Top 20 Security Guard Companies Adelaide, South Australia (2024)

Are you looking for a security guard company? If so, you're in luck! There are many different companies to choose from, and each one offers its own unique set of services. So, how do you decide which company is right for you? 

Start by asking yourself a few questions. What type of security do you need? What is your budget? How quickly do you need someone on-site? Once you have answers to these questions, finding the right security guard company will be much easier.

To help you get started on your security guard company hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Security Guard Companies from right across Adelaide, South Australia.

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    Ultimate List of Security Guard Companies Adelaide, South Australia

    Alpha Team Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    alpha team security

    1800 577 285

    About Us

    Our private security professionals are equipped to handle any difficulty during any event. For any circumstance, Alpha Security offers highly executive protective security services. Our security management team is available around-the-clock, and anywhere in Adelaide, guards may be dispatched in just an hour!

    The Police Department's Licensing & Regulation Divisions issues our staff members licenses after carefully screening them. Any requirements you may have can be met by our security professionals!

    In Adelaide, we offer top-notch professional uniformed security officers security services including guard security service, private security business, home security patrol, special event security, manned security services, night patrol security, special event security services (concert security services), and private patrol security.

    Southern Cross Group - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    southern cross group security guard company sydney


    Who we are

    Southern Cross Group, a wholly-owned Australian facility services business with an emphasis on providing Facility and Technology solutions, was established in Sydney in 2005. In collaboration with our clients, we offer a consultative approach to fully comprehend their needs. Over 800 client sites in Australia receive full, integrated services from SCG.

    In complex environments ranging from retail, commercial/corporate, infrastructure, government, health, industrial, manufacturing, events, and entertainment, we offer a plethora of experience and solutions. Southern Cross Group is a place where technology and facility solutions converge to provide maximum efficiency.

    Our Security Professionals

    Outstanding service is provided by Southern Cross Group. Your security is our top concern. Southern Cross Group provide 24/7 support and dedicated security professionals to ensure the safety and security of clients and their sites. Our top concerns are the protection of individuals and their assets. We provide a comprehensive solution that combines security, training, and technology to make sure that our clients, their visitors, guests, and staff feel comfortable and safe.

    Security personnel are trained in observation, detection, and reporting skills as well as the use of Building Management Systems, CCTV, and Fire Safety Panels. The honors and certifications we have received are proof of our dedication to quality and client satisfaction.

    NIS Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    0417 222 906


    NIS Security is a recognized Indigenous enterprise that is wholly owned and operated in South Australia. NIS Security delivers the competence and capacity that can be customised to suit every client's requirements thanks to its more than 80 years of experience in the sector. Our security staff is chosen, upskilled, and trained by a regional SA Registered Training Organization (RTO) using a particular training program customized to meet the needs of each client.

    With cooperation from the community in all regions of South Australia, NIS Security, an Indigenous-owned and -operated company, has established an Indigenous workforce objective of 10% or better by 2020. Profits from NIS Security stay in South Africa, which will improve employment, education, and the country's economy.

    Security Guarding

    NIS Security joint partner has established security contracts in health, vital infrastructure, research, education, sporting events, and foreign government thanks to access to more than 200 local employees. Our team members are highly skilled and certified in the following: Risk management, cultural sensitivity, conflict resolution, crowd control, customer service, first aid, fire warden, report writing, clearances, and security operations

    In order to guarantee complete client satisfaction, we hire competent and experienced employees for security jobs and give them the necessary equipment and supplies. Our staff also offers additional services including facility audits, testing exit lighting, restocking photocopiers, and inspecting plant rooms to maximize site productivity and value.

    FAQs About Security Guards

    They Help Deter Crimes at a Workplace

    A professional security guard will protect your facility. They do this by mitigating risks, including vandalism, thefts, and assaults.

    These individuals are also trained to detect any suspicious activity. Once found, they can also take the proper steps before the issue escalates. Additionally, the security guard can help law enforcement agencies solve crimes on the premises.

    Security Guards Provide a Sense of Heightened Security

    When you hire a security guard, it can increase the sense of security for business owners, customers and employees. Employees will be more productive and perform better in a secure and safe environment.

    Also, when you have security around and on your premises, it can help to improve employee retention. Even better, it will help encourage customers to do business with you rather than your competition.

    Improved Customer Service

    When you hire a security guard, they can also provide basic customer services. For example, they can escort customers to the parking lot at night or even direct them to certain departments in the store.

    Many security guards will also help take care of your facilities to ensure they can meet the needs of your customers and employees. As a result, you can save money by avoiding hiring additional staff members for this role.

    Handling Security Issues in an Efficient Manner

    Professional security guards provide the first line of defence in any crime or unlawful invasion at a business.

    Security guards are trained and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skill to handle security concerns better than anyone else on your premises.

    They understand how to respond to situations, prevent suspects from getting away, interview witnesses and inspect areas for safety risks. Also, your security guard can help you prepare a loss prevention report if needed.

