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100+ Best Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shops in Melbourne, Victoria (2022)

Getting engaged is the first exciting step to a lifelong journey. Most women are thrilled by a marriage proposal and can’t wait to show friends and families their dazzling engagement ring. However, this is only the beginning. The wedding band is the treasure that joins two hearts together.

On the hunt of Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shops in Melbourne, Victoria? Finding the right wedding ring can be a stressful endeavour. After all, there are so many stores, options, and prices out there to consider.

So, finding Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shops that offers supreme service and a carefully curated selection of rings is a true life-saver.

To help you get started on your ring hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shops from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

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Top List of Best Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shops in Melbourne

Temple & Grace - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

temple & grace

0414 500 999

Australia’s finest engagement and wedding rings

Planning for your big day is exciting and Temple and Grace can ensure that your special day is celebrated in style with finely crafted engagement rings and wedding bands. Temple and Grace take pride in being trusted Sydney based engagement and wedding ring specialists. Being master jewel-smiths themselves means that every piece of jewellery is handmade with careful attention to detail.

If you’re planning for your big moment, you can visit Temple and Grace in Sydney or buy wedding rings online. Temple and Grace have over a thousand wedding bands and wedding ring sets to choose from. While the look of the engagement ring and wedding ring is important, it is recommended that you keep both, your choice of precious metal and lifestyle in mind.

To ensure that you get the best value for your money, it is pivotal to note that when you buy engagement rings, diamond rings and wedding rings online from Temple and Grace, you will save over 40% when compared to high-street jewellery retailers. So how do you save so much? It’s simple. All Temple and Grace jewellery is made in-house. Every diamond ring, engagement ring and wedding band that you see online is handcrafted directly at the Temple and Grace jewellery boutique in Sydney. We are renowned goldsmiths and loose diamond specialists. With in-depth understanding of precious metal such as gold and platinum, we guarantee that we can make you the finest diamond wedding bands and gold wedding rings. Visit us or shop online to experience finesse and high quality wedding and engagement jewellery.

The story behind the making of Temple and Grace

The difference between high-end and classy fine jewellery and cheap looking jewellery is the finesse with which it is made. Temple and Grace jewellery is crafted with much needed passion and precision. Trading in fine jewellery is very different from making fine jewellery. Being skilful jewel smiths, Temple and Grace understand how to make gold and diamond jewellery to exacting standards. When you open a Temple and Grace wedding ring box, you can see how beautifully the ring has been made. The smiles on the clients’ faces keep Temple and Grace in business day after day.

A wedding is a special occasion and choosing a reputed jeweller is vital. A perfect wedding ring cannot be bought off-the-shelf. Even if you like a certain ring style, it needs to be customised precisely to your finger size. A well-crafted platinum or gold wedding band looks extraordinary and feels ultra-comfortable. Since 2015, Temple and Grace has been passionate about handcrafting the finest gold rings, platinum rings and diamond rings for men and women. You will also find a fine selection of women’s jewellery including gold bracelets, diamond bracelets, necklaces, earrings and gemstone rings.

The success of Temple and Grace is due to continually striving to design, handcraft and retail the most stunning wedding bands and engagement rings online. If you’re looking for cheap wedding rings, Temple and Grace have Australia’s largest range of titanium wedding rings, zirconium wedding rings and stainless steel wedding rings. No matter what metal and budget you have in mind, Temple and Grace are Australia’s finest online jewellers for good reason.

The Temple and Grace team take immense pride in knowing that every day they are part of someone’s special moment. This joy of playing a role in a couples' dreams and their commitment of a lifetime together makes the team at Temple and Grace come to work everyday.

Holloway Diamonds - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

holloway diamonds

03 9593 2198

Welcome to Holloway Diamonds

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Holloway Diamonds, our reputation and our successes in the industry.

Let’s start with you …

About YOU first

Do you want a diamond ring or expensive jewel that sparkles like crazy, is icy white with no visible flaws? With a GIA certificate? In other words, the best diamond cut possible.

You can choose from an extensive range of custom design a unique piece of jewellery by working one on one with our designers and jewellers.

We are the best (not the cheapest).

Our diamonds sparkle like crazy because I am a diamond-cut expert. I invented the tools Ideal-Scope, ASET & HCA. Tools used all over the world by the best diamond cutters, buyers and sellers.

About Garry Holloway – Diamond Cut Expert

Founder, Owner and ‘CutNut’

I graduated as a geologist and backpacked overland to London. I bought gems in Asia and taught myself to make jewellery. In 1976 I opened Precious Metals on a shoe-string budget. I changed the name to Holloway Diamonds in 2006. I couldn’t afford diamonds back then.

In 1984 I did well at the Gemmological Association of Australia’s Diamond Technology course. During the course, I invented the Ideal-Scope. Later I taught the course and was a national convenor for several years. I became a passionate diamond ‘Cut Nut’ crusading to improve the cut quality of all diamonds.

In the year 2000, I launched the US-patented Holloway Cut Adviser (HCA) – an online cut grading system. HCA has been used to grade billions of dollars worth of diamonds. GIA’s cut grading system came several years later, and it’s not as strict as HCA. About 80% of GIA XXX diamonds fail. HCA has been used by the public and trade to grade the cut quality of billions of dollars of diamonds.

The same year I began selling Ideal-Scopes, and in 2005 I made the handheld ASET scope for the American Gem Society. Both are sold on ASET is the best tool for selecting fancy shaped diamonds.

As a ‘Cut Group’ founder, we developed advanced diamond cutting equipment used by thousands of diamond cutters.

About Holloway Diamonds

Our Canterbury and Brighton stores offer specialised expert service. Designers, jewellers, setters, gemologists and valuers are working as a team under one roof. Garry buys our diamonds directly from the best cutters overseas.

We sell only natural diamonds and gems. We offer a trade-up service and give you credit for what you paid for any diamonds we sell. That’s why we don’t sell man-made / LGD diamonds. They keep falling in value by about 20% a year.

We are committed to ethical, social and sustainable environmental practices. We sponsor the Diamond Development Initiative that works with artisanal mining communities. We were the first Australian business to pass the Responsible Jewellery Council audit. We introduced low energy LED lighting a decade ago.

We changed our name in 2006 from Precious Metals to Holloway Diamonds.

Diamond Story - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

diamond story

03 9642 3640

About Diamond Story

Diamond Story is the new place to source and buy diamonds!

With offices in Melbourne and Hong Kong with another to open in SE Asia, we truly are an international company dedicated to sourcing the best value stones! Our Hong Kong office allows us to get even better pricing from our suppliers, which we pass on to you!

With more than a dozen years in the industry, you can be assured that you get the best prices, advice and workmanship at Diamond Story!

We take pride in the fact that our diamond specialists give blunt advice! We do not believe in sugar-coating, just honest advice. We believe that you will do your own research to back up what we tell you is correct!

No pushy salespeople here! Just honest and experienced staff whose job is to ensure you know exactly what you are buying.

We specialise in custom jewellery design! Our master jeweller has over 40 years of experience in handcrafted jewellery and specialises in producing items of the most exceptional beauty.

We also offer a CAD service for clients to visually see what their dream piece will look like.

Give us a call and set up an appointment! We guarantee you will leave you better informed and educated than when you walked in!

Our Services

  • Custom design of all manner of jewellery, including engagement rings, wedding bands, couple rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets
  • Sourcing of specific diamonds
  • Wholesale of diamonds to retail! Retailers contact us for more details.
  • Gemstone sourcing
  • Diamonds, gemstones and precious metals trade-in
  • Jewellery valuation
  • Jewellery repair and resetting service. Bring your old rings in for a new breath of life!


  • Lowest prices in Australia!
  • All diamonds sold are Conflict-free, and we are signatories of the Kimberley Resolution.
  • Specialising in 100% eye-clean diamonds with no brown, green or milky discolouration
  • 100% money-back guarantee on our GIA certified diamonds subject to our terms and conditions.
  • Lifetime warranty on any manufacturing defects in the metal
  • Free lifetime professional cleaning
  • One complimentary resize per year for the life of the ring!
  • Q Report certified jeweller

Victoria Mason - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

victoria mason jewellery

About Victoria

CloseUpPortraitHiResVictoria Mason is a jeweller working in Melbourne. She tells stories through jewellery & small sculpture by distilling a feeling or an idea into a seemingly simple object.

“If you choose to add more things to the world, try to make them useful, beautiful and well made. We live our lives in a state of busyness, barely slowing down at times, fearful of the silence. Is it advisable to maintain this pace, or can we sometimes allow the quietness in, just for a few minutes a day, to recalibrate our emotions.”

Victoria has amassed a collection of powerful designs over the years, which tap into those quieter feelings and resonate with a broad spectrum of people. Working in jewellery & small sculpture has allowed her to tell stories through objects, to remind us of times in our own lives that allowed for more introspection, more considered observation.

Sometimes the most complex ideas can be distilled into a simple shape or spark of memory & this is what Victoria’s work allows us to do. The balance between beauty & function has been realised through years of studying both the technical side & the emotional resonance of jewellery. It is through keen observation skills & an ability to translate those feelings into objects that result in a body of work that is meaningful to so many people.

Work History

Victoria Mason has made jewellery for over 20 years, starting at Sydney College of the Arts, where she completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in Jewellery & Object Design under the guidance of contemporary jewellers such as Helge Larsen, Margaret West & Rowena Gough. After graduation, she completed an apprenticeship in Trade Jewellery, working under master jeweller Raoul Merten.

In 1999 she completed a Diploma in Gemmology, the combination of all 3 studies allowing her to translate ideas into beautifully realised pieces. Victoria started her own jewellery practice in 2002 and has shown her work through galleries such as Makers Mark & Outre Gallery (Vic) as well as exhibitions at Sturt Gallery (NSW) & KickArts Gallery (QLD). In 2012, Victoria teamed with the multi-disciplinary artist, Ghostpatrol, to make 2 limited edition artworks of small sculpture + prints called Witchn & Book Protect.

Later that year, she was asked to take part in a tribute exhibition for the late Vali Myers, where she produced another limited edition piece of jewellery which were snapped up by Vali’s loyal admirers. Victoria’s work is held in private collections in Russia, UK, America, China, Scotland, Canada, Denmark, Portugal & many more. For those who admire Victoria Mason’s jewellery, there is often a strong emotional response to her work. Victoria makes a combination of small-production pieces that are sold throughout Australia, as well as one-off commissions & collaborations.

Larsen Jewellery - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

larsen jewellery

(03) 9662 3006

Ethical · Sustainable · Thoughtful · Treasured

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are 100% carbon neutral, and we are one of the only jewellers in Melbourne that offers Fairtrade Gold. On top of that, we donate 10% of profits to charity every year.

Friendly Service

We are known for our down-to-earth and friendly service. Our Melbourne studio provides a relaxed setting where you deal directly with our jewellers who guide you through the options so that you end up with a diamond and design that is just right for you.

Superior Quality

Our engagement rings are made locally in our Melbourne CBD studio by our own team of expert jewellers to the highest standards of workmanship, and all our engagement rings are covered by a lifetime guarantee.

Superior quality starts with the design process at our Melbourne Victoria studio. With many years of experience, our jewellers have the knowledge of how to design your engagement ring in a way that ensures that it will last a lifetime, and they have an eye for what is aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to crafting your ring, we go the extra mile and spend whatever time is required to achieve a perfect end result. We have strict minimum tolerances to ensure the structural integrity of your ring, and we have a thorough quality control process that all our jewellery goes through. In short, at every stage, quality is our number one priority.

History & Background

Larsen Jewellery is a family-owned business established by Lars and Susie Larsen, whose team of talented jewellers draw on more than 150 years of experience in the jewellery industry.

The business was established with a vision of providing customers direct access to a jewellery workshop to offer a combination of exquisite workmanship, personal service and competitive workshop prices. We are also the first and only business in Australia to introduce the unique and innovative concept of making each other’s wedding rings under the guidance of an expert jeweller.

Larsen Jewellery is based in Sydney’s historic Strand Arcade and Melbourne’s GPO building and has plans to expand to other capital cities in the near future, including Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

What We Do

At Larsen Jewellery, you deal directly with the jewellers at our studios, and all our fine jewellery is custom made by our talented jewellers.

We specialise in custom made engagement rings and wedding bands and sell loose diamonds at competitive workshop prices. We also custom make a wide range of other types of fine jewellery, from diamond earrings to pendants and bracelets.

Larsen Jewellery also offers the unique and romantic experience of handcrafting each other’s wedding rings under the guidance of a jeweller, known as the Wedding Ring Experience.

Trewarne Jewellery - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

trewarne jewellery

03 9654 9806


At Trewarne, we understand that while the ring symbolises your love, it’s the memory and romance of this moment that lasts forever. Utilise our 80 years of experience to make the proposal memorable and find the perfect ring that she will love—a ring to treasure forever and remind you of this wonderful time in your life.

Trewarne Fine Jewellery has been designing diamond jewellery for over 80 years in Melbourne. Now a fourth-generation business, it’s still the same in many ways as it always was, with customer satisfaction at the core of our aims. We love jewellery and the emotions it brings.


