Top 30 Caulking & Regrouting Tiles Melbourne, Victoria (2022)

Caulking & regrouting tiles is a process that involves applying caulk to the seams of an existing tile floor. This helps seal up and protect the grout between each tile, which can help prevent dirt from seeping into cracks in the grout lines. It also prevents water from leaking behind your tiles, which can cause mould to grow on your floors or damage them over time. 

Caulking and Regrouting tiles is a great way to maintain the value of your home. Caulking will seal up cracks in tiles while regrouting will help restore the colour and texture. These two things are important for ensuring that your kitchen or bathroom looks nice for years to come! 

To help you get started on your Caulking & Regrouting Company hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Caulking & Regrouting Tiles from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

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    Ultimate List of Caulking & Regrouting Tiles Melbourne, Victoria

    Hitch Property Constructions - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    hitch property constructions

    1800 22 1111

    At Hitch Constructions, we are highly professional and passionate about providing a first-class solution to our customer’s tile & grout restoration, cleaning and water leak repair needs. We provide friendly and highly professional tile and grout restorations - floor and walls - showers, bathrooms, balconies, kitchens and any other areas you need to revitalise! High-quality regrouting work, floor & wall sealing (including all silicone & caulking sealing) and Epoxy grout applications.

    As Melbourne’s caulking & regrouting specialists, we utilise cutting-edge cleaning and restoration technology from around the world to restore your tiles to their natural state, irrespective of the damage that has occurred. Our experienced team members can ensure the life-long protection of your recently installed tile and grouting. As a result, you can rediscover your tiles as we bring them back to life.

    We remove all tired & damaged silicone or residue, then treat the area, thoroughly killing any remaining mould or bacteria. We dry the area & apply sanitary grade silicone for a clean finish with longer-lasting results. Tile cleaning, grouting & regrouting is of utmost importance if you wish to maintain your tiles. Regardless of how expensive or unique your tiles are, they will not leave a good impression if they have layers of dirt trapped on their surface or inside the stone pores. 

    Our process involves these vital steps to ensure you receive the best solution possible:

    • Inspection of all tiles and grout.
    • Application of suitable cleaning products.
    • Agitation with rotary scrubbers.
    • Stain treatment – if required.
    • Adjustable pressure clean and extract of all areas. The process dries the tiles and extracts all the dirty water.
    • Inspection of all areas guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

    We are specialists in leaking shower, bathroom and balcony remedial repairs - using unique clear waterproofing products to fix your leaking issues - WITHOUT removing any tiles!

    We only use high-quality grouting and tiling products, and we have equipment for cleaning that will ultimately make a difference to your result.


    We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.


    We have the experience, personnel and resources to make the project run smoothly. We can ensure a job is done on time.


    Work with us involves a carefully planned series of steps centred around a schedule we stick to and daily communication.

    Home Renovations - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    home renovations

    1800 22 1111



    No matter how beautiful your tile is, if the grout is in bad shape, it can make your bathroom look like it belongs in a 1950s motel. Most of the time, killing mildew and re-sealing the grout will cure the problem. But if the mildew persists or the grout is really shot, or if the grout has succumbed to the ravages of time and moisture, or if the grout is hopelessly stained, crumbling or missing between tiles making it look bad, allowing water, dirt and debris to accumulate and even damage the tile substrate. Then it’s time to regrout!

    Re-grouting is the only way your tiles can look new again when the grout is severely damaged.



    Home Renovations provides professional grout and leaking shower repair, regrouting tiles services and more to Melbourne and the surrounding area. If tiles in your home or business become dull, discoloured, or the grout begins to crumble away, consider regrouting instead of re-tiling

    Our services include leaking shower and grout repair, shower screen installation and tile replacement. Delivering great results and exceptional customer service are our cornerstones.

    Our technicians are trained and experienced in removing all the existing grout that no longer serves its purpose. 

    Damaged caulk and grout can lead to serious, costly damage to your home. Deteriorated caulk can result in issues such as the development of black mould, water leaks, poor ventilation, and unsightly appearances. Recaulking the areas between tiles in your bathroom is a necessary step in order to prevent dangerous and expensive issues in your bathroom. For bathrooms with more serious deterioration, regrouting is the best way to rejuvenate the room in your home meant to rejuvenate you.


    Founded by Kevin Smith back in 2000, Renovate has established itself as one of the greatest and prestigious providers of construction focused interior renovation services and buildings.


    From 2005 until today, we have kept a clean record of renovations that could really recommend our services.


    We use only the best materials for our client’s needs.


    Everyone in our team is a trained professional, so let us convince you about our qualities.

    NKA Caulking - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    nka caulking

    0431 288 541

    Window and door frame caulking (internal and external)

    Caulking to the internal and external window and door frames can solve many problems before they arise. Examples of such problems include water leaks, bugs and insects, cold drafts, gaps and can also improve overall aesthetics. 

    Cabinetry caulking

    Caulking to cabinetry can be undertaken for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Aesthetically it can finish off a project and make it look complete. Functionally it can assist in removing gaps and hiding any uneven joinery. 

    Flooring caulking

    Caulking can be applied to a variety of flooring types, including skirting boards, tiles, polished concrete, epoxy floors, amongst many more. Although not always a requirement, it can assist in aesthetically finishing off the project. Caulking to flooring can also assist with hiding gaps, preventing insects, and preventing mop water or accidental spills from getting underneath the flooring.

    Wet areas (bathrooms, kitchens and laundries)

    Previously entire wet areas would be grouted by the tiler, a product that has no movement and flex and would, unfortunately, crack over time and use. Today silicone is the number one product for these areas. Silicone allows for movement and flex, waterproofs the joints (preventing leaks and major water issues) and also comes in a variety of colours to match any room. Other items that should be caulked in wet areas include toilets, urinals, basins, sinks, mirrors, shower grates and shower screens to minimise future water issues. 

    Alucobond panels and cladding

    Alucobond panels and cladding usually experience high movement rates and flex and are exposed to the elements and unstable temperatures. Therefore it is extremely important that these areas are caulked by a professional with the correct knowledge, skills and, most importantly, products. Generally, cladding is used as a feature on projects. Therefore they must also look uniform and neat. 

    Precast panels

    Due to the way precast and tilt panels are erected, the type of caulking required generally depends on its location. Most internal precast panels use a 4-hour acrylic, whilst most external precast panels use a 4-hour fire-rated polyurethane adhesive. The panels must be caulked due to the large gaps between them. 

    External caulking (brickwork and render)

    External caulking is used to join two surfaces that are generally not of the same material (example: a brick wall to render). This is undertaken to allow movement, seal gaps and prevent damage from shifting or settling.  

    Expansion joints

    Expansion joints are used to relieve building movement stress, generally caused by temperature changes, sway and seismic events. Pavers, concrete, brick and masonry work on structures all have these expansion joints. Depending on the purpose and finish, different types of sealant can be used.    

    Fire-rated caulking​

    Fire and smoke damage can leave a building beyond repair. Therefore fire-rated caulking is one of the best forms of passive fire protection. The fire-rated sealant helps to minimise the potential damage by limiting the fire or smoke to one area of the building. Fire-rated sealants work effectively as a fire retardant between ceilings, beams and joints, and to stop fires from spreading further.   

    Swimming pool caulking​

    Caulking should always be applied to swimming pools, spas, paving around swimming pools, and to any outdoor areas with high exposure to moisture. The sealant used should be extremely resistant to water, chlorine, fungus and the elements. NKA Caulking can provide the correct advice and materials for this. 

    Caulking work at heights

    Working at heights is one of the highest risk activities that can be undertaken in the construction industry. Whether this is working in a scissor lift or boom, working on scaffolding or working on an extension ladder, NKA Caulking has all the required tickets and safety measures to perform the job safely and efficiently.   

    With over 10 years of experience in the building industry, Nathan established NKA Caulking in 2013. Throughout this period, NKA Caulking has emerged as one of Melbourne’s premier caulking companies, known for its small team of perfectionists. 

    Caulking & Regrouting Tiles FAQs

    Caulk is a sealant used before painting to help seal cracks, gaps, and holes in your home’s exterior. Two benefits of caulking your home are maintaining the overall aesthetic of your home and repairing any irregularities.