    The Provide a Quick Response Time

    Security guards will quickly respond to any situation that may arise on your business premises. For example, if you had an aggressive customer onsite, it may take up to 20 minutes for the local police to arrive.

    By this time, the customer may have caused serious damages. However, with a security guard's presence, they can take control of the situation, helping prevent injuries and other adverse consequences.

    A security guard is someone who patrols and inspects property against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and illegal activity. In addition, they monitor people and buildings to prevent crime.

    Security guards typically do the following:

    • Protect and enforce laws on an employer's property
    • Monitor alarms and closed-circuit TV cameras
    • Control access for employees, visitors, and outside contractors
    • Conduct security checks over a specified area
    • Write comprehensive reports outlining what they observed while on patrol
    • Interview witnesses for later court testimony
    • Detain criminal violators

    Guards must remain alert, looking for anything out of the ordinary throughout their shift. In an emergency, guards may call for assistance from police, fire, or ambulance services. Some security guards may be armed.

    Many businesses and events need security guards these days to protect them from potential threats and help handle emergencies. If you run a store or a hotel, have an office building or a warehouse, or organise an event, you need support from a security agency. The role of a security guard is to protect people's lives and properties by preventing threats and resolving issues. Their job is challenging and requires a lot of motivation. Thus it's not always easy to find good security guards. One might expect that with technological development and excellent surveillance equipment, the tasks of a security guard may be done by the system, but it's not the case. The human factor is still indispensable.

    A good security guard needs to have the knowledge and experience necessary for this job. But there are also certain qualities that he should possess if he wants to perform guards' tasks better. These include honesty, integrity, and observation skills. Communication skills, empathy, and a conciliatory attitude are essential, too, as they help security guards effectively resolve issues and prevent threats.

    Observation Skills

    A significant part of the security guards' workday is to observe anything suspicious happening on the premises of a company or event they work for. They need to be focused and alert all the time. Excellent observation skills allow them to notice irregularities and decide the right reaction. The key is to see the change in the surroundings and determine whether it's serious and requires management or public services support. A security guard's reaction must be quick and efficient. It's also crucial for a good security guard to pay attention to details and be vigilant to any safety breaches or dangerous behaviour.

    Honesty and Integrity

    Honesty and integrity are not qualities that can be learned, so any employer highly appreciates them. Security officers work independently, without permanent employer control, and secure valuable properties. In some cases, they restrict access to the building or the event, and in consequence, play a key role in maintaining safety in these places. So they have to be trustworthy and reliable.

    It's challenging to check the honesty and integrity of a person when recruiting them for a job. These are qualities that are only visible after working with a guard for some time. However, security agencies do thorough background checks before employing someone to reduce risk.

    Ability to Lead and Work in a Team

    It's quite often for security guards to work in a group, so a teamwork spirit is a quality each should possess. Effective cooperation leads to the best results and directly impacts safety standards. It's also essential when security guards work with public services such as firefighters, police officers, or medical staff.

    Strong leadership quality is another trait of an excellent security guard. Contrary to popular opinion, leading is closely related to teamwork skills. They are complementary, as every team or task needs a leader who manages it. The ability to lead is also required for crowd management and emergency where security guards need to guide people through a dangerous situation.

    Communication Skills and Empathy

    Good communication skills are priceless in every aspect of a security guard's job. They are necessary when the guards work in a team, cooperate with emergency services, resolve issues at work, and even in regular contact with their colleagues and managers. In every situation that includes contact with other people, security guards must be respectful and empathetic. The ability to talk to people and understand their points of view can be a key to solving even the most complicated issues and, in consequence, preventing many threats. In fact, in most cases, calmness and courteous conversation is the most effective solution.

    However, excellent communication skills are not only helpful in case of emergencies. For example, a security guard often represents the company as the first person a customer or a business partner sees. So it's also vital that they are friendly, professional, and ready to help or give information and directions.

    Conciliatory Attitude

    Even though security guards are always prepared for the worst scenarios, their goal should be to deescalate any tense situation and prevent potential threats. That's why, as a security agency, we want to hire guards that can always remain calm and keep a cool head, no matter the issue. It's especially important when they work in crowded places where the risk of conflict is much higher.

    Security guards often have to interact with different kinds of people. Some may try to provoke them into discussion or even insult them. However, no matter what happens, a guard expects a conciliatory attitude in every situation. They have to be able to work under pressure and should put safety first.

    Hard-Working and Flexible

    Being a security guard is hard work. It's challenging and requires varied skills. So we need our guards to be flexible and ready to perform different duties. And while on the job, they have to be able to do multiple tasks. Each of the services we offer includes a wide range of responsibilities, from patrolling, to door supervision, to operating surveillance equipment and reporting. A good security guard should be hard-working and self-motivated to improve his skills continuously.

    Physical Fitness

    Physical fitness is a quality that everybody can have. They just need to work on it regularly. For example, a security guard should be physically fit, as their job entails many physical challenges. It may include patrolling large areas, staying up all night, or chasing a thief. Being in good health positively affects guards' quick reactions and helps them stay focused at work.

