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100+ Best Property Management Real Estates in Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

If you’ve owned income property for any length of time, you know that managing a rental can be financially rewarding. At the same time, you’ve also likely discovered that property management requires a large commitment of time and effort.

While it may make sense to take the do-it-yourself approach if you’re a handy person, live close to your property, and don’t mind devoting several hours per month to the task, in many cases, this just isn’t practical---especially if you hope to expand your business.

On the hunt of property management real estates in Melbourne, Victoria? Finding the right property manager can be a stressful endeavour. After all, there are so many options and prices out there to consider.

So, finding a property manager that offers supreme service and a carefully curated selection of options is a true life-saver.

To help you get started on your property manager hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite property management real estates from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

Top List of Property Management Real Estates in Melbourne

Melbourne Real Estate - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

melbourne real estate

+61 3 9829 2901

Melbourne Property Management

The following generation of property managers is Melbourne Real Estate. Five Real Estate Industry of Victoria (REIV) awards and three national Real Estate Business (REB) awards have been given to our company. Our success is based on a number of significant factors. First and foremost, we have a firm commitment to our customers. We treat each investment as though it were our own because we know how valuable it is.

A portfolio of real estate investments can be accessed completely and in real time with MRE Online. Investors have access to a full history of monthly statements, policies, income, expenses, photographs, and reports with only one login to our website.

Some of Melbourne's most skilled and committed property managers are on our team. We exclusively work with those who share our devotion and vision.

Hometime - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne


1300 616 290

Melbourne Airbnb & Vacation Rental Management

Make your home distinctive for Melbourne's millions of visitors each year. Request a free quote to take advantage of Hometime's Melbourne Airbnb hosting and management services.

Short-term rental management in Melbourne

Before exploring Melbourne's art and cultural scene, start your day with a cup of coffee at one of the many cafés that line the streets. The best places to wind down in the city include rooftop bars, upscale dining, and a vibrant nightlife. Remote employees and vacationers who want to take advantage of everything Melbourne has to offer while maintaining contact with family and friends rent short-term housing. Hometime offers a team of Hosts ready to meet new homeowners and handle all of their property management needs. Hometime specializes in short-term rental management.

If you're looking for Melbourne short-term rental management services, look no further than Hometime. Thanks to our data-driven approach to Airbnb management, your property will stand out among the over 10,000 other homes on the market. Your property will be maintained to a high standard by our Local Hosts, who will also work to increase your chances of earning more money each month than the typical $2000.

REOM - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne


1300 988 334

Introducing Real Estate of Melbourne

Real Estate of Melbourne is REOM. a vibrant, multifaceted real estate firm with a focus on residential sales, off-the-plan project sales, and property management.

We're not content to remain stationary as one of the property marketing companies with the highest growth. We are always looking for ways to increase the profitability of our clients and the expansion of our brand. Our industry knowledge gives us the edge; we know what it takes to create a successful development and have the building, construction, and real estate expertise to provide excellent sales results.

From site selection to property administration, REOM Real Estate of Melbourne provides a comprehensive range of project marketing services. Residential sales, off-the-plan project sales, as well as sales of land subdivisions and development sites, are our specialties. With REOM Real Estate of Melbourne, you can experience innovative project solutions that produce outstanding results.

NPM - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne


03 9329 9433

A full-service property management company that specializes in Melbourne's medium- and high-density markets. The senior staff at NPM has played a significant role in the leasing, sales, property management, and market consulting for some of Melbourne's most renowned and extensive residential and mixed-use complexes. Our knowledge of Melbourne's home market offers the real estate sector a significant point of differentiation and thought leadership, producing results via knowledge, honesty, expertise, and trust.

Our Evolution

The leadership team at NPM has extensive knowledge in all facets of residential real estate and has played a significant role as consultants and stakeholders in some of Melbourne's most renowned and extensive residential and mixed-use developments. We currently manage properties in 27 of the city's top skyscrapers, with a focus on the CBD.

This understanding of the city's characteristics and how its real estate markets functioned made it clear that the medium and high-density real estate services sector need specialized knowledge. NPM was founded against a recognition that Melbourne is now taking its place as a Global City and that the medium and high-density market will be the driver of the next phase of our dynamic home town.

Property Management Melbourne

property management melbourne

03 9533 2255

Property Management Specialists. The upkeep and care of your rental investment property are our top priorities at Property Management Melbourne, where we are property management experts. Not Just Another Real Estate Agent.  Most real estate brokers disregard the rental management part of the company in favor of the immediate cash provided by sales commissions. Get the Service and Respect You Deserve.

Make the transition to Property Management Melbourne if your existing property management service isn't providing you with the value you want. Our committed property managers don't steer clear of you, and you always speak with the same individual who is well-versed in all the solutions.

Leasing Melbourne - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

leasing melbourne

03 9670 5445

Welcome to Melbourne Leasing! The city skyline has changed significantly over the years, but our dedication to providing individualized, top-notch service has not. We take great pride in being known as one of Melbourne's top boutique agencies. Our wealth of leasing, managing, purchasing, and selling experience gives us a distinct advantage and clout in a market that is constantly competitive. Get in contact with Leasing Melbourne immediately to talk about how we can help with your property needs because our company is built on a high referral rate, which is made possible by solid, continuous connections with our clients.

Leasing Melbourne

Jill Anderson established Leasing Melbourne in the year 2000. With a focus on a rapidly expanding niche market, over 90% of the agency's business came from recommendations, and Leasing Melbourne quickly made a name for itself as a pioneer in individualized, effective, high-end property management.

Jill still leads and manages a motivated staff at the Flinders Lane office today. They all share her enthusiasm for achieving the best outcomes for the agency's clients. Jill and her agency are well respected by her clients and colleagues due to their wealth of experience at all levels of the business. Leasing Melbourne is still recognized for its involvement in and investment in the best and brightest Melbourne real estate.

