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30+ Best Waste Management Companies Melbourne [2022]

If you're like most people, you probably don't think about waste management until it's too late. And then suddenly you're faced with the daunting task of figuring out how to get rid of all your garbage! Lucky for you, Melbourne has a ton of great waste management companies to choose from. 

Are you looking for the best waste management companies in Melbourne? If so, you've come to the right place! We've put together a list of some of the most reputable and reliable companies in the city, so you can rest assured that your trash will be taken care of properly. 

This blog post will introduce you to the best of the best waste management companies in Melbourne so that you can make an informed decision about who to hire. Keep reading for more information!

Ultimate List of the Best Waste Management Companies Melbourne

Inspired Waste Management Company Melbourne

inspired waste management companies melbourne
inspired waste management companies melbourne

03 9945 8400

About Inspired Business Services

As a long-established purchasing specialist, Inspired Business Services provides tailored, business-focused, cost-saving solutions to small/medium businesses across various industries throughout Australia.

For more than 20 years, we've rescued a multitude of small/medium businesses from the frustrations of dealing with large, impersonal organisations who don't really care about their success (we do!).

In the process, our customers have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars – money that goes directly to their bottom line and their profitability.

How have we done this? By sourcing the best deals in telecommunications, IT services, stationery and office supplies, merchant services (EFTPOS), mobile apps, waste services, and security alarm and monitoring systems from some of Australia's largest and most trusted brands.

At Inspired, we're all about:

  • expert advice
  • flexibility
  • customer Service

Directly targeted at increasing the profitability and productivity of our customers. Think of us as a highly experienced Purchasing Manager, dedicated to getting the best deal for our customers with best-practice customer service to match.

In the past few years, we've come to specialise in Office relocations. We know that moving offices isn't as simple as shifting everything from the old office into the new one. On the contrary, office relocation is often complicated, expensive and time-consuming. This is because there's so much to think about, and the logistics and smoothness of the transition are critical to minimising disruption to business operations.

We can organise everything from service connections to new stationery to waste management so that our customers can be fully operational from day one in their new premises. We save them time, money and effort, and they love us for it.

Waste Solutions.

Inspired Waste Solutions can provide an integrated waste services solution by offering a wide range of collection methods and services. We tailor a solution to suit your waste requirements, advising the most appropriate service, carrier and collection method.

Waste Services

With over 20 years of experience in the waste industry, Inspired Waste Services provides tailored, integrated solutions to suit its customers' individual waste requirements, advising the most appropriate service, carrier and collection method.

Ben's Waste Management Company Melbourne

ben's waste management companies melbourne
ben's waste management companies melbourne

0418 369 869 

Waste Recycling Melbourne

We are committed to implementing the latest innovations in waste management to consistently divert more than 75% of waste away from landfills. Contact us today for environmentally friendly waste management in Melbourne.

Environmentally Friendly Waste Management Services Melbourne

Our operations are based at our transfer station recycling centre in Tottenham, where we are making heavy investments in automation to facilitate excellence in recycling outcomes. We are committed to implementing the latest innovations in waste management to consistently divert more than 75% of waste away from landfills. We are proudly Green Star accredited with the Green Building Council Australia and are pursuing ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification.

Waste Initiatives - Waste Management Company Melbourne

waste initiatives waste management companies melbourne
waste initiatives waste management companies melbourne

1800 441 100

The Importance Of Waste Management

Waste management refers to all activities required to process waste from its inception to its final discarding. This includes, amongst other things, waste reduction, waste separation, reuse, and using the correct recycling methods. Large corporations will often look to utilise state-of-the-art industrial equipment to process and sort through large quantities of waste products to more manageable sizes for more efficient recycling.

So why is waste management so crucial nowadays? Firstly and most importantly, the reason for substantial waste collection is the protection of the environment and the health and safety of our citizens. From a business standpoint, our services can save your company considerable costs from poor waste disposal and possible legal action from local authorities if any damages are caused.

Your Waste

We've been in the waste management & recycling game for enough time to know exactly what solution is best for your specific needs. Waste Initiatives' methods are economical and won't cost you the earth, giving you peace of mind that we can take care of all your waste.

Bins Skips Waste and Recycling Management Company Melbourne

bins skips waste and recycling management companies melbourne
bins skips waste and recycling management companies melbourne

1300 361 60

Easy Online Booking of Skip Bin Hire Services Australia Wide

Bins Skips Waste and Recycling works with your local skip company to deliver the best skip bin hire deals in the most convenient manner. To get started, all you have to do is fill out the panel to the Right to Get the best skip bin prices in your area instantly. For a step-by-step guide to the skip bin Find Wizard, click on the panel's title.

If you have been typing "skip bin hire near me" into Google, we can help. No matter where in Australia you are located, we can get a skip delivered to you while being the most competitively priced. Having organised 1000's skips nationwide, we are experts in getting the right skip bin onsite at the right time for the right price. Our skip bin hire services all major metro areas, including skip bins in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, as well as many other regional centres, which can be found on our service areas page.

Use the form to get detailed information, including skip bin hire costs specific to your location and waste management needs.