    Security officers should exercise regularly and care about their diet because only then will they be able to defend themselves and ensure the safety of others in case of emergencies.

    They Offer a Physical, "human" Visual Deterrent from Theft.

    The number one reason why folks go for a security guard over more "high tech" (and possibly more effective) security options is the comfort of a physical presence onsite.

    Any security system will involve advertising its presence onsite to alert criminals that a potential target will be a hard nut to crack. The presence of an alert, attentive, and reasonably fit security guard serves the same purpose.

    Should Crime Occur, a Security Guard Offers Onsite Resolution.

    If a security guard catches sight of a trespasser while on duty, they can approach to resolve the issue.

    Security guards can offer a stern yet compassionate deterrent for common trespassers like teenager hooligans or homeless folks. However, for those with more nefarious intentions, the approach of a security guard can be their cue to run.

    Security Guards Can Offer Visual Security and Assistance for Potential Clients.

    Security guards provide a unique public relations opportunity for your business as uniformed representatives (or direct employees). Security guards can be another weapon in your customer service arsenal, given the right training. They can be yet another smiling, helpful face to boost the experience of visitors and prospective customers alike.

    Southern Cross Protection - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    southern cross protection

    1300 136 103

    Southern Cross Protection – Reliable & Responsive Security Services

    One of the biggest mobile patrol firms in Australia is called Southern Cross Protection. a nationwide footprint that can deliver a comprehensive, intelligent approach to security on a localized level to the nearby towns, businesses, and people. Because of our size, all local firms have affordable access to cutting-edge technologies and risk management know-how. No matter how much money you have to spend on security, Southern Cross Protection has a workable solution for you.

    Southern Cross Protection has the security service you need, whether you require dependable alarm monitoring and response, frequent security patrols around your property, or security guards ideal for a variety of tasks. We provide integrated, intelligent, and precise security services that reduce risks and increase the safety and security of your daily operations and commercial operations.

    We have pioneered security services for over 90 years and have the expertise to provide a variety of dependable solutions. We are market leaders thanks to this, as well as our highly skilled workforce, precise risk management systems, and sophisticated coordination abilities.

    Peace of mind is provided by Southern Cross Protection's dependability and integrity, and the greatest level of protection is offered by our responsiveness. We provide this level of service regardless of your size or industry because we have Australia's largest patrol fleet, which makes all communities safer.

    Do you require security officers for your event that are trained and equipped to provide both security and first aid support? Do you need static protection for your facility or place of business, together with centralized CCTV and alarm monitoring? Perhaps you require considerate and accommodating security for a concierge service. Whatever your specific needs, the highly trained and carefully selected security guards at Southern Cross Protection have the depth of knowledge, discipline and versatility to both guard and provide assistance in the role, or roles, you need.


    We perform more than just property security, patrolling the streets, and asset protection. As far as security firms go, we aim to help. In order to do this, we provide over 4000 clients across the country intelligence-based protection services based on risk-minimization tactics.

    We have put together a large team of professionals as an Australian-owned and -operated security organization, with patrol officers making an astonishing 16,000 patrol visits every night from 28 localized branches all around Australia. This indicates that we have the reach, capacity, and local expertise to provide you in Australia services that are suitable.

    Guardall Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    guardall security

    +61 8 8410 2245


    By lowering risks, Guardall Security gives our clients piece of mind. Our knowledge and continued education of risk management situations enable us to provide the leading protection services through a range of solutions, including our People, Our Systems and Our Technology. You can count on Guardall to be the best security provider for all of your security requirements.

    In any location around South Australia, we can offer security services. Guardall Security offers a comprehensive solution for all of your security needs, no matter where they may be. Guardall Security conducts business with a positive outlook. Because each member of our team has received training in a distinctive style of thinking, we are remarkable. Aim for the best.

    What We Do

    By lowering risks, Guardall Security gives our clients piece of mind. Our ability to provide the best protection services through a variety of solutions, including our People, Our Systems, and Our Technology, is made possible by our understanding and ongoing education of risk management scenarios. You can count on Guardall to be the best security provider for all of your security requirements. In any location around South Australia, we can offer security services. Guardall Security offers a comprehensive solution for all of your security needs, no matter where they may be. Guardall Security conducts business with a positive outlook. Because each member of our team has received training in a distinctive style of thinking, we are remarkable. Aim for the best.

    Professional And Experienced

    Different security guard services are offered by Guardall Security to customers and clients alike. We offer Security Guard services across the entire state of South Australia. You can rely on our staff's professionalism, courtesy, and experience to ensure the safety of you, your people, your assets, and your reputation. Whenever you need us, just let us know. Our guards could typically show up at your place of business within 30 to 1 hour of your call.

    Both commercial and consumer needs are understood by Guardall Security. Despite the fact that everyone has unique demands and requirements, they all essentially revolve around the same idea. Safety is the key idea here. We want to be confident that our building and company are in good hands. Although we understand that you cannot be there constantly, you may rest easy knowing that Guardall Security will.

