-maintained trees are attractive and add property value.

    Neglected trees or quick fixes may be cheaper in the short term, but can cause long-term problems.

    Eucalyptus Tree Services - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

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    0402 328 322

    Melbourne's arborists

    Eucalyptus Tree Services is a Melbourne-based tree care company that serves Australia. Tree surgeon techniques learned locally, nationally, and internationally are used. Our Melbourne arborists provide safe and timely tree care.

    Available Arborist Services

    Eucalyptus Tree Services offers all aspects of tree maintenance, including:

    Remove unwanted trees and stumps.
    Tree surgery for shaping or removing branches, such as those near power lines.
    Insect, bird, possum, and weed pest control.
    Adding cabling and bracing for structural support.
    Arborist report and advice.
    Contract climbing safely.

    It's easy to choose Eucalyptus Tree Services as your Melbourne arborist. Our high-quality service meets all OSHA and Australian standards for working with amenity trees. Melbourne-based arborists who take pride in their work and high-quality service.

    Find a Tree Surgeon in Melbourne who can help you.

    Eucalyptus Tree Services' tree surgeons are qualified, experienced, and insured, ensuring each job is done safely and professionally.

    If you need a Melbourne arborist who can prune fruit trees, trim hedges, and remove large trees, call 0402 328 321 for a free quote.

    Who We Are

    Eucalyptus Tree Services has over ten years of experience in Melbourne's suburbs. Our services include tree pruning, stump removal, tree assessments and reports, pest and disease management, cabling and bracing, wood chipping, tree planting, and mulch sales.

    Our qualified arborists work safely and quickly to provide the best service possible. Our trained arborists use the latest techniques and the best equipment to give our clients the best results, whether removing large trees or pruning fruit trees.

    Josh and the team at Eucalyptus Tree Services encourage you to try our service if you need a friendly, hardworking, and professional tree service in your area.

    Max Tree Services - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

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    0405 768 806

    Melbourne's Max Tree Services removes and treats trees.

    Max is straightforward. He'll give you honest advice so your garden thrives.

    Max Can Quote the Following:

    Tree Removal

    Professional tree removal protects your home, assets, and livelihood. Respect your garden while working quickly and cleanly.

    Hazardous Tree Removal

    Overhanging branches, sick and diseased trees, and dead wood must be removed by professionals to avoid damaging property or vegetation.

    Pruning trees

    Not all trees enjoy pruning at the same time of year. With proper pruning and maintenance, your trees will look great.

    Hedging & Shaping

    Edward Scissorhands isn't needed to have a beautiful garden. Max and his team can hedge and shape.

    Stump Grinding

    By grinding down garden stumps, you can save on maintenance and reduce termite, disease, and infection risks.

    Mulching Sales & Services

    Max's mulching sales and service reduce waste for a healthier environment, whether it's making your garden look neat or reducing water use.

    Arborist Reports

    Meet city tree health and safety requirements.

    Civil & Commercial

    Max can handle business or land development land clearing and maintenance.

    Rc Recovery and Drones

    Don't take chances when retrieving your drone or RC. When the problem is too high, call the pros.

    Guards for Possums

    Cute and dangerous, possums. Protected species Plant guards protect your plants from possums.

    Bracing with cables

    Cable bracing can prevent a tree's cracking and failure due to weight and structural weaknesses.

    Assessment of Hazard and Risk

    Visually inspecting your property's trees for hazards and risks. Know what to expect and how to handle problems.

    Clearance of Utility Lines

    If you have trees near power lines or tram lines, hire pros to prune them.

    Treatments for the soil

    Unbalanced soil often causes tree illness. Protect your trees by testing and maintaining soil health.

    Reports on Tree Identification

    Which trees grow best in your area and attract wildlife? Determine what to plant in your garden.

    Who Are Max Tree Services, and What Do They Do?

    Max Tree Services was founded by Max Osman and his wife, Emma, in Melbourne. A lifelong outdoorsman founded the company in 2015 to protect himself, his family, and the environment.

