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Top 25 Luxury Home Builders in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

If you're looking for a luxurious home in Melbourne, you'll want to check out these luxury home builders. They can help turn your dream home into a reality. Whether you're looking for something modern or traditional, they have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. So if you're ready to take your home to the next level, read on to learn more about these amazing luxury home builders in Melbourne.

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    Ultimate List of Luxury Home Builders in Melbourne, Victoria

    MJS Construction Group - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

    mjs construction group

    (03) 9570 1826

    Melbourne Builder With Over 1200 Happy Residents Australia Wide.

    We have built over 1200 new homes, dual-occupancy homes, townhouses, and apartments. We have been a trusted builder for over 35 years. We have experienced everything.

    You've come to the right site if you're seeking for an excellent builder in Melbourne who is also reasonably priced.

    Making Melbourne residents feel right at home.

    As a full-service building construction and project management firm, we design houses that people want to live in.

    Home is where the heart is, as we have all heard a million times. But the rest of you also reside there. Because of this, MJS Construction Group is dedicated to creating houses that provide for everyone. Our dedication to excellence in design, construction, and customer service is a reflection of our philosophy and enthusiasm for custom homes. Let's make your ideal house a reality!

    The MJS difference.

    Over 35 years of expertise developing a large number of new homes, duplex developments, and dual occupancy buildings. The MJS Construction Group works with everyone from small business owners to major real estate developers, and they always take care to grasp the specifics of the project so that you're overjoyed and satisfied with the results.

    MJS Construction Group distinguishes itself by valuing connections, paying attention to details, and delivering quality outcomes. Instead of just "saying" we'll do everything, we genuinely follow through on our commitments. This is how MJS Construction Group has expanded and how our distinctive organizational structure has enabled us to succeed in the design, construction, and building sectors.

    Bentleigh East builders make you feel at home by completing their construction projects on schedule, under budget, and with the utmost attention to detail.

    What sets MJS Construction Group apart?

    Performance that is consistent is not a fluke. Each home that MJS Construction Group builds is delivered with the highest level of sophistication.

    MJS Construction Group has a history of forming solid bonds with clients that result in ongoing collaborations and a wide-ranging network of recommendations. Why is that

    Our core pillars:

    MJS Construction Group, with offices in Bentleigh East and Bentleigh and the surrounding Melbourne suburbs, are your go-to experts for building projects.

    With the keys in hand, you will quickly fall in love and have a great sense of pride and accomplishment without having to worry about handling the project's complexities, as per our commitment to clients.

    Hamilton Bardin - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

    hamilton bardin

    0448 140 700


    Over the course of our 25 years as a reliable Melbourne builder, we have begun and completed over 1000 Victorian homes.

    If you're looking for a high-quality, reasonably priced house builder, you've come to the correct spot because we've seen it all and done it.


    Hamilton Bardin has made a name for itself as Australia's leading custom luxury home builder. We provide handcrafted, individually designed homes that satisfy each and every one of the needs of our clients.

    This entails an understanding and acknowledgement that every family is different, and your ideal living space is as unique and individual as your family. Want a second bedroom adjacent to the kids' room? No issue. Off the main hallway, is there a second study or playroom? Done. Hamilton Bardin's only priority is realizing your dream house, no matter what it may entail.

    Henley - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne


    (03) 9574 5334

    New Home Builders in Melbourne

    Henley has made a name for itself as a pioneer in sustainable living, contemporary home design, and innovation. We take pleasure in being the new home builders in Melbourne who set the bar higher. You might be a zealous first-time home buyer, an experienced empty nester, an experienced investor, or none of the aforementioned. Few things are as thrilling as purchasing and building a new home, therefore he made the decision to purchase a new home that can signify the beginning or end of an era.

    When building or purchasing a home, there are numerous things to take into account. Please be advised that occasionally we may use photographs that do not accurately reflect what is included in the price of your house or that may not be given by us in order to be as transparent as possible. Photographs of landscaped gardens, swimming pools, driveways, furnishings, and screens that are not provided by us are an example of this, and the façade images we provide may have additional expenditures beyond those included in the base price mentioned. As a result, this website and the accompanying photos should only be used as a reference. Where we refer to pricing, the Terms, which we encourage you to read, contain further details about what the price truly entails.

    All measures are in millimeters unless otherwise specified, and marketing plans and dimensions are just intended to be representational. Based on a typical facade, lot widths can differ depending on the facade type. Due to estate requirements and council guidelines, some lot width requirements will change and therefore need to be used as a guide only.