    Our security guards get extensive training in communication techniques. From the outfit they wear to the politeness and tone of their voice, they project a dominating presence. To communicate successfully, we exclusively employ individuals who speak English fluently. We don't employ thugs, and we don't support using violence to exert authority. Our guards are trained in safe removal procedures, and if they determine that a situation is unsafe for removal despite our presence and communication efforts, police will be summoned to address the matter.

    Titanium Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    titanium security

    1300 800 668

    Your local trusted provider of security services

    You can't settle for second best when you need to protect your people, your property, and your important assets – or guarantee the security of your party or event. Titanium Security Australia is your go-to, quality-guaranteed, locally-based security firm for dependable security services like patrols and alarm response, security guards, event security, cash transit, and electronic security.

    Security Guards

    Titanium Security Australia is aware that in order for you to be free to concentrate on your own business, you need the reassurance of a dependable, cost-effective service provider who will satisfy your guarding needs promptly each and every time. We vow to stay by your side so you can focus on what you do best. We have a sizable staff of licensed, highly trained security professionals who are all experts in all facets of legal, regulatory, and procedural security operations.

    In addition to their operational skills, our staff members take great satisfaction in their constant ability to conduct themselves politely and professionally in any circumstance. Visitors frequently notice our security guards as soon as they enter our clients' facilities, and their demeanor and professionalism speak highly of the client's company. By hiring the most skilled, dependable, and devoted security personnel, we are committed to securing our fundamental principles. A key component of ensuring that we are assuring our future success is our hiring procedure.

    It enables us to assemble a committed group of employees whose professional values coincide with those of our business. All of our security guards must pass rigorous screening procedures and training standards in addition to having valid security agent licenses. A Security Guard who lacks the appropriate and current licences, clearances, and site-specific qualifications cannot be rostered to a shift since information on the expiration dates of licenses, clearances, site inductions, and other relevant qualifications is recorded into our rostering system.

    Titanium Real-Time Reporting Portal, a wholly web-based solution that we created and implemented specifically for our business, has led to industry-leading improvements in the way issues and occurrences are handled and reported to clients. The Portal enables the reporting Security Guard to email customers in real-time within seconds of an encounter event reports and alarm response outcomes. Improved security outcomes and improved direct connection between the reporting officer and the clients they are protecting are the results of this reporting efficiency.

    MSS Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    mss security

    1300 759 808

    Welcome to MSS Security

    One of the top security firms in Australia, MSS Security, has unmatched expertise in securing some of the most prominent sites in the country. We appreciate the variety of our clientele, which includes both large national accounts and smaller local contracts. Our clients profit from our client-centered, tailored service with quantifiable outcomes.


    Fully qualified, conspicuously dressed security guards who adhere to the demands of the customer provide their services. In order to find any security concerns, HSE risks, damage, vandalism, or equipment defects, these services also involve internal and external roving patrols and inspections of client properties.


    With infrastructure in every state and territory, MSS Security offers comprehensive security services to all market areas. It also employs more than 6,000 people. This range offers our customers adaptable solutions for all of their security requirements.

    We have a widespread regional presence in addition to a national infrastructure that includes offices in all state and territory capitals. Including Arts, Events & Recreation, Aviation, Commercial Property, Data & Communication, Education, Energy & Resources, Financial Services, Government, Health, Industrial & Manufacturing, and Maritime & Logistics, MSS Security operates in all of these business sectors.

    Safehands Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    safehands security


    Safehands security services

    (SFHSS) is a 360-degree security elevator that offers a wide range of security services, including crowd control, home security, building site security, retail loss prevention security, event security, mobile or static security, and many more. The 360-degree concept was developed with the intention of safeguarding you and promising your safety. We make sure you are worry-free and able to enjoy life because we support you well, whether it be in your house, place of business, or the event you have planned.

    Being into the industry

    We have been developing trust around our name for the last six years. We make sure to provide you with the best services possible—nothing less. When you use our services, we ensure that you have the greatest possible experience thanks to our security officers' physical stamina and mental alertness. We make sure your house, which contains your most valuable possessions, the people you love, and your office, which provides you with the majority of your income, is always well-secured. We trust that the personnel who will be responsible for your protection are intelligent and well-trained.

    R-Group - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    r group

    08 7477 7971

    Introduction of R-Group security

    R-Group Protection is a privately held company in Australia and an esteemed member of ASIAL. It is committed to provide you security across a wide range of security. Where exactly are we? South Australia is where R-Group Security is situated. The headquarters of our business are located in Adelaide, South Australia.

    In order to protect your people and the things in your environment from a threat, physical intimidation, and the discovery of said ultimatums, we offer physical security. We defend you against numerous assaults that can devalue or take away your valuables. All admissions and exits are observed by R-Group security. We give you physical security for your homes and places of business with submissive, obedient guards who are not armed.