    If you have holes or other imperfections in your home’s exterior, a painter will use caulking material to fill in those flaws to create a smooth surface for painting. This is done so that your final product looks clean and uniform.

    Caulk is also used to help seal your house to prevent moisture and airflow, which can cause mould. Using caulk to close off these spots also helps prevent drafts in your home, improving your heating and cooling costs.

    Caulking materials are an important component of exterior walls. They seal expansion and contraction joints, joints between dissimilar materials such as glass, steel, masonry and concrete and joints in window frames, metal curtainwall and balcony enclosures. Their main function is to prevent rain and dirt from entering the joints and, depending on the purpose of the joint, prevent air leakage. Caulking is also used to seal cracks in exposed cast-in-place concrete and precast concrete panels, subject to thermal movement.

    Its ability to provide the required seal depends on its ability to adhere strongly to the building surfaces and its flexibility to enable it to accommodate changes in the width of the joint without failing. It must retain these properties over the normal range of temperatures experienced in Canada. In addition, it should retain sufficient ductility as time passes that it will perform properly for its expected service life, which, for many caulking materials, is assumed to be approximately 15 years.

    For those who are unaware, grout is the mortar paste that fills in the edges around tilework. Keeping up with the regrouting process is important for maintaining your shower or other tiled areas.

    The main purpose of grout is to seal your shower or tiled surface. This keeps dirt and grime from getting beneath the tiles to eat away at the adhesive.

    Even more important is how grout protects against water. Without grout, water could seep past your tiles and into the walls behind them. This is a fast way to get mould where you can’t get to it, an invitation for ants and termites.

    Grout will wear away over time as you clean your shower and from age. Therefore, unless you remodel the entire area, you will need to regrout the shower and other areas from time to time.

    Grout serves an important purpose, but it is not a complicated process. You will need to remove all the grout first so that the new grout can bond in.

    The tile and grout in your home can add a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing look to any area. However, these features need constant care, maintenance, and repair, just like other areas of your home. Often, the grout in your home needs to be repaired, and this should not be a delayed task. Here are a few reasons why you should place grout repair at the top of your to-do list.

    Grout Can Chip and Crack

    Damaged and broken grout can easily chip and crack. Unfortunately, when this happens, it allows water and moisture to soak into these cracks, and mould grows. If left long enough, you no longer have a simple grout repair project but also a mould problem. This is particularly important in the bathroom and other areas of your home with lots of moisture.

    It Can Save You Money

    Small grout repair projects can be very simple, inexpensive, and fast. However, the damage can expand when these repairs are delayed, creating a much larger and more expensive project.

    It Can Change the Entire Look of Your Space

    Grout that is damaged and discoloured is ugly and has a dirty and grimy look to it. It can make countertops or a shower look like it hasn’t been cleaned in several weeks. On the other hand, grout cleaning and repair can make an entire area look new and updated. This can be particularly important before trying to sell a home.

    Questionable Smells

    Peeing in the shower. It seems innocent enough (as long as all household members are on board), but there’s a hidden, stinky cost. The same goes for the caulk around the toilet, especially in families with boys with aiming issues. Fresh caulk is non-permeable, but we’ve heard that, over time, it can break down and potentially absorb smells. If you are haunted by ghost pee, and no cleaning will completely rid your bathroom of Eau de urine, you might have to replace it sooner rather than later. We suggest sooner.


    Does a pink-ish orange slimy substance plague your shower? It’s most likely a bacteria called Serratia marcescens and, much like mould, something to look out for. (It’s also got a fascinating history involving “red” polenta in 1800s Italy if you’re up for an interesting read.)

    Although it most likely won’t kill you, it can, according to Wikipedia, cause meningitis, pneumonia, and infections in urinary tracts, respiratory tracts, and wounds. It’s also linked to problems with your peepers, so don’t go rubbing that stuff on your eyeballs while you are in the shower.

    With an aggressive application of bleach, tea tree oil, or vinegar solution, and regular squeegeeing, try to keep it under control on your tiles—but if that stuff shows up, go ahead and replace that caulk.


    There are many great uses of mould—where would we be without soy sauce, black tea, and Prosecco?—but I think we can all agree that free-range, at-home mould colonies generally count as potentially harmful. We’ve seen it firsthand during the drama of Joseph’s bathroom remodel in a previous post. According to the CDC, mould exposure can trigger all sorts of complaints, including respiratory problems and skin/eye/throat irritation.

    Of course, you’ll have to clean the grout continuously, but periodically recaulking all the seams is one of the best ways to clean, refresh (and visually transform) your bathroom for mere dollars. If you do, make sure you use the stuff specifically for kitchens and bathrooms, which should be clear from the label; they have a special additive that helps prevent mould from forming.


    Mildew is an early-stage mould, which is also objectively not good. If you are Martha Stewart, you wipe off excess moisture after each shower and prevent mildew from forming in the first place. But old caulk gives mildew a special safe space to burrow and hide and, once in there, requires much coaxing to get it to leave. Maintaining the seal between the caulk and porous tile and grout is one of the best ways to prevent a full-blown mould situation in the first place.

    Gray or Dingy Grouting

    Over time, you may find that the grouting in your bathroom has started to look rather dingy. Rather than the bright white, it was when you installed it. It’sHowever, it’s now gone a rather dull grey. Is that a sign of damage?

    This, luckily, isn’t a sign that anything is wrong. Instead, it’s a by-product of grouting being permeable to some degree. Over time, dust and dirt settle in it, changing it to that grey colour. You especially see this in grouting on the floor. As you mop the floor, that dirty water seeps into the grout and stays there.

    You can work to clean the grout out without having to take it all out and start again. There are several ways to do this, depending on your preferred cleaning products. If you like to go DIY, you can use a paste of bicarb of soda and water and scrub it into the grout using a toothbrush. Some want to use an electric toothbrush, as it saves on the hard scrubbing. The small head will be able to get right into the cracks and scrub it all clean.

    Once you’ve done that, you spray a vinegar solution over it and leave it to sit. It will bubble up and work, pulling the dirt out of the grout. Once that happens, scrub it all up with the toothbrush and then rinse it away.

    Grout Damage Due to Mold

    Some grout damage you’ll find will be mould growing on top of it. If you see any mould growing on the grout, that’s a sign that it could be deeper inside, too. You can clean off mould on the grout using bleach and a toothbrush, but you don’t know if it’s still growing deeper inside. If it is, that’s a sign that water has got in behind the tiles and is causing damage. Over time, that will cause a lot more problems and lead to some costly repair work.

    As well as this, mould is a serious health hazard. If it’s allowed to grow in the bathroom, you’ll see that it will cause health problems in people using the rooms. It’s going to be even worse for those who suffer from allergies, so you need to avoid it as much as you can.

    The best way to do this is to allow the bathroom to dry out as much as possible. Check out your bathroom fan, and see if it’s pulling out hot, humid air as well as it can. If it isn’t up to scratch, that’s a sign that it will need to be replaced. It’s also a good idea to keep windows open as you shower, to allow the air to escape and the room to dry out.

    Of course, if the mould is already there, it will be time to take it out and regrout it, to keep it free of growth.

    Regular Grout Damage

    As well as mould, you may also get regular damage to grouting over time. It could have become chipped or damaged, and if it is, you’ll see that it will start allowing water behind the tiles. Again, that will cause a lot of damage to your wall and will result in a larger repair job.

    The good news is that the grouting in your bathroom is pretty solid. In most cases, you’ll never see any damage to it all. If there are no chips or peeling in it, then you shouldn’t need to deal with it at all.

    When to Regrout Your Tiles

    So, when should you regrout the tile? The answer is whenever it has become damaged. You don’t need to do it on a schedule, as it’s a cement product. It will remain stable as long as nothing has permeated or broken it.

    The best thing to do is regularly inspect the grouting between your tiles. You’re looking for any signs of mould or breaks in the grout. If you can’t find anything like that, then you can leave it be. If you do find them, though, that’s a sign that the grouting needs to be dealt with. The longer you leave it damaged, the longer that water can get in and start causing serious problems behind the scenes.

    When cold weather sets in, drafts in the home that may have been virtually undetectable in summer become more noticeable and problematic. This leads many homeowners to research exterior caulking. One of the first pieces of advice you will encounter is that summer is the best time for this endeavour, but exterior caulking can be successful year-round if you use the right products for the job.