    Other Tree Removal Companies Are Not Like Max Tree Services

    Clients often request tree removal because they think it's easiest or only option. Meeting the owner and inspecting the property can change this. Other options exist besides taking the easy route. Max will explain what to do.

    Max Tree Services has quickly established itself as:

    HONEST:Max Tree Services wants long-term customers. They won't slash your cash. We believe in being open and honest about your tree needs, including delivery and cost. Max's team has no hidden fees or secrets. You'll get what's shown.

    PROFESSIONALISM:Max Tree Services' team works hard. They know they're invading privacy and treat the site carefully. No smoking or cursing at work. When you're satisfied, the clean-up is done. They work hard to ensure your satisfaction with their work.

    EXPERIENCED:In Melbourne, anyone with a chainsaw can call themselves a tree service. Cutting down trees involves more than dropping them. You want a qualified arborist, not just a lopper, like Max, because he understands the garden's effects. He can also suggest improvements.

    FAMILY DRIVEN:Max and his team are motivated by family, both at home and at work. Max supports a young family and hires team members with similar family values to create a future-friendly environment.

    Arborist Marcus - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

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    Arborist Marcus is a family-owned tree service in Box Hill, Victoria, Australia, that serves Melbourne.

    Remove dead, dying, or dangerous trees that overhang roofs and block light. Some trees have grown too large for the garden, cracking paths and walls, blocking drains, and encroaching on next-property. door's

    We specialize in storm damage, flood damage, fires, and other natural disasters.
    Insurance Inspection and Advice Council permit and legal assistance
    Full public liability and critical injury insurance.
    Emergency Service 24x7
    Residential and commercial government contractor. Golf Courses, Schools/Universities, Hospitals/Residential Homes, Parks/Gardens, etc.

    Yarra Tree Services - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

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    1800 2292 775

    Tree-Removal Services

    Yarra Tree Services efficiently removes trees. Our team can evaluate a large palm or small tree. Our team can safely dismantle large trees. We grind stumps and mulch wood. Our cleaners minimize property damage.


    Having a tree removed should also include stump grinding, as a chainsaw can only cut above ground. A cut tree can regrow. When the stump is ground, you can replant, cover it with grass, or fill it with dirt to prevent regrowth.

    Yarra Tree Services can grind stumps into mulch for your garden beds.


    We trim trees and hedges. Tree health and stability depend on pruning. For tree health, remove dead, diseased, or damaged branches. We'll prune your trees properly. Pruning promotes tree health and reduces risk.


    Cables support tree limbs. Cabling can limit limb movement and prevent further damage when a tree has a disease or structural failure.


    Need a building site cleared? We assess properties, help with council permits, and provide arborist reports before building.


    Your branches can be mulched instead of dumped. We'll handle the details. Then we clean up.

    We stack firewood.

    Animal Rescue/Possum Prevention

    Possums are eliminated. We're speedy.


    Fire Safety

    Bushfires are common in today's climate. Yarra Tree Services reduces fire risk. Preparation reduces bush fire risk. Overhanging branches are fire risks. Nearby trees may drop leaves and twigs into the gutters, causing fires. Visit the CFA website for more fire prevention and planning tips.

    Tree danger

    Trees/branches become liabilities when they injure people or damage property. Tree management protects property and extends tree life. We can identify tree hazards and offer solutions.


    Most councils require permission to remove or prune trees. Councils classify differently. To avoid fines, check the council's tree preservation order. For tree removal, some councils require an arborist report. Tree Services Yarra can help. For more information, see your local tree preservation order and arborist report section.

    Arborist Reports

    Councils require tree removal permits to protect native species. An arborist's report is required. Yarra Tree Services can help with permits. We'll discuss your needs and offer recommendations. This can be a pre-purchase inspection, development planning, or tree removal from existing homes. Include these reports in your permit application.


    We provide one-off and regular hedge, shrub, and tree maintenance for Melbourne businesses. Regular and one-off work are priced competitively. We can help.