Seamless Online Skip Bin Hire Service Available Across Australia

We offer a fast, efficient service that will save you time and help you get the right skip hire in Melbourne or wherever your project is in Australia. Whether it be a renovation, demolition, landscaping, clean-up or any other project around the home, office or worksite, we can hire you a bin that will cut out the trips to the tip and keep your job clean and safe. Bin hire on our website is simple, and you have access to all the information you need on one result list so you can compare all the various options we have available for you to use.

Search our database today to see the range of skip bins we have available in your suburb. Our cheap bin hire service in metro areas offers a complete range of skip bin sizes from 2m3 to 20m3 and often up to thirty cubic meters. Because we work with multiple bin hire depots in your area, we can offer a variety of shapes and types of service. This includes various recycling and rubbish removal options, which means you know your rubbish is being disposed of thoughtfully and responsibly.

About Bins Skips Waste and Recycling

Bins Skips Waste and Recycling is your marketplace for skip bins and skip hire services.

Like a shopping centre that has a broad range of shops to provide the consumer with a wide choice of suppliers and products, Bins Skips Waste and Recycling aim to provide its customers with the best possible choice of skip hire available. The choice is yours, and you might be on a budget. You might want a certain type of skip bin which means the price isn't the only thing you are interested in.

We want to help you find the skip bin you are looking for and choose the available skip hire providers.

In Australia, there are over 1,400 skips hire providers who would like the opportunity to provide you with the skip bins you are looking for. These service providers offer a broad range of services with different skip bins, differing service levels and different charges for those services. In many instances, these businesses offer complementary services to differentiate their offerings. We aim to provide these service providers with a place to promote themselves and their businesses and what makes them special.

We would also like to help promote businesses that provide good service, and so we provide the customer with an opportunity to provide feedback on the work that was done for them. This information will be shared with prospective customers who identify that service is important to them. So if you have used our website to find a skip bin provider and they have done a good job, make sure you recognise their good service by leaving feedback!

Another important element of our services will be that we want to help you understand the environmental impact of your choices where possible. For example, does the skip hire provider have appropriate environmental objectives and put them into practice. Like, do they use green power, bio-fuels or take other environmentally friendly initiatives. As our website develops, we will provide you with more and more information on how you can help the environment and minimise the waste sent to landfills by recycling or choosing the hire provider with the best recycling practices.

And last but not least, we want to be responsive to you, our customers and your feedback. So if you have other input or ideas that you would like to see, make sure you give us your input by emailing the management team.

About Bins Skips Waste and Recycling

Bins Skips Waste and Recycling provides skip bins via an online booking system across Australia. Local Skip, bin Service Partners, provides local knowledge and expertise. Bins Skips Waste and Recycling have skip bin service partners across Australia from Sydney to Perth, and Skip Hire Melbourne to Brisbane and beyond. We also have services in country regions from Ulladulla to Newcastle and the Central Coast to Margaret River. So whether you want Skip Bins in Melbourne or Skip Bins Perth, give us a call or try out the website and book online.

Premier Waste Management Company Melbourne

premier waste management companies melbourne
premier waste management companies melbourne


Melbourne's Premier Waste Management Services

Premier Waste is Melbourne's leading waste management service with the ability to handle the largest waste volume requirements. Our waste management services cover all facets of waste management, including rubbish removal, general waste, recycling, green waste disposal and dumpster hire. Our expert team can supply waste management solutions to businesses across a wide range of industries, including construction, schools, medical, industrial, commercial and more.

What sets us apart from the competition is our willingness to listen to your waste management needs while customising a solution that meets your requirements and budget. In addition, a personal Account Manager ensures highly responsive service and a dedicated contact point from an experienced team member that values your business and expresses attention to detail and problem-solving skills. Combining knowledge and outstanding customer service makes Premier Waste Melbourne's waste management service of choice.

Solutions for every situation

You might need your waste removed at a certain time or from a particular location. That is fine with us, and we will work in to suit your schedule, not ours. So, for example, we can provide waste, recycling and specialised services for high volume, multi-site, full-service environments like a sports stadium or hospital to a local corner store with a single bin cleared monthly.

Our Service Offerings

General Waste Management

If your business generates non-recyclable and non-hazardous waste… Consider it gone, with an efficient and effective tailored solution.

Recycled Waste

More materials than ever can be reused and reborn. We can help you redefine your waste categories and recycle efficiently.

Specialised Waste

Hazardous and prescribed waste requires expert management where reliable removal and emergency responsiveness are critical.

Frequently Asked Questions About Waste Management

Having proper waste management can result in the availability of valuable materials to reuse. This can save money while potentially creating new jobs and business opportunities. Reducing, reusing and recycling your waste is important for the environment, but it can also be profitable.

Waste management refers to the various schemes to manage and dispose of waste. It can be by discarding, destroying, processing, recycling, reusing, or controlling wastes. The prime objective of waste management is to reduce the number of unusable materials and to avert potential health and environmental hazards.

Waste management is an important element of environmental protection. Its purpose is to provide hygienic, efficient and economic solid waste storage, collection, transportation and treatment or disposal of waste without polluting the atmosphere, soil or water system.

Modern Waste Management Techniques

  • Recover through Recycling. We start with arguably the most advantageous form of waste disposal. 
  • Dump in a Sanitary Landfill. 
  • Composting: Creating rich humus for your garden and lawn. 
  • Thermal Treatment: Incineration.