    Applying caulk in winter requires a few extra precautions than using it in warmer temperatures. First, it is essential to ensure the substrate is clean and dry. If any moisture is present, a thin layer of ice could form, preventing the caulk from adhering to the substrate. If necessary, you can use a hairdryer to melt the ice and heat the substrate. Alternatively, it can be cleaned using acetone or methyl ethyl ketone from a home improvement store; this has the added benefit of ensuring the substrate is clean enough to provide a tight bond.

    It is also important to keep your tube of caulking warm until right before use. Even the highest-quality cold weather will not flow smoothly from the tube when cold, making it challenging to get it down into the joint. Therefore, the caulk should be stored inside before use. While caulking, you can also keep the tubes warm by placing them in a jar with warm water for a few minutes before using them.

    Experts advise waiting until midday to caulk in cold weather to allow for any substrate movement as materials contract in cold weather and then expand when it is warm. Metals like aluminium and plastics such as vinyl are very prone to contracting and expanding with temperature changes, although wood is less vulnerable to this issue.

    It is also important to select a caulk that has high joint movement capability for cold weather caulking. The plus/minus value that appears on the tube can guide in this regard; those marked as plus/minus 25 per cent or higher are the best choice for cold weather caulking as they can stand up to more movement without splitting or cracking.

    National Tilers - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    national tilers

    0431 443 418

    Our work comes backed by over 14 years of experience. We strive for customer satisfaction and an excellent job. So be rest assured that when you choose us for your tiling or bathroom renovations in Melbourne, you will be receiving nothing short of the best.

    Our tiling and bathroom renovation process is easy, and you’ll always feel at ease, knowing the fact that you’ve chosen a trusted, reputable company. All work is personally carried out by owner Baz so you’ll always be receiving the highest level of experience and standard.

    All our work is guarenteed for 7 years, and we’re fully licensed and insured. We’re also always 100% honest in all our advice and dealings. You’ll always be getting the best value for your time and money!


    We offer bathroom renovations and shower and balcony leak repairs. We also do regrout, new sealant and tile repairs. Our before and after will simply amaze you!


    Our kitchen, bathroom and open space tiler team is highly experienced in all aspects of tiling. We are installing all shapes and designs, all modern patterns and possessing all tools necessary. We also do all our own waterproofing.


    We offer demolition of your existing bathroom, plastering, waterproofing and self-levelling. We’re the experts in floor preparation and sealing. We got your bathroom covered!

    National Tilers Melbourne is an established tiling business since 2003, which caters mainly for domestic and small commercial clients. With huge expertise in the best designs and highest quality workmanship and product, our talent creates beautifully designed solutions in your home. In every style imaginable, our tile installation will complement your existing interior design or add something special when you are renovating your kitchen, bathroom or open space. We install every tile in all range of sizes and dimensions for any space, so you’ll always be at ease, knowing you’ll be receiving the best job possible. 

    We also offer bathroom renovations. Works we undertake… -Demolition, all rubbish and debris is removed from the site. -Non painted Plastering using Blue board aqua check. -Waterproofing membrane applied(2-3 coats) in accordance with Australian standards. -Tiling, all aspects of tiling. We also repair leaking showers and balcony’s caused by damaged membranes(please refer to ‘leak repairs’ and ‘waterproofing’ in the services section for more information). We also recommend a good licensed plumber that we work alongside and get along with well. We work well under pressure and always meet deadlines as we understand that at times, our customers may only have 1 bathroom or are on a tight schedule to get the work done. We never disappoint and always push that extra effort to get things done on time.

    United Caulking Melbourne - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    united caulking melbourne

    1300 091 281

    United Caulking Melbourne is a quality caulking company with a dynamic team and staff. We are passionate about what we do and work together to provide the best outcomes for our clients.

    United Caulking Melbourne is also one of the leading caulking, waterproofing specialists in Melbourne, Toorak, and Essendon. Since 2008, we have been providing the highest quality joint sealing in the industry and have worked on some of the Melbournes high profile residential homes, commercial shops+plazas and high rise buildings.

    Licensed Contractors

    Our qualified personnel offer all-around seasoned experience and seal any leak without any problems.


    From baths to balconies, we got you sealed. Our contractors’ tackle and seal every task in a neat and timely manner.


    When it comes to size, it doesn’t matter to Us. What matters is the highest quality workmanship with a reputation for reliability and seamless finishes.

    10 Years in Business

    With experience and safety been our priority, we have grown our trust and business for over 10 years.

    Melbourne Caulking - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    melbourne caulking

    0418 399 298

    Melbourne Caulking is a family run business covering Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

    Our caulking and joint sealant work is second to none. We take pride in our workmanship, and our installers are some of the best in the industry.

    We have been a part of many important projects across the region, and whether we are caulking a small bathroom or sealing a large hospital, we bring real expertise and commitment of excellence to every project, whatever the size or scope.

    Melbourne Caulking Pty Ltd services all types of internal and external caulking for both commercial and residential clients.

    Our services include:

    • Precast and Tilt Panels
    • Bathrooms (tiles, mirrors, vanities, bathtubs, shower recess)
    • Flooring (skirting board, tiles, floorboards)
    • Pool Sawcuts and Construction Joints
    • Brick and Block Work
    • Fire Rated Sealing
    • Expansion Joints
    • Window and Door Frames

    The Grout Guy - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    the grout guy

    1300 844 898

    The Most Common Misconception

    One of the most common misconceptions that we come across in our industry is that a leaking shower is a plumbing issue, such as a dripping shower head or leaky taps or maybe even a burst pipe. This is certainly not always the case when it comes to a leaking shower. Most leaks are caused by the breakdown of grout and can be repaired without having to call a plumber and without the removal of any tiles.

    All work done by our re grouting and tile repair experts is of the highest professional standard with attention to detail, making sure that your grout stays waterproof over the test of time. Importantly, all our work is guaranteed, and when it comes to leaks, we offer a 10 Year Waterproof Warranty giving you total peace of mind.



    All our work is guaranteed, and when it comes to leaks, we offer a 10 Year Waterproof Warranty giving you total peace of mind.


    We offer a no-obligation free quotation service, so you will know exactly what the job will cost before we start. There are no ‘hidden extras, and the grouting price you are quoted is what you pay.


    The Grout Guy operates throughout Perth (Two Rocks to Bunbury), Melbourne and Geelong. We promise professional, ethical and friendly service at all times and pride ourselves on fast and punctual reliability.

    We specialise in Regrouting, Waterproofing and Minor Tile Repairs in Perth (Two Rocks to Bunbury), Melbourne and Geelong.

    We are proud of the reputation and work ethic that we offer our clients. We also give you an on the spot analysis and obligation free quote.

    Correct Caulking - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    correct caulking

    0433 081 693

    Caulking Services

    • Bathrooms, Kitchens, Laundry’s
    • Cabinetry
    • Brick Expansion Joints
    • Blockwork
    • Precast Panels
    • Alucobond Panels
    • Skirting Boards
    • Window Frames
    • Concrete Saw Cuts
    • Matrix Board

    About Correct Caulking

    Jono is quickly building a reputation as one of Melbourne’s best and most professional caulking applicators. With a strong eye for detail and an easy to deal with approach from start to finish, with over five years experience in the sealing and waterproofing industry but it’s his eye for detail and his honest and approachable attitude that makes him stand out in the industry.

    Make sure to use the best in the industry for your next project when it comes to a finishing trade such as caulking.

    Service Mission / Workmanship

    My vision and goal are to build a small team of top quality caulkers to perform caulking and sealing work for the highest quality builders and private clients with an eye for detail in Melbourne and all outer Melbourne. My focus is always on neat work while using the best and top quality sealant for the job to leave the client with a long-lasting and perfect finish.

    I provide caulking work in all the following areas. Bathrooms, Cabinetry, expansion Joints, Skirts, Articulation Joints, Blockwork, Window frames ( Internal & External), Precast Panels, Sawcuts, Alucobond Panels, MatrixBoard. Cut out the old caulk and re-seal. Cut out the old grout and re-seal.

    LF Waterproofing - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    lf waterproofing

    0406 268 110

    When you need caulking services in Melbourne, including house caulking and window caulking services, come straight to LF Waterproofing. We have the expertise to carry out all your silicon repairs for both indoor and outdoor applications, and we pride ourselves on our exceptional attention to detail for a neat and clean finish. Based in Keilor East, we’re the number one choice for caulking in Moonee Ponds and surrounds, plus we also attend to jobs within a 2-hour radius.