    Why us?

    Yarra Tree Services provides tree care. We offer commercial and residential tree care and solutions. We're passionate about exceeding client expectations.


    Yarra Tree Services seeks customer and employee sustainability. We're always improving our systems, practices, and training to improve customer satisfaction.

    Hire an Arborist?

    Arborists know trees. Tree care is their specialty.

    An arborist can prune trees for health, appearance, and safety. An arborist can recommend tree species.

    Tree FX - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

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    1300 873 330

    We Are Experts In

    • Safe tree removal.
    • Pruning.
    • Habitat and tree preservation.
    • Bracing and cabling.
    • Planting trees.
    • Pest control.

    Why Choose Us?

    • Our tree crew is experienced and well-trained.
    • OH&S-certified and insured!
    • All work follows Australian Standards and local bylaws.
    • Our qualified arborists offer free tree advice, hazard inspections, and risk management strategies.
    • We offer tree reports and arboricultural consulting.

    About Us

    Tree FX – Quality Tree Management serves Melbourne's East and is customer-focused.

    Even though we're small, we have big goals, ideas, and results.

    We are committed to providing high-quality tree care and tree management solutions, and our ultimate goal is to give customers an unmatched experience.

    Tree FX has hand-picked arborists and skilled tree workers. These individuals have all the information and resources needed to manage trees.

    Even the most challenging aspects of tree management can be handled with ease and efficiency thanks to our company's helpful, initiative-taking administration team.

    When we listen to our customers, we can develop job-specific solutions that ensure success every time.

    Dean Meyer, Tree FX's Director and Head Arborist, has worked in arboriculture for over 20 years. The company has a strong safety and support culture while remaining fun and welcoming to employees and customers.

    Dean has spent time working in a variety of companies in both Australia and Europe, where he has had the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with some of the most skilled arborists and tree climbers in the world. His past experiences have helped him create a great environment for arborists. He believes a happy staff is the best way to please customers.

    We regularly ask our customers for feedback on how we can improve our service, and we use this information to hone and refine our processes.

    We have over 500 5-star reviews on Google, WOMO, and Facebook.

    With that feedback, there's no reason to hire anyone else for Tree Care.

    Don't be shy; get in touch with us right away to start experiencing the Tree FX difference right away.

    It is our sincere desire to count you among the ranks of our many satisfied customers.

    PC Trees Services - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

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    0412 533 683

    Professional Tree Removal Melbourne Wide

    PC Trees Services provides full tree services. With years of industry experience, we can handle complex projects. We provide fast, reliable service for yard makeovers and rotten trees. We offer trimming, pruning, and removal at a fair price.

    Why Choose Pc Trees Services?

    We're tree experts. Our specialty for over a decade. Our arborists and tree removal experts promise full-service solutions. PC Trees Services' signature, top-tier service includes:

    • FREE project estimates, hazard assessments, and emergency call-outs
    • Competitive prices | Job-end cleanup
    • In-house arborist reports | Full insurance & liability*

    Need Assistance with Tree Cutting Services in Melbourne?

    Our arborists save money and time.

    Before tree removal, Melbourne councils usually require a planning permit. This permit can take up to eight weeks to obtain. An arborist report can speed up the permit process, allowing us to remove the tree and keep you safe.

    Our professional arborists in Melbourne are available 24/7 to help you complete paperwork. Many homeowners overlook this tree removal step. Without an arborist's report, you could be fined up to $30,000.

    PC Trees Services offers Melbourne tree removal and arborist services.

    Taking Down Trees

    As a cheap tree removal Melbourne specialist, PC Trees Services can safely remove dangerous or unwanted trees from your property. Your safety is our top priority.

    Removal of Stump

    The tree is gone, but the stump remains. Our stump grinders will remove your tree stump and tree permanently.

    Trimming and Pruning of Trees

    We're also the best tree pruners in Melbourne. We can trim and prune your trees to maintain their health and strength.


    Our tree-chipping service can recycle your old tree. We'll chip your tree with our chippers. Chipping is a good way to remove yard waste.