Melbourne Asset Management - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

melbourne asset management

1300 520 531

Licensed Estate Agents

Melbourne Asset Management is a certified rental property manager and licensed estate agent. We are solely focused on managing and leasing rental properties. We have been giving all of our property owners and tenants a warm, personalized, and professional service for the past 15 years. Our entire crew is passionate about and committed to making sure you have a stress-free leasing experience.

For Property Owners

To successfully manage your investment, you need a qualified property manager. Our hours are seven days a week. All Melbourne metropolitan suburbs are served by the properties we manage and lease. View our property owners guide or write us an email to request a free copy of it if you'd like additional details about our services.

For Tenants

We lease dwellings rather than real estate. When you move into a new house, we offer a helpful and quick service. The process is easy with our online forms, easy payment methods and 24/7 concierge support service.

Melbourne Property Managers - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

melbourne property managers

(03) 9818 8991

Purely Property Management:

It is a well-known truth that most real estate companies have two divisions: property sales and property management, with a strong emphasis on sales and the commissions that come with it. As a result, these agencies frequently disregard the need to manage and care for long-term investment properties. If you dissect that, would you entrust your most valuable investment to a company that juggles doing both? Or would you trust a company that specializes in the one item you're searching for with your property? Melbourne Property Managers is a clear alternative for property owners who don't want to sell but instead want to expand and increase their investment portfolio without the headache of maintaining their own properties.

About Us – What we do at MPM

A reputable property management firm with a primary focus on managing real estate in and around the Melbourne area is Melbourne Property Managers. Our long-term approach to property management for maximum profitability of your assets informs our laser-like emphasis on property management as opposed to sales.

Landlords are aware of the difficulties that come with managing tenants, resolving disputes, and keeping track of income and expenses. At MPM, we entirely relieve your tension and put our experience to work for you, giving you the freedom to follow your other passions worry-free. Most members of our knowledgeable staff have in-depth knowledge of the real estate they manage and are experts in customer service and property management. Their extensive experience, professionalism, and ability to lease new managements in townhomes, high rise buildings, and well-established markets.

Paramount Residential - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

paramount residential

+61 3 9077 6839

Best Melbourne Real Estate Agent's Melbourne Property Management

We can take care of your property management needs so you can concentrate on the core aspects of your business. Your one-stop shop for property management, Paramount Residential makes upkeep of your investment or rental property simpler.


A unique independent real estate agent is Paramount Residential. Over the past ten years, our agents have established a solid reputation by providing exceptional one-on-one service to our customers. We are equipped to handle any problems that may emerge thanks to our demonstrated knowledge.

The Melbourne CBD is the ideal location for our office. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment where people can purchase, sell, lease, or rent real estate. We are always searching for methods to provide better client service and more efficient property information delivery.

Melbourne Residential Property Management - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

melbourne residential property management

+61 3 9325 4388

Hello and thank you for visiting Melbourne Residential Property Management, a small property management firm that serves inner Melbourne. Contact Ernie Caputa to feel the difference of having your property handled by a professional in the field. He has over 25 years of experience in property management and has developed a solid reputation in the field throughout this time.

Ernie has launched numerous CBD skyscrapers over the past 12 years, ranging from studios to penthouses. He is a certified REIV property manager. Melbourne Residential Property Management has prospered thanks to the networks and contacts built up over the previous 25 years, and many colleges, hospitals, and relocation agencies continue to use my services to find properties for their clients.

Many financial planners, developers, and referral agencies have joined with Melbourne Residential Property Management to offer their clients access to the specialized property management services of Melbourne Residential Property Management. For a candid conversation about how we take the worry out of property management, call Ernie Caputa at 0438 553 451.

McInnes Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

mcinnes property management

03 9818 7838

About Us

The first specialized residential leasing and management company in Melbourne was McInnes Property Management. We are a small team of six women. For reputable clientele who care about the kind of service they receive, we take care of people's homes and investment properties.

Why Choose us!

In order to ensure that we deliver the best service in Melbourne, McInnes Property Management, Melbourne's first pure leasing and property management company, has concentrated on developing a professional and exceedingly skilled staff of management professionals.

We differ from other agents in that we can focus exclusively on property management because we don't have a sales division. We are leaders in the sector since we only concentrate on leasing and management. We are dedicated to removing the burden associated with renting for each and every one of our clients, including owners, occupants, tradesmen, and relocation experts. That is taking good care of our connections, making sure we always act ethically toward everyone we come into contact with, and continuously searching for ways to improve things and find solutions that are advantageous to everyone.

Platinum Property Management Group - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

platinum property management group

1300 781 550


We are not like the typical real estate company because we specialize on investment properties. Our main goal is to help YOU make one of life's major investments by offering encouragement, direction, and counsel. Our goal is to help you create your own real estate empire, not only to handle your initial acquisition.

With over 50 years of combined experience, our staff is here to support and advise you. You can rely on and trust our advice and support, just as hundreds of investors have done before you. We are here to stand by your side and help you take your property adventure to new heights, whether it be a residential, commercial, or executive property. Together, we will increase your real estate fortune and turn YOU into a property tycoon.


The first step to securing your very own platinum tenant is platinum marketing. To guarantee that the best tenants see your property, we promote it using a tried-and-true methodology. It has been demonstrated that using expert photography, larger signboards, skilled wording, and intensive digital marketing will draw in and keep the golden renter.

Living Melbourne - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

living melbourne

(03) 9113 7912

Living Melbourne has years of expertise and has created a highly sought-after professional service for our clients that is solely focused on property management. We only manage and lease residential real estate in the Melbourne area. Let us handle managing your rental property on your behalf!