    What is House Caulking?

    House caulking involves filling gaps where different building materials in your home join. There are many different kinds of caulk available on the market, but all are made from one of these four types of polymer:

    • Latex
    • Silicone
    • Polyurethane
    • Rubber

    The kind of polymer base of the caulk will dictate its characteristics, such as what it will adhere well too, how easily it can be smoothed out, how durable it is, and how accommodating it is for painting over.

    When Do I Need House Caulking?

    You may need house caulking to:

    • Stop heated or cooled air escaping through cracks in your building
    • Prevent the growth of mould and mildew in your home
    • Protect the structural integrity of your home from moisture and wood rot
    • Create a barrier from water damaging your bathroom facilities
    • Neatly finish off areas where two building materials meet in your home

    Is House Caulking Permanent?

    Silicone is waterproof, flexible and cracks proof, making it a permanent solution for drafts, insects, moisture seepage and many other potential problems. However, it’s essential to choose the correct caulk for the correct application, as acrylic caulk doesn’t have the same benefits as silicone and can crack and shrink. For the best caulking in the western suburbs of Melbourne, choose the expert caulkers at LF Waterproofing.

    For All Your House Caulking Needs, Choose LF Waterproofing

    Caulking doesn’t last unless you do it right. You need to know not only the right way to apply it but the correct kind of caulking to use. At LF Waterproofing, we’ve got the necessary skill, experience and qualifications necessary to do a brilliant job when it comes to window caulking services and much more. Organise house caulking today by calling us on 0406 268 119.

    LF Waterproofing provides a large range of services within the construction industry. We specialise in external and internal waterproofing, grouting repairs, caulking, leakages, gutter cleaning and gutter guard protection. We provide the best quality services throughout Melbourne at a competitive price.

    Our number one priority is to ensure that the best interests of our customers are always fulfilled. The values we pride ourselves on are punctuality, efficiency, hard work and professionalism And it is of vital importance for us to provide a happy and positive experience in every job that we undertake.

    Xtreme Seal - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    xtreme seal

    1300 658 005

    Caulking and replacing of silicone, Melbourne

    Completly re-caulk a mouldy and old shower perimeter today with Xtreme Seals’ premium silicone. We will caulk and replace any silicone needed in and around the house. All silicone products come in various colours and are installed by professionally trained technicians. Guaranteed straight lines, every time!

    Our promise:

    • Superior flexibility to cope with building movement.
    • Has excellent resistance to weathering when applied to exterior areas.
    • It contains a fungicide to protect against unsightly mould growth.
    • Our silicone is made for long term resistance to cracking and crumbling.
    • Will not stain any building materials when applied.

    Leaking Shower and Balcony Repairs, Re-grouting and Sealing, Melbourne-wide

    Xtreme Seal is a proudly Australian Family Owned and Operated company with over 25 years of experience in the building trade and the leak detection and repair industry. Having high demand for our service meant that we needed to expand to Melbourne! Offering a 25 Year Product Warranty on our Epoxy Grout means that all leaking showers and balconies which we repair will live to see another day!

    Choose the waterproofing contractors trusted on jobs of any size

    Xtreme Seal can repair your leaking shower and balcony with no fuss and at a competitive price. Whether it is a waterproofing, leaking issue, shower base, mould problem, regrouting, or you simply want it to be rejuvenated. Xtreme Seal provides Epoxy, tiling and waterproofing solutions to household and commercial customers, wherever you are in Melbourne.

    Our Epoxy product is also backed by our 25-year product warranty, and it will allow you to use your shower or balcony the very next day. Our regrouting and sealing services are premium and hard to beat!

    Call us now, and one of our friendly staff will organise a no-obligation free quote for you today!

    AJ Caulking - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    aj caulking

    0481 763 437

    What is Caulking?

    Caulking refers to the process of sealing a gap between two surfaces for the purpose of making it air or watertight. The word ‘caulk’ can be used to refer to the sealing substance and also to the act of sealing. There are hundreds of different types of caulk, but the types of caulk most used in homes are; acrylic latex caulk, butyl rubber caulk, and silicone caulk.

    Caulking Services We Provide;

    We provide the following services for both residential and commercial properties

    • Kitchen Caulking
    • Bathroom And Vanity Caulking
    • Caulk Skirtings
    • Tiling Applications
    • Expansion Joints
    • Caulk Windows

    The Type Of Caulk We Use?

    Besides the three basic types of caulk, there are many specialised caulks designed for specific tasks. We always ensure we apply the correct caulk for the job and only use high-performance commercial-grade caulk. Some of the different types of caulks we may use depending on suitability for the job are; kitchen and bath caulk with a built-in mildew fighter; mortar caulk that holds up to high heat; roof sealant to repair minor leaks; gutter and flashing sealant; and asphalt sealant.

    We are a Melbourne based company and specialise in providing all types of caulking services. We service residential and commercial properties. Our clients range from builders to homeowners and business owners. We have extensive experience in caulking and pride in providing excellent workmanship. We only use high-quality materials and high-performance caulk to complete our jobs. We understand our client’s needs are always willing to deliver the best possible results.

    Sometimes picking a reliable tradesman for the job can be difficult. We understand the challenges our clients face. You can rest assured that AJ Caulking Pty Ltd is a company you can rely on for caulking services. Our tradespeople are meticulous in carrying out work, are friendly and flexible to work with.

    Our prices are very competitive. Our services are always of great value. No job is too big or too small. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any enquiries or if you would like a quote.

    Caulk In Colour - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbournecaulk in colour

    0411 533 207


    Specialising in interior caulking; We make sure the silicone job looks good and stays good.


    High capacity team able to complete multi-floor buildings within reasonable time periods.


    Re-caulking of mouldy silicone is not an issue. Preparation is key.

    We excel in interior caulking services. My name is Sam, I’m from Melbourne, and this is a family-owned business. My father, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and myself make up the bulk of our team.

    Personally, I have caulked well over ten thousand meters of tiles, skirting and vinyl. Maxisil silicone is my product of choice, and we use this both residentially and commercially.

    Originally I took on multiple aspects of building and renovations: However, I see time and time again a lack-lustre caulking job, and in this day and age, it’s just unacceptable. I can’t help but want to fix this issue from arising for more people. Now I’m concentrating my efforts on Interior Caulking, focusing on new buildings and fresh renovations before your old school tiler or plumber gets the job done to the old school standard.

    White, Off White, Grey? Travertine, Anthracite, Alabasta; Even metallic Aluminium colours! The choice is yours with over 20 amazing colours available, soon to be over 50!

    Dynamic Caulking - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    0415 429 774

    What We Do

    Dynamic Caulking was established to provide its customers with the highest quality in services. We offer all types of caulking to compliment your needs, from small domestic extensions to large commercial and industrial buildings.

    We also specialise in repairs and maintenance of existing caulking to replace worn, discoloured or untidy seals to all surfaces. 

    Our Services Include

    • Tiled areas
    • Bathrooms
    • Kitchens
    • Timber floors
    • Windows 
    • Brickwork
    • Alucobond Cladding 
    • All types of cladding
    • Pools
    • Paving 
    • Balconies
    • Precast panels

    Cityside Caulking - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    cityside caulking

    0413 956 039


    Caulking of internal and external applications:

    • Bathrooms and kitchens
    • Ceramic and porcelain tiling
    • Natural stone
    • Window and door frames
    • Skirting board
    • Balconies
    • Alucobond
    • Brick control joints
    • Concrete saw cuts
    • Repairing of existing caulking

    Cityside Caulking is a Melbourne based company that specialises in all aspects of caulking and joint sealing - whether it be domestic or commercial.

    With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we offer a high standard of workmanship from interior and exterior applications of silicone and polyurethane sealants.

    Using quality materials, we deliver an outstanding service to finish your projects promptly and economically - whether it be a new-build or restoration, we are happy to assist in your caulking solutions.