    A diverse group of certified security professionals work for R-Group Security. For your priceless occasions, including weddings, crowd control, school security, stores, concerts, shopping center security, and mobile patrolling, we provide authorized guards. We inspect places including factories, businesses, government offices' security, and hotels. Many of our clients were helped by our skill sets to achieve excellent outcomes. Within the client's budget, R-Group Security provides you with trustworthy security services of the highest caliber.

    You can contact us with any questions you may have about physical security. South Australia is served by a comprehensive complement of excellent security services provided by R-Group Security. Our services are supported by a round-the-clock operation center where a committed and enthusiastic crew cares about you.

    Our Mission

    Our goal is to keep the public, our customers, and our properties and assets safe. We wish to help the public become accustomed to the tranquil environment in Australia, lighten the load on our clients' businesses, and provide respite from security-related concerns.


    A reputable privately held organization, R-Group Security, handles the community's security concerns in South Australia. We pledge to maintain the tranquil environment in and around South Australia. R-group Security is a reputable ASIAL member as well as a registered and insured business with the Australian government. We uphold quality and offer our clients tailored security solutions that fit their needs and their budget.

    R-Group Security is based in Adelaide, South Australia, and provides security services throughout the entire state of South Australia. With a certified team, we left and carried out numerous security activities.

    SASH Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    sash security


    Best Security Guard Services in Adelaide

    A leading provider of security operations, SASH Security Guard Services is headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia. We've discovered over the years that friendly, knowledgeable workers are the foundation of exceptional service, which explains our meticulous hiring procedure. We firmly feel that our staff is the greatest in the industry and have unwavering faith in everyone offering our services.

    Security Guard Adelaide

    The good news is that you have discovered what you were looking for. We at SASH Security Services (SSS) provide security personnel to a variety of businesses that need to lower danger inside their own walls. In all of South Australia, SSS provides the greatest security guard services, and our employees are knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. We are aware that every consumer has unique needs and demands. Here, we may offer a service that is specially designed for you and your company.

    Personalized service, affordable prices, and client happiness are the company's main priorities. We constantly work to fulfill and surpass expectations. The goal of SASH Security Services is to provide cutting-edge services to the Australian people and businesses. Former workers in the security sector created SASH Security Services. As a result, we comprehend the worries of both on-site and off-site consumers. Please get in touch with us if you're looking for the best security guard service in Adelaide and South Australia; we're happy to help.

    AG Security Group - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    ag security

    08 8231 0412

    Security Officers & Mobile Patrols

    We specialize in offering Security Officers with great skills to carry out security tasks for our clients in a professional manner. We've raised the bar for our industry thanks to a stringent screening process, advanced training programs, and continuing support. This strategy distinguishes us from our rivals and has helped us consistently land long-term contracts with both government and commercial clients.

    Our mobile patrol team is outfitted with a cutting-edge vehicle fleet and cutting-edge equipment to help them carry out successful Alarm Responses, Escort Services, and Surveillance Inspections. SA Water, Penfolds, ETSA Utilities, United Water, AGL, and the South Australian Government Department of Health are a few of our principal customers.

    The largest privately owned and run security company in South Australia, AG Security Group, has been defending Australians for almost 20 years. By providing cutting-edge security solutions and excellent customer service to a wide spectrum of government, business, and household clients, we have established a national presence.

    Designing, implementing, and maintaining integrated security solutions that include both electronic and perimeter technology is our area of expertise. We are innovators as well. To meet the demands of our clients and address their security issues, we develop solutions and technologies on an internal basis. The greatest systems are available, and AG Security Group can develop a solution to meet your individual needs. We diligently handle projects and provide all of our services independently. Additionally, our organization's expertise working with such a wide variety of clients and projects has well-prepared us to handle any security challenges.

    Weslo Staff - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    weslo staff

    08 8180 0604


    Weslo Workers provides a wide range of services, including security personnel, patrol dogs, event staff and management, as well as personnel for the hospitality industry. Weslo Staff is with you every step of the way to provide a comprehensive approach and provide our loyal clients with great service.

    The security section of Weslo Staff has a track record of accomplishment in the field. They have expertise providing a full spectrum of security services for everything from small, private events like party security to major, high-profile events like festivals and concerts. They also have experience with corporate-style events like weddings and business celebrations. Precinct patrols, including canine precinct patrols, loss prevention officers for the retail industry, close personal protection, private security, bodyguarding, and undercover security are all services provided by Weslo Staff. Whatever your security needs are, Weslo Staff can provide an unmatched level of service.

    Weslo Staff takes great pride in its divisions for event staff and hospitality staff. We are pleased to provide bar workers, front of house employees, and ushers exclusively for Thebarton Theatre (including security). Weslo Staff can provide staffing options for your event with its wide range of abilities. We provide a range of talents in our casual event crew, including responsible persons, beverage staff with RSA training, hosting, box office staff, gate and door staff, liaison and customer service staff, parking and traffic control, and cash room management. Unsure of what you need to operate your event? Let our skilled event management team handle everything for you. Our event management team has years of experience and is adaptable, so you can feel confident that your event will go successfully.