Nikita McDonald

Nikita moved to Melbourne from the country to advance her real estate profession after developing a passion for the field at a young age. Nikita has advanced through the ranks, obtaining crucial expertise in many facets of the business. Nikita has the capacity to offer a dynamic service within the sector, ranging from reception to accounts, sales, and property administration.

Nikita's desire for the business eventually led to her becoming the Director of Living in Melbourne at the age of 21 and becoming a licensed estate agent. Nikita made the decision to strike out on her own after observing landlords and clients being underserved and upset by hidden costs and frequently changing property managers. Her goal was to offer each client an all-inclusive service with a single point of contact. Every property is overseen by Nikita directly from beginning to end.

Metro - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

metro property management

(03) 9831 3001

Property management is Metro's main line of business; we are experts in it, know it better than most people, and most importantly, we love it! Because they are familiar with us, like us, and trust us, our clients decide to work with us. (Don't trust us? Just have a look at what they have to say on our testimonials page, which is updated frequently.

Metro manages properties here, there, and everywhere!®, in contrast to neighborhood real estate brokers. One point of contact for all their real estate needs is a big hit with our clients. In fact, we manage homes in more than 260 Melbourne suburbs! We research and understand the market all over Melbourne and have built alliances with numerous key investment companies and developers, enabling us to provide you with relevant investment information. We are regarded as industry leaders in this area.

Metro also has a specialised and dedicated leasing team. Their main responsibility is to maintain initiative and put plans into place that reduce vacancies, locate you the ideal tenant, and make sure owners are constantly informed and up to date. We continually make investments in education and technology to guarantee that you, the owner, are represented by subject-matter specialists. Leah Calnan, our Director, is, in fact, an industry trainer herself and views continual training to be extremely important to the self-development of each team member at Metro.

Your Property Manager Real Estates Melbourne

your property manager

03 8512 0208

At Your Property Manager, we strive to stand out from the competition via our dedication to our clients, enthusiasm for offering knowledgeable counsel, and commitment to providing excellent customer service. The following is a message from Carolyn: "Starting Your Property Manager (YPM) has led me on a great adventure. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's about taking the journey," is a wise proverb that was recently brought to mind. Many thought my decision to do so was hazardous in the midst of the global economic crisis, but I firmly believe—and live by—the axiom that you attract what you focus on. This focus, resolve, and inspiration from one of my heroes, Mr. John McGrath of McGrath Estate Agents, NSW, where my real estate career started, led to the creation of YPM.

The goal of Your Property Manager (REIV), a specialized and committed residential property management and vendors' advocacy service, is to assist investors who want to build and manage wealth through real estate. Most of the referrals from current customers and affiliates are how Carolyn Wright created her successful company. With a hands-on strategy, Carolyn and her small group of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals have successfully penetrated a market where service and knowledge were sorely missing.

Your property manager makes the following commitment: Your mental tranquility The team works to minimize the hassles and complexity of leasing and managing your property. Carolyn's concerns with working in conventional real estate firms where the emphasis was on volume and numbers rather than clients led her to start her own company. As a fervent investor herself, Carolyn is aware of the challenges faced by landlords and works to assist you in utilizing the property as a means of achieving your financial objectives.

Prime Residential Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

prime residential property management

03 9190 8900

The property manager you can rely on

What is the best option for your property? Please contact us as soon as possible to learn more about how we can help you. Prime Residential Property Management is always striving for the best results for your rental property.

The best property manager in Melbourne

Tired of your property manager's lack of responsibility? Today, entrust us with the management of your property and benefit from our excellent level of service. Simply sign our authority, and we'll do the rest, including getting in touch with your current property management. By switching your property to us right now, you may enjoy the extra time!

Wealth Creation

What does it mean when we promise to help you create wealth? The rental income from the tenants is only one aspect of owning an investment property. As an investor, it's crucial to make sure that your real estate is helping you build wealth for both you and your family. We will help you build wealth in any way we can, whether it's by adding a little value to your home through a modest extension or renovation and project managing this for you, or it's as simple as evaluating your loan to make sure you're getting the best interest rate available.

TTS Real Estate - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

tts real estate

03 9071 4472

Local, expertise, personalised property management Melbourne

We at TTS Real Estate approach property management in Melbourne uniquely. We go above and above for our customers, providing end-to-end services that range from finding excellent tenants to selling real estate for top dollar.

Service backed by experience

The combined experience of the TTS Real Estate team in the real estate industry exceeds 30 years. We offer a higher degree of real estate management to all stakeholders by utilizing our understanding of other business areas.

Quality digital marketing

We are skilled at locating the ideal fit. We make sure that the correct individual sees your home at the right moment by utilizing professional photography and a comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

Care Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

care property management

03 9702 8222

Care Property Management is an expert property management firm that devotes all of its time to providing property management services. In contrast to the majority of conventional real estate firms, we specialize in property management rather than selling homes. Our only focus is on giving our landlords and tenants the finest lease and property management experience possible. We do this using the latest real estate software, precise systems & strategies and importantly, by limiting the number of properties that each agent will manage in a single property portfolio. For you, this translates into more individualized service and careful attention to every area of your investment.

We at Care Property Management recognize that every one of our clients is unique. Your needs for property management will be met and exceeded by our customized lease and property management solutions, which offer a professional, adaptable, and courteous service.

We offer thorough customer service to both our esteemed landlord clients and our tenants. Service, in our opinion, is more than just a business practice; it's a way of life that emphasizes consideration for and concern for others. Being present, honest, and upfront in our business dealings are all qualities of good service. You can feel secure knowing that we uphold our service guarantee and our customer service values.

Besser + co - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

besser + co

9531 1001

More than just collecting rent and attending to maintenance issues are required to successfully manage your investment property. Building relationships, implementing effective procedures, utilizing cutting-edge technology, and having the overarching objective of offering the greatest level of service and constantly advocating for the interests of our clients are all necessary.