    Pc Tree Services 

    Welcome to our website. Finding the right tree removal Melbourne company can be scary and overwhelming. There are many unknowns when looking for these services and a reliable provider.

    No worries! PC Tree Services eliminates your worries. Call why? What's that? Why? since 2005 We have the knowledge and experience to handle tree/stump removal and pruning in Melbourne. Our climbers and consultants are all qualified arborists to ensure quality results. Our staff is police-checked, trained, and ticketed, so they're skilled, trustworthy, and friendly. We have the latest and greatest equipment and aren't afraid to show it off, giving your trees the best finish. Excellent customer service. We know you're busy and can't wait. Our office staff is waiting. If we're late, we'll call you. Communicate! Integrity, respect, customer service, and quality work define our company. With this ethos, we'll always keep our promises.

    Arbor Pro Australia - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne
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    1300 301 122

    Your Melbourne Tree and Stump Removal Specialists

    The reliable arborist.

    Arbor Pro Australia has been providing tree and stump removal services in Melbourne and Victoria since 1994. Our tree services include:

    Tree lopping, Stump removal

    We've built a solid professional relationship with thousands of satisfied customers in Melbourne and its suburbs by providing high-quality tree care services. Our tree and stump removal clients include homeowners, commercial businesses, and local, state, and federal governments and agencies.

    Melbourne Arborist

    Our most important service is tree felling. We have the knowledge and experience to cut down trees safely and securely. Some jobs are simple, but others require expertise, teamwork, and experience.

    When necessary, we use ropes and rigging to safely lower branches and logs to the ground crew below. This protects our employees, buildings, and other property.

    Our vigilance continues. After falling, the tree will be removed from your property without causing damage.

    We believe "no job is too big or too small" and treat every project with the same care and pride.

    Yarra Eco - Arborist, Tree Cutter and Lopping Melbourne

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    03 7016 6217

    Qualified arborists Victoria's Forest Hill.

    10-million-dollar coverage.

    Welcome to Yarra Eco Pty Ltd's website. Our company's headquarters are near Forest Hill Chase in Forest Hill, Victoria; we're a qualified tree service. Our skilled and friendly Arborists can handle all of your tree-related needs. We can prune your tree, trim your hedge, and mulch your branches.

    We've worked with residential and commercial clients for years to keep their trees safe and healthy. From the first phone call to the last leaf, we handle every detail with care. We also promise a risk-free working environment for our staff and clients, so everyone is satisfied with our services. Explore our coverage areas and services.

    Exceeds Expectations We're meticulous.

    Yarra Eco Pty Ltd uses the most effective practices and stringent safety standards in the industry when trimming or removing trees. On the same day as our free tree inspection, we'll provide an itemized cost estimate. We ensure prompt service delivery, arrive when we say we will, and involve you throughout the process.

    Yarra Eco Pty Ltd. values communication, especially when walking customers through options. We're happy to discuss your concerns or answer questions. We study trees. We'll find solutions that benefit you and your trees, no matter the problem. If you have questions about our company or need help, contact us.

    About us    

    Yarra Eco Pty Ltd provides tree services and vegetation management to customers in Melbourne. We're on Canterbury Road near Forest Hill Chase.

    We serve residential and commercial clients and strive to offer the best value in the area. Our clients include educational institutions, homeowners, body corporates, strata companies, building developers, and real estate agencies.

    Our team has diverse skills and experiences. WorkSafe High-Risk Work License, Industry Induction White Card, Working With Children Certificate, Traffic and Pedestrian Management Certificate, First Aid Certificate.

    Yarra Eco Pty Ltd is a top-rated tree service in Melbourne's East. The company has many five-star ratings on Google and Facebook.

    We're fair and honest with everyone. Customers, employees, and business partners all contribute to our company's success. We must provide high-quality services and foster moral, fair relationships. We will not tolerate rule breaking or disregard for others' safety. We reserve the right to not do business with unethical or unfair people or companies.

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