    Exel-Seal - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    exel seal

    (03) 9775 0188

    Exel Seal specialises in all aspects of general and specialist caulking, waterproofing, panel patching, grouting and epoxy flooring. Our services include:

    Precast panels, Bathrooms (tiles, mirrors, vanities, bathtubs, shower recess), Flooring (skirts, tiles, floorboards), Blockwork, Alucobond, Splash Backs, Pool Joints, Brick Work, Expansion Joints, All types of window and door frames, Waterproofing, Patching, Abseiling, Insulation panels, Epoxy Flooring, Grouting, Glazing

    Exel-Seal is an expert caulking contractor specialising in all caulking services and sealant applications. Our caulking services include precast panels, blockwork, brickwork, window frame, bathrooms, splashbacks, alucabond panels, ceramic tiles, tilt panels, panel patching, grouting panels, pool joints, glazing seal and abseiling. Exel-Seal was started 20 years ago and now service Australia-wide, producing quality work for commercial, industrial and domestic industries.

    Exel-Seal is an experienced and quality assured sealant applicator, specialising in all areas of caulking. Founded over 20 years ago in Victoria, Exel Seal now operates in New South Wales, Northern Territory, ACT and Queensland, and have completed projects in Japan, New Zealand and Dubai. Some projects that Exel Seal have been on include:

    • MCG Great Southern Stand
    • Southern Cross Train Station
    • Docklands
    • Federation Square
    • Melbourne Exhibition Centre
    • Linfox Headquarters
    • Chadstone Shopping Centre
    • Martha Cove

    We specialise in sealant application to wet areas, precast panels, aluminium panels, trafficable sealants, pool sealants, pavers, blockwork, saw cuts, fire-rated sealants, window & door frames. If it needs caulking, we can do it.

    Saving you time and money, we also specialise in panel patching, grouting and Abseiling.

    All our caulkers have Red Card, Boom tickets, we have our JSA, Certificate of Currency for all insurance’s, EBA so were ready for any work.

    With over 20 workers, we can assist you with any caulking needs you have, big or small, domestic or commercial. If there’s a handover or a push on a job, we have the manpower to cover it.

    With Exel-Seal starting over 20 years ago, a lot of the caulkers are still working for the company now. So you will be getting experienced, and quality assured sealant applicators.

    Exel-Seal is run separately in each State, but we work closely together to give you the best quality and service throughoutAustralia and the world.

    We feel very confident that we can assist you with any caulking needs you have. We would look forward to working with you in the near future. Just remember, if it needs caulking, we can do it.

    Exel Seal is now selling sealants to the public at our Carrum Downs office. We sell silicone, polyurethane, specialty sealant, caulking guns and waterproofing membranes. Check out our products and give us a call in regards to bulk orders or any product that isn’t listed.

    Elite Seal Caulking Specialists - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    elite seal caulking specialists


    Elite Seal caulking specialists do all types of sealant and caulking applications for domestic, commercial and industrial building projects.

    Catering primarily to the building trade, our highly experienced staff and quality-assured sealant applicators will ensure that your project is completed to your total satisfaction.

    Whether you are a builder or tradesperson, you can count on Elite Seal to provide the caulking solutions you require.

    Choose Elite Seal Caulking Specialists

    A worksite is a busy place. Many traders operate at the same time and are often dependent upon each other, delivering their part of the project on time. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines.

    Elite Seal Caulking Specialists operate under the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry. We conform with the many and varied Australian Standards and specifications that are required by law.

    Our qualifications and compliance procedures ensure that all work is carried out in compliance with the relevant codes and standards.

    Elite Seal has been servicing Melbourne’s South Eastern Suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula since 2013 and has established a solid reputation within the building and construction industries.

    Owner and Founder Mark McCartin and his team have extensive experience and knowledge of the industry. Elite Seal is committed to providing quality service on time and within budget.

    Over the years, Elite Seal has been involved with many projects, large and small. This experience, combined with extensive knowledge of industry products, standards and procedures, ensuring complete client satisfaction.

    Absolute Caulker - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    absolute caulker

    (03) 9995 0420

    Absolute Caulker is based in Melbourne and has a dedicated team of professional and highly skilled caulkers.

    We have a commercial, domestic and abseil division, covering an extensive range of caulking services, specialising in caulking via abseil, which is unique to the industry which sets us apart from our competitors. This extensive skill base ensures that we can provide a quality assured solution to all your sealant needs.

    Our services include precast panels, blockwork, brickwork, window frame, bathrooms, splashbacks, tiling, tilt panels, pool joints, glazing seals and abseiling.

    Tyson, the Director and founder of Absolute Caulker, has been working in the caulking industry for over 15 years both in Australia and overseas. Working for a long period in the industry, he understood the need for a professional caulking service that could provide an extensive range of sealant applications both in the domestic and commercial industry. The business started out as a small team of two and now operates a team of over 30 employees. 

    Absolute Caulker runs a skilled and highly efficient team of caulkers that provide a quality and professional service.

    Silicone Chicks - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    silicone chicks

    0423 300 351

    Do you have problems with your bathroom kitchen or wet area, mould and leaks, cracked, damaged or unsightly silicone?

    Protect your biggest asset or prepare your home for sale buys refreshing your unsightly area/s with Silicone Chicks.

    We will assess your problem area/s and recommend the most suitable service for you. You can dramatically increase the look of your property for a fraction of the price it would cost to do major repairs and leaving it looking better than new again.

    Whether it be your build, investment or home, don’t risk other trades that rush and cut corners to save costs. Choose Silicone Chicks and be sure the job is done correctly and hassle-free the first time, with all works guaranteed.

    We are a small professional team that love our job and take a lot of pride in our work. We want you to rely on us for an easy process from start to finish. We are showing up on time, with accurate pricing and leaving a perfect finish, no tidy up required, guaranteeing your satisfaction and our work. We only use high-quality products and keep up to date on all product information and training, so you, the client, have the right advice and aftercare knowledge for the best long term results.

    Our reputation is built on being good at what we do and is based mainly on customer referrals from very happy clients. Specialising in fine and detailed work with a lot of patience, an eye for detail and a strong work ethic, we get the job done right the first time every time with no shortcuts.

    Five Star Glass and Caulking - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    five star glass and caulking

    0413 417 030

    Your home or workplace is where you should feel the safest. However, sometimes accidents happen, and glass repairs are required. It is dangerous to be leaving broken glass lying around for you to step on and cut your feet, and there is less privacy for you. This is where we come in. Our fantastic glass repair service is renowned throughout Melbourne and Dandenong, and we want to help you too.

    Five Star Glass and Caulking offers affordable glass repairs and replacement solutions for your Melbourne properties (home and commercial) completed to perfection. We are a locally owned and operated window replacement and caulking company. We are experienced in working on all sorts of glass-related work. We can offer our services on matters such as glazing, caulking, window frames, bathrooms, kitchens, glass repairs and pet doors.

    Why our excellent glass repair service is renowned in Dandenong and throughout Melbourne

    We offer quality workmanship matched with excellent customer service. Five Star Glass and Caulking offer a wide range of professional services at competitive prices. Our great reputation in Melbourne is important to us, and we intend on living up to it. Not only will you be more than satisfied with the glass repairs, but our friendly contractors will do a great and efficient job.

    We’re your bathroom glass repair experts.

    These rooms are a sanctuary where you want to clean yourself and have privacy. Naturally, you would not want all that running water spilling going all over the floors and splashbacks, so we can replace your damaged shower screen if need be. Our company has done this sort of work all over Melbourne for years now, and we want to ensure your installation or replacement is top quality. If you need one of our contractors to visit your Dandenong, Glen Waverly, Doncaster and surrounding Melbourne property for your glass repair, feel free to call us at 0413 417 039 to book.

    Five Star Glass & Caulking offer affordable glass Replacement solutions for your Melbourne properties Completed to perfection. We are a locally owned and Operated glass replacement and caulking company.

    Black Diamond Caulking Services - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    black diamond caulking

    0422 408 810

    Residential Interior Caulking

    Renovations or New Build, we can provide caulking for all your brick and block works, windows, kitchen, tiled areas, bathroom, wet areas, bedrooms, pantries, butlers kitchen and more.

    Commercial Interior Caulking

    Shopping Centres, Apartments, Retail Shops. We can provide for all your interior sealant needs, such as kitchens, office areas, windows, bathrooms, tiled areas and more.

    Residential Exterior Caulking

    Renovations or New Build or Luxury Mansions, we can caulk all your windows, swimming pool, deck, patio, alfresco, porch, garage, balconies and brick and block works.