Our goal is to handle your property as if it were our own, to put it another way. Our team has experience advising on insurance claims, maintenance suggestions, VCAT hearings, conflict settlement, and tenant selection. We provide a comprehensive service.

Download our "Property Management a Better Way" guide by clicking the link below. This pamphlet was created to better explain our internal administrative procedures to you. We think that if you comprehend our procedures more completely, we will be able to serve you better.

Professionals Taylors Lakes - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

professionals taylors lakes

03 9390 9401

Are you trying to find a real estate company that loves to make their clients happy? Professionals in Taylors Lakes like "wowing" people and assisting them in realizing their real estate goals. Begin your journey with us right now.

Professionals Taylors Lakes

Experts in Real Estate Taylors Lakes is a long-standing, well-respected real estate business that provides sellers, buyers, landlords, and renters in Metropolitan Melbourne with benchmark customer service, negotiation, and marketing abilities in both sales and property management.


Experts in Real Estate Taylors Lakes is a market leader that offers a boutique-style agency and is known for being a prominent and cutting-edge real estate company. Professionals Real Estate has established a reputation for hiring excellent negotiators who consistently deliver exceptional outcomes. The company is made up of a solid team of professional and experienced salespeople who are highly driven and energetic.

The Dynamic Residential - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

dynamic residential

+61 3 8600 1201

Project and residential sales, property management, and owners corporation management are all areas where Dynamic Residential offers customized end-to-end services. We strike a mix between a full-service agency's resources and a boutique service's individualized approach. As a result, you gain access to solutions that are specifically tailored in response to the always shifting property situations that buyers, landlords, sellers, and renters must deal with.

Building on our collective knowledge, experience, and competence in residential real estate, we serve as property consultants. We're here to serve you and your investment for the long haul, not just to provide you a quick service.

In order to sell Melbourne real estate to foreign purchasers and expand the business, Francis Yang created Dynamic Residential in 2014. This made it possible for our foreign owners to relax knowing that their new home was in capable hands. A year later, we established a local sales staff to serve developers with the same level of skill and attention to detail. The ease of working with one agency made our simplified solution popular with developers.

Image Property - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

image property

1300 665 135

Image Property believes that real estate is all about people, particularly you, our vendors and investors. All investors and property owners want market information, open communication, and transparency; these are the principles upon which our company was founded. We take great pleasure in working for the benefit of our valued customers. We approach everything we do with knowledge and passion, whether it's finding you 5-star tenants, managing the upkeep and income of your rental property, or selling your home.

We focus mostly on residential property management. Our internal procedures, capabilities, and resources are all geared toward ensuring that our real estate investors get the finest support and return on their money. When you hire Image, a committed Property Manager will help you with a variety of tasks, including finding and keeping tenants, upkeep of the property, tenant conflicts, rent collection, market advise, and more. For peace of mind and open and transparent service, you may access your property information from anywhere, at any time, with access to a 24/7 web portal.

The caliber of Image Property's staff is key to the company's success. To maintain the competence and enthusiasm of our personnel, we offer ongoing training and development. We look after them so they can look after you. Based on the quantity of favorable client evaluations, Rate My Agent has named Image Property Queensland's top property management company in 2018 and 2019.

Melcorp Real Estate - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

melcorp real estate

+61 3 8638 1845

The CBD and Southbank area are served by the city office network of Melcorp Real Estate. Our knowledge of luxurious flats in inner cities is unmatched. Our extensive staff of sales representatives, property managers, office managers, and marketers is devoted to giving you exceptional service and outcomes. Get in touch with us to discover the difference. We specialize in the inner Melbourne apartment sector.

High-end inner Melbourne real estate is a passion of Melcorp Real Estate. We have helped numerous clients buy and sell inside this distinct market over the past ten years. Our extensive staff of sales representatives, property managers, office managers, and marketers is devoted to giving you exceptional service and outcomes. Contact us and experience the difference.

Ritz Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

ritz property management

03 9526 0023

The unique Ritz Property Management company was established in Melbourne to provide a full range of property management services. Ritz was established with the goal of going above and beyond what well-known real estate companies typically offer to investors and landlords. Ritz is committed to providing landlords, investors, and tenants with the opportunity to receive individualised service that is built on honest, effective, and open communication.

Shiuann Teh is the team leader of Ritz, which has a small but talented and committed staff that is focused on offering upscale specialist services with a personalized touch. With an owner's portal account that is completely transparent, our methods and procedures are top-notch, highly organized, and well-designed. You will deal with the business owner who will make sure your asset is managed with great care and undivided attention in order to give you a high-quality and stress-free experience. This, along with a hands-on director, means that you will be working with the owner of the firm.

Every lease is carefully examined and negotiated on behalf of the landlord by Ritz's multilingual staff. Our top concern is taking care of your property, so every property is managed with meticulous attention to detail in order to ensure accuracy and perfection. The Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV), Victoria's top regulatory body for real estate professionals, is a member of Ritz Property Management. Ritz benefits from having unique access to the most recent rental data, policy updates, and staff training to continuously keep us at the forefront of the industry.

My Rental - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

my rental

1300 828 653

Reshaping The Melbourne Property Management Industry

My Rental was founded out of a passionate desire to transform Melbourne's property management—an industry that has been far too slow to embrace innovative changes. The goal of My Rental has always been to provide the best property management service while saving landlords money. Utilizing both our market-leading property management app and our extensive industry knowledge, we have been successful in achieving this goal.

We at My Rental didn't think property management companies were doing enough to stay up with the needs of contemporary homeowners and renters because Melbourne's real estate industry was continually expanding and changing. That's why we made the decision to modernize and streamline traditional property management while also reducing the price of this crucial service for landlords all across Melbourne. Learn how we are helping Melbourne real estate investors cut costs on rental fees by watching the video below.