Jewellery Designer / Owner

Over the last 25 years, Travis has seen fashion trends come and go in Melbourne, Australia. But one thing he knows for certain is that love will always reinvent itself to the young and old alike. “I’ve designed jewellery for all occasions; engagements, weddings, birthdays and christenings, to name a few. When it comes to giving that perfectly symbolic jewellery gift, I get an amazing sense of satisfaction helping people find the correct design and love seeing the emotions that jewellery can bring to the special person in their life”

Franco Jewellers - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

franco jewellers

(03) 9564 7756


Franco Jewellers, leading Melbourne Jeweller of Collins street, is one of those rare companies that launch exclusive collections, which consistently set the barometer for the most coveted accessories. Today, we are proud to be a jewellery retailer offering consistency, luxury, quality bespoke custom designs, and with 50 years of experience in the retail jewellery industry.

A creative passion for fashion and accessories runs in the Franco family. It began when Franco Ceresiani migrated from Italy in 1956 after completing a jewellery and watchmaking course and decided to begin his career in the world of jewellery two years later. Working in Ballarat for Thomas Jewellers, Franco planned to hit the big city of Melbourne, where he managed the shop for Simpson Jewellers before deciding to place his own mark.

Franco opened his first jewellery shop in the CBD of Melbourne, just steps away from the GPO, in 1968. The Elizabeth Street shop was the beginning of a successful family business that grew to three stores over a period of three decades. Franco Jewellers became one of the only Italian jewellers located in the CBD at the time, and as a result, built a strong and dedicated clientele. Featuring imported Jewellery and Swiss watch brands, Franco’s success climbed, and the range of jewellery offered expanded.

Nine years later, Franco extended the business and opened a second store in Centrepoint, Bourke Street, in 1979, with the third store opening in Melbourne Central in 1991. “In 1994, we were approached by Chadstone Shopping Centre to open a store, so we ended up with three stores right up until 2003,” recalls Daniela.

Today, Franco Jewellers has two boutiques located in Collins Street, one in St Collins Lane as a flagship boutique, and the other in the Manchester Building for a private appointment style boutique, offering privacy and one on one service. “We decided to keep both boutiques as we were able to maintain quality, more high-end stock, and personalised service as there is a family member in both stores.”


Sisters Silvana and Daniela Ceresiani play a major part in the company’s aesthetic. Under their astute eyes, and together with their mother, Connie Ceresiani, Franco Jewellers has showcased highly successful Italian collections.

Their love of jewels came from being involved in Franco Jewellers, her family’s trade. “I am used to working with my father. I have grown up seeing gemstones, looking at diamonds and jewellery,” says Daniela. The family business loomed large during the Daniela’s formative years. Together with her sister Silvana, they would work around the shop selling watchbands at the age of 13. With the help of Franco and Connie, they learnt the ropes, and after graduating from university, they both decided to join the family business where they have been dedicated for almost 20 years. Today, Franco Jewellers has reinvented themselves to a jewellery house that is less mainstream and more upmarket. Creating a niche market by sourcing the latest collections from international jewellery fairs, Franco Jewellers is constantly exploring new avenues and remaining one step ahead.

ME Jewellers - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

me jewellers

(03) 9621 1123

The Secret is Out

Where once ME Jewellers was the hidden gem of a boutique store, it is now well known for the place to go for all your jewellery needs. Whether you want to custom make something special or choose something off the shelf, you will get quality and value for your money. The staff are good-natured, knowledgable and happy to assist. The jewellery is a fantastic collection of new and estate. This site showcases a small selection of ME Jewellers range of jewellery, whereas the store in Melbourne CBD holds a larger selection. So come on in if you are in the neighbourhood and pay us a visit.

Jewellery Store Melbourne – About ME Jewellers

Located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, ME Jewellers connects the past and creates the future through an extensive range of new and vintage pieces.

Adorning the displays of our boutique venue are timelessly elegant pieces of eras gone by, intermingled with exciting new and unique creations. With a strong commitment to exceeding expectations, ME Jewellers provides unparalleled customer service reinforced by decades of industry experience and knowledge.

Affordability propels our business. We strive to ensure that customers can receive the piece they desire at a price they can afford without compromising quality or satisfaction. We invite patrons to indulge in a range of gold, silver, diamonds and pearls to opals, coloured gems and sophisticated Swiss watches. Whether you intend to refurbish or repair an existing piece or construct an entirely new item, ME Jewellers are confident the final product will exceed all preconceptions.

With a range of services offered onsite, customers can place a ring on their finger and have endless possibilities at their fingertips. Whether you intend to buy, sell, exchange, evaluate or repair, ME Jewellers is committed to the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Visit us in-store at Shop 3/500 Flinders St Melbourne VIC 3000 or direct phone enquiries to (03) 9621 1122. E-mails are welcomed to

H&H Jewellery - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

h&h jewellery

03 9650 2728

Masterpieces Crafted by Diamond Specialist & Jewellers.

We have three conveniently located Boutique Luxury Jewellery Stores in Melbourne and pride ourselves on offering a wide range of stunning Engagement & Wedding Rings, Diamond Rings, Jewellery & Swiss Luxury Watches meticulously crafted into amazing timeless pieces that are ideal for every occasion.

Amazing Pieces from a Real Jeweller You can Trust.

H&H Jewellery is a Trusted Leading Family Owned Specialist Jeweller with a 25 Year jewellery making heritage specialising in the Manufacture and Design of Bespoke Unique Diamonds & Jewellery.

Founded and Established in 1996 by Diamond & Master Jeweller’s and brothers-in-law, Chris and Harry.

Custom Jewellery Design Services in Melbourne, Australia.

H&H Offers Bespoke Jewellery Design Services with an uncompromising commitment to service and quality to help you bring your vision to life.

Our Talented Team of Jewellery Designers in Melbourne Beautifully Craft and Design Unique Custom Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings to help you celebrate life’s most precious milestones.

Custom-Made Fine Jewellery & Diamond Design is our specialty. Our Expert Jewellers to help you, you will have endless Jewellery Design options to create a piece that is uniquely you!

Get in touch with our Melbourne Jewellery Designers for an Obligation-Free Custom Jewellery Design Consultation or Quote.

Engagement & Weddings 

Explore Our Affordable Wedding Jewellery and find the perfect way to symbolise your love.

Our Jewellery is unique, personalised with Custom Handcrafted Jewellery Designs made from high calibre diamonds and precious metals.

Browse our Collections Online or Come Visit us In-Store at our Luxury Boutiques in South Yarra, Elsternwick or Melbourne CBD.

Hardy Brothers - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

hardy brothers jewellers

1300 231 394


Founded in 1853, Hardy Brothers has remained faithful to the values of quality, craftsmanship and creativity that have defined our history but are the distinguishing precursors of our future. Distinguished by the Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, Hardy Brothers has served all sovereigns since George V and continues to serve Australian leaders and families with excellence for a meaningful legacy.

As an Australian luxury jeweller, we accept responsibility not only to our respected clients in crafting the world’s most stunning jewellery but to honour traditional craftsmanship and artisanship that conjures the quality pieces expected from Hardy Brothers.


These are some of the characteristics that have distinguished Hardy Brothers for more than 165 years and allowed our business to become one of the most revered luxury jewellery and timepiece destinations in the Asia Pacific.


As a conduit for creative expression, our bespoke services allows our clients to explore the bounds of their imagination. Underpinned by a commitment to creativity and personalised service, our suite of customisation and commissioning services provide direct access to our master craftsmen.


As custodians of knowledge, heritage, luxury and craft, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service. We encourage you to make a private appointment prior to your next visit in order to discover the true depth of our collections and the unique theatre of experience delivered by our experienced staff.


Our commitment to sustainability radiates throughout all aspects of our business. From the procurement of precious materials to the design and manufacture of our products, our business takes pride in our social and environmental stewardship. Through integrated environmental, social and infrastructure initiatives, we aim to reduce our impact on the Earth’s resources while actively seeking to leave a positive and enduring legacy on our community and culture. We are committed to ensuring that future generations will benefit from the decisions, policies and actions we take today. We will motivate sustainable behaviour in ourselves and our community through education, participation and leadership.

Kalfin Jewellery - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

kalfin jewellery

+61 3 9670 3432

Our Pedigree

Our journey began with the design, manufacture and supply of some 3,500 jewellery retail outlets throughout Australia and New Zealand. We spent 28 years supplying all the well-known jewellery chains and groups, as well as a large selection of independent retailers.

The name Kalfin became synonymous with excellence, as we dedicated our existence to the design and creation of innovative jewellery with superior quality and service. Our natural instinct to evolve and better serve the jewellery industry and consumer became evident over more than two decades.

The need to impact design and outdated methods became the passion at the forefront of our philosophy.

Our Now

Today Kalfin Jewellery no longer supplies the jewellery trade; instead, we cater directly to the public. We have taken a new direction under the watchful eye of our Director Anthony Kalfin.

We have embraced new innovations and the latest technology, creating a luxurious environment for the comfort of our clients and empowering them with the information to make an informed and personal jewellery decision.

Our boutique established on Level 5 was the first of its kind and still stands as a benchmark for others. By closing the gap between designer and end-user, we have been able to cater for the needs of individuals, providing unsurpassed value and service without compromising quality.

Our passion for designing and creating individual pieces was the driving force for our move from mass production to custom-made. A love for quality, attention to detail and unmatched customer service is the foundation of our philosophy.

At Kalfin Jewellery, we believe that each piece of jewellery should be as unique as the person wearing it. It should represent a memorable journey from design to the creation of the milestone it represents.

Michael Hill - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

michael hill

+61 1800 445 591

Shop Jewellery, Engagement Rings & Diamonds Online

At Michael Hill, we design with care to create something unique, elegant and personal. Our engagement rings and wedding bands are created to be cherished for a lifetime. We offer beautifully crafted pendants, rings and earrings to celebrate life’s special moments. Find your match through our inspiring selection of watches, chains, bracelets, men’s accessories and birthstones.

As Australia’s legacy in Jewellery master crafting, Michael Hill is all about quality and styles. Our exceptional and exclusive collections are available online or in-store. With multiple stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and all major cities across the country, find your nearest Michael Hill Jeweller with our store locator.

Jewellery made to love, and for love - since 1979

In 1979, Sir Michael Hill and his wife Christine opened their first jewellery store with a simple yet groundbreaking vision: to make fine jewellery accessible to everybody. 40 years later, Michael Hill has more than 300 stores in three countries. We remain committed to creating quality jewellery for our customers to cherish for a lifetime. From 1979 until now and into our future, one constant underpins all that we do: we’re for love.


The first Michael Hill store opened in the town of Whangarei, about 160km north of Auckland, New Zealand. Sir Michael’s aim was to make jewellery buying less intimidating and more accessible to customers, which was achieved by designing stores with larger, more inviting entrances and a modern feel. Most importantly, customers were also invited to try on jewellery as they wished.


Michael Hill grew to achieve national prominence with a unique retail jewellery formula including dramatically different store designs, a product range devoted exclusively to jewellery, and high impact advertising. Michael Hill established an in-house workshop with a team of master craftsmen and is one of few jewellers that continue the tradition today. In 1987, the company was listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. In the same year, Michael Hill expanded into Australia with four stores in Brisbane.


Throughout the 90s, the company continued to grow and help customers mark their special life moments, guided by Sir Michael’s compelling vision - that inspired design, and quality craftsmanship can help each person find their own inner shine. With a growing emphasis on engagement jewellery, Michael Hill became the first – and only – jeweller to offer customers a Lifetime Diamond Warranty.

00’s - Now

In 2002 Michael Hill expanded into Canada with our first store in Vancouver. The company expanded our range to include a wide array of collections. In 2008, Sir Michael was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and in 2011, he was appointed a Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to business and the arts. Today, the Michael Hill company serves thousands of customers every year by celebrating love in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

James Alfredson - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

james alfredson

(03) 9671 3956


James Alfredson, nestled in historic Howey Place in the heart of Melbourne’s famed shopping precinct, is a family-run jewellery boutique specialising in authentic antique, vintage and estate jewellery, including engagement rings, from Georgian to Art Deco to the 1960s.

James, with his background in archaeology and history, has a deep passion for and appreciation of period jewellery. Before establishing his own boutique in October 2008, he spent ten years after graduation from university involved in different aspects of the antique and fine jewellery trade while acquiring his gemological, diamond grading and valuer’s qualifications. He has a keen interest in the identification and authentification of jewellery from the various periods –Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco and Retro. His ongoing objective is to collect a stock of exciting jewellery mainly from the Georgian period to the 1960s. A selection of his current collection is featured on this web site…

James Alfredson’s boutique provides personalised service with the opportunity to acquire distinctive and desirable antique, vintage and estate jewellery to complement today’s fashions and lifestyles.

Cliveden Jewellers - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

cliveden jewellers

(03) 9663 2728

Welcome to Cliveden Jewellers.

For over 20 years, we have provided our clients with exquisite beauty, unsurpassed quality, stunning choices, and unparalleled professionalism from our modern and accessible store in Melbourne, Australia.