    Adelaide Metropolitan Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    adelaide metropolitan security

    1300 111 268


    South Australian security firm Adelaide Metropolitan Security Pty. Ltd. provides security and related services across the Adelaide Metropolitan area. AMS Security provides a round-the-clock security service to meet all security needs, and is quickly rising to the top of the market for Patrol, Guard, and Alarm Services. We have established ourselves as effective, dependable, competitive, and above all, offering special attention to a personal and professional business connection throughout our history in the security market.

    AMS Security has also experienced continuous and steady growth in recent years, with all of our new business coming from recommendations from our current clientele. All types of commercial, retail, industrial, and residential establishments are covered by AMS Security.

    The company's dependable and knowledgeable security professionals are its main strength. Any customer may have requirements of a big security firm, and Adelaide Metropolitan Security is equipped to provide a full variety of services that enable it to meet those criteria. One of the few privately owned security companies in South Australia that offers both patrol and guard services internally is Adelaide Metropolitan Security.


    Adelaide Metropolitan Security Pty. Ltd. is a business that is both owned and run in South Australia. Since our establishment more than 15 years ago, we have dominated the Guard and Patrol services sector, employing more than 100 security people. In addition to providing security services to hundreds of businesses, including retail, commercial, industrial, government, and residential properties, AMS Security also offers a 24-hour security service for all security requirements. The company has established itself as effective, dependable, and competitive.

    ATG Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    atg security

    +0447 133 000


    ATG Security prioritizes professionalism and honesty over all other qualities in order to go above and beyond what our clients anticipate. Our seasoned management team is passionate about the business and enjoys what they do. We design and uphold secure working environments that are tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. Our staff members exhibit high standards of personal presentation, are physically fit, and have excellent communication skills. We accomplish this through a thorough hiring procedure that includes assessments of personality that are exclusive to the sector. All of our employees are expected to have a high degree of procedural awareness, and we frequently evaluate and update these procedures. Our environmental policies, which lessen the environmental impact of our business, make us proud.

    Our Mission

    To deliver superior security services that give our clients, their clients, and the general public we interact with confidence in protection and safety.


    We are devoted to always enhancing the services we offer to our customers. We strive to accomplish all of our objectives and surpass the expectations of our clients by making investments in and growing our most valuable assets, our personnel. Our goal is to gain our clients' trust by providing the highest caliber security services in Australia through our dedication to high standards.


    In order to protect their people, assets, and business, we secure and strengthen the trust that our clients invest in us. We take great care to minimize risk so that our clients can transact business in a safe and secure manner anywhere in the world. With the excellence of our services and the unwavering dedication of our staff, we gain the respect of our clients.

    All Function Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    all function security

    0401 005 063

    Our Services

    Your location or event will have a safe and secure environment thanks to All Function Security. Specially trained martial artists who are confident in their capacity to identify high-risk scenarios make up our VIP security team. Why put your employees' safety at danger in order to conduct critical banking for your company? Static security personnel offer a very strong visual and physical deterrent to crime against people, property, and assets.

    About Us

    The ability to provide top-notch security services that are unmatched at competitive pricing is something that All Function Security (AFS) takes great pride in. Owned and operated with pride in Adelaide by South Australians. Since opening its doors in 2010, All Function Security has been securing a number of authorized venues in Adelaide's central business district.

    Executive Directors To further improve the company's renowned reputation, Frank and Tony have worked tirelessly to ensure that every job, no matter how big or small, is completed to the finest standard. They were able to do this by adopting a practical and up-to-date strategy to security while educating all clients and staff on the hazards involved in particular jobs and tasks.

    The directors have experience working for some of the biggest organizations in the security sector globally. Frank and Tony have experience in a wide range of security services and have mostly worked in the fields of static guarding, crowd control, retail security, VIP protection, and CIT (Cash In Transit).

    With their modern and distinctive approaches to resolving potential disputes and taking the necessary safeguards to ensure a successful and secure end, All Function Security, which specializes in crowd control and event security, have built a favorable name and reputation. As a result of our efficient and professional approach, AFS is now well-known for its exceptional service at function/reception centers, party locations, and underage events.

    The success of our business ultimately depends on the satisfaction of our customers, and we firmly think that what sets us apart from the competition is the exceptional customer care we provide to everyone who interacts with us.

    Adelaide Security & Investigations - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    adelaide security & investigations

    08 7007 0106

    Process Serving

    Have our trained and experienced process serving agents delivered your court documents swiftly and professionally? As seasoned process servers, ASI works on behalf of our customers to serve legal papers in a timely and expert manner.

    Private Investigations

    Do you believe your husband is having an affair? Do you have concerns for your kids and their friends? Our skilled and discrete private investigators carry out covert monitoring while supplying you with video proof and thorough reports that are tailored to your demands. We also specialize in corporate fraud, workcover, and auto accidents. Now engage a private investigator.