A waste management plan is a written record of what must be done to achieve the goals you have set for managing construction waste. Sustainable building. Reducing building material waste. Planning for waste management.

SS Bin Hire Waste Management Company Melbourne

ss bin hire waste management companies melbourne
ss bin hire waste management companies melbourne

0421 176 355

Whether you are working on an extensive construction or renovation project or you are preparing for a move and need to dispose of large amounts of trash, SS Bin Hire Melbourne has the equipment you need. For reliable cleanup assistance, you can count on us to provide you with skip bin hire services for your property.

We have fast delivery, a variety of sizes for your bin and dedicated customer service so that you can have peace of mind as you work to clear out your large amounts of trash and debris. Read on to learn more about our personalised services in Craigieburn.

Your one-stop-shop for large bins

When you are working on a construction site or are renovating your home, the amount of trash and debris you accumulate can be overwhelming. Additionally, it can be very stressful to find places that will accept your trash. Gathering up your trash and manually transporting it to a dumpsite can be expensive and requires a lot of time and energy.

That's where SS Bin Hire Melbourne can help with our bin hire services. All you have to do is reach out to our friendly team of trash experts to determine the size of the bin you need for your job, and we can quickly deliver your bin to your property.

We'll help place the bin in the perfect spot on your property so that cleanup is a breeze as you work on your various projects. Then, simply let us know when your project is done, and we can help safely dispose of the contents of your bin.

Your team of trash and bin experts

We strive to provide all of our customers with a reliable bin hire service so that they know who they can turn to for all future projects. So reach out to our friendly team today for reliable services here in Craigieburn. 

What We Offer

Skip Bin Delivery

We offer a wide variety of skip bins sized for any job. So if you're a builder demolishing a building or a homeowner doing a garden clear-out, we have a bin for you.

Bobcat Rentals

For minor construction and earthmoving tasks, we have bobcats on hire. Our affordable hourly rates keep costs down and make rentals easy. Call us anytime.

Excavation Work

We hire out excavators manned by our trained operators. We can handle large and small jobs, including site levelling, site cleanup and crush rock spreading.

Triple R Solutions Waste Management Company Melbourne

triple r solutions waste management companies melbourne
triple r solutions waste management companies melbourne

1300 087 475

Triple R Solutions are one of the largest Recycling companies that offer innovative recycling and resource recovery management services in Melbourne. We specialise in providing recycling services of waste materials like liquid, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, recycling, industrial cleaning and process maintenance, onsite waste processing, and recovery and disposal for both the public and private sectors.

Our dedicated and skilled staff members offer quick yet quality assured waste management services to our customers from the industrial, commercial and governmental sectors. Our colossal experience in waste management and recycling has driven our ambition and vision, thus encouraging us to offer our services nationwide. Being an experienced and competent Melbourne Recycler, Triple R solutions contributes immensely to saving the environment by recycling waste materials and converting them into entirely new and useful products.

Being a professional recycling company in Melbourne, our primary objective is to minimise the number of landfills and maximise the amount recycled. This is achieved by offering our customers reliable, affordable, and responsible waste disposal solutions. This objective is the pillar that our success and reputation rest upon. It differentiates us from our competitors hence why we are considered one of the best recycling companies in Australia.

Our services encourage people to be mindful of the environment and to make a conscious effort to recycle. We urge customers in the Metropolitan areas of Melbourne as well as surrounding areas to invest in Triple R Solutions as we are equipped with the latest equipment, advanced machinery and heavy-duty vehicles. Being a professional Recycle Company in Melbourne, we are committed to our customers. We are determined to provide them with the most comprehensive, on-time, and quality assured services at affordable rates.

In addition to this, we provide removal services of scrap and trash from all local sites. So if you are looking for a reliable Melbourne Recycler, then you need not see beyond Triple R Solutions. All you need to do is to give us a call, and our management team will address your needs – providing the most suitable solutions following your requirements.

We are looking forward to your kind contribution and support as it helps us continue to achieve our mission. We hope to continue implementing solutions that encourage environmental sustainability and waste reduction.

Enviro Sweep Waste Management Company Melbourne

enviro sweep waste management companies melbourne
enviro sweep waste management companies melbourne

1300 610 416

Environmental Wastewater Catchment Services Pty. Ltd. ATF EWCS Unit Trust trading as Enviro Sweep was first established within the Australian sweeping services industry in 1997 in Adelaide, South Australia. Company Directors worked meticulously to build the business from the ground up, with great importance being placed on one key fundamental to the business' success; open and honest communication with all their customers. With this approach, the Directors have continued to build mutually rewarding relationships with customers from various industry backgrounds, which has seen Enviro Sweep grow certainly over the years.

In March of 2000, Brett Laing joined the company as a fellow director. With expertise in the accounting field, Brett brought a wealth of experience to the business enabling him to take on the role of Finance & Administration Manager. Brett also brought new business ideas and practices that would assist Enviro Sweep's exuberant growth whilst ensuring their customers continued to receive the high level of service they had come to rely on.

With renewed focus and determination, with the help of a highly skilled team, continued to build Enviro Sweep's brand awareness with their South Australian customers, ensuring that a reputation for providing high quality and professional service was instilled as a core competency of how Enviro Sweep conducted business with every customer.

