Top 30 Marble Stonemason Companies Melbourne (2024)

Marble is a beautiful and elegant material to use for your home or business. It’s also very durable and lasts for many years. Some people think that marble is not as common as it used to be, but plenty of companies out there still sell this material if you’re looking for a masonry company in the area.

There are many marble stonemason companies in the area, and it can be hard to know which one is best for you. So we’re here to help with this blog post about what makes a good marble stonemason company. The first thing you should look for in a marble stonemason company is experience. If they don’t have any experience or if their work looks shoddy, then that’s not worth your time or money!

To help you get started on your stonemason company hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Marble Stonemason Companies from right across Melbourne, Victoria. 

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    Ultimate List of Marble Stonemason Companies in Melbourne

    M&M Marble & Granite - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne

    m&m marble & granite

    (03) 9364 7771

    At M&M Marble & Granite, we specialized in the Manufacturing and Installation of stone benchtops. Our number one priority is our customers. By offering a high level of service, dedication, and professionalism to our clients, we work to establish lasting connections with them. 15 years of industry experience have taught us that every consumer has varied tastes in styles and colors. Our sales representatives take great joy in helping.

    In Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria, we provide service to all areas. In addition to measurement, we also provide delivery and installation services. In addition to creating enduring relationships with our clients, we provide low pricing. Our entire work is covered by a 10-year warranty!

    For all residential and commercial settings, M&M offers outstanding quality stone benchtops as well as service. Our staff is committed to providing outstanding service in addition to installing benchtops with provisions. Our state-of-the-art machinery is capable of producing custom edge profiles; this includes Lambs tongue, Bull Nose, Pencil Round etc.

    SMG Stone - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne

    smg stone

    +61 3 9314 7223

    The SMG Stone Pty Ltd. welcomes you. SMG Stone, a Sydney-based company, is dedicated to bringing nature from all around the world into your home. SMG, which was founded in 1992, developed experience in the selection, acquisition, and supply of natural stone from all over the world. For pavement, building facades, lobbies, vanities, staircases, and landscaping elements, SMG offers a wide range of surfacing alternatives. We are direct importers and wholesale distributors of quality natural stones such as granite, marble, slate, sandstone, cobble and the engineered stones in slab form for use in the manufacture of kitchen and vanity benchtops as well as other building uses.

    We are one of the well-known suppliers of an exclusive assortment of top-notch marble stone, granite, and other natural stones. Our headquarters are in Sydney, Australia, and we have warehouses there as well as in Melbourne. Natural stones are what we import from all around the world. We have happily contributed to numerous projects all around Australia. Our warehouses are opening in New Zealand and the ACT.

    We have the best and broadest selection of products at SMG Stone Pty Ltd (SMG). Over 50,000 square meters of natural stone are kept in our Sydney warehouse. For your convenience, we have streamlined the supply chain. By providing a stunning product of the greatest caliber and, most importantly, at the proper price, we seek to completely satisfy every client. As project suppliers, we can find natural stone that meets your requirements.

    The Au Stone Company - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne

    au stone company

    03 8555 0218

    The AU Stone Company takes pleasure in offering affordable stone benchtops in Melbourne without compromising the quality of our goods. We offer fashionable Caesarstone benchtops in Melbourne that blend traditional workmanship with contemporary design.

    A Caesarstone benchtop has several benefits, like being resistant to scratches and stains (of which there are many, especially in kitchens! ), being simple to keep clean and maintain, and being highly durable, to name a few.

    As experts in cutting, polishing, and installing quartz Caesarstone benchtops and other goods, we provide the best possible workmanship and give every last detail the careful consideration it needs for a flawless seamless finish. To assure their faith in the craftsmanship and continued maintenance of the finished product, The AU Stone Company encourages clients to be involved in the entire process.

    Marble Stonemason Companies FAQs


    Marble is most commonly used for flooring. For thousands of years, this has been a trend and a trademark of the wealthy in Europe and the Americas. Marble floors can add a touch of sophistication to otherwise drab home areas and even make appearances in business reception areas. The most iconic marble is the white with grey or black veins that trace through the stone randomly.