    Commercial Exterior Caulking

    Retail outlets, Shopping Centres, large apartments, offices. We have your caulking covered for Precast and Tilt Panels, brick and blockwork, cladding, windows, joints and more.

    Black Diamond provides commercial and residential caulking services. We are Melbourne owned and operated company with over five years of caulking experience.

    We are highly trained in the caulking trade, having undertaken extensive domestic and commercial caulking projects.

    We provide quality caulked outcomes that provide a great caulking experience at competitive rates.

    Just Caulk It - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    just caulk it

    0419 870 680

    Caulking applications are an important component of every new construction project. Just Caulk works with contractors, architects, engineers and project managers to provide careful application and selection of materials as well as mock-ups and colour matching for every build.

    Some examples of applications include:

    • Eifs to brick, stone and aluminium
    • Masonry control joints
    • Man and overhead doors
    • Horizontal expansion joints in life
    • Vertical joints
    • Sidewalk to grade
    • Window joints
    • Hardy board joints
    • Saw cuts, perimeter, and control joints on new concrete floors
    • All interior caulking from stairwells, kitchens to washrooms
    • Barricades (on bridges, railways etc.)
    • Road expansion joints

    We specialise in:

    Repairing sidewalk gaps – extend the life of your concrete sidewalks by preventing water from seeping between the sidewalk and the building.

    Re-caulking can also prevent weed growth, increase curb appeal and improve safety for your customers.

    Re-Caulking of exterior penetrations – including window and door perimeters, concrete precast, masonry and stucco control joints. Our specialised application protects your finished concrete floor from spalling and premature wear on expansion joints. Once the material is pumped into the joint, the excess is shaved off to be even with the floor. This allows for smooth travel over joints and creates protection of joints where heavy equipment such as forklifts or heavy loads are being moved over the joints.

    Re-caulking adds a professional finished look to your warehouse floor and has a quick curing time.

    We are a Melbourne based business operating in all parts of Melbourne and Victoria.

    Just Caulk It is a professional caulking business specialising in all aspects of silicone and polyurethane.

    We are doing domestic and commercial work equipped with all tickets ready to work.

    We feel confident, and we are assuring you that you will feel happy about choosing us.

    Remember, if you are not sure what to do with some cracks, Just Caulk It! 😉

    Complete Epoxy - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    complete epoxy

    0410 777 419

    If you are a wise homeowner, then you are surely aware of the fact that there will be repairs and maintenance tasks that come up all the time. Although you wisely maintain your home, one thing that frustrates you the most is replacing the caulking so many times. But if you choose expert Caulking Services Melbourne, you can have peace of mind for the leaks in your residential or commercial areas.

    At Complete Epoxy, we have been providing superior quality caulking services treating bathtubs, mirrors, tiles, benchtops, toilets, basins, splashbacks, sinks, and multi-shower stalls. Apart from this, we can also provide service for the swimming pool joints. We offer professional and efficient silicon and polyurethane Caulking Services for the internal and external areas. Besides this, we also offer high quality and reliable Tile & Glue Removal Melbourne as per the diversified requirements of our esteemed clients throughout Melbourne.

    Anti-slip flooring 100% solids epoxy

    Get The Most Reliable & Specialised Caulking Services Melbourne

    Have you found any crack or gap in your bathtub, sink or basin area of your house? And do you want to get rid of that problem in the most efficient manner? Then choosing the expert and specialised Caulking Services, Melbourne would be great for you, and Complete Epoxy would be your one-stop place for you. Having years of expertise, we have been providing high quality and trustworthy caulking service for your residential as well as commercial properties.

    Owing to our expertise and extensive knowledge, we have become the renowned Commercial Caulking Contractors Melbourne. We can treat and solve all the leakage of any of your spaces, whether it be the windows, doors, bathtubs, basin or toilets. We ensure you have the most efficient, qualitative and reliable service because we utilise advanced machinery and materials for sealing the gaps and cracks. Moreover, our offered range of services is the most affordable and friendly to your budget.

    So why do you need to wait longer for your requirements of efficient and trustworthy Caulking Services Melbourne when we are just a call away? Feel free to give us a call on 0410 777 418 or send us a message regarding any of your queries!

    Family Owned & Operated Epoxy Flooring Experts In Melbourne

    Are you finding for the most renowned and trustworthy service provider for the most efficient flooring service in Melbourne? Then Complete Epoxy would be your perfect choice. We are a family-owned and operated service provider who has gained a reputation amongst the most prominent Epoxy Flooring Experts in Melbourne. When you choose us you, will have the most reliable and cost-effective service for your residential, commercial or industrial properties in Australia.

    At Complete Epoxy, we have been providing the most affordable and high-quality flooring and epoxy services that are rendered by utilising superior grade materials and modern technology. Apart from this, our offered services can be customised as per the diversified requirements of our precious clients. We always try to understand all the necessities of our clients and ensure to offer proficient and qualitative services, including

    • Polished Concrete
    • Tile & Glue Removal
    • Concrete Grinding & Repair
    • Floor Leveling
    • Food-Grade Flooring
    • Epoxy Coatings & Flooring
    • Industrial Waterproofing
    • Terrazzo Flooring
    • Caulking
    • polished concrete floors,

    Why Should You Choose Us For Having Epoxy Flooring Services In Melbourne?

    Due to our extensive expertise and deep knowledge in the field of Epoxy Coatings & Floorings, we provide an array of flooring services that are the most efficient and reliable in terms of quality and longevity. Along with this, our offered services are rendered as per the industry norms and regulations so you can have the most trustworthy services. At Complete Epoxy, we have a team of skilled, qualified and experienced professionals who render the flooring service with the utmost precision and quality.

    We always try our best to provide the most efficient and hassle-free service to our clients whenever they hire us. So when you choose us, you will have the peace of mind that you will get superior quality service by investing your hard-earned money with leading Flooring Contractors in Melbourne. Apart from this, our offered range of services is the most affordable and friendly to your budget.

    Thus, if you want to be beneficial by our proficient and skilled Epoxy Flooring Experts Melbourne, then feel free to give us a call on 0410 777 418 or if you require further information about our services, then send us a message regarding any of your queries!

    FKR Constructions - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    fkr constructions

    0408 545 195

    Working with concrete demands a specialised set of skills and years of experience, which is why finding a reliable company that strives for the best possible standards is important. That company in Melbourne is FKR Constructions & Services, and we’re here to help you out with all of your concrete and concrete repair requirements. Our company has been working in and around the Melbourne area for over 16 years, providing our valued clients with an exceptional level of workmanship and customer care.

    Are you looking for the perfect floors for your home or business? Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the choices on the market? Maybe you’ve just moved house, and you desperately need to replace the old rotting floorboards, or perhaps you’re looking to spruce up your office space with a modern and stunning twist? Whatever flooring dilemma you’re facing, we’ve got you covered. Here at FKR, we have over 16 years of experience in the construction industry and have provided many of our valued customers with the best polished concrete Melbourne has ever seen.

    FKR Constructions & Services specialise in all aspects of concrete & concrete repairs.

    Fernando has over 15 years of experience in the industry in both commercial & domestic work. East link freeway, sugarloaf pipeline, west gate bridge, south Morang rail line, Goulburn Murry river are only a few projects we’ve had the pleasure to work on so far.

    At FKR Constructions & Services, no job is too big or too small. If we’re unable to assist you, we will refer you to someone who will, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Silkroad Contractors - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    silkroad contractors

    0423 313 048

    Our Services

    Our team is qualified to deliver its phenomenal services in a variety of disciplines, including:

    • Floor And Wall Tiling
    • Waterproofing /Membrane Application
    • Paving/Stone Tiling
    • Screeding
    • Caulking And Sealing

    Our team is qualified to deliver its phenomenal services in a variety of disciplines, including:

    • Bathrooms
    • Laundries
    • Kitchens
    • Lift Lobbies / Entrances
    • External Paving
    • Floor And Wall Tiling
    • Waterproofing

    Silkroad Contractors Pty Ltd is a Melbourne based tiling company with years of extensive experience in the field.

    Silkroad Contractors has witnessed rapid growth in recent years due to its credibility and being a value-driven company as opposed to a typical money-driven firm.

    The founder is proud of his heritage and strives to bring the best tiling has ever offered.