The success of our business has been a direct result of our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. If you are already a member of our extended family, Hello! If you are new to us, we genuinely and warmly invite you to get to know us and our exceptional way of doing business.

Our focus on integrity and quality of workmanship, using only the best of materials, has been paramount to our success. Our experience in the jewellery industry accompanied by worldwide contacts provides us with the opportunity to source nature’s finest examples of diamonds, gemstones and jewellery pieces.

We stock an outstanding collection of classic to cutting edge jewellery designs and unique styles. Our expert team will always provide you, the customer, with a personalised buying experience ensuring a timeless piece that will last for many generations to come.

Angus & Coote - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

angus and coote

About Us

Angus & Coote is Australia’s industry leader in jewellery, watch and giftware specialty retailing.

Formed in Sydney in 1895, the Company has been a leading name in Australian jewellery ever since and has continued to enjoy a reputation for consistently high quality, value and service.

Angus & Coote offers customers a comprehensive range of stunning diamonds, coloured gems, gold and silver jewellery, watches, giftware and related products.

Ever since its earliest days, Angus & Coote has been a home for superb craftsmanship. Today, the tradition of craftsmanship continues, thanks to a wide range of suppliers from around the world.

The long-term success of Angus & Coote rests on our key values, including dedication to the customer, assurance of quality and value, uniqueness and innovation, excellence, leadership and responsibility. For you, this means ensuring you receive a piece you can be proud of for life.

Furthermore, you can rest assured that Angus & Coote will still be here for many years to come. If you need an alteration or repair, the Company is well placed to assist. Throughout its history, the Company has remained true to its founding principles while evolving to reflect changing demands. When you purchase an item of jewellery from Angus & Coote, you can be confident you’re taking part in an Australian tradition.

Charles Rose - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

charles rose

(03) 9642 8980

Charles Rose Hand Made Jewellery

Charles Rose is Australia’s leading fine jewellery designer. Charles Rose also import and manage a large inventory of fine loose diamonds. By combining these activities, Charles Rose match and complement gems to settings that reveal the best of both. The result is finer jewellery and enhanced value. Charles Rose master jewellers, designers and diamond graders are pre-eminent in their respective fields. Unlike competing brands such as Tiffany, Cartier and others, Charles Rose jewellery is fully bespoke, of superior workmanship, and set with diamonds of uniformly superior quality at a consistently better value. Here are some selected steps in our hand making process, performed entirely in the house:


Our designers draw from a depth of experience to create a concept sketch that is refined. The design is produced from the ground up, without reference to presets or modules. The finished design has balance and refinement.


Diamonds are selected for brightness, uniformity, consistency of proportion, make and colour, shape and value for money. We are Australia’s largest stockists of fine quality white and coloured diamonds. We hold an inventory of thousands of premium grade gems available for immediate utilisation by our jewellers and for direct sale.


We produce our own proprietary alloys to ensure colour, strength and ductility. We commence this process with fine virgin gold.


Alloy is rolled, tempered and calibrated to manage crystal structure. The structure of the gold after this step allows for better visual refinement of the final piece. The detail of filing is enhanced, and the greater density of the metal imparts strength and resistance to wear. This translates to a longer wearing, more finely detailed item.


The jewellery item is fully hand-formed, filing and finishing steps are meticulous, including the specialty skills of gem-setting (all performed in the house).


Detailed machine polishing and rhodium finishing is a multi-step process completed with attention to detail. The clarity of design and surface finish is of premium quality.

Janai Jewellery - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

janai jewellery

(03) 9662 1456

The Janai Jewellery boutique houses an awe-inspiring selection of bespoke jewellery in Melbourne, offering irreplaceable gifts to mark the most special of days. An array of spectacular stones will be at your fingertips, including ethically mined and lab-grown diamonds. Discover a unique array of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. You’ll find sparkling creations that are crafted to make an exceptional moment unforgettable. If you’re looking for creative and well-designed jewellery, we have something for everyone. Our elegant pieces are handcrafted and will surely become a cherished item you will want to wear forever.

Custom Engagement Rings Melbourne

Starting a new relationship requires faith, trust, and love – You can have it all by choosing stunning engagement rings from JANAI. As a leading diamond ring designer, Janai Jewellery beholds purity and class since 35 years of handcrafting custom rings experience. Express your feelings with a piece of a diamond ring, be it your first proposal, engagement ceremony, first engagement anniversary, or celebrating the golden jubilee of togetherness. We create engagement rings in Melbourne that suit every finger. We are passionate about creating memories for our customers by crafting rich looking, high quality, and the latest design jewellery.

We have full-time jewellery designers, diamond setters, and sketch artists in our team that deeply examine the production, design, and planning process of custom engagement rings. For those who want to look into our workmanship, we welcome you at our store to choose anything from already designed & showcased jewellery designs. We are proud of our international and local jewellery designers in Melbourne that always come up with something out-of-the-box!

Our Craftsmanship

With well over 35 years of industry experience, Janai Jewellery specialises in engagement rings & unique custom design jewellery made to the highest of standards in Melbourne.

Janai Jewellery offers true craftsmanship at its finest.

We combine quality craftsmanship, expertise and skill to create the perfect piece of jewellery done to meet your specifications. We are dedicated to delivering a service that guarantees your full satisfaction and works to go above and beyond your expectations.

At Janai Jewellery, we can handcraft any design you have in mind and make it a reality you never thought it could be. From strikingly elegant engagement rings, stunning wedding bands to memorable gift pieces such as intricate gemstone earrings or pendants. We can do it all.

Our services include restoring, remodelling and resizing your precious pieces, as well as re-using your stones in a new piece at your request.

We only have the most experienced and extensively trained designers, sketch artists, jewellers and diamond setters involved in the craftsmanship process. Our team have a thorough understanding of the process of making jewellery and can provide a sketch that is not only detailed and precise but also structurally sound.

What’s special about the craftsmanship that differentiates us from other jewellers?

What is unique about Janai is that our consultants are involved throughout the entire process. From helping you find your diamond to helping you design your piece, our team of specialist will constantly be in touch with you and the jewellers, production team and diamond setters to ensure all your design details are being met.

Why choose Janai Jewellery?

Our in house team of master jewellers and diamond setters have decades of experience and are highly qualified in structurally making your ring. So if you or someone special in your life is looking for a kind and truly personalised piece of jewellery, why not choose Janai Jewellery.

Paris Argentina - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

paris argentina


Welcome to Paris Argentina Jewellery!

Jewellery design duo Paris and Phianne are based in Melbourne, Australia. Their vision is creating a world of beauty from a love of fine craftsmanship, originality and superb materials – all of which are hard to find in today’s industrial-scale mass-produced offerings. Working with gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones and Australian opals, their designs are unique, contemporary and chic. A specialty is the creation of contemporary, kind custom made engagement rings. Every piece is crafted to last and to be a joy to wear.


Ixtlan, Paris and Phianne’s former shop, was born many years ago before they came to Melbourne. The new name, Paris Argentina, first popped up in an early Melbourne conversation, an exciting moment for the pair, who were ready and impelled for a change.

Paris Argentina connects to the elegance, design and arts underpinning modern Melbourne, the same arts that add wonder to the most glamourous cities of the world. Paris Argentina reflects their origins and travels and an Argentinian family history mixed with adventurous French, Danish and Spanish ancestors. And more than that, it represents a love of creating sophisticated, handcrafted contemporary jewellery, which will stand anywhere it is worn.

About Paris

Paris’s pieces are influenced by the passion of Argentina, where he is originally from, the sophistication of Denmark where he spent many years (Who isn’t captivated by the silverwork in Denmark?) and the colourful diversity of Melbourne. He loves working with precious and semi-precious stones, framing them in unique ways with both silver and gold.

Paris never tires of searching the world for and hand-selecting the most beautiful stones.

“Each stone I choose will stand out and impress me with its natural beauty,” He explains passionately. “Anyone who knows me will tell you I can talk incessantly about stones 24/7. As well as the rich quality of the stones, it is very important to me that the precious metals I use in my designs are held to the strictest international jewellery standards. The metals must match the categories in line with the stamps.”

About Phianne

Living in Japan, Phianne fell in love with the beautifully tailored clothing and jewellery that matched the sophistication of Japanese culture. It was a time when all the major designers worldwide designed and made their clothes in-house – the same for Melbourne.

The ateliers in each fashion house were extremely skilled. Sadly, so many of them, together with the traditions of the atelier, has slowly disappeared. It is so important that we keep and nurture the skills which underpin our culture and that we return to the love of things well made.

“When I am working on our designs,” She says, “I always imagine how the design will match and add to our contemporary lives. It is so important to me that a piece of jewellery will add those extra elements of sophistication and elegance as well as a lively spark. I want our pieces, no matter the size, to stand out. For me, fashion is an art. We dress up for others to make their day brighter.”

Gold Jewellery Store - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

gold jewellery store

About The Gold Jewellery Store

The Gold Jewellery Store is a high-end brand modernising the way people purchase diamond engagement rings and jewellery. Our Vision To create a safe and easy shopping destination to purchase pre-loved fine jewellery has enabled thousands to reclaim extraordinary pieces at an exceptional value.


At The Gold Jewellery Store, our product is our passion and providing our customers with the best possible experience is our mission.


We do the work so that you don’t have to. Each and every item that comes to our doors are inspected by a team of loving hands for authenticity and quality. Not only do we guarantee authenticity, we guarantee your privacy so that you can shop worry-free.

Anny’s Jewellers - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

anny’s jewellers

1300 092 001


Anny’s Jewellers is a boutique jewellery store that has specialised in creating quality custom-made jewellery for over 30 years in the Mornington Peninsula.

Being a multigenerational family business, habits have been ingrained within our service to look after all our clients like our own family.

We work with you every step of the way, from the design stage to handpicking your diamond from a vast selection sourced from all around the world. No diamond is the same. That is why here at Anny’s we endeavour to provide our clients with expert knowledge to guide them through the process.

Jewellery is very personal, that is why we stand by our promise…

The Anny’s Experience


We specialise in creating truly bespoke pieces of jewellery, bringing our clients to dream into reality.

Our master craftsmen are some of the best in the industry. Adept at both traditional and modern crafting techniques, we cater to any custom diamond ring design as well as custom jewellery orders. We work with you to encapsulate your ideas into a perfect piece of jewellery.

YOU imagine. WE create.


Anny’s Jewellers is a boutique jewellery store that has specialised in creating quality custom-made jewellery for over 28 years in the Mornington Peninsula.

We work with you every step of the way, from the design stage to handpicking your diamond from a vast selection sourced from all around the world. No diamond is the same. That is why here at Anny’s we endeavour to provide our clients with expert knowledge to guide them through the process.

Jewellery is very personal. That is why we stand by our promise, YOU imagine. WE create.


Each custom-made diamond piece from Anny’s is carefully crafted by our in-house master craftsman and setter following your specific guidance. We also sell pre-made jewellery with unique designs that are ready for purchase. However, our customised pieces allow you to control every aspect of your jewellery, and the special piece becomes a reflection of your personality and character. Let us help create a special ring unique only to you!

In addition to bespoke pieces, we’re also experts in remodelling jewellery, repairs and servicing. We can turn your old worn out jewellery into a new and modern piece. At Anny’s, the options are endless, and we are confident that we can help you create your desired piece.


Harry Ozkoch, the owner of Anny’s, has lived and breathed jewellery since he was 16. Jewellery has been his life’s work with over 39 years of experience. To Harry, jewellery is more than just a job. It’s his passion. Harry personally leads and oversees all Jewellery work in the workshop to ensure each piece is created to the highest standard possible.

The greatest joy for Harry sees the happiness his masterpieces bring to the faces of our clients and when they say, “WOW is that really my ring?!”.


Anny’s diamonds are certified by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), an international diamond certifier, world-renowned for being the best and most strict when grading diamonds. Each diamond has a laser inscription on the girdle, which is proof of pristine quality and that the gemstone is legitimate.

Each of our diamonds come with a grading report by the GIA to verify your purchase. If you need a specific diamond grade, let our staff know, and we will help you select a diamond that meets your expectations and more.

Corky Saint Clair - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

corky saint clair

0415 249 805

Corky Saint Clair was started in 2003 by three designers in the iconic Campbell Arcade.

We specialise in hand made jewellery with individual flair. Our passion for gemstones is evident in our wide collection of gems from Australia and around the world.

We pride ourselves in building dainty jewellery, fine clusters of stones and more complex builds. We love using Aussie Gemstones, salt and pepper diamonds and coloured gems.

Jewellery can be ordered to your own custom design, or you can buy directly from the showroom floor.

Our gorgeous studio/showroom/indoor garden is open to visitors Monday to Saturday. You are welcome to drop in to visit us or, for a more involved consultation, make an appointment.

Ethical Production

We have a large collection of Australian Sapphire’s. We work with local cutters and fossickers to find Australian gems that are as beautiful as they are durable.

Buying locally ensures the chain of production is short and that we have more control over the quality of our materials.

(We have other Aussie gems such as Zircons, Garnet and Topaz.)

Recycled Metals

At Corky Saint Clair, all of our jewellery is fabricated using 100% recycled metals.