    Can you think of anything more luxurious than marble stairs? Moving through your mansion at the edge of the beach, up your incredibly beautiful stairs for an ocean view, would be something that many would envy.

    However, with all of the trauma that normal stairs endure, marble stairs can be a practical solution: wood or carpet quickly shows wear and tear, ages, and can be high maintenance. Marble shows through with beauty and strength. Marble stairs and floors can cut down on your cleaning time, too.


    Marble walls are something revered by royalty and nobles in Europe and some parts of Asia. At once, a simple wall and a masterpiece, marble walls may be slabs of marble in their natural and uninterrupted splendour, or they may be broken into the familiar squares that are cut for floors. Marble walls can be susceptible to crayons in homes with children, but marble itself is a low-maintenance solution to a nice home environment.


    Marble counters, like granite counters, are growing in popularity. A bold fashion statement and practical addition for those who love to cook, marble counters can take all of the heat and knife marks without quickly showing damage.  


    Marble sinks are all about fun. It brings the user pleasure to be able to wash their hands in a marble sink. On the practical end, marble does not erode easily underwater and makes a good material for kitchens and bathrooms for that reason.


    Another fun but a luxurious item that has become a trademark of the wealthy is the marble fountain. Marble, again, doesn’t easily erode with water and often mimics marble sculptures of days gone by. Marble fountains can be beautiful additions to your home garden or even a small one in your bathroom for a dose of tranquillity in the morning.

    Carrara Marble

    This popular white marble has a clean look with its subtle grey hues. You can spot Carrara marble by looking at the type of veining contrasted against the white/light grey background, as it’s typically thin, linear and feathery versus dark, sharp and bold.

    Some of the best uses for this white marble include countertops, backsplashes, fireplaces, shower walls, and tile flooring. See Marmol’s Bianco Carrara marble.

    Calacatta Marble

    This classic Italian marble comes from a quarry in Carrara, Italy, making it one of the more valuable and favoured white marble stones. More dramatic-looking than Carrara, this marble takes on a warm white tone and contains a mixture of beige/gold and grey veins that vary in size.

    Calacatta marble is typically used for kitchen or bathroom countertops, fireplace surrounds, large tiled floors, wall slabs and backsplashes. See Marmol’s classic Calacatta, Calacatta Cremo and Calacatta Vagli. 

    Statuario Marble

    Statuario marble contains the subtle grey hues found in Carrara with similar grey veining that you’ll find in Calacatta slabs. In addition, this stone is a very bright white, also making it incredibly valuable.

    While Statuario is haled in Italy for being the perfect marble for carving statues, it is also a highly sought after material for residential and commercial projects. This white marble works beautifully as a large tile option, countertop slab, bookmatched backsplash, or wall panel. See Marmol’s Statuario and Statuario Venato.

    Thassos Marble

    Thassos marble is crystal white and comes from the island Thassos in Greece. Its almost glowing, sparkling appearance distinguishes this marble. Popular even in ancient times, Thassos marble is excellent for reflecting light and brightening up a space.

    This white marble’s simple colour palette makes it suitable for various home design styles, with the ability to contrast or complement an existing scheme. The polished white marble is best used for kitchen and bathroom countertops, as well as tiled floors. See Marmol’s Thassos marble.

    Mystery White Marble

    Mystery white is a marble stone that has been used for centuries. The white marble gives off a clean and pure look with its white background and cream-coloured veining throughout.

    This marble looks soft and is ideal for those who love the appearance of marble but prefer a lighter contrast in their marble veining. Mystery White can be used for countertops, tub surrounds, bathroom spaces, and more. See Marmol’s Mystery White marble.

    White Himalaya Marble

    This other Greek marble, White Himalaya (or Volakas), has similar characteristics to Carrara. The veins of White Himalaya marble can range from grey and brown to slightly purple-coloured hues, all atop the solid white background.

    This marble makes a statement and can be used for bathrooms floors and countertops, wall panels, tub surrounds and waterfall kitchen islands. See Marmol’s White Himalaya and White Himalaya Spider stones.