Enviro Sweep has experienced extensive growth since first entering the comprehensive services industry. Their desire to provide a broad range of comprehensive services in an efficient, responsive and professional manner has ensured its success. As a result, it is now today recognised as a leader in the field.

From 2008 to 2010, opportunities were presented to Enviro Sweep, which enabled the expansion of their business into new markets by establishing operation centres in Victoria, Northern Territory and Western Australia. Their goal is to ensure all customers throughout Australia are provided access to a local sweeping contractor providing the same level of professionalism that Enviro Sweep is renowned for in South Australia.

Enviro Sweep has embraced their continued growth, which has led them to become one of the largest and most reputable privately owned and operated sweeping contractors in the Southern Hemisphere. We are very proud of what we have achieved to date and are very excited about what the future holds for us as the demand for professional sweeping services progresses.


Enviro Sweep understands and appreciates our customer's obligations and the requirement for your contractor to deliver the service within the specified time frames. Our reputation provides our customers with the confidence that it will be engaging a contractor truly capable of undertaking the work on time every month and comfortably within our demonstrated capability.

We offer a broad range of cleaning solutions that include comprehensive services for various applications like road and car park sweeping, precinct sweeping, industrial site and warehouse sweeping and special event sweeping. Other services available include footpath cleansing, scrubbing services, side entry pit cleaning, wet hire and trash rack management.

Our services are available as a regularly scheduled arrangement, short or long term contracts or even on a casual or responsive basis. Enviro Sweep can accommodate for the variations surrounding our customer's sweeping requirements, including catering for different seasonal changes and weather extremes. We operate 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year.

Regular Programmed or Scheduled Service

Scheduling your sweeping requirements into a programmed daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly arrangement is a difficult task at the best of times. Factors such as the density of the natural vegetation within your area and the types of material being collected can play an integral role in approaching the job. We can work with you to develop strategies to combat problematic areas and tailor a detailed program for your sweeping requirements. 

By utilising a pre-programmed approach to your sweeping needs, you will see the benefits in the improved aesthetic appearance of the site and a reduction in the presence of organic and non-organic debris, thus further reducing the risk of these materials entering stormwater systems and water catchment resources.

Responsive Service

With Enviro Sweep operating 24 hours of the day for 365 days of the year, we can offer a responsive call out service. This type of service is ideal for emergency cleansing requirements at accident locations and for spillages on worksites. Additionally, you can be assured that Enviro Sweep has the resources available to deliver when you require urgent sweeping or scrubbing services.

Contracts – Long, Short, Casual & Lump Sum

Enviro Sweep can offer flexible contractual terms to best suit the requirements of your cleaning task. For example, short term contracts are ideal for jobs that may run over only a few weeks at a particular site, whereas long term contracts may be more beneficial on projects that may take 6 to 12 months or more. In addition, simple contract terms are ideal for regular customers who require work to be completed at short notice, especially when weather interrupts progress, when projects may be close to completion and require additional sweeping, or if dignitaries are expected to visit the site. Another great alternative where a casual contract would be suitable is when additional works or variations are required on the current programmed service.

If you are looking for a piece of mind or need to know a fixed price for your sweeping requirements, then our lump sum or price per service contracts are the ideal solutions. Our sales team will come and assess your sweeping requirements and offer recommendations for a practical sweeping solution and provide you with a competitive price to complete the works. Lump-sum or price per service contracts is great for budgeting purposes and expenditure management, helping define the fixed amount for the length of the contract and reducing the risk of unexpected costs.

M & J Services Group - Waste Management Company Melbourne

m & j servives group waste management companies melbourne
m & j servives group waste management companies melbourne

1300 013 113

Facility Maintenance and Commercial Cleaning Service Solutions

M&J Services Group provides superior cleaning and facility maintenance, providing detailed solutions tailored to each need.

With attention to detail, safety, hygiene, quality and compliance, M&J are committed to delivering safe, efficient and environmentally friendly services. 

Since 2014, M&J Services Group has provided trained specialists to deliver high-quality services, maintaining consistent standards. 

Established in 2014, M&J Services Group is a family-owned business based in Melbourne, Victoria.

As owner/operator, we have over twenty years of combined experience in the commercial cleaning industry. We have gained extensive knowledge and hands-on experience throughout this time, which we now apply to our business and our valued clients.

We are a niche company. Our point of difference is our commitment to remaining the main point of contact for our clients while continually developing and maintaining a highly individualised, successful, ongoing relationship.

We achieve results by listening and responding to the needs and requirements of our clients and by offering advice and solutions to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Waste Services

At M&J, we strive to deliver waste services based on the four R's –Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover.

We can create a waste and recycling program with you to ensure that waste is removed and managed effectively and correctly.

Our waste services include:

  • Rubbish Removal
  • Recycling Services
  • Garden Waste Removal
  • Hard Rubbish Removal
  • Document Destruction
  • Bin/Skip Hire
  • Sharps Services

Clean Group Waste Management Company Melbourne

clean group waste management companies melbourne
clean group waste management companies melbourne

03 8578 4633 

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne | Office Cleaning Melbourne | Commercial Cleaners Melbourne

Clean Group ECO-friendly commercial cleaning service is the most trusted commercial cleaners in Melbourne VIC ready to help. Call us: 03 8578 4633.