Since My Rental is constantly logged in and online, no query, worry, or maintenance problem goes unanswered. We employ a team approach, as opposed to other property management businesses that designate a single point of contact. This means that there is always someone on hand to address any issues swiftly; you don't need to worry if your property manager is absent due to illness or travel. Additionally, information and support with your home are only a few clicks away when using our straightforward, user-friendly app.

Elite Women Real Estate - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

elite women real estate

03 8802 4419

There was a glaring diversity gap in real estate practice. This is the reason Elizabeth Dumonic founded a company with a stronger emphasis on CSR and a more democratic and collaborative approach to real estate. The new online company, which embraces an e-commerce platform, provides residential, commercial, and rental services for an immeasurable real estate market. By working together, EWRE also hopes to create the coveted village atmosphere that families adore.

Home Run Realty - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

home run realty

0412 739 489

We differ from every other Melbourne real estate company. No, we don't sell houses. We specialize in property management and are passionate about reestablishing industry confidence by individualized, efficient service with a fixed door.

You can change property management company at any time, did you know that? Many landlords believe they are locked into their present property management company for a predetermined amount of time or that switching providers would be more trouble than it would be worth. I'll dispel that myth right now. The bulk of property management agreements are independent from fixed-term lease agreements and are month-to-month in nature. You, as the landlord, are free to move your home and tenancy agreement wherever you please!

At Home Run, we operate in a unique way. We are aware that not all situations are the same. We take pride in reestablishing client confidence in property management by providing individualized, efficient service with no revolving door. Every stage of your real estate journey will be supported by your property manager. You won't ever get the impression that your investment is being managed by a robot assembly line.

Core Realty - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

core realty

03 9329 3267

Our core competency is 20+ years of property agent experience in Melbourne.

A boutique real estate company, Core Realty focuses on residential sales, off-the-plan developments, leasing, and property management. The abundance and variety of high-quality homes and apartments in Melbourne, which consistently rates as the world's most liveable city each year, are a testament to the city's extraordinary level of life.

Recognizing this advantage, Core Realty works to connect homeowners, investors, and renters in Melbourne and throughout the world with top-notch homes in the city. Our staff, which is based in Melbourne's CBD, has developed specialized knowledge and deep insights into the inner-city real estate market, identifying the most renowned and iconic residential properties in the city.

The goal of Core Realty is to dominate the Melbourne inner-city real estate market as the most dependable and successful real estate professionals. We work to achieve this by consistently providing top-notch service to all of our clients and by offering tried-and-true services in the marketing, listing, and sale of luxury properties, homes, apartments, and land as well as business and investment opportunities for both domestic and foreign buyers and investors.

Caine Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

caine property management

03 8413 8001

In these incredibly challenging times under a cloud of a global pandemic, it has never been more important for investment property owners to have trusted, expert and innovative management of their biggest assets. Our unique approach to managing our investment property portfolio. We use a model that aims to maximize value for the owner of the property and improve the tenant's experience.

Our notion that tenants will treat your property better if they are treated well aligns with the core values of our organization. Simply said, this lowers the amount of capital improvements needed for your property due to wear and tear and encourages your renters to extend their leases and pay more for improved comfort, amenity, and service.

For producing ratios of 1 day empty for every 3 days vacant compared with market norms, Caine Property Management has won praise from critics for delivering much lower "days on vacancy" than our rivals and comparable markets throughout Melbourne.

MICM Real Estate - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

micm real estate

(03) 9697 8889

The top option for real estate services in inner Melbourne is MICM Real Estate. Since completing our first real estate deal in 1993, MICM has experienced phenomenal development while providing considerable, long-term value for our clients. Since those early days, many things have changed. Melbourne is currently one of the developed world's fastest-growing cities, and MICM is incredibly proud to have contributed in any way to that incredible growth.

MICM is a non-franchised business that operates as a single unit every day of the week. In order to provide direction, advice, and support for sales, property management, rents, leasing, owners corporation management, and insurance, our extensive network of offices is strategically and conveniently positioned. Because we prioritize our clients, we are market leaders in the cutthroat Melbourne real estate industry.

The skilled MICM team is motivated by results and extraordinary outcomes and is supported by local market expertise, first-rate customer service, and strong global networking capabilities. MICM is most in love with Melbourne. As we stroll through the city, we take in the majestic Yarra River, the bluestone charm of our alleyways, and the changing hues of our leafy gardens. When we tire of strolling, we board a tram and visit the beaches around our bay of turquoise waters. We love living in Melbourne and wouldn't change a thing!

Ironfish Real Estate - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

ironfish real estate

+61 3 8842 3002

At Ironfish, we take great satisfaction in providing clients with property management services that are specifically crafted to meet their unique leasing and management requirements. We presently oversee more than 2,000 properties throughout Melbourne and are well known for our proficiency in overseeing apartment buildings. Our team members are skilled and enthusiastic, going above and beyond to guarantee investors have a positive and fulfilling experience.

Ironfish Real Estate, which focuses on the residential market in Melbourne, has experience in short- and long-term property management services, real estate sales, and real estate investing. Ironfish Real Estate has proved to produce amazing outcomes when we first opened in 2010! We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to meet, if not surpass, the expectations of our esteemed clients. We are a client-driven agency.

We serve our clients with kindness, professionalism, and respect since we are known for our sincere care, integrity, and dedication. We will take care of your property needs while keeping your best interests in mind since we are sincere, real, and down to earth.

Smart Property Manager Real Estates Melbourne

ironfish real estate

+61 (03) 9973 2405

Specialized property management services, including leasing, rent return estimations, furnished properties, and commercial property management. independent buyers agents and expert real estate experts. Services specifically designed for first-time buyers, investors, developers, and those upgrading or downgrading.

Victorian Independent Property Consultation; customised selling strategies, auctioneering, pre-sale evaluation, renovation & project management consulting. The winning bid is here. Let's make auction bidding less stressful and frustrating. Your dream home can be yours at the best price thanks to our team of professionals, who are just a click away.