    • Measure their thickness from all sides. If the tile does not have a uniform thickness, it is not good quality as it might crack or break easily.
    • The veins in each tile may differ, but make sure the colour of marble is uniform as specified.
    • All four sides of each tile must be machine cut and have straight lines. If the tiles are of uneven sizes, cutting and installing them would be a hassle.
    • One flat side of the marble tile must be polished, while the other should be free of any wire mesh. The presence of wire mesh indicates that the marble tile is soft and easy to break. These tiles are generally cheaper but are not of good quality.
    • The backside of the tile should also be checked for cracks and fissures.
    • Carefully check the tiles to make sure there aren’t any cracks present along the veins.
    • One of the most commonly known properties of marble is its porosity. You can squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on marble to check the quality of the tiles. Low quality marble is more porous. Thus it quickly absorbs the juice. Meanwhile, if the lemon juice causes white stains on the tile, it indicates the presence of calcite, which means the marble is not of good quality.
    • Dull patches on the surface of marble indicate poor quality. The simplest way to check the quality of tiles is to examine the marble under light at a 45-degree angle.
    • Some manufacturers use artificial colours to make the marble tiles look more attractive. You can confirm that by scratching the surface. If the tile remains virtually unscratched, it’s artificial and can fade after a while.

    Tip 1: Find Out the Origin

    Marble, granite and onyx come from different areas across the world, and the origin plays a significant role in determining the stone’s quality. It is also very fascinating to know where your chosen slab came from and its history.

    If you look for white marble like the Carrara, Statuario, Bianco Lasa, you have to go no further than The Quarry Gallery. Each slab is handpicked by the Chief Curator and a team of experts. It is then cut to the world standard 20mm thickness and polished by generations of experienced Italian craftsmen in Italy.

    Tip 2: Understand Your Taste

    Initially, you can look at various marble colours, patterns, and types available in the market. Find out what are your likes and dislikes. But make sure to keep an open mind as you look at several marble slabs.

    Are you more inclined towards heavy veins or something lighter? Do you want a slab that is consistent throughout or one that has striking differences? Remember, the marble colour and texture you choose will be a part of your decor for years.

    Understanding what you like will guide you through the process with ease and clarity. The Quarry Curators can take you on a personalised tour of the 12,500 sq. ft. gallery and take you through our handpicked collection of over 33 marble colours.

    Tip 3: Texture and Finishes

    The next big thing that ensures the beauty of a natural stone is the texture and finish. These features make each stone look distinct. Texture ranges from roughly fragmented to fine-grained and smooth.

    In addition, the Quarry offers a wide range of finishes from polished, leather, honed, hydro and more. Both have a major impact on the aesthetics and ambience of a space.

    Tip 4: Watch out for Damages

    While marble and granite are some of the hardest substances known to man, they are affected by shifting weight, heat and sudden impact- that causes natural fissures. Fissure is a part of the natural beauty of the stone that sometimes reveals a layer underneath.

    In comparison, a crack is thin but expands over time and may cause structural issues and instability. They begin as tiny hairline cracks that may eventually break off. If you see a marble slab with cracks, it may have been mishandled or even dropped.

    The Quarry has invested in technology to offer you innovations like the bacteria resistant BactoFinish and QVAC - a special ultra-strengthening technology to increase the durability and longevity of your chosen white marble slab.

    Tip 5: Trust Your Instincts

    Go with what feels right while choosing a marble slab for your home. First, admire the details and overall look of the stone. Then, after making sure that its properties are suitable for your application, if marble appeals to you for a specific reason- we say go with it, and there’s no reason to doubt that it’s the right piece. Finding beautiful marble slabs is easy but finding one that touches your heart is rare and special.

    Whatever marble elements you’ll use, there are some basic facts to understand. Marble is porous, and it will stain when liquids (especially oils) seep between the minuscule spaces between the crystals or pores. A sealer will reduce the number of pores but not prevent them entirely.

    Sealers buy you time to clean up spills before they penetrate too far into the marble. Acidic substances can be particularly harmful. This won’t be as much of a problem in the bath as it is in the kitchen. However, you’ll want to use caution with any new skincare products, hair colour, or soaps.

    Marble will also scratch and dull over time and with use. If you are someone who prefers “pristine”, then you may want to think about it. The patina that develops is often the reason that some homeowners are particularly drawn to marble. Granted, you’re not going to be slicing and dicing on your vanity top, so scratching won’t be as much of an issue in the bath as it is in the kitchen.