Our metal supplier, Lenrose Pty Ltd, is committed to the highest sustainability guidelines to ensure our materials are 100% environmentally and ethically responsible.

Gold and sterling silver that has been recycled are identical in colour and molecular composition to mined metals.

The raw metal has been refined from non-mined sources such as reclaimed jewellery, coins and old silverware.

Ethically sourced diamonds

We use ethically sourced diamonds. We are drawn to salt and pepper diamonds, rough-cut diamonds, macle diamonds and other non-traditional specimens from the diamond family.

Our salt and pepper diamonds are the finest in Melbourne. They are sourced from India and precision cut in Antwerp.

All of our white diamonds comply with the Kimberley Process.

Simon West Fine Jewellery - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

simon west fine jewellery

+61 3 9639 1401

Custom Designed Diamond Rings & Wedding Bands Melbourne

Simon West Fine Jewellery is your source for the finest handmade engagement rings, and diamond wedding rings Melbourne has to offer. You’ll find us located in the diamond district in Melbourne CBD, Victoria, Australia. We source, design and create jewellery to help mark and celebrate life’s precious milestones and provide the highest standard of personalised service for custom jewellery Melbourne-wide.

Personalised and Dedicated Service

We do more than just design our jewellery for you, and we create heirlooms with you. When you take your piece with you, there’s a real sense we have started your story. It will be worn with pride, grow with you each day, and be treasured, not just in your lifetime but left as a legacy for generations to come. Years from now, milestones sketched today can continue to be celebrated forever with jewellery.

Ethically Sourced Diamonds

We source our diamonds from many parts of the globe, including Australia, Canada, Mumbai, Israel & Belgium. All our diamonds are guaranteed conflict-free and are mostly GIA certified. Our diamond suppliers deliver a chain of custody protocol for their diamonds and have the ability to follow and separate most diamonds by origin. Simon West’s diamond suppliers are required to source diamonds that originate from specific mine operators who follow internationally recognised labour, trade, and environmental standards.

Who is Simon West: An experienced Jeweller?

Simon began his jeweller career as a Gold & Platinumsmith apprentice back in 1993 under Michael Cook in Cobram/ Barooga on the Murray River. With vision and ambition in his eyes, he decided to move to Melbourne in 1995 and learn more about the business employed at Bennettswood Jewellers in Burwood for four years. The goal was to learn as much as he could before branching out on his own, where he knew he could add his personal touch and make special moments even more meaningful. Simon opened the doors to Simon West Fine Jewellery, located at the Capitol House Building on Swanston Street back in October 1999, but he had always dreamed of moving his workshop to the famous Manchester Unity Building on the Corner of Collins & Swanston street. Why? This building is the historic home of Melbourne’s finest jewellers. In 2002, he realised his dream, and he set up the jewellery workshop and showroom in this building & never looked back as he is still located there today.

Diamonds are a Man’s Best Friend.

Simon ethically sources the diamonds embedded in all engagement and wedding rings from all corners of the world, including Canada, Mumbai, Israel and Belgium. Simon maintains a strong focus on diamonds that are cut to perfection with the goal to unlock the sparkle within for maximum brightness.

Simon has a passion for design and quality. He is so detailed and passionate that he developed a collection of diamond engagement rings that are 100% made by hand, giving them longevity and the potential to one day become a family heirloom. Simon becomes frustrated that less than 10% of engagement rings sold across Australia were made and are still not made by hand these days. Simon saw this as an opportunity to bring back traditional goldsmith and jewellery making back to the modern era, offering a unique, individual and truly special dimension to his clients.

Designing luxurious fine jewellery is very fulfilling, and Simon loves creating it. He loves visioning new & original ring and jewellery ideas. Although his designs contemporary designs, his favourite style is Art Deco-inspired designs.

The Diamond Ring Showroom & Store

Located in the Manchester Building, the Simon West Jewellery showroom has an extensive range of classic designs that are one of a kind. Simon creates ladies and men’s jewellery to ensure life’s milestones are celebrated as well as cherished and remembered every day. Whether it is an Engagement ring, something to celebrate a special birthday, a wedding anniversary piece or just simply because you got a promotion at work. Whatever your story might be, he is here to be a part of it.

The Gold & Platinum Smiths at Simon West

Simon has two highly skilled Gold & Platinumsmith’s making jewellery in his workshop, which is visible from the showroom. It takes years of commitment & passion for becoming a highly skilled Gold & Platinumsmith. He feels very lucky to have two of the best working alongside him in his boutique workshop, and the quality of the jewelled masterpieces that come out of the workshop is of a very high standard.

The best part of his job is the ‘Big Reveal’. He loves showing off a new piece that he has created for the customer for the very first time. It brings great satisfaction knowing that he has met or exceeded their expectations. He builds almost 200 Engagement rings by hand each year &, on average, he only has to remake one of these.

Simply book an appointment with Simon West and his team of fine jewellers to help you design & build your ultimate piece.

Steve Pallas Bespoke Jewellery - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

steve pallas bespoke jewellery

(03) 9602 2154


Steve Pallas is known as the pre-eminent award-winning master jeweller in Melbourne. His workshop and showroom nestled in Melbourne’s iconic Hardware Lane is the destination for fine bespoke jewellery. He knows the value of family and friendship, and he understands the relationship with jewellery and the special occasions that define your lives. Steve Pallas loves what he does, and he embraces your milestones with knowledge, integrity, passion and expertise while offering an intimate jewellery experience for his clients.


Steve Pallas has been a fixture in the Australian jewellery industry for more than 20 years. At Steve Pallas Bespoke Jewellery, our mission is to offer our clients meticulously handcrafted jewellery that adheres to strict standards of jewellery making. We want to ensure that every piece that our clients receive is created with the highest care and precision. This same attention to detail and level of craftsmanship is what helped establish Steve Pallas Bespoke Jewellery as one of the top Melbourne jewellers today.

This passion and expertise are reflected in our signature style of bespoke jewellery, and we take great pride in that. But what makes Steve Pallas Bespoke Jewellery unique from all the other jewellers in Melbourne, or all of Australia, are the people behind it, a family legacy that has mastered their craft and continually striven to excel.

We are proud to claim that we adopt that same philosophy in our jewellery selection.


Steve Pallas Bespoke Jewellery, the master jeweller, has been committed to creating exquisite jewels that celebrate and enhance the natural beauty of each individual diamond. Select your certified diamond personalised to your needs, and it will be set in your preferred ring design. This commitment guides the creation of your unique piece of jewellery, perfectly highlighting a diamond’s true brilliance that requires precision, skill and craftmanship between true fine jewellery experts, beginning with the selection of a single stone until it is placed in its own impeccable setting, set in house by our Diamond setter.

Renato Jewellers - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

renato jewellery

+61 3 9662 4423

Renato Jewellers is a family-owned business in operation for over six generations.

Since migrating to Melbourne in 1958, we have built a reputation for the provision of exceptional quality diamond jewellery, personal service and high professional standards.

Our head designer Renato specialises in the creation of exclusive individual diamond, gold, platinum and precious gem jewellery and engagement rings.

The stunning beauty and intricacy of each jewellery piece is the result of an uncompromising passion for artisanship.

At Renato Jewellers, we pride ourselves on the exceptionally high-quality service we provide in assisting our clients in creating personally customised engagement rings and individually designed jewellery pieces that embody the unique personality and spirit of those who wear them.

The company is proudly Melbourne owned and maintains its family tradition and values when customising the Highest quality Diamond jewellery. Our design team allows for clients, in collaboration with our expert staff, to create their own jewellery pieces according to individual taste and specifications. From a simple sketch to elaborate 3D full-colour imaging, you can feel 100% confident that your design will become a reality.

Renato has been following the family tradition of jewellery making in Australia since 1958, creating high-end quality diamond rings and handcrafted masterpieces that are stylish and innovative. The ability to combine the use of modern technology and traditional methods of jewellery making makes Renato one of the leaders in the Australian diamond industry today.

David East Jewellers - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

david east jewellers

(03) 9654 6334

About Us

Established in Melbourne, Australia in 1949 & 1963 with over 65 years of experience in the Australian and international wholesale diamond industry, diamond importing, diamond jewellery, manufacturing design and watch trade, David East Jewellers and A.Perelberg & Co have developed a large and well-known reputation in the jewellery and watch industry of knowledge and quality in their products at total prices. All of our GIA certified diamonds are imported directly from the diamond polishers and manufacturers and sell directly to our customers within Australia at a total price. Now located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD on Level 5, 227 Collins Street, we offer all our services and products direct to the public.

“We will price match guarantee on all our products”

Are you searching for the best price on a loose GIA certified diamond or a complete engagement ring? We can help. Buy a GIA certified loose diamond at a wholesale price direct from us, and let us help you design your bespoke diamond engagement ring.

1940’s A.Perelberg Diamond Wholesale Importers

With a choice of many Australian, Melbourne and international online diamond wholesalers, diamond importers, diamond retailers, and watch traders, it is important to find a reputable, honest and experienced company that has pride in their quality and craftsmanship in their jewellery pieces and watches; offering a high level of customer service with a price match guarantee. The qualified jewellers and diamond specialist’s at David East Jewellers, and A.Perelberg & Co have an intimate knowledge of precious gemstones; Burmese and Mozambique rubies Ceylon and Australian sapphire, Australia Argyle pink and white diamonds, Colombia emeralds, CAD sketch jewellery designs, swiss watches; Rolex, IWC, Breitling, Omega, Tag Heuer, Jaeger LeCoultre, Patek Philippe, Tissot, Raymond Weil, Bulova, Cartier and many more, offering exceptional customer service and free advice.

Your cherished diamond engagement ring, diamond jewellery or watch piece is special and unique and is valuable to us. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or for a loved one, it can serve as part of a celebration or a reminder of a special event, a sign of love or friendship or as a fashion statement. David East Jewellers and A.Perelberg & Co. offers quality ranges of loose GIA certified diamonds and all kinds of diamond jewellery and watch pieces for women and men.

With a qualified diamond grader, valuer, jeweller onsite and watch repairer, David East Jewellers and A.Perelberg & Co. now offers an extensive range of quality services at wholesale prices to the public; Melbourne’s leading diamond wholesalers and importers, loose GIA certified diamond traders, credited diamond graders, jewellery designers, gemologists, diamond and jewellery valuers, jewellery and watch insurance replacements, jewellery remodelling, diamond engagement resizing, diamond and gemstone polishing or recutting diamond; sapphire; ruby; emerald resetting, pearl restringing, white gold rhodium plating, bespoke diamond jewellery, melbourne’s watch and diamond traders; wanting to sell your diamond or watch in Melbourne? We buy your used diamond or watch, whether it a; Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Zenith, Hublot, Blancpain, Jaeger LeCoultre, Breguet, Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer, Tissot, Longines, Audemars Piguet, Oris, Cartier, Breguet, Panerai, Baume et Mercier, Tudor, Rado.

Since the 1960’s David East has been Melbourne’s most highly recognised Horologist watch repairer, all watch repairs ranging from; battery replacements and pressure testing, swiss and Japanese automatic servicing and overhauls including ultrasonic cleaning and oiling, crown and stem replacement, glass and sapphire crystal replacement and polishing, all hand and dial repairs including repainting, full watch restorations, case polishing, gold replating or PVD is replating on stainless only and all your watch repairs.

Whether you are after a stunning bespoke and custom-designed diamond engagement ring at a great price, gold jewellery or the latest designer automatic watch, David East Jewellers and A.Perelberg & Co. have it all and more!

Are you searching for a GIA certified diamond at a wholesale price? Or would you like a unique and bespoke piece? We price-beat guarantee.

For more information or questions on diamond jewellery, diamond engagement rings, loose GIA certified diamonds, diamond stud earrings, secondhand watches, or you’re wanting to sell your Rolex or diamond engagement ring or any other questions, please call or visit our Melbourne boutique in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD or call our team of diamond and watch specialists on 03 9654 6333.

Secrets Shhh - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

secrets shhh

+61 3 9639 0384


Founded in Noosa, Australia, in 2000. Inspired by the philosophy that everyone should be able to enjoy the diamond of their dreams. Combining decades of jewellery experience, Secrets Shhh revolutionised the diamond industry by being the first to introduce a high-quality diamond alternative.

Giving customers a Better Choice - one more affordable, more sustainable and more beautiful.

A Better Beautiful.

Our brand was inspired by a passionate belief that beautifully designed luxury jewellery with irresistible centre stones should be in reach of all women to enjoy. Our Founders truly understood how wearing a piece of luxury jewellery could elevate and make women feel amazing. The feeling of joy, empowerment, confidence and the excitement of having beautiful rings, tennis bracelets and earrings inspired them to think differently, to find a way their customers could have it all—luxury without the compromise.

They also shared deep concern over the social and environmental issues clouding the mined diamond industry at that time and felt the jewellery industry needed a more sustainable way forward.

Founded in Noosa, Australia, surrounded by pristine beaches, wonderful national parks and a natural coastline that provides a grandstand view of the annual whale migration, our Founders asked themselves a simple question “what joy really comes from owning a mined diamond?”