When it comes to commercial cleaning services, cleanliness is everything. But, unfortunately, so are hygiene, security, and reliability.

So - Like most people, you want to be sure that your corporate office spaces consistently look great and deliver the right first impression. That's why 100's of Melbourne companies rave about the highly experienced commercial office cleaners at Clean Group Melbourne. That's also why many of our clients have been with us for many years.

You will love our commercial office cleaning services too. We have a peace of mind guarantee that ensures you love our office cleaning services. We have been in the commercial cleaning industry for 20 years and providing affordable cleaning services with outstanding results.

We have a team of skilled cleaners, and the following are some of our services for commercial cleaning in Melbourne.

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services Melbourne, VIC

First impressions are everything when you are conducting business, and you'll want to ensure your corporate office space and workspace are kept as clean and as organised as possible to give off that great first impression. That's why no one is better to do your corporate and commercial cleaning service in Melbourne. The best part is we have a highly professional team for the cleaning services.

Many Businesses use professional cleaning products & commercial cleaning services by professional commercial cleaners Melbourne of the Clean Group cleaning company. On top of that, clean, well-organised, highest quality, and well-maintained workspaces are incredibly important for office morale and efficiency.

Commercial workplace and workspaces that are regularly cleaned by experts industrial cleaning operations and use high standard, safe, and quality cleaning products enjoy higher rates of output, more enjoyable experiences for all employees and staff, and a general sense of confidence and care from clients, partners, or customers that may visit your workspace from time to time and highly appreciate the cleaning standards of your experienced commercial cleaners in Melbourne, Australia.

Of course, finding the right commercial cleaning operation can be hard and time-consuming, irrespective of what most people think. For starters, corporate commercial cleaning Melbourne service is an entirely different beast than residential, body corporate commercial cleaning in Melbourne.

Sure, many of the same services are utilised across the board, but the result when you are cleaning a space designed for business goes above and beyond keeping things neat and tidy while you are relaxing at home.

As we highlighted above, getting your commercial property or facility, office buildings & premises, body corporate, shops, and retail chains regularly cleaned contributes to work output and efficiency, overall morale and energy levels, the health and wellness of your staff, employees, and your visitors, and the perception that your company gives to anyone that you are going to be doing business with.

To help you find the perfect corporate workplace cleaning help, our professional commercial cleaning Melbourne company put together this quick list of tips and tricks you'll want to utilise while at the same time highlighting some of the important cleaning services in Melbourne you'll want to make sure you are leveraging. So let's jump right in! Send a request or contact us for a free quote and get a professional cleaning service. We do all types of commercial cleaning at a comprehensive range.

Nationwide Waste Solution Management Company Melbourne

nationwide waste solution management companies melbourne
nationwide waste solution management companies melbourne

1300 729 922 

Sustainability for Businesses and Industry

Maximise your business sustainability and lower your costs at the same time.

Our experts back onto Australia's best network of providers, helping businesses and industry improve real recycling results as a part of a complete waste services package.

It's easy to find out how your business waste and recycling services can be improved.

Nationwide Waste Solutions

Established in 2004 as "Statewide Waste Solutions Pty Ltd" in Melbourne, Nationwide Waste Solutions Pty Ltd has grown from a local provider of Waste Management & Recycling solutions to a business providing services to Australia-wide companies.

As a provider of solution-based facility services, our company provides the following:

  • One supplier!
  • One point of call!
  • For all your services!
  • Australia Wide
  • Industry-leading waste management services
  • Ongoing market best Account Management
  • Individual and specific, site by site waste review for your requirements
  • Centralised invoicing to reduce your admin burden and simplify your accounting processes
  • Established in 2004 as "Statewide Waste Solutions Pty Ltd" in Melbourne, Nationwide Waste Solutions Pty Ltd has grown from a local provider of Waste Management & Recycling solutions to a business providing various services to Australia-wide companies.

Since our inception, our supplier numbers have increased markedly due to our ever-expanding customer base and service offerings. We offer a large variety of Waste Management services to facilitate all of your requirements and centralise your contracts from several to one. We have the ability to access multiple suppliers across various markets, including general waste, recycling, liquid waste, bulk waste (skips), sanitary waste and medical waste, among others. 

We have professionally trained staff, providing services to our customers spanning across Australia. Our revenue per annum is now into the many millions, giving our customers unparalleled buying power and collective strength through us.

Whilst steady growth is important, we firmly believe in our position as a service provider and will always provide customer service and account management as our primary position. Rather than falling into a grow, grow, grow mindset which some others can do.

Our key focus has always been and still is a joint partnership with our waste and recycling suppliers to provide efficient, cost-effective services to the industry.

Integrity has been the key element to our continued growth and excellent name. It is the backbone of our business and a consistent approach to customer and supplier relationships.

Why Us? 

With years of industry experience, we understand where your obligations and needs meet the market. We negotiate on the fine print to reduce your cost, risk and exposure. 

As a Key Account to our vendors, we command unparalleled service, which we extend to you.