We oversee a few select real estate portfolios in Melbourne. The boutique approach to property management used by Smart Property Manager raises the return on your investment. All year long, we guarantee the finest caliber tenants for your home with a personal touch and attention to care. We have earned the trust of our landlords and investors by providing dependable service for many years. On every property we manage, we provide timely responses to all calls and uphold our ideals of honesty, integrity, and superior service.

Samma Real Estate - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

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Samma Real Estate Buy. Sell. Manage

Samma Real Estate serves homeowners and real estate investors in Melbourne by providing sales, buyer and seller representation, and property management services. At Samma Real Estate, we are interested in your home. You require a specialist you can rely on whether you are purchasing or selling real estate. a self-employed specialist who is well-versed in the industry and is interested in seeing that you succeed.

Samma Real Estate was established in 2008 with the goal of giving clients independent property advice, but what truly distinguishes the company in the field is the exceptional level of client care. Samma Real Estate's full-circle property services combine the expert knowledge, expertise, insight, and rigorous methodology necessary to deliver favorable results for customers after identifying a market void for high-quality property management and advocacy services.

The client-focused staff at Samma Real Estate is dedicated to comprehending and meeting each client's specific needs in a thoughtful, sensitive, and holistic manner. Reach out to any member of our friendly staff to learn more about Samma Real Estate's helpful services.

Mayfair Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

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All we do is specialize in property management. We recognize the significance of your investment property to your aspirations of financial success. We humbly accept the duty of overseeing that investment as part of our solemn promise to provide you with an amazing, hassle-free experience.


Our entire focus is on meeting your demands for individualized service, thorough management, and prompt communication. We are committed to giving you a remarkable experience and making sure that your property is respected and generates the highest return.


By offering our coordinated and thorough approach to the leasing process, investors in your venture will see their return maximized. They will eagerly anticipate your upcoming assignment as a result of their excellent experience.

Property Initiatives Real Estate - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

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Leasing & Property Management Services

Services for Leasing & Property Management Our property management services can be tailored to meet specific requirements. In order to provide high-quality, stress-free service and the highest possible return on investment, we establish a trustworthy connection.

Property Initiatives is a real estate agency that changes lives.

Through our knowledge of and expertise in the real estate sector, our property specialists respond to your particular needs, develop honest and trusting relationships and give the highest possible return on your investment every time. You won't need to give up quality or money for anything. We are a social enterprise that prioritizes both our clients and our mission. Every penny of our earnings goes toward giving homeless women and children safe, permanent homes.

Our Values

We place a great deal of value on having trustworthy connections with all of our stakeholders. It's what sets our service apart for our vendors and landlords and what enables us to produce successful real estate results. Our motivation to excel comes from the significance of our cause. Women who might otherwise have no hope are given hope thanks to our profits. Regardless of where they are from, we care strongly that everyone has the chance to have the most satisfying life possible. Everyone should have a safe place to live.

Harcourts Glenroy - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

harcourts glenroy

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Trusted Property Management in Melbourne's North: Harcourts Glenroy

Harcourts Glenroy is aware that while customers demand a professional and effective service, they still value the core values of honesty and integrity from real estate professionals dedicated to helping their clients achieve their goals.

Because of this, our property management services combine cutting-edge methods, training, and technology with an emphasis on building trust and respect with their clients, who are constantly kept at the center of the process.

Our real estate brokers take great pride in providing a service that consistently outperforms client expectations and offers exceptional outcomes whether you're buying, selling, or renting residential property. One of Glenroy's top real estate firms is who we are because of our dedication to providing first-rate service.

Capital Property Marketing - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

capital property marketing

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We take great satisfaction in our stellar performance history and capacity to offer the business a novel viewpoint. In order to maximize sales outcomes, we provide expertise in managing all residential property transactions and the application of effective marketing tactics.

Capital Property Marketing works with developers to provide advice on every stage of the development process, including pre-development planning, branding, staffing, and marketing. We offer the greatest administrative and sales personnel in the business. Along with thorough market research, we also offer developers a thorough unit and layout study. Until the last property is sold and settled, our task is not finished.


Capital has vast knowledge of off-the-plan investments and financial methods and can offer the most recent property market data. Our own financial advisors can provide Capital clients with the knowledge and direction they need. Whether they are first-time home buyers or seasoned investors, Capital buyers can be confident that their interests are being taken care of, from property investing to comprehensive wealth building.

Pyramid Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

pyramid property management

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Welcome to Pyramid Property Management

Our clients at Pyramid Property Management have reaped the rewards of hiring us to look after their investment properties. By offering great services, we hope to keep our clients for a very long time. To make sure that the clients have the most latest information, Pyramid Property Management is always implementing new systems and monitoring recent changes in property management.

Whether you are one of our existing tenants or landlords, you can reach us at any time during business hours by calling 03 8512 0279, or you can get the information online by logging into our 24/7 web portal. By doing this, you won't ever have to bother your property manager again to get updates or something as basic as your monthly statements.

About Us

In the city of Monash, there is a specialized property management company called Pyramid Property Management. The business provides clients with industry-leading customer service, negotiation, and marketing tactics. Pyramid property management strives every day to put the client first while delivering prompt service that meets or surpasses all expectations. The company's primary objective is to provide a lucrative and satisfying real estate experience for every client.

Lewis Realty - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

lewis realty

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It's simple to guarantee excellent customer service. Estate agents all engage in it. But "the standard" seems to overlook the fact that trust is earned through the tiniest interactions and moments. We are aware that these seemingly insignificant experiences add up to larger ones, and that family businesses are the only place you can expect genuine concern and attentive listening. And what you'll see when you meet us in a moment.

Our direct-talking sales crew will offer advice rather than bragging. However, a word of caution: we do have a propensity to flail our hands around because we are an enthusiastic Italian family.