Why not offer the world a better alternative, a better stone, one with less guilt, more brilliance, more sparkle, one visibly whiter and brighter, one more responsible, and far more affordable? A stone precisely cut and beautifully crafted in a piece of luxury that doesn’t cost the earth. Why not combine these stones in fine quality solid gold jewellery? Why not offer lovers a better beautiful?

Inspired by this vision, Secrets Shhh launched, breaking tradition by combining the highest quality diamond simulants in high-quality luxury jewellery designs, meticulously crafted in solid 14 and 10-carat gold. Our Founders searched the world for the perfect stone and were completely surprised by what they found. Their search was rewarded with a stone that had the optical properties of the rarest white diamonds, D - F colour, flawless to near flawless clarity, one of extraordinary beauty and flawlessly cut. Grown in a laboratory, not mined from the earth, the stones were virtually indistinguishable from the rarest white diamond to the naked eye.

This unique and revolutionary approach to the industry represented a far more responsible approach, one that is conflict-free as defined by the Kimberly Process, more environmentally friendly and a true step towards a more sustainable outcome.

Twenty years on, Secrets Shhh remains the original and premier supplier of the world’s finest diamond simulants. We are the Home of the Diamond Alternative.

We offer a vast collection of designs in luxury jewellery, engagement rings, wedding and eternity rings, fine jewellery, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets crafted in white, yellow or rose gold. Our jewellery features all the popular diamond cuts and shapes such as round brilliant cut, some with hearts and arrows, princess cut, oval cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, radiant cut, pear shape, baguette-cut, brilliant-cut along with more unusual shapes such as Ashoka cut and Ascher cuts.

Secrets Shhh is the first brand to specialise exclusively in diamond alternatives, providing customers with the freedom to choose. A choice we believe to be more relevant in today’s world and one more responsible. We refer to them as “A Better Beautiful”, and so do our many customers who have experienced the luxury of our jewellery.

We constantly search the world to find the finest diamond and gemstone simulants. Grown from the mineral base Zirconium Dioxide (not carbon and certainly not to be confused with lab-grown synthetic diamonds), our stones are a near-perfect simulation, and we only simulate the best, the rarest, the finest diamond and gemstone simulants unearthed. Only stones made from the highest grades of rough are chosen and carefully assessed for their cut, fire and brilliance. We offer our stones with a Lifetime Guarantee for Internal Fire and Brilliance. Our stones are chosen from the finest selections of the highest quality AAAAA to AAAAAAA Cubic Zirconia grown.

We invite you to come into one of our boutiques or browse our range online and discover the difference for yourself.

Secrets Shhh offers you these compelling reasons to choose your next jewellery piece from us.

Iconic Designs: They say fashion goes out of style, but style never goes out of fashion. Our Artisans make sure our iconic designs are timeless. Set around large, luxurious centre stones, our beautiful designs are comparable to the worlds finest jewellery houses, if not better. And they’re for life.

Superior Stones: Our lab-grown diamond simulants are flawless in every way. Virtually indistinguishable from diamonds to the naked eye, they’re cut to the exacting standards of the diamond industry for maximum brilliance and fire. We call it uncompromising quality. You’ll be left speechless.

Irresistible Value: The world should revolve around you, not the price of a diamond. We combine the finest lab-grown diamond simulants with 10 and 14 carat solid gold and sterling silver at a fraction of the cost but with better clarity and brilliance. You literally get more for less, and what’s not to love about that.

Personalised Beauty: We tailor beauty to fit your style and your personality. We offer personalisation and customisation options from the stone colour and size to the colour of our gold to make sure your ‘forever’ is as elegant and individual as you are.

Cerrone - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne


+61 2 9569 8923


Cerrone operates Australia’s largest bespoke, handcrafted jewellery workshop. Unlike most jewellers in the country, we manage the entire process in house – from sketching and 3D visualisations from melting a piece of gold, forming, setting and polishing. Every custom made ring passes through the hands of over 30 master jewellers who have been with the business for over 3 decades.


Our process is dependent on the exceptional expertise of our in house designers and their ability to translate client requests into original and creative visions. Our in-house designers have an initial consultation to produce hand-drawn sketches and 3D images that either deliver client requests or draw on new inspiration. It’s important for clients to understand how the piece will look when finished.


Once a client is happy with our initial sketches and any models are approved, the jewellery making process begins. This process starts with a solid piece of gold that is melted into a bar. Our jeweller’s hand mould, bend and skew the metal into shape. Throughout this process, several of our expert makers are involved, from making the bigger shapes and claws to designing intricate sections.

The high calibre of our diamonds is evident in the continual satisfaction of customers, our reputation as an industry leader and the first jeweller in the country to be awarded “The Supreme Diamond Award” by De Beers.


Once the piece has been fashioned into the shape, it is passed on to expert setters who work precisely under a microscope. This process can take hours depending on the complexity of the piece as every millimetre of the jewellery is looked at and worked on. Diamonds and gemstones are meticulously placed to create seamless looks.


The final stage of our process is polishing. Polishing brings out the inherent beauty in each jewellery piece and allows it to shine its brightest. Motor powered polishing machines (called wheel buffs) are used by our technicians, first starting with a hard wheel buff and progressing to a soft wheel buff until the desired effect is achieved.

Reigne Jewellery - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne


03 9639 9567


Are you looking for a bespoke jewellery store in Melbourne that can provide handcrafted jewellery? At REIGNE JEWELLERY, we have no shortage of collectable items available for discerning customers who want to celebrate the precious moments in life. Unlike other high-end stores, our jewellers go above and beyond to provide a rich personal experience that will leave you satisfied. Whether you want to gift someone luxury jewellery for a special occasion or discover quality custom wedding rings and engagement rings in Melbourne, we have something to suit everyone and every occasion.


From solitaire rings and sapphire pendants through to Edwardian and Art Deco-inspired jewellery, there’s no shortage of breathtaking pieces within our range. Our collections include:

  • Diamond rings & bands
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets & bangles
  • Coloured stone jewellery
  • Necklaces & pendants

We also offer a range of services that can make your experience a more positive one. We can reset gemstones to create entirely new designs. We also offer cleaning, repairs and restoration to keep your jewellery in the best possible condition. In addition, we can provide valuations for the jewellery you want to sell, assist with lay-by payment options, and more.


There are many reasons why you should choose our jewellery designers for wedding rings and other jewellery items, some of which include:

  • We personally curate a collection of handcrafted jewellery that combines timeless art with modern luxury and is vintage-inspired
  • We pride ourselves on our uncompromising ethics, stringent stone sourcing standards, exceptional workmanship, and unparalleled detail and quality
  • We are Diamond Experts and can educate you on selecting your diamond with regards to cut, colour, clarity, carat weight, fluorescence and shape
  • We offer a comprehensive jewellery care guide containing suggestions to ensure your treasured items will last for many years to come


REIGNE JEWELLERY is the number one jewellery store in the Melbourne CBD. Contact our jewellers and discover our quality items today, including engagement rings in Melbourne and more. You can reach us by calling (03) 9639 9566 or submitting an online enquiry form.


REIGNE is a luxury jewellery brand by husband and wife duo Dana and Zac Aviv. Experts in diamonds and precious gems have designed and curated a modern collection of handcrafted, collectable pieces that deliver the perfect balance between timeless, wearable pieces of art and modern luxury.

When you step into REIGNE, you don’t need to be a jewellery expert or even know what you are looking for. Zac and Dana have that covered. Always ready to answer your questions, give sound advice and empower you to make decisions. They will do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable. A crash course on diamonds or a cold beer to calm your pre-proposal nerves – you are welcomed with open arms, and they will work tirelessly to find the perfect piece.

For Zac and Dana, trust and reputation are central to everything they do, every decision they make, and every relationship they have with both their customers and their suppliers. Their vision for REIGNE is to provide an alternative to the high-end stores that rely more on their name and less on the quality of their customer service by providing something above and beyond the standard experience.

Dana and Zac feel privileged to be able to celebrate life’s precious moments with their customers and welcome them to the REIGNE family, celebrating the circle of life with their inspiring collection of engagement, bridal and special occasion jewellery.

Arnold Goldsmith & Jewellers - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

arnold goldsmith & jewellers f.g.a.a

+61 3 9650 2998

We’re still here!

We’re still open and adhering to the government’s co-vid19 guidelines.

Bookings by appointment only.

melbourne s most affordable wedding venue (6)

Arnold Goldsmith & Jewellers has been established in the Melbourne CBD since 1948. In that time, we have built a faithful clientele purely on word of mouth from satisfied customers.

We are a niche, artisan, specialised business creating unique pieces of jewellery with each client.

Our approach is to share the design process and responsibility for the final product with our client; this results in a product where quality is not compromised by design.

We start by working with each client to create initial design sketches, refining this to a final design brief and then creating the final product.

With this approach, we build an intimate relationship with each client and are genuinely invested in every piece we create.

Our clients want a unique product and value our approach to achieving this. All of our product is custom-built. We do not carry “readymadereadymade” stock or cater to this market.

Abrecht Bird Jewellers - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

abrecht bird jewellers

(03) 9650 3831


Eight generations, or over 230 years’ experience, reside in the heritage of Abrecht Bird Jewellers of Collins Street, Melbourne. The partnership arose from the amalgamation of Fred Robt. Abrecht (established in 1875) and J Bird and Son (1910) and continues to be represented by fourth-generation descendants from each family.

The origins of the founders are European: Pforzheim in Germany for Friedrich Robert Abrecht and Birmingham in England for John Bird – both these locations continue to be the headquarters for jewellery manufacturing in Europe today.

Manufacturing and Wholesale

The late 19th and early 20th centuries were pioneering days for the fledgling Victorian jewellery industry that came to be based in the city block bounded by Swanston, Collins, Elizabeth and Little Collins Streets.

The two companies were competitors who specialised in manufacturing fine quality diamond jewellery. Their workshops were the training ground for countless young apprentices; many became master jewellers who in turn established their own manufacturing or retail entities.

Ranges of diamond jewellery were assembled and hand-carried, generally by principals of the business, to retailers across the length and breadth of Australia. In the earliest times, travel was by long and arduous train journeys or even by sea, and could span weeks. Close and trusting relationships were developed with clients, and since the majority of jewellery retailers were family-owned, these bonds spanned generations. Through this wide distribution network, engagement and wedding rings manufactured by the Bird and Abrecht family workshops have adorned the fingers of more than half a million Australian brides over the past century.

Businesses cannot survive this long unless they are based on solid foundations of quality and integrity. However, although well known and highly respected within the diamond industry, their public profile was minimal to protect their wholesale status.

Since 1992

In recent decades the doors were opened a little wider to referred private clients, but as word spread, the trickle became an avalanche! While continuing to concentrate on the core values established by their forefathers, the family businesses changed their focus from trade to direct selling, and in 1992 they joined forces.

Clients of Abrecht Bird Jewellers seek high quality, individually designed, and hand made jewellery. They appreciate consulting with highly qualified, experienced and passionate jewellers.

Leon Corn, the son-in-law of third-generation Noel Abrecht, has been a lecturer in diamond technology, past president of the Gemmological Association of Australia and served on the committee of the Jewellers Association of Australia for decades.

Peter Bird has 25 years’ experience in the industry, is a qualified gemmologist, diamond grader and valuer.

Peter’s business partner, Greg John, began making jewellery as an apprentice 40 years ago. His ability to design, sketch and manufacture superb jewellery is legendary.

This commitment to excellence is backed up by a support team led by Kylie Beachley, dedicated to making every client contact a positive experience.

Robert H. Parker & Sons - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

robert h. parker & sons

03 9650 3372

Our History

One hundred forty-two years is an awfully long time to be in business. Established in 1875, Robert H. Parker & Sons is one of the oldest jewellery manufactures in Australia.

Robert H. Parker & Sons started out as one of the pioneering jewellery businesses in Australia and were one of the founding members of the Jewellers and Silversmiths Association of Australia.

A Family Business

The business was started by Robert Parker in 1875, making handcrafted jewellery from the precious gold and stones that were found in the area. Over time Robert introduced his sons to the business and slowly taught them the craft. Eventually, the sons took over the responsibility of running a business and carried on the reputation of creating high-quality custom jewellery.

After 58 years of running a family business, it eventually got to the stage where the two sons were looking to retire. In 1964 an employee James Durkin who had worked there for 20 years since being an apprentice, took over the business and ran it for a further 20 years.

History then repeated itself when in 1984, James Durkin handed the business over to another loyal and long-serving employee and past apprentice, Andrew Walsh.


Andrew has been running the business with the same trusted values and high standards of workmanship ever since.

Andrew now has close to 50 years of experience & has been running Parkers for 35 years. He is a qualified manufacturing jeweller, registered valuer & trained gemmologist with a Diploma in Diamond Technology and extensive design credentials.

SH Jewellery - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

sh jewellery

+61 3 9546 6293


As an independent jeweller, the SH Jewellery collection is exclusive to our brand, allowing us full creative freedom over the look and feel of our engagement rings and wedding bands. All our rings are designed in-house at our Springvale showroom, combining decades of design history with modern influences from across the globe.