    Our diverse team of tilers have national & international experience in the field. Our team is capable of delivering quality service in complex projects.

    Lexa Tiling - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    lexa tiling

    0425 802 037

    Silicone caulking

    Caulking is usually a final stage in the tiling process when all tiling and grouting is done. Silicone is applied in 90-degree corners. This prevents the water from getting behind the tiles (floor walls corners, walls to ceiling, mitre cuts, around the cabinets etc.). Caulking is not just for the bathrooms or any wet areas. It is also for any part of the house (bottom of the MDF skirting boards, joinery) inside and outside of the house. We are using only the best leading companies in the tiling market.

    With over 15 years of experience, Alexei is passionate about all forms of tiling.

    Alexei has extensive tilling knowledge from basic renovations to new home constructions.

    With Lexa Tiling, it is essential that the job is done to the highest quality, not just about a beautiful finish and modern design but also with durability for the long term.

    Why Choose Us


    Lexa tiling team take pride in providing quality workmanship to the highest standards using the latest techniques and materials with a fresh modern approach.


    We are making sure that the job is done to the highest quality, not just about a beautiful finish and modern design but also with durability for the long term.


    Tiling is what we are experts in and what we love to do best.

    Strategic Tiling - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    strategic tiling

    0487 435 726

    Working from the smallest tile repair to full bathroom remodelling and renovations, the team at Strategic Tiling are skilled industry professionals. We cover all aspects of tiling in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

    A standard Strategic Tiling service can leave OUTDOOR TILING refreshed. For areas with severe water damage, call us for a reliable inspection and quote. We are also Melbourne’s expert pool tilers.

    Strategic Tiling has a wide range of services and treatments for NATURAL STONE RESTORATION. We can:

    • Clean and polish
    • Buff
    • Seal your natural stone back to its original beauty

    Sealing gives longer-lasting protection against scratches and stains accentuating the natural colour of your stone. We can complete your granite, slate and marble restoration in Melbourne.

    Strategic Tiling carries out all external and internal waterproofing. We service all areas of Melbourne and are fully qualified in WATERPROOFING SERVICES.

    Membranes are great at ensuring that your background is completely waterproofed. Be it your balcony, shower, and all other wet areas to ensure protection and resistance from leaking water.

    Strategic Tiling applies a waterproof poly-fibre cloth to all main junction joints 80-100mm up the wall between the adjoining floor and walls. We also apply industrial waterproof polyurethane seals. This will help to establish correct drainage before the application of tiles. The process ensures that draining water does not weaken the seals, grout and adhesives of your tiles.

    Strategic Tiling is based in Melbourne. Its founder, Russell Smith, has over 20 years of industry experience. Our company specialises in repairing leaking balconies, leaking showers and are fully licensed to apply waterproof membranes. Working from the smallest tile repair to full bathroom remodelling and renovations, the team at Strategic Tiling are skilled industry professionals. We cover all aspects of tiling in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

    Strategic Tiling prides itself on its punctuality, reliability and customer service reinforced by testimonials throughout this website. We strive to provide the highest quality workmanship setting us apart from our competitors. All aspects of our work are guaranteed for 7 years.

    If you have a leaking shower or balcony, Strategic Tiling aims to stop your shower or balcony leaks without removing tiles. This process involves removing the grout with specialised tools and applying a number of various products. A standard Strategic Tiling shower service usually takes between 2-4 hrs which includes regrouting your walls and applying new seals. We can also supply and install tiles receiving customer discounts from various tile distributors.

    We are respectful when carrying out work in our clients’ homes, ensuring they are treated as our own. We employ clean, presentable technicians, clean vehicles with tools and materials required for each job and drop sheets to protect our clients’ homes and furniture.

    We offer quotes and estimates free of charge and are always happy to discuss any aspects of the job from the design, preparation and suitability on our site visit.

    GroutPro - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne


    1800 822 450

    Is mopping the tiles not leaving you with a sparkling clean floor anymore?

    Is the silicone in your shower starting to grow mould?

    Do your tiles, pavers, or hard surfaces in your home or business need to be upgraded, but you don’t want to renovate?

    GroutPro can restore and help you maintain the look of your tiled areas with a thorough tile and grout clean. GroutPro could have your tiled area looking as good as new for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

    Our team of highly trained grout and tile cleaners use state of the art technology and the latest tile cleaning equipment to transform your tiled areas completely.

    Cleaning tiles and grout are all we do, and that’s one of the reasons why we’re Australia’s top experts with guaranteed grout cleaning results.

    Whether you want your tiles and grout cleaned, repaired, protected or grout recoloured, we have specialists across Australia who can make those grubby tiles look new again.

    Book a GroutPro quote

    The combination of Australia’s No.1 tile and grout restoration specialist in conjunction with GroutPro’s scientifically designed and tested cleaning and sealing products means we can guarantee our work every time.

    With over 50 GroutPro Specialists across Australia, we can get the job done.

    • We can save you money! We provide cost-effective solutions to improve your home or business space
    • We can make your tiles and hard surfaces look ‘brand new’ without the need or cost of renovating
    • We fit into your schedule to ensure there is minimal disruption for you
    • Our services are guaranteed to improve the safety, hygiene and appearance of your space.

    Talk to a GroutPro specialist today.

    For any enquiries regarding the restoration or maintenance of your tiled areas or to request a quote, please enter your details, and your local GroutPro franchisee will be in touch to arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

    Caulking serves some very important functions for a painter -- from sealing out moisture and drafts from a building to concealing cracks and gaps in exterior siding or interior walls prior to painting. But a bad caulking job will not only bring down the overall quality of the finished project, but it can also defeat the point of what you’ve spent so much time trying to accomplish in the first place.

    Save & Seal - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    save & seal

    1300 479 201

    Beyond aesthetic reasons, caulking is a seal between two surfaces or areas to keep water from entering and damaging homes and buildings. As waterproofing is the key process to prevent water damage to properties, Save & Seal are the experts in caulking services in Melbourne.

    Bathrooms are a loaded hub of activities with outlets, toilets, tubs, showers, faucets, venting fans, showerheads and much more. Amidst all this, almost everyone has that shower that isn’t tight enough. In such circumstances and beyond the drip-drip sound, the leaking shower can pose a serious risk to the environment. Whatever may be the cause of leaking, Save & Seal and the team is equipped with all the expertise to take care of your leaking shower repairs in Melbourne.

    Bathroom Waterproofing Services Melbourne:

    Repairing leaking showers and waterproofing the wet areas in the washroom is of utmost importance to prevent water damage to the property. Our professionals are efficiently trained and certified to provide a no-leak guarantee to all the projects undertaken. We use the latest technology and upgraded methods, ensuring the best results.

    Leaking Shower Repairs: After a complete on-site inspection and assessing the area for the source of leakage, our professionals take a convenient time to provide quality results. With our affordable caulking services in Melbourne, we prevent water intrusion in the property and other devastating effects.

    Tile Repairs and Shower Regrouting Melbourne: Providing a cost-effective alternative to tile replacements, the no-tiles removal regrouting and cracked/broken tile repair solutions from Save & Seal can bring a new life to your property. Our shower regrouting services offer a high level of professional workmanship, exceeding the Australian standard requirements.

    We arrive on time and guarantee results to 100% customer satisfaction. Call us for the most affordable services at competitive prices!

    With over years of combined trade experience, Save & Seal offers its customers confidence, service and peace of mind. Knowing that their job will be done right the first time. Our broad industry knowledge stems from both commercial and residential construction, where we have worked in all forms of waterproofing, sealing, tile grouting, screeding, and tiling. From small tile repair to full bathroom regrouting, we can do it all. The Save & Seal team are well-known skilled industry professionals, qualified and licensed to repair and re-seal any bathrooms. Whilst learning our trades at other companies over the years, a group of trade professionals came together, bringing with them the best experience, skill and knowledge available. 

    Together with a huge understanding and respect for its clients Save & Seal prides itself on its punctuality, reliability and customer service. From our first initial visit to quote a job right through the repair process, we treat our client’s homes as if they were our own! Clean, presentable trade technicians, clean fully stocked vehicles with materials and tools required for each job and drop sheets to protect our client’s homes and furnishings. 