    Renmark Homes - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne



    1300 367 246

    Custom Homes Designed to Suit Your Lifestyle & Budget

    With a focus on architecturally planned, luxurious new homes and dual occupancy Melbourne, Renmark Homes is a specialized bespoke house builder in Melbourne. We don't merely construct typical houses. We take your ideas and turn them into an environment you want to return to repeatedly. Dial us. We're confident that our expertise and advice in new house construction will impress you. Ph 1300 367 245 currently.

    When you hire Renmark Homes to construct your custom home, you will gain access to our extensive knowledge of designing and constructing experience, giving you the peace of mind that what you have chosen will be created flawlessly and according to your preferences. We decide to construct in a few neighborhoods in Melbourne's inner north and west.

    You can be certain that the building process will go well if you work with a business that has established a 5-star rating as a producer of opulent, well-appointed homes. We have been developing distinguished custom houses in Melbourne for clients that require a builder to share their vision for their stunning new home for more than 20 years.

    FAQs About Luxury Home Builders

    Existing drawings

    • Design floor plans.
    • Elevations.
    • Structural drawings.
    • Electrical drawings.
    • Plumbing and sanitary drawings.
    • They aid the success of a project.
    • They are necessary for planning permission.
    • Some are legally required.

    Professional Indemnity insurance may be needed for a builder involved with the designs or giving professional advice or service. However, if your builder is executing on drawings given to them by an architect, they may not need this coverage.

    A "builder's finish" can vary, but it usually means that the house needs flooring, bathroom suites, a kitchen, fireplaces, and internal doors and architraves. So you'd need to cost all that and, as much of this depends on personal taste, you're into a huge range of prices.

    A custom home is perfect for buyers who want to build their dream home, complete with a floorplan that fits their needs and all the amenities they desire. 

    Custom homes are typically built on land owned by the buyer, and the builder works with the buyer to develop a floorplan for their one-of-a-kind home.

    When you decide to build a custom home, you’re building the home you hope to grow your family in and maybe even retire in. The extra time and money spent on designing, building, and settling into your custom home, will be worth it if you plan to make it your home for years to come..

    To build or not to build, that is the question. Looking for your perfect dream home can not only be a daily headache in the search process, but it can also result in complete agony when you find out another buyer has outbid the house you had your hopes on. 

    After getting over the pain of losing your “dream” house and the “what ifs,” you finally admit to yourself that the kitchen wasn’t exactly perfect, and the fact that the master bedroom wasn’t on the first floor wasn’t a deal-breaker, but more of a compromise. Quit lying to yourself! Hey, we all do it! So why not invest your money into something you are 100% happy with? 

    This is the most obvious and attractive reason to consider when building a custom home. You, as the buyer, have total control in tailoring the entire house to every desired detail—down to the colour of the knobs on the cabinets. In reality, the chances of finding a home built with everything you want already on the market is very slim. 

    Even if you find something comparable, you will most likely eventually turn to renovate in order to make the room(s) specific to your wants, and that can get pretty tricky (and expensive). Having total control of exactly what is put into your home and where it’s placed makes for a house that is 100% customised to your preference with no surprises.

    Highview Homes - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

    highview homes

    (03) 5973 5974

    Established in 1965, Highview Homes is renowned as Australia's top designer and builder of period-style homes. Rex Sheppard, the founding director, still sets the bar for customer-centered service today. Highview Homes stand out due to their meticulous attention to detail and traditional architectural characteristics.

    We think that traditional values will always be relevant in contemporary society. Being in business for more than 50 years makes Highview Homes very proud. Since its founding in 1965, Highview has been passionate about fine heritage properties. With the same principles on which Rex and Betty built the company, the second and third generations of Sheppards are now in charge of it.


    Building prestigious, period-style homes with a decidedly Australian flair, Highview Homes has a long history. Highview Homes creates timeless homes for contemporary families who uphold traditional values while retaining the elegance of the past.

    Construct Melbourne - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

    construct melbourne

    1300 928 454

    Custom New Homes

    Leading new house builders in Melbourne, we have the resources and know-how to produce luxurious custom homes that are exquisitely planned and flawlessly carried out. We can be relied upon to complete the task, whether you need a home to suit your expanding family or the luxurious new home you've been picturing for years.

    A collaborative process

    We collaborate closely with you throughout the building process because, as custom home builders, we value the satisfaction of our customers. This implies that you can continuously contribute to the design of your new home and offer feedback along the process. Our aim is to build your ideal house and provide outcomes that you'll be happy with for a very long time.

    Renovations and Extensions

    We have the skills and experience to completely renovate your Melbourne home's interior and outdoor spaces as skilled total home renovation contractors and renovation builders. We can modernize any outdated or unpractical components, expand living spaces to include kitchens, replace single-glazed windows with double-glazed ones, install skylights to lighten interior spaces, increase insulation for better energy efficiency, and update bathrooms and kitchens.