    For some, the scratches etch and spots that develop with use aren’t looked at as “flaws.” They’re expected… and desired. If you’re willing to accept the dull spots, you won’t have a problem.

    If you’re not okay with showing a little wear as your bathroom ages, you may want to reconsider. However, choosing a honed finish over a reflective glossy finish will make marks far less noticeable, so keep that in mind.

    There is one other item that’s important to mention. You said you’re approaching retirement age. Are you considering marble flooring? If so, please use caution.

    Marble can get very slippery when wet. If this is the home you plan to remain in through the years, be sure you choose an accessible design that will let you enjoy your bathroom for many years to come. Also, think about who will do the cleaning when it gets tougher for you to move around as freely as you do now.

    Cutting Edge Stone - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne

    cutting edge stone

    (03) 9338 8449

    In 2004, Cutting Edge Stone was established. Our crew has more than 40 years of combined expertise fabricating and installing benchtops in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Since the beginning, we have been Victoria's top fabricator and installer of stone benchtops, specialising in reconstituted stone, porcelain, and natural stone benchtops, including marble, granite, and limestone.

    We have risen to the top of the sector both in Victoria and interstate because of our focus on detail and "near enough is not good enough" approach. On a national level, our contemporary kitchen benchtops have distinguished us as market leaders.

    More than only kitchen counters are available from us. We provide Melbourne residents and business owners reception desks, spa surrounds, custom-made table tops, vanity tops, staircases, shower bases, fireplaces, and more. When it comes to natural stone benchtops for a multitude of functions, there is no need to look past Cutting Edge Stone's amazing assortment and expertise. We support both residential and commercial clients in all of the aforementioned professions, including architects, builders, and cabinet manufacturers. If you are unclear about whether we can offer a natural stone or custom benchtop for your Melbourne business, call us to discuss your particular requirements.

    Simple Benchtops - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne

    simple benchtops

    1300 886 859

    Our knowledgeable measure, fabricate, and installation teams take pride in working on unusual projects to push the boundaries. We partner with a number of reliable wholesalers and suppliers of genuine marble, granite, and reconstituted stone brands. We specialise in reception counters, custom stone sinks, furniture pieces, shower bases, and much more in addition to our standard kitchen and bathroom vanity benchtops.

    Our culture has been influenced by our energy and attention to detail, which motivates us to constantly try to be a step ahead of the competition. For our clients to sit back and enjoy our straightforward masterpieces for years to come, we have invested in top-notch machinery to help us create magnificent stone items! We serve our customers with high-quality stone goods and keep our commitments thanks to the passion and industry experience of our team.

    No matter how big or small, we treat every inquiry with the same respect and care, and we make sure that your project gets the high-quality stone surfaces it needs. We are here to offer specialised assistance to our clients, builders, cabinet manufacturers, and designers so they may obtain a distinctive finish for their area.

    Parthenon Marble - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne

    parthenon marble

    03 9499 8831

    Since its founding in 1981, Parthenon Marble has expanded into one of the biggest businesses in the manufacturing and distribution of imported marble and granite. Parthenon Marble is renowned for its fine craftsmanship and dependable service and uses only the most modern computerised production equipment. With such a wide range of carefully chosen natural stone goods to choose from, we are confident that you will be happy with your choice.

    Our stone product line includes marble, onyx, limestone, granite, travertine, reconstituted stone, and our newest semi-precious stones. The stone fabrication and installation services we provide at Parthenon Marble include kitchen benchtops and splashbacks, vanity tops, bath, spa, and shower bases, bar tops and serveries,  mirror surrounds, laundry worktops, staircases, columns, fireplaces, tables, and pedestals, among many other things.

    Parthenon Marble has established enduring connections with quarries all around the globe and has earned a reputation for locating exceptional resources and goods.