Transactions should be easy. We invest in people and processes, not depreciating plants, trucks or landfills. We have the systems to simplify and the team to quote faster, invoice accurately and remove the headaches.

We are Australian owned, domiciled locally, and so is our sales, accounts or customer service team.

Your enquiries will not be offshored but resolved locally & promptly by our knowledgeable staff.

We combine corporate professionalism and process with the familiarity and attentiveness of an SME.

Our lowly client to customer service staff ratio is industry-leading, meaning more time to help manage your needs. So you will never feel like a number!

Our solutions are strategic. Change determinants go beyond price alone. Sustainability ideals drive us to introduce the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ethos wherever possible. 

Our reputation and credibility are our biggest assets. Ethics govern our operations.

Our terms are clear and concise. Our communication is honest and direct. Fair & transparent contracts are complemented by set pricing minus the hidden increases.

Partnerships are guided by the Triple bottom line principles of "People, Planet, Profit" and our corporate social responsibility values.

Our Vendor Network consists of the very best local suppliers across various specialties in all regions Australia-wide. Enabling us a collective stretch across every state and territory. These professional partnerships with both Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers are vetted for servicing ability, licensing, insurances, Police checks, products. As well as measured on service performance KPIs through our Quality Control systems. 

NWS has 16 years of experience in sourcing and partnering with providers in all areas across Australia. We provide services at over 3,000 locations in both Metropolitan and Regional zones for waste management.

Furthermore, you can rest assured knowing Nationwide Waste Solutions' reach with its partner network can also facilitate any requirements in areas not listed to future proof you from potential restrictions using a different provider.

Over many years NWS have bedded down simple processes to implement and deliver waste and recycling services across Australia and New Zealand.

Our processes each have simple workflows designed to correctly deploy new customer requirements and ongoing service excellence and vendor management tools in place to capture potential issues before they arise.

Our Integrated Management System (IMS) provides for appropriate staff training to identify potential risks.

Commercial Waste Management Melbourne Wide

Nationwide Waste Solutions removes the need to deal with multiple providers for your business's waste removal and waste disposal needs. From general waste management to liquid waste management, all types of recycling, and more, we can help you minimise the environmental impact involved in running a business with a high volume rubbish output. We offer the easy commercial waste removal Melbourne businesses have been looking for.

What We Do?

We manage waste disposal for major industrial suburbs and business parks such as Dandenong, Derrimut, Campbellfield, Kilsyth, Bayswater, Scoresby, Mulgrave, and throughout the greater Melbourne area. All facets of waste management, from bin provision and collection to disposal and replacement, we take care of the boring parts so you can get to doing what you do best – running a business. As a leader in waste collection Melbourne wide and beyond, we offer:

  • The best waste disposal solutions for your business, be it large or small
  • An extensive range of waste disposal services, providing a centralised and cost-effective solution
  • Industrial and commercial solutions including general waste management and specialised waste management and advice
  • Flexible waste collection frequencies to suit your business

Why choose us for your commercial waste collection?

We make your day easier by managing your commercial waste cost-effectively and reliably. We value the environment, helping you make a positive difference to long-term sustainability. We help you minimise the environmental impact of a business with high volume rubbish output while saving you money on waste management at the same time.We use our network of trusted waste service suppliers to drive competitive prices and best in class service.

Having a sustainable business with responsible, professional waste collection services has never been easier thanks to our:

  • Industry-leading waste management services
  • Ongoing market best Account Management
  • Specific site by site waste review for your requirements
  • No unexpected waste management fees or charges, just great service and fair prices
  • Centralised invoicing to simplify your accounting processes

Our Melbourne Waste Collection Services

Commercial Waste Collection

With bulk waste removal services, we can offer wheelie bin collection, skip bin collection and more. In addition, we regularly handle the large-volume waste collection Melbourne businesses are too busy to coordinate.

Recycling Services for Businesses in Melbourne

We take recycling seriously – we can equip you with the right recycling bins for your Melbourne business, and then we'll collect them as scheduled, making sure they go to the right place. With many years of experience in waste management services in Melbourne, we source the best commercial waste removal contractors in Melbourne to make sure your business recycling services run smoothly.

Washroom Service for Businesses

Sanitary bin disposal for businesses, commercial bathroom cleaning services and more. Our washroom services are available for clients of all industries and suitable for both large and small businesses.

Medical Waste Collection Melbourne & Disposal

Get medical waste and sharp containers for your business, and then be certain they are disposed of correctly. We'll make sure your business follows medical waste and sharps disposal regulations.

Additional Waste and Recycling Services in Melbourne

From commercial hazardous waste removal services to secure document destruction for business, Nationwide Waste Solutions covers many rubbish and waste collection Melbourne businesses need. If you have to search for waste disposal near me or a rubbish removal service for the business waste collection of your industrial waste bins, contact us to discuss your rubbish removal service needs.

Industrial Waste Management Melbourne

Following recent law changes, all waste is now classified as industrial waste. This is broken up into three types – Industrial Waste, Priority Waste, and Reportable Priority Waste. A waste producer in Victoria generating any of these wastes has Waste Duties that they are required to meet, which stack as the hazard level increases. Nationwide Waste Solutions has a team of experts who can hyouu to meet your Waste Du and all of your industrial waste management Melbourne needs.