    Avenue Building Group - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

    avenue building group


    New Homes Melbourne

    From obtaining building permits to turning over the property, we can help you at every step. Call us at 0411708256 for a free consultation, or fill out the form below, and we'll get in touch with you right away.

    About us

    Avenue has established a reputation for producing top-notch contemporary, environmentally friendly, and creative designs. At Avenue, all residential, commercial, and industrial structures are our area of expertise. It's down our avenue, whether it's for a brand-new structure or a renovation.

    The avenue is able to provide its clients unequaled solutions across the building sector since it is an integrated construction enterprise using only the best resources.

    Symmetric Homes - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

    symmetric homes

    03 9676 2401

    More than just four walls.

    more than just a residence. It is a bare canvas to which you can add life. Stories and memories. Milestones. Your new house is constructed on schedule and within your budget. Zero asterisks.

    More than homes: businesses too.

    identical focus on details. various applications. Apartment living. Shopfronts. Warehouses. always on schedule and within budget. Consequently, you have more time to focus on what matters most: your company.

    There’s more to your home than just the walls.

    Additionally, we are more than just builders. To be able to give you more, we have spent more than ten years refining our procedures. more choices. Extra time. more assurance The only thing left to the imagination is making sure you live your life inside these walls.

    G.J. Gardner - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

    g.j. gardner homes

    +61 3 9351 0308

    Over the past 37 years, G.J. Gardner Homes has constructed over 36,000 high-quality, unique homes. On the strength of a single tenet, the business keeps expanding: making sure every client would recommend us to their closest friend. We are committed to providing the finest caliber of work during the whole construction of your new home. Every one of our qualified contractors and preferred subcontractors has been chosen for their unique levels of skill and dedication to excellence.

    Our Heritage

    G.J. Gardner Houses, which Greg Gardner founded independently in 1983 in Queensland, swiftly expanded to 8 regional offices and was producing up to 1,000 unique homes annually. G.J. Gardner Homes immediately gained a reputation for producing high-quality, affordable homes. Greg chose to franchise the company in response to demand and quickly rose to become one of Queensland's largest privately-owned construction firms. Today, G.J. Gardner Homes is well-known throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. G.J. Gardner Homes continues to establish a reputation for dependability and for being a business that our clients can trust, with over 120 franchisees operating all over the world and being supported by numerous global offices.

    The G.J. Way

    We want your new house to stand out in all the right ways. With no additional fees or hidden costs, we'll provide you a defined pricing and build time certainty. We'll make sure that everything you need to know is spelled out and discussed upfront, giving you as much clarity as possible. Building your new house on a fixed budget is surprisingly simple.

    Bentley Homes - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

    bentley homes

    03 9407 5001

    Our team is dedicated to making sure you select the home that is the ideal fit for your lifestyle since we realize that creating your dream home is the biggest investment you and your family will ever make.

    Our modern line of homes combines elegant design with practicality to meet all of your needs. A few of our home design features, effortlessly executed with a dash of elegance, include generously proportioned bedrooms, larger kitchens, expansive living areas, and tons of storage space.

    These residences are all the result of conversations with our clients and detailed requests from them. We then work with our architects to produce homes that are not only magazine-worthy but are also commended by our land development partners and have achieved the highest commendation by being judged Winner in the HIA and MBAV Display Home Awards.

    VBuild - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne


    0425 752 803

    Luxury living, your way

    Make your home build something special

    With each project, VBuild Melbourne Pty Ltd strives to create quality, assurance, relationships, high ethical standards, and client satisfaction.

    Your project will be of the greatest caliber, we guarantee it. We can uphold our high standards for all work completed on your project by using the best supplies and subcontractors. Cutting corners is not something we support. Future maintenance expenses will only rise as a result of quick fixes and inexpensive replacements. By paying close attention to the little things, you can ensure that nothing is missed and that every element of your project is given the same priority.

    Leaders in Prestige Home Design & Build

    Melbourne’s premier luxury home builders

    At VBuild, we are Melbourne luxury home builders who are totally committed to realizing your vision of the ideal custom home. We promise you a gorgeous, wonderfully finished quality house that you'll be happy with for years to come, starting with your first ideas and continuing through bespoke design, planning, construction, and beyond.

    The goal of VBuild is to offer a project management service that gives our client ongoing access to the project status and the assurance that the project will proceed without hiccups through every stage. VBuild's considerable project management experience can guarantee that projects are always run smoothly and meticulously from project conception to planning, procurement, execution, and completion, both client-side and contractor-side.