We are a local family with a loving history of improving the lives and way of life of our clients in Moreland, both present and past. They are tales that merit telling. So, from one family to another, please know that we are aware of the lingering effects of your major experience. We collaborate as a team to support you in making your move, which is why we operate as a team.

Motion Property - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

motion property

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Melbourne's top real estate firm, Motion Property, provides cutting-edge property management services, experienced project leasing, and perceptive real estate sales. We are a company that takes pride in standing out from the crowd, always pushing accepted wisdom, and giving developers, landlords, vendors, and tenants real estate experiences that go above and beyond their expectations.

Motion Property is a proud family firm with over 30 years of experience in the real estate sector. As the Australian real estate market has grown, we have continuously improved our suite of real estate services.

We are a group of change-oriented real estate experts who have carefully expanded our company to meet the needs of an increasingly complex real estate market that is influenced by worldwide trends. Motion Property is altering the face of Melbourne real estate because to its unmatched competence in the fields of project leasing, property management, and investment sales.

Precise Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

precise property management

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Precise Property Management is a specialised residential property management company. We provide our services to clients who require the best asset management, tenant selection, communication, and property management representation. Only residential properties are eligible for our professional, exact leasing and property management services. We don't provide services for owners corporate management, sales, or auctions. We limit the number of properties we manage to ensure we provide the top-notch service our clients expect and deserve.

While many other estate agencies concentrate on sales and consider property management to be a less significant aspect of their business, Michelle Allen, the owner and director of Precise Property Management, who is also a Certified Estate Agent and award-winning property manager, offers a dedicated property management service.

With a focus on the Eastern and Northern Suburbs, which include Eltham, Diamond Creek, Montmorency, Lower Plenty, Greensborough, Ivanhoe, Eaglemont, Watsonia, Macleod, Heidelberg, Preston, Fairfield, Thornbury, Alphington, Northcote and Brunswick, Kew, Camberwell and Hawthorn, we lease and manage residential properties throughout most of metropolitan Melbourne. Our current location is in Kew, in the city of Boroondara, after more than 14 years in the picturesque Eltham.

BRADY residential - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

brady residential

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A sales, leasing, and property management office called BRADY residential is located in Melbourne. BRADY residential was founded in 1999 and specializes in the sales, leasing, and property management of flats in Melbourne's central business district and inner city. We are pleased to be among the largest estate companies in the Melbourne CBD because we have expanded along with the city of Melbourne over this time.

We are the first choice for our clients' real estate needs due to our twenty years of experience and good reputation. Our Latrobe Street office is strategically situated in the CBD to enable us to offer our clients the finest caliber of service, and our ground floor office guarantees that we are visible to CBD buyers and tenants. One of Melbourne's top real estate developers, the BRADY Property Group, is the parent company of BRADY Residential.

We are regularly able to deliver the finest results for our clients by combining our knowledge and resources. Do not hesitate to call our office or click here to receive an appraisal if you are considering renting out, selling, or need help managing your CBD or inner-city flat.

Elite Real Estate - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

elite women real estate

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ELITE is a leading provider of property services in Melbourne, having a wide network of offices in key locations throughout the city and the Asia Pacific region. Since its founding in 1998, ELITE has established a reputation for having solid corporate ethics and has grown to dominate the Melbourne real estate market.

The Elite team, which focuses on Melbourne CBD, is among the best in the business and provides excellent services to property owners, investors, purchasers, and developers. Our seasoned, multilingual team specializes in selling and leasing homes, businesses, and commercial space.

Elite is always the best option if you're wanting to purchase, sell, or manage a home in Melbourne!

Investors Choice Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

investors choice

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An outstanding service alternative to conventional, property sale-focused real estate businesses is offered by award-winning Investors Choice Property Management to landlords and tenants.

Our team has extensive knowledge and expertise in all facets of property management. We have a dedicated Leasing Consultant at each office ensuring vacancy rates are kept to a minimum and properties are being leased to high-quality tenants.

We constantly monitor rental rates to make sure landlords are getting the best return on their investment. By using dependable and committed trades for maintenance and repairs, we reduce property expenses. To track rental income and regular inspection reports, we provide an online landlord portal.

Mint Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

mint property management

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We work hard to make sure every customer has a wonderful and enjoyable experience. You get the specialized property management service and attention to detail that you and your investment property deserve when you hire Mint Property Management.

At Mint Property Management, we work hard to make every client's experience outstanding and pleasurable. Megan founded Mint Property Management with the motivation and ambition to provide higher quality property management services and investment outcomes, leveraging her considerable industry experience.

When you engage the team at Mint Property Management, you get peace of mind, and you can say goodbye to the revolving door of constantly changing property managers. You know, getting your file reassigned to a different manager after meeting with one.

Dellore Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

dellore property management

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You can decide how much or how little involvement you want to have in managing your property when you work with Dellore Property Management because we aim to make it simple. Our family was founded on a passion for real estate and has a long history in the industry. We have an advantage in knowing what matters most to our clients thanks to the three real estate investors who jointly own the business.

Since our employees are our most valuable asset, we make it a priority to help them learn, develop, and grow so that we may continue to lead the field and offer services that are of the highest caliber.

Our enthusiasm for real estate goes beyond management. Contact us right now to discuss repairs, upgrades, project management, energy conservation, interior design, landscape design, and much more. In order to connect you with the knowledge and skills you need to expand your portfolio and maximize your profits, Dellore works closely with a network of financial advisers, mortgage brokers, lenders, and developers.

RPM - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

rpm real estate group

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RPM is a dynamic, results-driven residential sales firm that is dedicated to developing tactics that are supported by research and that increase revenues, hasten sales times, and improve returns for our clients.