    Security Guards

    For all circumstances, including static guards for business locations, shopping malls, banks, and schools, we offer Security Guards with a corporate image. We can also provide catering for private functions and events like weddings and birthdays. Today, hire a security guard.

    Why Choose ASI

    You can be confident Adelaide Security & Investigations will provide a competent and dependable service given their more than ten years of business experience. A free estimate is available for the convenience of our customers. We are up up and honest about the prices for our services. Knowing that all of our operators are completely licensed will reassure our clientele. We have the expertise, credentials, and professionalism to finish the task. We are familiar with the ins and outs of what is necessary to do a task properly and dependably because our founder was a former SA Police Officer.

    About ASI

    Local company Adelaide Security & Investigations (ASI) was founded in 2013. Former South Australian police officers who have experience in patrols, uniform tactical, and the criminal justice system are the founder and owner of ASI. In order to maintain a professional and competent level across the organization, ASI has taken this experience and applied it to the business culture.

    The team, which includes seasoned Private Investigators, Process Servers, and Security Guards, leads with a professional edge and sets the best standards in the sector. Make contact with ASI right now to work with a respected and seasoned leader in the security and investigation sectors.

    Agile Group - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    agile group

    1300 964 008

    Since 2015, Agile Group has been the legendary Bluesfest Event's first choice for security services. A security provider must create and implement a solution that addresses a variety of environmental factors, asset protection across a 300-acre site, close personal protection for over 200 artists, stage management, RSA, retail, and lodging protection due to the event's multifaceted nature and over 100,000 expected attendees.

    Since their engagement, Justin Brinkies, the co-founder of the company, and his event management team have been a key part of my work. I'm happy to report that as a result of their knowledge, innovation, and risk management, the event has seen a decrease in security-related incidents and an increase in crowd care and engagement.

    Due to the size of the event, Agile Group is subject to a substantial level of regulation from a wide range of stakeholders. However, Agile Group has achieved all necessary key performance indicators and consistently produces efficiencies and cost savings thanks to the use of innovation and a transparent reporting and compliance system.

    Agile Group, an integrated services provider with 100% indigenous ownership and management, was established in 2014. Our mission is to serve our clientele with expert, economical solutions while enhancing the local communities where we operate. Currently, Agile Group provides services to a variety of sectors, including the government, logistics, health care, authorized venues, manufacturing, and resources. Agile Group has a national presence with offices in all major cities.

    First Security Response - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    first security response

    1300 366 947

    First Security Response, a renowned security firm with hundreds of security specialists on staff, was established in 2006. Our goal is to offer you the finest protection at the best price so you can concentrate on your main line of business.

    To accommodate specific client requirements, First Security Response offers specialized security services. First Security Response, which is dedicated to quality, service, and professionalism, provides solutions to security challenges based on a sound strategic approach to the problems and by offering services that are in line with industry best practices. According to our clients, FSR stands out from the competition because of our results-oriented methodology and courteous yet competent personnel.

    Our company's foundation is built on a number of factors, and it all starts with our top-notch employees, top-notch training, customer service, innovation, and cutting-edge technology. More than just a slogan, this is our promise to you: we will defend people and property with honesty, professionalism, and high-quality services. Although our work has received local, regional, and national recognition, the confidence that we are providing excellent service to our clients is what matters most to us. We are aware of the particular security issues that can develop at specialized facilities, therefore it's critical to have access to reliable security services, goods, and most importantly, personnel.

    Wilson Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    wilson security security guard company melbourne

    1300 945 767


    Customer service training for your company's concierge and customer service workers, who are also security-licensed. On-site security includes screening, asset protection, and access control/gatehouse. Mobile patrol personnel that react to alarm signals. employees of the control room who keep an eye on the alarms and the cameras. To guarantee that your employees is taken care of in the event of an emergency, we offer paramedic and emergency services. All security service requirements can be handled by our personnel in a courteous and professional manner. We offer security personnel that control traffic for your company. Our industry-leading covert team makes it harder for organized retail criminal groups to function in your establishment. Students and staff are escorted by our security professionals between buildings, in campus parking lots, and at local public transportation hubs. Buses traveling through troubled areas and hotspots are escorted by our mobile patrols. We have remote access to your cameras and can use the video to confirm an actual alarm activation. Highly skilled roaming guards who can travel between places quickly are something we can offer.


    The goal of Wilson Security is to safeguard your future. We offer security solutions in Australia to clients of all sizes and industries as one of the top security firms. Our team of over 6,500 security experts collaborate directly with our clients to provide security solutions that are always geared toward safeguarding their operations and assets.

    We take great satisfaction in being one of Australia's top suppliers of integrated security solutions, having been in business for more than 20 years. This means we work with you to quickly assess and deliver what your organisation needs to create a safe, secure and successful environment.

    Wilson Security has a solid foundation because it is a part of the Wilson Group, which has been active in the Australian market since the 1960s. This affiliation enables us to deliver dependable and client-centric solutions as well as find new opportunities to improve the security services we offer our customers. This enables us to capitalize on our core competencies and offer our clients creative, integrated services that draw on the wider Wilson Group capabilities, including those in the security, healthcare, storage, and parking sectors.