    Home Builders Melbourne was founded in 2009 and is a modest, adaptable, and welcoming drafting company.

    The company's mission is to create a modern, distinctive, and elegant home that is connected to its surroundings and offers a flexible and comfortable living space.

    You will receive assistance from our knowledgeable and courteous personnel at every level of your project.

    At Home Builders Melbourne, we take a customized approach based on the unique needs of our clients when creating a high-quality product. Home Builders Melbourne will lead you to a sustainable modern house with a professional finish using the most recent building technologies, from conceptual vision to building permits.

    Design your Dream, Develop your Future

    Nicon Built - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne


    0407 699 455

    Nicon Built- Australia’s Finest Custom Home Builders Melbourne

    We don’t Construct Buildings- We Create Liveable Homes.

    Nothing can compare to the satisfaction of returning to a house that completely captures your character, beliefs, and dreams. Creating the home of your dreams is the main goal of a custom home. But creating a custom home is no simple task. It is the biggest but riskiest investment in your life, and even the smallest mistake or poor choice might have unfavorable effects.

    However, when your home is being built by the professional, knowledgeable, and skilled team at Nicon Built custom builders, Melbourne. Nothing less than absolute finesse is to be expected. We take great pride in having worked on some of Melbourne's most eye-catching, expensive, and stunning structures. And we are prepared to build a custom home according to your exact specifications.

    In 2007, he made it possible for consumers to experience the cutting-edge building designs in line with his love for the construction industry. He envisions outstanding developing designs that best meet the objectives of the clients because he is the managing director of Nicon Built.

    Sienna Homes - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

    sienna home

    +61 3 8685 8116

    Take a look at the award-winning design.

    Our distinctive design philosophy sets Sienna Homes apart from the competition. We think it's important to learn what you want from a family home before finding a design that suits your lifestyle, sense of style, and goals. It is comparable to creating your house from the ground up.

    What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

    Good design, in our opinion, is not an extravagance. Every Sienna Homes home, whether it be a townhouse or a sizable family home, will have adaptable rooms, cutting-edge storage solutions, and roomy, open living areas.

    We Can Tailor Our Designs to Suit

    At Sienna Homes, we are pleased to include those features that transform our designs into the ideal house for you. We think that the best designs should reflect your lifestyle, sense of fashion, and goals.

    Quality Home Builders - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

    quality home builders

    1300 12 99 78

    As a member of a team that assists a select set of clients in generating wealth via the power of brick and mortar, Quality Home Builders can help. Quality Home Builders is a member of a group that assists a small number of its clients in generating wealth by utilizing the strength of bricks and mortar.

    Since 2010, The IM group has assisted investors and first-time homebuyers with the goal of developing remarkable solutions for their clients. Today, that goal still serves as a motivating factor. The most imaginative and trustworthy craftspeople in the country have always been sought after by IM Group. This makes us one of the most reputable One-Stop-Shop organizations in the country.

    We always do our business with decency, morality, and a strong commitment to excellence. We never compromise quality for financial gain. In reality, because of the reputation we have built, we have a lot of negotiating power with our lenders. We design our financial products with the final user in mind, so you can relax knowing you're getting the finest loan available.

    Verdé Homes - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne


    +61 03 9836 2001

    There comes a time in life when you tell your partner and yourself, "It's time we lived the life we've always wanted, in the kind of house we've always wanted." Most likely, you already have an image of that house in your head. Few examples of classical, graceful, and gracious architecture with a feeling of grandeur and proportion can be found in contemporary buildings. All you require is a method for making that idea a reality. Greetings from Verdé. eternal quality. A Verdé home is furnished according to your personal preferences and likes. Beautifully made and painstakingly detailed. a manifestation of classic character and carefree living. A magnificent home in every way. Every Verdé home, as you'll see, is inspired by the illustrious past, beautiful proportions, and timeless elegance of the very best residential architecture, providing a living experience unequaled by today's modern construction.

    Our Passion.

    We have always liked the style of domestic architecture that may be found in the more affluent sections of the world's big cities and regions. You'll understand exactly what we mean if you've ever walked the streets of London, Paris, Rome, or Florence. Many of the most beautiful and majestic houses date back many centuries. However, they are still in fantastic shape, and their sense of balance and design are pleasing to the eye. They have unquestionably endured the test of time in terms of design and construction quality. We wish to construct homes like these for our customers. Obviously, with every modern convenience present: large, well-lit interior design. Integrated patio and indoor/outdoor pool design. the newest technology for the home. everything to make living an unparalleled experience. This is what Verdé is all about. We cordially invite you to travel with us as we set out to design your very own beautiful lifestyle.