We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for online orders so you can experience the jewellery and witness the sparkle.


Need your jewellery resized, polished or refurbished? We have our own jewellers onsite and provide a large range of restoration and repair services.


With an education-first philosophy, our Diamond & Jewellery Experts will patiently guide you through the decision-making process, whether it’s in-store, over the phone, or via live chat.

Benjamin & Co - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

benjamin and co

+61 (0)3 9670 9417

Our History

Abraham Benjamin began his family jewellery company in 1880 in Little Collins Street in the heart of the Melbourne jewellery precinct.

After his passing, the company was run by his three sons – Lionel, Julius and Maurice. Then from 1946, the company was run by Lionel Benjamin’s sons, Frank and Ernest.

By 1994 it was then taken over by Frank and David (the sons of Frank Maurice Benjamin), who ran the family company for the next 20 years.

In 2014 Frank Benjamin retired, and the business was taken over and is now solely run by David Benjamin, with whom it remains.

This BENJAMIN family jewellery company has seen Australia become a Nation, fight in two World Wars, survive the 1930s Depression, survive floods, droughts and fires. For their company to trade for more than One hundred and thirty-nine (139) years in a competitive economy demonstrates the strong principles and work ethic of the BANJAMIN family through four (4) generations.

The need for jewellery is usually celebratory: i.e. weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, births, etc., though it can be for dress, mourning and religious reasons. Lastly, it can be for pure pleasure.

BENJAMINS continues this One hundred and thirty-nine (139) year tradition of making jewellery in gold, platinum, silver diamonds and precious gems for its multi-generational clientele.

Times have changed so that in-house BENJAMINS offers its clients the 21st Century technology of COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN (“CAD”) with associated 3D printing. BENJAMIN’s clients first glimpse the bespoke engagement ring of their computer screen in CAD form.

Our Process

Our process begins and finishes in a very unique and special moment!

Everything starts when a special moment deserves a customised jewellery creation to immortalise it over time. Our customer exposes their ideas and models to be discussed with one of Benjamin’s experts who will provide guidance and expertise to convert the idea into a special jewellery piece.

Once the idea is nearly clear from a hand-carved wax model or a 3D virtual reality jewellery model, photorealistic images are produced to show how the final design will look like. At this stage, all the required elements are decided based on the budget and design.

Here is when the magic happens, and a high definition 3D printer is used to print the prototype of the selected piece. Then this wax or resin model goes through a process to evaporate the material but to leave its impression into a solid plaster that will be filled with the precious metal using high temperatures and advanced casting techniques to guarantee the high-quality standard and the piece design.

Finally, the cherry on the cake comes into place, giving the last hand finishing, polish the piece and placing the selected stones to get the finesse that is in our minds in reality.

Lord Coconut - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

lord coconut

0450 015 264


We stock over 100 handcrafted wedding rings for men. Each ring is handmade in Australia by our talented jewellers, designers and artisans to ensure the perfect fit. Our rings are designed to look a little different to those found in the chain stores so that a wedding ring can be found for even the fussiest of grooms. As around 40 jewellers are involved in our store, you’re sure to find a ring that they’ll love.

We stock wedding and signet rings made from white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, titanium, zirconium (black), sterling silver and Damascus steel to ensure your budget can be met. As we work closely with our local jewellers, many of our designs can be customised to make the ring even more personal. Each ring takes around 3-4 weeks to make, but if you’re in a hurry, please contact us as we can often fast-track an urgent order. As each wedding ring is handmade to order, we can accommodate any finger size and like to think we specialise in rings for men size Z and above.

If you want a bit of bling, many of our designs can incorporate diamonds, sapphires, garnets and the like. We pride ourselves on the personal touch and relaxed atmosphere to ensure even the most nervous or reluctant groom is put at ease and gently guided through the wedding ring options available.



The storeSpecialist in handmade wedding rings, designer cufflinks, signet rings, pendants, tie bars, bracelets and lapel pins. Representing over 35 Melbourne and interstate jewellers (over 500 men’s jewellery items in store at any time). The undeniably unique Lord Coconut is Melbourne, Australia’s only retailer, gallery, and online boutique selling contemporary jewellery designed with men in mind.

  • Cufflinks
  • Rings
  • Wedding rings
  • Signet rings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets/Cuffs
  • Brooches
  • Lapel Pins
  • Tie Bars
  • Tie Pins

Tivoli Jewellers - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

tivoli jellewers

+61 3 9663 0997


Tivoli Jewellers is a Boutique shop situated in the heart of Melbourne CBD, in the heritage building of Royal Arcade. We have 150 years of combined experience in fine jewellery, pearls and Opals.

Pink Diamond

Tivoli Jewellers is an official retailer for Pink Kimberley diamonds from the Argyle Mine in Western Australia. We offer a wide range of Australian Pink Diamonds as well as loose stones and Argyle Tender Stones. Our Staff is well trained to help you find the right pink diamond for you.

Jewellery Repair & Pearl Threading

We repair and redesigned jewellery using the latest CAD technology and the best craftsmanship at a very affordable price. We also offer Pearl Threading and Pearl Jewellery Repairs. Come in store for a quote.


We offer a large collection of South Sea Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, Japanese Salt Water Akoya Pearls and Freshwater Pearls. Our Pearls are individually chosen by our experienced staff, and we can offer you a unique “build your jewellery” experience.

Your Rights as A Consumer

Many of our products come with a guarantee or warranty from the manufacturer. In addition, they come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. If the issue with the goods is not major, we will repair or replace the item. If we do not do so within a reasonable time, you can choose to have the goods repaired or replaced. You are entitled to a refund or exchange where goods are wrongly described or different from a sample shown to you.

Where applicable, we will meet our obligation to provide a remedy under the Australian Consumer Law. Full details of your consumer rights may be found at

Jeeba Jewellery - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

jeeba jewellery

+61 3 9650 3313

Jeeba Jewellery

Established in 1983 in Melbourne, Australia, Jeeba Jewellery has flourished and become renowned for its vast and eclectic range of exquisite jewellery.

Jeeba Jewellery is a treasure trove of beautiful pieces that have been Australian made in our Melbourne studio and sourced from all corners of the world. You will find stunning precious jewellery, Pearls, Amber, Opals, Marcasite, exotic beaded creations and many other designs set in 9ct Gold and Sterling Silver. Many of the pieces are one of a kind as our designs are constantly changing. The designs can be contemporary, organic or influenced by the rich Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Victorian periods.

You will also find a selection of creative costume jewellery from international designers. There is the colourful and quirky French Taratata Bijoux collection, and Art Deco-inspired French enamelled Au Bout Des Reves Jewellery, the stunning Holly Yashi range that is hand made in niobium in America, the sparkly Israeli Swarovski Crystal by Mariana and a floral range by American artist Colleen Toland.

Jeeba Jewellery is a Melbourne based family business that prides itself on competitive pricing and providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Services provided include repairs, alterations, remakes, restringing, lay-bys, gift vouchers and loyalty card membership. Located in the beautiful Royal Arcade, Jeeba has become a must-visit when in Melbourne, Australia.

PurpleMay Jewellery - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

purplemay jewellery

+61 3 9939 5167



Make your wardrobe an expression of who you are. PurpleMay Jewellery offers a different approach to jewellery.

As bold, genuine, and full of personality as you are, the PurpleMay birthstone jewellery collection is the perfect choice for any woman looking to make an impact.

Created using only the finest gold and the highest quality gems, our pieces are wearable works of art, sure to elevate any wardrobe every day.

Shop the range today and discover why people from Sydney to Perth choose PurpleMay Jewellery for their loved ones.

At PurpleMay, we help every woman find pieces that harmonise with her look, her style and her personality.

We offer an extensive range of pieces perfect for stepping out for a special occasion or just as everyday wear for the office, adding colour, vibrancy and elegance to your life.

Since 2009, PurpleMay Jewellery has been helping people create precisely the piece they want.

Our custom jewellery service gives you the power to craft something truly unique, endlessly special and utterly unforgettable.

Working alongside our jewellers, you’ll have your choice of design, stone and metal, realised in beautiful quality by our skilled artisans.

Whether custom engagement rings to help you start a new chapter of your life or a beautiful gold necklace or pair of earrings for a milestone birthday, there’s nothing our jewellers can’t create.

View our collection at our Melbourne boutique, or book a custom jewellery consultation with our team via our contact page.

We’ll be happy to help you take the first step towards a stunning new piece.

e.g.etal - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne


+61 3 9639 5112

Browse e.g.etal’s collection of unique engagement rings, alternative weddings rings and contemporary bridal jewellery, all handmade by independent artists and designers. Every one of our rings has a story. Each piece is conceived and made by a skilled craftsperson. If you’re seeking unusual stones, technically breathtaking settings, and styles that disrupt the traditional idea of what an engagement ring should be, then e.g.etal is the right place to find your ring. Join us in our Melbourne gallery for a relaxed, pressure-free consultation where we guide you through the process of finding your aesthetic, choosing a ring, and customising it to make it truly yours. We take care of all the details to make sure you end up with a unique engagement ring you will absolutely love for a lifetime and beyond.

e.g.etal – celebrating 20 years of contemporary jewellery

The place of jewellery in history has always been one of personal expression. A jewellery collection says much about the person. It can tell the story of a life.

e.g.etal is a Melbourne gallery that represents and supports Australia’s thriving contemporary jewellery design movement. Established in 1998, e.g.etal maintains a passionate commitment to contemporary jewellery. The gallery now represents over 60 Australian and New Zealand jewellery artists and designers, with occasional international guests. Over its lifetime, dozens of more artists have had their work exhibited at e.g.etal. The constantly evolving collection is an inspiring selection of contemporary jewellery conceived and made by individual designers.

e.g.etal seeks to promote the essence of contemporary jewellery: a practice defined by considered research, conceptual ingenuity and intrepid technical diligence that challenges and delights, looks to the past and forges into the future…

We believe that a treasured piece of jewellery has relevance and meaning for a lifetime and beyond. These pieces are future heirlooms that will be handed down across and up the generations.

At e.g.etal, each piece is unique, but each is alike: carefully conceived, beautifully crafted and sincerely passed on.

Aqua Jewellery - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

aqua jewellers

03 9602 2165

At Aqua Jewellers, we pride ourselves in all types of repairs, including the remodelling of those sentimental and precious items of jewellery that has that special meaning to you.

From the initial consultation, you will be dealing with a professional jeweller who is passionate about his work.

At Aqua jewellers, no job is considered too small, large, or complex!

Bring in your jewellery and ideas, along with some pictures, perhaps, and we can discuss the best methods to achieve the look you want.

Who Are We?

Designer’s and creator’s of fine & unique jewellery with personalised service by a master craftsman.

Adam Obeid has been making jewellery since he was an apprentice in Syria.

As a master designer and jeweller, his work is of the highest standard and his reputation unparalleled. He has been commissioned to create unique, one-of-a-kind masterpieces for a wide variety of high-end fashion firms, such as BVLGARI, CARTIER and others.

He has also designed and created remarkable jewellery for both the Saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti royal families.

This experience, together with his worldwide knowledge, has provided him with an exceptional understanding of his trade.

By creating traditional and designer jewellery, as well as antique replicas and remodelled pieces, Adam has the knowledge and skill to create the perfect work of art for you and your loved one.

What We Do?

Unlike traditional jewellery stores that have a selection of ready, made up rings they wish to sell you, we do not keep any pre-made rings on display, as we work on concepts and ideas the client wishes to have created. This is where the fun starts, watching your precious piece of jewellery come to life. Our aim is to design and handcraft a unique piece of jewellery that is not only exclusive to you but has also been designed and handcrafted to compliment your choice of diamonds along with your choice of price.

Most people are afraid of having their jewellery designed and tailor-made to their specifications, as normally, a process such as this would come with a big price tag. You will be surprised as Aqua Jewellers promise is that you can have custom made jewellery for less than the cost of a ready-made one. You can be sure it’s yours only.

With new trends and the advancement of technology, along with the commitment and dedication of providing the highest standards of design and creation, Adam has taken on board and implemented the use of CAD (Computer-Aided Design), a new tool only recently introduced in the jewellery industry.

CAD is the use of computer programs to create two-or-three dimensional (2D or 3D) graphical representations of physical objects, making it possible for jewellery designers and manufacturers to design, modify and make delicate and sophisticated pieces of jewellery precisely and quickly.

As an experienced designer and maker of fine jewellery, coupled with his extensive knowledge of the CAD software, and along with your ideas, Adam will be able to quickly design your dream ring in 3D and produce high-quality renderings, in line with that of a photo image for you to see.

CAD has not only enabled greater design accuracy and the ability to modify and make jewellery precisely and quickly but, more importantly, now allows the customer to make changes and agree on the perfect design before manufacturing takes place.

CAD is not only used to enhance the design aspect but more so to enhance the customer service by engaging the customer in the entire experience, from beginning to end, with the ability to continue offering traditional customer service at the same time.