    State Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    state security services

    (08) 8352 8034

    Welcome to State Security Services

    For clients in Adelaide and the rest of South Australia, we are the top supplier of security services. More than 1 million people visit events that are served and secured by our organization annually. At least 20 years of security sector expertise are required for our top security managers. Every single one of our security consultants has a valid security license and has been cleared by the federal and state police. 200 licensed and trained general and personal security guards, mobile duress systems, staff integrity testing and training, tender assessments, advice on policies and procedures, risk assessments, internal security audits, consulting, and brokerage services are just a few of the many services we provide.

    Since 1996, our alarm monitoring service has been running around-the-clock and is accredited as a Grade A1 (Highest Level) monitoring center. Our knowledgeable, fully-licensed staff offers the highest standard of individualized customer service. We belong to the National Security Association Australia and the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (SA). Our skilled and knowledgeable staff can help you with all of your security needs if, like many small and expanding businesses, you do not have a dedicated security manager to supervise and offer strategic advise on your company's rising security requirements.

    General Security

    Perhaps the traits we value most are experience and dependability. Every day of the year, we can help you. Our clients partner with us because they are confident in our abilities to manage and offer guidance on all of their security service requirements. The Royal Adelaide Show, Adelaide Showground, and Adelaide Event and Exhibition Center are a few of our clients (AEEC).

    Risk Assessment and Internal Security Audits

    What is the likelihood that your organization will experience a security breach? Have you ever thought about the potential financial costs or how it might effect the safety of your employees? Our skilled risk assessment consultants will give you an in-depth report and advice on how to decrease your risk and improve the security and safety procedures within your business, regardless of whether you work in a corporate, commercial, industrial, or retail environment.

    Our internal security audit specialists will put a spotlight on your present security systems and providers and outline the essential components of corrective action plans that can assist to further secure your company's assets and workers.

    Adelaide and SA’s most up-to-date security system advice

    Because technology is developing so quickly, security has quickly become a specialized field of knowledge. The team of dedicated security specialists at State Security Services can assist you with the preparation of your tender documents, the review and evaluation of tender responses, costing, and budgets, as well as providing you with the goods, services, and information necessary to ensure that you receive the security services you need at a price you are willing to pay.

    NPB Security - Security Guard Company Adelaide

    npb security

    (08) 8119 0967


    Security guards, asset protection, building concierge services, shopping center security, VIP close protection, and building site security are all available. Thankfully, the traditional strategy of using security personnel only as a physical deterrent has long since disappeared. In today's world, you need your security guards to be multitalented, competent, and aware of safeguarding not only your people and assets but also your brand.

    Our security officers at NPB Security rely on their training and experience to provide exceptional client service. We ensure that our security employees are prepared to avoid and handle security crises if they do happen by offering comprehensive training and cutting-edge technologies. They can do so much more, though. Our multi-skilled security guards always go above and above, performing gatehouse responsibilities at mine sites, providing building concierge services, and even recognizing site safety or maintenance problems.


    We have the competence and skills to manage all of your security services, whether they are for high-end shops or retail centers. In retail centers, our trained security officers can assist you in establishing a secure, friendly environment for staff and customers. To assist your openings or exclusive customer events, we can also supply in-store security personnel.

    Local Government

    We're pleased to inform that we've collaborated with a number of local governments in WA to assist protect your neighborhoods, companies, and their assets. Our incredibly visible, quick-reacting mobile patrols give locals and business owners peace of mind while highlighting your dedication to defending your neighborhoods. We have dependable event security personnel who provide outstanding customer service for small festivals as well as major events like Perth Fringe and the Perth Christmas Pageant.


    The majority of construction sites are prone to criminal activities when left unattended, however larger sites may be constantly at risk. Building supplies, fixtures, and machinery are regularly stolen on command. For the protection and management of every area of your construction site security, we offer security personnel that are qualified and equipped. We discover the ideal option for your construction company, whether it's mobile patrols, CCTV, or onsite employees overseeing gatehouse security.


    Your company faces a variety of security difficulties at mine sites, including those relating to asset protection, gatehouse security, and loss prevention. Your crew frequently resides in a nearby custom-built neighborhood, where security can be a problem. You can count on us to handle all of your security requirements thanks to our wide range of security services and our years of experience. We can safeguard your mining site, your workers, and your assets 365 days a year using a combination of cutting-edge technology, on-site security, and mobile patrols.

    Events & Hospitality

    In 2010, we provided customized venue and event security with higher standards, a smart staff, and smart technology when we created NPB Security. Over 100 of Perth's top hospitality locations, including Optus Stadium, now use us as their security provider. Additionally, we offer security for important athletic events as well as notable performances like Adele and Eminem. Your personnel, assets, and brand reputation are all safeguarded when you work with us. To ensure that your guests feel welcomed, reassured by our presence, and eager to return, our whole crew receives specialized, industry-specific customer service training.

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