    Minimal fuss. Maximum effort. It’s because of this that we can not only claim but also proudly say that we actually work with some of Melbourne’s largest builders, Real Estates, Plumbers and Hotel Chains. Providing service, warranty and repairs across Melbourne. No gimmicks, cheap promises or slogans, just honesty and integrity… That’s what we offer at Save & Seal.

    Pro Seal Melbourne - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    pro seal melbourne

    03 9001 0421

    Caulking Service To Regrouting, Balcony Regrouting, Shower Regrouting And Tile Regrouting in Melbourne At Best Price.

    Pro Seal Melbourne is a Melbourne owned company and expert repairer providing a permanent

    The solution is to fix your leaking showers and balconies without removing tiles.

    The use of our wide range of products enables us to get high customer satisfaction

    and reliability which is recommended throughout the market.

    Our services are used in the domestic property and also in commercial areas by

    Real Estate Agents, Builders, Plumbers, Maintenance Managers, Hotels and more.

    Through a high level of client service, superior own branded products and an exceptional work

    standard, the Pro Seal Melbourne team can provide a cost-effective solution to you.

    Proseal Melbourne is a Regrouting Melbourne owned company and expert repairer offering an actual, long term treatment to fix leaking showers, balconies and other wet places without removing tiles.

    The use of our renowned range of top quality products allows us to achieve high client satisfaction and stability that is advised throughout the market.

    Our services are widely used in the domestic market and supported in industrial areas by Real Estate Agents, Builders, Plumbers, Hotels and more.

    At Proseal Melbourne, we purpose to be the leading respected repairer of leaking showers and balconies, as well as other wet spots within the sealing industry.

    Through a high level of client service, remarkable branded products and a wonderful work standard, then we can attain a genuine cost-effective answer to you, the client. This is our main concern!

    Melbourne is a vast and bountiful area, and we take pride in helping one of its major places – Melbourne! We understand that the region demands a great deal of top quality bathroom and balcony regrouting Melbourne service jobs.

    We have a mobile service which enables us to make an assurance. You can call Proseal Melbourne at any time, from any place and get a team member to come to your doorway for anything from a leaking shower to a damaged tile.

    Call us for any of the following solutions we specialise in:

    Leaking shower repair, leaking balcony repair, waterproofing, tiling, glass screen restoration, Caulking, tile regrouting, Balcony Regrouting and Shower Regrouting services in Melbourn and more.

    With an obligation free quote. Our staff will come to your premises to expertly identify the issue and give you an exact estimate on time and cost to fix the problem, completely free of charge.

    Proflex Caulking - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    proflex caulking

    0415 617 789

    Caulking New Buildings

    Proflex Caulking contracts to quality builders, domestic and commercial, and directly with homeowners to caulk new buildings according to the building code throughout the West of Melbourne.


    Proflex Caulking provides caulking solutions to all types of unsightly gaps and joins to give a professional superior finish to every building project, every time.

    Most buildings over 20 years old have not been caulked

    Whether it’s your home, office, or rental property, it’s important to keep maintenance up to date to avoid costly damage later.

    Proflex Caulking caulk all around the West of Melbourne, working directly with the Home Owner or Builder on both Domestic and Commercial Properties.

    Proflex Caulking provides Professional Caulking solutions for all types of unsightly gaps and joins to give a seamless, professional, superior finish to every building project.

    With over 18 years of experience in the building industry, Proflex Caulking provides the highest quality in knowledge, service, workmanship and materials to suit all types of projects from repair and maintenance of existing caulking to worn/untidy seals, small extensions to large commercial buildings. We aim to deliver outstanding service and to finish your project on time with peace of mind that the job is caulked properly and professionally. With experience in both the domestic and commercial industries, we are able to provide our clientele with the best of knowledge, service and skill.

    Different jobs require different applications, whether it requires silicone, polyurethane or fire caulk. We will advise you on the correct application and material for your project.

    Caulking is the action of applying specialised sealants and materials to joints, gaps, expansion joints or holes which may cause harm to structures if left exposed, in addition to providing a superior cosmetic finish in bathrooms, kitchens and skirting boards, etc. Caulking is applied instead of grout in tiling joints at the wall to floor junctions where tiles meet window and door architraves, bowls, spa baths, etc., and is more flexible. With natural movement, grout can crack and break away, which then allows water to penetrate the glue and seals that hold the tiles in place. Without silicone in wet areas to create a seal, moisture gathers to create a mould which is unhygienic as well as unsightly and possibly cause water damage.

    Proflex Calking offers competitive rates without compromising quality.

    We take full responsibility for the quality of our work, are fully insured and can provide you with advice on the best products for every job to give you the perfect result every time.

    Professional Caulking Services - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    professional caulking services

    0422 115 625

    Professional Caulking Services is a small business operating in Melbourne providing the highest quality in service, workmanship and materials to suit all types of construction from small extensions to large commercial buildings.

    Part of our service, which sets us apart from our competitors, is that we at Professional Caulking Services offer both mid-range sealants and the highest quality sealants to complement your project. We also specialise in the repair and maintenance of existing caulking to replace worn, discoloured or untidy seals to all surfaces. 

    Professional Caulking Services is fully insured and union compliant and deliver an outstanding service to finish your project on time and give peace of mind that the job is caulked properly and professionally. 

    If you are looking for a caulker in Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula, then Professional Caulking Services offer competitive rates without compromising quality and are happy to offer discounts on bigger jobs with a high volume. Caulking and sealants are often the least thought about and contribute the lowest percentage to a project’s overall cost; however, they can become the biggest problem if a project starts to leak. Caulking is a term used to describe several different processes to seal joints in various structures. It also refers to the application of flexible sealing compounds to close up gaps in buildings and other structures against water, noise, insects, vermin, air and dust. Caulking also has cosmetic properties and can improve the appearance of nearly all aspects of the building process. We take full responsibility for the quality of our work and can provide you with advice on the best products for every job to give you the perfect result every time. Our aim is to provide you with the best service, advice, workmanship and products and leave you with no hesitation in recommending Professional Caulking Services to your family and friends. All our professional applicators have been trained in correct procedures and have excellent knowledge of the products and techniques that we employ.

    If you have any further questions about our restoration services or any of the other services we provide and how they may benefit you, please contact us, and we will be happy to help you make an informed decision about what may be the best fit for your needs.

    Caulking Specialties

    • Caulking of Bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, powder rooms.
    • Caulking of ceramic and porcelain tiling.
    • Caulking of Natural and manmade stone.
    • Caulking of skirting boards.
    • Caulking of joinery.
    • Caulking of Stone.
    • Removal and repairing of existing caulking.
    • Caulking of window frames.
    • Caulking of brick expansion joints.
    • Removal of silicone
    • Caulking of concrete saw cuts.
    • Plus, many more General caulking and gap sealing applications.

    Eastern Sealant Services - Caulking & Regrouting Contractors Melbourne

    eastern sealant

    0401 171 146

    We are specialising in all aspects of Caulking Services and Products. Whether you are building, extending or repairing, you can rely on Eastern Sealant Services for the best product and skilled workmanship.

    Eastern Sealant Services have been providing a range of professional Caulking services around Melbourne for a number of years.

    In the building industry, they say that proper caulking is 1.8% of construction cost but accounts for 83% of building defects if not done right the first time. So it is essential that you choose the right caulking contractor.

    Here at Eastern Sealant Services, we are the experts and can provide you with long-lasting, effective and economical Caulking solutions to suit your needs.

    No matter if you need your Tiles, Window Frames, Cement Sheeting, Construction/Expansion Joints, Concrete Panels, Aluminium Panels sealed – we do it all, and all with a high-Quality product and finish.

    Caulking forms a flexible seal for cracks, gaps, or joints up to an inch wide. We use a variety of caulking compound’s to seal air leaks/water leaks in a variety of places throughout your structure, including around windows and door frames.

    In addition to sealing air leaks, caulking can also prevent water damage inside and outside of the structure when applied around Taps, ceiling fixtures, water pipes, drains, bathtubs and other plumbing fixtures.

    With over 15 years in the industry, we have been providing a range of high quality and professional caulking services in and around Melbourne.

    But we’re not just limited to these areas. We also service various parts of Victoria. Just an example of the areas we have serviced includes; Healesville, Benalla, Moe, Ocean Grove, Langwarrin, Balnarring, Bon Beach, Black Rock, plus many more!

    You can rest assured you’ll get a quality service and product finish.

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