Priority Waste Management Melbourne

Priority Waste is a new term that applies after 1 July in Victoria to a select group of industrial waste streams. These are typically industrial wastes where there is the potential for beneficial reuse. Examples of Priority Waste include things like E-waste, processed food waste, organic waste, and organic liquid wastes that can be turned into things like stock feed, compost and fertiliser, or perhaps Waste to Energy. If your business needs help with Priority Waste Melbourne, our team can help.

Reportable Priority Waste Management Melbourne

Reportable priority waste largely replaces the old term Prescribed Industrial Waste. As Reportable Priority Waste typically is hazardous, it has the highest levels of controls. There are specific reporting requirements for businesses that need Reportable Priority Waste disposal Melbourne or Reportable Priority Waste collections Melbourne. Our compliant contractors can remove Reportable Priority Waste and by doing that, assist your business to remain compliant with the new regulations.

Ease of Waste Supplier Management

No more negotiating with multiple waste management providers – we're a one-stop shop for all of your waste services in Melbourne. We make it easy to consolidate your waste services in Melbourne under one provider. From your industrial waste bins to your commercial waste collection services in Melbourne, the team at Nationwide have an easy, non-disruptive way to help your business save money on your waste management Melbourne services. Contact us to find out more. 

WM Waste Management Services Melbourne 

wm waste management services melbourne
wm waste management services melbourne

1300 260 872

Welcome to WM Waste Management Services. Melbourne's Leading Waste and Rubbish Removal Services Company.

Some things in life are hard, like cleaning out a work shed full of items you no longer use or a household over-cluttered with old bits and pieces that are taking up much-needed space. At WM Waste Management Services, we pride ourselves on making the process of getting rid of all the things you no longer need or want more that little bit easier.

We are simply the easiest and most efficient bin hire and collection company in Melbourne's eastern suburbs and the Yarra Valley.

So for efficient waste removal, rubbish skip hire or industrial bin hire, you can be assured that Melbourne's most trusted name is our company, WM. Our service is friendly, reliable and we have the widest range of Bin hire Melbourne has to offer, ranging from small 2m to large 23m skips. So if you need rubbish removal in Melbourne, walk-in bins and Bin hire, then you need not look any further than WM.

What We Do Differently?

We are the easiest and most efficient bin hire and collection company in Melbourne's eastern suburbs and the Yarra Valley. For efficient waste removal, rubbish skip hire or industrial bin hire, you can rest easy knowing that you chose Melbourne's most trusted name in the business. Our service is friendly and reliable. We have the widest range of Bin hire Melbourne offers, ranging from small 2m to large 23m skips. So if you need rubbish skips, walk-in bins, and Bin hire, then you need not look any further.

Order. Done.

We make the process of Bin hire easy by supplying you with the Bin, letting you fill it with whatever garbage or unwanted goods you want to get rid of, and then taking it away when you're done. To get started, simply click here. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! Plus, we've introduced a mobile website so you can access our huge range of rubbish collection and disposal services anywhere, any time on your Phone. It's just one of the ways WM stays on top of the latest technologies so we can bring our efficient, easy online quote and ordering service to you when you need it, where you need it.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Our company employs approximately 50 people to be actively involved with the drop-off and collection of rubbish skips, processing, recycling, transport and solid waste management of both hard rubbish and green organics.

Commercial waste bins

Commercial skip bin hire can offer businesses the opportunity to remove hard waste and rubbish in great amounts. So whether you are remodelling your workspace or just looking to do away with old equipment, WM Waste has a waste removal solution for every job.

We offer commercial waste bins to a range of businesses, including:

  • Construction, renovation, and other job sites
  • Schools, universities, and locations with a lot of paper waste
  • Law firms, accountancy businesses, and many other office locations

If you're after a commercial waste collection solution, contact the team at WM Waste Management. We would be happy to advise you on the right solution for what you need to achieve.

To learn more about this service or to book a skip bin of your own, visit our dedicated skip bin hire page.

Commercial hard rubbish collection

Hard rubbish is a part of doing business. From office furniture to e-waste, plenty of items need to be replaced year after year. WM Waste Management can help you remove these items from your workplace quickly and cleanly.

Our two main avenues of the commercial hard waste collection include:

  • General hard waste removal: chairs, tables, couches, mattresses, and other items too large for regular council rubbish collection.
  • E-waste collection: televisions, computers — anything with a corded or battery power source.

Our e-waste collection service goes above and beyond council curbside collections, allowing you to dispose of all technological waste. We also do our absolute best to recycle general hard waste and e-waste at our Knox Waste Transfer facilities.

Learn more about our hard waste removal service. 

Commercial green waste collection

Melbourne is a green city, and there are plenty of businesses around that deal with green waste. WM Waste Management also offers commercial green waste removal to Melbourne's east and south businesses.

Businesses that benefit from our green waste collection services include:

  • Landscapers and gardeners dealing with clippings and other green debris
  • Council contractors working in parks, nature strips and in other green spaces
  • Arborists and tree removal specialists working in commercial and residential environments

Read more about our comprehensive green waste collection service if you'd like to learn more about our green waste removal.