    Our Promise.

    A Verdé mansion has a distinctive design that is courteous, elegant, and lovely. A Verdé home is precisely constructed and elegantly decorated, including only the highest quality fixtures and materials. A Verdé home is infused with the vast expertise of the organization's executives, designers, and artisans. Every Verdé home is unique and made just for its owner.

    Meletis Homes - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

    meletis homes

    03 9364 0801

    Your dependable associate in developing options to turn your aspiration house into a reality. Meletis Homes is one of Melbourne's most skilled and reputable bespoke home builders, having been in business for over 45 years. Our main objective is to assist families in creating a house that is not only extremely functional and fashionable but also fits their unique demands and way of life. From the moment you begin to envision your ideal place until the day you move into your new house, we collaborate closely with you, our customers.

    Our Expertise

    An alternative that is becoming more and more common is demolishing an old house and starting over. Meletis Homes will assist you in incorporating your unique living requirements into a plan that properly complements the current site. We will take into account your financial situation, the neighborhood's character, the houses on the street, and the site's pros and disadvantages.

    If you are thinking about putting up a multi-unit dwelling on your property, Meletis Homes can not only provide you with the necessary architectural skills and building expertise, but also help you navigate the maze of permits, forms, and council guideline requirements quickly and confidently. We ensure that your project is completed on time by being fully aware of town planning and local council expectations and criteria.

    Evenwedge Homes - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne


    (03) 9366 9743

    Since 1988, luxury homes, townhouses, and multi-unit buildings. We are Melbourne's only home builders who will take on any challenge. We can design a home to fit your space and family size. Our Melbourne builders will consult with you to ensure that your home is everything you hoped for and more.


    Evenwedge Homes, a family-run business, builds dream homes. Evenwedge Home Builders in Melbourne understands the adventure that can be home construction. To make the experience as pleasurable as possible, we offer a comprehensive service that includes design, construction, and finishing touches. We take our time with each customer to ensure that the finished home meets their needs.

    Local Home Builders - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

    local home builders

    1300 787 691

    Remodeling & Construction Expertise

    Local home builders in Melbourne have years of experience building and remodeling houses. Your family's construction and remodeling requirements can be met by our team.

    Whole-house remodels

    We can assist with anything from home renovations to kitchen and bathroom upgrades. In Melbourne, Local Home Builders Melbourne is renowned for offering unique remodeling and construction solutions.

    Local Home Builders Melbourne is Melbourne's leading remodeling and construction company due to our expertise in design and client satisfaction. Local Home Builders Melbourne's goal is to complete a beautiful, high-quality property on time and within budget.

    Hansen Living - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

    hansen living


    Melbourne’s Premier Custom Home Builder

    Hansen Living, one of Melbourne's most prestigious boutique builders, specializes in the design and construction of luxurious homes and buildings. We provide end-to-end home design services, from the initial design concept to the finished construction. We can completely customize a house to your tastes and way of life if you have a specific design in mind.

    Being an internal project manager distinguishes Hansen Living. This section covers the initial brief, designing a custom home, the construction process, and the final interior design. Our distinct strategy has enabled us to consistently deliver excellent results, earning us the title of 2014 Master Builders' Best Custom Home.

    We can offer outstanding solutions for a range of properties, including flats, townhomes, beachfront homes, two- and three-story homes, and penthouses. Our specialty is Bayside, Port Phillip, inner-city Melbourne, Stonnington, Boroondara, and the nearby suburbs, where we have built a solid reputation for our quality-driven, efficient building methods.

    Langford Jones - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

    langford jones homes

    03 9579 2278

    Each home we design and build is unique.

    We are a family-owned independent builder. We build exclusive, custom-designed homes in Melbourne's Bayside and South Eastern neighborhoods, on Phillip Island, in San Remo, along the Bass Coast, in South Gippsland, and on the Mornington Peninsula.

    We simplify construction. After selecting a design from one of our Design Collections, you can work with our experts to modify it to suit your requirements. Instead, make use of our custom design service. We'll build your dream home from a concept drawing to completion. Your precise requirements are met by our master-built, custom-designed homes.

    Melbourne Builders - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

    melbourne home builders

    0403 341 333


    Melbourne Home Builders value your emotional attachment to your home. We want you to feel at ease the moment you walk in. We work hard to make your home a place you want to live in forever. This will not end well. Superior is the ideal home.


    We want you to look around your home and think, "This is me." As a result, we don't build stock homes. As "custom" builders, we take great pleasure in completing one-of-a-kind, special projects.

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