    Timeless Stone - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne

    timeless stone

    0404 053 111

    Australian businessmen Mir and Daniel are bringing the Timeless Stone idea to Australia after nearly ten years as a major force in the global stone industry. Timeless Stone provides access to some of the most precious stones in the world to Australian builders, stonemasons, and homeowners through its partnership with a major worldwide stone processing and engineering powerhouse. We carefully hand-select the finest blocks of marble, granite, travertine, onyx, and quartzite from the most exclusive quarries in Italy, Greece, Brazil, Turkey, and China. In our facilities abroad, we use the most cutting-edge stone processing technology to perfectly cut and polish each block of stone that we choose.

    The Timeless Stone founders have been travelling the world's stone-rich regions for the past ten years in search of the most magnificent slabs of rare stone. We have travelled to prestigious quarries across the globe and hand-selected the best marble, granite, travertine, onyx, and quartzite available for processing in our cutting-edge factories. We are currently supplying the Australian market with our knowledge, skill, and connections on a global scale.

    At Timeless Stone, we consider a carefully chosen piece of stone to be a genuine work of art. Unfortunately, the reputation of beautiful stone has been devalued by the contemporary prevalence of marble and granite vanity tops and benchtops and by a disregard for quality. By providing Australian builders and stonemasons with access to the world's most exclusive quarries, our vision is to return the stone to its rightful place as a luxury feature, whether it be as a kitchen benchtop, bathroom vanity, wall covering or any other application.

    King Marble - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne

    king marble company

    03 9484 6261

    King Marble has been one of Australia's top suppliers and distributors of natural stone goods for architecture and interior design for more than 20 years. You may find nearly any colour and texture you need in our showroom's wide variety of marble, granite, and travertine slabs and tiles.

    We blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design and technology as experts in cutting, polishing, and installing stone goods. We carefully choose and inspect each stone slab we use to guarantee the finest quality.

    No manmade product can compare to the depth of colour and range of textures offered by natural marble and granite. White, soft pinks, amber, reds, ochres, yellows, browns, greens, and black are just a few of the many shades that are available. Any application to which these colours and textures are applied becomes a work of art due to their blending and contrast. Even the most modest home has a classical, timeless sense thanks to its granite or marble flooring, benchtops, and staircases.

    Stone Restoration Australia - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne

    stone restoration

    0422 972 431

    Stone Restoration Australia is a Melbourne-based business that provides commercial and residential services to Melbourne and its surroundings. Additionally, we provide commercial services across the entirety of Australia, finishing projects in Perth, Adelaide, and spots in New South Wales.

    As managing director, Andrew attends all quotes and either conducts or oversees all works. You are not dealing with a mere employee, then. You are conducting business with Stone Restoration Australia's founder, manager, and owner. For any of your stone restoration requirements, we also have a seasoned, qualified, and highly competent crew available.

    Stone Restoration in Melbourne and Concrete Polishing Melbourne

    Property owners in Melbourne rely on Stone Restoration Australia, a company with more than ten years of experience in the field, for natural stone restoration. Our organisation is there to assist you in achieving your objectives, whether they are huge or small, commercial or domestic. With some help from our skilled crew, floors, benchtops, and other tiled areas and surfaces seem brand new.

    Mondo Stone and Glassworks - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne

    mondo stone

    (03) 9042-2816

    We at Mondo Stone & Glass Works Pty Ltd are committed to exceeding your expectations by delivering unmatched customer care and services of the highest calibre. We're confident you'll be delighted working with us because we have a range of choices to choose from, including glass splashbacks in Melbourne, Victoria in any Dulux colour or select one of our colours and quartz stone, granite stone, and stone.

    We also fix any problems you could have with stones. We can handle everything, from joint repairs to big chip repairs. For those simply wanting to upgrade their old benchtops to stone, look no further, for we can supply and fit Substrates for stone profiles 40mm or more. For stone top installations with a profile larger than 20 mm, substrates are necessary. Typically, the purchaser must arrange for a cabinet manufacturer, which is an additional expense. Deal with us as the lone provider who can take care of everything for you.

    In Melbourne, Victoria, we provide, produce, and install premium Granite, Marble, and Reconstituted Stone tops, Stone benchtops, Glass Splashbacks/Mirrors, Tiling, Cabinetry, and Bathroom Renovations. We are confident that you will find all of the materials you require here for your current or upcoming project.