It doesn't matter what you do for work — WM Waste is here to help you make the most of your workplace by removing your rubbish. For all your commercial waste needs, contact our friendly customer service team.

Stows Waste Management Company Melbourne

stows waste management company melbourne
stows waste management company melbourne

03 9305 2155

Stows' success has been built on a commitment to building long term relationships, first by gaining a thorough understanding of the requirements of its customers, followed by providing exceptional customer service. Additionally, Stows continues to invest in its product and service offering to ensure it remains at the forefront of waste management technology. All our Melbourne staff have the same commitment to excellence.

Our services

As a leading provider in waste management services for Melbourne, Stows is recognised for its customer excellence and competitively priced solutions. We offer our clients an unmatched line of services that boasts quality results from septic tank cleaning to liquid waste management and sewer disposal.

Waste Management Services

Bulk Bins

Stows have a broad range of bulk bins ranging from 11 to 30 cubic metres to suit all dry waste requirements, which are available for long or short term hire. In addition, we operate modern hook-lift vehicles, which include hydraulic tarping systems that improve safety and save time.

  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Contaminated soils
  • General Rubbish
  • Organics

Pump Pits

It is very important to make sure a pump pit is free from debris to ensure the pump's longevity. Stows Waste Management has the capability to pump out debris and check the operation of the pump pit. Where a pump pit has failed, we recommend several companies either repair or replace the pump.

  • Before pumping a pit, we check to see if it is operating correctly
  • Our operators check and clean the floats
  • Pump out all solids and sludge
  • Refill the pump pit and make sure it is operational before leaving the site.

Grease Traps

A grease trap is designed to intercept greases and solids before entering the sewer system. Your local Water Authority will advise you of a pump-out frequency required. Stows Waste Management can provide you with routinely scheduled pump out reminders. Our service consists of but is not limited to the following:

  • Each grease trap will have all lids removed for thorough access
  • The contents will be completely pumped out
  • All interior surfaces, sides, baffles and lids will be cleaned and scraped
  • The interiors will be hosed, and the rinse liquid and debris pumped again until the pits are completely clean
  • The lids were replaced correctly, exactly as found
  • The exteriors of the grease trap will be left in an accessible and working condition and deodorised.
  • Any defects noticed in pits or warning lights will be immediately reported to maintenance staff and centre management
  • Waste collected in the pumping mentioned above and cleaning operations will be transported to an EPA Licensed Schedule IV Premises for recycling.
  • Service will be logged off with the appropriate water authority.

Organic Waste

Organic waste material equates to over 60% of waste taken to the landfill. Stows Waste Management provides innovative and environmentally friendly methods of managing organic waste, in line with our vision to reduce the strain on Australian landfills and support a sustainable future. Over the past few years, Stows have been involved with Anaerobic co-digestion facilities.

Whether it be a liquid or solid organic waste, contact our team to see if we can help your organisation reduce the strain on the environment.

Ace Waste Management Company Melbourne

ace waste management company melbourne
ace waste management company melbourne

1300 850 901

Ace Waste is your trusted choice when you need to dispose of specialised waste. As a family-run business, our services have benefited the public since 1987.

Ace Waste provides commercial waste management services in Brisbane and Melbourne and other waste services such as waste disposal, waste collection, and waste auditing - as part of an overall and holistic waste management plan.

Our company supports Major Healthcare Facilities, Doctors, Dentists, and Veterinarians. We also work with Shipping Industries, Quarantine Premises & Pharmaceutical Companies, among many other industries and businesses. In addition, we provide disposal and collection services for the following waste streams:

Ace Waste Pty Ltd was founded in 1987 in response to the need for a professional clinical waste collection and disposal service. We support healthcare facilities of all sizes and varieties. This includes the many doctors, dentists, and vets located in South-East Queensland.

Our founders perceived the need for dedicated and professional service in handling and disposing of clinical waste. Plus, all other general and more complex waste streams. Implementing our innovations, our solutions inevitably encompassed the destruction of quarantine waste and confidential documents, electronic data, and more. We pride ourselves on being a market leader in waste management and disposal.

Innovative And Indispensable

Waste Collection Services

It makes life easier knowing you can safely and securely transport all your waste products through one reliable provider. By utilising our custom-designed Ace Waste Live™ system, we ensure that your waste is accounted for at all times. In addition, we provide you and your business with the assurance that all material is correctly tracked in accordance with state and federal legislation for waste tracking. That's our focus and commitment at Ace Waste.

Our Facilities Are Located In Willawong, Qld & Dandenong, Vic

Ace Waste works hard to find innovative waste disposal solutions for waste-based problems. We always have, and we always will. In the 1990s, we proposed the construction of modern incineration and air-pollution control system. Located in Brisbane, QLD, our primary facility was ready in October 1993. The technology implemented here would prove to be a real game-changer for general, environmental and biomedical waste management for years to come. 

Today, Australian legislation requires all cytotoxic and Pharmaceutical waste to be incinerated. Our company leads the market by providing the complete disposal of these wastes via our high-temperature incineration facilities. In December 2005, Ace Waste remained at the vanguard of waste incineration technology, adding another facility in Dandenong, VIC, to our enterprise. We continue to invest in major site improvements across our premises. This includes a state-of-the-art temperature incinerator and a new receival and treatment facility.

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