At RPM, we differentiate ourselves not only by our expertise and internal resources but also by our passion for both the individuals that make up our company and our esteemed clients. We are delighted to have developed a staff with knowledge encompassing all aspects of property sales, research, and consulting services via our drive to developing a culture of enthusiastic and devoted property professionals.

We continue to grow and reinvest in our research services so that we can provide our clients with unmatched market knowledge and data-driven insights to support the expansion of their projects and asset portfolio. A full-service agency, we pride ourselves on advising our clients through every step of the process, from the initial site diligence, acquisitions and master-planning, to the launch and sales strategies and ongoing marketing.

Grants Estate Agents - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

grants estate agents

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The people in the area choose our team of knowledgeable property managers for their property management needs. Maintaining a rental property is a major undertaking that calls for a particular balance between performance and stability.

The performance of your rental property investment depends on who occupies and manages it. If you undercharge, you could be losing out on money. Charge excessively. You could be passing up the ideal tenant. Making it all work requires experience, a good awareness of the people involved, and in-depth local knowledge.

Grant's is considered as the local authority with more than 30 years of expertise selling real estate in the South-East Melbourne region. Grant's Real Estate takes pleasure in getting our clients in the South East Melbourne area of Victoria top home and property sales prices as well as outstanding rental yields.

HeywoodPM - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne


0413 274 705

HeywoodPM is a boutique, service-oriented Property Management agency and strives to deliver seamless, consultative service 24/7 to landlords and tenants since 2013. HeywoodPM is a Melbourne and Brisbane-based company that specializes in leasing high-end apartments, townhomes, and executive residences, as well as furnished housing. We manage high-end property portfolios across Melbourne & Brisbane as well as new investors' single properties.

Your tenant is thinking about moving if you're thinking about changing management. They are being neglected if they are transient tenants. Establish a meaningful and safe rental environment and transfer management. Call Barbara at 0413 274 704 and I'll walk you through the procedure.

Heywood Property Management Reviews provide as evidence that we are concerned about your real estate asset and, more crucially, your tenant. We take care of your tenants and do much more than just manage your property.

Eview Group - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

eview group

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We manage every home as if it was our own. We comprehend that as a real estate investor, you want a company that is aware of your needs. An agency that focuses on your bottom line; that understands that whenever a property is vacant for even a few weeks or that the selection of a poor client can cause undue worry, anxiety and stress.

In all facets of asset management, our team provides thorough management and advising services. We will see to it that everything is taken care of so that you have one less thing to worry about. We would be delighted to hear from you if you're seeking for a property management firm that will collaborate with you to meet your financial objectives.

A group of like-minded people joined forces to establish a boutique real estate firm with a client- and team-centric vision and culture. The best in the business are drawn to us because of our custom and distinctive approach to real estate.

Triwest Real Estate - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

triwest real estate

03 9741 5901

Triwest Real Estate is a company with a clear focus on providing top-notch customer service and the adaptability to satisfy all of our clients' needs. The right counsel and a sense of value for our clients are vital to us, and this is shown in everything from the warm, welcoming grin that welcomes you at the front desk to the expertise and devotion of our seasoned sales and property management teams. The number of referrals we receive is evidence that our previous customers value our straightforward, competent manner.

Triwest Real Estate has happily met the real estate needs of the Wyndham neighborhood. We are a local, family-run business that specializes in residential and commercial sales as well as property management. Our principal, Paul Nuske, is joined by his wife, Kathy.

Triwest Real Estate is a company with a clear focus on providing top-notch customer service and the adaptability to satisfy all of our clients' needs. The right counsel and a sense of value for our clients are vital to us, and this is shown in everything from the warm, welcoming grin that welcomes you at the front desk to the expertise and devotion of our seasoned sales and property management teams. The number of referrals we receive is evidence that our previous customers value our straightforward, competent manner.

AZeta Real Estate - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

azeta property management

(+61) 3-9999 7991

AZeta Real Estate is conveniently situated in Aurora, which is serviced by trains and trams and other forms of public transportation. Creating Values For Generations is our mission statement. We are aware of how crucial it is to help all of our owners, who are in all stages of life, by utilizing our expert insight and real estate industry knowledge to maximize the return on their rental property investment and expand their investment portfolio.

Our seasoned property management staff has worked in Melbourne's real estate industry for more than ten years. Our goal is to provide each and every one of our owners with great services and experiences for their investment property.

Evoke Property - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

evoke property

+61 408 365 362

Evoke Property delivers a lot of expertise in project marketing, as well as understanding of successful and organized marketing campaigns. With a focus on dedication and service, it is assuring an alignment of interests. Evoke has partnered with the best in the market to build a powerful team that can assist in launching a residential project to its full potential. These partners include successful repeat clients and companies, top-notch creative firms, architects, and legal organizations.

Building trusting relationships with both our present and potential customers is crucial to our business and what sets us different from our rivals. We were able to launch our projects to the highest standards, achieving good sales results and favorable industry PR, thanks to a proactive approach to project marketing.

Embody sentiments of pride in their capacity to recognize distinct home markets, allowing them to build the best possible product type for each project's particular requirements and maximizing project returns.

Ray White - Property Management Real Estates Melbourne

ray white

+61 (3) 8488 7871

Let's meet Ray White. Now, a monthly insight will help all of our clients understand what is going on in the market. The study that follows shows how to make the most of the current circumstances to get the best sales result is for everyone who is thinking about selling.

Ray White Melbourne CBD

Melbourne City is regarded as one of the "Most Liveable Cities in the World" due to its lovely streets and arcades surrounded by ancient buildings and its diverse population.

We have witnessed significant residential construction since the inner-city urban regeneration project got underway in the CBD, Southbank, Port Melbourne, Docklands, and the new South Wharf. Since 2001, the population of the center city has more than doubled. To meet the ever-increasing demand for urban living, it is not surprising to see a well-known brand like Ray White team up with Eric Kuan to build our Melbourne CBD office.

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