    Mirror Image Marble - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne

    mirror image marble

    03 9532 1753

    Located in Melbourne's South-Eastern suburbs, Mirror Image Marble services all areas of Melbourne and many locations in regional Victoria. For over 30 years, Melbourne's most discerning private clients, builders, architects, and designers have relied on Mirror Image Marble, the city's most reputable and trusted stone restoration company, for excellence in stone repairs, restoration, maintenance, and cutting-edge stone protection technology.

    The business concept of Mirror Image Marble, an Australian family-run company with a highly skilled and trained crew, is based on traditional core values and professionalism, which are supported by years of expertise and cutting-edge technology.

    Architects and designers frequently employ natural stone to create opulent, unique interiors for both residential and commercial structures. Despite how elegant these stone finishes are, marble and limestone are naturally porous materials that over time are prone to staining, etching, chipping, and general wear and tear.

    Shiny Stones - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne

    shiny stones


    One of the top stone repair and restoration companies in the Melbourne region is us. We can handle all of your stone needs at Shiny Stones Melbourne, including installation, polishing, grinding, and everything in between. Our tried-and-true methods can assist you in giving your stone a more natural appearance while lowering your future care requirements.

    We wish to assist you in protecting your investment in stone. If you give your stone surfaces routine maintenance, they may survive for years. We can offer guidance and helpful hints so you can make the most of your stone for years to come.

    At Shiny Stones Melbourne, we specialise in restoring the natural appearance of your stone surfaces by eliminating stains, wear, scratches, and etching. We utilise the most up-to-date procedures for cleaning, sealing, and polishing.

    Imperial Marble & Granite - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne


    (03) 9364 9341

    We specialise in Marble, Granite, and Reconstituted Stones at IMG Imperial Marble & Granite PTY LTD. The fabrication and installation of the best quality stone benchtops for kitchens, vanities, BBQ/alfresco areas, fireplaces, counters, and bar benchtops are specialties of all of our stone masons.

    By offering a high standard of exceptional customer service and demonstrated professionalism that not only meets but also surpasses your expectations, IMG Imperial Marble & Granite seeks to forge lasting connections with its clients.

    We at IMG Imperial Marble & Granite want to satisfy our clients, thus we provide a range of services that will undoubtedly meet your demands. All areas of Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria, including Geelong, Oakleigh, Bentleigh, Eltham, Sunbury, and Doncaster, are covered by our free measuring and estimate services. Our stone counters are flawlessly installed and of the finest calibre.

    Gladstone Granite & Marble - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne


    (03) 9548 5001

    A whole selection of slabs of natural stone, acquired from all over the world, is available from Gladstones Granite & Marble. We are wholesalers and offer a variety of opulent stone surfaces for the public to view and choose from. We want to introduce a variety of natural stones to the Australian market. You can choose from a wide variety of hues, shapes, patterns, and movements in granite, marble, quartzite, dolomite, travertine, or limestone.

    We specifically stock our collection of slabs in longer lengths than those stocked by a majority of other suppliers. Without a connection, your island benchtop may extend to its full length in one elegant piece. Our stone slabs can occasionally be up to 312 meters long.

    Marble & Ceramic Corp. - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne

    marble & ceramic corp.

    (03) 9553 4000

    MCC, which was founded in 2003, has quickly risen to the top spot among suppliers of premium Natural Stone Tiles in Australia. Natural stone has an unrivalled beauty, and we have one of the broadest product selections to meet all tastes and price ranges. Thousands of square meters of natural stone, including limestone, marble, travertine, and stone pavers, are available for rapid delivery from our warehouses.

    To assist you in meeting your project needs in the quickest, most affordable manner possible, our product line also includes porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, mosaics, stone basins, and pool tiles. No matter if your project involves a refurbishment or brand-new construction, our interior designers are prepared to help you choose the best solutions.

    We can fabricate and install your kitchen countertops, vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, and staircases in addition to meeting your tiling needs. Additionally, we offer bespoke design services for items made of Natural Stone, Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, and Granite.

    Diamond Stone Restoration - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne

    diamond stone restoration

    0420 403 002

    Diamond Stone Repair, based in Melbourne, Victoria, is famous for its unwavering expertise in marble restoration and stone preservation. We take pride in continually providing the highest standards to our clients and in our professional and individualised service that is customer-focused. Our areas of expertise include stone rejuvenation, cleaning and sealing of natural stone and tiles, restorations, and stone alterations.