Like any other tool, however, it must be used well. What sets Adam apart from the rest is that most jewellers/stores outsource their CAD work to those who are experienced in the use of the software but lack the skill and knowledge of a master jeweller, acquired after years of handling and working with delicate pieces of jewellery and therefore don’t have the eye for those finely detailed finishes.

Whether it simply is handcrafted or a combination of the two, handcrafted with the assistance of CAD for design, come in and experience first-hand, the master designer and jeweller, building piece by piece, creating and bringing together your dream jewellery.

At Aqua jewellers, we are not only dedicated to fulfilling your requirements but, more so, to exceeding expectations! And For this reason, we offer a lifetime warranty on quality and workmanship.

Pandora - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne


1800 313 555

The world of Pandora jewellery is incredibly unique. Discover detailed designs and craftsmanship, brought to life by the magic of the stories told and interpreted through each hand-finished piece by its wearer.

Our jewellery materials

Want to know what your favourite pieces are made from? Learn all about the materials we use in Pandora jewellery designs, from our stone assortment, including cubic zirconia, diamond and more, to the various metals, including gold, silver and Pandora’s own special and unique metal blends.


At Pandora, we take great care to minimise how our activities impact the earth and our environment. We continuously strive to lower our environmental footprint and make sure our products are crafted with integrity when it comes to sustainability.

Rings of Melbourne - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

rings of melbourne

03 9646 1170

Welcome to Rings of Melbourne Jewellers.

Diamond engagement rings and wedding bands by award-winning Port Melbourne jewellers.

Rings of Melbourne designs creates and manufactures jewellery of the highest quality imaginable. With the flexibility to suit all preferences and budgets, we can provide ideas on design features or custom make a product exactly to your specifications.

Whether it is a personalised engagement ring, complete with future options for wedding and eternity ring additions, a dress ring or other jewellery, we use the highest quality materials and ensure that every piece is designed and crafted with longevity in mind.

We strive to make the development and purchase of your dream engagement ring an enjoyable experience by providing a personalised service and taking great pride in being able to translate your ideas into unique pieces, which always results in lasting relationships with satisfied clients.

All our engagement ring and wedding ring jewellery are hand made and custom-designed in a house in our Port Melbourne studio by our gifted jewellers. We are able to design something to your exacting requirements, or you can base a design on one of our many awards winning jewellery designs. You can also create your own engagement ring design and have us produce the piece of your dreams with our assistance.

Since 1987, Rings of Melbourne Jewellers specialise in handcrafted engagement rings and wedding rings.

We are specialist craftsmen and artisan jewellers that create gold, platinum, diamonds, pearls, gemstones and the finest materials. We specialise in engagement rings and wedding bands, ensuring alluring pieces for that most wonderful day. We are located at Port Melbourne in a convenient central location on Bay Street.

Rings of Melbourne Jewellers specialise in crafting women’s engagement rings in the following materials:

* White gold and diamond engagement rings,

* Engagement rings made in rose gold, engagement rings in yellow gold.

* Silver and diamond engagement rings

* Platinum engagement rings

We are experts in producing women’s engagement rings with various diamond shapes and cuts. We have made diamond engagement rings with the following cuts:

* Brilliant cut diamond engagement rings

* Asher cut diamond engagement rings

* Princess cut diamond engagement rings

* Radiant cut diamond engagement rings

We also specialise in designing and creating women’s wedding bands and men’s wedding rings and men’s wedding bands and women’s wedding rings in the following materials:

* White gold and diamond wedding rings

* Men’s wedding bands made in rose gold

* Women’s wedding rings in yellow gold and diamonds

* Silver and diamond wedding rings

* Platinum wedding rings

We are award-winning jewellery designers, producing wedding rings with various diamond shapes and cuts. We have made diamond wedding rings with the following cuts:

* Brilliant cut diamond wedding rings

* Asher cut diamond wedding rings

* Princess cut diamond wedding rings

* Radiant cut diamond wedding rings

Rings of Melbourne Jewellers also handcraft and design earrings, necklaces, pendants and special occasion jewellery.

Jewellery expertly designed and crafted by Rings of Melbourne Jewellers is contemporary yet timeless. Our worldwide reputably sourced diamonds are known for their exceptional cut, colour and clarity and our gemstones for their rarity, beauty and vibrant colours. We also source pearls of the finest quality and highest lustre to produce the most beautiful and highly sought after pieces.

The aim of Rings of Melbourne Jewellers is to design and create the most alluring and flawless collections of jewellery to suit your individual desires.

Pilkington Jewellers - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

pilkington jewellers

03 9650 2690

Welcome to Pilkington Jewellers

Pilkington Jewellers Pty Ltd began as Wartman’s Diamond setters in 1941. Lynne Pilkington is carrying on the tradition set by her late father, Alwyn Pilkington, who was an original partner of Wartman’s Diamond setters.

We stock a large range of all jewellery; all pearls, Tahitian, south sea and natural fresh water and an incredible range of semi-precious coloured stone jewellery. Our wide selection of Silver jewellery is imported directly by Pilkington Jewellers.

Lynne is an astute buyer who constantly travels to source the best designs, and she is delighted to create each piece of jewellery to be as individual as you are. Lynne is about to embark on a very large buying trip, so keep a check on the web page for all the new and fabulous jewels that will be in stock from mid-September.

We stock a large range of diamond rings to choose from to suit any budget. If you wish to design your own piece, we will use our experience to help you make the correct choice for you, ensuring that the piece will be worn, enjoyed and admired for years to come. We import all the diamonds we use directly from Belgium and can guarantee that each of our diamonds is sourced from “Conflict Free” mines.

We look forward to meeting you in our store.

MDTdesign - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne


03 9654 6806

Handmade Diamond Engagement Rings and Jewellery Made In Melbourne

Work with some of Melbourne’s best jewellers, designers and diamond graders to help find or custom make your perfect piece of precious jewellery! Whether you are looking for bespoke jewellery designs, diamond jewellery or simply want to partner with some of the most talented jewellery makers around, MDTdesign is the place for you.

About MDTdesign & our experienced Jewellers

Are you looking for a Melbourne jeweller to make you a gorgeous handmade diamond engagement ring that is unlike any other you’ve ever seen? Do you want something stylish and sophisticated? Unique and edgy? Classic and timeless? Whatever your heart desires, you must come to meet my team of diamond graders, jewellers and designers at MDTdesign and me. We have been handmaking our diamond jewellery since 1981, and every piece of jewellery is made in our onsite Collins Street Jewellery workshop in Melbourne located behind our boutique in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD and pride ourselves on bringing your dream ring to life!

At MDTdesign we design and Handmake all of our stunning diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, pendants and earrings all right here in our Melbourne CBD jewellery store. All of our custom and bespoke jewellery is handmade onsite and is 100% Australian-made with your choice of using Australian diamonds – Choosing to handmake our jewellery the old fashioned way instead of mass-producing or casting our jewellery is what sets us apart and makes us one of the best jewellers, jewellery designers and jewellery stores in the city focusing on not just the quality of our diamonds, but the pieces they are set into. Our Award-winning jewellery spanning over 25 years is one way we can show off our talent.

Let some of Melbourne’s best jewellers bring your design to life

There may be many jewellery stores around, but none are like MDTdesign. Our bespoke jewellery collection will take your breath away. From engagement rings and diamond rings to men’s wedding rings, diamond bracelets and more, we have something to suit every taste. And if not, let us custom design something special just for you.

Gray Reid Gallery - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

gray reid gallery

+61 (0)3 9650 7701


Since 1999 led by Alister Reid, Gray Reid Gallery has become renowned for a beautifully curated, unique yet timeless collection. Bespoke handmade fine jewellery, contemporary Australian jewellery, antique and vintage jewellery, and objects d’art are featured—our showroom hosts exhibitions from artisan-designed contemporary jewellers and members of The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia. We showcase an exceptional range of antique and vintage items.

We will work with you every step of the way to bring your jewellery dreams to life. Our service is individually tailored to each and every client. Browse our exhibitions and collections in the gallery to select a ‘ready-to-wear’ piece, or be inspired to work with our experienced team of Melbourne jewellery designers to create something truly individual.

At Gray Reid Gallery, we have an onsite jewellery workshop housing a dedicated team of Master jewellers and jewellery specialists of the highest order. Skilled in both traditional and cutting edge jewellery techniques.


Established in 1999, Gray Reid Gallery brought together a collective of specialists with over 40 years of knowledge and experience within the jewellery industry. Gray Reid Gallery was founded on the principle that Melbourne needed a place to discuss your jewellery dreams and needs.

At Gray Reid Gallery, our collective of jewellery specialists include the finest jewellers trained in traditional fine jewellery techniques. Our team can bring your jewellery dreams to life, from design concept to selection of gems to the hand made of your chosen Gray Reid Gallery creation. Be it an engagement, wedding or celebration piece. If, however you desire to restore or remodel your jewellery, a knowledgeable specialist will work with you to suggest the best options to breathe new life into your treasured family heirlooms so that they may be enjoyed and valued for generations to come.

From the beginning, our clients have worked with us to create gems of beauty and significance, to be enjoyed with pride now and for generations to come. Gray Reid Gallery has continued to specialise in fine quality antique, vintage and signed jewellery as part of an extensive collection. Our Collins Street jewellery gallery exhibits for sale a collection of contemporary Australian jewellery. A number of the jewellers, including ourselves, belong to the Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia.

Australian Diamond Company - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

australian diamond company

(03) 9660 4456


Situated in the heart of Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne CBD, the Australian Diamond Company prides itself on delivering elegant engagement rings of the highest quality. With over 30 years of experience, the Australian Diamond Company has established itself in the jewellery industry through sustained professionalism and success.

Visit us for a personalised experience, where our helpful and knowledgeable staff can assist you on the journey to find the perfect diamond. Our expansive showroom has been carefully thought out with the intention of guiding our customers through the diamond selection process in a relaxed and inviting environment. If you’re looking for an engagement ring, a wedding band or another piece of meaningful jewellery, our Melbourne showroom has the diamond for you.

The Australian Diamond Company is committed to customer satisfaction and providing a personalised service. ADC continually strives for excellence and symbolises innovation in the engagement ring industry.

The Australian Diamond Company opened the first retail store on Swanston Street in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD in 1982, along with offering high-quality diamonds at a reasonable price range.

Tinson Jewellers & Pawnbrokers - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

tinson jewellers & pawnbrokers

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For over 20 years, we have been providing our customers with friendly and professional service. We offer the best value for your items, and our rates are the most competitive in town with no hidden extra charges.

We specialise in buying and selling diamonds, gold, jewellery, watches, luxury handbags, mobile phones, notebook computers and other luxury goods.

Are you looking for instant cash?

Are you trying to sell or pawn your assets for cash? At Tinson, we simplified the lending and buying process so you can get instant cash faster and easier. We eliminate all the credit check, paperwork, and all other lengthy processes, giving your instant cash on the spot.

Do you have diamonds, gold, jewellery, watches, luxury handbags, high-end electronics or any luxury items that you want to turn into cash? Contact us now for more information.

With jewellery, we can do the following:

– Servicing

– Battery replacement

– Watchband replacement

– Watchband adjustment

– Restoration

Whether you need to get a broken piece repaired, resize a ring or restore an heirloom that has been passed down through many generations, we promise to do the best job for your precious items.

Please, come in store and talk to our friendly staff to obtain a quote on your repair.

Pieces of Eight - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

pieces of eight

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Over time, Pieces of Eight has built a solid reputation as one of the most exciting and original of its kind. Presenting the best selection of artist-made jewellery and small objects is at our core.

The gallery is curated by founder and jeweller Melanie Katsalidis.

Pieces of Eight galleries is curated by Melanie Katsalidis.Pieces of Eight founder and jeweller Melanie Katsalidis.

Housed in a custom-built space she designed with her architect father, and the Melbourne gallery showcases the collections of carefully selected artists. Regular exhibitions and events bring new ideas and energy into space and include large scale window installations.

A focus on creativity extends to working with our clients and artists on bespoke commissions to create a unique outcome to be treasured for years to come.

Catanach’s Jewellers - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

catanach's jewellers

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Catanach’s is located in one of Melbourne’s prime antique precincts. High Street Armadale has long been associated with high-end retail, a perfect Melbourne location for a jewellery store such as Catanach’s. It is boasting the best range of coloured stones in the country and renowned for searching the world for the very best stones for its customers.

Perfect Creations

Catanach’s philosophy is to create your dream, leaving no stone unturned to acquire or create the perfect piece, handmade by our jewellers to be uniquely yours.

Catanach’s is located in one of Melbourne’s premier wedding district. High Street Armadale has long been associated with high-end retail, a perfect Melbourne location for a jewellery store such as Catanach’s. It is boasting the best range of coloured stones in the country and renowned for searching the world for the very best stones for its customers.

Stunning Results

Catanach’s philosophy is to create your dream, leaving no stone unturned to acquire or create the perfect piece, handmade by our jewellers to be uniquely yours.

About Us

Catanach’s philosophy is to create your dream, leaving no stone unturned to acquire or create the perfect piece, handmade by our jewellers to be uniquely yours.