    With more than 20 years of expertise, we are aware that each project must be carefully crafted, use skilled and experienced tradespeople, and use high-quality materials. We can successfully deliver restoration, sealing, and maintenance procedures to obtain consistent outcomes because of our in-depth understanding of stone surfaces.

    Residential and upscale commercial clients in Melbourne and the neighbouring suburbs use our stonework. Australia-wide luxury apartment complexes and 5-star hotel brands are among Diamond Stone Restoration's clients.

    Bluechip Marble & Granite - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne

    bluechip marble

    03 9547 1711

    It runs in the Badaracco family to be stonemasons. Their ancestors have perfected the craft of working with stone by hand for three generations. Tivoli, a charming village on the Aniene River 20 miles east of Rome, is where it all started. Their ancestors shaped some of this region's most renowned buildings, including the "Villa D'este," which is included on the national register of historic places.

    The Badaracco family now practices their profession in Melbourne's South East, using natural resources to create luxurious stone finishes. They stay true to their heritage and mix age-old techniques with cutting-edge technology to produce durable natural marvels.

    Leading lifestyle publications, such as Vogue and Belle, have featured the work of the Badaracco family as a result of their ferocious devotion, toilsome labour, and immaculate craftsmanship. They will collaborate with you to choose the ideal stone for your dream home or project since they think that no two pieces of stone are alike.

    Jordain Stone - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne

    jordain stone

    +613 9558 9193

    To enrich your house, workplace, or any other building project, Jordain Stone offers high-quality stone goods in the shape of tiles and slabs that have been hand-picked from around the globe. From Europe, America, Africa, and Asia, we import marble, granite, limestone, travertine, and bluestone for your pick.

    The staff at Jordain Stone is dedicated to giving each and every one of our clients a seamless experience with their stone supply, and we take great pride in providing complete, dependable, and reasonably priced stone wholesaling solutions. Jordain Stone stands out as the granite wholesaler that property owners in Melbourne can trust because of our years of experience working with both suppliers and clients.

    The marble and granite supplied by Jordain Stone may enhance the look and durability of your home or building project, whether it is for household or commercial use. Our staff can guarantee that the granite you buy from us is customised to match your unique needs and requirements because of our passionate and dedicated approach.

    Tivoli Marble - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne


    tivoli marble

    (03) 9543 9041

    Our company's history follows the lives and accomplishments of Tivoli-born Italian immigrant Luigi Badaracco, who founded it almost fifty years ago. He immigrated to Australia after working for many years as a stonemason restoring marble statues and fountains all throughout Italy. He and his two sons established Tivoli Marble in this location, working relentlessly to provide superior quality, service, and authenticity.

    The present owner worked directly with Luigi and his family for twenty years, learning in detail all of the technical expertise, skills, and level of commitment necessary to carry the company forward. That tradition is still very much a part of the company today. Every stone slab is a work of nature, with distinctive qualities, hues, textures, and patterns. Any room would benefit from the natural beauty of the stones' flaws and light-reflecting qualities.

    In order to offer premium stones to our customers' exact specifications affordably, we have developed ties with the best quarries and stone traders in Europe and other international markets. These open lines of communication and mutual trust between our workers, our clients, and our suppliers produce stunning work that makes everyone happy.

    Topline Granite & Marble - Marble Stonemason Company Melbourne


    9310 7090

    Leading Australian stone manufacturer Topline Granite & Marble has over 20 years of experience dealing with a variety of stone products on various platforms (residential, retail and commercial).

    The Melbourne-based business takes great satisfaction in the solid working ties it has established with architects, builders, developers, and joiners alike over the years. Time spent cultivating these connections has given Topline the opportunity to expand its portfolio interstate, particularly in the retail industry.

    Topline's concept, where execution is essential and appearance is important, places attention to detail at the forefront. This, according to some, has been the main factor in Topline's ongoing success. Topline Granite & Marble sources marble, granite, porcelain, and reconstituted stone from some of Melbourne's top suppliers, bringing a lot of experience to a variety of products.

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