When George William Catanach established the Catanach’s brand in 1874, he based his business, which over 140 years later would still be a family legacy, on the premise that quality and beauty must go hand in hand when crafting a piece of fine jewellery. This core value has been passed down and cultivated over 5 generations, presently residing with Amanda and David Catanach, the current custodians of this iconic Melbourne Jewellery House.

After a wonderful 109 years at ‘Catanach House’ in the Royal Arcade in Melbourne’s CBD, Catanach’s made a move to 1212 High St Armadale in 1986. Over the past 30 years, Catanach’s has remained an iconic fixture in this premium shopping strip.

Catanach’s is located in one of Melbourne’s premier wedding district. High Street Armadale has long been associated with high-end retail, a perfect Melbourne location for a jewellery store such as Catanach’s. It is boasting the best range of coloured stones in the country and renowned for searching the world for the very best stones for its customers.

Catanach’s also has a wide collection of lustrous Australian and pearls, born in the clean turquoise waters of Broome, Western Australia. Catanach’s have strong links with this outback town and offer a huge choice of cultured and Keshi pearls.

Catanach’s Jewellers are the proud makers of the Caulfield Cup and have a long association with the Melbourne Racing Club, both as a sponsor and trophy maker. They also support many charity race days, both metropolitan and country.

Gazelle Jewellery - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

gazelle jewellery

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Located in Melbourne’s CBD, we specialise in sterling silver and gold jewellery featuring gemstones.

Gazelle Jewellery is located opposite the newly refurbished St. Collins Lane, in the historic Centre Way Arcade that runs between Collins Street and Flinders Lane. The store sits in the heart of Melbourne’s most popular laneway precinct - Degraves Street, Centre Place and Centre Way. This iconic area is home to bustling cafes, unique designer boutiques, offbeat fashion and one of Melbourne’s famous graffiti hot spots.

Gazelle Jewellery has been delighting customers for more than three decades. We have travelled the world and engaged with local jewellery artisans to build our collection of one-of-a-kind pieces. We also carry an eclectic mix of scarves and other high-quality objects d’arte - both contemporary and antique.

When curating our range, we look for creativity, design, craftsmanship, composition, comfort and versatility. Many of the designs we carry are exclusive to Gazelle.

We provide a concierge service and look forward to answering your questions and helping you select that special piece by phone or email. We can include a card or a personal note, gift wrapping and arrange postage. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We repair and resting necklaces. We can retread your pearl or amber necklace with silk thread knotting between each bead. We have a good selection of sterling silver jump rings and clasps to repair bracelets and necklaces and earrings hooks, studs and clip-on.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to welcoming you back to our store, with warmest regards, Suzanne and Mark Fernandes.


It begins with an idea.

A sketch in a notebook, the sun was glancing off a still pond, a lilting melody, the memory of beads hanging heavy around the neck of the family matriarch.

The special piece we sell has been lovingly crafted by artisan makers, forged by the hands of skilled jewellers from across the globe. Our makers work from concept to execution, constantly evolving their work and trying new ideas.

At Gazelle Jewellery, we have unique and precious pieces that have been lovingly made by hand.

Jasmine Fraser - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

jasmine fraser

03 9663 6110

Handcrafted in Melbourne

Jasmine Fraser specialises in designing and creating beautiful, timeless jewellery.

Centrally located in the heart of Melbourne for over 15 years, Jasmine Fraser has been respected for honesty, quality and design.

Jasmine Fraser jewellery pieces are handcrafted on the premises, allowing clients to explore all aspects of jewellery manufacturing. A wide variety of precious metals and gemstones are used to meet your individual needs. With the additional gemmology and diamond grading qualifications, Jasmine is able to offer one-on-one expert advice to create an originally designed piece for any occasion.

Enjoy the personal approach by taking the time to make an obligation-free appointment with Jasmine to discuss your jewellery requirements.

Jasmine Fraser specialises in designing and creating beautiful, timeless jewellery.

Centrally located in the heart of Melbourne for over 15 years, Jasmine Fraser has been respected for honesty, quality and design.

Jasmine Fraser jewellery pieces are handcrafted on the premises, allowing clients to explore all aspects of jewellery manufacturing. A wide variety of precious metals and gemstones are used to meet your individual needs. With the additional gemmology and diamond grading qualifications, Jasmine is able to offer one-on-one expert advice to create an originally designed piece for any occasion.

Enjoy the personal approach by taking the time to make an obligation-free appointment with Jasmine to discuss your jewellery requirements.


  • Design and Manufacturing of Fine Handmade Gold and Platinum Jewellery, including wedding rings and engagement rings
  • Independent Valuation Certificates
  • After-sales service, professional cleaning of your jewellery every six months free of charge
  • Remodelling Service
  • Restoration
  • Repairs on your existing jewellery

Your Jeweller - Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

your jeweller



Your Jeweller carries out specialised services and advice regarding jewellery making, watch repairs, battery replacement.

We can repair, remodel, & resize your jewellery, and we pride ourselves on offering old-fashioned, honest and friendly service to all our customers.

Situated in the heart of Melbourne CBD, @ a convenient location just off Swanston Street, our work speaks for itself. Please check out our Google reviews to see what our customers are saying...


Your Jeweller carries out specialised services and advice regarding jewellery making, ring resizing, remodelling, watch repairs, watch battery replacement & key cutting.

We are a family-owned Jewelry business in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. We pride ourselves to be the best in serving our community when it comes to their Jewellery needs.

We offer our customers a fast turn around time for most repairs, with friendly, reliable service, @ a reasonable price.

18 years of operation @ our current location & still

going Strong

Check out what our customers are saying @ Reviews.

How to choose the best wedding band?

You’ve already said “yes” to your future spouse and engagement ring—now it’s time to pick the second most crucial ring of your life: your wedding band. While the engagement ring may take all the fanfare in terms of bridal jewellery, the wedding band is the piece you’ll probably spend the most time wearing post-nuptials. It’s essential to find a ring that complements your engagement ring and your lifestyle, and changing tastes.

You choose your wedding venue for a day. But, a pair of wedding rings you choose for life! You’ll be wearing this day in, day out, so it only makes sense to do your due diligence on finding the perfect rings. Refer to our expert guide on what you should consider when choosing your wedding bands.

The origin of the wedding band goes back to ancient Egypt. It is believed that Egyptians used the ring to represent eternity and honour marriage. Early rings were made of iron, but gold became the fashion trend during the medieval period. Gemstones were seen as symbols of strength or love, and the Greeks believed diamonds fell from stars.

The act of exchanging wedding bands was introduced in the 1300s with the Greek Orthodox Church but didn’t become part of American tradition until World War II. During the war, soldiers and their wives exchanged rings to remind them of their everlasting love, despite uncertainty and the physical distance.

Wedding rings are still essential parts of tradition today, and there are dozens of styles to choose from. If you are ready to select your wedding ring, you probably have a few questions. For example, how do you know what style to pick without overpowering your engagement ring?

Typically, wedding bands are similar for the bride and groom, and brides traditionally wear the wedding band on the left hand’s ring finger under the engagement ring. However, some brides desire a wedding ring with a large stone and can’t fit it beneath their engagement ring. There are no set rules on what’s right, and it’s most important you feel comfortable and happy with your style.

What are the ways of choosing wedding bands?

Start your search early.

Too often, couples wait until the last minute to shop for their wedding bands. If you want to end up with a ring you’ll love for a lifetime, you should begin shopping for it three to four months before your wedding, especially if you’re interested in a custom design.

Shop with your engagement ring

While there are no hard-and-fast rules about pairing your engagement ring with your wedding band, you should love the way they look together—as that’s often how you’ll wear them. It’s up to you whether you want the set to be a perfect match or simply complementary. When you’re shopping for your wedding band, you should try on options both with your ring and without, to make sure you love the look worn both ways.

Keep your lifestyle in mind.

Many people choose to wear their wedding band every day. If this sounds like something you’ll do, it’s essential to keep your lifestyle in mind when choosing the right ring. If you’re super active, go to the gym regularly, or use your hands for work, you may want to select a more durable wedding band option to prevent damage and premature wear. This also means considering the maintenance. The more intricate your wedding band, the more time and care you’ll have to invest in keeping it in tip-top shape. If you’re not into the extra upkeep, a simple, fuss-free gold or platinum ring never goes out of style.

Size it right

Accurate sizing is essential when it comes to your wedding band. If you plan on rarely taking off your wedding band, it needs to be made to fit even when your fingers swell and contract—through hot and cold months, exercise, and even pregnancy. It is recommended that you schedule your ring fitting at a time when you’re relaxed, aren’t retaining water, and your body temperature is most expected. Never plan your ring fitting first thing in the morning or right after you’ve exercised.

Don’t worry about matching.

A common question that comes up during wedding band shopping is, “should our wedding bands match?” Contrary to what some may say, your wedding band does not need to match your spouse’s. While choosing coordinating bands is traditional and still desired by particular couples, don’t feel pressured to fit if you two have different tastes. Express your individuality and choose the ring you most love—and let your partner pick the ring that best suits them.

Adding to the possibility of confusion is the anniversary band. No, we’re not getting ahead of ourselves here; we know we’re talking about wedding rings. The term anniversary band typically refers to a band with diamonds. The diamonds can be clustered on the top or go all the way around the ring. Using an anniversary band as a wedding band is a popular choice for women who want to wear diamonds every day but have practical reasons for not always wearing their engagement rings.

Wedding rings are symbols of your commitment, and the exchange of them during your actual wedding is a true highlight. Keep that moment in mind when the choices seem overwhelming or start to swim together in your head. There’s no right or wrong in your preferences about wedding rings — relax and enjoy the moments.

What should I look for in a wedding band?

Dating back over 6,000 years to Ancient Egypt, wedding bands signify love and commitment between a married couple. With no defined beginning or end, the wedding band represents eternity. The first rings were crafted out of iron. And by medieval times, rings were made of gold settings decorated with gemstones.

Shaped wedding rings

After you’ve decided on the metal, you need to consider if this new wedding ring will complement your engagement ring.

Both rings will be worn side by side for the rest of your life, so it’s important that they sit well together. You may have never considered the ring's profile before, but you’ll begin to see subtle differences once you compare the side of the style by the side.

If this is the case, you may choose a shaped wedding ring, often referred to as a curved or fitted wedding ring. These come in a range of designs, including a delicate curve, a pronounced Z-shape or a cut-out in the ring.

Even if you don’t need it to be shaped, consider the ring profile – you’ll be able to choose from court shape (rounded on the inside and out), flat profiles (completely rectangular), D-shape (flat on the inside, round on the outside) and more.

Diamond set wedding rings.

Once you’ve chosen the wedding ring, now is the time to consider including a diamond or other precious gemstone. Diamond-set wedding rings are becoming more fashionable and are more commonly found in women’s wedding rings to provide a sparkly backdrop for the engagement ring.

But grooms shouldn’t discount diamonds. Diamond wedding rings are finding favour with men, too, as a way of remembering someone close to their heart. Another fun way to do this is with an imprint of your fingerprint.

Diamonds in wedding rings are usually brilliant-cut (round) or princess-cut (square), but you can also find designs with pear-shaped, emerald and marquise-cut stones. The more unusual the diamond shape, the more glamorous your wedding ring – and probably, the more expensive!


You and your spouse-to-be will be wearing your wedding bands forever. Make sure they’re made of high-quality materials, so they last for many years to come. Consider these three essential aspects when shopping for a wedding band: the type of precious metal used (see our guide here), the diamonds and the setting quality.

Most wedding bands for both men and women are made with durable materials, like yellow gold, white gold, platinum or tungsten carbide. Just be sure to choose a reputable vendor who provides some verification of the precious metal used, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

As far as the diamonds in a wedding band, they’ll be much smaller than the centre stone of an engagement ring. In short, the diamonds are too small for the expense and time involved with grading the diamonds. For instance, if you were to certify 14 diamonds in a wedding band, the certifications would cost nearly a thousand dollars alone.

Overall, when reviewing diamonds in a wedding band, watch for the level of brilliance (how much the diamonds sparkle and reflect white light). Brilliance is the best indicator of beauty and quality in smaller diamonds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The groom's parents precede the bride's mother during the processional. Here's a rundown: After the ushers have seated all of the guests, the grandparents start up the aisle, followed by the groom's parents. Then the bride's mother takes her turn. She is the last to be seated before the bridal party procession begins.

As a general guideline, the person closest to the bride comes down the aisle closest in order to the bride. That means the grandparents of the groom go first, followed by the grandparents of the bride. Next up: the mother/parents of the groom, followed by the mother of the bride.

We hate to break it to you, but you might not love the reasons—the tradition behind the bride standing on the left side of the altar actually stems from the old days of "marriage by capture," meaning the groom needed to leave his right hand (aka, his fighting hand which he used to hold the sword) free in the event that 

While the national average cost of a wedding dress is $1,631 (including alterations), dress prices are based on various factors and generally range from $500 to $4,000. By shopping at large retailers and getting a machine-made gown, you can easily land on the lower end of the spectrum.

The traditional wedding rhyme goes: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe. It describes the four (technically five) objects a bride should have with her on her wedding day for good luck, and brides have been following this custom for centuries.

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